K&C - Adam Schefter on the Brandin Cooks trade; Nobody watched Get Up on ESPN 4-4-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, April 4th
Hour 2: Adam Schefter joined the show with the latest on Gronk and Brady, Curtis handled Headlines and Kirk buried Get Up.

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He'd skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once sports real WEEI. I we have on all the time broke the story last night with. With coach just beat him there to. Adam Schechter it's been a little while too long has going. Good morning good morning I guess first of all. We use surprise in my initial reaction was I was surprising rebellion picked that high for cook's who's your first reaction now. We'll assume he went last year for the 32 pick in the first round place fairly well and I think what happened here was that doing Lynn. Had attempted to resign him during the offseason. And they get to a certain number. And that number was hitting it dawned at once it wasn't gonna get it done little what do you do all higher. And it recognized OK we get a guy here we're we're stuck west and the rams. Had been talking to the patriots for over a month now. A better partner. Reports that circus at the rams rage that goto Beckham junior and make it's and diligence on him and some background checks. Looked into that possibility but ultimately they've decided are looking into that. That the best thing that they do you right now that this situation. Was not OBJ but ready coach they went back to the patriots. And on Monday. Shawmut Qaeda Ramzi coach Bill Belichick were fortunate to seeing coaching clinic in Georgia. And the dialogue it'd be going on between less needed nick scenario was it that you like big band bell checked. And they basically were able I think to put took place. A framework for a deal another patriots are talking to a couple other teams while we don't know what those teams were particular last year that she set a liar. A branding coach in the seem to dealing him would be Eagles and bears my sense is that maybe the tree they've got all that as well. But I think debt. The visit with mcsame spell check on Monday which was key. And the fact that the rams were in the market for a wide receiver to replace him you lock and that was key. And when you had an effective government couldn't and wouldn't restart or any coach with the rams interest in a wide receiver. There you go yet key ingredients for a deal that culminated Tuesday with reigning coach being shipped doctor LA. I sire in initial report. Your mind then we you've been told loses essentially. Eliminates a question of whether or not because he gets moves in the off season correct. And I don't think you'd ever getting booed during the Osce and I don't think there was ever a viable option that she now may be at one point to have somebody considered something. That's possible I don't know about that. Anxiety. I've checked into and that is an excellent in the compares people for various sites. I I don't sense anything Dotel and Iraq are koehlke. Is or ever was being traded as you can look we all know right never rule out anything in this business and these are you a sense that that was Avaya. Probably are above from gronkowski sand on the give any doubt that he's 100%. In these committed I mean we solve social media stuff we've seen on either shots you're Belichick subtle but still existing I mean what what's going on his. I can't answer I don't know I've not spoken to him to give you an authoritative answer CEU. He's coming back key not coming back I I think decides it widgets is coming back or imagine that he wouldn't come back but. I'd not heard that from him so I cannot tell you that are short. As we said you mention a couple times on the patriots tried to re sign branding cooks in it as simple as though that the price went up this off season with the Al Robinson money others that. It it if if they hadn't got this crazy money that there'd be a better shot to re sign him long term and and that the money this Aussie changed everything. I think that's probably fair to say you saw some of these secret deals a bit. Mike Gibbons came in north of sixteen million dollars every Lockett came in about sixteen million dollars. And Allan Robertson came in order number there nor to sixteen or something to that effect. And so when you get these big deal you see the market. Were top flight receivers it's it's. Fourteen and a half fifteen million dollars a year Norton there. And I don't believe the patriots intent was to go that are ready to eat it. Would have liked to brought him back at a certain price and arrow mines where it was all my guess should be somewhere in the twelve range somewhere right around there. And obviously Branko looked out there so these other waters you getting the money and it was get a bit. To what it was offered us to choose sides have been able to get a deal done what he's had. That might have been different when you look at that point time and it might have been a favorable deal. But the money on the receivers. Quickly started climbing and once it did it made it difficult if not impossible. For New England to keep coach and what it was gonna keep coax we'll have what do you do it and that's where these trade conversation take place. Adam the fact that they wanted to resign him which suggests they valued his production do you think it is easy for them to replace that are people overlooking what he brought. Are people that bolt that makes sense look I I think they value is production and they would've liked were brought back connecting to retreat this you although. They sign a certain value their mind to every player and in those contract talks. Obviously it was gonna go to a spot that that they felt they were on comfortable going Q now. But again they would