K&C - Al Franken got exposed; Mike & Mike give a tearful goodbye 11-17-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, November 17th

Hour 1: Al Franken is in hot water and the Celtics won their 14th straight. 


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He's current. And Callahan what the CME group tour championship for the LPGA. That's it -- golf club what a diverse group here this diversity in the background as our Munoz and that Korean be cured or creatures of once broke bats we impart is that not too far back we eat too low you when she and some not king Juan Michelle we just walked by and that is one of them Lydia one another reform with Gerry Callahan during Michelle I was I was kind of cohost with beautiful. Woman we and Sweden. I'm going to be cliche that you know you thought about trying to leave the world a better place for your kids you know. Hi there good. Mocks groping her I'm entitled my share happiness. Can you love someone. Who did bad things up so sad because he's my friend and Kirk minute hang kind of world this team won thirteen straight game. They put 03 or anybody's cause. They would not be Cleveland. We will not be Toronto here's the rookie Jason Taylor. The season's over. Pardon me the game long and serve as tools for travel on Sports Radio WEEI. Well she's got this whole god sleeps it's 845 thing. I. Well it used that I dreams happened almost. Amare what's up mud must that she's come an end like that that doesn't stupid. Look stupid and it's Friday let's call it the numbers coming coaches let's go over us I was I was in the month that morning. We have much to this material in its stock is that your yeah I might acts are we at all. The numbers don't bring you know that is the worst mustache and proceed I'll looks excellent I happen. It looks great mow this current Curtis took a picture of me final picture with a mustache. I site got to grow that thing back for my white because the boy for one of Columbia went. I'd secondary look handsome young Tom Celtic now how well these days at 21 this is that they have here is they have to prepare all of your body need to grow a mustache. Talking about this also excellently. Although it's. I was gonna say I can't tell you sort out what is at I think he's being certain I don't think you like Andy Garcia ice is I don't know why these things come ago styles and lead in must does it look good right now now at Smith's motion just time public sexual perversion not much it's not my fault you look at me NC sexual predator that's on you that whatever is in your paths have more hair there and had disagreed and I don't know but excellence in principle right now. Could you. The jealousy and keep the porn site X I just said no mustache that they don't look good anymore I don't know what a terrible picture cars got him right out of these guys one Brad protected view of his remarkably changed your gumption. And realize it's true that you will be the least I heard you wouldn't pick up and and it does feel that is why he played the trombonist and the violent. Yeah I didn't think that was my legs do look small idea that you need to Jerry united that it let you know are you guys they select day let's go heavy squat today. Awesome backs watts it was calf raises really got to get issued to eat before noon you're you're on spinning at some protein in before just steroid use is something he did so again he's there it makes them we should try and see what happens Clemens steroids six months apple program yes yes he could decide bodybuilding back these lots of little bit I don't know Islam some body builders are kids who kicked around when they were in high school. They make up toward the weight room it might be ugly kids going one way or maybe in the weight lifting weights or salt and wouldn't let my theory on Linda is sexual assault as didn't hold appears that a well yeah all geeky a and it could regulator who couldn't get a date to the prom it's over I mean there is yet to be a handsome. Sexual partner has that been. One truck takes quite some news account Auguste and I was I was a political hit a ditch effort to oppose anti. He's seen this. Catholic grab the girls boobs in the did quit but would mean between accusing offer Cusick board Al Franken did lenient we and I just say I even heard video the that he. Affleck movie career thing yeah well you use what we that's what was the way that it dated. Re runs where after missing mother and I use is my take on or years on Al Franken I and Lee and we made him a beautiful summer. Jake Tapper I saw her press conference at the radio station. She's the she still hasn't knock down gorgeous woman very attractive former jockey desk she was violently. Violated by this scumbag. Al Franken but I have one complaint for a for Lee and tween and her people. His which he should've done she should have made the accusations yesterday released the picture today. Then you would have denials from Franken and all of his surrogates that's all this people suppose it just allegation. And they were called in her character in the question the comedy tour and its citizen oh yeah. Us here we go slot that picture on the on the desk today. You ancient game. She gave him an easy he apologized. So all the stooges in the media not all he's done. He's not done he's done he's done an example that maybe he's done an extra minute edit ethics committees meaning you'll remember yet meaningless even that's the only time he did this I know we have one other that's not I shall all in all due respect are used addictive herb that's that's not I EC I'm predict right now he will not quit he will not be censured. He's he's going nowhere times call from resign he's he's arrogant he's as arrogant as they come. And if you saw a Tucker Carlson's openings knows is he knows them is important. Our quarterbacks because he didn't think it was a sexual predator but he is a bad guys known around DC is someone yells his underlings as brightly zones or if you think it's the only time BI horse himself with a wide hope notched his each year they deliver pizza garbage. Walk and I hope. Well because down in flames. As to kill O'Reilly that he can't autism cases right here. He can't have this hard for knowledge a jealous of and Indian Tucker but how fun would it be if she bleed off data released the picture because this slimy Hewitt aren't ever would have been denying and it may would have his people. All these all the people CNN and MSNBC go to said uh oh I don't know about this I don't believe this. And back and you lose to the next day it's like that that the yearbook all below that Roy Moore is right they're questioning the morass the authenticity of the yearbook. The hand right. Roy Williams or remorse but. What do you belong out what if someone would have they have this independent experts is not his handwriting it all changes while iPhone and all you did you sleep you mean does that suddenly mean he wasn't banned from the mall it does not enough that it doesn't have it. It doesn't bring anything else the question all it does is say