Jerry Jones threatens punishment for National Anthem protestors - 10-12-17

Mut at Night
Thursday, October 12th

Mut talks about the ongoing protests in the NFL during the National Anthem, and how he agrees with Jerry Jones that there should be consequences for players choosing to take a knee. He also continues his discussion on who the next Red Sox manager should be.


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Please mud at night. F Gary Gary Mike and Jerry. Jerry because I think he's angry adding that he could ardently script. Hill Gary who married so it must be like a total pushover they got to run them. Yet Jerry I'd kill timely two players in an argument to be nice capital from satellite picture and here's my bad night on Sports Radio don't you. One of the many questions answered by Kirk went ahead on the latest enough about me podcast in mailbag edition that really does. Run the gamut here all my goodness all sorts of questions and as a second F very kill animals key fed. To pony mass later on in there there's some pretty personal stuff from Kirk on his parents and the adoption of his daughter. There's thoughts about the station in these very critical of me mocking now my work here which is good for the self esteem to tune into podcasts here that. For an hour so by RG did download and listen to if you listen that show he listened to Kirk you don't wanna hear. On the podcast it's on the website it's on iTunes a well meaning. I'm short you're gonna enjoy it was an excellent excellent listened. On the way to the office set here for meet today until doors that I put all your toy your phone calls here at 617. 779793. Settled through that in this segment I promise the one of the things I did want to mention here. Pour it back to what is mostly Red Sox calls up there on the board. Is what's looming Sunday for the NFL when it comes to National Anthem protests. We had Jerry Jones come out of the first owner publicly. Well I policy really stupid way doing it. For Jerry Jones basis tickets chest out and tell the media there in Dallas and tell radio station Erin Dallas doubled down. On that thought today on Dallas radio that they're gonna punish players who don't respect the National Anthem. And we all the players is there with the arms around each other we know they stood with their arms crossed and that is not but according to everyone around Jones but not least talking about. He's talking about sitting or kneeling for the National Anthem now they're not gonna play this weekend. There on the buy. So this weekend all be an issue. But right now that eighty and older has stood up and taken a stance. I am not gonna be surprised. If there are more players around the league this weekend border last weekend. Who decided take anything nationally the big don't wanna be told what to do once the players who are. Kneeling for whatever reason it is and one of the knocks it happened this entire. Protest by the players is that they are not that unified there is no real one answer as to what they are looking for there are some players kneeling for. The racial inequality in this country there's some players dealing for different causes there are some players dealing for police brutality date it's not a concerted all in effort the players had a hard time. Getting on message one message here. I hate having Colin capita as the face of it was on the bigger problems they had. All once an owner now has stepped out essentially said I dare you to take any and I will take action. You can bet Jurassic B board that this weekend. Certainly more than last weekend right you have one meal as a nephew to the president yet most people stand up. And now this weekend. As it closer to Sunday other Gary Moore about this more players are going to think about taking Gainey. Based on what Jerry Jones said. Jerry Jones is what it is legal writer dale talk about this today. He is according to. The fort star added that did the star telegram. Are there in Dallas he's free to benches players if in his mind they quote disrespect the flag and quote. During the National Anthem this according to a legal experts. This will all play Jerry Giles were here to second I wanna point out that that the bull legalities of this. As far as what can constitute this about the flag Jones said you know when you see it. The local 100 the US will ignited labor unions filed a charge them and National Labor Relations Board in Fort Worth on Tuesday. Saying that it Jones has violated the national labor relations act when its threats. Labor lawyers they'll feel as though the charred doesn't have much of a chance. The first issue NFL players represented by the NFL player association. Not the local 100. I don't think this is unfair labor practice and won't go very far because as the filed by the NFL PA. There's nothing that I seen that shows the union. That didn't file the unfair labor practice had any connection with the NFL players association. In addition most agree. That dealing during the at the does it meet section seven of the national labor relations act. Which addresses organized activities related terms and conditions about employment wages and working conditions. A