Joe & Tim in the Red Sox clubhouse for the division championship celebration. 9-30-17

Boston Baseball
Saturday, September 30th

Joe & Tim talk with Red Sox players during their division championship celebration in the clubhouse. Featuring Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr., Sam Kennedy, and more.


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You'll find have been there. We're professionals. The lockers are all covered with the plastic covering and people were rained here. Getting ready for the champagne celebration here from some of the players. They have their T shirts when warrior. I disagree. Report cell phone. Those who fly. You know getting ready to celebrate and there's the catchy campaign. This afternoon. That it hurt if they lose the division championship. T shirts. And campaign is not quite started yet but it will be heightened just the moment. John Farrell congratulations. Appreciated. This victory and a great year so far. About the resiliency of this club than we've got more work to do more work to do with a degree day here anyway. The first Red Sox manager who went 3 am pleased to be shipped with a weather and honor them. And great accomplishment well does that and that there's some of the people person. Once the players. We've had such great players here in Boston to benefit ability that you work with them. Approaches these. Countless. The old city that it had. There imprint on this for. Now I think the price that. We disagree John McDougall would go for it so that's a good win and the main goal with so far. Okay get in there to celebrate John Farrell. With the third American League east in that division championships there's Brian Butterfield that's that's a great job but with all the infielders that David Wright is thrown into the flop house. And that it in single file with their. Post season championship match for uncle Bob. And a lot of smiles here modest miles. Gaby today. If this congratulations Jackie Bradley your body you break. It. And another in a championship that he at least in particular all very rare that it's happened with the Red Sox market. Well I'm amazed. Proud of my teammates. You know what it would run and has been. All right Jacqui long way to go thank you wouldn't congratulations not true when a whole lot to do. It all right. JP today and chili Davis coming and then. A lot of the players coming in. There filed against it they saw Avant pop the champagne yet. Ratchet Davis with a T shirt. It Reagan. Or president Sam Kennedy Sam. Congratulations what a year this has been a thank you congratulations to you know the great Red Sox. Great dad and certainly. Then an outstanding season so many ways that this. It's RL the extra inning games old walk. Is a year into a lot of group and now ready for more postseason baseball at Fenway it's all about. They will let you get in that celebration to spot to be in as they close the clubhouse door. With the team only and they are right now Tim that was the joining us here who have. We had a chance to talk to John Farrell and Dan Kennedy Jackie Bradley junior Tim. Close the door so they could have. A celebration amongst themselves and pride we want to go. That's traditional through you wanna have a private time with the scene there and have. Their own messages because they do a lot of private time during the years so. They gets it's definitely something. They gotta do it celebrate alone and then they'll open up and move their families and of course the media will be a narrow we'll get a chance to experience it went back to back. Division titles never been done before in franchise history and today Campbell to give him hard twice. But he finished it up with three strikeouts. How fitting for Craig Kimbrel striking out half the men and he has faced this year. And do you look at the the way John Ferrell manage that more than they came out to visit with David Price and left in the game. This course. Everybody assumed that he was not the game when John made that visit in the bullpen door open and instantly watch aptly the infield that is attractive price like that we're here. With a tying run to. Those of message. But that those just. Bit of confusion over the because John never makes this. I never makes a visit so there would open up the clubhouse door right now for the media. And the champagne celebration of the players are. Are going a little wild in there right now others playing one another it is going to be curious atmosphere inside this resonant moment. Immediate being landed here let's just send it back upstairs and then when. It settles not a little bit what get a couple more players Roy. Book that you would like that gets your reactions. Another championship but to literally at least in this was just such a resilient ballclub all year. One back. But we did since he's here. And so many of the great moves at Davis was. I think it typical Red Sox win with a great pitching in the clutch relief pitching. Well it sure was our bullpen been great all year long and they did it again today and we battled it hasn't been an easy week here but like always we bounce back we played good ball game today comrades fits well. We scored some runs so it's great game. John this place was electric today especially in that ninth inning when they sense that. It was that the key was true from pom rants coming and we needed. Got to uprooted. It was a great great great c.'s walk on season 161. Games. Course that's a great point about two Palmer rants and that they