well I guess all these Alabama people. Says while they were out to get him that's all it does and that's all he needs is actually. Beatrice and what can happen. Ali went right analysis is it possible that saying it's impossible for that defeat and build the message it's only your police say that you believe him or her I believe her civilized so as do most people by the way her steps and call girl liars its maker at all up. Eight it's Lorch reveal an all right Gloria the war with the that you're just kind glory lawyers Gloria the gap is right there's outside of these women to come out upshot don't want a change of subject we're talking about Al Franken Mittal offer a product that will forever 21. Well I like to call Al Frankenstein and girls like orange Julius is your source for her thirteen and display server tomcat Abercrombie Fitch their little tunnels ridiculous for gap kids it's for me for example Charlotte airport all better Doug Jones or fury you know someone working AB CNBC you in on what part of the democratic machine. You do what you just said he say. That signature might be forged. But was and from the mall probably the satirist for temple that him on anything that resonates of course she's a critic he's he's he's there right now he's got he's a relevant now about frank is blown out of blow by the building. He's gonna lose the lead up well today another one next week when more is gone he's gone for the loans lord spoke. The war and other religious. You know bowl bid couple police are your either religious here on it seems to me because it's usually about an easy horse and ride right to marry an attractive. Enough but it is a New York Times op Ed this morning said he he has to go in the woman said. I wanted so badly first to be not believed to want to run for president 22 really. And on the editorial panel yeah. Of the New York Times and I didn't afraid of a month ago it said to really Franken must go he's not going anywhere but I'm sorry. I'm allowed to enjoy this government allowed to enjoy watching a pompous piece of garbage like Al Franken gonna play and sure a gonna gonna justly and to purchase Hackett but some of it helps of course it did happen that yes obviously I mean I wouldn't speak for lenient we. Obviously the finale friendly we were friends hope I don't think relationship so we are usually a fraction of each other you liked her right. Yes I beard and review all she's hotter than rituals well. They're different and have a mechanic who's hotter than not she's much more attractive than she should be on TV not radio. It isn't she rumbled for a while ago they always weird anyway I would be good for her side. But it is bad is a picture is. The kissing thing for me is it worse the web question I didn't and everybody is delighted he called a liar and I don't remember it as if I just wish I had a different way right in his own way he called her a lot richer video that I dropped that but if she had not released the photo he would deny this took a photo 01 Frank Lucas and his brother house wacky brother greatest that in the truck the truck was supposed to see the rest of the pictures until 345 or six. A person's position. A strong point if you're just one picture taken no mountain front door and and picket the arrogance we don't even think that's wrong that you can believe it either you understand he's comedian I don't trust senator he's a comedian. I don't SNL was satire I had been when it. You these allegedly did Gloria Borger of CNN the defending Franken was unbelievable these Syrian army and NBC blood that they did on about was watching a lot like Paul begala and C units and he's did the right thing he apologized. And Roy Moore is that he's not too he brought remorse that night and blaming the women on this. Al Franken within the exact same thing it's more picture she didn't have the photo such joy reads he stepped forwards agree apology to mr. plot as he can go we get the whole list of the the the usual suspects say it isn't wonderfully apologize. What choice did he act. What choice the F she got him down cold and you know what. I believe that she. And didn't obviously didn't know what he did she was asleep. And then later on she got the picture they sent the pictures that part of a wacky blood you don't you know look look this collection of photos and she get that photo of holy crap what they did to me while I was sleeping. I mean that I would feel violated wouldn't use that yes is the picture some guys somebody but there and the government on your junk my while you're sleeping yet on the go like that what. Let's do it. Had you would want to. We've CI here's what I did just that has cuts and now he's just as it does not age well and I'm so it was so I think I'm just gonna like all week and to sit watch CNN and MSNBC watch Al Franken friends. In and it in his like funeral procession. Or because this if you regression of dementia aggression that was a money it was a month a fuel progression. And audio today. Today sever Solomon struggling because not only is Lucy to our best friends she considers a record good for an. Moss a role model match Steve in Kobe said this means he he he's wondering now after Franken that cut he's wondering. Other no good people laugh. The question. Al Franken by all accounts is the peace in the holy crap lately we've been legendary game legendary may hold the Melanie Morgan story might not be eight telling your story but it's a tells the story of an angry angry at Steven Cole bared this boom bat Dick says. This mean there are no good people left in the world has Johnson doorway one is not going to talk about he's not there. Not ready filling out how he wrote these are Howie Hampton's you from Lauren Michaels at some point like you know between Alec Baldwin. Louis CK was there all the time Kevin Spacey no they live tomorrow can you find out of -- -- tomorrow night a day are at the memory there weren't sweeps yet and now I'm sorry I'm gonna watch from the hate watch this tournament watched lives there that late and they're gonna do Roy Moore and Jeff Sessions of more roar grew more how David Duval trump and they thought they are they pulling off for a tell you exactly as the picture up there guests are talk about all of a picture of him the picture Lucy Gail among others with a right lean on during a war and they'll in the headlines and they won't mention his name -- -- -- -- worked SNL and told about twenty years -- -- was one the most you know influential -- me is he right show -- well honoraria and was terrible terrible. But it was around therefore answer smile more Michaels has crossed my in the wake up this one say hey you know what I had young writers systems of females. Decide people who are females it feels right except he knows maccast. He's twenty years. Gee I wonder if Al ever did this to be done he undermined -- we have a pervert pool were were predicting the next that we never had Al Franken no but. We shouldn't Lorne Michaels being in the pool. Gas side he certainly Foster an environment he sure did he says and I say there's