John Tomase on the John Dennis walkout, and how Deflategate is tied in tot he Jimmy G trade

Mut at Night
Tuesday, January 2nd

Mut is joined by John Tomase, who gives his side of the walkout involving a very sensitive John Dennis. They then discuss more about the Patriots trade of Jimmy Garoppolo and John's theory about how it ties into Deflategate.


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Our dream about it night's Sports Radio WEP guys. It's weird you're carrying John Dennis head around here. Throw these studios like oh. Parting gift from getting into walk out of the studio wearing his out bright white shiny teeth around my neck. That was. It's also a couple things about them for getting to Jimmy drop will give a column be posted soon which you're gonna somehow tie. Problem of flaky can explain that tournament. On. The time mossy John Dennis thing will go down as one of the weirder segments I've heard on the station agree. But it's sort of sums up where we are at WEEI. In what is now 2018 bull factored 2017 because. There is no sports station if that much or does he radio station in the country. There would have done it two and a half days on a fairly and former host walking out the way. We did here it's portrayed UWE a fellow and former host walking out on a part time. Once a week in the morning it's like what's at night and what's at night and once on Saturday as I'm all over the place but in terms of that show. I am made on the Phil and I am expendable it's not like this was you know current vs whatever it was Dino. Vs Tomas CI out is that becomes what got free accessible more size and it was not too. Main guys in the station no offense it was a guy in John Dennis who pride they're being heard from again on these airwaves and little old John Tomas in that and I'm sure you've heard this theory in fact if you off the Earth's only you had the same exact theory. Little John the loss he is why John Dennis walked out because as the realization of the Els not Dino anymore and the mossy is. More important at this radio station and I am I don't want a view of this I'm not here that's what it sounds like to me listening to it. I'm not lie but has a tweets I was listening light who would listen back to it. It was John's realization of his place and in radio debts are witches in the past which is all done in your future. I don't know what of the future better compared to him. I urge you hosting shows last week I urge you it was that you would have amateur that was captured John and I show yep you're. Did you in the one share Eric your your interviewing patriots are introducing that you do it reads of yeah lord you do it all messed up the trending sponsors like three hours in a row that's okay. I hope they get more bang for their buck and have to read it so as its thank Eddie talk added value to be talked to Dino since you've already got now. Quit Iraq so what's the point I know I'd and hoping we can all. I say that because I I side today tweeting about. On Kirk in Cali so once we did Dina saying they're talking about you they hope you're listening. On eleven hours later responses all the should they should thank me hash tag thanks for the ratings hash tag. Renting space which we still paying attention do it I I expected. That there was going to be some sort Twitter reaction to what happened and we called Roemer wiesel a million times on social media so he never came back EU for. I he might have on social media I have no idea wow. My thing was so we have our show. And then you know goes haywire on her like a rock idol right now. Great that rob and I got to do an hour and a half which frankly turned it insulate I was at fast this hour and a half I've done in awhile. So unhappy with Bradford. Be back in the mix all of us know and I'd. How happy was I that he was there averages Meehan. And so you know he hosts like eight hours or the show's over the next two days. God's honest truth did not listen to 12 to really either of them getting monologue about talking over people open is shall the next chance that anything you wanted to say to me you could have said to my face but you walked out the door that's so why don't I need to listen to any in this I listened to none of it. And then I came in on Friday to 26 of current. Car and wasn't really even aware it happens like he's in pay a zero turn he has no light yeah and why should they frankly it's our own stupid little soap opera like what does it matter outside. These well unless you're a regular listener or your on these airwaves it doesn't matter you know. And that was actually refreshing kind of viewpoint so be like we talked through it and he was in the clips of it that he was hearing for the first time. And we did like twenty minutes on and I was in Paris the show's accident Sunday or Saturday came notes or any. We did ten minutes what was left to say issued on four hours a Dino I had done I heard many Eagles four hours the gas. And so whatever I didn't need to hear any added the part that made me laugh. Listening back. Was he told me urinate all okay great. And I didn't believe them quick. Really you didn't believe I'm sure he'd he'd surely many I think with that you know pre conception and I was in fact today hole. Inside to struck me as kind of funny I didn't believe them like. John Dennis is giving me the benefit of the doubt and then I blew it like okay. The winners and we Dino and I guess is a move his and I wasn't aware excite I I did shows after John and I am I the couple shows them late last year. But it wasn't a lot so what does what does things