give made a trade picture oh there was that controversy about the injury and he's stuck where adamant. Seventeen incidents. Well he's really got to grit your horse we give a lot of credit and very happy for him as he battled through a lot to get to that point and he said. A career now it's really taken off and we wouldn't be here without doing the best pitchers in the American League. And David Price and what a job he did in the bullpen and when John when not to talk to Obama. And peeking through and struck out springer has done normally yet to set the particular job most situation. Well David Price he's a tremendous pitcher it's a real plus for us to get him back and I know it's been turbulent year in many ways but this guy's a great pitcher and for him to step up like that very happy for him because he's well as well deserved by him a big part ballclub too when it sees a bill like that come and do that job because you know. He's worked there and I'd be running the big moment. What Jack congratulations once again that you've been here. At Ford since 20020. In that the championships in 0407. And thirteen and so many other great thrills and that we hope a long way to go here. Well we use him eleven wins this. Again it's it should be interest. Thank you so much John Henry and they've been prostitute regulations for both thank you very much that you joke. Joseph thank you very much worried standing violent rock called the guy who was right in the middle. One of the biggest plays of the ball game of ball was smoked by Brian McCann downton Mitch Moreland. And it careened right to view what did you see. When that play again. I just you know you'll were ready to go expectant expected Maltby hit home. We know David Price can be around around the zone so. McCain you know Margaret brown nose and Tom it was it was raining pretty good so we kicked up on Nixon and luckily bounced bounced right where I was I was going salt. On big play right there to get that first down and Dave price did arrest by striking out the next guys. Right place right time or you're even gonna start today. The rain forced Pedroia out about whether you've got an opportunity. To make the start today when did you find out you're going to be the lineup. I think. Fraud. I think once they. Look where we don't know update. You know because we didn't think we're gonna start on time at the US by 45 minutes. 45 minutes an hour. Tell me he was no place August 2 so he got warned me early on like pay if if the weather things doesn't it it thinks. The weather does what we think it's gonna do and and you you'll probably in there so on you'll get media out there in force and rarely get it done day. And the automatic rate plan career earlier Iraq they were so many key defensive plays this was. Teva this flip flop I think with the starting pitching great relief pitching and that the defense. Yeah I think is good all around game I mean last night I think you'll constant tone we've we've we've lost but the off like it with a good well played game on both sides. On defensively offensively is that a good baseball game today were ready to go in and you made plays and we need to and are pictures that did on. They're great job of you know not let them score knew we got some big hits him. Bryant standing in front of us was ski goggles on it bubbles of champagne all over the lands is gonna Tuesday the American League east division champion T shirt on a bottle of champagne. Describe the atmosphere from the players perspective and sent the club plus. It's fun this is always on Amin now any time you can. You can win the division and and and you know move on into the post season it's it's a special time I'll never take for granted you don't know. How many times you gonna get to do order or. When it's gonna happen again so I think everyone in their have a good time right now we're gonna we're gonna enjoy this for a little bit. Rock on some great job today in a while now some of the policies in the division series that's right thank you. I've brought colts joining us just outside the Red Sox clubhouse so wanna stay here. At Fenway Park is a Red Sox defeat. The Houston Astros. Mine is 63 score and they were in the American League eastern division title and then there's John Henry. The chairman of the Red Sox noticed that there ya this is the first time in franchise history it's ever happened back to back. Division titles it is a crazy scene inside the clubhouse right now champagne all over the place. All the lockers are covered in plastic and have them go to moving the media members. Wearing a plastic so they don't. Get drenched as well. And one of the guys that's joining us right now had a big insurance home runs and one a year rookie basses that. Hooky congratulations. And you know when you hit that home run it was gone that I know bat flip but you looked over in the book just really came across all play. Yeah yeah I've amount my mom and stands. Yeah Garrick is the annals one of those times where you know I just excited and as they they they you know and it with a situation you know late in the game where it is or couple runs though you know every run is that reform. While multi you've been such a big part of this club three hits and three runs scored today a 102 RBIs a 101. Runs scored and down with two dump with a man in scoring position that. This has been a sensational year. Yes you know it's pad impediment to trials and tribulations you know obviously. An average in things where where where I wanted