Joseph Abboud joins Joe and Tim in the booth 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th
Joseph Abboud donates to the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon with Joe Castiglione and Tim Neverett in the booth.

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We're very very pleased to have all of us. A big Red Sox fan and and in France supported Jimmy Fund to Joseph of food with a shooter in the Booth as he joined us last year at this time as well and just great to see you again week we see adjustments and choose which conventions to distract Wiseman. I just walked by your store in New York the other day what the message we'll come next time I will have good hands of miracles are beautiful accuse them. His beautiful thank you. And you are huge not just a big but huge Red Sox yeah for a long time but. To strike two baskets company. Two pageant like scene 6070. O one exciting night tonight. If he didn't say you know assistant special years here. With that team went to Boston. You were listening and former owner I was listening ice axes Rossdale those students who would listen some nights on the porch and some people did it. Christian masters mindful of the right field so they set it up put the warning track in right. My Randall Gretchen he gets it back yeah it's a leadoff single for Christian masters Red Sox with a runner aboard nobody out. He's Red Sox radio you first possession the Jimmy Fund thank god this dog growing up we. The association Ted when. It's such a special part of Boston's so much a part of the Red Sox living in New York. As a Red Sox fan you know like coming back this is written speech. He's Jackie Bradley junior. He takes outside ball one. You know what you stuff in my closet good. Good lesson label when you're trapped we we always do though I've only got violation you guys have been great friends it. I appreciate all that. Guys especially proud yeah. Continued slow ball too soon and you have a special presentation for us yes you. It yet for all the great executed in the west side highway in the city you let it it. We've mentioned the maturity. And generous amount of 101000. Dollars for Josie to thank you so much goes. I watch again and a lot of people to do. Thank you do we really appreciate it. But now on the day's events have really don't have this in your driveway to take it out through Westchester County I had to find that perfect spot you know you know that. But now it's great idea to use when it stopped traffic. So it's. Really great place to allow. It takes full floor. And now the Red Sox and set up shop here in the third inning first and second nobody out and back to the top of the order and why don't unions. Unlike this edition wanted to unload what Sparky. It's really been great to see you. You had the last. Two and a half weeks it's been really special three weeks terrific. News campers. And ten feet back on fire he's these young guys really hit it side. They really do. Their hearts and they have the passion for it. In his takes a little bit low fastball. And it's one ball no strike showed it five straight bombs thrown. By Lance Lynn and beyond him only Natixis militia rule out to the mound of have a word wouldn't. Melinda has a way to slow down a game and wants to. He kind of controlled the pace. He's had his word of Lance Lynn. So at this triple play less. That's a well citing. See that there you know what was interesting about it to do with the fact that. Last year and singling Salem. Devers to the same thing I didn't know that now but Sander Bogart's told us after the game he'd never seen one before. Beautiful and he got a great he had a front row seat for us. He was doing when you do not involve just couldn't. Oh pits and that this is slow to balls no strikes over it's like trying to wait out Lance Lynn right now. In the favorite moment your Red Sox career. Well the you know 1970 was that it needs here I was at fifteen. A heartbreaker in. Took a lot of years to recover from but Louis Dave Roberts stealing the base here. 2000 pool will always be for me the balls that should. You're residents. We'll ever top that especially. You know you have to suffer that. So it was really special. I'll never forget. 21 pitched a no immunity bounces in front of the plate toward third slowly and. And often out of picking up ground. Red Sox on the board of school. Yeah. This hustling down the first baseline forcing that throw finally. There's still walking down the right field line will there be shaken up as we came across and I. Maybe I think he had a collision with a popular might hurt his wrist shot found the checkered. You can throw on the run or not the same time. Here so often pitchers to throw the ball accuracy pinpoint 6360. Accused of throwing were based very well. Only had a rush that because of the speed moon yes. Do both trainers throughout the cardinal trainer in the Red Sox trainer. At Pearson not checking. New Year's. Was to be a foot or leg of some sort. I'm Fletcher could hit him in the back do my dad. He knocked that glove off carpenter. They're pretty loud hit. Video on the year left shoulder. We'll put the ball that just passed the back shoulder blades of New Year's missed him but yeah he hit the glove. Of carpenter. Carpenter was able