K&C- Affleck is morphing into Weinstein; NBC blocked the Weinstein story 10-12-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, October 12th

Hour 4- Ben Affleck gets criticized for groping a TRL host, and NBC blocked Ronan Farrow's Harvey Weinstein story.


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He skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan plus Sports Radio WEEI. You show. I know I was very good way to ring him up and a flight Sunday morning and send them. Maybe I don't know if we've learned from you know. A good show you'll see them anymore. Here yeah and cherish these other guys on this leg he can spread. America don't go very well and we'll move that he uses a bikini in the whole thing we'll. You are you sure get fox here. Playing her. I stuff I think the compulsive shopper. I was I have to I see who could somehow better somehow more I'm worried about I don't. And we know little you know little shack that you have been and a little that we don't have insurance at least I don't often had a nice if it. They give us some weird background noise it would go to dungy I don't know what was it is not a once an island on the fourth quarter that you like how how many square feet 50000. Told me what would that be a. And then what happens in your friends without which there. You're friends. Those just devastated. Which it is ironic how hit and I we. I and I share what you got out on the hours to catch math Akamai about Ethiopia idea not idea. I'm better parish and I do this check it actually got her eyes how mr. Chen how pick up pomp. You know who cares a lot about people in the opium and literature and Matt Damon and Affleck here's of people who wears as chair to check is fairly dark for. They just we'll just hope that the water one. They just premiered there in the water out there documentary last night about. Medical aid for Third World countries and their executive producers of this huge documentary. Think you know what they think that'll work with that with the media and it does. Mean he loves these two guys. And they love him back that's Ben Affleck with the eastern Congo initiative yeah ECI a call in and at. Race and you do much for the eastern Congo and job and I should start. Added an analyst that if you haven't seen this yet and you'll probably except I had a broad I have lost a fire that. The lost video and ask you again of James Woods or Mel Gibson did this you think each Seth Meyers and and then Jimmy Thelma and I. I would say it's disappointing to see. All of those people who will jump on and as they showed. Jump on delegates in her jump on Donald Trump or Steve ban and or whomever else. But when it's Harvey Weinstein it's like over gonna tiptoe around this farm boy Matt Damon. You know overlooked as for a lot of guys. That's how. Jimmy Kimmel asked him why let's quiet place and it it. How to do with some shaded Damon talked about red sox' PR people if you are demons PR people let's say Matt. Stay out of this for a couple days of a joke around you know you're here. Looking somebody who some people think played some role witness to strong arm people. In which by the way how the competition like roll let's confirm I'm right right and he sees the size of the rules so it's a question we don't know. Decide this topic to post story is insane how busy city explain that first quashed that bombshell appointees were sherbet. That's Ben Affleck from two okay morally right with Hillary burden 821. Year old host from the real I mean the what's in them. Yeah. Well what's what's that called them tucked total request to Martinsville on MTV right. Like shell and he's it's Sunday morning when we wouldn't confirm what time but he is Rocco possess. A clearly slurred and his words and literally trying to get her show her breasts. The cameras rolling he says she'll yet. T words she beat me out I'll I hope stroke be sober nice answer. He's sober he's on TV and she's unusual happenings literally trying to get to ensure boob. That tape has never been seen right that's new yes. That's none of us it's been somewhere didn't you know I had ever seen it. Quote. Three days and the no good guys and they haven't and don't make me look like everything I bet I would not let us say about and now. Like I have cerebral Paul that outputs paused a second half we were people half of those things whose life we think it's funny when he goes on the air does that it's not he's never funny to me anyway now. None of funny guy he's a puke and Damon to puke in whatever you can like some of their movies fantastic. But these guys played some role gamble find out trust me uses goes on people are digging in now. Just how this the policy Einstein they don't buy the power once and because. He came out with a statement like two days ago condemning Weinstein. And then in the slid it comes out the video of him with this chick on the idea that dubious statement apologizing on that yet apologize in which means you do them down cold. He's already apologized for his name is Hillary Burton she's now married with with kids that was in 2004. When you know. I'm anxious adult and I seriously doubt she's 35 mansion in its she says you know she kind of had a laugh at them without an IRL has released what to do confront that reflector and your slice of wine shop near Hamburg oops and how right after that the and other active city grabbed her password was that number like you didn't like the idea of finding another actor actress immediately triggered a gold medal yeah I think well yeah process. Thank you then you really would be amazed at what would what women often put up with and you just sort of laugh off because it's like wealth I make a stink about it and it looked like that girl who can't. That's as he corporate America Alan Light in the lawsuit America I I'll confess to be surprised. Not argue once again that he's powerful. But if I mean that this goes on Contra know that about all doubt not Maine and it and it and a back in the day. And need it things have changed I would say things that are