Is Joe Namath the voice of reason when it comes to the NFL players protest. 10-11-17

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Thursday, October 12th

In the 2nd hour Alex talks about Trumps most recent attack on the NFL. Alex also talks about Joe Namath's appearance of Fox News and how he makes the point that the NFL protest isnt about the flag. 


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He's he's late night on Sports Radio. Let's get it going with the Alex Roemer on late night on sports real. Yeah. It was about the fact is that. Well I really I think in those situations I've Macintosh aircrafts. And those are things that I keep to myself. Baseball officials about. But again way up bunch of different things on basically everything which way they can decision like this it's. It's a major decision. Those are things that. You keep yourself. I don't think you get in a particular instance I'm not going to get an important situations. That really made finals. That's a press conference started today John I did to browse keepers question. Why do it John Farrell gal while not here to get the facts are right and a home. While while Larry Larry by to keep people there for 35 minutes knocking in the backs. So bizarre provides for them browse it today no real all praise of Farrell either just said we're thankful for his service. Asked again how would you describe his five year tenure penalize success one World Series three division titles and eyebrows he says. John did a nice. OK that's it. Bobby Valentine got more organizational love on the way really in a press release of Keno called him a great baseball mind. Even Ben Carrington thanked him for his service great yeah great job given the circumstances. Red Sox and at a press release today to announcing perilous firing but included no comments whatsoever from the front office none. That tells me that Farrah had no constituency he had no backers here we know it was not to browse these guy. In ownership did appear to have any love format because they were silenced today we know the fans have no love for Farrell the media doesn't have a lot of love form. I especially the non beat writers. The players there was not a parent disconnect between Farrow and the players this year Pedroia out did not explicitly say after the game Monday that he wanted for how to return. I thought that was date he rambled and rambled but did not answer the question simple yes or no he did not answer it. David Price going road this year going after Acker sleeve got whole episode so there was also that apparent disconnect. Between Peronist players he's always been in my opinion a below average Indian managers see how that together. As we said this is now Dave to browse is team he has a lot of work to do and is deserving of a lot of blame. Farrell to an extent tear gas is a scapegoat but I think eight deserved a deserving scapegoat. 617779797. Tom is on the cape tonight Tom what's up. Careless or are they to. Yeah. I can think this whole thing has Ferrero has gotten. You know I don't think he's perfect target Iran but also baseball you have to hit it in the absolute. Easiest. Sports on Monday morning manage and an. Oh I would elect I would have taken sale. And if I had it read come in and gives a performer there are a little stale out. Top Al Ali fish I mean I was watching on my bad. Monday afternoon I concede that sale was losing it in the seventh gave up those two rocket singles so I get a bite even now and I think a lot of people watching said company. East Coast get amount that was a mistake. He can't edit agree to clear that you by our law go to another thing lake. You know a lot of people say you know all he handled the way he handled the day's price market internal you know. Honestly perhaps you wouldn't let you know what I need. Like well what do I mean that you could look in the entire scene. Rey community come out and give David Price all pissed off. The whole club houses can crumble and let's be honest Leakey is people always talk about the clubhouse now. There'll there'll be about the club house in the professional. Baseball. School is 90% the player. Is not hope. Players and you have people like David Price in Detroit there were just click the big club houses in the marketplace. I agree Tom yeah I greet you there and and and my issue with Farrow and the price acre sleeping isn't so much. He publicly handled that is I agree and I said the league in exec arrow to go out in queue damn. The highest paid pitcher in baseball history of course I don't think in any managers were would go out. And publicly admonished price so my short barrel there was this public response it was the fact that it happened. That cause you that he has no real control and Idenix you know as any manager gonna Basra David Price maybe not but if David Ortiz is still there. If there's a stronger managerial voice. It's price feel comfortable enough to challenge actually in front of everyone on the plane and the players cheer price when he does it. So that's my issue with Patton also the fact that Ferrell did not apologized Tankersley again I'm not looking for months old apology. Mean to ship has sailed on that by. The fact he did apologize at the time also does not reflect well in my opinion. Bobby is in Waltham also wants him to crack a defending Farrell what's up Bobby. What's going on all at this juncture almost by doing something right all that dysfunction. That you just mentioned. They still in first place. Like. From everything that it says over and over and over definitions and the third fourth and fifth