blood or something on his hands yes when humans but yes Fred difference of the clintons now had I I love this you know. This is this they do what's your face the New York senator. Gillibrand yeah. Also if you also if you wakes up 1 morning fix or what but what did was wrong but it always went this probably broad cultural Chelsea handler. Yeah now says she believes wanted to Broderick who was violently raped and told her friend immediately. That he raped me didn't wait 3040 years and so does and world record right now so screwed intern in new in the Oval Office analysis of what's and you know I've saved the blue dress and proved it militants of the about it hey it wasn't so great. A year ago to celebrate talking who's that America's grandpa he's with Hillary a map of the campaign try healers taco women's rights issue any rapists. With him you know giving that speech at the forget you can imagine you're voting for. His wife I can't imagine you imagine voting it's like that pregnant rapists jags in the White House affair with a vehicle you Donald Trump and Bill Clinton Jesus Christ alone won't. If you missed the time from treated it like when 11 o'clock last night what Al Franken spent spelled Frankenstein wrong. News and wanted to know with the rest of the axis we have actually children in the form of violence and it's that's just finished puts. This trip to China would connect is getting credit for random thoughts pumping nuclear war becomes a home as we had a president who mock yourself saves and all can we always that we oh yes they've seen this you sadly enough I don't just sit by the battery and haven't afraid of big Mac. He says you don't necessarily entail Frank Price wise you weigh in on this I mean I don't know why it's victory lap doesn't in the trough should keep his mouth you can send us about Roy Moore of course entrepreneurs like frank and he goes to bed every night knowing knowing that girl in nineteen the 1996 or whatever is and you tell me that's what happened. That's why I. Ams enjoying it's it's Jordan I'm glad these people I don't feel at all like. Anyone's ever accused me in this Euro for the the threat progression to save fuel. Figures say I've never done anything like you have a karaoke mites in trouble monetary demands different offices you know there's nothing in my that you know the colemans are good days and the mini it's different and it's been financing it did have a nickname me. Torres introduce yourself for your Howie Hampton's today you waking up without you know you're. These days are working these next week's yours you go to Seoul cycle Billy jewel. That a Long Island and you're saying these there's Louie CK he's just calculate based outfits for the Scottsdale attract George two days Kenny I get. I enjoy it when I'm painting to see the cat sort of hang him out stop stop well enough. That man all you have sex with himself or others court his circle of friends is nothing but perverts I mean George Kaye was in that joke around reverend kids junk. Al Franken and Erik replaces all the time Al Franken a wonderful senate. Senator he was Louie CK is one of his heroes you guys have started a little series of only measure that gives him catchy. I'll take him politics third in the third. Regarding things that he's per pass that was a hard this artery listen I heard the worst of following him it was. Jon Stewart for a half an hour talking what is songs he'd knees or something as Celia activists gluten and and Stearns now. News and tinkered. That Green Party got out Johnson and Alex did you have any chance Jon Stewart can be next. Maybe yes indeed that question for anybody's yes did you think there is no god. Cindy hunt Al Franken I don't know if they are closed and let's. I would say I would say Al Franken goes down in flames and the Celtics beat the wars and so great days for. I tell you for a close basketball game it was about as boring games to oversee all of that is so I'll apologize. While apologies obviously for the Washburn for couples should it was not great he's didn't fit the show he didn't understand it was in the joked to bring about a lot of energy seem like a nice guy. But just don't know ward but now everybody it's sixty last I won't happen you months months ago loading my business into every night honestly I'd it is not known doughnut that sort of basket we issued disagree no you can keep it is better than you rookie of the differences differences notion was similar I heard you would keep last night was our seriousness the differences is nice guys Gary's just isn't do we do. We couldn't wait and you come back into the same thing day after the day after that day attitude that he certainly do I actually do you do anyway. Well I watched last night was a thirty footer minister will now thirty footer missed thirty Porter missed drive lousy call whether I would refinance. Excellent and that is a good effort to that's not a great could I whenever I watch guys missing a lot of open shots pressured as a big game I didn't worry about the pressure but became possible I disagree what you don't want when let me just went all the latest and least apologize if you would shop I would like to apologize. To Larry Bird Kevin McHale Robert Parish and change Dennis Johnson walled. Scott Wittman Jerry sees things rate hikes all the members of 96 and Vincent the 96 Celtics might suggest. If this Goldstein worst team would be even competitive with them in the seven dancers I can't apologize enough. So I don't think he and go to yesterday our all time team today a failure Dennis Johnson apologized to them himself also good man. Robert Parish that I'd like to apologize to all of them 86 Celtics beat the warriors in three games gold they would not show up for game four B 30. Celtics. Watching that game who the hell would guard Kevin McHale who would guard Larry Bird it's a pair watched curry missed 35 footers so it's win each game 76 points. Media reports. I yeah I thought it was an excellent mated meat I did I listen here's here's my executives said this is the flaw in your argument. Or was a great game. Once he shot 32% that's what I was down there's only played twice I guess the best of the air combat over every little fat seventy lately wisely and nineteen I'll run went on record Ford was in school your defense. The defense was so good. Great defense of investment and so I Jalen brown market Smart you abreast of guys from a pop my head Kirk did you think it did. Irving was great defensive it was okay it was a great. I. Now urban was not good not good but he was courage than those two superstars. Carter's three of single digits service wall socket and saw last until the fourth quarter we got bailed out my biggest call the game absolutely that's because it's so wide right that we all know how they are already offered him dump the follow up about logic how. Irving with a minute have to go another play in the marketing won this game. Passes and that Smart post stinks kicks it back coach urban Kirk gives the ball again. In the posted its worst possession I've ever seen