easy things in the sixties I think we have relevant but it beat. I think he used to be able to get away with Muller yet safe spot even five or ten years ago and you can get away with. We'll just like this. And we are way actually I'll let you know helps that costume you think inflicted when the cameras weren't rolling and and I think you know. Yeah and a lot of times I think there were women who probably were OK with it and had sex and I just lets you know he's not ugly or feels empowered by I think about Taylor's. Lawsuit that just happened and why your radio host in Colorado or whatever I mean this is what just a couple of years ago and she's taken a picture with him and he feels he thinks it's okay to grabber botrus hold them by GPS he does something went after him could partner for our good for Hertz and you know what. People trying to go out to work and times girl's arm bars and guys while I can describe your by like it it's like doesn't excuse me there's. But they won't just they don't like we call it L lo idol there hands and down moving a little squeak over the show when you walk in the crowd you know global boom yet. But it seems fine. Some wrote that includes him on these acts like that you could be a thumbs up and bumped into my although it's not like you're forced through in doing that I have to admit I'm I'm I have some odd predilections as one of them so I mean it was really weird right and neither a look at. That's okay right. Touching on every unique tactic and picture up at. About eight of the public and we had a good note to future. Take a licking meta pars right I think it's bit stiff but why if I just. So if you're busy few busy life don't have time to read the reasons the volumes. Of Harvey Weinstein's crimes against women we do without it for you. And we've shared the the best anecdotes. And it's not. Ending anytime soon I'm okay distort or more every good look at actress in the last twenty I don't know what's coming has been violated by this monster by the pig who was protected by. NBC. The first one accounts say some. Wasn't Ashley Judd first one. Was. Was broad question. First one what Amos. Was that there was a time story right now should judge in the times story. As I met via I forget the first hopeful will forget. Book but hey Todd is I'm just saying about it I don't understand is that take away line from Ronan Farrow Ronan Farrow story ladies you're free women. Who told me Weinstein rape them for others city forced them to have oral sex. Hum. Put this part turn sixteen. Former or current executives. And Weinstein Co. told me that they witnessed or had knowledge of unwanted sexual advances and touching and events with Weinsteins. Films and in the world plus interest six mean all about it. Facilitated these. It will come back no security people. Biggest public enemy iron after someone who did not address it will go the rest will go through that destroyed the second we get accurate via. On this of the post wrote it it's called Richard can handle my compliment wants to defend. Ideology and that's measured in the midst of the culinary. I don't want to I don't want to defend Ben Affleck understand. Joseph you voted for trump and an. And did you vote for Hillary Clinton might did you vote for Harry Weinsteins. Friend and forever that's definitely doing it well and I know it all our cities and or sourced at all. Problem doers Weinstein did a lot of ways he did though the only relatively rigid it now dollar bonds might not mean what it is but but what happens next my butt plain and he didn't divorce true but for weeks he said no women in the seat and grabbed by the that's nice to know what he said all what you saw was what do you say we are allowing it over the came right right he said you believe that you do you believe that. You believe that I'm just saying what's that possible I thought we should do it would be the I'd argue why did not hold up now Mike Hart once he foresees a sexually. He forced you'll see believe it's the common thread there. I you know what issued I would not be shot. I would I'd dual core not a shock to the story came out. From doing the things Weinsteins done OK they haven't yet and it it doesn't have not yet it does what would you like taunted. When I like electing good junior resigned to the ideology or did you Citadel's corps my side. Yet so I'm Gordimer actually that's the which one tie them both they're both legs yeah I exactly buy buy it. Trump may file of the cable guy a million Americans still vote for now also then. You can iron on better burger place and do it again tomorrow dude ten times over and haven't had to kill equate it now weakens your argument against aid and now. Because here you voted for somewhat yeah I got out ideas into its registers at a double the double takes. As I know Georgia and gave the jury recognized the front page we're talking about the coverup for Harvey Weinstein people like Affleck and Damon knew. When he was up to they knew what kind and look what he was out and how you reform and I say it again my hand on the set again what Weinstein has done. It has been proven here is establish what he has done is much much worse than anything from it's been accused as residents of troubled past and I didn't say it did well into the case yet it would qualify however once I can't tell it up and you upload it probably once these dear friend Hillary Clinton who was gonna let Bill Clinton. And another monster doing back and what was different Harvey Weinstein in the title and we'll find out for sure well and let's see what I established that will break it you Huffington Post for Alan Casey Affleck or run industries to get the Huffington Post or cry out for yapping away from. The grip. QE MC. Sports Radio WEEI. Well with it appeared to have legal and personal Howard. I'm Rick good significant. And I'm wondering. A do you have a card uses best. Yeah I mean. They're not they're poised great I had originated Novato out of vomit just about what. Goes. About that and in my heart of economic that's a good idea