place team they ended up in first place. But televised Bobby this was and instill a the adversity faced talent wise is this still a real good team on paper. I'm great at that a lot of teams that have a lot of talent and cannot get over that hump because there's no veto pen and like the last caller say. The players they know leader on this team. Someone at the B of the gradually get in the first and the tests that division is not a cakewalk would eat you this year than last year. Almost like a low level Rocco was Jackie were very competitive equity in the mix for awhile I guess you're right John how would definitely. Definitely had to be some sort of stabilizing force I don't know what happened on C into account that that might have been something but I would say she date top. Eight to ten managers in the majors. We think Farrell does well what would you say his biggest strength is. I think he realizes that that he talks to us that it's been quite excuse not going to be. Derek radios voice is just not at right you're expecting him to piece something that he's not. But I think destabilize. I got and I'm. I have to admit I'm a met fan it's almost what Terry college. And that's the banning gay marriage. John Farrell I think is pretty damn good I would take 21 place finishes and a World Series over the last ideas I really Billy boy I think this guy is getting. Apparent Sheikh it's not like art what about one more thing about Austria it will yeah yup. Well I would say it should do it they should go after Eric Hosmer because. Is presidential mate like I'm more about what you should do if they should dangle devers. A bad baseball body. At a couple other prospects to the Orioles. The man that shot oh block yankees from getting M I'll bet you see. Yeah this yet Simon China of course and that's an. I absolutely but. If it comes across as part of a couple winners just. Yeah maybe Bobby thanks to the call. I disagree you endeavors entirely. Is a little chubby twenty year old yes Chevy rock fields have raised by his separated himself from the pack this post season. We talk all the time about the playoff failings of that in ten. These guys the killer bees two straight years have on on their faces the most part in October. That was not rock the odd devers who makes what goalie was benched in game twos and one talked about. John Ferrell being good in game manager there's a bad decision that John Farrell made by. You look at those guys failing in October. Not devers devers came to play. On running game three out Larry on a which set the Red Sox off the inside the park home running game four which agrees the last satellite into their season. Devers showed me he has cajon race. In the class he has more importantly the power. You talk about the lack of power in this Red Sox lineup the rock of power. And this Red Sox organizational devers is one of those guys and a twenty years old he's gonna be cheap for many years to come and that is very important. Have a cost controlled Dow like Raphael devers. Because of the Red Sox gonna spend elsewhere the needs some of those cost controlled guys to keep the payroll somewhat under control so. Devers in my opinion is close to untouchable. You keep bats is pretty much untouchable. But outside of dot I think anybody's available and again I would sign JD Martinez. Export Jean Karl stand by first base is the spot. Eric Hosmer gives you some intangibles from all that you read from what you watch seems like a pretty infectious guy get personality. Had a great year this year but look at Hosmer the player I think his any overpaid he's gonna be over paid this off season had a career in a contract year. Entering his thirties now he what's the golden rule you do not pay for past performance and paying for Eric Hosmer. This offseason as a player I think would largely be paying for house performance so you get your first baseman. Now I bring back Mitch Moreland has installed aching need to doubts you get your first baseman by exploring trades. May be Jose gray was available into another deal at the White Sox. Maybe Jolie bought out and some techsters saying do you really want to lead bottle Alex he's gonna be 3738. At times contract is Don he's 33 now. I I say yes because story about the last three years has been dynamite he's been arguably the best player and the National League in a skill set like his. Ages wow so it joy if I was gonna be available yeah oh yeah I make a run Adam if I'm Dave Dombrowski in the Red Sox you gotta do. You gotta do it because sales up and Tony nineteen Campbell's up next year if the price opt out this team has to win now. The way down to three year window it's easy to be fooled with the youth of devers and that's an all those guys by. As we mentioned the Yankees are back. The Orioles and diesel probably be bad air the Indians are masters are ahead of you. So you've got away. You gotta win now popular Red Sox he gave up all this talent first sailing Kimberlin pom rants. Treated arguably five of your top fifteen point prospects for them the last couple years. Gave 217 million dollars David Price you got a win and the onus is on them browse the to do exactly. 