is that he he'll get these arguments or fights and just and pretend. He doesn't know you're talking about. I sit Dino off the year on Tuesday show was and you were John and it was you go back and listen to it. It was a it was a run of the mill sports talk sporting MacKenzie show that's not how limited I was slightly better measure strongly and added a punt and allied of not fighting. It was day after Christmas I journey of Connecticut. I was in was out and I you walk away what their hands of and say why do four hours with a guy who was at one point one of the biggest names in Boston that was fun whenever. And said of off the air Mike I and I I sit on the air somebody's gonna walk out of can ever played that clip I said on the air. Someone's not making that show us I knew that was coming bicycle off the year. You know let's be interesting is the Twitter back and forth. The UN Dino had that because that was pretty heated to a point where you brought up is sobriety are only whenever an and he brought up that you were. Hiding from him and I remember going after you for like. Tweets at times saying you home for your PTA meeting yet gap suggest he were hiding from John Dennis on Twitter yes it was a big deal and he knows like. I did all he he had no idea if it happened and I said that too because Brad folk kept trying to go down that road when the show started. Hey you guys had a he was like. But yeah same thing at may be needed remember I don't know. That was weird to me as ROP bully I don't that was true that was him again trying to prove that you're you're Littlejohn the mossy I'm John and it's but. You did something that no station went down we did something a little wood and went to Friday where he's back on the morning without some trainee church when he told you this. The thing phone calls from people saying how bad the show is when John's not there the number one show on the market yet is taking Melbourne shows they feel when former hosting a bad the show is we Dino is up there doesn't happen any other market in the country doubts devastation so dominant like we have so people before before the blow up. Before that exit. Before he hastily threw on his scarf and beat me ads you. He. We we took some calls from people saying how much they missed him in one of them I couldn't help myself I was like sir. If Kirk many hammer here you know what he would ask you write like how old are you and guys that seventy and it was like that sound video by like fifteen. Good fifteen. Shares and that was we just got a string of those I think they played some of them today you know like the old people calling in all animal and his team. Friday morning and over and over and over and no there's no other show forget the market notional on the country takes call after call what how bad your show sucks. While your number one in the market again just wanna fall book. With a guy used to host the show he left that he became number one saint how good that guy yet as added I wish I sent us and Dino is here. But I know I set it to Bradford at some point and like. Well where does he get off like the show was an also ran when he was here it was good for time. But by the time he left today or in the doldrums they're so well these are your ways or reject he gets replaced Kurt comes in their number one Mike interest. Back I leaves back icons in the ratings left. Connected probably probably was super critical on his monologue on Wednesday. Of the mid day show much to talk over each other they just number one essentially at this dance so it's like I'd. And we it was amazing to hear three days that it we've moved past that and it is gonna it's gonna go down as one of the the better of it not that it was based in anything is the jalla being very sensitive this was not a walk out of a moment my mind now. At about how better fights of the year as it was happening I was just like seriously. Kirk and Jerry and me or you are training or Roemer or Gary or anyone who sits in that third share. How many of those you have a show I mean by two just to the level not even beyond just to the level that Dino found so offensive. That happens. 101215. Times an hour I mean you couldn't even you should actually give somebody some intern should go listen to brought one random hour. Of any K and C show in the last year. And tell me how many times people get interrupted you talked I talked you talk guide to yeah I mean what what is that in his whole thing too about. I told them like he was laying down the law are laying down ground rules. Like yap at one point I think in the first break at like 645 or whatever. He was like you know if I were program director this is what I don't like about having three people and it once. You know that I don't understand the midday show people talk over each other I can't hear anything they're saying I wouldn't allow that that's Ali said. Wasn't like he he may from what I've been told he made it sound like. I told these little puke it's not interrupt me an and they did it anyway. Yeah and he said that those guys again on Friday. And I hisself and he said it's he said the four men Schilling on naturally we're not gonna talk over to those guys that Yasser and in the absence of course your right now. And away we go so congratulations to John to mossy long wind way of saying congratulations you dethrone Jon and she sent back to Florida and you give us three days content. During the final and holidays so they gradually robs to Johnson lost and you're also apparently at some point it's not out there now. When you were called for WEEI dot