Dallas based lawyer by the name of rose done. Said Jones can do what he wants. Private employers always have the right to control the language and a speech just like they could impose a dress code and ethical performance obligations. In other words the lawyers said. If you get arrested for DY arrested for crimes you really weren't work. Another do what work the employer can fire you. Those political motives of kneeling likely would not protect the players from discipline. How ever they were to kneel in protest of something such as the NFL not having guaranteed contract that might be different issue quote. That is truly a term condition of employment that's not why they're healing but if they work LB something no clue clearly be protected. So yeah lawyers in Dallas. Where this is gonna become a bigger story going forward. Saying Jones can do this. Aaron a couple different stories like that separate this one out there are other people suggesting that if that the NFL PA really wanted to. They could have the players Neal for a cause that is okay like contracts like labor situation except truck. And actually get away with that but based on right now based on what appeared nearly four they could. I'm probably in the minority with this. And I I feel like I am so this came up. When Donald Trump had that stump speech down Alabama Arkansas Kentucky wherever ones. I sort of agree with the president on what issue here most people want to brushing back on. But if eighteen said to its players we are not gonna deal during the anthem. Here you can kneel before you can make say a prayer afterwards. We can have a dialogue about the didn't the activists sacred to us our fans our police do not get a deal during if you do there's going to be a punishment. If a team did that I'd have no problem. I have no problem with a much like you work at a coffee shop and they say you can't weigh your political affiliation to work to serve coffee. We're not trying to introduce that when someone comes in for a there are large Ronde. We all the things you about your short in your political beliefs. The NFL can say we don't want you. Fighting for your cause during the anthem. It's not good for our business docket for the fans and I get it you're gonna fight back with. While that's making the most noise no you can find other places to make just as much noise if you're a player of actual cause I'm Carol you're causes whether it's CT. Whether it's the policies. In this country. Whether it's education I'd pick your cause. You're an air an athlete. You got a million Twitter followers got platform before after regain your immediate die to fill their notebooks in columns and blogs with stuff you're saying. To wit than not during the at the if a team thinks that. Jerry Jones Bob Kraft. John Mara. And they tell their players this policy going for a player kneels down and by all means you're the right to punish them a suspending them for that. Is knots. Suspension is a little bit crazy Darrel let's say a guys play about what he does go on double bird middle finger during the anthem. Yeah I think it's suspension budget Warrenton. I'm thinking more of fines. Other morsels are other team discipline I'm not calling for suspending these guys the way Donald Trump data last night on Hannity. I don't think you have to go that far. If you wanna punish them because that your team policy. A mall for the league's never gonna institute a policy could they know what kind of opened gift for the players on this other league's gonna do it to get teams to. Take a stand to make their own policy. But in the case of Jerry Jones will be tells his team this is what we're gonna do during the economic guy goes against that. I think he should be. Open and to some sort of team punishment. I think that is gonna cause of players to take a neat just out of spite of Jerry Jones going forties not a plantation owner with a dumb comment on Michael Wilbon on. He's not plantation or like around the NFL. But they'll be players now that like they they they took it neat for Donald Trump. They'll take any for Jerry Jones here that's going to happen in this case. A bigger route Jones of these teams have decided that the at them is sacred they don't wanna do any during that I'm okay with that as part of this. Seoul next batted as well 6177797937. Is your phone ever much at night brought Cuba on a north visit DeVon Condit north dot com. Back to your phone calls as promised Paul is in a car while waiting patiently at all. Yeah I don't pay. I appreciate you who want to I don't Antarctic circle that's been. You you're pulling the whole conversation. You know or appointed and nobody it talking about it but I am glad you brought up but yet our. Or almost an actor. It that it is for people. And they're getting actors and we'd all your watch television program and you know what we're not gonna happen in the system and political. That and ought not and that actual. Most people. Have so little by all right really what you are trying to do is try to go there will tell her. Because you know they're that are that are here Iran make an argument that. So our product Winona. What's really going on because. I want