K&C - Adam Schefter of ESPN on the strained relationship between Belichick and Guerrero 12-15-17

Mut & Callahan
Friday, December 15th
Adam Schefter joined Kirk, Gerry and Mut to discuss the relationship between Bill Belichick and Alex Guerrero.

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I've been told that this has been going on nearly all season. I career aero is a big problem and that not only has he been banned from the sidelines he's been banned from the building since early on the season. That's Greg Bedard on I think it was off a master of the question for. I interest we've been talking about action I was on I think I was working the phones and a pointer when you enough. Which is faced much talked about that yesterday and get to weigh in its interest in not surprising I think there's an issue. Well we thought that when the you know it's eight weeks ago when. He talked about. Is really super Brady loves Rob Lowe and asked about Guerrero he said. You know he works with Tom yeah works with Tom right and shipped joins us now is we just a couple of times are in the years brought to buy counter retire in MD Anderson Cancer Center Adam what's going on. Good morning except in LA unit. YouTube you knew if you heard any of this huge play Greg Bedard we've heard some whispers as well there's sort of a belly check. Alice Guerrero issue of you heard anything about that. I think to your point I've heard whispers about that were seen as well there's some sort of issue a true do not know each state did it I do at all. Don't know how launch Bruin and history of but clearly that he did something there but I don't know what to make it two yards to. You get the sense that it says that. When you've heard the whispers it's a big issue word's display of these things. Boyle and it'll blow over. Ali I I don't know how to quantify. Again I it's it's not the first time I've heard it this seat him. But I don't have extensive knowledge of it Tuesday. Or just a big deal this is not a big deal. I've ever sources ever describe characterized the relationship between Belichick and Brady TU and and what do they say. I have a good relationship I was I think debt. I'll hit an issue listen that he did their dynamic this year. Ugly out Guerrero law and did you drop below one ever relationship goes through different scene it is in. On and false and ups and downs. And I assume aware directed day I just know that accurately has been an issue at some point edge in its come up the cut at first arms and brought attention. And there we are. The other quarter Belichick's not paying 200 goals for the app probably not no thanks. Cool expensive and the guy is the quarter of one of the few quarterbacks not here Adam IGB drop Lois had an an excellent couple weeks. Has it affected the 49ers process after the years his simplest franchise tagging hammers are going to be bigger market and he's gonna wanna test that out given how well he's played these two weeks. Well they're always franchise in debt now or you'd be the case now the thing is they cure Jill long term deal done. Advance which in the want to acting the way he has played so far as dawn news. Probably is enhanced security they were edit deal. Prior to this franchise tag deadline to or stamps just to keep what. What we're anxious forgotten it gotten because you want to see him and believed him to sack the murderers. They had to bring him out there he had to see damn bit see him. But at CNET Cusack got along where they want to enter into a long term partnership together because the truth is that. The porn are still could go pursue Kirk cousins they still could start its threat quarterback wrote to lead actors or maybe low. Although they've won two years. Repetition knock at the extent. Perhaps at top quarterback that they would want. But to me you grow up blow it counter cold is like a leasehold or so just be a good place shall replace salute you bought. Please so that you might be. Connect troops for years to come but it secured the position. As much as it did anything else because they had one quarterback. And they decide they want to want to another quarterback via free agency trade draft. They always condemn you to be droplet chip but the way to he's played lately. I think the two sides have gotten closer and more pressed there are expected to Rome and they have increased chances that he did. Wind up but you don't see the different were no real and it to market and walk that was never. I feel acquiesce to ask you this every year we have this conversation every year how many vacancies in the being coaching in the offseason and you think one of those jobs or both. Both coordinators will leave it to a group we've done this for the last 45 years but it seems like once again the B 67 jobs open in patrician mcdaniels will be. Prominent candidates. Well the question I believe is more apropos. And more time than ever before and actually get because. In my mind there are gonna be eight to ten openings this year. Little. Aaliyah and I I got a ten source there essentially a third of the league and openings where we'll I view. I can do you see a plume ludicrous question about argued kept a leak. Does that Sean does Sean McVeigh changed the that dynamic in the a look at thirty year old guy now. I think what would it toward its changes. It put more pressure. On current coaches because they usually they don't LA. But he knows that dumpster. Mr. Lloyd this guy got his turnaround alike and our coach when he wild week on. Three straight years without a playoff so I think Sean May's. And leverage they were all coaches like beyond that if you go back to turn of the century. Vehicles that are six point eight head coaching change per year every year or two out six point eight and usually. Warning that number comes in low on wanted to work back to back years it certainly jumps up next. And again. I have no doubt in my mind it really get minimum of eight. Minimum date and security got one. And his mate mcdaniels Phil won because. Here's the here's the thing as it pertains to New England. The one question that changed its English it is cool. Or you'll meet jobs which candidates are still in the jobs and are you not seen QB. In excess of candidates out there like they're good candidates that you are and inevitably the first. Seen in the first names you go back to adjustment into that pressure there was the first real. And certain Maine which Josh. It's only been a question of can he get the right opportunity came he. Can he get a spot where he's comfortable with the GM and happy with the quarterback in a position where he's good with the incarceration at years. And I'd and I think he Buick leads and Matt Patricia. You know I think it's like it's from the spots are wary. Families are happy I don't think he's looking to lead the Argentines are gonna make it hard for him to stay. That he doesn't mean a pitcher so I think there's any real chance. I will olestra was eighteen you're gonna make runs. At both those court and spoke. Do these any part of that. He's any part of that conversation. We're Belichick says hey listen I'm only around for X many years from around for two more years Josh around for one more year three more years of that ever enter in the conversation now. Cinema just like. Sure you. I you know I I don't see dad couldn't I don't think that. I don't think still think he's near the end right now I know what he's done prolonged time. And you wonder how much order but pretty is energy level drivers territories ever pay it. So. You know I don't know what the coaches two more years eight more years to worry I like he knows. And don't think about that sort article approach. We your assistance will be yet he is all players guards say hate I like tickled for many. When you have no idea how much you approach the idea after him so. To me it is either one of those guys get an opportunity. That's attractive and appealing. I don't think you can turn down and it'll. We're gonna make his coordinators to teach you to take good care of them. But I think coach in his league Beckett goes out and make 456 million dollars a year. So. It's hard to turn that down I think. In this particular case it's the right opportunity comes one and I believe all angles and Patricia of all to be approached by multiple teams that multiple chances to go. All right so lobby for what you go my main take refuse interviews you were clear. Forty niners will not trigger up low for 41 round picks correct that the that is where he sank. Is that right. I'll talk to Serena thanks a lot at reality you can sound. And shift previous paean.