like you kept him predicted guys production but at the same time. I think they feel like did you find a way to replace that they're not easy but I Il. When you got 4040 where you'll quarterback like to have that guy who was an. A strong principal locker room well liked well respected. And not what these guys any issues. And so. Now you've got out of the people what looked Julian Edelman is coming back crucial it is there Malcolm Mitchell is coming back. Rock we expect back. So if all those ports are there if they all horrible see that it does all pleased the way and it does that then they should be okay here and again I don't see it done making moves they got double one double to oops. And they have to see how they go and replace some of these guys that they got rid of Europe for the last year but again. To answer it both ways. Italian and his production but he did seek I think they think they took her place. He did you know given we know who he is released on the past couple years he spoke of the 41 the starting next year showing what most people are thinking around here anyway. Is it one of these four picks that did to Jews and the two ones they gonna draft a quarterback and that seems pretty reasonable line of thinking now. Actually. Peaked at that is completely reasonable they look. Hewitt did decide to do because his. We've seen how the patriots manipulate to draft or 88 nuclear jumping all around rising to rush back at 8160 wait. Moving around. You can look at that picture the way they lay out two days for the top sixty spree I believe it is. Three they get that nine Ers. It's forty series of my mistake in an enormous. They got a couple hole that they created the created a hole at quarterback pretty Jimmie throughout looks like those fixed. And they created another hole out receiver now. Again it all the change of outlook for all right like I'm sure there are certain quarterbacks. That they like and value I don't know they are yet. At some point it may be a quarterback it's what you that they feel like forty. He's a guy we really believe in the waited it was bleeding edge of your outlook I I think people will to go get a quarterback. I think that they would. Treat more pitch to go in at quarterback the right one at the right spot you're not going I don't seek to number two the New York giant spot. Not a movie just your job Shalit or Santorum ordered a quarterback is available outs tries to make what. They had the ammunition now to do what they want me to stay if you packaged together those were pitched the first two rounds. You get basically anywhere you want it yet. Anywhere you like and so. It all depends that they at this orchestra players but initial order ya lucky Turkey you quarterbacks are more high IQ. Add to get any sense that in the reaction yesterday was make this trade now try to pick for O'Dell Beckham junior is that on the radar all for the patriots. Look I have not heard that discussed that that doesn't mean that it's not. So that's possible. Anything it was possibly guess at what. It doesn't seem to meet the to be to Petri away. To go entries for waters you want to contract could be key to. That that that just doesn't seem like something that they would deal now we all agree. At that guy is is an on believable LAB de identified situation at basic boy he's force what are we got. Give out again but I haven't heard that effect as of now at that meat bet they could make a run at him I know a lot of people were. Wondering out sluggish I get to order patriot treat your auto BJ I don't see that. And it's not happen but I don't see that happening right now. Is it it's unusual given this time given his history at this point Brady's contract would usually be redone it hasn't happened yet these any reason why you did did did did something to the Belichick Brady situation or or or do you know when an office. What ego what we're realists. Now on it. I used race to war. In the past as usual he's redone it. I don't think that's usual lucky you know years and it's 41 of the test on its. And so what why Unicode get a guy like that or on eight. Notes for. Three years down the line when none of us Tom Brady included have any idea. Peace to be playing into receipt sent an auto it would primarily between two seasons. About Crocs contract obviously the dude is this talk that's gonna be redone as well he's Crockett like that to be redundant that's why he's. You know bluffing and tweeting with the WW Wii and all the stuff did you have you heard anything about cross country. I have not and they got them last year but not sticky it was earlier the year it would support or she. It's a firmer correctly or maybe Wednesday but to go back and look he checked in with a tree edit salute incentives to this contract. And get it against you probably need an answer firm rocketed intentions soon you. Well I mean immediately exit before the draft by the way and and we got it officially answered for Tom Brady he's actually playing. At that app and smell the again and we expect that back. We do we know or shall percent are ready interest earning 4018 key that I I believe he would expect is but I haven't heard officially. You recent eight degrees the question matter. America and discreet question now is saying like we're talking about Robert Reich and show dishing out we don't know official duties in the back. Like little rotation regularly back I ice I believe we'll we'll be back. I'm saying. We haven't got those inches officially end the threat is three weeks from tomorrow. And yes you would think that you would you would know assuming or sure for certain on all those guys in that time trick. I Gamal talked issued thanks a lot to join us our panel talked and shift from your spin. A couple switching nuggets in there I guess you know you'd he talked about the the cook stuff