get a card I didn't have a guard force now like Hitler. Afternoon guys that Casey Affleck has yet to be fun for us. They're there to be fair to them they definitely includes Jimmy Fund community CF a sexual harassment allegations come cheap shot featured ass. Alone. No no. You can uniting while running here switch gotten screwed. Replica that was surely do just about tops and recoup a Casey Affleck 2010 and the white producer and director photography. Magdalena gore got. Filed separate lawsuits against Casey Affleck in which women in alleged sexual harassment. During the course of this one occasion Affleck instructed crew member take up as pants sort of show point its penis after. The point objectives repeatedly referred women's how's he discusses sexual exploits than those of other celebrities. He witnessed that surpass the plaintiff is about time you get pregnant. She's they locked themselves in the in her bedroom Affleck also attempted to manipulate her into staying in hotel room in which you resisted. He grabbed her any hostile manner in an effort to intimidator to complying. And a one point also mean the other story washing sleeping he stuck into her bedroom and slept with their fell asleep. In any who's married. Yet what's inspired to I mean it's audited audited and that's since our previous yes. So Visio they have dark side that when this guy you know again -- loves him when the Academy Award last year and that's because we go to form. Uphill putt from well people as he's moved up the idea an alcoholic and kinship to yes everyone's seen them. So much to me thank you. You shoot a movie feels the dark side is that movie and now a game is yet speech advocates these same guys in the movies on the great performances. It's harm in that movie with. Where he was Woody Harrelson. Yet we have also so evil and that's it isn't great for now on the firm you know first the good it's a factor in these so that arc he's a better right and his brother. Of your post has historically guys heard about this how top NBC executives quashed the bombshell Harvey Weinstein story. Such up by how mid August Ronan Farrow had the story basically cold. Goes NB CNBC says no. He'd been told by these decades he's got enough reporting go on here with the story cordon before sources we've been told by a network to stop reporting on that. They tried to put stop to an interview with a woman accusing once you've rape network it's just did not use the NBC crew for the interview. Indeed it was you mention NBC news affiliation to Rome and marijuana paying out of pocket for a camera crew. To review yet interviews or twelve people inside and outside NBC news. With direct knowledge of the reporting behind our story suggests. All the sources who spoke asked not to be named. Because they are not authorized to speak the AD touting much sought chart with NBC news during which other executive slow walked for our story crippled but their qualms. And profit but ultimately there were particular people there who were not comfortable with going after Harvey finds. On the political your network trying to is a disgrace it is and I'm what trump it is. Fake news one on one. I don't think it's fake news and business say that that is particularly thin air and judgment I totally agree there's disease as if more time is up Brian Williams show on earth. At 11 o'clock on every night. You believe Brian Williams a report. And Iraq and has done every night residents work two to call the eleventh hour Brian Williams that you two rockets died accidentally ingested is you don't like report about your little commander in chief I have all of us sexual harassed when I became it's like trying homeland I mean it's they've lied about I just how we about the nuclear arsenals and want to increase the nuclear arsenal tenfold. Completely made up I know that that's the main somebody admitted that. Was out and somebody I would bet that's target that's right anyway anyway are you proud of NBC. Mean this is my eyes sadism plays and always crowded it was but this is this is distasteful I think I shall troubling. It is very struggling I feel that there should be some ramifications summit should do that finish I wonder what else is reporting. Yes yes of course of course I mean I hadn't had the Billy bush thing with pro camp and they sent it into the water and apparently still now is still going on he was on I think Rachel Mac show and maybe if it is an underage again I'm sure they're different basically all the Saro as a hero. He's a hero in the story to each his own money to report the story to bring down this line that Weinstein asked. CNBC executives that the details that's story and she hardly any news organization story that trend tonight for all of these insurance win awards he should when the profile in courage award you should win the tournament. For a crash reward according to multiple sources inside outside NBC news who worked on the aborted story Oppenheim that's an NBC exact. Related to pharaoh Weinsteins lawyers have said NBC's fairly conflict of interest because wide scene helped revive the career of William. So that's why that's NBC's reasoning. In a conflict of interest okay that's not who literally had I believe that you haven't we been on ten I that's that's what if you want to just pitch the story but he had this. Yeah. Yeah yeah sixteen former airline C employees admitting they knew what he was up to sixteen. Actually Specter and he clearly does there's got to be more tennis and BC story surviving squash it because if you fear I mean. Somebody their somebody their new. He wants some big ups some dumb I had some the number and wanted somebody wanted to make sure that you know went there there are universal arm which is of course they film distributor. There's something there there's something more narrow the bottom line and money out on your teams department had him on hate threatening that woman it is. Chilling this tape and the at the a's Cyrus Vance quashed the story good enough. I. I don't want this. Scott this is the voice of