K&C - An armed man breaks into Dick's in Saugus, Tanguay has a fat side and skinny side 6-19-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, June 19th

Hour 2: An armed gunman broke into the Dick's sportings good at the Saugus mall Callahan, Tanguay, and Trenni break down the story. Gary Tanguay talks about his weight fluctuation.


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He skirt and Callahan who shies away from this daughters and my putting. Stutter his weight lift. It was such confidence on the spread this way we're going to be you know Tuesday. With Kirk minute ahead when you say parents think their children that people get married and let's a lot of within OPEC about. Sanctions are they don't get angry about that god. And it was all about. I looked at all the angles of have my statements lawful for the media. Even picked up more and Gerry Callahan the number one pick in the 2000 NBA draft goes to the Boston Celtics. Getting an aborted beat you you're told that if you read this field. You better not do it. About perfect it record or your good years ago on Sports Radio WEEI. I have 101000 marbles please. Who's you who could be true. And every and some months and elsewhere but that I can hit the animal house you can do sales were part here. This breaking story out of its caucuses kind of strange. We got the video they're like swat teams outside at Dick's got broke in two we could from his broken overnight obviously and not open yet so it must've broken when the workload. This primary according to side is police tactical law enforcement officers are unseen at square one month August after a member of and a sporting goods store and gained access to the fire arms section this according to science police. The saudis polices that scene of a break and export and decide this one ma. One armed and dangerous intruder is believed to be in so he's got no hostages it's just him with a bunch of guns assists and we sometimes you think it's possible. In its national turned out to be an active shooter situation. Well but where where's the ammunition that was gonna say it's possible for him to get to the ammunition and load the guns I don't know you would think. Could be a million different blocks and. And guess right now that I beat him being negative because they say it is not and it is not considered to be one package as you are watching an additional cost them every year. Do I look at his former swat team period yeah I'm hoping we will move a whole lot of second let me let me. And it ended it so is this how it goes down in Boston at Dick's Sporting Goods it. And and it goes to the guns and grabs the gun and goes where's the books and movies they would grab the ball under the debt under the ground to grab the bullets right I'm gonna guess there locked up just my guess I would I I guess but it got there is in a vault. And maybe could be the appellate subtitle or water pistol bought the guns are probably yet to probably locked up and you have display models and probably some of the guns that are display models aren't even write our rubble right. Edward and they that they kick the figure out what do get that the pins right right he can't use them when you buy it. You know what you do you ringgit so it's a machine right there are fifteen air ultimately up. It's. Carly that would this idiot thought he could do go when they grab a machine gun. And in wacko cause the store's not open but pay the economy will have more on that and in headlines will more on the U. The latest London attack and that he's trying to he's going to London. Actually but that's to keep it under your you have a suicidal tendency if you study what he wanted to do that yet tonight so do you think we should I go to Istanbul. Right where god and Afghanistan meetings in Afghanistan and Iraq now where everything is suits squirm and act and and tomorrow rock and might not sitting here perfectly healthy perfectly fine and now you know wherever you go lick either something has blown up before or after it's like two great weeks bring her name in that airport blow us. Yes yes right after she left it inside job how she's doing the crappy ass any trepidation do you have any trepidation mug going to London right now which seems well every week to. Known as a terrorist attack. This one's a little strange. The Muslims were targeted. I mean it's strange the Muslims are targeted in Canada we just on talk about it when it happens all I mean it's as all the earmarks of a mile of a Muslim terrorist attack quickly you know but at port is not it was a like. We don't know that you know we've seen the pictures it was a wake so why do you do which is mad at Muslims yes he's screaming out I don't know all the Muslims I want you all coming here at 603 screaming about terrorists went terrorists and Dillon roof and homelands because I'm not nuts like you. Well now if you work if you were nuts you wouldn't be here that's kind of a job requirement went to anguish here. Can't be stable. Let us know once stable and radio no picnic it is at least own success. No doubt about that we're just saying when you look at them that put what I wanted to which tourney is. In this is why are to respect. It in unity so we go to vacation club med I am going you know to kind of Aruba rube. Now I'm gonna hide the Himalayas. Actually really wanted to apply bush. Hi you do you ever sit down on a flippant. Like Shea lounge with a drink yes when I just. When leg where I go to my cam is like house in Wisconsin. Instead of like you're like EU you have fantasy you have money you're independent independently wealthy and not involved in it I guess you are easy thing you don't have kids I thought it. I do have