617779797. As your phone number coming up next on Joseph name. Of all people. Preached to the choir to. Joseph naymick making a lot of cents on NFL anthem protests on the unfriendly terrain a FOX & Friends that Joni. With such a social justice warrior yes the back and forth continued today. Putting Donald Trump in the NFL on the kneeling issue we'll get to that we continue to mixing your socks calls it's W yet late night miners out through. Just leave it is for losers back to more with Alex Raymer and late night Sports Radio tell you TI. I watched Colin peppard neck and I don't it was terrible. And then they got bigger and bigger and started mushrooming and frankly the NFL should have suspended him for one game. They would have never done it again they could then just. They couldn't send. It's time for the season that you would never had a problem. But I will tell you you cannot disrespect our country our legs are and then you can have good. It. What it cost us. I know. Just the mostly we have a bright part commentary as a present as the most simplistic. Attitude. To suspend contact me for me ailing for racial injustice and he'd give me it just so asinine it's so stupid as Donald Trump in front of a very favorable crowd and Sean Hannity tonight in a nice live interview trump just throw in the red meat to his base throw that red meat maybe. There are on the on comments left at this point is don't let. Still going after the NFL this morning trumped weeded. It is about time that Roger Goodell the NFL is filing demanding that all players stand. For our great National Anthem. Respect our country and all caps. That of course in reference to the memo that Dell sent out it was leaked yesterday saying that he thinks all players should stand for the anthem but. It will discuss it further at the league meetings next week Intel responds to trumpet and a phone network two nights saying there has not been a concrete chain. I'd change rather any anthem policy. You are saying quote we plan to do is have a very in depth discussion with the players and owners next week. To make sure he truly understand the issues and also understand the approach we want to take together with the players to address these issues. In our communities well it's very nice. Mr. commissioned by here's the thing. If you want to have an in depth discussion. And truly understand the issues. You actually talk about what they originally started protesting about. Up you mentioned the words police brutality. Or racial injustice. As that is what's missing from this entire debate in trouble never talked about it. He'll play a down to the simplistic I gotta respect our flag respect the country even though. Kneeling for he had them is not disrespectful to anybody or any thing. It is a sign of protest again a message across to get across issues that need to be talked about and ironically. The man who play it most saintly today was Joseph name. Broadway Joseph was on FOX & Friends the president's favorite television program. And right out about he talked about contact nick and why. He started protesting last year take it away Zhao. He'll even taken in the area agreed to Blair with the 49 I think you know it didn't assign him. Respect taken any when you meet the Pope you meet they're going or somebody you know it's out of the submission to the extent out of respect that Saudi started taken the need. It wasn't. It was done out of some respect for the flag but you know what we need more respect for the flag. Yes that's right that's right wide cap predict take in a while originally he was going to sit during the anthem. He actually did set when he first artist protest last year but any met with eight point air the green beret veteran. Who told him sitting did offend me but Neil that's respectful I would be offended many of my veteran friends won't be offended and guess what. That's a cap predicted he'd Neil so naymick is absolutely right. The sign of respect for the kneeling now. Name also responded to Mike Ditka who all of real good voice on this topic. Always knew once when you hear from Mike Ditka I he says there's been no oppression in this country for a long time so he's clarity to stop me on. And again naymick hit the nail on the had. It's a national. But differentiate into the unjust treatment of others. Has fallen in the back ground here we haven't heard that part do you disagree with my Dick heck has he said there hasn't oppression of the last 100 years. Well look up the meaning of oppression. Look up the definition of oppression and you understand that it's obviously taken place and right. Yeah that's right my third parties and the segment tees it up and I know I am new new new new into a deliberate car wreck now. South eastern and I think it might today do we can on FOX & Friends but trump is winning the war here against the NFL he has. Sort of lashing out on them. Made them another rallying cry for his base the red meat to the the white crowd in Alabama. Calling the black players to protest sons of bitches. And guess what. The owners are now font and line Jerry Jones you must stand. Stephen Ross in Miami you must stand and yeah I've been big grand irony here especially Jerry Jones. Is not all the dealings distraction it's creating a distraction. Jerry jones' policy is now creating a distraction because today. Ezekiel Elliott. In dot press dot were not available to the media the usually are on Wednesday Jason Witten. Tight ends was not built the press either and always beat writers say he is always around to speak so. There you got this today cowboys practice. At a meeting which Jerry Jones and players locked out press got Elliot Witten. All three of them using media friendly available to the cross on Wednesday's walked away eighty did not want to answer questions about their owners. Yes Michael will bond slave plantation type. Policy yes because that's what the messages stay in your place boy I just catch applause for me. That's the message sent the message trump was portraying last month and now they Amma and