markets Smart is a nice defensive player he Franken socks is. That's halted its head now to defend everything I touched the boy can hear. Her office he sees or she had to lay up we'll Keyon howl over said. It is in his own brain at this point offense but he is braced what does that early office he's got to be on the court of final couple of minutes because he can guard two or three those guys that golds but I like the opposite defense substitutions are Smart in us I got a huge equity guys Steve I I think Stephen's a brilliant young code as you. I think he gets them plan their asses couples at the switch is it's about the effort of his brilliant it's about the effort I'm gonna I'm gonna give you some support here because. It missed 47. Reasons. It's a horrible basketball with. In that shooting the basketball game notes he knows there's a terrible because as close as it needs a good game. Don't get sucked in by knocking it sucked out of it I'm gonna ask a question came back quite upset that the point of the game do you think you combat in the ambient once yes twice now second and third quarters back to back as the crowd wants in the first one thought that there that's Iran now they'll lose by 6810 points in his second run at third quarter. Led by Jalen brown 190 run yes they got guys Indianapolis and then they battled and played well back and forth game in the moderately well Horford play well and Jalen brown yeah sorry calculus office he was great. And did nothing but it is an enzyme. Fred died I can say. That's the what I don't like this entertains me in nineteen. 8201. Need to Larry Bird was eleven for fifty to a report the season. He missed fewer threes in the season than the Celtics and and warns that last point 03 by taught. Yeah last night as a from opening. Eric I know on openness that the season is over cause Hayward injury. Let's he thinks that last year sell the team is better than issues. Obtained was better than this past he has watched last year's. He doesn't he doesn't you can watch as the united egos now they're told of cognac and in the Celtic. What's an economic ski that's what we'll get the Celtics an amateur Parcells calls here and second what. Since you won the athletes next in the front office guys when they start it that's a good question that portion right now is unscathed as we usually. Whether it's politics or music or movies television or eat I would say it's Carl getting there are getting hit right now. Mean he definitely some happiness and the sub show right now is like Charles Barkley could quite alive and harder today by Kenny. There's no question that's come and I I think the general manager somewhere maybe it's my theory that the guys who believe in women of the nerds Mark Halperin Al Franken C guys. These peaks hope packed and me Weinstein Nady who never had got any. And then every government actually for delicate power basically a modern version of weasels and his and tells some story sure absolutely it wouldn't surprise me at all. I think the ago guys like. NBA stars. I think they really have to have an Al Franken in that but yet they're going on tender they're going to finally they that if you're sick others commit it's gonna happen to notice of it this way you'd like. And it's not mine Cashman looks like buying Cashman had a good point there was something with him William yet crazy stalkers. Creepy get divorced I think he has an interest in north of the horses at time when situation yes if I mean has been a film she's a mostly in this world Phillips ESPN Mike to Rico. Listen I'll watch or don't call us now to video game last night what's in our Taiwan or. Puzzled Burma videos if you dialing it down the burden you with me leather. Ice at the Pacific the program last thing forget Thursday making. You put it on in three postponed game music and boy yourself timings such a good thing for you although it's in a book it if you wanna really Veronica if you wanna read about what Mike to Rico was accused of its pretty serious options Mel -- is available yet it's now regarded book I think it's a did you did you digital book and losses over the older ones the ones that orders it's via Charlotte reached in their car and grabbed for crotch. Which was the only one. Election. She was driving home and was following her of people is so we're back now reads him. And in the would be easy dupe of the book you can read about all things to Rico did too because it was a public the boys have all the fun out it was poison that is James Miller won this effort will 55 acres which may be this review real those books I was opponents as Rico weighs in particular for Al Michaels right Michaels has gone into joining us with them out of the politics and so we called today and talked to today yes. Yes I'll look sort of again have a lot faster reviews and an. Much rather talk to you again OK okay excellent much has not participated in gold produced squad talked to the people who are good influences on a better must have seen managers and currently yet as you numbers it was it was a it was a consistency numbers low rated. The ladies tricks. Here. We don't mind that if you would I have in it they took your viewers to do was sitting there like a significant. Two minutes left three minutes left you're bored with just enough or don't get the mean things I was not bored. I'll watch generally basketball what a great basketball as the analyst who he thought was a great game and Brent Barry a slight pulse was impressed. Yeah most you're washed sperm with I. Want to bring more energy I mean I go where exactly is he a regular. I guess collar man because he's tackled pretty brutal use. Blind mountain of what they did the thing with Kevin and recently. Which is terrible and it's not funny urged all and then the rest of the art conference error one on the dog sugar I didn't care a do your jobs stooge that's. And Barry sitting there his mouth open. He has like this which there is against Bret but Brent Barry wishful gone nuts it was right now. Not skip not skip he's another kid like in college now right and just keeps creole or via an easy he's like 75 years old apparently it's asleep in Oregon editor of -- and pick threes and the wife gets past those child rearing years he just trades are brilliant editor at really to our viewers what I pointed out who's the Celtics like to play in the mud like that expression they'd like to get down and dirty play in the mud. And that's a tribute to the coach in my opinion because they don't take plays off and you pick may be urban goes on the the offensive and but now the other guy or Richardson offers us hope. Or for art and went around like that sounds a matchup Horford though. He's intimidated by on the offense at that final two that he never. I mean gives you guys who plays the future he needs space that you three can never liked. Well get off of any one reason zip code. Or for Horford slows motion Islam and innocence against him if he is important players did you I'd buy it by as Isaac is on thousands long gives you want some hoops listened to me that