dispose of US disposable income and if you go anywhere in the world like. While I want you to escalate to saint John's sometime in just like sit on the beach for like two weeks. No I can't do that I go back back in Thailand. A lot I you I would wanna do that's true that back your Flacco well our body in my IQ don't they are single IQ can I put it into a I want to go to London that was you I've excellent idea why that eleven at a different lives there. Mating outside at that time and now I just doesn't like when's a good time it Maine Kelly did integrity and he's just not a place like you can't just can't live like you just don't go to London Bridge would you go to Fallujah or Mosul what is different gene mostly just show and lighting and not gonna go places yes you're not gonna go animals might trends and I well it does a good deal and Expedia I mean I know I don't addicts at NBC news called me on side. We need somebody that Mosul identical to show it to our guys showed though she should be an NBC news not trainee should be an NBC news. You where general press and what's her face and I. I don't want you missed some time Kristen marker and Lockett to treat an amber what happened to Laura Logan in the entire. Cairo. That worry of course its eyes blond women prayed for her career. And I think she was dramatized on the question yeah and he said. She hasn't we'll show hasn't done anything abroad for sick it's for sixty minutes other than Mike Benoit at that's another sixty minutes correspondent you can think of I was screaming at my. My radio. By the way I know I'm getting off topic and easiest question the mall to I'm listening met that morning I was like it's a get apple listened to the battle of the prima cement and that applies at 930 they still weren't done and left for Pilates at 930 to. Well imports and user. Experience. To anglers know and in Wichita Mike Wallace and you listen to some of it and and you knew all the ads actually Hillary I don't see this is what I'm good and I'm good I'm good at useless information totally. That's when I says those younger I would seem Russians it's the glorious results of a misspent youth he sent them I know. Watch every cent I Gilligan's Island via I loved watching TV like when they had the beef on the World War II prisoner at let's meet and it's yeah I. This stupid shows and an important as heroes left through enough awful after it was true that it should they had a guy in his in the tower who is deaf and couldn't see a news this rate in. Did you know that when that was tough while saying that once it was a the Indian tribe and F Troop. The name ma old how old guy somatic I say that when we wanted to even things up. Because they knew that never ever again I didn't know if the instance for a I would have been native American tribe was includes reports record yet like. Pork and business T oh well I've forgotten how we can echo. Effect but to defend our guys look at right but it. We knew that never get that put even it seemed to help curtains of these trails badly. Components of office questions that's his life audit office he lives for the office he got the walls prior elderly and shook usually watch tonight and did not get Newman. And don't always them who I saw what was east leg up. Missed by and you're assigned to which your roster and if you don't know F Troop all of announced all of that famine was the greatest television show in history. It was in its villains I honest to god it's in it. Re I'm Julius and his TV land yeah that's a minute and literally Hamlet every episode memorize this so so cutting edge. We were talking off the Kirk and I above the that gay character. Hal Rogers rock layers of portal built and he electorate honored that episode and then he met his friend at the bar B ex football talker for former football player big strong guy and turns out he's gay arm wrestle that was the fourth episode. Of the series. The fourth that was the answer was on a month you know and they were introducing gay characters. You couldn't do now they did then that's so the political sedation is that we don't realize about that shows the comedy was great. From flushing the toilet so where is our team play Francisco. To the political statements in the debate that mean they needed every bit every war draft dodging Vietnam War portion. Race did you go do something illegal via what you lost the baby or win they even went to church did you read cookies you. Make it. Pregnant Archie baptized as gravitas and take god fixed the close of the goodwill public awareness and he's in promises god when I get home in a Dominic. Moore. That was one of the great episodes across all heavy seas and stuff. Gun control every issue every issue Jessica never they would never ever do now and the words they used in. The explorers and mean it was cutting edge than it would be even more cutting edge now. You should have you seen every episode now huge because your political junkie I should of got shot because what. All of the families of terrific history lesson because what he said because they covered. Everything. Everything and our Cuba and I remember I get into debate with somebody who said Archie bunkers that realise that Archie bunkers are real. Archie bunkers are bunkers all our brand to a halt tomorrow uncles and grandparents I mean yes the I realized very real we asked these guys who did the hints are who kissed him Sammy gave lots tremendous who is the longest laugh in show history to life. And they couldn't get in mimic some hits these black and was the guy and get one. Famous singer and it's MSU has one you know the still there and if yet he has a class guy and what was the line and Archie gave them eyes