on tour sort of laid that out in its unusual number reaching its than usual for Schechter to bring something up like that about Brady punitive I don't I don't mean. Saving nothing Brady's comeback. Or maybe he's Jimmy Carter's visit put this in carted killed these guys say they're coming back. You're left of this we had a beach ball as every player to say they're coming and he's under contract that these cities not the Harry did any other player heavy age six part documentary at the end he says look you gotta find out what your focus what it would motivate your next year now. They have other player had this blowout in appears with his trainer and business partner was told he can't be the stadium anymore there's no not there is no chancellor dealing. Any chance Brady's retiring it's been yes there's 1% and not be higher zero you know why is it true to grow up Brady and that you have to craft. Brady went to craft its endless crab has been it has been a grip he is not going notes and a 9 am 0% which forces across apple tree and look and are getting a first round program. And that the other fall out of the NL we are related to but I agree I mean if you talk about the value for Europe it's only need the country terrific on its own makes no sense at all not the worst move politics ever made ever. It was in his craft to really sure what's Belichick could have made six phone calls may want. You Ruble that he was doing that to better crop below and better his own legacy as freeze pissed off craft he wanted to keep. Involve the same without saying yesterday Google. Belichick wanted to keep crop loans that are break. Watch him he couldn't he knew so you can craft basically set it to Belichick left the room stopped doubt mean one phone call to buddy of his immediate. Straight which is ready. Which is you know if your record as a Bill Belichick is a fire able offense. Yes it's antithetical to everything he does which we leave for the betterment of the picture correct he wanted to keep grapple he wanted to keep problem over Brady which by the way I agree would have been the right move. But you know crash had not. And did you traded Brady less yes. Yes. Because like I care about you don't I don't care but it doesn't want for. And I'll I'll during the bush. Or is he ready you would have you could have a one year and if he could have or whatever but its hold on but Brady the way he's play he couldn't you couldn't. You'll even if it big check must've known some jerk I'm saying if they try to grapple with say they traded Brady. In season to grapple with just play this game from its now. What happened they would have. Would it be Tennessee. I guess yes okay so maybe you lost it actually goes to Jacksonville to grapple with various Jacksonville well this is the benefit of confidence of seeing hello grapple pretty it was a labeled a fourth quarter. There are like fourteen points and it was excellent games that we lost the FC title game and losing the super. Okay yes and he had a couple of X eight years is that break how does saying rated oil or else thriving at 41 knows it's not all agree I I think he ends up in a spot or he's thriving somewhere where. On pick and get go to a couple different places could have been in. Played it the trade partner would have a tough. Private doctors never know we have reliving trading policies and before I figured the offseason a year ago maybe that would have. That was the Acropolis going to be great so I was I happened right for once I mean that's. Grapple is going to be great it was more irresponsible not playing Butler war tree grow to grapple. The longer term it took to its most important positions while workers tied directly with super that's Eddie I catch my side of I hear you that did that problem might be it a top five top ten quarterback but you win the super bully of a six oil RD it's played on this topic or. It's about it and we've been media's and they do need to let him go six games and let him out of anger at about a thing and look at both are crazy moves precincts are seriously what you're 1% right now for I'm 1% zero whip if you would that would that needle move at all if you start the year murmur executed they are gonna do which after today I wouldn't do. Which is trade up one of the big. Three at the top of the draft would that signal well they're not sure about now because he's gonna do it's easier for a those guys has given me the I mean made it's and again there's no chance that can help any to direct the traffic most of the defense. Isn't this still the number one area on in terms of what we're gonna see this season left tackle or defense. One million left tackle but they take a quarterback in the second that's a bigot right. Yes equity left. It is breaking news much starting your burglaries. Here murmured as happy. And I think reverend. Steve. Yeah I mean you know it's it's yes they give Dick Shepperd our security quarterback. And it is on like in Italy for photos and happy is Gerri can be sort of backed are you ready for quarterback talk and it's the reeks yes as a secular quarterback automatically mean they found their quarterback and so you know thinking when he found out if you can say for reg Jimmy drop yes other guys that they feel Kevin O'Connell and on the Ryan mallet he's spent. Pretty high draft which secretaries overall I mean that's 5050 per give me five that's what to grapple figure Belichick's much. That's what you'll Belichick's much he had his guy he had the next ten years. Waiting and waiting form here we go let's go your way and he can indicate EU trade Brady. And maybe get a first chapter for bringing a year ago you might please get in front of that they draft a quarterback automatically everyone's going to assume this is brief successor where's my death threat or quarterback with out. Identifying