K&C - Adam Schefter on Tom Brady's offseason, Josh McDaniels' return to Foxboro and Rob Gronkowski's contract status 8-9-18

Mut & Callahan
Thursday, August 9th
Adam Schefter joins Mut and Reimer to recap the Patriots' offseason, including Josh McDaniels' return, Rob Gronkowski's contract status and Tom Brady's timeline.

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The best NFL insider across the league ESPN's Adam chapter joins us usually I guess this show quite a bit during the season at a Mike and Alex this morning how are you. Achieve what Boston we are getting wrapped up here patriots and Redskins tonight the talk in these parts and it remains to be. All things Brady and ballot check and as far as that relationship goes and that the long term of both those guys and you gone on record say which I think is gonna be in the league the longest Brady or Belichick which guys' sticks around. With the patriots. At least in question is obviously buddies we see no. Need leaders who don't have ever done. Quicker and I'd be. Harmed in the year to year basis now I will get a distinct yet. We will succeed at every year and shattered. After last season heading into this season. I think I know. I don't think he'd. Confirmed acknowledged that could. I think at the water a day while wanna come back and it would ultimately be dead at least one upped the game. You will need to me you're a year like yeah can be any way more here's your weight or more years you can you can actually this year. So to me want to. I don't see. You'll get your preconceived. So I get out of money to build this is. Like older than forty hours 41. Pretty wide outs. You that he is why we are war but war where it is. It feels like whoa quiche and you want news watch I don't know what do you do what you did coach. Yet even actively involved. In the. And you imagine the Brady stuff could you you had a during the offseason that you're Brady hadn't quite confirm to people around him. And eventually he did he's going to play I was curious now a couple of months removed how seriously thought I got with the quarterback. How much she thought about not playing this year. H partner accurately. Gauge but I can play that they're working people. It around the organization honestly did not mean HBOS was a they didn't know he was in place and that that's what I'm talking about a year to year basis. What what they see you yeah well we think we haven't heard we don't know. If they don't know. Then. There's some sort of question I doubt they're still. Again I can't play he'll like it won't went poorly it's white wandered retired U thinking about doing it he pitched well do we get. What are adorable and who daughters Margaret course is behind you so deviation call you and all we decided it was game to watch what did she light level to get it up. What are up until about yes. So where does that turn apparent turning point for Brady go out and has if you look at Tom first time documentary. The episodes that were filmed prior to its when he seventeen season Brady was talking about I feel like I'd many more years left there's one scene yeah they're they're Costa Rica. It's and I still pinkie on closer to that front in the hands and obviously that's changed so. Do you do you do you know it's hockey when this apparent turning point took place. Well we'll report that congress got you right you're talking about how he got many years like you needed documentary. That orbit harbor city made it would be edited a collection. I like late. Our on our crazy year. I don't know how much longer I can wanna do this something that that writing in the yeah yeah oh absolutely yeah. OK so so the tone changed over the course of the season I don't know what that war will seek you the OC. And who last year. Which Florida and everybody in many waves. In many weights. Okay. It was a step. In and out there. We don't know. Was real real. Life. Clearly. If we just look at Tom's comments from the media in the year it was Ichi mutual. So. What happens is generally speaking. When you're forty years old you're playing and I think that should you should any player not just a robbery Tweety the wall -- Your body hurts and I don't remember John Elway. One like Mbeki when it releases it two years. Did you request out too well but that it will be forced to leak. Yet. When you play him on Sunday. Body will be sort of Monday and then. You don't have producers' body will be Suharto all in wager there's certainly broadens sort of followed setters and they got that point. There are certain that aren't. You just leave the actual sorts. Your body. Which administer themselves. And that is beyond dispute. But again generally speaking 41 year old bodies are up this. Sport like this. With 280. And we're gonna YouTube it foreseen by speed. And slamming into the right. That Egypt also like it can any body sort. He's got. No money for the children's children's children. Like reached out to more than and so the love of the game has gotten. Again I think that when you have the good old mental told any huge quality surrounded him and his team last year. Why you wanted it's. Outlawed. So you you you talk about the physical tall Adam obviously this offseason green missed on non mandatory routier's he hasn't thrown as much this camp. A lot of us have been ferry that all that has to do with the reported rift between him and politic but is it at their physical component to that. As well pre during lessons camp and as we said missing out on non mandatory practices this offseason. I definitely believe is he still won't let me do you think Amelie it will. Where the rest of your players. In injured. Late twenties early thirties again against what one. How many rows in the norm and to go back generally you can't physically get do we. Like a really good way he obviously it'll hopeful today put behind center he be good starting quarterback. But the issue race is basically it just becomes hugely any. And so the patriots sport that regard. It currently. Number grows it is all year. You might as well preserved and well. And while armed and it has launched last week I don't think indeed it. Right now they can do you need rest and then. Lard or just in Smart. The right age managing its leader managing the roads. Trying to preserve it was long he can. I'll bet you that. Yeah it is over time you looked back at last year you were four students years EC you know. Line rulers of the year. He didn't brown will be pressured in the year and to me what you're doing right now just. He's definitely moved me in Anbar and it's just more. At a Shepperd and jets are joining us this morning and we were shocked around here out of when Josh McDaniels took the job and Indy and it ended up back here. Our clock how much of an impacted Tom Brady have on that decision again Josh back in the building and do you believe. That Josh has been given indications that once Bill Belichick is not the coach anymore he'll be the next head coach of the New England Patriots. Well into the purse or I don't think of plus or at all. Like he Josh. Has an obligation understandably. So. You do what you write an and I don't think we guards. Oh boy I'm Rachel workers actually end up on the go back. I think Josh. Respect and admiration while we