K&C - Adam Kurkjian defends his bombshell report of Brady threatening retirement; Mut had another brutal day at the race book 6-11-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, June 11th
Hour 3: Adam Kurkjian called in to defend his reporting and the guys brokedown another ugly weekend at the track for Mut. 

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He'd skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. I do. We again for multiple sources used I've been told regarding proper Belichick wanted to trade him. Offers on the table full of titans in 49ers he craft and he closed for me to discuss Brady for a return to deal went through. Kraft nixed that the author of that tweeters and Kirk should be joints right now Adam what's going on. Short thank you I guess what was his trade supposed to happens to treat we have you win with the timeline of this. I would not given a specific time lines. But I can confirm that part but I was able and we're averaging in which we. Well before and after I talked to citizens. You don't know when you're doing news you know when was this good this offseason muted this offseason cracked. Well I know that everything began in the Nazis and but the as far as these specific offers and so like that is specific timeline in the trades. I wasn't given. Or the offers sworn the 49ers and titans offering. I not. Only given out. Well did you get the sense did you get the sense that it was going to be a lot one of those deals that. Or was it going to be to grapple kind of deal where people would be disappointed. And I got the sense that. It was gonna be like it's from the site just in the fact that is gronkowski. That it was in the he has it open you know home. Because obviously that's you know he could quote Rutland county. So you all about your source told you didn't take the specific toward that they told you there get a degree turn. They told me that. You know if if this deal went through. Multiple sources are one source on this is now multiple multiple sources told you. Couldn't tell you the exact part of the deal with both these guys separately told you they're real term is going to be big. Oh. You know one I. And says over and over again here Adam I be honest I beyond fast caviar stumpel and all all due respect but I don't I don't believe that that doesn't century. Well. So all the deep. Aren't I find hard to believe is pretty frightening the court pretty has never won the first up. The Britain threatened to quit if they've made as to so multiple search and again a basket it's one or multiple sources. Multiple sources. Gave me everything you know wouldn't. OK so what are the sources tell you specifically about break. That he surrendered. Or if the deal went through. But no one's gonna believe that crafts not a believer Belichick's arguably the nobody believes Brady's gonna retire. That's why I find that hard to believe maybe. He meant this is idle threat and they laughed as they. When we walked through its got its initiative. That's a sure Arnold. So I was first what. That's something we're going bouncers. That's starting. You get very specific information. On Friday when the first four keys to the nation like. Wasn't that great this well and to retire over slumping as and it turned out to the very well that's what else. So you know around I think we don't need this I was not looking to break it in this accident. I didn't leave. Any of so that's. Our home. And so. You know what it's like it's our military. Sources. And integrations and such. You know. You know RA. At around. I narrowed down the scope. Of information about cute and into the tweet and cracked an award from very carefully because that's what I was able. Where was the and so are. Quit or go to nothing else I gotta finish. Her own. And so when I took. Mean nations in all this information that I saw the spacing wasn't that we work forward. He ignite it. And that's what people dollars and here is that you think that's were stopped. In a lot. I took it one more person. Okay one person. Had as much access. Into that information. As states. In here that's gonna have to trust them. This person this person after after Stacy if you deny you at the somebody else your claiming uses that is bigger voice in New York. As a role in organization. This person. Has as much access and then published in a change in this person confirmed at least. So when did this closed door meeting. These are about what they would tell you that did that time and date of when this was I mean well. Got a cure I just curiosity like all all all play along I believe everything this week. Why would they give you all this information. But he has and to give you the timeline by would that be why would that be if there was give you all this other stuff it's Eggleton rebuild after Cesar retire. Belichick being shot down by craft and Brady and actually give me specific they timeframe when it happened what would be. Multiple multiple firewalls watch all the wire multiple sources has the view that that seems benign compared the other stuff no. I don't know I don't know all I can tell you what they confirmed to me. In this week and I'm not about time you the that you know. He. Some reasons why