and supporters of the first round. And that's that even the second ranked 43 when the three quarterback given all the and he agreed if they take the quarterback 23 whoever it is that's the pretty clear sign. If Lamar Jackson sitting there and Brady amber has in previous applicable is 41 since the season starts lease you say that but he's not read on the DeLia. And now chapter asked about gronkowski he reviews Phelan middle name last year social six weeks helpful when he got the on the senate kicked I'd argue on a lot of ardent lot's changed. Just follow up four with him yet the team deals with Brady as with the April persecute or comes to Guerrero locked for leverage now's by the way rocks court. They need him after. Her career and again Belichick has me thinking magistrate. He will you trade cannot treat Belichick portrayed that you can trickle. You can't recover well and generators is it the expectation is they won't tell you about chapter is her from the patriots look for a tree but he's I think he's assuming what you set of operation could take them if croc and Rosen mr. Dicks about this a change CeBIT it I thought the college are happy to close Rappaport saying the other day unit did all the sudden now that David he's going to be there might be an announcement. Trading cores at all Archos. That doesn't mixer which is horse can lead off you know why it's easy to believe that they know bill's not. That did it they'd forget the greeted their calling my hosting us this morning for some reason driving in the work and life office. Article Belichick bill to a football guys do it gladly to try to make it seem like you know Belichick you'll know. One phone bill or disease would be a call for Alex I don't ever notice that I do. Called Ali like rob but did you ever column you never call core Alex in bill we trust. Never called Stevens Brad. Why he said. I I don't know that until we have like a lightning part of the added that's like I'm proud of the hard off the fall guy you so what do you call belly check Google I. Nobody called Brad Stevens Brad. The week we've talked about Pratt's you have an adoption he called routers Steve you called core Michael Brad Popovich Kerr I don't call call it a little called Stevens and I'll maybe I just call coach but it was too many syllables from called Brad Brad street. Brad Stevens as an awfully pocket beyoncé go well it's easy deal. He's an orderly as always football thing article very order Wales that has such an Horry is not an order that is what all priority yet bills or you don't pills can do here are again able piling on or Boise original hard answers about that. I think you called a bill before I have I that's one thing I never do. It's having had those rob as this entry was calls them the kissing David Price the receipt price or David. Or you'll see the full things all the time every bit of an example a lot of Red Sox they never. So listened to broadcaster you usually it's via NAFTA say the only about perfect brought lives as time ticks I noticed physics it. So year you're suggesting the on way to work. Yes on your driving to work yet sick in the masters moving on Friday looming you were thinking about me calling Bill Belichick and annoyed me so you've got problems but that's a guy cries a lot. This isn't normally getting what might as he solely doesn't know during the breaks to to break things and ordered forward to headlines. It one is relatives like is like in literally tangling so focused on himself. He's just for giggles like Twitter things during the break like they're adults in saint Moritz is it hits you like you know art market is book is book is not selling you need the attention that it can't see any book at all general. Anything against the grain which began seven Florio you know I don't hitters I say just does not break figured relic but if you tweet something it relic that he even. Ace Mitch funny he will re tweet it's like I don't today henin relic will reach wheeze hey he's not CD anything positive relic and I was. Young one between the show yesterday retreat and so have they call it was so happy you know they called out the Bradford. That is I Bradford got import tires to get a vixen like something negative resort dotted got a tweet at him saying I socked in May that he should be on the show full time in ED or retreat and he's a sensitive to losers what hair I wouldn't retreat. So I Andy's socks very Rodney does why he superhero just praising you okay I'm not going after somebody and yes slightly that's gonna boggling that tweet was critical of meat wasn't. I'll get them what's the setting his mark on muscular to replant the Paterno read it sold like it's not it's important that important. It comes in the area was not nervous is it ultimately answer this question about this guy you're you're let's be honest if you're the right guy to turn. Why say that my health I mean you know. You hear what what history that apparently all available not yours about quoted today as well 2617779. Seven and 93 cents Curtis go to headlines an excellent that there's Curtis with headlines next. Each time once again for. Headline news pitching between. Month sleep and was not in the first hour today was I don't play in the Intel took it about and a locked and ready to go up that you had anything that you don't like Sam you don't stop ought to on the list out of Taiwan it was a good units and they did there. When we would have to give up on that that's dumb it's my suggestion would think I can I get another question it's not quite as dumpster 3% up Peter kings picked. Page Monday morning NFL while recaps or that you had not to be in that actually is they take some breaks. And they get it over with to drive and all we can just among only likes to be doing his masters shot up like my dog poop in all sincerity month you're