com we're gonna tied together. Jimmy drop on the flaky yeah I have my Jimmy drop of theories let's start with yours how are you possibly. Can Todd is in deflate yes so in my mind's Jimmy ground below. Is the final casualty of the flaky the patriots last million bucks first round pick multiple draft picks for games or Tom Brady. They were not done with their punishments as it turns out because losing Jimmy grapple I was the last one. And to me you can draw a straight line so bear with me on this on this is Mike my conspiracy here I have imposed and he recognizes. Putting the finishing touches on it got let's tease people just my opinion in my opinion yet but so automate back clear but. I say if you go back to. I've Kravitz original story and Brady comes on here the next morning and sort of brushes it off and then two days later more comes out his thing eleven out of twelve. And now all of a sudden it's a big deal and so. You know Brady and Belichick to their Wednesday press conferences ballots act kind of lays it Brady Steve and after asked Tom about football's. Brady does that we we've tended to push this one out of our memory and I have to admit. That as I was writing this only then did it come back to me it's like. Oh yeah Brady's first press conference on the flake it was wildly uncomfortable he was like squirming throughout battle thing every stood there for like twenty minutes and Ron Borges and all these people peppered him with questions and at one point. Steve Burton I think cast him as Tom Brady a cheater and he said I don't believe so which was not the strongest answer probably could've given. But anyway. Then Mona Lisa veto on Saturday. And so now we get to Sunday it's been a full week and what are people saying when are we gonna hear from Bob Kraft when I read and hear from crap what's craft gonna say when we hear from Kraft. So craft lands on Monday in Arizona and I Cincinnati for them at this point because. The more numbers are out there and there inaccurate. And so as a team you're like how to we responded this because if if those numbers are true and I'm not sure exactly what numbers the pats had. It's like you have to formulate a plan. But I would say bay all I'll let you finish but based on the ballot Czech press conference Saturday weren't they pretty confident that the league had nothing at that point with his whole. If they if they let Belichick called a press conference and they her nobody said I don't know exactly where he was the opposite of Brady's presser or murmur correctly we Brady was was B can sort of manner he stood up they Ernie gave than bullied to be so why was that on our site is bought. And he went through sort of hook line and he's prouder to involve a change in the last year and he wanted to ask Bob all that and I think they're pretty confident we'll go. Okay but in in any event may be date may be their opinion changed by the end of that week when he did that thing but in the first part of that week. Radio silence from the crafts in SOK what's gonna. They land. Monday in Arizona. Bob Kraft put the famous. You know if these allegations are not proven true I expect an apology the organization to Tom Brady bill ballots okay. We've now established that this is going to be contentious this is not going to be. Yes there are we will roll over and take our medicine this is going to be flight. And so it is a fight and for months and months and months the patriots denied date. You know Keisel are their friends in the media accuse the league of wells support of content wells report and contacts there's a deep state within the league office is like trump. That's how to get us to know might cancel and all these people would never heard of okay then may comes. Kraft stands out. Pragmatic united talked about this a million times. Probably with the hope or expectation or hints that. We're gonna go easy number Brady's not that you are gonna take you're gonna take your medicine you're gonna lose your pixie gonna lose money. For the good of the 32 owners stand down he stands down three minutes and you have Meola stop but how is it time to grow up again. So long over this is long winded but I mean you want to call it it's pretty La but if you want to you know record right five paragraphs that turns and you got to build up the bill does the bill. So. The reaction to that. I don't think it's fair to say Kraft did not see the reaction can always the worst patriot fan response to anything Kraft has done since owning the rule no doubt and so. Bob Kraft has spent every minute since then trying to make amends to Tom curry. And that meant when the punishment came down. He had the thing Lori is like you know I wish I had never cooperated with the leader never agreed to that are however he says I wish I kept fighting for Tom. This in the all right so now you have crafts in paternal. Brady protecting. And he is determined I am never forsaking Tom Brady again this is the guy who's brought me five titles this is the guy am personally fond of this is the guy who we've really made our name on between him and ballots. And you know frankly Brady is a more likable personality than Belichick's onshore on some level craft is gets a lot wouldn't matter. And so. You can now get into the season and there's this Jimmy G thing going on where. Now let's check I think it's pretty clear from the Adams after stuff and from a lot of things are hearing from people who were plugged in. Did not want a tree Jimmy Groucho or yeah he wanted to hand the keys to Jimmy drop below. Bob Kraft since the flaky has been like. I am not