K&C - Adam Schefter joins the show to talk about the NFL trade deadline 10-27-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, October 27th
Hour 4 - Adam Schefter calls in to talk NFL trade deadline and gives his view Kiki Alonso's late hit on Joe Flacco. 

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Skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan plug Sports Radio WEEI. I'm a lot of feedback on the podcast you played seven jury not play again at 9 o'clock our response what's gone on the station here the past couple which we do that for you guys. I'll a lot of first we're lucky enough to have had shifted to once again he's brought you by countered ire at enjoys an eighty yard line what's going on. Good morning what's gonna petition to a double. You happen. I'm guilty I was on the broadcast. You know as a podcast I yourself. You gotta work yeah never a dull moment before we get to trade deadline adamant and ask your question I really don't know the answer and and I hope you do. Chris mortenson did a fascinating interview with Peter king and a podcast and reveal the lot and it was great great stuff. Why is ESPN allow their guy to give it to Sports Illustrated why not sit down with a view you guys are good friends. Why why do give decaying. The outlook for so I didn't podcasters with more. Less February ordered I think it was February January uttering a record number did you last year and and I mean it's like. I gotta get more so I don't I don't look at that way I don't which it that would it was more relative borders it's so relevant. But I'm glad I'm not looking for anything from him in that regard and and and sector he gets to share stories with others in. And you want to do it straight to the as usual it was Peter. Doesn't do not look Peter till midnight. Your bush. Is going to. Partners. Where we have what we are more competitive than that radio I guess because I can imagine given it's not. Listen. Listen world world at Arnold weighs over certain days in that regard I have Euro. Competition or Euro competitive fire. To make sure that I picked Chris from what I. It's like that's like. I think particularly an and then back into US and I I've never thought I'd like dad ever ever and and and now I'm glad Peter did. I'll let that he shine a spotlight. On ruled that Moore has been through and always overcome and the great man that he is such. Could hurt him and Victor Moore I I never thought I'd like boy I'm sorry I didn't get that. I admit I didn't mean you're sorry I meant to you gave a great story to a competitor into seems strange to me but. Anyway we can now move on. And all of a beloved exodus. Peter did a great job with it. And and Peter Peter is very good things. And so. A situation where you know preferred him to earn more. Okay what's your take that page is going to do something by this deadline new the old days it was no they won't know Leo now people almost assume they're going to give what's happened last couple years. Well you know that's in. If we go back to last year that you were portrait or the deadlines or. And three of them involve the patriots rate so that they they are. Basically. Always aggressive or jackets. Ends. And will be again this really do anything. What. It it will lead and shortly making cold and exploit things. See naked. Upgrade and need. The bottom portion of their roster. In some holes. That they only seem to mind. The Kyle's and all least. Be people that. Nobody watched or every cost or at dale will look to executions still dorsett child emulate. Shame we'll go on and on. And didn't seem to see they get at them and all surprised if there's another guy. Or two. That that happens or this week on punitive will work or trigger lock. You expect big names to be traded the deadline on Tuesday out of. Well what big name's amber is seen Adrian Peterson doubts that they need and yet bill usually doesn't do bet are acting. But we get the standards. Right now we're we've got a rather JAL volatile toxic combination. Taking that are added a little hope Cleveland. Samper just go Indianapolis. No hope they're not going anywhere this year you've got young aggressive GM's. And you got to Cupertino federal once together where everybody thinks that big Irish chain to go to the playoffs everybody. And so. I think we'll be some activity but some activity in and tell leaning toward three traits like that that would constitute a beauty days you know a portrait of what. I'm restoring I think the I I think they'll become great yes. We were laughing earlier because Deion Sanders and built power and didn't think the Kiko Alonso hit. Was dirty and I have seen it now won nine and at times I'm not sure why you come to that conclusion is Alonso he didn't get rejected but he is gonna get suspended as a non. I I would think he would I think you'll get a game that listen. Joseph Flacco tried to pull out and was hit it what are slight