K&C - Another officer needlessly killed in the line of duty; Family defends the alleged cop killer 7-16-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, July 16th
Hour 1: Kirk and Mut discussed the tragic shooting death of Officer Chesna in Weymouth.

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Current. Games have been so much fun did you have fun. It's. Okay. Gonna miss them them to Kirk's little comments that makes their pitches up enough drip. Stupid war which I think are very accurate in his sock puppet does anyone care about baseball I don't know the CSI like it's tour committee ahead. The thin blue line and bleeding red tonight in Weymouth Massachusetts police are mourning the death of 42 year old officer in my chest now mode using anniversary date with the police department. It's six years. So going all right this is just terrible the I team has learned that Emanuel Lopes was out on pretrial probation from police say he shot and killed Weymouth police officer Michael chestnut I don't think he's a bad guys he's he's my little president Gerry Callahan. Start off with its relic hammering much my dirty laundry airing about what was pathetic and it's by too much that's whose face. Just heard over and I did not fight I don't know I didn't play for you if so you don't blame me for that I. Are you high blood Sports Radio telling you. All right all right lots and lots and lots to get to hear her tell him on a Monday. I Jerry's on your mutt is along side will be the golf tournament tomorrow. With some potential big news while we're there. Can hear chris' here the gang is all your secretary who will be. Sure over the spot today at 4 o'clock and wanted so badly this you know. The common man that's Bobby wants fame some you know rustic in a couple miles away because that's what I want it. I got the day off. Does. We do play golf tomorrow cannot I don't know. TI let if fly in my good friend church gala Alex. Everybody cannot shut out much for secondly to play golf tomorrow they're dynamic duo you weren't going to say me ask you for a twenty times that it. Over that it's fine your play golf tomorrow Chris I believe so expire and go you're on fire so far today. Do merely potential muse except for Wednesday canned for battle of the brain. My brain and gets things working through that nothing's off while alluded a few days courtesy to study The Beatles Beatles are really good in an awful were studying The Beatles what does that mean. It's that I heard assault this morning I got Beatles and come together mailed who sure was a Beatles. Not sure yet meal well subs he covered rate in the seventies. Which group. Bruce. Yeah now my BT's yet they did who could forget it X one. I don't care about forty times make me laugh on Wednesday which is in the summer for an hour maybe two hours is mean would have been maybe three on Wednesday after the all star in what the Red Sox Clarence Clearwater high. Voted for the Red Sox as well all the drama that show on the sea and I guess about myself to a lesser extent of if sent through the city or more stuff again this weekend more tweets again this weekend. Whenever you know to win like it did the other night with Bogart's you know I thought we yesterday bullet great game baseball is but Saturday obvious over tweets came back again that's waiting wonderfully can. Over the whole thing if you want. I wanna start however with the officer and we emphasis that drives me absolutely nuts this is three months after shot on them. Was killed as it chose their chestnuts of herbal chest chest are correct ma. That's not. Levitt and things that Chester each has its chest now and notes now and it's an idea that a part I you Cho Shasta was that is why getting to me at W you'd say it right is that we tallies had Chesnutt. To say. It's a testament that that and a sound he set a record survival chest and correct. Which is he's he's right challenger and he says chestnut just correct OK that's it. Some guy what you know BI team did a good job or avoided an excellent job we'll speak to him later. I mean this story. Mean she absolutely sick sick I'm so sick of this. I'm so sick of the state which is starter Charlie bakers a governor who did nothing after Glenn was killed by this by this by this criminal. This may have this officer whose celebrated six years yesterday correct on the force. I believe equipment today but today I apologize sixers today. Two kids. War veteran is killed. By this punk by this loser who I would love love love to see X accuse them of the C also of him before rocket him document machine and at five times. This vomit. Killed this officer and should have been in prison this naive in dispute. Anybody who lives on earth if I want you might said you know. Some of the bondage for some of the got popped for someone trying to sell cocaine to two underage kids. You could be a probation neither could be injured illustrating try maybe you would think that because the way the world works and we we should maybe wouldn't be surprised it's in part when Biggio. Because now you just art in jail and that's additional go to jail for anything more as a matter what you do you know go to jail. This guy what with it was Bob Shankland and right that was his name yet three months ago. This guy was arrested booked that 103 in fifty times or something so insane amount right indeed go to jail. This guy of course has had some issues in the past he sees is is is the police officers had we followed him before. The report states is from what's the previous arrest first before we get to this terrible stories sickening story from yesterday Wayne. This is from last year. A nineteen year old homeless man. Was caught selling cocaine to minors in North Weymouth Monday night. And then fled from officers who attempted to search him police say. Emanuel Lopes was arrested in charge of possession distribute cocaine to a minor possession distribute cocaine and resisting arrest okay stop. Mean so you see that he's trying to trying to sell cocaine to mine about it's he wasn't that cycle he'd be happy had poking his possessions we learn later on. This guy doesn't go to jail for this around 5:30 PM police received a call from someone who said they just witnessed a drug deal. Officer responded to an area known as the shelf near north street. The shop was on the police's an area were drug activity. First. When officers arrived to find five males and one female wal appear to be miners. Near abandoned beach house they were all on multiple open alcohol beverage in the ground within arm's reach teens gaps began to first Femina noticed that. Lopes appeared nervous was fidgeting around it's what police said. They'd known from in for dealing with him in the past who fought with him before the report states of one shirt today and tomorrow find out more more about the sky and the question. Is being fresh he fled in jumped on the rocks at the bottom of the seawall. He then ran into a nearby wooded area or police a lot size and report states inside back active advocates of the dogs right. Aren't out yet at first arrest. Inside a backpack he dropped to the drop we've city on the bag happen out of Coke and the digital scale. So the ego or cocaine children in his go to jail for OK so he should be and we hear that story should be present course doesn't. That the wires about what you eat we we could say it's happened in 2000 you know nine it's OK maybe even served his time tepid 2000. 