pathetic. You were skewed and you. It's time for Curtis courage and Callahan is. It's cheeks. What is what what does that mean you allow that. Well what's. Gonna wanna taxable sale sent us a map that. Talk 200 I lightly sedated times worse on Friday month you admire them to insert your them walking pneumonia I have had walking pneumonia and admired. All right that you lowest form and you know I will notion it's the weakest form Nader it's waterways strongest. Yeah sure that everything about the steps in mr. The betting college. Remain I had walking pneumonia and colleges went for Boston to integrate and their relatives are hostages validate and it was who cares or nobody cares what you. What. Why he responded Jerry if he's NC for him to be made just two of us here we'll we'll have to have a a model in mono match of flow without that Chappaquiddick producer incidents are not five Italians. Headlines brought to you by doctor Robert letters documents of the press he won 800 get hair. Our great friends or about one in regard to air. What was painfully what was his history with before it's Atlanta what was going so anyway. Called me and asked if Jerry had said today he was giving away or burning dvds of chip quit okay I'm doing is our maker can with Cuba got to understand what is he. He said the producer was anxious and worried about this and that the very concerned that losing your mind you're doing what's hang up. I ended the conversation report okay. For he. What's what's wrong with him I don't know you lose but we need you to understand that's his life now we these off this show I've talked to Hollywood's next spot and he's got to make sure that those relationships not ruined by UN Jerry was it that much promotion it's unbelievable what about Chappaquiddick and yet now. Every day at a channel to air I thought the movie stunk. You know. Oh Jerry's that it's you know. Jurors to file because he's like no way NBC sports possibly side show last totally discredit what you decide. The posts. All right backers are it was a truly scary sight last night on MSNBC says as Nicole Williams was doing a newscast which you heard some sounds. From Google and YouTube as it becomes available. Steve Schmidt I. Always go back to. And the horror of 9/11 and to complete reliance you know we we we are in archives are in the corner cats and our lives. I think we just heard some gunshots we listen to that her second want to around him drop. 100 shuttle was then. That was somebody's opening it hasn't seen here than. Her corner that's our lives I think we just heard some gunshots went. Silly Freddie. You can check your height and much to settle it. It's maturity of the DMZ Albert. Are much of it producer that's why you zippers god is jemaah. Howard Stern's long time engineers thought Salem is trying to raise money for his ailing wife was suffering from them formal got the engineer yeah. And Howard Stern has yet to give a cent to Scott or his family's Rick trying to raise 50000 dollars on the go (%expletive) me page. And it neither none of his. Neither he nor people around him have confirmed anything about donating and his former assistant John the stuttering John Dotson with vodka shot up to show up on what we're hanging UK which from what I got rattled by a much different element. Just relax. Who's got the engineer of your sister like item on the Weezer is a big part of which are much bigger part in our engineers are thank god. So Bob support so his wife is really sick I guess of the gulf on the page. And I guess according to his daily mails for stern is not we don't notice whether it's true I was not donated sent it. And I feel like in a way that's unfair fraud has got into energy costs turn I guess it. Why and it has the ability to think that the stores and whether he has donated or all of us know or this first place the by somebody does not like Howard's comedy on that show is trying to make him look bad and it doesn't suggested all intents and donate just that. No which is supposed to announce that the city donated money you could acknowledge that like let's say they want to let's say I mean woods posted its obligation. What why is that he's right at this point it's career starts powerful enough or be really didn't want somebody on that show and just wanted to for an engineer. Do believe in really liked it. But he did this stories planted to make Howard Stern look what does sorry John West region against turnouts are between that's stuff he donated as well also. You know there's a lot of bitterness is happens I understand that we don't the substance. If people are outside the mix they get bitter they Europe's but you know that's Stearns pitched a no its advertising he doesn't. But obligation or is do we need to do it I don't get that the on the Fed and the other side though all we need to turn Reese 50000. This story can do that in the sexual Annie Oakley could do it everybody in the second one proposed its longtime engineer and while I don't their relationship and now he's paying. But it won't want to in the streets on their relationship it's really it's going to whose wife who's fighting cancer that was relation to his friends have been guide I'm sure you do. It's just an accident opting for some Russo. You see these days we wouldn't we also don't know B did or not that's going to Nottingham leader. Yet but you wouldn't need to go find me the power had given any sort of substantial among activists. 