John Farrell with Dale, Holley and Keefe 09/20/17

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, September 20th

John Farrell joins the boys live from Baltimore for his weekly hit.


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It's time now to talk to the manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell John Ferrell has brought to you by our belly insurance town fair tire and Cumberland farms. 99 cent farmhouse and iced coffee John joins us from Baltimore where the Sox wrap up their series against the Orioles and I hate John how are. Or are you undone fine thank you. Help me clear this up because some I'm going to be admits he had a little confused yesterday. I read a quote from Dave Dombrowski about David Price saying it on an ideal situation he could beat for rust when Andrew Miller has been for Cleveland. I read a comment from you that indicated something along the same lines and another comment from you that sort of walked that back. Where we stand to David Price and in his role in the bullpen here. Baltimore. You regard eight in which one appearance in the last seven weeks. Of our schedule. You know. We have to hear our response more frequent use so I can understand the knack. There are some when he got to go to movies electrical power style. I didn't think it will soon the time to start to get out there and say well he can pitch you know four consecutive games so. Would love the fact is fact he Georgia outstanding two innings baseball out of Tampa. But it is important that we keep silent some opportunity you're about things. Before we start making some comparisons so admire my newspaper price. In what he's rested. The developers games. And you didn't feel that the teen had enough time took to get him back to a starting position. No we didn't here's the thing you know we're going to be possibly due to actually simulated game. Scenario. All the while balancing eighties and very competitive and it race. Look some unknowns as far as help the operation. And felt like. You know after you get to three innings in the second game. Let's let's make it available to us now there's availability physically would be more frequent and once certain trip today. And if the situation arises tonight he's gonna have to when things to write. After just two days off after Britain's a missile. That's where we are we're getting back to us all the torture. But didn't feel like realistically. The time allowed to build about 56 plus service. Odds couple questions on this firm for me job one how long would it typically take like we have. Would he had to back like on September 1 it. For him to be ready for the post season it doesn't work that way a certain time on his schedule. Order every every situation is different but I think. In. Cases of starting pitchers regardless of our. You. To me you can't just skip steps particularly when you're down nearly two months. And just go from two and simulated games to five and six innings and you're gonna happen that you won't pretend it period. That's not realistic. All while. Try to do what's best for David's health. So these are incremental steps in and tax along the way. Of what he can endure. That's sort of public shorter versions of the shorter outings. Lesser number total purchased from an inside of it and given outing was the right way to go. The other question on this is this I'm curious about a starting pitcher. Like David Price and get it starting pitchers have routines. And going to the bullpen and getting warmed read into to be ready in the game with a with a runners on dissent hoping some guys just aren't. Are prepared for that relievers are used to it for starters are any concern about veterans had been a discussion. Would they aren't. Discussion yes has been discussion. And initially what we talked about was getting as much ample time. Ideally an inning ahead. We're having this what we want to get you lose or did you have apartment warmup. Yeah it could settle the bullpen in the past even more than there are small number of outings. But this is someone who knows himself well. Knows what is neat are but we've got to work with and some constraints. The dollar initially. He gets adjusted. The more frequent use. It's so when price was told the plan was gonna be for him to be pitching out of the bullpen and the rest of the way did it. Was there initially pushed back from him on that plan. Well here's the thing I think he's always himself president as a starter. But we'll talk logically I'm on the amount of time remaining. Them. So that's where we are looking to open. Let's talk about attitude for lack of a better word Addison reed said that when he arrived. On the Red Sox the first thing he noticed was that this team. Never thinks they're out of a game no matter what the scorers he had an instance this week we were down five nothing in sixth one came back to win an extra innings. Is that something that that is inbred in these guys or is that something that's developed throughout the course of the season. Audited it. Develops throughout the course of the year I think there's there's an ingredient of that within each player to begin that's where our scouts. Well there so the draft or whether it's through identifying certain individuals bring into the organization. Are you you look for that intently looked so that. Characteristic or attribute to player but I think that we've got in the situation where we certainly felt very comfortable extra next. And that doesn't insure or guarantee anything but what do I think it does say is that our guys have been very good job of executing late August particularly horrible act. In at a Symbian are key member of our right now. I think it's been on display here for what awhile