was ridiculous has been well and that's true that goes to school Russell. And I'm watchable just non interest in game for me to like what's Steve crew lose. Haven't played about the thing about it after it Callender ran for his excellent nose. And yet after a game like that I've watched the replay was. Adam at all like I'm distasteful thing to be here. The holes. Plus two more files plus two more days so what they do follow up. Don't get those calls or for that doesn't halt if Irving if they don't call fall Horford dunks the follow. So it didn't save the Celtics. I. Anyway I love watching Kerr lose curry blew my like her and especially especially pondering because when I initially ambivalent Kevin Durant these easy way with three woods this witnesses but you troops way. Sway whose only when you Buena brother and a podcast a while why you're so what does Patrick Gilroy I know you may call one of the elite teams in history that is pandering because it was about basketball right now. Honestly tell you through the segment my. The idea that the whole thing from entering the whole time. They're under I would say joy I would say that you should watch what they came last night and it made you hit irons in my Henry entered not pandering to Twitter. I retreat out of my full fare you already jumping up I was always pacing around my room and knocked that my bowl of Doritos right on the floor and otherwise. Not borderline on watchable but who's there was no drama not that's the key is sort of since the. NBA today there is on football being marginalized and okay defense. Nationally. Yes exactly it's been close last couple weeks capacity numbers last night was the one you'll point eight of the last week it was the on rockets and a cat's gonna point eight despite them at least where you're looking young demographic. Eighteen to forty nightly one. We want to hear about eighteen to 49 right and switch I don't know fanatic in general partner cable operator national pumped. Well Kirk the football outrage perception that's the NBA to. I got this. Total well I hit threes in oh well anymore I'll tell you right now host of defensive side up Al prime. Download about zebra. And I hit a couple of looks that's completely naked or think. Since they says they sleep even as well. Really Smart to do with it if I'm Julie. Looks. They had Cedric Maxwell in the overnight without money. I said I think Max was this close to send him a moron leases and you play football but it's not like that basket something like that. And it's what's we can Kong corn bread that's all please send her to snap. Snaps it it's only that nickname no one calls me anymore you are racist. Together little spark to the interview but. Them axis of basketball Pasqua guys know that it's one game. In its rough month as me Obama steal the became active duty it's what they should know that fans that means some guys to write them off TV audience yes that means something to the private firms like thought that the best team in the Eastern Conference right. But so what can flip opposite they lost by two top right so I decided that confirm that you thought that. Is that my feeling going to he's had a different thought they lost a few statements so how does get firmer it is the opposite happened pills and got a embarrassed like 3540 points at home doesn't lost by forty points you felt different. I'm a little bit to dictate the way I've only won by seven you feel different no probably and this I mean it's like recapping games is just awful. Awful I didn't say this I will say what you have or talk with these six of them wants instead of current and Larry Bird never had a game like that and philanthropy. You know do then we just was insignificant figure numbers he does not ease delivered it showed up and I national weather thirteen Miller Lite and had a rough one of these corporate plane that. Where you just uniting on the bench talking stockpiled parts for opposites on to Thompson possibly well defensively and Kurt even if it ever watch the ideological than the freedom to attack 617779790. Threesome that's fun a caller tell me I'm wrong I thought it was an awful basketball game terrible game. If yourself it's vague on the call dispute that that's fine I'll give you some other stuff as well much along side which means we'll do. Well what Fazio efforts I've lucked out on here Al Michaels says about that a wanna talk about Tom Brady. As the eyes dock has Mars story continues to create would be a big deal around what performance by dale and now all he keeps its that was nice guys terrible thing is that doesn't even believe works website call football outsiders like us it really doesn't make an argument he's can't make is putting his license or. Because of some she writes for he's missionary position analytics that show was I don't know if the credit usual Miller the fifth rated quarterback what's the steeler steeler fan of the credibility. He does he works Kiki do you think only asking that it was just locally and internationally whatever himself when he knows that we is assuring us. On Twitter people who I think jail Maliki for Laguna why waste the time that I've made no case he man had no argument he was terrible he didn't believe we can say and I'll put some sound of that about admit that guys. This classic. Occurs failed to get this clown on from New York Daily News my impulse surety gets it done books them. Right which is fine. Chuck Modi on moment on those guys that these guests on yesterday we hit it right while we tried your its U audio I don't wanna c'mon here. Mean that would it would easy to be from new comedic guy's demeanor. Safer space for any of its sales are stupid economic team what do you embarrassment of his friends at one point. On the show it's why wouldn't come out what is. I was I checked out he said it unity eater either either gotten easier and well outside and courtesy of the news guys neither of whom made an argument they would hope. Mariano percent. Stevenson with the Chinese model okay clock from Arabic I don't know earlier Tim got. Cameras in rocket you say listen that it's an odd and at certain goal she. So you go out any show that idiotic premise that. The NFL's keep him and hound and they won't give these guys a chance some and allows him today. You are you are an excellent and our guests WEEI Celtic covered brought you by JB LE official sound adjacent it and the Boston Celtics. In the NB a good Mugabe went about his desk. Pocket stardom mind now one of months to complete the job. Thank you I thought that was a degree I was a fun out of org audition Watson Steve Kerr and Al frank is that on a plan yet let's be. The current Popovich is an iced tea and interprets these corporate I don't know that should be just feet from the that he really does secrecy legitimate something happens like for a can understand why he feels certain ways I get. That was passed and he's now part of this is everything crowds right now. So it's a moment I arrive at these kind of poster he's not popped Cox do you like curry is nuclear. Like a rat Michael