turning my back on Tom Brady ever again and so the idea the idea. Of moving on from Tom Brady to see how connecting it now I would think Jimmy G and ID connecting him but all I can think of is. Iceman in top and I'm not. Leaving my wing man they've got a saying that yes catcher Bob Kraft is not leaving his wing man got it and so. When it came time for our ballots checked was ready to make a very tough decision and anything short of a Super Bowl this is the one thing that I think people of missed. And believe me Brady could win a super ball amendments becomes a very difficult discussion but in my mind. Anything even MVP which I urge you on the ride and I agree he should win it he will win it. Even coming off an MVP season if this is a one and done in the playoffs or you lose somewhere along the line in the playoffs. You can sell in Belichick we trust to. This guy thinks grapple as the next guy Brady had a great run we saw him start to breakdown at the end it's better to get out a year earlier than a year late. You make the move you bite the bullet you take a short term hit. Disappears within like three weeks if Iraq below comes out in New England next year playing like he's played this effort Cisco. Bob Kraft was never gonna let that happen. And it all goes back to deflate gay and how he felt like he didn't support Brady enough and now it's like you know what this guy has a lifetime job here. I know it's not the patriot way I know it's not how we handled Bledsoe or Seymour or Mankins orange you know will four or anybody. The lawyer Malloy. But this guy's gonna be different that's not how Belichick wanted it and now I think. There in Thai air dynasty. Like hangs by a threat because you don't have the next guy anymore so craft. Nixed a bout a Brady trade because of the fleet yet because he decided I'm never turn in my back in the sky again now Tom. Car and has reported that. Belichick never asked the crabs gotta pay an NFL sight gag you know it it was never asked but he also said. Because Belichick knew the answer and I think that's fair I mean I think. It's reasonable to assume I think Tom's pretty include any Tom thought the people who would given the answer if it's sort of an oh yeah. And so and and the ice and that was the other part of the story if he had asked the answer would have been no. You better believe Belichick knew that as well as anyone. And so here we are now where. You know you and I have talked about this a lot over the last year we have a very strong difference of opinion on this where you say look how great Brady is playing how can you trade him. I say who cares about now it's all about next year the year after. And in short order. Jimmy grapple I was going to be a better NFL quarterback the top rated it's not next year's going to be the year after I think Pat Day is a lot closer than we think. And so you've now put yourself in a position where. Maybe you lose a bunch of coordinators and I covered that 2005 team that was great and mcdaniels. And we saw what happened when they went to O'Brien. And to Patricia there is a little get to know you period it takes a couple years and if you don't have Tom Brady. To smooth over that transition anymore you may not have Bill Belichick and that was something that car instead of me on Friday and it shocked me that. You know there is. Off a feeling that it's possible it's now conceivable that ballots seconds out of their before Brady and I don't think I'm any of aside back. I think I think doubt exists to. To your big I want to circle back to the big take away that it's the it's craps guilt that built called the flaky Gil abided breads excite. I can't reset that tired that's like a five minute but I nice model I was an hour. I figured you needed a break in it does the elevator speech that would be. Craft guild the deflate key is now blinding him to the truth that it would have been better to keep drop below entry pre while said. I think you're insane analyst played like coming up 6177797937. A phone number we are people already lining up you'd agree disagree. And this thing it doesn't and it's sun rises and sunsets people Uggla grapple theories the dozen and I MIL which is different than yours. Tomas he's laid out his for you in big old. Thesis statement. Style. Deflate gig guilt. Is the reason why Tom Brady's still here and you my thoughts on that and my theory pusher Paul calls Monday night with the mossy Sports Radio WE. I continue to believe. And unequivocally. Unequivocally. Support. First informal. We'll all two. Because I truly believe what I do them give in the actual evidence of this situation. And the league's history on discipline. Would make it much easier to read through exonerate. Unfortunately. I just jump in your car starting on the app. Wherever you are. Just joining us here in the 8 o'clock hour Johnson mossy. As a column looming at WEEI dot com or ghosting as we speak he's theory and it's it's have long winter but he need that. You don't always need for playing. Associate RH Johnny get right to the business. Not that necessary Howell I speak my stumbled speak for you I get right to the act in many cases. In this case you need to run up to mossy gives you good good warmup. Into his theory that deflate gate and deflate gate gilts. A bomb craft is why Tom Brady is still here in Jimmy grapple has betrayed your thoughts on that at 6177797937. I don't think that's to me it's not the front and center around that. The front and center is that big a centrally gambled against Tom Brady this year. And Bill Belichick now Bob Kraft because I I'm