that's the message that Jerry Jones is portraying to his players now. And the NFL has allowed trump to win here it allowed him to win and to meet the worst caught out of all this with Stephen Ross owner of the dolphins. Who originally was pro that kneeling. Originally he was for the kneeling. But now he's not. He said a couple of days ago that conversation has changed. Trumpets changed the conversation around the neon is now made it about the country. Not about the issues of racial injustice and police brutality. And I still whose fault is that. That's your thoughts you know every NFL owner. Issued a statement a couple weeks ago after Trump's comments and Nate said all weird year we're unified with our players and we support our players. But none of them mentioned what the players were actually protesting. None of them mentioned what the players. Were speaking out of. So you worked really what the players. You just what the players for a couple of days to when a PR war. You don't got that Sports Illustrated cover. And other Trappist continued the attacks in both those like Sean Hannity and others are talking about I need to boycott the NFL. Get a little scared the NFL owners to get a little scared. And Eric how tying to trump which is so dangerous of this whiny. Little girl in the White House this movie whiny. Presidents. Can dictate what private businesses do you can dictate what private citizens do like. Whether or not they can freely exercise their first amendment rights and. You know I think this all the time. Iger at Miami and Rush Limbaugh. Iger at the Rush Limbaugh this what Rush Limbaugh had to say today. That continuing war between trump Indiana now. And I would have had the sound for you but yet to subscribe to rush's website to get the sound from his show and I'm not about to do so. That's that's that too far for me. A wrestler at this. No president. Should have dictatorial power. Over individual behavior. Our president should not be able to tell the owners of the business how other employees are gonna act. In what they're gonna swell swear allegiance to an all that. That's up to the owners to deal. And it's at the owners to come up with a system of punishment. If there employees violate company policy like it is. Any any in any other business. So Rush Limbaugh Bravo man has always up with rush. With rush it is scary. And it's amazing that all of these conservatives. These small government types. Don't interfere in my life government. All of these conservative small government individual liberty. I guess they're OK with the present the United States continuing weighing in. On private businesses and ordering them around telling them how to treat their employees ESP and you got to. Discipline to Mel hell the White House calling for to Mel hill's firing a couple weeks ago. In what happens now to Melo is suspended two weeks are really no reason. A make up call the magic crap to make America creating crowd so that's what's scary. Not only do you have the president weighing in on stuff like this and expecting his words he got. But you have these private. Organizations in the NFL's case multi billion dollar organizations. Listening to. You have Jerry Jones lying to get is good graces lied to get a Twitter a high five from trump so what does he say. Yeah I think the players should stand and I want to thank the president's reporting outs the rule to me. That's it that's a Terry Johnson I wasn't really aware of date game operations manual but they keep president Donald Trump the point that out to me now and chuck tweets out Jerry Jones great American players respect the flag yes. So yet Jerry Jones looking a manager to the president. Other NFL owners wanna. Have their players stand to avoid that the president's Twitter ban them. If ESPN looking to placate and appease their credit peaceable critics by suspending Tim Allen held now for two weeks. It's a she went after advertisers know she did dot. She simply sat had a lot of fans like cowboys players to yell one did you take some responsibility once you take action. Allowance you boycotts and advertisers. It's all she says she is say don't want to get a policies don't watch the cowboys you say it's a year money on the cowboys. It is simply offer your opinion in the conversation but in today's world I guess that's not get you suspended when the pressure is on so you have a White House. That is not a free in fact very willing to pressure private citizens private businesses use them as ponds and the never ending culture war. And you have the and have now. Abiding by now Vienna foul powering the Donald Trump. It's scary man it's scary it was a 140 characters the real Donald Trump Twitter feed. Busing around multi billionaires. And the 280 characters nauert how is out now. I don't know how that works at two week actors that I don't. You haven't. Now you know I read people do it's not as verified people. Anybody it's totally random and it annoys me because I pump up my articles. IPod about the shows. And a 140 characters often is not enough. I needed to eighty for myself promotion. Right now I don't think real Donald Trump as the 288 they good to see you imagine the damage you do a double the characters. These are you doing this much. The B interest Tennessee beat it'd keep the dock together for two dirty characters that's in points and aggregate a lot more combat please. 