72017. While we're talking with us of courses is the man. Who who killed the police officer yesterday but there were rock Adam I have an ad with a rocket should say knocked him out cold and shocking him to death. Five and up and body and is author Justin it's off awful awful tragic. He's had his that is police officer. I'll somebody else was killed. And two people were killed always talking I don't agree shots right got a got a woman in her home price standing in her daughter random woman's underwear and a woman at Sunday morning at seven spirit award she did her life is over because this on. This creep two reasons because guys punk in his some judgment on this judges yet. Turtle boy that's now from the I team hasn't happened yet we're gonna find him she he or she is today and that person. In my in my in my world will be strictly on price of jail to do I mean it's their fault whoever you are you wake up this morning. You're Ritchie okay you're probably not working today to Monday December urine and down the paperwork you are your huge house and you don't care if it's your fault. This man Michael just is dead is officer. This this war veteran. His father entries of pictures gesture some decent nine year old a four or two pitches to Disney World two TB took with his wife and his two kids and because this judge is an idiot because as judges and liberal. Was. This guy killed a police officer and another woman. When is this going to end we got outraged three months ago nothing happened being Winchester nothing happened. This happens nothing happens what are we going to do by the Charlie Baker what are you going to do idol judges accountable is gonna start happening probably not. This is what today's July 16 is that correct yes you know September 18 one major now coming into a show. Where somebody a police officer or just a citizen is killed. By somebody who have been arrested 46 times and should be in jail and is not jail I want to know why this is happening. Why is this happening why gently slopes on pretrial probation with the condition that he submit to random drug testing. At all ahead of us it. Keep him taking drugs is not the issue can selling drugs to minors and inward. We're got the most out of baldness as you think okay must've paid a fortune to get out of jail and bail must been said. And insane level right you were selling cocaine to minors in Weymouth. Let's look out. 5040. Dollars. Was where his bail was set to get out eight months ago in October of last year this guy selling drugs to minors and for 5000 bucks he's out awaiting trial I seized. I all would've been. I had seen either have been looking and see it. He was not lower final thousands or toward electronic bracelet. Was not. You know the did what I mean the judges looked amateur no problem some liberal judge who's afraid. Who's afraid now this the other thing we're the world the fear turtle boy wrote I think he's right. I'm sure this officer was afraid this guy's big rock to shoot him because how that look how it look if you shot a guy. We had a rocket science not quite likely that the officer and a look at a perfect response now let people on the white officer shot in non white. Person who are rock in his hand. We could see that story all over the country or care that he had done no buyers that would get vandalized. Home always count on an energy Bill White officer shot nonwhite twenty Euro corrects that's the world we live in now where your afraid. In judges I think for some reason for some reason. Look at these people have sympathy I'll never understand that I'll never understand I mean I mean you know I hope this pump it's murdered in prison and it really do such a bond. And we allow these people to leave. We pay for that we punish or what you read stories today sort of oil habit I teams and the good job I. You gotta read stories about the sky you can say oh my god we've been doing what for the start of last five or six years he was arrested when. He stole this sort of the police say they fought with him before that means means they've had multiple brought Ivan this season something no we should he say it for their officers today. Who were shaking their heads and Reggie we we knew this kid was trouble but he that you just don't like the contestant we Lewis I guarantee we who has given all the stuff assemblyman. I guarantee you he knew he was no doubt if they are all back in October we fought with him before. He's a six year veteran and I would you're probably right. And I we have into the details yet would be the pro rocked the get a close wanna treat it solid product that goes on for an easy said the passion with which I mean. If you think about VP Julian that he could get close to right potentially enough to do that I think he's I think is an officer now in 2018. Even then you're afraid to shoot the you do you think OK again the optics studies that know the optics of it in the John to my seat trendy Roemer we don't live real life world. Is that they think that's gonna look back whereas I would say congratulations if you blew this guy's head off these are rockets and it's a waste of space and we Donald for your father you have kids and is as solid oak. Around left and right and doesn't go to Jack. In jail fort Reno. I don't know much yet and don't you just I was in jail. Arrested him in October on charges on competitively you've held on 5000 dollars bail does not say what the story of eyes from The Herald story today. Lopes has not ordered to Wear an electronic monitoring is well. A what we duplicate he can print out that this story about with Oakland and then in the and ED RO it's. Right on I apologize to him. Shaun on this who wrote that that it's bad for e-book he's a quarterback and that's my oats markets in Austin we shall. Dan Paul Allen's answers yes yes in quicktime is it is idiots who was arrested literally 6000 times. And there's nobody gonna do was up in his attic is now we're happened hiding in his attic when yet again what the house and the we're doing he's police officers now. You know chants of no chance because of judges and because of government where Charlie Baker to between yet is thought to pray for the family. I'm about OK Marty Walsh is between his thoughts and prayers that one that Charlie Baker heads yet he when he's really trio. I'm deeply saddened to learn of the passing officer. Chest neck and innocent bystander today my thoughts and prayers welcome to bring about loved ones in the Weymouth PD after the strike but doing something about doing something. You liberal loser do something. What are is on the hands of these people notified of these judges of course nothing happens judges like in games case. We found that the judge nothing happened George goes to work as pension Richards can be. They don't care they don't care they don't care and I don't get why don't understand why this is happening it's happened Aurora over Spain is there always say Simon people mostly. Penetrates us out of worlds and they deconstruct. In other words I think it's stuff like this. It's not just going to his job. He gets tangled but some guy who should be in prison I don't police. I'm sick of it. There's nobody there is no reasonable person. And I'm forgetting the forget the extreme example parties there's a reasonable person who doesn't think that this man should have already been in prison for I don't know. I viewed as a weight issue hey here's how well when you're selling drugs to minors thanks cocaine do miners how is their bail out. Because it was a non violent crime is back in a B disband this was nonviolent and he was a violent person it was a first offense or second offense. It seems like you have to be a violent attack gory violent crime to be held in part as a homeless guy says homicide as you know 5000 on bail I've delight of the driving BMW. Woody thanks selling you think it's Drudge made revealing that he was taking. We. Just such it is it's so funny it's it's just take drugs to sell drugs like that the that's like occupied. Spills the drugs and make a crap out of money I'd sort of the drugs this is not a Big Easy yesterday we heard ten gunshots this is from. But witnessed two with. And there were there was another ten she said some in a bright yellow shirt running wildly. Then please don't blame if officer shot missed Jason little shot in the lower legs he fled and captured or drop her weapon to read both brains honestly but that was