with ya I don't I'm with current display I don't. I don't believe Belichick ever went to crap because even the crap is never gonna trade Brady not does that deflate it as you say but I I think there's a there's a business partnership level to Brady that makes its only craft never gonna trade and he wants Brady to be here. After he's done playing did you all sorts of stuff the patriot place and TB twelve in the Brady name he wants Brady to be synonymous only with the patriots he as the best player of all time and he knows. That there's that there's a lot more bad than good. The comes a trading the best player of all time in the history football so he was never gonna trade Brady with a route that flaky keel. However they get up in San Francisco because you're right Belichick John knows how good. That tree drop Lois and knows that it be set into place like Cleveland or New York. Who also has coaching opportunities but not only was gonna lose a rumpled gonna watch him blossom. Stay right in his backyard Berkeley was the AFC in New York is right down the road the biggest media market in the country. Are any could dot with. Josh McDaniels. As his coach. So that's why making ended up there and the reason I it's tied did a flaky and it's tied to the fact that they kept crop low round turns operating still then good forty. And so setting getting nothing format of the year they trader for a sec round pick it's not a it's not a good trade doesn't make it a good trade but I understand it at this point I animals. Wonder if there's resignation on Belichick's part that he knows deep down there's no winning this straight you can't win and I know that I wanted to draft as we aired or whatever. You cannot win this trade like insight. If Green Day had traded Aaron Rodgers of the underground fire for 101 round picks it's still a bad trade at the end of the day because you gave away all things Super Bowl winning quarterback. Most important position on the field. The one guy who guarantees are compatible look at San Francisco. That was a one win team. That is now he's six win team and I one guy a lot of drafting Sampras 49ers they suck yes so terrible mark he's good when Mike. He just like a bills cast off. The little slot receiver the kids when we hear Vienna whatever honoring members name like. What where these guys all coming from these were jags you know until Jimmy grapple log out there and now all of a sudden. You know Goodman had a I think ended up with a over a thousand yards receiving a cousin Jimmy gee at the end. You know the other belittle what I was catch him he was Welker is cats and and passes a game with your point though if he thought he could win the trade John he would have he would've gotten the most decoded traded to publicly I think they know that's what I'm saying it was like. We can't even win this trade just take him he's gone it's the it's it's a weird thing it's almost like. Let's just get this overweight which is get this deal over I'm not shy one and he was down I ought to throw as well I don't want him velocity in my I don't want. More than most specifically. I'm not trading you to a teens can fire their coach to watch Josh McDaniels then gold their coach McGraw. I need to make sure it doesn't happen what's the one team I can do that with and still get something in return. All John which is higher Kyle Shanahan it's his first year of the job he's pretty Smart with saudis Atlanta last year. That stability where I send them there is not gonna go back to bite in the ass of my coach on there to coach and by the way it's in the NFC. That to me is wise in San Francisco not because they waited a paint the last minute. They pinpointed San Fran as far enough away in coaching stability. It's not gonna completely demolish us. In the short term if you successful separate Cisco. First of all doubt in my theory you interrupt. So we knew that hard if that happens again please leave and it's a show myself I've challenged. Now what is prostate. My at my apologized last August. I'm yeah I mean I I think that is part of it the idea of not wanting to keep in here. I also am starting to buy the idea and this is deep dark conspiracy theory territory act freely it goal there by big I buy the idea. That ballot check views Iraq below as an extension of his legacy he wanted to win with Jimmy Jean that is clear he's not gonna get that opportunity. And so it's like well. Let me entailed anomaly in Europe Q what do what do you mean he wanted to win with Jimmy gee what the hell does that mean it means less but it sounds like less water to win the with he wanted to keep winning for another 567810. Years here. With Jimmy problem because Tom rate you can't win with ten years for ten years with Tom what we know that so the whispers last year when it was the Jimmy's not. That tough yeah where I was coming her and that was not coming from Belichick again how do you know that I just guaranteed call although Casey you guarantee guarantee that's where. Well who else would be whispering that. Could be anybody. Which he give any equity owners are saying any coach I don't what is the answer them because. I think what we've learned. This year is how highly Belichick grapple you know you listen to that some sort of retroactively applying this but you've listened to. You also sorry base it on who's saying stuff like where were re hearing who was in Greece might GR. They were saying the journey he wasn't tough that was the toughest level too it's why they want to reward Girardi loves Jimmy. All right imagines him about boggled also a figure exactly