617779797. Frank is never at what's going on tonight frank. I which she'll thank you. Predicted and I hope there's someone from the cowboys will. Neo Sunday and I controller will. I hope so let's say like dot press dot Ezekiel alligator Dez Bryant like yeah now unity Jared bench me. And I'm gonna see if the patriots is that some NATO a full list of after the lupica is it good and. Well you know how critic is the example of this cap critics example I think a lot of players who are not stars. Look what happened to count predict who lets be honest is good enough to be in this league he's good enough to start. And up to back up I mean this Sunday yet had the call on top predict black ball ball between the dolphins and Jay Cutler and the titans and Matt Cassel so ho. How predict is an example. If you run afoul of the ownership. If you potentially can affect the team's bottom line or god forbid it be teen sites captain nick you get some nasty tweets from Donald Trump. He's black bodies unemployed and I think players like Agassi who who ease owners mean business. These donors mean business and that's scary Uga president applying pressure like this in forcing a business potentially to change its policies. To change its policies for his own personal gain just to be upon in his culture war. It is absolutely asinine in the reason why unifil owners are doing its. Adding partially is they see the declining ratings. And their panic. And they're going oh my god are we getting boycotted. No you're not NFL ratings menuing have nothing to do with each other. I'll explain why in a moment but first let's talk to John and Bosnia wants to bring the conversation back this asks John what's Conan. There was some guys connect. Com first of all that is one yeah I agree with everything in the courtroom situation I think in that have occurred because the Bible that you try to abuse of authority but that's another topic. The whole other situation in the last comic I'll blast on the main how much conducting. They're twenty year olds out there that are deliberate people walk. Also. There a couple of things I'm not I'm not look good at all I think we should armed try to get actually bottle or try to trade. Even through Cincinnati and ebitda equaled his own town. All the old armchair Carlos de wouldn't be I don't. I'll maybe he can play. You know less left field in right field. And you know you can even talking to each situation. You know because he has that little bit you know fragile and you do need it. Right yeah I think you need to big bats John. I charging Carl stands name not a lot the last few nights. Certainly worth exploring. Big option but I like Terry bought out and I now is a lot of money left a 157 mail over six years 3334. By. No signs of slowing down slowing down oh PS over a thousand the last three years for body out may be even the best player in the National League. And I kid going back to that intensity. Antennae to me as the guy who would get you the most in a trade by far only 22 cheap for many more years he's gonna be great. Be at a trade taught to get county trade that in Tandy for big got a target first base was in brain you've Otto if there are available. And I sign Jeter Martinez the fill out the corner outfield your did Dombrowski got to do. As a note devers is twentieth may be young chord by also abating guys Pedroia Handley. In pitchers who may leave price. Opt out and when he eighteen sale could leave and Tony nineteen that's and his contacts Kimbrel is up at the end of this year 2018 so. Time is now for the Red Sox 6177797. And 97 coming up next NFL owners are an aching and not tying to trump. I think at least partially because BC news declining ratings numbers I'm here to tell you apple ratings are declining. And they're not declining at all because of kneeling or any of the stuff stopped with the stupidity I'll explain next WEEI. Who can sleep when there's so much Boston sports to talk about BC's Alex Roemer. And late night. Slug Sports Radio WEEI. Oh well. Yankees down throughout the Indians to start winning game three. Winning game four. And now up five to two in game five or oldest Chapman on the hell Brett Gardner had a big two run single in the top of the ninth. Chapman bears down stairs and and some one strike aways to the Yankees one strike away from advancing LCS. The first time since 2012. You'll take on the Houston Astros. So. We've been saying it all week. There are at least two teams in the American League better than the Red Sox the Astros in the indians'. We are one strike away from updating and now saying the Yankees are officially had the Red Sox if they beat the Indians tonight. And go on the American League Championship Series interestingly enough. Francona. Entering tonight two in seven. In elimination games with the Indians looks like he's gonna be to win eight so one of the Indians. I your Francona. And the Red Sox bring them back. Bump and runs out. We thank. In a thing that ever had it not happening I don't think Francona would. Come back here after almost later admitted he would have to talk to John and greens somewhere first which he says he asked not. And there it is strike three yankees win. They're pandemonium on the field in Cleveland's. I'm not take us you Progressive Field pandemonium as the Yankees ouster of the LCS and look at the Yankees they're built to went into a 17 am very powerful lineup more that powers coming lights out bullpen in the back and they got enough starting pitching. And you talk about. You know dander Bogart's now he's following in Korea Francisco indoor better Corey seekers better now way did eager glorious too big home runs tonight. He's better than standard Bogart's Tim he's another young shortstop who surpassed boat so the Yankees supposed to be a retooling year for them. But Gary Sanchez came on Aaron judge came on. Good glorious came on as I mentioned nick I'd great powerful bullpen came on here in the series against Cleveland at the end of the regular season. So the Yankees are now on the LCS and you talk about the formula to win. In Major League based on 2017. It is the Yankees who have now they're back in their back pay and that is bad news. We are Boston Red Sox 617779797. Your phone number again. 