it's held Higginson. But I can tell you. They because it is information. And didn't have an ax iron on anybody's. Sudden student. And Islam. And that's and that's what I realized. I'm just I'm curious animal why are you work in the story who did you write a story. Well in the art of the rewrote all of it working it. I'm working on something else actually. And the information I was seeking where that story. You know somebody. Did not want to. Even talking on. All right and it has gotten the picture taking excellent two or. Let me I can't say this. That after the trees in through. I heard back into it years. From that person's. Saying that's correct. So. Person. All of whom now are probably done a lot of population of that bureau. And so in answer your question. The work not a lot of and you know freelance work right now. And are able to chase only because. That information out getting whistle and so the for the included the name is seen. So. You know where you have stuff like that common man. You know what have you the journalists. Just seek you out if it's true because. You know I didn't. Oh look at the greatest order in on the police department get. Football something good luck truck. The information would note just want to say James. They're week not story and I just go out with my recognize as. What happened happened. Our MO we appreciate allowed to keep up in this room via falling on toward Israel thanks a lot. And Kirk and joins us. You know I am I mean I guess this parts that we believe it just seems we you'd. Get in the journalistic aspect of being throughput. It seems odd immediate two sources who tell most of the things in and needed surgery will tell me when it happened terms that seem strange. Maybe didn't ask maybe not put would you ask us yes but it's an important part of it but ease he does have. The teams to teams offers on the table yet he does have this is most important thing. Pulled Belichick wanted to trade on my mind Belichick wants trade any balloon giving get. More back and returned to make good deal of trading yes ready. But it sounds like Belichick to peace initiative. And I want to get rid of this guy. Or this headache may be the culprit things. The reason Hulu that the the last straw or maybe thinks she's gonna get hurt right Belichick wanted to trade him. Is one of the greatest players. Ever misses an. Incredible player came change via this idea and it's different than everybody else he's moved moved to you Richard Seymour. Make his only player to be I understand across 'cause he's the best effort his position. Randy Moss no moss as we watch is disgruntled when mosque is way past time through it like it is not a mosque that nothing that season I would say that this divest its night Huntsman right. But there's some good ones him was approved and go play yes but he's not as good as it. Not mean gone that route in Bronx the beyond the back but I didn't put a strong in his prime put all the guys that we expected to be. The one that Brady would say. This is it them last trauma that was but things are different there Wes Welker and the goal her things are different one after another but it seems that there's more drama now there was that is just different short I would agree. And it's also also have it all adds up. And Brady has. Become closer may discuss a Guerrero with crop in the room. Will report earlier that your call on the the FaceBook documentary. Was leaving the game. Next the call and you're the best of the best in late that there bugs often the village at Villanova knows who don't have clothes they might have been had to do it three years ago I don't know I don't. I gotta be honest like I. I hope I wanna believe his story I do believe this story I assure you wanna believe that the straight talk show host for I believe it except for the Brady for an adequate. Mean if we just said Brady was pissed I believe it or cases sending you believe so you believe Bentsen and it's almost as important. Is that so few bullet if it's a party don't believe you believe the Robert Kraft told Belichick can't do. Kraft nixed the deal right. That's hardly. A case you don't believe she'll leave it to believe I believe the deal that. Well check wanted to try to keep it not monopoly to bring you threatening craft turning town's huge part of what we concede and that's what bowl which you believe what do you know as an aside as a regular asked me to crack Nixon lets see multiple sources yes I believe that Okie city he told Belichick. Wanted to trade him yes I believe that offers on the table yes. Titans yes that is yes. Clothes are closed door meeting yes regret retired look no Kraft knicks' fifth. It's a tough to do stick aside do you think. No no we just. Don't believe any of that. Attacked her actually kind of due out until struggle the struggle that's what in the patriots would have the same intimate knowledge of Stacey James to receive what is ultimately what idiotic state in state within the pages Stacy is a lot that's true to executed Stacy hasn't laws of inside information on what trades are made not me no and he purposely doesn't want stuff that that seminoles went for that he. We're Belichick's talk and then whoever label is fishing