50000 dollars plus untrue that I give it since then what's coming up that is really expensive and I don't I by a thousand dollars a year ago for all we. We know our tenable appointees what's he supposed to do is give a 100000 dollars. A million like what because what rich how much money he made their 500 million in ninety million last year. He can get behind I think it would easily about what things said he is not let those things give her 50000 dollars that you use obligated even more. That fine it then why I commands. The saints at C 86. That start on down on now. Maybe sixteenth so please god get this disease that's the flip side of people to brag about what they did it right at the you know I Nancy RD week but. Why do you have to announce of the world what you've done for chaired is doable pointed to a charities that they're not promote yourself forget some out of Boyer pat Jack and you and Robert have you visited the girl off but it no that was great great for their promise. Well what he's saying he's giving publicity to be big wrong in in his but he goon called the TV station they follow was so we hear now from all indications they're deal pocketbook as yesterday. He saw a story that let's go over the it was looking for pot belly she's definitely got your Hillary well like blocks a shot there should take pictures between out of answers questions on those questioning problems everybody and nobody said literally litter it's well. Lady to have drawn to refuse my books and he's he always there with house. You you look at Twitter just is much different Larry you two are react like this now. He was never tried to all the I bet you Twitter on and off the year. Five time rapidly I think they're hopeful that actually went on you think that girls faking it Graf quit their find that your. He said that during the break I disagree. That our guys with every IndyCar reap huge. Grown man. Carefully comic Roseanne was back last night and she was tackling PC parroting the shoe was on hold on hold on. The jury pretend watches us that are already taller and on roses and he's got like sixty million evacuate the Jerry pretends like the present it's funny because she's slightly right wing Amir's. Well people apparent difference. And they did your day turned out a lot of what he did did not work and some of it is against the law. Yeah it's it gets a lot because your generation made everything so PC. Instead spank and I mean town an adult and think about what they did wrong. You know what they're saying and I can't believe this loser isn't as they get. She strategy to Tom Morris of the humor throughout the numbers in yet want no we won't there and I heard I've final better than week one. Better than there's this old home team on television works I do you turn it on you watch it each and there was a buzz is the first time I've been on the twenty years. Have you been lasts getting your TV and film expert analysts say it's shocking cliff dive on this 140%. Sixty pursue that. Bill O Reilly's. Accusers wanted to stand trial. A year after the New York Times report came out with were Polaroid discuss these actions interim actress rich Rachel. Bernstein and respected diamond are trying to get Bill O'Reilly on the stand to discuss there non disclosure agreement because they believe that he broke his buy into the New York Times in this. I have to get this legal stuff Don I have to get this investigation done. She spiked and the else don't always one more story of it 52 year old woman and appointees in her 27 year old son were found dead in their home in Germany Germany. After being ball either Staffordshire. Terrier police that would. Possibly but we've discovered them in their wives and they report. They both led to death after attack by the the dog some boundaries. Of these. Doesn't look like a pit bulls I don't know what happened but I felt that dogs and cats on the exit excellent. It's really really good and makes it close strong headlines like buy dot Robert. Talked about it a personal grip. We're gonna make a projection of what we believe we're going to be the hot take your hearing all day we'll tell you whether or not. We think it makes sense that we start what the football got the patriots they trade their deep threat receiver Brandon Coke to the plans for the 23 overall pick. And a sixth round pick in this years draft. Before that I think factor is our executive producer bill Wolff built what is hot today. Greedy this one it will certainly be heard all over everywhere all day long it is this the New England Patriots will wind up wit. Bode well back in junior Michelle beatle how hot is that it. It's a pretty hot sake I'm with bugger on a lot of ways that I don't know why they would want. We definitely inside and makes Reese it's like biting into an onion makes you so uncomfortable. Pope. That's a good fri. And ticket you risen over it. Who's synthesis what's Asia. A city that's a big it actually is an alternate if it is not it I I know. I know Glenn fry that is knock on for a we do it it's not security. Is dead. We give me you belong in the city pleased with actual from my Vonage didn't. Jesus anyway. That's kept up which. The first show ratings. Were so bad corny 3000. Down 60000 regular sports center a year ago again hyped up. Spent sixteen million dollars on it and no 1283000. People what sort show. The watch yesterday it's there it's sounds like what an SNL parody of eight sports talk show. Would sound like that is so cringe were added that they think that is what people want in 2018. SNL. We'll do a skit like that in the next year with a duke a talking head sports shall look at it it. It big problem right now they're the battle one that looks so comfortable it's ejected doing like I'm a singer Jim ingredient bats are making fun themselves do not believe so. Like if for meet our immaturity to let's say boy. The show sucked what went wrong why why are we so where are we have to be any indication here where they. Marketing it as they were doing anything. A lot of stories and they're gonna be the walk ratio makes it very much offense Greenberg resigned her average which would six supports that to support other that notes that same show they always