was reporting it but there was this caveat at the end of the year. That they were awarded Kobe percent his toughness memorably brought him down the road and brought back in dressy. This is how and that frustrated him at the Wednesday's Ganassi Syria or Flutie I think it's more likely to talk to reporters some media ownership or ballots Belichick all wrong. I don't think for a second I don't I don't really second shift from speed dial. China at the way I do I could argue that ownership it's chip speeds. You know because I think Belichick keeps them close to the best. Ownership was the ones who OK both chapters one reporting and again I want to disagree kind of feel for these kind of a point out how Belichick not the crafts why he say that. The passing and I don't think you that we got out of there and hammered out an outbreak I don't think that would come from owners I don't think that would necessarily come from Belichick I think that could come from ownership because. They would have spoken about second they would know at the very least. We got a hold on to this guy's insurance you know for this coming season meaningless season right now. You know maybe their thoughts changed halfway through and they realize and at that time they also thought maybe we can sign him to some kind of slightly team friendly extension dad turns out that it was I thought there's a possibility that two I was you know integrity of both rob black job. Yeah I forget how we got off on this tangent. Oh yes so my conspiracy theory I use say they just wanted him out of a conference that NAFTA deal of them. I say there's a little bit more to it the Mac which is. Barack lowest part of my legacy. I'm sending him to a place with a front office are spec with lynch the coach. I am sending him to a situation in a division where like you know Seattle seems to be breaking up a little bit we know Arizona is no longer going to be a factor. So it's a division where. He can excel. And it Jimmy G wins in the narrative of lives of this thing becomes Belichick never wanted to trade this guy he was right arm like west. That's my that's my a I told you was deep dark can speak that is there healthy but I think that is plausible because I. Like to go back to what we started this with. Why do you trade this guy. This guy that by all accounts it seem like you were willing to hand them it's on from Tom Brady to Jimmy G and that is no small feat. Why do you then turn around and trade him for a second round pick when. The reports up and so that where we wouldn't take for first rounder as we never even know why didn't tell you brown because engagement teams at the draft because Brady proved that he still playing in an MVP level of 48 and gay life as financially. They didn't have a way to sort bring him back here long term I guess maybe bill help all the hope that you did that he achy convince drop alone and Don heat to sign it seemed friendly deal. I guess that's part of why I was here but they trade him because financially. They were ever gonna franchise tag them. And they were never gonna trade Brady to craft are never gonna trade him wherever sec around yeah and it was like what I why not make that trade act you could have made the exact same trade after the season and current disagrees Malia Carty says they would not have gotten a sec around after the season I say that's crazy. You've got a second round are. And Mike Vrabel for Matt Cassel ten years ago. With all of the teams desperate for good quarterback. You're telling me somebody wouldn't have stepped up for this guy that ballot check really believes in has been steeped in the patriots way. And all of that you're telling me that nobody. Would have stepped up with Cleveland. Who has swift on Wentz and Garth made terrible trade straight out of the opportunity get these kind of guys they wouldn't have stepped up with a lot Virginia G like I refuse to believe map. I Joe's and a car he's waiting at 61777979237. Joseph what's going on. Well man there's so much you get media I don't okay. Al I Toppert. Don't start talk like that in my that's not nice. And I think I think adding that a route that the outlook for her to eat free but saying that. Putin that we eat that crap wanted they need a rap oh I repeat rating note that. And beat up to a flat U all not to look in black people lack a year you're gonna get you to global. I mean that. Obviously still playing at a high enough level acting craft made an emotional decision. That nothing. The fact you do it you still going to the equal that it did it all big year there's another important day. Well what problem it made you all are pretty active. I think it would be an emotional decision Eric. Bank of real quick here and there are you hearing that. I wanted and Newt Gingrich metric the. Anything affecting would succeed without Biotech retarded and it wouldn't improve it right. I don't think so I think you'll be like. Belly check drafted developed identified this guy and many went on to great things and Belichick never wanted to let him go seat belts act was right. Without ballads that we have been attacked what you that you are you winning with that in. Haven't you anything for what. As that I disagree on and when you say that Christ you know when Joseph says that Kraft made an emotional decision I agree with that and I. And I think deflate gate in the response to the plate gate. Played strongly. Into that emotional tie. And it made that emotional tie so strong that it was just he knows why deflate it hasn't been their for now he he Jack he has he clearly has. Lots and