not the real or what was the team and I have been issued to John Lynch is they should not impose an station or come in here he's just taking it Josh necessary and Stacey James and her two seconds and I don't play do you think it's a good deal things you can look at them last year. But station it's Elliott Smith of jobless job is edited to be the PR effort. Thought occur to set that Casey talked to somebody outside the organization that is. I don't know I I don't know much about Kurtz and like his history enthusiasts to get the waiter and see if he's hurt and stuff are certain people as we have sources as you were able to you know Vrabel was he knows someone and know. Maybe in San Francisco it's no. Gordy. On a host it would pay bills rosenhaus the patriots in the utmost confidence it's untrue none of it is true that's. That's pretty bolts of the you can deny it you can assure that does happen that's a bold statement. That's. Well it's yeah it's true you can deny everything mean what if the nine is called you. Obviously admit what they would have the niners or the battalions made a huge over orchid has changed second half of the tweet. You craft a closed door meeting Brady retires craft mixes in that second half that we you Brady. The power play when he retired craft on Bill Belichick. No that is exhibit hazard or disgruntled Belichick never mean he wasn't happy vulnerable thing knowledge of senate. This is gonna make it much amateurs but you know it's yes I'd pick up a list colonial. Lou is in Rhode Island hi Lou. Yeah I don't think it's intriguing I think I think there was a good time or Glock what you like to start by saying his motorcycle thing was really doubt at all. Against well check out the dog does are probably got pissed but it was before the draft. Which it's very plausible sent its sister is offering their number one. After it was number nine overall. That the patriots could've gotten. Jobs lotion. In the draw and still had the other two are number one picks left over. To make another trader or our you know national later plus the other picture cryptic but again. Major or maybe into tight ends like the ravens did and and an era it's an intriguing idea. That Clark could have been traded baker got a lot more plus. Roof if if he did trade complaint pre draft and got a lot of your first round pick. I was gonna get Hologic it was a very tough pick for long nation would have bought it yesterday was and get a picnic to get in middle first round until late first that it has drafted Hayden Hearst best and you say OK now this week Belichick they got I think I hate Hersh return frog Archos he Tom Brady policy too easy part part of that. There were people talking about patriot nation put on what his patriot fans and press is up of Portland a Chris. Hey good morning guys think. A sell out reporter would have gotten a little more credibility if you except you reached out to be actual organization. Eight our first. Our current trustee and they're try to part that's where. You know AMP. That you didn't do that. We might have done it got nowhere else occurs doesn't say talk to city deny or confirm responsible organization supporting you afford at this ACL yeah we made that offer the second. Can't take you change them into Mel sporting organization get to net certainly know. What goes on behind closed doors are just. Sure I guess I'll say this he would not whether you believe or not. You're not statement like that without the owner's saying it make that statement that that's that's a fact if he's making it for the owners who don't crash telling him. This did not happen so believe preferably craft. Yeah I think I'd make it. Right at strip strip. I mean I know. Are on it is my goodness here's why it makes us that's new because you know. Like you said quote the croc and makes sense as well Belichick trades guys like this. Brady's definitely pissed off right now Belichick craft right now Belichick had an issue rations these. There's tension in the year that's why he won I believe appoint someone to buy into this be in the world. Set this thing a fire is if another atom chimes in and chapters says. He confirms that it. And one count because it's true it's happened there's no chance that the shipments through chapter cook and sources bush and the English at the San Francisco and yes or resources and ten seat he knows all the the agents. And Drew Rosenhaus and somebody confirms that. The ship as shift at this point with confirmed that the people shepherd talked through pages organization Thomas Autry but it's not that important to. You know why it's coming due that you spent the whole weakened trees and of course if you if you today you have to see it a mixed couple calls. It's not at all let him play golf and injuries a sheriff's office while gigantic enough tents and guys like these we countered to follow I don't know it is to inform all of us saw this week department a caller to be told that amicus abbreviation is between of this is true. Among his guests if he does it I'm done asking you know I sit this particular site he sometimes you don't shut and show after a PGA's digital chapters gonna that it all of a curious can follow in the place. He's gonna try. Yet