to quit your job. I want to all the article Oriole and say something about the heparin have been doled out there are monetary. They're. There. The football game as a political forum which. They have no right to do you're absolutely right. Well. I had to aim at Bayside and political Paul thanks you're called thanks for wait and hope for so long tonight news eight's not political may be in this case it's for you know pick your cause I I am against any cause for kneeling down we have a caller the other night who said. You know what they were dealing for your getting rid of article 46 what the trade off was. Goodell says you guys I you know ward nearly during the anthem but all cured of article 46 at the article that gives Goodell. Supreme power to radio league essentially he's the the final judge jury executioner. For all things NFL right. Seems great in theory said the caller was no. Because I I got to be consistent with this I don't want people kneeling for anything during the at the I don't Carol great you're causes. And my guess some of these players are very passionate about their cause they can pick a different time of two. On goal about it. And that's what the the a lot of fans are saying. That's the owners are now saying in a league is saying now without saying it is much. And I and I agree with the idea that that should be a couple minutes where no matter what your cause is article 46. Our political views as Paul talked about or racial inequalities in this country all important issues. You could pick a different time Allah bring it back up this is not that. To rekindle the issue because all we get meets on the talk about a million things to talk about bringing up because I think it's going to be a story this weekend. Because of Jerry Jones Bob Kraft ironically spoke to the BBC. And told it is said he told the team in the wake of the trump comets couple weeks ago you guys can do what you want. So we wondered how our craft panel that I'll play the quotes here to second. He apparently told his team the aftermath you guys handle every one handle. So he was little bit different in that instance. Let's go to. John up in Maine John Yu WE yeah. Will not end the segment how you got a jolly got. So I thought about the Red Sox. Let it but probably go to these are you know older core I. Mostly because he's an affiliated with team in the past. He hit that except that it thirteen feud with the pop that's not. You walk that manager of the year out there it. And he was the Coast Guard and air travel season and that may you know what you call operator at the end of it he that it actually. You know he signed in the World Series yet here are. I think media Kiki you know these are the lead lol at that position and take a backseat to Ferrell. Beauty can get those back street those hitting where you go into you know I. A plum purple army he can minimize. Yeah you guys back in the planes hit a lot of them are young. He's familiar without that he had execs sat with the young guys coaching they're ready. And Cora had a band and not all at all and then the band called the eastern here. And obviously that it got there were down back I would I would I would get my activities are here. Yeah I think you're gonna be the next shot as he should be thanks for the call and you're right about that on these are seen it during the year. I heard from people who they like these are seen Andy was that he was a harder guy on the players that Ferrell ones. And I like that thought any mention Zander Bogart's we know now in reading all these stories in the bed net lies day or so we do this is coming. There were guys an outlook pub also did not get along with John Ferrell and Zander Bogart's one of them down the stretch those two did not see I'd die. So my guess is these are seen it would certainly be. A welcome voice for Galley standard Bogart's in the clubhouse by only reservation the caller. Is it these are seen on might not seem like a drastic enough change for the manager he may look and say look I was connect. Keep somebody from the club possibly can John Ferrell. Yelled if if I had issues with the club lousy communication and the attitude of this group. How much does that change just by elevating the bench coach Gary geese are Sina. Into manager like I could CDs are seen a more likely get an opportunity the job is Ferrell got fired during the year. You don't wanna be drastic he wants there was some article about to give these are seen to be open it up. And open this thing up to everybody now Cora all Smith gave cap port Tony Pena the moral hail pick your name. They got to talk to all sorts of people rod garden higher. And in fact case I just get that the gut feeling. That they'll end up with a new face. That they'll say it will look and force somebody different. We'll or somebody not John Farrell these are seen it was on that staff at the little close the former manager. So that's my only reservation. To that idea. Chris since August crucial on WEEI. They're not they've taken my costs aren't they I want a champion and that Al Ahmed disappointed anybody but there's New Zealand and and I and Latin America straight up not that I'm not out and