and honestly the way we pitched in an extra inning game. Is the difference in our season right now. That's not to take anything away from other areas but you know you look at the total number of games played an accurate and so the win loss record in those outings. Is the difference in the standings I think at this point. The last two nights have been very uninteresting extra inning games both but completely different extra inning games. At last and I'm just you are wondering what were your perspective was on the key moment of the game what do you think it was a pitch or that catch. From Jackie Bradley junior what was it out you in that one zip game. There's there's a multitude of things those are our cricket you know Jack he's got several Robert Davis is better and the cutting down the child play. And also there's. There's going to be. Don't talk about the attitude or the discipline inside the extra innings we didn't give it actually in the eleventh inning we didn't chase we work out a couple walks you know what. The pitch count climbs on the on Brett Brock control all the dirt and it ends up being of course you know and the difference in the in the game. Put. Direct the first two ball games completely different stories. And a large part of that is Kevin golf. Have been dominant second half that was a powerful innings mutual gases. But all the while. You know the guys available put on after Palmer it's they were equal so that chairman. Rafael devers has been a great addition to the lineup since he's been called up in the field however. Recently spent a bit of a problem is that an error in each of the last five games. How much of a concern is that for you right now third base. You I think at this point you know when we recognize what was taking place there in sooners are going more Kabul say this result today at. In all likelihood arms bigot tomorrow. There are things that we've seen them time and he's been here that in these recharge for Bayer to what we can provide it so. I think some of the the miscues there are are directly. Related to a dispute of course Parma twelve year old rose. It was six months of the season he's born and he's lost threatening heat of but. Yet the defensive side of it that continues to have to be worked on look to improve our. Is maybe later on this season are even into the playoffs is DH. A potential spot for him or is it just going to be third base. Not to third base put you know with little likely little potential of what defense replacing it gets accepts. You know that's something that. Could be taken place. I'm always curious from a base running perspective about who's got green lights and and who has the wait for the signal from the dugout in the third base coach. Roger I davis' pinch running for you at first base is he a guy given his base running abilities who's got the green light to dull he wants. I indeed he does. But in this situation last night or government is enough you did a high eighteen which one point 1512. Of those unloading car. And Joseph who gets rid of the ball quick. Who felt like that was an accommodation to look to take advantage of some other things and side with a left handed hitter that. Jolt of throwing accuracy is improved working right in the veritable box all things combined would work look at the bottom in the first attack. Once rappers that are starting him on unfolded. We turn them loose a little bit later put later and later in the back. And unfortunately breaks. And there's a decision bit midway through the desperate second bases crumpled up and certainly your double play so. Typically yes full pardon green light. How were less a story with Hanley Ramirez you have them easier game to game monitoring situation. Would you prefer to just sit him down for allowed this vote of what's the overall story with and help us. Not a Caribbean in gear here try to get slaughtered our. What about doesn't address and I said last night the plan was for him to be in the starting lineup today is that that also it is. Yeah right now yes. Today's question of the week for manager John Farrell comes from Cumberland farm. It's sponsored by Cumberland farms ninety nines and farmhouse one nice copy it comes from Josh Josh I think it's minute lecture I hope I'm pronouncing that right from Buxton Maine. Johnson and Josh asks what's the biggest issue that needs to be improved upon as you look at the possibility of heading into the post season. Get their reproductive health for all have our new ideas Tuesday in line beat trio and you'll hear today. I don't go through some running so his return is getting closer but what he's meant a lot of upon coming here and then what was best since about. That's one peavy get back hurts a little more regular plate mean. You were part of a road trip what about there's probably good news anytime during the season so. I think getting some help return to Washington and got contract include Natalie. I would go a long way towards. You know put out some more consistent numbers on the also its side. You mentioned devers not being in tonight any other lineup god changes for tonight. Mitch down a well at first celestial chimp Travis first in. It's Cutler moral. Act burglars. John we appreciate time we'll talk to next week. OK guys that. I see out there Red Sox manager John Ferrell joining us from Baltimore. And that's the way things are situated as far as they're concerned tonight to wrap up the series against the Orioles tonight. And then off day tomorrow had for Cincinnati 6177797937. As telephone number tech slide is 37937. Get some calls for you guys in just few minutes we've got some of the things we want talk about with the as well it's dale Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media.