spoiled brat gallegly doesn't think it does promote peace there were no consumer at the moment like that from an additional putter that I like is that color it's obviously can't say that always there might allow disabled and that's what parents issues and yes if your grandparents your bread plane you know the parents. Yeah you know it's me but she's adorable she's door she's the best he's awesome 61777979. Teachers have reload the south of skulls and get to those we get. We have done right around 141000. Hours of Mike and Mike. Going back to January of 2000 we have got four left to do when we will make them count lots of memories lots of things today also. Plenty of sports to get into it two teams. Flash championship walks last night that Steelers. And the Celtics a good night and should be a good morning how are they fell you know. Everybody said that about five said we've got about 4000 shows together one last time I got them ask what clothes to write these stories are always a the map what did you announced on pottery barn that's my favorite bits. I think he should be a good mood this climate that we no longer have to go head to head because titans true but here's what they actually noticed tonight I'd I would swear it's like my kids this is true you know I listen. I recorded actually take that the tapes films into every day all the might and might shipment that's that's why you've become such a radio superstar I've modeled like Esther green right you green. Green pretty widely held that I'm there. He you ukrainians old hook and you never call me big fell while typical Olympic book I've begun to develop thick file you want that you can. Will pretend that you really need your like Felix the Oscars aren't out Jerry's other stick. Your war Euro. I felt the a metro. Big Fella. Does not one person who's gonna like miss them in one person on no my daily routine is all screwed up there disagree I guess I'll ride it out last night he is like for gonna miss I have to play it is there enough he did yes original ago I don't believe him or what a lot of guys apparently an accountant and wherever Oklahoma City where there's no real I don't know in the list of every morning drive in the work. Make it jamaat listen Mike Huckabee I graduated yet from the Mike remembers cool idea and right. As a younger person it was you know get younger garrison Jerry and John vs Mike in my house sporting Mike and Mike he'll really fabulous you prefer I'm concerned for my he has passed my dress code cash. I'm gonna get that way there's intelligent surgical probably better guide Greenberg yes yes yes I mean go guys urged exception. Right ankle going met them and a lot of money air inoperable like all the nights ago Michael LaSalle had to it was a yes from this week endlessly this kid's good very good guy is a back as a bad what Maloney who you voted Mike you like from the super but the city editor Mike and Mike says there's a bad month alone. I how much but what's the difference between legal and and night Greenberg not only war which it'll be what hot Michael because Michael what is your original that's on that's only okay Jerry that's why I still won how we get the joke. Just a great talent showed up interviewed what what is the difference serious question in Mike Greenberg and traveling I've no idea. I'm afraid you've spent the how I feel like watching both of them on TV I don't know hey what about her trade wind it was very when my team on TV do stylist so so what do you think that Mike Greenberg could do that might portray we group. On the show metro sexual. On the show why do you know pretty when you eat free. It is about a Mike Mike from Strahan and Robert Robert can I am now that's what put on crew saw it like within. Personal Mike Greenberg is going to do some lousy TV show that no watch GAAP. My goal it's going nowhere so why they say goodbyes a lot of people to say thank you to we will certainly did that I get the commissioners present commissioner called them today we honor all the 42 shows finish ahead of Mike and Mike in this is that this market. You know he's break to three shows at least finery and a couple those were in New Hampshire station seriously on mr. jingles and hear their morning show minus the granite state we should honor tribute to the station every break we'll pay tribute to 45. Shows the beat them at delta tempers show one. Handled it a good job excellent job. Is. Yeah that's not act Erica. He has been great and I see like him a hell yeah gives you the news and the traffic away. They got it sometimes is impeccable and the bridge that goes over I can never pronounce that bridge over the river and Portsmouth. We had no idea six I never get this economic times yeah yeah whenever. Ops and ops guy what did you central and I cannot get ice and announced it it's not the club pops out. Scott. He's he's slated to close the bridge open not gotten the version that's. Prosecutors say yes yes yeah I do you know when this back up and and how long while sales this you know the kids are defined notes and school watchman news its America shops we went and they didn't go through while pizza Friday it's going to be I don't read write an easy by Melissa is that football game going to be postponed because of coal and they can do what you know that. Ridge administration appears some of them as the day goes to. Audits is really data on the Boston Celtics. On my Greenberg and Michael I'm happy for both those guys professionally but sat personally because I Jordan so what's together in a tough year for me. Get stuff. Biederman and fisherman and they were my big events like all of Albright and honest and I get up they go around the house watch like you might I don't know I don't believe anybody we have Mike and Mike on download the very last moments for both my parents that's I would tell them. So today we'll continue this morning again we will drink it Arnold Palmer toast to McCain it's pointless like. Call from anybody. Osteoarthritis. If you like Mike and Mike on department listened to us. But he did call 6177797937. On here from might in my breaking all the rules of radio. Two in the fourth all right you're drawing attention to your competitors who cousin which. I you know efficient and it with Flickr green days song is a sit in jail would that be fun to be really funny or with you know even better advocate and late breaking bad they can all this goal opened playing what is the ad in the whole lab ogle complains and they all died. You've got to address to produce a machine got to be good there at the end here. I with a check we'll show which adversity a red shield yet though I Palestinian. I forget it's only been I didn't almost both decks of the thirteen years. It's gonna come back some. Yeah. They'll come that was what I consider the break what's what movies though she got stripes she says that's all prodigy either seen the movie. The Bill Murray movie Sissy stripes really yes let's applaud. On the plot is a couple of wacky guys to in the army and the not quite what they sign up for things go