he's going to try what do you think check your victory Schechter is gonna try a dirty and I think he's gonna try to today that's what's gonna happen Friday so I don't against them that's what happened but do you think chip is what you should do want to think you did you say. Note two to. We're true to its okay you temple do you think the chapter will trio yes I this is true this is always gonna weed out that it's not I agree. Or or not real concerned monitored three days I don't care he's its sources all of league right now everyone takes the weekend six point 77 as a silent films I don't use microphones and Croats and everything that Adams Kirk us at port Brady trying to retire. Robert Gates open on Monday it is important. It's worth a phone call shore like okay it wasn't born on Saturday and Sunday fronts it's sort of been OK I mean if if they made the deal already and threatening to retire. Kraft and Belichick have a closed door meeting craft a belt or don't want for Hawaii has shifted to console port and he's our reach out hasn't gotten back and really felt that weakens and uncle shift back. It is like a Monday we get accurate confirmation vote if it's that important why is he tweet. What's the tweet that it's true or not doesn't do that one of the how to do that is he dead he's never tweets or why does it just because you're too reappointment hearing rumors true. He would say I'm really violent the rumor now us I was move. Gizmos this move is reporting the news that breaking news I would lose 6177779%. Over Kirk. And ahead. Which can you see right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Multiple sources are one source ups now multiple multiple sources told you. Couldn't tell you the exact part of the deal but both these guys separately told you they're real term is going to be big dollop of respect out about I'd I don't believe that that is so true. Well. So. Gephardt I mean so you may have me talk to two separate people and people tell him I can't tell you what they opera by toy its really paid. They can't tell you what it was the type of Brady throw to retire it just seems all I think but I think he's doing honestly. So I think he's kind of polling legal move of turning one source and two victory that's perhaps that's the tightness or in gonna lose. These villages disease and nobody all the respect to season nobody's it but the attention seek Allen make it bigger than. It was going to be as somebody if it's true for sure if chef thorough current someone confirms this a current confirm that. We're trying to stop them yet that's surprising gronkowski. And surprise me at all and when you named two teams. Mean you're getting pretty specific that's news yeah. Tom Curtis is working the phones were announced in promising something they just trying to endorsed by our advance the story in there. Right on into Illinois tonight third. Are you learning more by and yes I am I'm for more information there seems to be. People want their names of things but there's a lot behind us from. There's there's this they're not saying this is crap there's a lot of people and could easily say there's nothing there who didn't sound like who's making a committee and he's making up. Many say that cultural lines work in the store doesn't even within about Nelson who do you write a story if you have a chance to break a story that should look at and then if you due to for a job examined a brochure. But if you wrote like I did credit he's hustling always say it's all in the tweet regional advisory is turning. One source those guys are you pressing that borders or sometimes you don't second source is a media person right now. There are from the from Boston's he waited and why. If you really I thought the international house of pancakes was going to be come the tennis is frustrating just is frustrating to it's it's aha now. Right at the same record I hope my agent my grandmother Justine is for breakfast my initial guess was the earnings report which was surprised. That would have been weird internationals of pitches is strangely but I think it's a memorable when you say aquae going to. We're going international papers but the only thing it's known force pick us means yet. I gonna go there for burger when you're yeah. There and that's that's the call a great place that Brenda sponsor for today or is that right yeah we don't international is an international house of burgers. I think it's both gentlemen I'd love burger and check Burgess with the same place. It's why not it's not it's a highly. Do. Promotion that just always on Daschle who they might we doing to these analysts look. Envisage we roof like three weeks this huge story huge that burst would be awesome. Now I'm looking forward to if they're good they're good mall for a that the pancake. Not more I'm not big breakfast Olympic breakfast from the pin on omelets and nobody nobody pancakes sausage bacon guys. Going to be anything now there's an I com. Right down the street. Horrible inured to Soldier Field wrote the letter will be sent occurs if you revert burgers it's soon enough there in the winters said fifteen Brigham Berger got above the car had Bob. Morning guys hey. After all the drama in the off season. I