Joe Castiglione, Tim Neverett, & Lou Merloni 2017 Red Sox season wrap 10-09-17

Boston Baseball
Monday, October 9th

Joe, Tim, and Lou give their thoughts on the final game of the season for the Red Sox as well as the season overall before signing off until spring training 2018.


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Back here at Fenway Park and back in the WEEI Red Sox post game show like McVeigh it's you review of the Red Sox season comes to a close the hands. At a Houston Astros are 101 games the regular season they win three of four in this AL DS five for your fund this afternoon. We rainy Fenway Park Joseph Castiglione Tim never. And boomer Loney on the call guys certainly I topped one for the Red Sox Chris Hill pitched Wellington given that home run to Alex Bregman the tide did. They lose eventually 54 with some missed opportunities early in this game then Astro pitching on the ropes including. Bases loaded nobody out could not scored a look back at those early innings and think. What could it be and if they'd scored earlier in this. Indeed you got to look back at that second inning when he had the bases loaded and then there were. To umpire strike straight across five mark wrecked near that. Really helped take them out of the inning. And especially the wanted Jackie grouchy Bradley seemed like it was far outside. Then Dustin Pedroia got caught out and that brought John Farrell out of the dugout trying to protect Pretoria was I immediately right away at John on that getting ejected. But you certainly felt great day after the home run by. Many attend the opera Lander the first man and then the Verlander pitched in his first ever relief appearance in the big leagues. It's there was cruising through the first four innings and gave up the lead off homer in the eighth to Bragman. And do with two down. Afghanistan the F one down and then there. Campbell came on. And walked in the base hit by ready with a good battle three to pinch runner going that drove in the run that put them ahead in the ninth inning run that gulf front double. Certainly was that the crusher and actually deciding run of the game has ever hit that home run it was a very good effort wrapped up by the Red Sox today you. Movement TM but it. They just came up short. We'll for the Astros they had to beat the Red Sox best picture and one of the game's best closers are not the best closer we get who had an off day today. But it took. That's kind of an effort and you know we talk about the move bringing Justin Verlander and now waging mutual problem praised sport but it did backfire. If it wasn't for the Houston bats Verlander would not have gotten wind today and it would have been considered a backfire and aging into that a lot of questions to answer. But at the same time the Red Sox just didn't get a big hit and it's only devers. Inside the park home run in the ninth inning which brought everybody and their feet and if the Red Sox have a chance. Making the score five to four. But again it took Houston beating the Red Sox bashed on the hill today to get it done Houston is a very very good team and there's no reason I think they can't go over on the table now. They were excellent during the regular season the addition of Verlander makes better team now. You look what they've got 12 in the ALCS against either the Yankees are Cleveland more than likely Cleveland. But you can start tycoon game one and will be enough off days built and we get Verlander comeback in game two so. You know you think Houston's got a pretty good shot the rest of the way about. No Red Sox battled them today came close to forcing a game five decisive game five back in Houston which everybody wanted today with just to run short. At the end of the day. And we arm opportunity had a runner thrown out of the plate the back in the third inning to greatly missed opportunities early on offensively for the team. Eight if you had to use that that's good ball club but he up and down this line of not only if they leave the yard with the ball in play. That may keep grinding it's not a rallying point in the order. But I just we've missed opportunities that I thought sale with sharp. That he sent to run out of gas in the seventh you know they they try to stretch him out and eat it in the anything left. They give welcomes it has been so great for you all year long to pick the cutoff date and not be sharp because it wasn't. The great you were that we saw a couple times with two strikes there's that they'll drama therapy game winner. Atom with two strikes couldn't finish him off which is something we have let's keep it below your longest. It's one of those days that happen. And again getting back to what you're talking about earlier joke just an aside note that. The calls to up Pedroia and Jackie Bradley junior special wanna Pedroia that that ended up. Pedroia got upset about it John had to come out of protectors player he got a objected instead of feeding getting ejected and now you without a manager and decisive game. For the ball to the ball game and and that's not you know John the c'mon dude had to do. But at the same time I think you'll home plate umpires got to give a manager a little bit more of a leash and a game like this. And you know meters Gary peace RC and a granted he can do what he's done it and in John's absence this year but. You know this is a decisive game this is a postseason game and I think that turned out could've been a big factor is that Olson. So that we'll know it. Hear from Fenway Park and I think the word soon. They Bartlett Giamatti the former Commissioner of Baseball are ever so fitting that today the way this one ends. As he wrote from Greenfield to the mind about the game of baseball. It breaks your heart it is designed to break your heart thinking begins in the spring when everything else begins again. And it blossoms in the summer filling the afternoons and evenings. And then as soon as the chill rains come it stops and leaves you defaced the wall along. You come out of rely on at the ball for the passage of time to keep the memory of sunshine and high skies alive. And just when the days are all twilight what you need it most. It stops. 2017. Season analysts Red Sox American League east division champions. For the second straight year. But they wrote down three games to one to the Houston Astros in the American League division series.