to be you know the leg helped the team you know that that's the main thing. See my this year and absence of this in those times. I don't know. When you with a home run ball the more of them are rarer the home run viewer happier for him that you work for you how about the play he made today. Yeah yeah the Nazis you know I started writing these. Exit exit to get that done you know you can't dunk that basketball thought that the unity in Newark somehow we're gonna Hobson he showed today. He might be he probably would dunked the ball now hop today notes that it hits good vertical any game they got that. You know let's give him more if this was gonna ask how your wrist is doing but I think you showed everybody with that last swing you to death it's it's by you know. Yet got the address and got a great medical staff. To get back on the field. That's rested it there they do it clear he thought if they forget it. What do you think about playing this Houston team now maybe not only tomorrow but five more times three to five times anyway. That's going to be tough you know it's going to be though they both teams that have their agonies. We've since they within ourselves and played. There nobody. There first and everything so. Please understand that when exactly. A monkey back to back division titles never been done before in the history of this long and storied franchises and make you feel. Event if those great you know just be a partisan like that. Cigar in the history books are created thing is that the positive and something like this in the makes it that much better. Okay congratulations to luck against Houston management tomorrow and next week to. There itself right bookie I'll always under control at the end. It was last year we talked to had goggles on them and champagne was dripping off season where the goggles to them. I got the ship I did see you got me some of the guys are pretty good time they hit right on top of that it. Well we should give you going poncho I don't wanna hear all that way anyway. We Ira. Outside the Red Sox clubhouse as the Red Sox have won the division championship today in fluent happy group of guys in there. Let's send it back to mired flanks of student correspondent momentarily. As the Red Sox continue to celebrate. There you go east championship. Think smooth game today it was a great bounce back from last died and really had it going right from the beginning you did you feel that way coming out of the bullpen today really yet to good stuff. Felt pretty good coming out there. You know have these these guys in awhile and obviously it seemed to hit everything so it's kind of that we had a game playing go and ambiguous or you know we. We need to adjust on the fly a little bit to see how these guys are throwing incident. You've really become I drew. Not only a big winner but it Yankee pitcher and I think that's reflected in what you've done with men in scoring position I dominated. And then stepped up in the big games. How do you think this transformed it. You know. Hatton obviously obviously had a lot of confidence myself I came modest gains early in the season I was you know wanted to stay in I've always had this knack for. Tree needs throughout lately since high school I was. And walked the bases loaded and strike out three guys my dad screaming at me codes agreement in nervous. I don't know what it is but you know I've been able to no kind of refinance and lock it in those those tight situations through in the village. Career highs in starts innings pitched two wins how to explain at all. Gray and I got a little bit of a face to pitch in this division last year and you know coming into this season I knew. I knew I needed to do. You know to pitch better in this division and I feel like I know. Worked on any kind of continued working on the first few starts this year and then you know what's it's like kind of nailed it down like this you know wrote it out through the rest of the year. I give by any pitcher great companies have a bullpen like the Red Sox have and the defense which really. Was outstanding again today. Yeah I feel like I say a lie you know is the defense is so good here it's you know gives you more confidence just to go out there and throw strikes you know let let them put the ball in play in the guys are gonna make plays behind you especially with guys on base did you know we've. You get a hit into the outfield and anyone who are three guys gonna throw you out so it's pretty awesome to have that behind you. When I you know your next start is against same club so what are you put in the bank. Open the brain here what you what do you think about now in preparation and you're celebrating now but it does it make it easier for to prepare having just faced them. I'm Leon can be easy can be harder you know you dig it you know it. I get a look at them they also go look at me and you know the way that I attacked them today and you know like I said it's going into this stage is coming. Got to adjust on the fly so we'll see if they make adjustments what I did today and would just go from there. The way this worked out true why has been that. Just such a blessing with the controversy about the trade because of the injury and then. The way it has developed this year Iraq seventeen wins I mean that this is a pretty good indication that that everything broke right. Definitely happy to be here and happy about things the way things being gone this year but you know we're not done yet we have you know. Continue our job