James White on OMF - We have yet to play a full, four quarter Patriots game

Monday, October 2nd

Patriots running back James White joins the guys live at Gillette following a last second loss to the Carolina Panthers.


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I love the music Virginians like legitimately so it is on an open -- so it makes or waiting for the for him to me it is an honor and now. I learned what she's in a song which itself. So. That's good he has an answer the first well I know I can't drive us and I I have an easy one. Listed as the office played pretty well yesterday obviously defense at all sorts of problems you lose again. Body feels offensive player when something like that out though it would employer based either. Who's terribly complementary football. In this this was all about all three phases. The trustees those courses you turn over to score touchdowns this late comers to applaud us. This blissful four quarters a feature from blogs that we have. Now it when you're seeing in the defense. Give up points to give a big plays. Does that change your mentality what you think you need do to make up for nearly as often as we just drive. You know pay attention to what we have to do we can't control that is on the decent society our coaches trash or sent to us all the time. We just go out there do larger. Everything anti terrorism between this kind of modeled on. United and Noah in baseball all right guys and old school and did you grade of the guys do score the pictures are great so it's it is a complimentary but is there. The low level of frustration because that's gone for forty guys have scored enough points to Bil for now. We'll have given up enough points you'll full gory those that they'll frustration at all. There's no frustration. I mean we know we all need to get better Eisner's nineties defensively and offensively especially teams we all need to be better in the I think. Albeit almost in tears though each other accountable induce. Five things you need to work on reduced did better at those things. I mean I guess I don't that we played a fool. Fourth quarter pitcher football game yet nothing distance allowed him in the reward someone. Happens in the situation like this is there a sense of urgency you're in here you got a short week two days got to get your your act together but it came and in and Tampa. Is there are a lot of conversation that goes back and forth obviously work better this assuming. I mean we we we all know that were better than what we've shown off for these games. I assume it was short week this week another tough opponents and it was a good football team so I mean it is just marvelous films from. As gamers of patriotism but jump on news jump on the Buccaneers viruses and be sure we by just take your body so we can. Glad to have our best performance yet. If you heard on the champions. Yeah I am who said the Washington. Present this sort of thing golly this it's you know there's a lot of criticism lot of it for just for everything and everybody. And it's got to be tough to hear him maybe you're not hearing I'm not sure. But you know a lot of people talk about a lot of people are curious. You know how does this fixed how does this team because you could sit there look at it does seem to be owned three. You know and at home you know other than it otherwise without Brad could speak catch last week. So what's what's the vibe like. We just ignore and execute pitches and was going on outside the building we don't know we need to do inside the building. The Steelers patent suit detailed in the with the coaches that we need to correct. I mean just to please one another. Debate to have fun out there and energy. And as a result some fun place which. The schedule is what it is but overall do you like Thursday's. Me. Not necessarily. You get hits go to Friday they went on Thursday in Atlanta is is a short week so ages if we take your body. He left in this past game does jump here or there. Study it as much as possible. It is their last Thursday's. Well I was like Thursday games you know practice that they are forced to be easy on you during the week although it was just a glorified walk through. There's a lot of what we genital or an advantage does that conflict it's like it's almost like a that's like an extra bye week it's a weekend after the when you win that's the that you're the lowly Houston win and obviously that's a winning makes everything better get that done at. I wrote yeah I'd better get back on track. It would indefinitely zone since we saw a little bit if you when Dion Lewis together in the factory was that more of what. They have finally against Carolina or was that more all of we can open up the short passing game a little bit more. I live very close Hideo Sharon. Tries to do a lot of things which enough personnel open to bash on the field wouldn't. Retired from the field distracted the divas off balance. We go like being on the field with each other select. We both could do a lot of different station catch and block and run and unfortunate and rounded things like this I mean whenever he calls at times so we just try to go out there make a play and maybe just try to assume that we could do more Morton's. So you guys. As a team decided to unify and he was the one hand on the shoulder. Other hand on the heart I got direct yet you and and whose idea was that come and we came we like please music landscape mode though togethers he would arrive so called forward. That's pretty much blew the coaches' involvement at all that afterwards we brought to the coaches and the hero or been with two. So Devin obviously met with the owners and goes that's Tuesday. I think Matthew Slater was yours well was there any communication afterwards it with a group as far as what was communicated. Anonymous at what went on and had beaten by as that they've met with us as players and and we talk about whatever individually Orson known as a team yeah and discount of whereby it felt comfortable that's what we can. I could change James good luck down at Tampa interpret what it was my doll brought to you by all. If somebody said. Somebody's brought by somebody this lady right lumber you're local Andersen windows dealer and KM fruits.