do except. It's weird they promoted Jalen Michelle beetle and now. Mike Greenberg they've ever wants and border MacFarlane ever to show gosh every day he's fourth man and he's been their every episode every segment. The first three days the shop and you know I've seen this you know even though its tail. When they know they've got. They don't agree worked around not Greenberg you don't say a word of the day on day two get up. Weekdays 7:10 eastern time on ESPN Caleb Johnson social media director what is my word of the day both in Paris. Safer. Vociferous. Okay. Now I caught that bull that cost him the Madison and I'm hoping very very vociferous. Saying that Philip right. And I always say I know I know. They guys report I always say this. If you were to bar haven't been a difference in summits are talking like that you would say you need we need to bring you something to be watched institutionalized. Heavy conversation like normal people do I don't think it's not that difficult and how wild life like you might get Hillary Rosen Shelby you'll see the Mike Greenberg. Geez you we have important goal of these guys are the talk was awesome talked with that is why you. Because the idea that actually do that you've got into. First thing you're different you really mean that yes you are comfortable talking about that stuff on the are clearly they're not disclosed active. Mike Florio that Mike Florio campaign that he was wrong. I'm Mike Green Burke's not gonna talk about something that's sensitive and real well in those shocking about sister Jeanne and and making up poetry. The first data show again jail and rose. Really good player I think a pretty good basketball analyst who's never drawn ratings life Greenberg same thing we shall Beagle. Twitter creation is never drawn raiding your life in. In Borger MacFarlane who's seen it in the that pretend it was on the show they put them altogether and it's like what do you think's gonna like. Purposely boring doesn't you could you could do that 1520 years ago. The world changed it doesn't work anymore why the F clinical failed in Bedard site will fail people on here that it's true. It's going to fail if two people don't know what that. I've heard you do this ran over and over again at what point are you going to say this is not specifically about the people on the air because they're being told to do show a certain way because so change aid they you know you get hoping to be going around OK but EU you had less to lose at that point they are now at at star city ESPN. I don't think they have the power to say. To tell producer at this point we're gonna change this entire direction the shot to three up well you know we should gradually move you say this is a working this isn't working while we like. And it's just this and the people say because there are three shows they wanna do you think they know it's a failure that automate that they relatives they know it is media. People simply to have to take responsibility for what they're doing it with Sinclair thing in the fact that their reading some script that's coming down from corporate all across the country that the more extreme example but in the same way. That those people should be stepping up doing rate being at ESPN if you really doing is not working and I don't know if all things number 1 rated morning. As a it doesn't matter what the personality say they haven't he won't say it like at 9 o'clock showed the watching on NBC nobody gets no buzz. Nothing will rise only none none of that Toobin I'm saying the militia employee Ali and hollering he's that you and I can talk I talked about I was on the I mean nobody you know he's. A graduate but but nobody is watching it gets no buzz we never talked all left. It's like he just retired judge things we think that showed as a did you I truly believe it was for him like politicians don't want that again and again as noted there. Also a lot of truth to get a generous military is no buzz that it's it's so it's not working but that's okay the U grip on embassies or bosses what you do but never even mentioned Nissen tells me we're doing something. Because nets and if so. I grounds that. Telecast this doesn't try. If life and I together right. So I'd like death appears because of that we are older than yes please we are willing to talk about the subject to that to some degree you're saying we should. I guess I'm not really matter and not really quite. Our sports conversation can veer into societal stop for a while we're works to connect snows again this went way to get done and the baseball show yet this year. For what will we do when. This course the board okay baseball shall too the race he should talk about what a suicidal thing that alt well base what all this just hollow shell actually Austria a year that's all. Well that's at that you're there are people all in Fall River unsure it's been labeled her a lot of wal is in Fall River what was the what he's David and David fla yes and no doubt Fred in front of Maryland accuse unit and I read on his eighth inning to get your juices well. And does not. If it gets the gets me on price. Some that's been there are there other people sick and twisted like me you'll enjoy the conversation in the ninth inning effort shore and those people deserve a television station Rihanna as well for fighting the good war I agree they also they'll deserve a a radio talk show after Red Sox game replacing a guy can just sit back relax and baseball we. Baseball show and if it were they never they never forget my ever know I did one. Want to show with Felger in penguin you get I was six ebony yours at this point we've worked how to fill in for meter meter conveys you know you're destined for awhile. I wasn't like me but yeah. Rely on those remembered as a highly decorated and final game of its quick two game