lots and lots. Of respect and you know an affinity for Tom Brady. We understand that. But deflate he took it to another level to placate took it to a level where it was like. You say you wanna plates 45 you play here as long as you watch we don't call the shots on this you do and what other player would be. Afforded that courtesy all right Bill Belichick coached team only and ray I don't think that necessarily would have been the case. Pre deflate Jacob acted Tom senior you know that quote in the New York Times I think was New York Times the big profile. Where is like this is not gonna end well for Tommy it never does that's the business it's not gonna and while for him in New England might. They were it as a family thinking that way but even right or Ford deflate it. Even before deflate Kate and in Kraft recognize had two of her and maybe it was who wasn't affordably he could and after to placate. We drafted and developed the best player in history league. We're just for our PR standpoint I can't win. If by trade this guy yesterday we want yes he can I cooperated to be patriots for a life I need business partner of Tom Brady you bring people forget the fact that they've done all these business things together it's not just. The quarterback and the owner it's TB twelve it's Korea aero Brady wants to put a million these things everywhere. Kraft wants to be a part of that and by not trading and he keeps in patriot blue and red and white. And he's Brady right here to be part of the craft legacy. Post whatever Bob Kraft doesn't yet but I mean why would that change in Brady's always division every LA what do you think of Joseph Montana in Kansas City yeah so Kansas City deck of cards only got to leave it is only achieve exactly. And you think I play rap for that the bucks. Remember doesn't really matter. Do you think Bob Kraft runs his other companies let's back kinda sentimentality. Like. The the patriots Brady put the ball and the break and it the F rare brand is about winning it is not about Tom Brady that brands are about winning soccer and so the whole event as soccer revolution not bad not bad. They had a couple of MLS cups where they just fell short Ollie just fool old deliberately 11 o'clock hour you stick around and Mallory guys break down pat you know and I'll explain why. Jimmy grapple I was traded because of the reds failure yet. Full falsely get to a next bought into mossy and one night. Lot of nice posture along the silk Teddy or Sports Radio WEEI NFL hall of fame finalists announced tonight two very. Deserving former patriots Ty Law as a finalist lord of the fifteen and modern era finals the vote pro football class hall of fame as is. Randy Moss and Ty Law I don't think is ever gotten the recognition. He deserves shortly Deion Sanders of the best quarterback of his era. I'll always right there though John amongst the top guys if you want to read behind Sanders you can obviously know. And he has williams' mother guys get a lot of credit for what they did but terms of big plays in terms having his best games against Peyton Manning. Covering one side of the field sure tackler. I'm not I can't name a cornerback or to better than him during his time to weasel thing yeah I mean if you ask me what defensive. Player because really those first three Super Bowls or as much about the defense is anything else you know especially at first on the kicker here and kicker. You know what defensive player who best represents of those teams those championship teams are put Aaron you know I love Rodney Harrison on my all time favorite players. Out to watch to cover all of that. That's certainly use had weather's Richard Seymour Bruschi tell you saw Bruschi had a nice to get a lot of credit for that but. In terms of style ability. Demeanor. All of that I think tie like he was brash he backed it up. He was tough he was physically tough you know Dion a lot of these corners we talked about. It's guys Champ Bailey it's guys who are great coverage guys. Not necessarily willing tacklers Ty Law back acted out in every sense of the word he was as tough as anybody on that field. He was as determined as anyone on the field and you said it when the stakes are highest pick six in the Super Bowl you know against the rams. What is it four interceptions against Manning like the whole thing he was a monster when it mattered most and the we ripped the baseball writers all time for dumb all fame votes the fact that I lie is still not a hall of Famer to me just exposes how flawed that processes. Because Tellme other than Deion sanders' name a quarterback. Who's been better in the NFL last 25 years. So I again the guys who get credit and he's Williams and Arizona but I bet you really watch him play I was a reds on NC a instance it didn't see him play is a lot I'm just reminded now beats that think about it go back and watching the the pick in the Super Bowl against the rams. The dude gets the interception pick six he's got his hand layup from the outset late catches for 25 yards a catch and right now that's Deion like so he he should absolutely positively be eighties or exit and I mean Randy Moss the other former patron on here is easily first ballot. One of the torture or tell the guys at the position but good for Ty Law he should be it you mentioned ready must real quick yet when you're talking about. MVP and it's stupid this year light even gras thing that's like Brady has. Clearly the MVP of its team you can not make the case think rock is more important. Patriot radio question and therefore you can't stays the better VP choice