and they were they were doing their further told that the you again and of course is arising star on the value arm of police departments from the globe story. This is in April just in April. In now Thomas for panda which was a career criminal with more than 100. Cases to his name a litany of charges for stabbings. Drugs in gun offenses. And he's dead it was done jail me I'm I mean you know obviously justice families going through but he held like we will never know today and tomorrow but at some point. It'll work maybe they're they're now I've no I wouldn't even now. There and maybe they're just they're their anger is that the judicial system as well much is this creep. Of this mainly Lopes this loser. I'm sure that summits and that thinking how was this human being. On the streets and think about it as H wouldn't you be course I don't I don't ask why was this guy a lot of guns for the last few months after the army people link on the streets like that right now. Thousand sounds I mean you know I mean what's that. The judicial system in the states and I'm sure all over the country but we did a Massachusetts in the state. So with that. But it's more kisses all of harassing there it seems like to have it isn't every couple of months if somebody says how was that guy. This is something that the show is talked about for over a decade the judges in the state it has not changed it has not changed since the the the nineties in the two thousands we heard stories like this. And everybody on Syria voices. Thousand. Thousands. Of people like this on the street right now being allowed to RO wait a pretrial with 5000 bucks try selling drugs as a matter. I'll never get it and we'll see you know. Which could be more outrageous is tomorrow morning we have a big fix story about you know twelve pages long this guy's history to be you know. Fifteen arrests and we found in these judges with this judge is done in the past and that's what the outrages really I think gonna start although I don't know I mean there was play of alteration April and nothing changed. Troy baker told Susan Davis who can do that he did nothing nothing. Today he'll offer thoughts and prayers which is a waste. Our Charlie Baker Etsy shop that you dumb thoughts and prayers tweets what does that do what does that accomplish other than saying you did what his accomplish. Actually no nothing happened that we can there's another stab at this other story Curtis the last three months. The last three months of this and that's not let the arm a story of a guy who's on the street. And he had multiple multiple drug arrest and that that tie in at that time. Was it about they were non violent arrest these law to be back out there and I wonder this judge is gonna say the exact same thing and he said one dozens of pages on slopes and all funds. Are we gonna have that the judge's name and has find out that he's done this. On multiple cable let drug offenders back out into society because they knew it was nonviolent and and they look at that is something less like an assault. A simple assault is somehow worthy of saying you challenge your trial but selling drugs to minors all you know threat. Net or OK with that that makes no sense to me at 20 Richard bother everybody appear to regarding erodes. Police assay Lopes is driving a white BMW Sunday morning crash in the CBI team will do a good job on this. Has learned Lopes is FaceBook friends with the daughter of the woman who owns the car the DA did not see the car whether the car was stolen. I I'm defending the lesson five minutes from where police say. Low shot and killed the officer his own gun he also allegedly fired bullets into a nearby home of course on the warm side. Sources say and terrible had this to use a different in my FaceBook told officers at the time it is October arrest he was homeless. He ran from police whose capture with the help of a police canine. Officer they ought to kick. All the big name naming maintenance silence. And at that point I just. Waited to hear escape I know that I was to run it well though. It upsets kind of got allowed the real run around mistreatment of the judges in the statement politicians in the state allowed this to happen. And we'll continue to allow this to happen you know we can all be outraged today and tomorrow. And in a blueberry just pour officer. And then be known as wall forget about it that's that's how works that how works right here until you know whenever September October November. It happens again it's it's incredible it's amazing that this guy this you can by the way you know I'm a big death penalty guy no problem here just. Kill a good thing about killer police officer is Gil he's earned a point of him being on earth trying to benefit. Can be rehabilitated prison. I'm not sure Harry Reid has been just just kill them I'm just kill this puke. All right 6177797937. Be curious for reaction to this is well. I'm sure yours and resign as mud is great is everybody is but there was the yes side of this there's over the issue and that you how do you defend this though too there's no way to defend the whites in the car hello. Yes good morning guide. One yeah out what you guys are talking about it I agree a 100% have a brother mark. And it fails 500 all that and about how well well. And this time we did not get the Belmont Portland let the guys that get the shot drive home invasions everything out. That he'd be jailed social hack an overcrowded. But at what point of what it and that that's the part partly. Written on. Well that can't be any skews too white for a night inaugural except selling selling drugs to minors that he should have his trial earlier something like this when we are. In this state the epidemic and and cocaine is not part of you know the most recent drug epidemic we know. And it's a different drug. The idea that that is allowed to you know sit and wait eight months for trial that's not a priority for this state right now guys dealing drug. For the hundreds of them within our society they're afraid to say things people wanna say the truth is we should build more prisons and Asia for more people in jail for drugs they should do more that they should. If you keep people like this out of society he's right there overpopulated. So build more educated. In 2018 you can be appalled that he's has killed more prisons because social media will bring you down the save your race as a signature. That your that your you know whatever. And dived whatever anti this anti that it just saying now I mean make a case for this idiot to be in the street yesterday he can't. You cannot historical or more again that's all we know that's it in your reports they followed him before what do you think we don't know. Lopes attacked officer Chester police of this large stone uses the assistant Norfolk DA said. He felt the ground he grabbed his gun and fired several times his head and chest killing the officer attributes began to arrive. And lo drama posture each month put. He exchanged fire with the cops firing chances weapon at least three more times at least one of those shots struck a woman in her home for sliding glass store killing her. Authorities yesterday evening with holding her name is they've sought her next the and so again that is. I don't I blame Lopes to some extent I blame the judge for this because Lopes is just an animal he's just he's just a scum he's not he's vomit he's he's excrement. This judge who look at him and said you know what. I'm going to be chance. I like I'm seeing I see some real upside that's the guy that's his or her fault it's your fault this officers did it your fault this woman's. It is or any blame on the Weymouth the day for not fighting for guy and selling drugs to minors to fight harder to show this is not just uncertainty system they had no comment yesterday. On and off I'll be agency what what what their stance is going to be how does that was a lot out on 5000 dollars bail. Selling