interleague series with the early birds start on the six stent and she's credit wasn't early birds and acts that meter right now. Happy are pretty but it's in Florida yet to you it's the audience. All year. Andy's. And it is the shows I said the after watching the first three minutes I've been on good at that as sort of with all respect review and Lou. I said the with all your thought about not gonna make it was always saw five minutes and that's like it's not gonna work. Oddly at FA an afternoon show the show it's over it's done don't build ten for the year so when it's more money away but it's it is over. What they should do I know I have no idea for the solutions and non none the weird thing about this show like Kevin said they've taken bad Sports Radio segments like hotcakes right now. Where you mock pot takes and then now doing it on. Multi multi multi million dollar platform. That that is just what other shows trying to make us strategy to try to win Twitter support ESPN. But Twitter eats my Greenberg for as a matter even even quarters say you know what you shifts so bias issue that you had a field show you an idea yes failed. That was partly muscle yeah I was a yard or because of something in much you can. We show that starts up badly and and what did you see at what point did you find this an amount that was present coffee I want to bring out here. So is it straw on the air my mom was not ready for that job she's paralyzed obstacle in the air act like. What he thought he talk show should be. I Leon I write about the show got better he would say it would riot shall it was too late you know I think people would just decide to being in the ratings were that Korea but I I think I think he's going your pocket you talk off. So I knew he could do that and I knew he's also kind of dominant for the fun of himself which most important ball. And we could tweak it have a good time that's all. Care for those peaceful as a matter any at all and a lot of baseball because they took that that doesn't and that drives Lou crazies in it doesn't matter to me. At all. Would have a thought I am earnestly tomorrow the decision a baseball guy like is the same days Gately it's not a bad idea antiquated thinking I don't think that. To mossy and with the afternoon boys to interview courts and I know him additional loss. Of what baseball do it for now via. I don't I don't know nor care. Somebody's future if you would demand one key is keep it. But why OK this is a key notices from fixes for Lou this is rob grant for world all of it hasn't robbed right in critical of I just that show for their questions that job fair legal addictive robbed call after its wind and asked as they do that mean you know talking to rob right this is not rock out there are this is the interviews because I wanna get information when it was rugby little head to amber to ask him today. I'm listening because of relevant things to me. My other job. Great but what matters in the questions I think Dale Arnold can handle interview with Al score into his forty year old steel airs on the side of being nights. OK I mean what gentle interview right today today five and one. It's the first interviewed him ever should gaelic grandma and not to drag around us equities with their. When you do that when you have all of the hard on what why question today with a lot of people out there were question right it so happens rich and a good job with our URL Cabral cumbersome if rich disagree with Farrell I think he's pretty good. So I've only gets you need big issue. Which I agree adding dale Aussie friends too which describe I don't think cares. Field. He still somebody who knows the questions they ask you have hockey guy and you have to medicate him interviewed without score I think you could. Can't think rich can't push for Dallara which again is on a whim now. Not when you don't think so it's rich kid years you'd down on dale interview and Alex core bill that dynamic at least thus far always with Earl was. Rich yes it's a question to you look good that's good good cop can't to label Sony's that he shot she now. More a little bit more medium. If if the softball question is such it's all over the two. You're promotional press conference with firm with you but she refutes. I'm not the guy. On the fly balls lately budgeting happens in between you guys. Yeah there you go round and rob Bradford on leaving core will be nervous to come back phone should finally this question do you think if Ian Browne and rob Bradford your friends review Corey record be handy shaken as you talk on the phone those guys are from corpus for William Bratton who works for the Red Sox essentially. Yeah that's it'll be okay so that's that Rick Ian Browne who lives so that Dale Arnold you know quite put dale asking tough questions but all your buddies UPD Abraham asked tough questions at the same question in my buddies in Spain flash Danny is. It is like let's talk what you gutless wonder and really I am I'm not a guy who was hardest in the entire market on John Ferrell last year. To his face was rich keep yeah I would or I got worried about actually outscored the gets conducting your problem I don't think loose happy to show those guys lost Corcoran. I think it's better with this area is Lou as a relationship with core it would it would go south pretty quickly if he had to beat when asked them questions. But not all that was in Libya and have to go down who let a couple questions ago I had our three time political excellence haven't sampled every night. 7937. We'll get back to the forest after back to cook stuff. With us from him up with something else want to play one of the work and maybe some of that as well forgetting something dammit we want to have a posse to right. Yeah I don't get why are good so we X we'll do that as well our troops next.