aren't we answer yes fractious as being great great jewelry that is that from Greg writes great apple let nobody is. It's let's move when it is our first test facility that the movie's great even a second half as the great that's solved through with the urban assault vehicles is that drags on the varsity. Busing or some great where other parts where we're John Candy is there for the movie would anybody can I was a knack restaurants shoreline Ruslan what's the to differ are in movies when they asked that the guy right plus a movie. Soledad nobody yet. That's just I might rightfully so my gun that strikes me that confidence you'd drop below are Leon who could forget your stripes yes. As far as I guess habit of our fear goes about the rebels brings out a fighter by night you know now. Surprised at you protect it's hypocrisy and I'd support to blow the Egyptian health problem you saw that which powerful. Great half movie stripes in full metal jacket I would I would say that the best movie ever has been. In some jest via best Vietnam movie war movie ever made his apocalypse. I would agree and I'll go. Who is right there I guess I put on the top five tune and and Apocalypse Now the two best Vietnam movies too best war movies I think. One. To boost war movies yes Saving Private Ryan says there are in the process for him because a lot of parts of in this conversation rabbo considered Vietnam yes and to great I would towards I think your grandma. Yes it's a veteran at this all of a third of the thought crap Tutsis to like him which one it was the the fourth and fifth when went back to get the prisons out modern time we have a very elegant or mutilate his area he's everywhere always cold yet supervise a lot of attention to everybody it blows of everybody emissary right now when he thought Tommy gun. I'm not I'm not allowing any criticism Sloane yeah I don't and I believe his story I don't believe is currently I'm not gonna not watched all movies you can take away presence you can take Wii music move whatever Stallone states he's I don't think there's any photographs of six is safe. And it. He denied pretty strongly cares right sixteenth. Mixer like a 72 now fools. I just eager to point. The bodyguard is dead. That was with them she accused him of well regardless of whatever reforms and Rupert want to carry the body guards gets blown out of what you're not a Smart if she's lucky admired her killed Davis French the that's true curb franc and still around a fresh potential original Boston a rich. I don't want rich do. Not want to talk about when you talk and so they're mr. Absolutely yes sure yeah since the moon's dump him at midnight desperate times that out as topics reserve. And that was a real acting. As a whole whole how would you. Rich rich rich rich rich rich Richard Richard Hirsch all the on what it what did Michael Felger sale until he said that. I it would lack. Well let's let's go along party elders. What what he was really saying is. All bases he try to corroborate Chris Rock. Ranking that's more to teach a lesson but on the other side if say if they win so a lot. I agree it's helping out elderly whites need spanky I don't understand. I don't know. Leo Leo I enjoy the talk to Tommy told this year. To talk to Tony. Matt drugs you're on talk to these actually in this morning. At wanna actually let's talk you know this I think. Oh oh yeah usaid. All the losses in the Richmond I think I regret is not get away and that. Sort of deal to me. Yeah ID. Rich you can't get everything right in the Arab diplomats are. That ridiculous 131 trap that is gonna suck the oxygen out of the pros probably don't question. Dots. Oh yeah ages dream dream coach Rex let's go let's look at. Happening at your rules let me talk to us until the and I. Question him. You know Larry. I sat me. Yeah the reason on the house floor polish. Legitimately pissed off mood. At. Ten. Us for a that moves. And I. You bet everything like let's go to wanted to retire. Now if you Cha and a back. I like Osama Obama and it doesn't concern me. Just didn't around for the sake of hidden around. Sure. Any time the pulled once Hillary is sort of crossover like this is dries you can handle it's we were so sick Tony we traded him for a David Allan shared Atmel. We dumped them would you think that David Al Boucher when asked when pressed upon yawkey way is to be renamed the key to be creative style we ought freedom way. Creative freedom. I say Jimmy finally guys mock elegy that. I mean you go. An eagle by the aides say okay this is this guy on the team for a long time and he was not a great personal you'd get me walk down this I would grow and will open the door can roam. Pop name street Maarten Richard where's my chose another could that be cool to this fantastic. It's all crazy crazy good checks this is what appeared cool ceremony and open the street that were in one of those two. Michael focal. I'm a human being unlocked phone that's what I'm Mike and Mike way. My editors or street name they can call a Kirkland and we have been it would have to be one way street. A whole book on global. Yeah. Is that big Fella get bored to promote the joint secretaries. Still yeah eats around the field with it's it's important we're great aren't they fell. Obviously in good. I'm glad let me. Similar style right. He. I'm. It's called counter programming. Mike Mike's final day in everyone's paying tribute to them. We are paying tribute to the. Art. I'm alive you do not so rules with a two X. They pop frank Cali and there's just some. Century. They've built our 8 o'clock who. Enough Max Coleman said farewell. So I don't know either among going anywhere. It's a classic used him moving no ratings of the promoted one paid them more money we gave odd goal more money to hire his son. Probably another date Callista you know stooge was done this a whole entry window shall we terrible. Moved him around him and moved you don't want proved no one's ever listeners on this move they're doing the number all songs and number one additional started moving their price tickets cost less that it itself is the real. And a one smile song was smooth nice and yeah. I would never guess that freaked me out how with the president. It's kind of couldn't and all these things for me last month when I celebrated my twenty who wish you know I've got you didn't I don't currently there is absolutely rejecting a version morning to you me the only one. Now that anyone else not one person not no losses are humans they it was a thank ejected sock puppet put and together and yet we know. He did not follow me diligently with the average movie price in 1990 etc. yeah nobody mentioned the it was normal size them once on nothing or nothing he show Mark Zuckerberg was twelve years old. When mentioned that not a conversation anyway the other shows to record let me know that's not just nice and say congratulations. And I knocked or national figures you and genre day critical lots of national things and by balloon but I don't write lupica my coach necklace checking sure here guys I am surprise second. And