recognize how much did get him in the organization but. When you're positions like that you're doing what you're you're. Weblogs com where you can set back the patriots. Because well I don't wanna abated Tom Brady is what my career. I don't wanna leave him hanging had a I don't Laura Bennett bill bill you're your view or do you believe the best will be removed actually second board question. Do you like it could that you limit the potential suggest you go bowl check today asked. What what does that mean Bill Belichick coached all I warriors and what we don't like. Public's longer you will won't coached and so. Was just saying. Bills coaching two warriors and and the unbeaten disappeared with Tennessee Titans slumped adjustment in my years at court. You know this great coach urban didn't work now we wanted to go to key. What's the socket what they can critical together and luckily. So. It's great sort of like. Looks lesser extent yeah. You can be engaged you broke her and you could let a wedding for two years got water. What how do you know that she's not really you or your luckily our. I mean it's pretty rare for him to do what he did did the colts' new ones the last head coach that took the job essentially Adam and then. Said thanks but no thanks I'm with Ali talking to coaches on the colts app and hiring them. And then leaving that can coach of the altered that that's pretty rare in the NFL. Dave McGinnis editor the Chicago Bears. And there have been other coaches. Who. Actually at the scene of warm creation of the players where they tore the keyboard to sign it only changed your mind the next day. She'll attend college recruiting is. Oracle's amended so that doesn't happen very often it was a shock a lot of people. Well again. In the end that he got cold and didn't do what was right it liberation and so he came back. It is equally that was great secret miss them. Adam we heard a lot of talk this offseason about new contractor restructured contract to Rob Gronkowski. What's the latest there. I. Don't look I guess we can acted well but we're now on August night. And issues that were received in the audience washing it and nothing got done and I don't lawlessness that and botched world. I had begun any indication. So these wars close to getting dented any warning that this units have been couldn't get done actually the next one of the course or the regular season. On. To my knowledge up till now I don't think anything that got quotes. Sort of recent. There's also report a couple weeks a lot of wanna ask you about I think as reported by Ian Rapoport the docs Guerrero has been guide Gillette Stadium on. A daily basis is not a significant development. Or or is that just par for the course. Again. It it's sort I don't know whether deserted in. Walt's true. My guess you'd need it now be notable litigate. Everybody shut down at the year they talk for hours. While they try to figure out what works well but arms. Number grows being reduced. Off maybe that was Florida conversation league Alex Cabrera was quoted in Asia it is true that there I'd like Gallup but it is and bear. I don't know the dynamics. It is beyond its so it is icky it there there regularly. In that makes unhappy yet either to get there. He said they talked for hours at a is that is that Brady craft spell check Guerrero is that I mean that that took place before and after the season Aussie senate. All the powers that he could when she's I don't know why exactly but. And I think it was they would be out there are much different times they got together and Robert Kraft preferred that the mud snake in. Crab Belichick Brady sat down to see. All they could move forward that future using the bestseller. If you know what the end result of that conversation was. Or when you have. Conversation let loans should. They think that basically shut commissioner Britton the same page of the lines of communication are open. And then everybody should be happy they possibly can be movement forward. I work couple weeks away side not had a chance to read the book yet but you'll book coming out and the man I never met a memoir this is about. Your life let more so than it is about football tell us about this book and pots or September or four people can get this pretty soon now. What looked like resting actually and it's not even as much about my life it is about my wife's. Weight or been late in her life. And basically my life. Was married before me and my husband was so but I don't let them. And it's. He was seen tremendous and a great man and we live within its presence she loses lost I wouldn't let everything in my life and we didn't teach. On it yet on the fifteenth anniversary. Of 9/11. That was designed honored Joseph Joseph made his name. And well I understood this had been in the news when he noted anything any news story and the unemployment crept ever generated the kind of reaction that that. Video piece it and it anybody had seen her or curious to see. We had huge tool. Items show after 9/11 tribute and video come up in Vienna reaction was so overwhelming. On wall. Just decided to begin expanded version to a book and he used to it was not thousands sort of main course. And I think that people who. Well Leo Michael compared to rid of them were touched by and I know that. I wanted to actually a huge problem who accuses Maureen. EU. Eat would use the question what Tony Dungy was Bruce. What the book at woman's life. Lee too wouldn't just sort of mutual lost their own. Was to move by the book. Hopefully. We'll get a chance and again if they liked. That video story or watched that he historian like this story. I think that there is a. And it will be available on a couple weeks to pry pre ordered right now on Amazon the man I never met and memoir. Aaron we certainly appreciate it will we'll get you out on this tonight this ball games in the NFL are you expecting the did the new. Held a rules to be that the biggest disaster that as big as they disastrous Sports Radio is promoting it to these last couple weeks. Well age is not good and you know and what system. And inject some player would you hope never happens all that probably will be whatever response but after tonight. And it's. You know it agencies are using there's a lot of observe it from Lotta people and government handle it and now that they're trying to make me sick but they're also receive more confusion sir please. And we'll Yoshi and yeah I wonder when you know when you're so excited about the receipt like all sorts of antique Richardson and then in particular order but we're looking at the legal source 18884. Or we should tonight because. It's just notes is not the same thing if it's something it's football. Put it up and it'll get all we shall now in the Eagles and falcons keep your buildup. All eyes on football and we thank you to take a few minutes as the game kick off and I'm sure the guys will talk to throughout the course of the season. Like you know as they spread yet appreciate have a great weekend. At a mussina book is called a man and ever met a memoir it's available a couple weeks from now I'd buy pre order now on Amazon certainly different than the other stuff. I he has done covering football we think a particular few minutes here as we except for football tonight.