wish we could have a do over but on retire gracefully. Move on it you AG says that just gets uglier. Q do you do you forget that Thomas the NDP believes I hear a lot of stuff people want people want brace on people it's what Brady dodge to be done with the draw and I'm what do I look after. After the triple bowl I think it is the right move. What did you get worked worked everywhere. Remembered for what what to support toes or forever hold up ever. So that's crazy I got half an hour work this morning. For women grapple thing for started in the first start. I said the only way. The Belichick. Read pre budget issues of Belichick really thought crop was great like all time potentially UMB economic quarterback. Clearly Belichick thought that and his heart and all the drama just thought he had the succession and planned because. Thought it was very good yes that's that started the whole thing and he just not a passive aggressively once once he's governor of broccoli said the only way you rarely do you pretty pissed off. Is the fight back or Guerrero from one car a template. I just thinking these are all started Guerrero. Blamed some even do that on the trainers that for years and pissed of culture even do that for years seething Belichick would be backed yes Haiti is horse a pity that restlessness and Brady says Helio in the idea right now skip this about Texas you with the idea was this and will not stop. We're sort of Everest because they're both going to be your own little war of the roses yes Lindsay all the year after maybe all the Europe now excel. So why wouldn't Belichick have done this track record. Or sign some other quarterback. And there is nobody who you just said. I don't like I don't like these three do great puzzle is no pressure Brady gets hold of allows you court I think instinct politics news despite himself that's a crazy. Went with hatred for great respect. I respect true hatred of Brady Belichick on that short Comcast have an active for real that scream each that's policy. Do you think it's gonna come to that yes they won't be able to live with the child and actual fight yet. On the sideline displayed in the locker that's what I know we need to see what I don't FaceBook while radar will be punched the blackboard breakers had not talent until after the whose eyes and in which comes out it's not to be doing that Chang you know make people feel better for them sympathize with a horse that would never do that. Pasqua horse. That's what happened to rise to be. We respect the reporter it sounds like you know you're nobody believes it's quite yet a Goodell immediately stop before that tomb was first for Colin was because who said. We have an obligation to tell her children and grandchildren are only available right all right well LeBron James right sweat glistening off his body would have been easy haircut and shave. It just feels awful. If if if if LeBron did to us quick best of when it was presented as an duties that you need to hear that you need this game. And I think what happened and it was like two weeks. We don't shave and knows as much as any mambo what LeBron plays more than anybody. It is on us only on the it's on the basketball Kansas today to pass its oral history down that this TNT that this he's entitled. Beating the pace explanation when they shouldn't have they had no business winning that series overcoming what they overcame during the season what's not let's just debates. The tragedies within the team. And their head coach stepping away and the burden that was on LeBron in this game in this building. Without Kevin Love it is our responsibility to carry that I'd be wrong. In the north and correctly or who the tragedies happen within the team during the season. And approached somebody die. Some torture for me when that will be what tragedy. Sure that was. Thomas was in Boston assistant yes I'm gonna he's not. That. I don't know I can ask him a lot to us from I guess I'd 61777. Seven that it presents a witness rejoice at winged horse has been vigilance at 930. Curtis should get back to the Tony Awards because I don't know if you heard always are always saying you know you rose to resist the thing that I withdrew Tony Lex hadn't told equities have big theater I don't see those things but lovely old theater like you know what sharp. Look right. Oh Obama play that he's still see that in. In some places that your. One of the great actors. We're talking about censoring myself well. To live like. For you have to deal before it kills the heckling John McCain if as true as much ice. In Lima loans currently owns as a hander people loans for people are purely diary he's dines on what that means he doesn't have to answer to anything. Yes yes. Yes it does so we could say anything yet and his campaign cancer permit so he's been that or he's been yes. Yes a war hero and came home fifteen years ago OK I'm saying he's also died. He's dying it is also fight the attacking a president in the middle who have as the day goes well with the country's best American. What is. Problem dishing John McCain of the two John McCain's American. Yes in this instance and that he was what he did was an American captured in attacking the president want these