actually care what you guys I looked at and if that great opportunity but it can't speak out and say you know like. He's got a lot of disrespect the flag it and no respect. What a great men and women and their country. Well at it and say 01 week. You don't show that if they had to completely sell pot and he looked at the owners who do that. You block out which people are gone back and plot like he does what he played eight. Don't always got a W out it all and I think that's where the candidate if it is an on line. It looked like I loved football loved watching it I'll do it college high school pro. I think the president need to come together on net that we've flown by the that you know that not enough is a weekly a lot of money that he ticket. You know and let it come on he can't disrespect the let these National Anthem that India under the years but the men and woman it ought but the budget. It then Paris and that's where I reboot electrons that HTTP bit out. You know is no point in nearly you don't value being disrespectful. Edit the message he got it and when he killed across the country. Yeah then it's going to be it's going to be a lot of back you'll need to do anorexia. Well it mercy or see in and out Christian and you and I wheat great I don't think everyone agrees it thus but you would hire an agreement now and thanks for the call tonight as for. His initial thought there was circle back to that part of it that if if if the fans aren't set by it they should boycott NFL games. One of those sounds good will never happen scenario. Right patriot fan that the patriots season ticket list has thousands and thousands of thousands of people liable. Long. The minute somebody says not gonna go they give up their tickets one of these morons that burn tickets. Somebody else is going to jump the line to take your tickets. The way ahead of his by yeah it if you're a Nielsen subscriber and in your ratings count towards their ratings you don't watch. Hit it in the pocketbook that's are of that that even that is again though that sounds funny talk about I'll watch the game is weakening us what you are. Jet seven drafting line to get your work pool and he got fantasy and you wanna watch the games. So good in theory never seems to help. 6177797937. Your phone number we talk about this plus the Red Sox manager search will do it up until. On Eagles and Panthers Thursday night football here at W media. Recapping that team in sports much at night on Sports Radio talk you. Yachting. Activist calls the second but it night's Sports Radio WEEI third that a football comes up. On top of the hour at eight Eagles and Panthers here on WEEI bill Ballou of the. Providence journal also recruited from Worcester Telegram cassette. I as the headline tonight Red Sox should make first minority hire for manager. It talks about the Red Sox and there recent take a leave and take people take the lead initiative. Talking about different managers they could be of color differ managers could be different emphasis these and says here who is out there in the candidate pool. Starwood David or people who writes. He's probably too Smart into recently retired to take the job he certainly does not need the money. Perhaps he's not experience and capital have eight or heavy bench coach. One problems this year Red Sox team first place at all was it was hard to light that was obvious lack of enthusiasm. Come playoff time. Ortiz to make the 2018 Sox very easily alike in what player worth having uniform would not an instant respect for him. I want no part of I think he maybe tongue in cheek by matching Ortiz here is a big name but none and and and and no. No David Ortiz zero experience. Just out of baseball knows way too many of the guys in the clubhouse. Absolutely now. He also writes here that John Ferrell did not deserve to get fired. Which I give him credit now many people are writing this. Database it wants over in lockstep. That he should have been fired so I give Louis blues doubles wrong about this. He did deserve to get fired in the clubhouse is not bright they're pub list. And the attitude on the team. I would say David Ortiz catalog shot to take this job wills and a car on the next Red Sox manager I will. I. Longtime listener recent call and there's just one team on the managers that I have not heard these. And I always the name whoever we talked about yet will. Don Mattingly. OK give you give me a reason why you want Don Mattingly here give me a couple reasons why. We'll track record in LA was pretty good you know I don't never on the series but they were consistent winners. And I don't think he's devastated Miami go on Jeter's clearing house. Com so he's gonna want when it hit guys and I think out of all the candidates he'd the most experienced and the wanted to tackle the immediate about. All of arsonist doesn't excite me at all on either with you there. I'll score has no experience I heard Eric tech burnout no other big Varitek and I looked up but not the manager or. I think out may be adventure base because. Coach would be great for him develop is experience I think Mattingly is the only and it potentially that I'm getting excited about anyone outside