drugs to minors any state or yes it's it's hope we always and other things that are bigger but there's never been a bigger drug epidemic masters it's. Then in 2018. And you're selling drugs to minors. And yet no waiting month I just thought I I don't tell that I don't know bracelet get it and nothing else and regretted with good with ten which. Three months ago this. This you wanna look at ten which when I mean you you know I hate you reboot can't restore it's unbelievable. It's unbelievable. This guy would we go after cops. You have guns eat in and then in over and over and over again judges let them go. If our relations with him for at least two women. People who claim our children the restraining order filed in May 2007 woman rose ten which can that residents and choked me that putting. His hands over my mouth he was arrested after stabbed the man who stopped the car and Wes garment. Amigo threaded it never ends. Operate in the influence in 2014. She you know was against terrible thing October 2016 strangling a pregnant woman and vandalizing her vehicle. The case was dismissed I mean it never it literally I'll never it has Japanese auto hide in this rugged addict until police officer. John compelling sorry John Kelly and good morning. And carry it yet on this. People like you kind of part of the problem here well. When you shut call people that are drug actually used calling drug addiction disease rather than all human behavior this is the end result that. I now Australian John John I understand I understand the contradiction there but I I I had never ever ever ever ever once said. They drug dealer he's a drug dealer should not be. He was let's prison. That's the excuse about that the public attorney gets a pairing cried I was person got a busy city are tepee. And this is the only way he kept quiet disease because you are there. I get supplies disease by continued deal drugs. Okay we'll hook or amicus said contradicting myself I do think I do you think it's a disease. But if I was a judge I would look at that say will too bad in the job you go to jail X amount of time would you agree would you agree. If you're gonna blame and obviously the blame starts and ends with this but this animal. But but but but but but but. Would you like I don't I thought it. On mine. Purchase and ownership saying when you say the judges largely responsible for this. It is not notoriety or I anymore got got out to a ten which after this they. At some point John they have to say I understand that pressure here. I have to be. A grown man or pro woman and say you're criminal you're going to jail I mean it's or I mean what point do dude well I mean how cops have to die in the state before we say. You know we have to and we can't do this anymore. I don't capital all the witness in an open. And Burlington on Christmas in Iran would be if it it just keeps going on around. The judges if judges is the only thing did you all of this took place Tuesday at judicial conduct commission and that that's a panel of judges judges. And ever and now you're right that's never during all the mistakes you care more about drug dealers and less about unity because of the addiction part of it on and a region we come back here at some point. What Timothy Feeley said it found the story of the man from key beauty who was let out and didn't serve jail time as a drug dealer because Kirk. He was supporting his spam right by it was it was supporting his family and the judge said and no big deal you're not an addict. You're just selling drugs you're not conservative jail and it's happening over and over over over throw it keeps saying they'll Charlie Baker Cheney always. Rescue if baker you know he never the guts to come on our show you know the -- shows you get disaster cylindrical marshaled his last tough questions he knows he can't handle. I know is listening you. Will be safe parts of the top what do you do about. You can somewhat some crap let's reach out of there okay but you don't to Bakker in and see if he can talk to us because it maybe maybe I'm wrong radio show up or is answered. I'm that you would have kept it is that that have a problem yes because I mean I have read you this is no shaky shame on you because there's this Gammons did you've done nothing. You mailed you set all these big words between doubt. Thoughts and prayers which is just crap its just nothing it's meaningless to it helps nothing it's not tangible at all. Instead of actually doing something you're governor you have some power yeah some not all some if you stand and I've invited because microphone. And stand up and Sam what do you do this people will listen he's done nothing he let it go away it's gone so I mean you know to some extent is the author of the public. Pushed back if you operate bush record if you if you're defending cops. That I don't got electricity commodity that's what they say they cannot deny that they did cops now though they do it but they don't just do oh yes I do yes they do. In a time a cop shoots somebody the first ones jump up and down and you know I hear from them yesterday about the sport pop. Shoots somebody to go upset when a cop gets killed they don't care secure right. Social media that's how they act to get far more outraged. When the cop to his job he was saying out loud but I betcha that's at the core what they've not moved to make sure some of these tell us what's out immediately disease to disease it's not helpful all. No this form and is for in his wife and his two kids. They don't have a debt anymore because some judge what the something's said in the cup previous calls probably right the patents it annoys. And it's full there among them would put him in there and thinks it was Syracuse they kill somebody you know 5000 dollars no bracelet go get. That's it go drive your BMW. And a lot of homeless guys Kevin has three the end of. It's always has come under is six of its authority it's it's it's it's unbelievable this. My thought is the craziest thing you've ever your light shall sincerity it's absolute insanity and there's another thing he got through his bad plot vandalizing earlier in 20 itinerary of dry cleaner as well so far. Yeah I think I my guess is today we're gonna find out more about what you don't this enough at Los Angeles restore rocks that house on Sunday morning analyzing tricolor Biden. Like that each and also chest is. 730 takes his call. He's off duty for at 8 o'clock and a half hour we will half hour later this guy thought he had done this kind fought in wars. Cops for six years started it is a cop obviously after serving his country housing 42. 4242%. Of my age did. Because some judge of the guts to put somebody away. We live in a world now and I do believe this made acknowledges may be true he was afraid to shoot this guy because outlook and that's that's NORAD now that's where rat that's insanity. 