I think it typical like Kiko Alonso to always. Liked. The issue that you can have. It would when he discipline technically well we'll be lowered his shoulder slight quarterback. At least in the city could report. And because of that I think it's going to be a situation where it is and it won't surprise and later today. All in all of this group in your beliefs just to be clear once again you believe the patriots will trade grapple by the trade him that I had a rough. He breaker and. There are now actively shopping in this is there. Any any you know. In all honesty. On and it Fidel lawns story I mean it you know it's it's we should they're not they about a week and and that is again a bowl quarterback situation does play out again I have been of the mind that somehow or on the way each and throughout law. And and again it just is very interest and then you know in the off season how they proceed what happens. I'll talk Q I'm sure it online thanks to join us this morning. I don't talk to them I'm sure after ESPN bother getting traded mine yesterday. No now now. Alex and please wait on it that way right on the world they're speculating lessen the running back situation as they could do it Lewis are yes yes they can afford to run and turn it you think they couldn't afford what for their well it's no longer I was just talk about last night a little time that officials who loves art. Our car. Rex Burkhead it. You know Kevin Burke market is the only other program propagated down on the corner exit point of shouldn't chuckled into Sunday morning for Saturday night 809 to twelve coming out 91 with him in the shed for one. Here come the ship of the patriots and thought I'd do not want to go to the show because he's from my TV I we're gonna do this the best we can say is we distinction has been under siege the last couple of weeks behind the scenes people lose to a lot. I let the shortly yesterday from my frustration not be able talk about the year you reject Gerri nice to meet you podcast last night a lot of feedback at 7 o'clock. One to play again here at the end of the show we encourage you to listen to this. And I say one more thing that management has them behind us here at the studio here at the station they say and Director General meant to them because people aren't sure of that trust me the guys here in the building and then I'm a 100% and we appreciate that 85%. Ninety. Sports Radio WEEI. Adam and the way the locker room of the news from our. I'd severity. There he that turned out of this word on grant program and we're done we're done and we proved our message they proved our point best we can. So did our best he has to us compared to an excellent two man show on Friday we got to two ratios through Monday Friday you and I is right there today he's he's just took its pre workout he's ready to go he's yeah he's focused again. When mediate heard it through them I've walked by discussion of potential pronouncements and whistle and Curtis and I speak Spanish. You can translate them we talk and speak Spanish you can really distinguished translate some Spanish and I was okay and I can understand how that manifests itself in the and it's a lot of talent. He's had a great series. I gearbox is Cyril I hope that's the talent either. What do you mean. The beauty of boxes here everybody and boxes not how it's true yeah I stood front and get heated Coco Crisp these are lucky quick and easy we ever reaching do handfuls serial do you ever say you know what I don't want anymore you know yourself know I have to bulls says enough right that's honestly how disciplined -- that's on -- I think it is you've got to figure and a week from today that we should really do good jolly analyze he thinks he can say Friday so he could say amid big guys are up next when was in the hallway are talking with some great market smarts to hear that a real came to podcast we'll happened I wanna say and you do to we appreciate the support lot of little else there's not a blunt listeners some sponsors and advertisers and feedback from management today in the hall while we replay the podcast thanks to them. We makes the most of the salespeople as well most of them agree. Yes yes. I can't oh I'm I'm surprised and encouraged by the support we got in this building it out and out and now we can't respond all these tweets and texts but we do appreciate them and we appreciate you. Patronizing a sponsor's exemption after thanks you guys well we'll see you Monday morning at 6 o'clock with Tom Britt TD twelve after a big. 3514. Win over pitchers. Moderate amount of predictions and I'm gonna look a little tweak my prediction chargers suck for a warning to they went X chargers when he and intelligent response today but he also charged through it you've done charity care we'll see you Monday morning at 6 o'clock. Discouraged that. She's a smear that's what's trending well W you got your goal. That could lead him.