rapists when he did you know of the story we require it but it's fifty different times this is what he did to all beautiful and now during the Weinstein Co. board knew about these settlements in 2015 they claim to know nothing about it which of course we believe now we know that they leaning no on everything participated. Course I turned down intercourse that Harvey Weinstein and no less than three occasions and the DA. Broom the story because again at 101000 dollar donation from one's -- lawyer that's at 101000 bucks pays that's enough the salt and raise December. What changed stand. It's quote calm things can relax calm and Upton wants to straighten this out and Tom. I get. Sorted properly my remarks here is all the way up let's give it its way up there's insurance that is had a lovely time you know deck. I don't. But let me preface my remarks I would never question a woman for not taking it. You got a trial especially one of power god however Rose McGowan I am going to question she's a fraud she's sitting there. Captain I'm no shame on people through Twitter. And she took her settlement back in 9700000. Dollars when she. Let it that I never. And her husband out OK okay okay hold on Tom hold on hold on the get a chance respond so Rose McGowan 1997. It done screen need one or two of these under the get symptoms I guess or net worth was three or 400000 dollars. So she's gonna get into a would be a years long lawsuit with Harvey Weinstein. Go broke could be humiliated potentially be black balled in Hollywood that's what you want her to do. No I said that I I'm saying that I have no problem. What's your dad or what's your secrecy took a settlement back then when she fell into Zuma. And no my issue with that now she's blaming everybody else for not stepping up when she didn't back then sold here. I think she's I mean what I well I just can't I should have finished she's I think she's blaming the people who are around her who sought happening and who allowed it to happen. And people who are in positions of power who could have possibly stood up also caught up. He's also calling out frauds like Affleck she just ran it on. She sang she sang bath like your life you senate senate this week statement saying you know I think about it she saying door lying I've proved true life. OK but she had group. Like park at the juices halted by the guy who you do she's embarrassed or slacker dude to have done. I'd like nerve to what she did but did not blame it on anybody else. There have been there all week. Yet you say he's the law says sorry Tom I mean it would be better if she didn't take the settlement but she didn't now what you gonna just say everything she's said a lot on the question all right she's she's ash because she's now. Asking other people why they really nothing more how the cause he stage where if anybody to people who accuse him I believe he accuses him I feel the same story line. You gotta believe Ben Affleck afterwards we just seem to just turn on Matt Damon who made a phone call to try to get. A story we're short rolled by the way Russell Crowe's that story too that's true Russell Crowe we now know Brad Pitt threaten a fight and only when he that'll cost whose girlfriend right. But not the other thousand women that Brad channels to about unbelievable or wreck back. Exports three. We'll be able war. It's. All right did you guys have actually continues insurer reactors and crusty stuff isn't it yesterday much in the all right my Friday. With a quote that mud. Would not be agrees on in the past. Oh yeah so he's hairy happens here if you're in the hair. And announced come back next week and look at political this we have a date. Alex is looking like next Thursday that he was glad that. Eighty world's you guys will be Killen Alex yes that's right he's taking your day. As I have we'll miss you if the speech that was written there no I hadn't seen as planned speech on Friday. We're the speaker frank. Speaking at a mental health convention. And I honorees and their ordering you know other than Iran where I'm wearing a clinician. That the main area at Indy for a fund as she almost on Thursday that the company and a bit. I am sad prosecutor Larry in my ear I. I will be good to cross and that I 97 annual returns. I'm Brian hall return is gonna do you gonna be your tour we will show you know he's my arms of the madrassa Iceland's boy that's impressive people on Iceland's. It is like that you just Hochman is actually meant his own songs for how long before is he gonna go to the penis and Tammy and big well maybe we don't you know where I passed the now I can pass friendly Sturm and what he's gonna do that excited that noise and we're doing a little. It's overrated. Fourteenth season he went toward its on the way to Europe I say he's going to Europe stop and check it out when you're the only person that people love Iceland's they pretend they love us when everyone that I got. I think in the super programs don't. They'll think they're free speech receiving did you not go to with any I had like northern might exist or is trying to do lasers as these glaciers they did volcanoes. I did the the rock and on the whole the whole island is just black rock and I don't think it's that it is all of golf that goes all night but it's not really light so now that's a myth is not really light line we're going when it's. Kennedy DR eat candy and there's like 45 hours of light at that than the idea this line almost on to talk always fun it's easy. Drinks in Ho Pin and went to church and an ideology church. I got a good run along the water through a mean the only place to be news the city's. Soaring rhetoric you back. Then they can there. But there's this museum is right downtown. Museum and I'll take pictures and we can talk about trying to excellent we'll see you a couple weeks and I know he'd be nice from if you opted out exactly pocket Roemer next week Tran he's going to save the world from next couple of days the mid day guys next in the months and isn't much Friday tomorrow. Dawn C loss. And there.