James White on OMF talks trash talking, nicknames, and creative writing 10-23-17

Monday, October 23rd

Patriots running back James White shares his thoughts on the win last night over the Falcons as well as thoughts on his teammates' nicknames and the origin of his own nickname.


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Change like Joseph I want my run courtesy of but I don't I'm doing great are you a nice game yesterday I hear everybody pretty happy today. It was Burnett has to win is a good football team so. We just keep you know it is a good football team you played were you a little bit surprised they didn't give you a little bit more based only knew what happened in the Super Bowl. Not that we display current minute's applause during those one of our best game so far. Office compliment defense them below the speakers come in in this listings and I think that's patient footballers and hopefully use. Keep right now winds keep keep the momentum. You know at the beginning of the season and we all kind of looked at that running back group of certain matters a lot of skill there in different personalities. And it's similar skill sets you know that most everybody had each what are you guys have your own thing. I think that was the ideal scenario for everybody you with the catches in the running you know Dion Lewis of Berkeley got involved ilsley. Is that kind of how you guys see it. Yeah I mean we are a lot of guys had to do a lot of different things and they provided their job last night there right yes computers and they explosive plays and guys are some things in the passing game too so. I mean we just used go with the flow of offense in the liver because materials or because I've used those out there we mean always wanna go out there on the news of players marked difference in. Are literally on the edge of your seat because that you don't know what to do you have an idea when you're gonna go in certain situations do OK first third down play is yours. First third and long okay James that source. You beat begin in the game plan to have an idea of as the flow of the game goes on and kind of pins. The game on unimaginable uses the stuff like this so really they are doing their job keep us you know in his as a book. Many years and in this drive it is situations things so so you Rex do mostly yes and beyond right all sitting right by you think rightly hold onto his. It's a little snow and snow men. Bureau laurels investors laugh yeah you you sit there like Mike there's an eight year old left Michael Bolton but we are both here and I want to. A lot he's got a quality tests they do a good job until that or is it. Stay rated unless it's a but I think about I think it's like that. Spotlight of a deal with every Friday night at bill we were talking early. I'll look at the final line you know we have five catches twenty yards for carry six not nineteen. It CNET get a bigger role in how surprised to see that those numbers it's in the Q had a big role was it is it. What are you feel if you step back and appeal against that team going to game you had in this double against them on the news. Will be different from weird trailed by a lot of points at their arms we had approval. That was pretty much needed in the game most of the time. But this time we we established a running game pretty well the my racism they ran our office lines agreed to a block to receive his degree to blocking traffic. That was so out of that now openness and a lot of throwing situations that Jimmy memories of CNET uniform change disagreeable to each other like this team now. All those uniforms. Seem to shy. It's. Their famous no there there are some different schemes this year so he had made some adjustments and I'm just haven't played. Trust that's the schemes weren't thank goodness at last night so why is it that the running backs go back to the question these two guys asked. What is it nobody seems to get pissed off about this arrangement so Dion Lewis gets a lot more reps last week and this week Rex Burkhead is now incorporated dinner. And it works really works effectively gives you do have a slightly different skill set each got what we're hearing we're TV's prime is pissed off he's not get wrapped. There are a lot of NFL players that if you're in your situation. They're pitching like why do you guys know that. I mean we we know that not one person's going to be out there every single place I mean. Is said year old we shall we do you do practice are you doing brags that the drought there's so. And having guys that are there selfless and I mean we're all friends we know how to compete not a fun. Same time. We are not make the most of opportunities and this was important. Have you ever been in this situation. Pop Warner high school college at Wisconsin. Where you didn't trust her coordinator but he didn't you elected coordinator was calling the right place or at the right philosophy or anything like that. None malveaux is at covenants in my over the corners. Ever since Little League high school who owns it agreed to you know everybody involvement. And we put them the office in the right is to succeed but you always want to know when that's what that is he's never been a crappy team. You're doing good taste in Wisconsin is always high school team like. It is tough as they are terrible for. Yeah. Similar yeah this true relatives here and said that the special running back group right those four guys got to treat ramble with that that's that Joseph. Not