6177797. At 937. So we spent some time this hour. Talking about it. NFL owners kowtowing to Donald Trump. Trump wants the players to stand Jerry Jones owner of the cowboys Stephen Ross sort of the dolphins say yes. We agree Mr. President the players must stands. In Dallas the memo leaked this week. Saying that players should stand in front tweets out this morning knowledge yet policies are policy. Intel locks it back a little bit saying while we're gonna have a meeting next week between the owners and decide what to do by trump is hijack this conversation. He's made it about this nonsensical. Issue of how kneeling is disrespect to for the flagging disrespectful to the military disrespect from the country which is not to me a real president. But look beneath the surface to the little bet. They grow at these guys are protesting figure out upon topic was trying to say last year. And then make a statement on now that's not trump everything is a culture issued a player is based in the NFL owners are listening. They're falling in line and why are they doing that because they're a little nervous. They're little nervous and I think wrongly so that this is going to start to affect their bottom lines and why do they think that well you look at the television ratings. The television ratings for the NFL continue to fall another dot week for the league this is from sporting news the league's average TV audience. Through week five of the 2017 season dropped 7%. Vs the same period of the 2016 season according to Nielsen data obtained by sporting news. Worse for the league. Wearing these rights the average game audiences are down 18%. Compared to the first five weeks of the 2815 season where there were no con cap predict inspired player protests. For racial. Justice. Okay. So that implies. That and heavily implies ratings down 18%. Compared to the first five X that when he fifteen season that heavily implies when there are no contact nick inspired protests that the kneeling is the primary reason why. The ratings for the NFL right now. And that is completely wrong and now is missing the point. Ratings are down for everything. Ratings are down for everything Emmys down be amazed down and very. Easy. To make that into a cultural issue and say oh it's all about trump. It's all about trump isn't these liberal Hollywood elites. The country's just sick of their turning off their TVs tramps attacking the Emmys on Twitter and people are falling in line they're not watching anymore. And I just don't think that's true it's just I think it's more Eddie commentary. Of the changing viewing habits people have people just watched a lot us live TV ratings are down for everything. Ratings are down for pro sports older people are now watching professional sports. Look at the average age of sports viewers from 2006 through 2016. NFL 0646. Now fifty years old college football 48 now 52 college basketball 48 now also 52. MLB 52 and 0657. Years old now you the age of your average viewer. I NHL 42 year olds and those sex. 49 years old. In a 1649. Years old seven you're jumping ten years the average age of the NHL Bjork NBA he's in the spring chickens forty years old and no sex. 42 years old and Tony sixteen. What are those numbers tell you. Those numbers tell you. That younger people on the younger side of the all important 24 to 54 demographic and we're top in sport for talking now's. That tells you that they are not watching yearly as much wide games live events as they once did. So ratings are down for everything. Not just the NFL. In yes the NFL is getting hit hard in the drop is more noticeable. As they were so much higher than everybody else. But he comparison to the other professional sports leagues and frankly comparison to everything else on TV. The NFL still kicking ass. They're still doing great so I think these owners. Are panic. They're panic and I think it's the result they pick it might be either result of this. Make America great again boycotts of the NFL as players are kneeling during a son. For ninety seconds before the game and that's just not the case I don't think's out if you're real football fan. You're really gonna tune out. Because players are yelling during the anthem which frankly isn't even shown on TV every week it was in week three this was the height of the story. But this past week the networks didn't show what dating Harriett. So it's so easy to ignore you're watching from from home it's so easy to ignore. Q going back to those hopes and swans. We're burning patriots use a couple weeks ago. You're Tommy if the patriots go on a Super Bowl run they're gonna stop watching. Of course not so the NFL owners are as scared. And that's what they are they will protect their players there will support their players like this in their statements a couple of weeks ago. Until supporting their players may affect their bottom line even a little bit then they run a white. And it's the perfect storm yet just like I think it's the perfect storm for ESPN their ratings are down subscriber numbers are down revenue is down. So it allows the charm people and allows the clay Travis is the Brittany and reads he's not a nice new career