6177797937. We'll get to the calls we come back where did we we've we've tried them and listen up as much we can distort we have. An auction. That's correct yes we do it's currently at 8000 dollars for Ford dugout or do we get as actress okay 6177797. Nods for several go through all that as well. Oh against some other stuff also which you call to get you guys. We'll do that that auction package with all the other stuff going on to the store I think will be. Sort of lead one for the day without us I mean its own supporters some of the union Grand Slam I understand we'll do the best we can't zucker gallon with my Albert. You see in the more mornings with Kirk and cal sports. Guy. We you're going to stay on them. And push it forward with the help of the men behind the and they better do okay. That changed. To protect believe. If I'm sick of it. We did that work. Out but yeah. Getting crap. What I do and it any war record and everybody. Do you avoid. Now. I don't wanna see that happening anybody. For the film's name's Charlotte police chief frank Fredericks. And that was three a woman can do about three months ago not even yeah not me me break my around and I even three months ago. Or jobs or three months ago right. Yeah that's three months ago and be the most yet again of course it happened again because nothing is being done about it nothing zero nothing being done about it and that is. And there are people like Lopes all over all the matches that all over the place walking around. We don't have been arrested 46 times. Or been to jail you know three times for a total of three weeks and get out there selling drugs and do whatever and I don't know what Lopes was doing but you allow these people living off. Abbas living off us we're paying for these people live in don't be surprised at all the files today would you. The government assistance no can they city's homeless I know I think that's pretty fair so congratulations you're paying for this guy I was paying for this guy we're suckers living this dumb state. With these pathetic corrupt you know. Gutless liberal judges and in big governors who sit there. And in placate you claimed to Republicans and run one way to when they govern government entirely different way. So it's their fault is well today it's your fault when cup tweedle thoughts and prayers you want which solves nothing. Nothing nothing zero and this'll happen in six weeks or six months and that's telcos guide. We don't have this judge's name yet but judge him Q feeling. Let out a drug dealer just two months ago he's at three months ago was the the death of officer Gant and two months ago we found out the judge feel we let out. Manuel also told the team this is all over the Boston Herald he is dealing drugs in fact dealing so much Carol just three grand short. Of being like a federal crime let him out because it was a money crime without the addiction aspect they got a lot audio in courts and this is not a drug addict. With dealing upon its own addiction radler person who made some terrible judgments and decisions. But made it forty faults in the best interest of his family he was selling drugs to kids whose 33 years old a drug dealer. And he was let out with zero. Zero. Jail time. Zero jail time awaits him Feeley also came under fire when he lowered the bail man who weeks later was charged with killing a cop in Maine. These are the judges here locally that we are dealing with and we nobody will want a team Q Phillippe I'm sure we'll get the name. Odd this judge here at some point today it's every bit of criticism. That it should be thrown his way deserve their bitter battle find though today whose judges right now and will be you know nothing but won't weapons fuel. Receipt whose job from the story and has no judicial board of course criticism people got upset but I think piece of us against Seles still has a job right. In regards Jo and Rosalind dale Joseph good morning. Good morning. Mike's my thoughts and critical to which was fairly. I have a few thoughts on this issue was first out. A friend of mine worked in the courts is my wish she could cause got a very distinctive voice auto protect government caught but he told me that judging. Including who I think this would fall under. Extremely liberal and that. This doesn't surprise you that this mistreated happens all the time and that cool. And I'm sure this is the judge I don't wanna shoot good name to I don't know a 100% but he was pretty. Adamant about the fact that this queens judge is just. We'll hang our don't pay I'll hang on we're done talking here and and being Chris talked conceiving get that name Joel put on hold for a second mobile we'll do some research thanks. Chester in April and Lou Lou Lou. The moment Carrick good morning just so thank you I don't agree with you all the time but that's what it should radio but just time I'm a hundred. Oh no no contest to another no no you're Ron Meeks could radios. After somebody throws a ball some and catches the next day. Talk about it and if they have a good record say it's a good record and say you had a lot of fun in a lot of fun at the park that that that's your job as opposed to help. Understanding what you somebody who's on earth. You the job on TV Maria of 12. We host a pregame show on ratings don't matter at all you have to care you can talk how great something is that is opposed to saying geez are an issue there no we'll talk with somebody else. Like this which is a real issue but I just saw him get elected a moron and I actually like Tom Karen. It's just this moron I don't even want to give the credit of being a moron. The good lord shall explain what is George did. He should be held responsible. The shame and that candidate to challenge. No different domain LP or did you get carved Elaine and oppression diets and your response pulled a let down. Being shall lenient and wish everybody gets a trophy world. And Mexico are actually attracted. Yeah I'm I Iran much are you much or what but that's due to bad picture right I mean you know should the judge be held to the same she spent the rest of his life or my opinion. He killed late this guy Lopes now. But should he loses in my world sky loses job he does is in this but this is put that's never gonna happen. There's like the course of last segment you have a judicial panel which is a bunch of judges who I'm sure this judge would know Camilla Belle. The world golf have been called it investigating themselves nothing's gonna come of nothing. And nothing has come so far adjusted double check here Timothy Feeley still has a job guys like state rep just a Jack. Have died and try to speak out and tried to get him removed is not happen as Libya. That's that's never gonna meal that's never happened. At some point there is a tipping point yes I I I don't I don't know but there is I just that the common sense I'd I'd rob a lot of it. But it clicks and at this one when you have a happening over and over and over again and have a consistent route route return on investment here guided sell drugs guided jail guy commits another crime. At some point those judges will be held accountable because at some point. It's not we're not there yet we were right there on the topic and helicopters to be killed too ready to I hear you I do you think this death is going to be this sweeping change I don't. I'm hopeful it does likable puppy possibly hopeful why. All because this is say it's a different so many of these the last month or so that's exactly board for some reason the league because they get away with a bit too much pressure on Charlie Baker to not to teach it not to when he. Please we are is we're doing today were auctioned off for dugout seats for the Red Sox game on September 12. That includes pre game field access to batting practice should get on the field during batting practice before the game you know for dugout seats. Acting game. The money will go directly to the family Michael just on this week with police officer I killed maligned yesterday you can email bids if you want to Chris stock courtesy entercom.com or you can call. 61793109. Threesome correct 617 even more work secure errands. 9310. Nighters ever Colin Marshall was once six or seven. 