this little message for me my oh my god dramas he reigning rookie year my buddy Mikey Adams. Roger Federer of combined for one game 140 majors since that shows started. Sock puppets look at for a the number one slot on salary here here. It I don't know and I don't you is he in. And who burned. Alone before precious substituted and the show. Actually should be favored me. What came next that was the song is this is Neil Everett singing my Greenberg. Good question here what's that what famous event with this song played. Princess Diana's funeral toys. Now. He's not friends he's taken a big break and we'll acted knows you Elton John. Well resentment at the bottom line reality by the way Dino really did step away as the party for him no farewell known nothing. No messages as well exit thank you New England made health issue these guys didn't go anywhere these guys still in the right words governments to work for the company in their act like their real media and I get on the 44 birthday big party anniversaries like it's celebrated for you know stress trivia where strippers when I mean. Italy right now calls lined up again in the league long enough bluster was so cute she typical blood her back means little heart on my forehead so that was. Yeah Europe and incorrect. With pitching strip personally used the plainly do everything you complain about the sports journalists. Which is all me Jim what was legitimately giving birth Welsh to. No she was its crown she hypocrites we've. Kellogg eloquently. Yeah I was even. To some where House of Lords all measured to you great actress few remember doing what you did natural to want to blasted. What you launches Felger management. Of a factory or place. Just go cross estrogen partly give. Us a kick in the gauntlet I've got to be afraid your man's quest thanks. She says well we honor. The life of Mike Greenberg Michael what they're great man great radio pioneers was your favorite Mike might. That time that you need to do expect now. Yes I asked him ten questions like that out of time in 1990 to actually cut their penises off they say the white white and have them at this point which is that were yes and they keep when the throughout the -- with all the bubble otherwise it sees little gros islet on goal put a bunch of food in his mouth we talk on the year with food and obviously that's right inside joke on the show and you know I've never listen to issue. Cooley has a lot of these teeth funny guy that he's not afraid of that put down a beer at. Boot or format that there's got to listen and you can't win them that she's can't now McConnell was like Willis. Yeah Houston. And was who have. Darian think. Yes I think it was you're betting the storm covered dirt Washburn yes here. It. Saying I don't want permanent like them. He was determined to basketball part was good to have in the title as fast as ever gonna not like I like you'd just sent you're gonna good tweet about marking on him. Public not only get washed out of jail lots and lots of people say yes. Yes I saw the who's an awfully good basketball guy we have some good Basque we'll talk noted I had some good questions like did. Carrie Irving trust play hero ball which he did last night he took a thirty foot three as we reflects twenty seconds left them 242 clock in alike. It's curry and ran on the other team that's why does another isn't it on national TV because Charles Barkley is watching he says I'm gonna play hero watch others if yes well again I don't know what random thing I've I've never seen him take a shot from that Favre always what was or he's been this year 42% from the field 31% from three. I let's get an MVP of the league. Not known don't know who's who says the oaks he key idea because the last thing I heard him be a candidate Fred because it was like two for seventeen and her chin implant I don't know. Terrible basketball game last night I am I was not I'm happy that our Celtics want to graduation yes my guess is you'll soon be maybe part of our faith soon enough that's is that true. I was evident that he for somebody hosting at night means a grand you've. Friday good reflection on two great guys eagle us to be for them fit the eight ball it's all good if not it's not pastor there would grant you know is that really a possibility that much we'll have no show anymore I want us to get the Celtics in the Bruce among. Yeah what is so let's beat the show loser chose this. Please show us what you write it really shows your. To be less of a job and then a serious question it's a good question we'll start the boss about the next week so it's really it's something you know he's study of the Boston. I do not know I'll be here much. You know you're out next week pretty much pretty don't vacation or can stay at home. Who is since Thanksgiving. Release all of its open the crush I noticed the hotel and stone after his weeklong vacation five chaos Thanksgiving. Are you for. What you runway by now if yes where where I'd trick. Running a five it. Yes this one and and over the it's man I tell the feast or five year heard you mention for thousands of people who are New York on Thursday as you'll want to come on my idol a run with either one of I don't when I walked out so people guys that don't run with. And how would you quit. Apparently Dick what was this morning and Allen to upgrade because I'd walk with you guys you would have made a mockery of you guys want to walk in together it's it's weird thing we go walking in the same -- -- at the same exact time every day and talk about it let's watch it twice a -- -- I got -- to the same time and you didn't -- walk in the you know weird thing on my -- -- like you -- just walked out if he's -- I don't -- interrupt your little -- -- I was by myself -- wasn't there when you -- Miami and -- was right -- getting -- his -- -- right -- -- -- and I'm ready to talk to unions walked by what's on what is -- about -- Your Friday. It's not about. These guys have your team when her heart you know that one each. Yeah right right on IC I ads I why I never team a parked car again walked into the caiso so it's a random thing every Friday when I command you guys walking to the officer is seen as a random thing yet unless share. Okay well reported Friday and we don't. It'll come together redeem. We just you kind of work. Almonte the sort of there. Six point 77797. That cities are back the Celtics are we gonna get to we have a couple things that Richard I don't know forty. One you'd we have training with that human Marjorie. We did get knows something larger margin beginning we have some new potential show openings for the for the might inspire you old sister what it's much like resting on his laurels we do his work for my show yes which ironically it was all good for your show. I think it's very good very creative you you should you definitely hear a regular doubles at that collects them at that point we have Al Michaels coming up Al Michaels an hour so and act we did get Chinese with Marjorie in general to have sound of that as well it is archivists who that we get.