now is a bad. I like a homeless persons and Coulter is Rupert McHenry and she's just so about it this band he tries tries or are blessed art she tries so hard. To trawl the big meal there is this and now Eminem last night she was trolling Eminem saying off. Now we're gonna get moral lessons from Eminem whose student talks about beating women whose anti LG BT all this. We dug up some apartment Henry tweets and like in August she called Eminem the best rapper Abner. So doesn't really work sorry. So you have all these folks who wire. Claiming victory over ESPN on their ratings are down mr. Mel held tweets about politics. When ESPN's ratings are down mostly because. Everybody's ratings are down. Everybody's ratings are down cord cutting heard it once or twice the real. The real thing streaming numbers are up across the board but wide events the numbers are down it's where we're heading in TV. And it's it's perfect storm because trumping his crowd can claim credit for it but I'm telling you don't fall for the ruse it is fake news. Ratings are not down at ESPN and they're not down in the NFL because of healing left wing bias or any of that third down. Because it's 2017. That's why. And you look at last year the ratings while this is a quote from. I'm Michael more on mold but hell who is the head of fox sports research. This is what he had this. Nearly 203 million people watch some part of the NFL regular season and 2016 OK I. That's a 5% increase from the previous year. The differences there are watching less than usual he had more people watching you 20165%. More people watching. But they're watching for less time. So the ratings were down. His ratings judge how long you're watching of course that's ahead of fox sports research because people are tuning in to TV less too there watching and source sports. So don't fall for you you guys are billionaires and Robert craft you sit on the TV committee. Should know this should know this stuff they kneeling is not affecting your ratings. Don't how touted as you come across as weak empathetic hapless. It's scary that a president and a crazy man's and women's. In control private businesses like this in force. Private business owners to take action against their employees it is just. It's a scary scary precedent man scary times indeed. 61777979837. Stevens and point Steve what's going on. Day deal and it's not. Me. I mean I I tried calling several times he saw. Had an adult yet circles. Well now you're on amendments up. Barrett so. My issue is lists. You know everything in order to slap approach. Sort of applied speed alone. New Zealand yes dealing during the anthem. Well let me. Put it this way. I didn't serve but a and a certain. Time at yes. Loans are short it means paper this I come from a long line ghost. Extremely in the military. You take offense to it Steve. The neo and during the anthem you do OK why. Well let me put it this way how many people gave their lives. For us to ensure that we have these freedoms that we have now. Yeah did you give your life force somebody to be able to meal during the National Anthem is now what freedom is all about. True. IIII honesty and data aspect out. But at the same time these players are getting paid millions of dollars. Millions of dollars. So. Okay well is in my line of order. If it can't get told to do something I'd do. Yeah but Steve this wasn't in banks in the park against it I. Did this wasn't in that zone and this wasn't the NFL's policy last year they were allowed to neo. Plastered Jerry Jones didn't make any statements about opinion and it only happens when Barack Obama left opposite Donald Trump came into office. So the apple changed its policy it's because of pressure from Donald Trump pressure from the White House. Affecting a private business how is that your small government. That's scary man. At a scary stuff that sounds like big orwellian government to me. And then where we don't axed where do we go next trump today tweeting NBC's license should be revoked CC get on now. Hopefully the FCC gets a lot more spy in the NFL owners. That's also about that. Athletes get paid millions at that is code man that is code. That's code for stain your place. Stay in your place at the football's. Tackle the player's brother footballs but just don't have an opinion on anything just don't speak out. And I know I don't pick another time to protest that's convenient tell me the better time to protest why do you protest you protest. To gain attention for your cots. That's why you do it's no protests are popular when they're going on Martin Luther King did have a lot of fans Rosa Parks not a lot of bands. It's bigger Rosa Parks if you think of the players are protesting the anthem. That's akin to taking Rosa Parks as protest in public transportation they're not the messages deeper than now. In of the apple owners you supported their players like they claim to do a couple weeks ago that's that there would say. They would say no these guys are not disrespecting the flag there or not this respect union and they are speaking out for important issues. These black athletes are speaking out for important issues in their communities. That's what these NFL owners would send. But they did and they're afraid they are howling there powering down to Donald Trump who is declaring victory and Sean Hannity tonight. He's declaring victory on Twitter. And die it's as it's as I mentioned a scary precedent. 61777979837. We are heading into the midnight hour. We will do the midnight morons but more of your phone calls on this next it's late night without streamer don't going.