93109%. Right now we're 8000 dollars that's correct and his team to keep vets are got baseball bat as well include the glass art sister Debra Sox just. Malia through his right. Ford dugout seats up for the Sox game September 12 including pregame fueled axis. Two batting practice and the move keydets baseball bat that is has name but he can't afford dugout seats in the Red Sox are going to be about 97 games over 500 point. Chasing history and we're more games in ninety yankees which is mind blowing to me. In pregame get to go on the field before the game deceit batting practice the Red Sox pretty cool and four great seats we don't we those seats are actually given way to Austin. So I would say if you want to lie Alpo. You have some dough to undertaken now vote. 8000 dollars right now is to be at 617931093. Settlements net for the do me through some other stuff there as well. With that package mean anything else Chris oh I'd wanna put we'll get to the calls the second. Is pretty good so watches just as well this was on what's the once news all the time I newseum. All care summit summer also so they talk to somebody please view the cousin of slopes right that's our listened listened to disperse them listen to this human being. I don't think he's a bad guy he's my little cousin you know. This is definitely shocking cases I can't imagine why would in late. You need something like this happen he's just my little cousin of Arnold and I can't McFadden something like this happening. Now us. Do you always exercise so she really have a really goes on going gee she really can't fathom what this drug dealer it's simply say nothing because was a drug deal and they want me DirecTV to John regular namely which is happiness TV interface I saw. She talked all I don't know exits off I mean. We could we could see in this comic now nothing happened last year the would have led to this talk to our Roger Providence hello Roger how are you. OK Aidan. O'Brien's. Talk about. I I go bad but the result and all that really. You know Asian La. This vision you talk about sports. Okay Diana died I apologize talked about this in the opening for the first 45 minutes talk about something it's more important please going. I don't iPad god I died got them here rob his grudges my life I hear stuff like this all the time of my bosses and tell people the station. Mother hosts say talks sports so go ahead talk sports before shores and happy doing it. You sure go ahead go ahead what you wanna talk about that. So glad. I had so talk about the Red Sox had deserted here all week so Roger for Providence our talk about the Red Sox go ahead. Cloud saying no starter set it's talk about the Red Sox go ahead. 10. Desist. Eric taller so go ahead the Red Sox are awesome the Red Sox had the most wins. And any TV history heading into the all star break guide your thoughts. One mile steal people's nor shall we get away from Roger they don't feel sorry they don't. You could listen to the big days we'll talk about it the afternoons we'll talk about it or him or he made day's afternoon in the afternoon whatever whatever whatever. They'll talk about it. No it's not right. Your Mike show that shows other sports talk Tuesday morning show the talks sportsman's Tibet. Roger Roger shop for a second when the biggest stories something else like this today which is the biggest orange state we talk about what's the issue with the Red Sox right now. I'm asking you in Tom Karen in numeral Loney in all these people what's the issue what's an interesting issue with the Red Sox right now I. I mean you could almost do it that's this is it. Roger what's the issue what's the big pressing issue at the Red Sox we had the all star break and ask you a watcher pain. I want I want to warn listeners want. It goes somewhere else because he got a fifty died though they'll talk sports all that promise the socket but you can listen to a bad knock yourself what's the big issue threats such right now and died. Who could that Alger pump rates could come back into charitable and he's not going to be able to do the best place it doesn't feel it's easy does it feel is. Topical and pressing it to me adrift out at the wrong I don't know. We think and it's a much bigger man of your image relic you would be doing this. It'll have its not cable having this conversation Kirk I would I would and ensure that yes I'm very sure did forties of them 6177797. Actress had a couple lines open right now. As we continue on this story amble and we'll take some hopefully hopefully get a nice bid for the support 8000 dollars right now on this. Four dugout seat in access into the field package for the Red Sox in September 12 Mike and Lenovo. No good morning. Good morning how are you fine. Our common tern which. Automatically try to put me at a disadvantage but as a citizen I just for a certain habits deplorable what has happened and I really feel bad for that entire. Community differently everybody bought. As a criminal defense attorney took 33 years and compared to take some teacher. Populate the system in order. Here. Well from what I heard on the new huge disposal. So the defending the bush. Popular was police article in on pretrial port Asian. Now if status correct. Pretrial probation index sweet disposition of the case. Meaning that if court allows you to be placed on pretrial probation. You look at in terms and conditions of probation for say a third time. If you comply. You keys is dismissed and no real we have the series. It might question my question Mike is why is somebody who's dealing cocaine. To minors placed in this wise he's put in jail. Let me explain from I I deal with starting weights and you know we could shut because I've worked Eritrea which is it there are equal to stay. Every time one of these incidents happen to knee jerk reaction on all the. Sure wish that I guy well a guy I really the sensitivity analysis can post it to a. Our I get to a Tuesday you don't get pretrial probation revoked the acquiescence the consent of the district turning correct and it's its nuclear re. Very highly unusual that he. Oh well I put my butt not but mentioned last segment but I'd buy you asked about in the Norfolk VA deservedly goes well let's say well let's actually I don't think I need to get this right this system might I think you're thinking only of of of bats I'm I'm I'll look at both sides there's no question no question. OK so you have a district attorney would agree that guy so what goes into that decision you have to look the guy's record and others as a Garrett is twenty years old. Obviously. He probably does not have a lengthy record can be only twenty years old. Well game it and the arrest last October they wrote in the arrest report again for selling cocaine to minors. We have had run ins with this man before we know we thought we we have fought with him before. Right so it now it was whether it was official arrest or not there was a track record with this cop killer. And the way with police to feel that the legal Gillick the legal system as a whole holds and the blame in this murder. On not amassed. I'm I'm asking do you think they do. Okay and that the we don't let them grab the Mike I don't wanna got a I don't wanna get into The Who didn't read. It ease I initially saying he's defending I think you know we know what size he's that he's defense guy I understand that these right in. He's right it's a day after you get over reaction this way. And in these right you play though elastic as well both sides. Hold accountability office and of course as a judge you want to know is deals which happened. Which by the way it happened this morning I was the the after the war produced an app that these deals will happen today. They'll continue to happen stock. It's it's think your comment Florida Tom good morning. Hey good morning guys first of great coverage you guys as the new bad spot on all morning. You know and to go back what I was saying before about maybe more bed as. Heroes today but it feels like you know we you and I are weird and really look at him probably too much on them died. Anyways this isn't gonna stop and Charlie Baker can do what course this public it's like fifteen when cops were targeted by some rigging gave it right. And Nicklaus were in and bought it. I mean you would have let that one guy with a maturity prices have hit a cop. Read your local about four years ago and now we're dumped on June 2 2015. You know it's what are the most underrated you or under. Discussed or in the area because. If we don't sit too because you are idiots like we got to score boards and got out sport. Yeah people are shall we re out. Since the there are people that live in a bubble that don't understand what the real world is like