John Farrell with Dale, Holley and Keefe 09-27-17

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, September 27th

We sit down with John Farrell live from Fenway for our weekly update on all things Sox, including the starter's struggles, David Price, clinching the division and more.


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It is time to is it with a manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell joining us here at our studios. At Fenway Park you know we were just talking about this it is a it is a long slog in an America and it Major League Baseball season 162 games. We know it's a war of attrition. Man it seems like he got an awful lot of attrition going on here lately. We do tie in there you know just check in with some guys better or getting treatment here today and have been for awhile to see who's going to be available tonight so PD is in the lineup at second base. Humble keeps the one that we're still waiting on he still goes through through some treatment. So that's that's the real the only one that would hang in the balance. With them you know as a relates other guys Eduardo will go through some baseball activity today. He responded really well yesterday just strengthening and rehab Bo work. Indoors. So who get out on the field total troll take some ground balls. Probably not to the point where it's going to be too intense. He'll swing about a decade so he's getting back to get me getting some base by the podium or not. Well let me ask you about Eduardo Nunez and I know there's a difference between being hurt and being injured. He played the other night first time since the since banging up Disney looked like he was in severe pain after that swing at home plate. Look like Yeltsin talked his way into staying in the game. Was at the best idea at the time you think. Given the fact that he also jogged. In and came back to listen and get through this of that. Yeah yeah you're. If that is the and that's a delicate there's no question about it you know he he lines out comes on the game and that's the end of the night. You know it's resulted in catching his spikes are getting caught in the in the clay. In in the batter's box on a particular swing so. He aggravated it we know that but is responding favorably here of today's phone. But it's playing the performances of restarting pictures the last 22 nights and your top two starting pitchers. That you know really short start for Palmer Hanson and last night Chris noted look like herself command. You you know regardless of how hard you're thrown it. Type a secondary stuff the have a tombstone command. That this the time before and Baltimore both guys. Has said he checked herself because that might have been even by his own admission might have been the best stuff he's ever had his life. And he even made that remark after the eight shutout innings down there. But would drool 36 and a third shutout innings. I thought had similar stuff that would have the other night he located ball much more consistently. It within the strike zone and off the edges as he did the other night two nights ago here where you know what he paid for. Speed facility just to wrap up the division in the next couple of days is sailed done in the regular season. You know that's something that he and I and others have yet talks about so we haven't. You don't try to make any plans throughout the the final series won't work we're taking it day today and that's pretty much the best thing to. I assume it's that way with a lot of guys you know depending on if you could if you could clinch the division you might be able to give some guys some rest that they probably needed this. Well they do and and yet or five days remaining from the end of the season so long that this is gonna come down the wire we fully expect it's unless we put it together a couple of wins and and new Yorker couple losses that that pretty much takes care of it but. You know when we know that the importance of winning the division is is very clear. Three games in your five game series vs the one game. Play and you don't we haven't lost sight on that and yet were banged up a little bit and we've had a couple of less than expected. Performances from starting pitcher so frosted while tonight and set the tone with reports all early on as the key. It just about being banged up and ambassador many times about. We'll keep McKee best in this season and if you look at the numbers the numbers but to the doubles very stolen bases defense because it. But do you injury fitness has even fighting injuries all year and this is just the. Effective that he's had a couple of bouts of things with the hands you know he's he's been dealing with a bone bruise on the right thumb for quite some time. He's been able to do some things with the some padding on the bat. They've retrofitted a protective guard. On his thumb that doesn't hinder. His wrists the risk you did do you know the bat path that's all but that's all good. The other night this is something that's to me it's probably the onset because some volume. They're there and and I think it is volume related there might have been one particular swing in Baltimore work. It might have triggered some things but not to the extent we saw the other night so. You know we've got a couple guys are actually deal with. Similar types and situations. In that unfortunately is color where rears its head this time here with us. What's the status of David Price we've seen him pitch at the open a couple of times and he's looked really good results on a lot of days off in between almost like as a starter and an offensive he's someone that. You feel confident they'll be able to pitch you don't back to back days or or twice in three days yeah and and has been available to do so. There's been game situations that a market and bring him in down nine to two or five to one. Or when were up eight nothing followed by an off day so. Just as it plays out his two appearances have been one needing two to three days off after the first armistice in seven weeks. And then after forty pitches felt like you know he knew at least two if not three days off. He was up and available on. On Monday here. But gained to have. Gave to dictated. You know when we're gonna partnering in the morning but between tonight and