I would just rather fair. Yeah I'm on Alex core is bandwagon as dramatic they don't know a lot about him as coach of the National League with the Dodgers still with the Marlins there he said not when a Jeter's guys will I wonder. You know given how much affection. They Jeter had for Mattingly when he wore the Yankee uniform. Would that help Mattingly keep the job I don't know much about the Marlins and they had Stanton this year and stand and yeah flourished does that mean that Matt and les go with the young players I have no idea I admit I know very little about Mattingly. I do know I'll scorer and I love the rob Bradford anecdote today. It's called WEEI dot com rob says Alex Cora is the guy for the job and talks about. A game in Cleveland when Cora played for the Red Sox didn't get a bunt down. Failed Red Sox lose and there's Koran at his locker basically begged in the media become talked him. So we could take accountability. So I am all for that type of manager he'd managed hereby play here in Boston he played everywhere. He managed that. Dave Dominican national team at the World Baseball Classic ties and part of modern one win team with the coach he's down to Houston this year. So Bible is with core and I admit not knowing much about Mattingly our bills and a car Billy RWE yet. I yeah yeah exported to talk about. Everybody's own crazy about what the well I don't look at their disrespect them like I'll. I would make people more important. An idea or are you guys are going to be united state. Israel back in a war hero. Like anyone and he got your PO WO. Charm is crazy about that has a strong or black. What you are adamant title rate was disrespect when those guys want grew up. That. Virginia university there. No you know I. Just respect and you're always accused him of black. And while still basically but the outcome. But. Is more than half the people male and to a song. Not very concerned about a group of people. Yet they don't there's no defendant McCain comments I can't defend any of that but I had on the other part it's pretty clear that a lot of the country bill agrees with the president that they respect the anthem and don't want anyone kneeling Freddie caused there I think he's got the voice of a lot of people this country with that comment. I hear people saying you know the military. Guys are catching on in the military. I'm sure in the night they found life although was killed in Vietnam. I love this country. I'd prefer that people all the song or the plight because the people the country. So bill you're you would you would you're okay with the guys kneeling for the at the. Yes because there and I don't wanna just. Well no reason at all they're doing it because it won't even knock joke and it didn't care eats eat any at all that there was unfair. He he pays is that about a bill he he's the wrong guy had dipped to point back to witnesses were a lot of any the entire. Movement a whatever the players are kneeling for now that's work got off track from the beginning with Colin camper with a guy who is so anti police. It's not funny. Between his police pink socks between his Easter Graham mean the odd to his donate money. To a group it's named after. On a cop killer I mean it's pretty clear. He does not have a lot of respect for police in this country. Audio out and a what they Castro comments in this essential support of of things in Cuba yet not a good book. I'm bill speaks brother I'd bills until one says that that's tied into the military or military ties is a squirrel at these guys do what they want. And that's our right to feel differently that's that's file we can a debate I obviously over the opposite spectrum of that. I dads are my uncles that served my brother lost or Matt a lot of family members who serve tonight when I hear the get them out of was taught to stand up and take your hat off and and respect Vietnam does that mean something. And so the causes secondary to me. Just about standing during that two and a half minutes I just me I carries in a car Kenny are next up here in WEEI. Today that I don't yeah I hear your body little soft side of your windy area or what we got. I am glad I thought I'd do it in the position. Again in the network and again. Industry. If a position to make. On the side of the owner is as good as solid as employers. I got to play. As it happens in one. State jail. There on the job. And on the job they do what the odds. And I think it really. Did it matter is taken advantage. Of debt position. Ought to open on. Some ads. That are not just. A game. Those idioms like sanctuary or did what we. We hum our business and the struggles that we. Monday Friday. I honestly about I want it all game and I want players to do your job. Coach and then players this job and that's what they do when I go to Asian descent back. OK I would say your call right there your comments is what scares the NFL the most. That there are fans who just that they again they don't care what the causes they don't care how great that causes a big house small whatever he ordeal and for. They they just don't wanna hear about that sounds crass but that's the reality guys like Kenny are not many into the