for quite twelve won't be life or where. Logitech I was gonna say that Thomas literally to say that they the first segment reasons like this why Donald Trump stories every day every concern people more outraged when you know a cop you know we shoot somebody about it while at times is justified. Is oppose white cop gets murdered murdered in cold blood by some punk. By some puke. Who should be dead to a negative way with cups I guess credit I would put ones guys you know you want blows it rains on the shore. And they didn't because they want to you know bring this guy the trial and any guy who should already be in jail those cops was Cecil is this morning. Couple of Massachusetts must be thinking what what what are we doing here I mean was it. Option Tarantino was at his name from Auburn yes I mean these cops are getting killed. Although all over the place. It's all out in the judges are more concerned about keeping these guys out of jail and protect in the offices in debt and debt evidently bakers to Baker's more concern about. Three out thoughts and prayers and actually doing something about these yeah these you know he'll go on. It could help press conferences people forget about it it's gonna go away and it's a shame because it happened again and again and again you're more optimistic I can't think of of the anything's going to be softness nothing. All right 6177797937. More calls this if you want were you on this. This is horrendous cases have read the situation Weymouth. I'll continue to update the we have the updates on the on the bid 8000 restore a thousand ever getting closer to Arafat out of this judges and on it may be someone that is that's bothered Jerry you in the past. Oh really. It'll be out Jesus could do look at that and down war curtain Callahan with what we get. Can't see kids and Sports Radio WEEI. We'll talk to Roger problems hello Roger how are you. I feel bad for the baseball at all that really. You know vision off. You talk of possible okay go ahead and it's more important please. So I don't go ahead toward Baghdad got that here rob his grudges my life. I hear stuff like this all the time my bosses from fellow people to station. Mother hosts say talks sports so go ahead talks ports before assures I'm happy to do it go ahead. You can sure go ahead but go ahead aren't what you wanna talk about god. So glad. I had so I feel sorry for titles we should talk with had mayor wants to talk you know you rods injuries go ahead 1030 seconds ago. To us as well I'd go golf. He runs injury serious damage according to court puts them in the market for a starting pitcher and relief pitcher it hurts to lose sockets. Do they have a look that's that's would you trade route you'll devers now into DC needed. Now for Cole Hamels know I don't know anybody and I and those people are among this core guys handles removed stock you don't know Alex quarry I don't. I don't. Met the manners it's just not have you done a podcast with him and Bradford I've heard him on the planet Russia have to look I know who you're talking an icy relationship right now the rob Bradford and and relationship is. Frosty you're an elite. But this way raw. I think rob is now realizing that oh my god what he's not he's actually gonna try and get him a job. Any text from rob yesterday asking if I want to play golf on Thursday it's. Never in his life semi tech's like that ever supporting me as a return. So it's one of wanna go play as optical which is you know. The minute hand of government and optical before that makes what makes this. Doctor how lucky he was in the middle of an on Thursday show that was insanity between you would rob and rob rob culpable. Rob did very well for itself did not know what to do it I think he's fought at those he fought it but he did better would mean he did criticizing Mari and Stewart. I guess but that's at the bar pretty low all associate that you did huge pay to play well I hope you are brought up just won't rob great. The 9 o'clock segment heard that full segment now rob has accurately the entire time you're neutral with us I was so NASA I kept that thing about his job in my judgment in my pocket for your I was waiting waiting couple times in the tip my comments and hold off and then flew 7 o'clock O was good but I'm not what I always spectacular which is shocking to bring out front we brought back rob it I can tell the Robin festering anger yes this prop is not. Drop the whole thing it's not anger defend democracy itself anger me yet know what he's angry at me for some reason he's angry and speaking we don't lie because you passed themselves a supremely on the latter they're like telling her it's just that I disagree now that you're mommy stars yesterday you're married those that you'd feel like music he Doherty you know that. Andy and eat it bothers him outline I will get in the decent. By a package. Six weeks I think it's only fair. But today when as the website closing. Its. Hillary assertion that. I would say. My writer. I would say these things always take longer than you think. So I'm going to see a totally gone. February 1 2000. He takes forever who's telling that is forever next year it either sue. That's that is Leo sat on his feet that is breaking news spoke to people that you EI dot com we the business to 190. Let's as we get a Super Bowl for us and he's breaking you. Tell me and I'd take care that's. Want to give those guys like good guys were actually on my time it enough time to get the resonate together on those up and leave the guys were absent are the rapids a good gotten Alec rumors good guy is. Chris out for American guy. On jet pack it. Jim Hackett excellence in order for the has he's writes for freeways as sales got knocked on the right officially. Paula as well as the way I chat right now its sales people writing for free on the web start to Aussie great guy I think it's time ago our guys Ryan Toby Hanna as the other thing is I talked Jerry Lucas yesterday. Is we know more cooperation tulips to understand. None. None and allies both of them or admitting hand colon run on those those ridiculous I don't know probably got a good product code that will help us fully work and help them full. And it's only fair. I have had to guess he taught anything it's it's it's been the stuff matters even more it's to be totally. Totally unreasonable complete with a website that's how we're gonna act and is a website through everything they can't help us. I apologize glossy not years I yeah why the heck why do we do that. It's a lot of people John Doyle. That's something like that don't that website houses your podcast. What do I 2000 whereas the podcast on iTunes where it is and I tumble fight again I don't it will without I iTunes. I too. That's we get firm. I subscribe on nights like you know we've cared to on the website and care. The station cares I I'll be handled like a I need you you'll ever see he's tied into the podcast of the website no not really now. Not really be viewed as Rocky Marciano it's which tied in via mama and no I no idea to go book that's only good question. Officer sergeant Frederick Buckman who read the book might learn something if I brought the book and this team play hockey again every book fair town seeing this pair talented it's Harriet Bachmann is excellent I like Ireland like the book and I ended up by the end of it. I was sore back and tigris was. By the end of the apple argued that I decide to creep. Nobody ended economists are rooting for and he originally yourself or foam and finance board anyway. What it will bleed or a Donald as we sorted that plenty today. I saw Tom Carey tweeted after the game a lot of people views. So all of those who want to first hear from what's the answer Paul go essar to reduce. This after the bold arts grants. Kirk's little comments. Which I think are very accurate in any combined with the piece by Dan Shaughnessy in in in the Boston Globe. I guess it's saying that