in the midst of negotiation you Zoellick as he can pitches I don't you know heroes don't hear what was said. Where you say I was gonna say one of the great actors of our time maybe one of the great. Actors maybe the greatest top top five bush said something very profound. I thought very thoughtful yet. Very pre. Yes very memorable. To you that. We get back with more of Kirk and Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. We'll hear me. Heartbreak. A free home cheers. Cheers little. It's wonderful and Zachary. The winner Tony this beauty she's been found and around us now is unfortunately is special and you'll never ever I'm right. You're not know been in the movies obviously be confident plays on radio and in theater though I've never been a play. The guy who plays. The only thing Gary on rocks as a play and didn't see it should move. If that's a move it left another player move players first move the players first I don't care I would like to play and you would like to play. That's micro stuff I've seen and former Clinton over. And they also. Or does this. I saw a book of Mormon and look at them agree it is awful it is often harder to go play. Haven't seen patrols here for two or are you on the go that. Village Jimmy buffet okay. Take a concert to play and I would ghostly Springsteen if I were invited you know. I think we're both fronts bring dale. Albert made it can be national best for next year. Wouldn't let Chaffee. That's tough coughed until Barry Jeff I think the game and about Gordon will conclude that do not be involved and rooms here SCSI or rectal several port of abort. Ability of a Q. What critics call BC about that Rossi and Mark James yeah. Or rush he interviewed K for Christ's sakes rules if the league as those for. I sat down with K so last night I didn't watch and so did the Tonys get a good number good rating no ratings have been released as of this I think is big in Kansas and Oklahoma Iowa I know Texas and I nervous at these are being Obama's main. Of the Tony hey listen to country and yet. Be honest I mean outside like let's have a Manhattan itself. I never heard of us don't know any place I don't know most actors who practices. I know that what is this little scene on let's Christ's sakes and a little scenario came out to accused Bruce. That would be one Bobby Darren is Carol must be again in character for Roland Klein isn't sure of the sequel to wait things I was sad I don't like to see the like technicals and has already said he's not can make more movies. As you can remember his lines he has memory issues yes so so good on car same way good policy speech on cars same way he's Robert De Niro played a factor of all time the group respectable time. Is so Mel Gibson. That's true because that's true of the grace America's friend Chris some Clint Eastwood. Raise you begins range. Absolutely Yucca. There's a movie with a chimpanzee either I think every Jean Akron and output to the euros of supporting actors and leave me and leading and won best actor. And it and hope that you actually grace who's never who was knocked. You ever sought probably item was a play possibly sit players the greatest by the grace of last night he's at the always introducing Bruce. And when I guess off script and but to is defense uses a promised not to be political we have some of these profound to say you guys say right. You know Curtis bottle it was leaked on CBS all I know Sean yeah. And I. It's. And. Osu the only great thinkers solid defense all have is the only anybody in the history of motion pictures says the F were bad. And I think you know it's it's pixel occurs say in that room brawl sets I mean that's his life on the line a lot of Tompkins and analysts. What a great where was that like radiance and we had the did the chick was senator radius and yet and yet. That if they are you know probably 101000 people you think this one's single trump won all. No Jesus now. Notre we don't have those people who've been your forever but if you're rubber tuner you have friends who writers. I mean hello you either. The music legend you think she's funny and can't come up with something better than F trump. Trump sounds like Abbott rural island what is this. Laura. And theater imagine Obama to god bless and I can imagine. Jiggle their friends to go watch these dumb shows. I killed my dad frank. Fired its own according Albert breeder. Tournaments. Test is triggered by subs in the wasn't the recognizable with drug testers still analyzing it so whenever. Was a stimulant at a world that that's a pain so he's a stimulus the regular season is considered a performance enhancing substance issues what does it crux of this government and. That they don't know that there is nothing. Popped out that would be and knowing. The drug in my. Wouldn't Julian Onassis. And we have alana. Campbell is around here. When he says from a source right there an element says I don't know what happened we'll agrees Paul yes yes well exactly that he knows exactly what he took he fought. He timed it right he thought he may have. Bullet and get tested and he did or whatever Republican got to the system. It wasn't but he knows what was. Sure knows who was he knows where does right. Who's