game for that. And whether you're seeing it at the stadium what do you see in the video love it. I'm not saying it's right or wrong but that's what the owners are concerned about the guys like Kenny Seif screw this these guys don't wanna respect and I'm not I'm moving on doing something else. Act of people who are doing that or small minority. But the owners have to be cognizant that that might turn to a bigger number that to protect their sport protect their brand. And make sure that audiences satisfied with the product that's on the field with doc and why they let and that the fans that we'll play dates again. How double that was Roger Goodell think dancing on the touchdown celebrations are finding guys suspending them for dance around the end zone. And they set our fans why it's so we'll bring it back. It was eighty got to take away the first place and now the bringing it back in the same thing with the at them. They are hearing from their fans like Kenny and others that they don't want to. Right or wrong. They don't want that a good part of their game. And that's what the league is treading on this should we make it rule should we not how we handle this and being very very sensitive to. All parties the players and the fans ever won here involved. Our final break on the show as we got third that I football coming up Eagles and Panthers until we'll take your phone call 617. 7797937. Here on WEE. Each month at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Thursday night football takes a backseat tonight folks. I'm sorry if you're a sports fan. Fest got a hold of you are much more. Indie game five and LBS comes the next right. Jeff what are you into tonight if you hear during the game ready to leave at some point. I thoroughly believe it's out of like man I've got a lot some of the game play you probably didn't for our programming. What's that. Calls it good lead in for Arthur the odds are I'm being honest here tonight this is not about people don't listen the game what I. Just as I say I'm gonna be more of the baseball and football package and one person's mind driving around tonight at Cam Newton. That Christian McCaffery what these guys and fancy the bet on the game where there and that was in a football market change anyone's mind telling you meet personally. I am much sworn to game five elimination baseball that I am which should be. A good fought all game for a night game jets game. I'm not knocking your I want to pre season NBA it's only carry on items like pre season and yes I do sick bastard I'm looking at right now like I believe you are airing area next to an extra holier than ire is good. Breaking news he's a good who's winning this game tonight. I'm from around I don't care group the nets I'm not sure who's gonna win. But I am rooting for the nationals the elimination baseball. Nazi cubs albeit at Agatha Thursday night game. Which you get is a good game but I'll be much more. I'm locked into elimination baseball the pretty good will see I want a good game actually I'd rooting for the maps I just want a good game. I John Revere OBR final call that I hear a job. Hey how you do my job to take more culture about why I ID on him totally against this kitten in the east. It it was a common cause I just don't see anymore. Our interest in the call it cap that started the whole thing locates key that the odds. Like you can't tell me that every single one of these people taking in the east has the exact same clause oddly rolls he does know what I work at university with 200 students took over the administration building the body and how well the and I tell you what it was a clause that I didn't read wicket. But I did my job as a campus police officer there and get it. I don't agree with this addicted to common parts with every single athlete could come out and cheek and he. OK I would understand that maybe it would Seau last may it was suppressed cancel whatever I just don't see my. Might think it's just I'm turning locked in a row I turned it off this year gonna continue not to watch it that's money that money need. That is minding your not you're not what was the last game you watched John. Aren't allowed in the watch with the patriots Kansas City cheap and I watched a little bit of that act mostly critical work and. How much would you Alia how much as you normally watch you watching is that you normally not watching which only watching these games. I would watch it based on my work schedules are yet apartment block on watchable interesting I can look forward to the Thursday night's game yeah watching tonight watching baseball I looked as well that's format budge. My blood is there was a common cause you can't tell me that every single one of these athletes taken me. Believe that and we'll talk about this more tomorrow morning albeit with the guys on Kirk and Callahan. It's gonna be big story is jones' fire while this evil that a unified cause. Pick a different spot not during the anthem that's just me you can now react on Twitter at much and UT WEEI a opened their 24/7 Jack excellent job by you tonight. Football coming up make sure you tune in beer with the guys tomorrow morning at six here on WEE IC.