Sunday would you like to see him pitch in back to back days or C know we can do well. The game is going to be that that you know what outlines his use its if if it calls for him. In certain spots and we have the lead or or were within Iran. Tired whatever might be that's a possibility but. You know. I can't predict what the next that I can't predict what the next five days ago that stretch of games that overtakes any of getting price ready for a while for the policy. What did you say. I said so the game what the score of the game is more important than getting price for it for the post season and after them and who's available I don't think that he is ready to pitch back to back days. I don't have to put into games consecutively to determine that. He and I've spoken. The way he's come out of two inning stints he's been ready to go the next day. So. You know when we have a number of guys who can turn to. We talked about your team's. Extra innings record the 81 road trip he came from behind on a number vacations and posted wins. What you learned about your team throughout the course of the year in sin in instances like though you know tremendous resiliency without a doubt. Our bullpen is clearly one of the strengths of this team and that's been on display in the games that you have you know lever you mentioned here. We've been playing in high stress games pennant race games for the better part of a fortified weeks. And on many nights where you know games already completed elsewhere around the division. How we've responded in sight of those so the resiliency is there. And then when you refer to the news to two win loss record in extra innings that comes down to a group that is that has been outstanding in terms of the bullpen and. And how consistent they've been. You referred to Chris Hill having the best stuff of his life from Baltimore. He came back into that game to get his 300 strike out of the season. After I think 99 pitches going into any. Any hesitation on your part did you know. That's what I'm gonna do or or or was that day I gotta talk with Purcell and see how it feels well. Yeah I checked with them after Cuba after the seventh inning was six nothing game. In and the fact that he was jealousy goes I am fresher feel great. Return study through I think twelve extra pitches after that. It might be that this might be more of a debatable topic if last night these pitches you know its own 89 and 92. But here is once again it's 95 and 99. Is so it's not from a physical standpoint grated the command of the strike zone is what with the differences in the in the last two really in the last three starts and you look at it. Tampa and last night was similar. In Baltimore was this the other side and he said he wasn't aware of 300 about a few reasons to racing to be really. Up about it and after about getting through you know. In and I give Chris a lot of credit because he's focused on you know what woody strode to a seventh game I was aware of the number. In and I know his teammates were too so. Or with a that day and age where much is markedly publicized and certainly when you lose one of fifteen or sixteen guys at recourse 300 plus strikeouts. That's going to be publicized. Night last few years ago like Jackie Bradley junior you've had a he'll go through in my unfortunately you can't get them out and they know also go through months and and stretches like he's in right now Horry released struggles and any explanation for the kind of hot and then cold streaks that he has you know we know it's part of his characteristics as a player there streaky this there we we also seem when he comes out of these as long as he stays within the strike zone. He's an aggressive hitter would we we live with that. In and when he addresses but within strikes on forces chasing or expand the strike zone too much. That's when he's in better places to make an impact. When he does get on the right side of the he almost you know he goes is a guy who took almost carrier team but it. Where we are right now the number guys you know lineup it probably gets magnified a little bit more. So. But you don't know we've got to we've got to command the game from amount of first and foremost. And then as we didn't Cincinnati if it requires a late push to come back at least with a were within striking distance to do that. Today's question for the managers brought you by Cumberland farms 99 cent farmhouse blend iced coffee today's question comes from Jarrett coat tail of Londonderry New Hampshire. He asks what are some of the factors you look at when selecting a post season roster. Hearts anyway this is this is one that's have a lot of fought. Further thought and a lot of conversation because we've got so many physical situations that work. Trying to balance in the unique coverage because of that. You know if you make a roster move because of injuries in round one he's ineligible for round two. So there's there's a lot to factoring here injury is one. Performance certainly it is another one particularly those guys. If they are the if they're the bench group are they trending in the right way there are actually about extremely well or or or guys being. Maybe a little bit would you go to the a little bit more because they are swinging the bat so well. And then you look at this. As the president talked about before the straight to one of the choices team's bullpen. Where do you typically go back to eleven pitchers as we've done another failed the F situations. And ends do you shortchange yourself. With a team and and you look at the number of extra inning games that we played with that bullpen has been a pivotal group. So these are all things that are being balanced talked about work through. And we've got five days here to settle or actually more than five days after the conclusion producers. Now you mentioned Pedroia back in the lineup any other lineup changes that Benny right now is in left field you know he took off the shin last letter read between the definition and that bid in pretty good but more accused among Arabs Deloitte and here. And I was gonna go through some treatment here today if not it would be Rodger Davis and right field. Could see again thanks we appreciate time okay gutsy and direct talks manager John Ferrell joining us here at Sports Radio WEEI.