in the post season. Drew winning Pritchard and best of luck and congratulations and a great job today thank you through Pomeroy the city's winning pitcher. Joining us down here from the caballos and well certainly this was assays in. A lot of highs there were some rallies as well but. I think that's a case in any season but this is a club built on pitching. With a very very strong bullpen and John Ferrell does not get enough credit for the way manageable I mean that's really what the number one role manager in today's baseball is. Johnson first Red Sox manager to win three AL east championships you saw today. When he went to Carson's may have been at. Then I went Carson I gave up three quick hits he was out of David Price who. Told you Tim on the pregame who has got a pitch today yet John told you that have been that he went to how many. Got out of the jam left it in the face springer after the confusion we're. Read against him for the bullpen which I think we saw our years ago with Joseph Morgan Louis pitcher team in the senate back. But that in this case it paid out pretty quick strikes and that spring yours out they needed time runs and you know the rest is history. And the U home run hit by mccandless double by maven off of Kimbrel prudence inconsequential. At the end of the thing but yeah it is and the bullpen has been managing the bullpen and then and it's very very you know I'm sure gratifying now only for John Ferrell but. But for everybody in a Red Sox uniform involved in the organization to see the celebration today is. Not over by any stretch of the imagination and they notices. What they plan on being just the beginning of the things. At this point in time because they got a division series at that got to prepare for now try to win. Chris Sale. Where is not gonna pitch tomorrow we don't know who's gonna pitch tomorrow just yet but. Probably and all staff effort from the bullpen and ours is set Alaska's ethics act of Alaska's and so I thought it might be in at least to start tomorrow. And then they'll have Monday off travel Tuesday. Wednesday will be a workout day media day in Houston 91. Thursday we'll have all the times for hopefully tomorrow. Of the games of course gave three back here would be Sunday. With the no game Saturday. So that you'll Thursday Friday and then Sunday became three back here Fenway Park with a game four if necessary Monday so. That's what they're looking ports are now a you know the ceremonial final davis' fortunately it was turned out to be as a ceremonial final game tomorrow game number 162 or 3 o'clock but it now when overweight. And just over when it comes out of it healthy and they and really focus on the division series. Why it was so important went to date is set up the pitching and now it is set up finally is any question. That the primary it's not pitches game two sale in game one and after that then we'll see what. It does give you a chance to start to two best pitchers in the first two games and it isn't true. Thing because they're gonna play against the same team. This is the first time since 2013. That a team will finish the season against the same team that they open the playoffs where it. There was a wildcard game in thirteen between the reds and pirates when they finish the season against one another Cincinnati into the locker in Pittsburgh. Here they'll have a this season ending game tomorrow here in Boston in game one of the Yale DS Thursday in Houston and intimate part so. First time on a couple of years three years that's happened but it nonetheless that there will be some familiarity. And the Red Sox a suit different pitcher in game one that they haven't seen in this series over just. In Berlin. Outs in the course they have plenty of experience of and they beat him in the ALCS in 2013. When he was with the tigers don't want nothing as it were but. I think he the celebration is still going house when he received to date the prosecutors on with us it is so nice and dry so now with a T shirt and they're still looking it up in the areas you receive Luigi on in there with a garbage bag over Rome just to protect themselves from mission. But you know we've heard from so many voices hear such a part of it that. And how bookie bet Andrew Palmer with a similar. Under control. Emotionally but very very happy and I think guys are a little bit more rock. Demonstrative I think these two guys. And really have it in perspective and I think that's what makes such a great player economy is under pressure the the ability to be so resilient. And if he's a guy. Really when you stop and think about it carries a lost it's it's. And his persona as you mentioned under control and under control his emotions are very happy obviously the team celebrating it is a day to celebrate the American League east championship. But underneath you don't look Ian drew pom rants and rest of the team they know there's more work to do. Right now I'm going home to celebrate my wife can't birthday we were it and all right that'll do it here from my Red Sox clubhouse and said the Red Sox win their. Third American they used to division championships since 2013. Their second in a row first time that it happened and now well we know we'll be in Houston coming up on Thursday. After tomorrow's game is that it gave his schedule but Thursday the beginning of the American League division series with action should be a very very good when he gets the very good team. I let's send it back to our flagship studio crystal I'm standing my.