however. Having covered that entire 2007 season start start to finish in Brady was and wasn't unanimous right didn't. Brett Favre get it out of your time as unanimous was 2010 right OK so somebody. Somebody I think split Brady and fire which is incredibly dumb but I think that was the thing. However if I had a vote that year. I with out hesitation would give nets ran him real. Albright because to me Brady was always great. But this new level this new facet of Brady's game with you know that fifty touchdowns and bombs away and all that. Randy Moss made all that app and he changed that offense and I understand the quarterbacks the one who asked to throw those balls but. When you ask me which player had the biggest impact on that offense that year uncle and Randy Moss I mean that guy was. On and stop where it's equivalent to I I would have seen the deed to merit to give it to Antonio Brown this year and he was otherworldly on a team that played offensive talent spot Roethlisberger Libyan rebel eccentric. If product sale these last couple games he would set records. So I I can see it I don't see at the Shubert wrongly guards involved that is. I'd David's in a car on Bill Belichick at 61777979837. David. A lot you're out of luck he had mono Y at. He got out I'll night I'll play I'll play it'll chew on. When you look in the mirror kitchen now. Janet I mean I'm liking and Mika and things don't. All what I need this speculation. And like all what Belichick he'll eat out inside you'll love it. All of walked back. Should I. Backed by what they. I waited. All. Time if they have the mile mile it would be luck in Egypt well. Let him everyday speculation. Evidence and Tom Brady's legacy isn't Brady's legacy already established what more does he need to do and I'm sorry but I will take 26 year old guy cumin into its prime over rubber bands man Tom Brady that you just cracked. Hey you called mobile outlook for total re he would wait stick. Game back at like I you are gonna try. Don't you trust telecheck though Belichick believed in the guy ballots sect believes in him don't you trust him. Do not you know Belichick when I got it right you believe and how do you only believe that we pay court. It out a Democrat like oh we don't I thought this would it take you to a rock and end up at top right yet that it. I don't think that's generally how bill votes act toxic by. I but I mean if you listen to what he said right after the trade if you listen to the way that he's talked about Brady if you read John Lynch has comments. Suited her career about how bill albeit getting a great player and a better person. Ballots checked believed in that guy. I believe that you don't like David you're right. I'm speculating. I'll wait Belichick talked to know what they did it doesn't know what what I have to. Lichtman total weight said that bell and that's all speculation. You're right I agree that it. What's going on in it even included the statement and everything. I bet I've got to. Hey David this act I I I like your energy tonight David called back any time. I like the speculation that is sports talk radio if you want the news of the day as long as you presented as speculate which I had Gaza that my short we are proud I'm telling you go through that the news of the day this is not we're not here to present. Did the facts that we do back to four hours people to get pretty bored I might I theory that. I mean I've no idea about above my mighty informed theory is that. Drop blows in San Francisco because Belichick was wary of losing one his coaches with this quarterback Matt I don't know that for a fact but that's my theory people fighting that is insane to. I like Hamas insane theories I have a hard time agreeing with the deflate gait time and but I haven't heard that before and after. Three weeks now of Walt Walt Jimmy G talk. I take it the fact the mosque notes of the new. That's impressive and that's yes is how we do it. You're tied at silicon Isiah Thomas or something on his lap and highlights I don't know what did he end up with him now I don't know we have any idea adding I give it during the update about that a gates asked people in almost no Internet or anything out there's at the wait until the sports update 2018 that's exactly right. Rob and New Hampshire on Bill Belichick for you to Morey calls Iraq. Pull all you guys good evening gentlemen. I am what Monty on this one. I am in fact commodity you're you're hot you're the only one who has been going our direction and I have one question. Given your theory. What do you think this says about Belichick leaving at the end of this year. I don't think it's off the table and that's insane I mean that's insane to me because. I always thought that. Ballots checked wanted to win beyond gradient that meant keeping her apple which is light in treatment the draft. When he was forced to trade garrote below for whatever reason. I thought OK so now when Brady's done Belichick is done in the idea that ballot check could conceivably leave first. I don't know about you that never even entered my mind now and I all come back and talk about adding that that part of it. And Mike Greece has sneaker line knee Sunday column about Abdullah chicken return winners this will come back and address that I think that's. It's not the set off panic in the streets but I don't necessarily disagree with a call or or you that we are closer than ever. To Bill Belichick no longer be in the coach and we will patriots 617779. At 79371. Hour ago bad now or a ten. Month and mossy and tell them with your call Sports Radio interview yeah.