no one cares about baseball. I think that. Asked what term would be at some point does anyone care about baseball outside of Boston right now. I don't have the same passion for baseball that I used. It doesn't really interesting I'll be honest if I were. Not doing Red Sox should be today farming in Boston. Drinking deploying the blue jays in an afternoon game regardless. Ali almost Karen forget to say you better take you apologize and John Kerry went through if you listed out would you tweak the same thing Telus has got talking I'm obese abuse Springsteen he's theory that you don't want thread if I heard that for three seconds what is going on there what is back. That's from the Mike and Nancy school pauses or you fake when meanwhile ironically he doesn't show called a lot at night and is the editor coaching tree or other congratulations. I don't even know who is Paul they'll look to him. I is one of the weekend guys who have a relatively I don't use the bicycle books him don't tell me when he's on the books him LB are yours truly you know he's good. I think he's. A young up and comer in the company whose it can take this opportunity right with that streaking. He's he's he's he's wild he's a drink this is out there and he's got some energy talks about booze and during the day. She's not him fight your parent tweets out. Just listen to some I've never heard. Of host a radio post game show by Tommy Red Sox games are too boring moments after a walk off Grand Slam but it you know and I've been sort of put the middle of this. I have not said the games themselves are really that boring because let me art the Bogart's Omar was right. Talking about it afterwards recapping I find to be boring exercise. Game's great Red Sox rolling. Awesome there are no issues Tom Carey knows what he's doing he's placating to the Twitter crowd because that's what he does it feel pressured his life ratings don't matter to him whether good bad they don't note the and Tulkarem looks every day doesn't matter. We all lie a NASA and NASA care sugar up so much that she okay to be there is talk parents' job paid into the ratings and Red Sox games. They're not big enough and shut up between translates to you know it's not true. And so we can do that we have tackled issues Red Sox right now as good as they are and mean to upset Lou and everybody else there's no issue. Adjust and we are with these issues that Rodriguez and his ankle right hurt his ankle. Artisan series what is it like why are still going on this team and he's an idol couple hours on the ice tonight issues and anybody that was a torsion cares about. Too I'm saying is the teams themselves I find sometimes to be tedious myself. As we've been a couple of cable play out we Speedo examples Laidlaw games aren't like that couple examples of war that's all recapping the game the day after to me. I don't want to do anymore well right after the game no one and only when such review no effect on Zach on most of the vote the right spot for that. So for me that doesn't work. So we tied into this hole. You know I don't be targeted to you hate baseball you sound like the guy says I hate on it just it did it now baseball's turning to hockey where you take a four against Teddy don't you agree. You look to us and that saved if if that went against. But for example sort reduces auction yet to do about it for awesome seats he goes to Red Sox the early September the weather will be great body great time at Fenway Park. I've never disputed that couple times a year you can do better every single night portion doctor look I mean I don't even know what the debate isn't. Debate is that there are some people that will sit down to watch every game I've furlong public walls people every single whitewashed the Red Sox. OK so it's great to those people are mad that you are calling why he could get because you are calling their baby ugly I guarantee that baby's probably are ugly but that's what you can't say that out loud and why why why you upset you you never really called a baby ugly never read a sign that hard miles little Maggie. What's happened in the car was the best of me I'll have to get down his first birthday party in my parents house as Olivia helmet got the first one that's she's said. You're. I mean I'm an ounce of abiding people like Aaron do this and so. You vote totals in that how he got the Twitter recycling systems don't voice yeah isn't the royals have a jobless are draft though ratings don't matter similarity between all the but he was doing anywhere between all positive stuff he works for the Red Sox. He's on the right it's OK certificates good for his business between that help whether those of us is because he gets those Red Sox super fans the ones you've called the baby ugly. Those people went out re tweeting and getting excited about it to wrestle for any kind of retaliation against the blue jays particularly compelled to give a 162 games over the course is right about hey -- the game means I'm that you you can say against not compelling when it ends the way that did with the -- Grand Slam this compelling nature to the short acting director game itself means enough and another clutch win and it will individually nights a baseball you're right don't needle. But when a game ends like that and you called the game not compelling. Right there's a disconnect then yes it was born right no drama. Very little to why nights we actually just we've got a cheese you know no drama glory what's wrong baseball fans that well I she did every game baseball games every dad would is an exciting moment cookie bats and standard Bogut is exciting moments are when jumps at you. Everything else is born so while I just say that was born at that was born cheese. The progress of that was born popped out. Violence to that you couldn't ask your I don't because those people on your side of the white people agree with you there will be able to agree that baseball is boring poorly baseball's boring all the time but occasionally bits. They went between the stuff if you entrusted in that point Kirk faith they're sensitive to the topic they know the inspectors will be an obligation changes to its. On the topic. A couple of hours now and next week because of YYZ. You're here tomorrow and Wednesday. As of right now yeah. I was with some people this week and sword die hard my fans. The biggest fans I've ever met they think my role is the funniest thing the show has ever done where Vermont yes dom waiting dumb waiting for an all white. Dodd like you wouldn't call it a dumb way do you think that as are very supportive very like me and yes the wedding in Vermont and I would say they're adults holiday wet. What's holiday when he went Vermont on the chance to go to it's down it's it's selfish mean people to invite people weddings and a belief that what he should be two people in the judge said. I'm serious. We'll be serious. It's it's. If you're a guy for wind at its you its entire you know sex life you on my I I had sex with this for the for the I don't think I wouldn't I married the woman you're married I yet Christine I guess we are narrator which you've been okay with just Utah when a judge now Kelso then. It's not report the wedding is not for you people going there it's like when he should be two people and judge. Taylor chrome to people who judge what are you waiting room. He's big wet west toward people wondered do you believe those weddings. A guy home whites or people was well Heidi all destination wedding Goddard or the Bahamas to watch you when your wife I get the nuptials wire. All hammered on wrong. You your wife and a judge. I thought you need. If you're the next guy who says elude gives donate money. Today's charity as a part of our lose our. Our actual mutton and ask you government destination wedding. I skipped Donald my good friend and we don't want to go out and Hosea they may want to actually tool to Mexico is no knock on by our accused.