to catch. You gotta be an infield hit and an arrow one know RPI's. So one run his end. Joseph from Boozer in the Booth to witness it all that's exciting. Pasted away from making this really interest. You we thank Joseph for making it 101000 dollar donation to the Jimmy Fund tonight. And admin to Joe's name really really honored that you did that did you. Clearly an annual occurrence for you Joseph like he can't get rid of her songs guys that do. Where I'd keep you company host New York traffic jams and you have the last hour. You keep sitting between us. There's monkey that statue they hit the first inning. Think this is a turning point in the ball game for the Red Sox now is moved he represented the tying run for one cardinals fumbled the third inning. Nobody out and runners at the corners. He can throw at noon is the helmet came down is when his helmet popped off with the collision this whacked by carpenter hit him on the ankle. Or first thing standing back is new news. If you like to make a donation to the Jimmy Fund toll free number 877. 7381234. You go online to Jimmy Fund dot org to make a gift now. Pitch to move to the outside corner threw strike a fastball there we've pretty much fastball slider guy. It's a month with a outside fastball on the corner might be setting up that slider. We're very happy the way the Red Sox in NASA will celebrate during released thirty years in the broadcast through Sunday during will be honored. Before the game throughout the first pitch on Sunday. One pitch and slider outside move he lays off. One ball one strike at the video highlights of his career. Very recovering from cancer surgery we'll be here. Companies very much looking forward to being your Sunday after. For long layoff warmth. 11. With feelings off behind fastball let's not to a war we're with Jerry just before the all star break spent much time we went before surgery and using. Just absolutely terrific spirits is fun to be profound. So looking forward to seeing her on Sunday. He's such a part of the Red Sox Middle East and it's an amazing guy. Let's go to Joseph include little who I don't know well we have that story we've been addressed a what is alleged airline to. Randall Bridget Jackie tagged from third and strollers. Were Johnston. Sport and so. Oh sacrifice line drive promote peace bats over his 73 run batted in. And impeccable play by the cardinals right fielder Richard. Could've been me. I am for a double. Not come up with a pretty good cap situation looking right into the ground ball went straight ahead guy. It's nice gift to back and here's an underground intending. Any given to a 463 inning ending double play in the first. He has hit in a career behind nine games. He's been swinging good map clearly here. He has a beautiful swing doesn't really does gifted absolutely. You gotta be happy we want you down like this for a long time oh yeah oh yeah. Through the first of New Year's back. You know oil at sixty Diana the Yankees words to see their young religion of yes but if you look. We all do. They've got some really talented young players so this is becoming a really young men's team and certainly in these young guys are so exciting to watch. His pitch to Benedict files off. Back and how to play the below nothing in one. And started here is some conversation of this man's name rank and preventing the creeping in that rookie of the year discussion we're. Andrew Fleming. Erin judge had dominated after the first half of the season but he's you've always had a home run. Here in there lately and still dropped off in the second half and then attendees picked it up swings files back and told to. The judges 37 tonight and these two Mets one after four. At Citi Field but as he struck out tonight. If he dies who set a new Major League record for consecutive games by a position players strikeout he's tied. Adam Dunn and 2012. Struck down from 32 straight game hasn't I think yet to drop the pitcher's first time that home. Toobin intently slaps it took third Jericho goes to second for 11 return safely for. It's an hour. Fielder's choice and is is your race flat before the force some. Two down amount of on board for him your mirrors. And sandy getting to the bag first. Before the ball leave it there. He is aboard. We appreciate Joseph of food being Willis in the Booth tonight. Taking a 101000 dollar donation the Jimmy Fund. Very appreciative of that what a great cause but you guys have since since since. Here's the pitch and handling. And he looks at one ounce on for a ball over three million dollars now last check 3.2 million plus well ahead of last year's pace against. That's wonderful. Now that we've vanity yours to the toll it can. Well that's collected and into the little the general movement that's for sure. Wanna handle here's the bitch. And Handley drives on the center field it's gonna hang out for Fowler that's what makes the catch and see and we're excited to Mac though. On a couple of minutes and Lieberman. Justifiable we thank you very much great senior gamble poplar story New York City thank you team. Thanks for the great work Joseph always great race yeah just going to all right work after three full innings at Saint Louis for the Red Sox took on the Shaw's W. The young Red Sox radio network.