the movie you yeah. So he. Off the sorry. Anyway I just want to and we you gotta be a sign of the three do and he made these great places twenty you can. Change a game in you know moment is he viewed as a unloaded. It really matter really of Bolden though it is like he's like the older brother like you guys grew up like he'll have to go and he has to go fix everything. You're so much on both obviously badly and it break Eagles go fix your guys you got it. Number raise their way through here along this and he knows office and values and Tomlinson. Makes big plays on special teams and we always ends of the opportunity and it's not it's when you every week and community. You know we may not get out there. One player zero plays or whatever but when he does get out there knows to do and he makes you play when there who's got who's the loud voice that. Who's who's basically who's the the most boisterous. You guys. If they were all kind of quiet for the most part. Yeah there's an embattled city that are still got to rest some areas we don't have everybody talks trash him and view the moment. It badly and less stress. Prior do you do either Dioner Branden yeah. Again the Big Brother. God and I did it seem to get vocal early on that game I don't know off Atlanta was getting frustrated or what it was this seemed to be a lot of chatter going on out here. Minnesota football is. To devote football teams and an affable. Doesn't own agent is excited uplifting message comes. I would think it would try to do it seemed like a solid future and little it felt like they were the specifically targeting U based on what you did it. In the Super Bowl now. Immunity if you do really do get far of a Ryder fired up to mean what they call you know and if because you go here the embodiment. Like is it we hear we talk to trees flowers. I guess is this goes for everybody that you want that you won no one would ever seen anybody momma he is slice. FF yeah that's I guess they're just guys. A barometer that's also realize what about you is there one thing other than the bomber was there anything somebody said you really just really got to understand. Normally I was in most out of Houston out as of smile that people most of times. Sometimes better to be more just about a mile as anybody that from the college days that the rival that you seen on the lead date just. It's trash talk whatever it's going to be Paula back to college. Not a real news. A perfectly good now a lot of words you smiled back if you rises so tell us how you got and it makes the feet. By actually from my high school career writing teacher mr. Loma. Like there are seeing skin has to he's like kind of a prisoner every damages. Randomly said that him. Actually. When I tended to fill up my Asian or middle I changed my Twitter made from what I had a nemesis like the first team in demise in the it's your Twitter is that at and T and T field and score wise in my case branches we feel those that like as a football thing or two more dance thing I was solo. God. Are now on his watch. So you said it was a live right in the singles and that was the story is all about football wouldn't it's. Yeah. We've ever let it play at school and I think you both very good Christian and art I do receive art and I never employed that. Wizard of the arts and it's your life you know. Well yeah Brady yell that out sometimes only. PA does he does it is that Willard who are your players this is what he called me so loosen the nicknames on the often so Dion Lewis nicknames like. Do you deal Lou but usually that's sweet feet noon okay oh drop is drawn you about the whole game. Who like shadow to host and musical moves in hopes of an old dole Elizabeth Dole Duluth has been all that possibility Dolan most of it. About velocity anybody else gives them for a Birkhead getting the perky. Race. Especially for its own data and if it's like go well I won't force them. I hope to talk. About this which you the first few weeks. The fact that really the market this team is to move the chains warning extended drives Wear out the clock. And we hadn't seen an awful lot of that you relied a lot more and vertical game bigger place. And that's how you had to win yesterday seemed to get back to third down situations successful moving those chains. And it's been awhile though with with no Julian settlement as you guys finding ways around that now. Yeah I mean we knew what their visas they don't really give up that many big players who knew that the string drives together were the clock. Some investment that's Tom entrepreneur again and put it together and put points on the board you know the defense it's listings. Maybe a lot of guys into a different things on offense in the what is right and deep browns running short routes. Hey guys this kind of accept whatever the game plan is miracles would they have to draws open. As soon we sort of others keep. Did another don't think you know Brandon cooks. To me we call income kooky kooky yes it is is is this is Britain's hard all the nicknamed. I guess yeah. That is another story is really hasn't run a lineman Josh room yeah actually it's why do you need change your nickname ridden ginger that you brought back from you know his high school creed right yeah fester there can you bring home your. Offensive inside and out of touch weekly terrific thing yeah. They're business to a question is why I brought to you by JD session door and your local Enders and Wyndham dealer canyon foods and by my pillow.