gonna lose the appeal. Yes there's gonna miss a quarter of the season yes that's all that Brady will go 31 may be important if you stone team. He's going to if not Daniel Allen will go people were very upset and social media very I have an open mind about beside bought. I hope it's temporary. A couple weeks straight and those permanent who's going burgers like all day. Photos like Italy change the name compared kicks through some panels because breakfast pancakes are bad for you right illiquid they changed the name of sugar pops the ash and sugar smacks them out corn pops and Colin smacks of yes they change or candy cigarettes I don't know. Me and Terry love tonight a Nazi you know it's topics each where we trust the real folks I tell them I do you think this is Lisovicz username to from. Can thank you for chasing you see it's right or does a lot this year was all the children of this sugar that rates or was that yes temperatures and then right. Why they choose to serve about it I know my people upset about I gonna get shot a million Berger there you are. Or gorgeous programs. On the coed is the voice of my job he's coming with me. Great special this week we're running nine. Two eggs too crispy bacon strips or sausage in two world famous but who was born on a pretty good and sounds awesome to grow already. It's and murders would he get the ground can. Be put on a U. Getting paid for this he gonna get stiff because we didn't pay. While you get these cells to share with you boy that was an extra play there we'll take the show to with the with the so if we're gonna send curse over there we can breakfast which is traditional artist by the burgers I wish troopers went amok for parents Robert let's do that. I even like stuff on my only view publisher. Rich experiences weekend. All terrific in the Booth with the gelatin yeah I was real or visitors to go back and forth and he sounded now. Right to you know what I tried asking about much in the derby Della bella LA didn't bite it was nothing very cold with Motley where they are sound now. From here she's. My name him. Opponents because his friend of yours what was wrong EM bio spoke to a twenty is for the race he suggest I want not when the trouble now how government well god is unbelievable so you live mowed down a multi. Guess it between at all between your blood. Picture book was listed I said he signifies that insert frenzy at the kids amnesty statement tonight. Slices over at seven Saturday won't lose there wouldn't consider him reminded he's Nancy but he gets to eat. Early it's like. He's a waitress again and all weekend and his wife go with them. I don't know but I know no negative no there was a late night spoke with some random guy apologizing for losing you know Ross oversight she was there was much white as a maturity you know and whatever else being consumed sure I want to win. If his wife slowly moves in with. Who had a celebrity among these degenerates feel like she's a little like. He's a little star you should go and some I don't think he phoned the couple things like this week and Libya twenty games and they parties. If you shot on them around your fire filters. I did really us that's. It's always. They're gone. I think part of our history that is a that's an easy guy to replace softened on Twitter someone who was honestly got around the much had to be brought to sign now or maybe. Well I think it's yours it's just like yours went on a much it's via what's he mean science these I was talking so is ridiculous. They're. While I got to Texas what we ordered again today garlic breath of food for. They go to Michael Joyce I originally are heard some overnight hosts and a great theater the race was really the favorite wins. Was like I watched some of what's reported later rock house he was in last place and finished second with chemical. The replay and saw was of grunts face re the person ground on ports yet he was going nuts screaming outside for ten elections and is a picture of him we're Belichick right age. The the wives the bodies of no wives girlfriend. Type. Oh the only thing I saw was. Obviously show horse finish the race it was comfortable in any jockey oh so it chuck your. It's 47 pounds and the big deal. Around the Monica swarthmore that much can that's a big deal and a community of ten with a we have you with their that the Red Sox and I think he's that he and I just heard is he's trying to you don't have never does that sound rated new episode that was I would if well let's hope if I screwed up Oliver. So you were told they want us to Jordan's ball is so rob is pretty wacky on Twitter and multiple pension. Obviously Myanmar yet. Yeah. I heard about gathering team led by blocked at the sobering on the Yankees were gonna win so that's the only no guarantees that go. He was shifts from new baseball unbelievable. Right now for coming up 6177797937. We criticize him for a long time Bryant went almost 930 we'll continue to advance against the stories. We exhibition stuff on the street would you say. What trades on on the on the potential trade and yes we do have some interest in off the record stuff from sources yes we can update I guess the best we can't write. I would do an hour for which.