always been dead set against slavery dense but some cream and sugar in your eyes. Participants have until a few recipients don't say anything about the camera. When I'm sentinel and take a picture in just his take pictures seem to use cases are two month was that scripted. Thinks of them women and laugh. Once I think it might have been like Guinness record with a laugh along candidate digit penalized idiotic it. Which CBS Greenland that there was a lot of concern that people didn't wanna run in the first night it ran. They. An extra operators. At west 57 because they're concerned about the the blow back in the response was so positive it blew people away. Blue think people away at least Norman there was a genius forty some years ago genius it's what that what did Saturday midseason. It was a mid season Erica but in January pic of 71. Basis that a British sick. Right. Told that there was pot yeah. Com but. Both Family Guy is basically that's a good point and hammer at all and at least that's a good point the energy issue we have now as a cartoon dances. Awesome and it's still funny but now Peter Griffin is us now is political you know right on the field very political but it it's amazing to think that you could do today. We did forty some yeah you could he could do and after and it had a pretty HBO go ashore at. For rice Amazon and I'm buying whole foods I mean Bill Maher was down on HBO and and people still I think he's gonna get fired. But he didn't if Annette I'm telling you right now network one of those streaming network should do maneuvers of all of that it would be it would be huge you have that could be used your thing. They need pride they could try him in the I still maintain the best actor. Overseeing this Caroline Connor and the best actresses teams that they hated me and they hated each other they hate each other real life they hate nation of Haiti these days mill that out but it is Obama I alcoholism big liberal. And he played you know arch conservative or use greater need an indictment and played as well. On known they did not like each other they didn't know who knows it was like tearing Dino. Married or finds someone else. But I and an island Micah glory or best pals these I don't know about that but I do remember when O'Connell was on bread noise. The late great one of the greatest talk show hosts a city where do you agree his politics or not he was one of the great starts doses we have Brad. O'Connell is on when Bradley in congress that he regretted the fact fifteen Jean Stapleton. Did I get along. And it's ego man says it's ego changed trying to you're gonna hate me in six months right. Just like Kirk and Jerry getting HM she loves you now and see that all the time I loved I can't bear which is great because he should so like you know do you know how much he's in my job is because attorney. It's not for. And all it isn't just. Why I wanna be thrown out I wouldn't most TV people are insecure you balance out there now. Now what's it like cap goes you know your wife has money she impatient and should be under fire dad about that. Campus interest at this book based on a final. It's great. When she talks when she talks with Gary takes takes a block and I get the block compliment a bit and allowed Aaron computers my bags thank you get out the door Ireland some. He mentioned that I think it was an afternoon here on this issue why don't we do what you guys just have three people. And everyone takes a segment or two off his normal walks of that cup of coffee and we never do that you have what he'd do that and he was that yours. No act I think is Kevin there's rights and they just feel very good technical you know they I think they they feel that I don't have the stamina. Number one. Which is fine. Q he's really talented we have a lot of good people GO RD. Needs to be involved in which you would agree apps and I think they're it would draperies and with Celtics and ensure rod I think your rod Blake we should do more than just basketball. It's very bright guy think he should become a general talk show host on. And we wanna use these personalities and used to sometimes is it's none of. Yeah like if you are wide is seen not as hard times like yeah radio is so conversational. And we can just via. We just sit and talk right right take a break when we wanna take a break even the red lights flash from Michael over TV's a lot different team plays at points. We dailies on our Internet investigated we are allowed to swear and you could swear obviously Vuitton wow. Stocks I would yeah stare at each other I hate technically can't swear that they didn't say anything to me wild because when it SA and violent than nine times out at I don't love it to me it's. I don't like that we've allowed. Process. And replied you swore a lot more iso one fight I just have to occur now I've heard I can't. As I mean usually I usually occurring guy mused we have Brady apologists like him in. Like his stuff but. If you measure of purpose at noon eastern time when you guys near ivory tower if you ever covered this event rhetoric was talking down to you because he harbored the bit that's right bodies. Right touch football game it was a great segment and one charity by the way as you 'cause there's. It was four people on a sat and you can't get a word in edgewise and saw what I believe what I sound like there was I was angry at them and I he left that I don't know which side it was exact problems he is kind of said he sent seemed anxious slam the desk says some of them then walked that would be but I got was language as when he walks. Well let's. When when's the next in the any irony of of that of that classic and agrees that I like that might want to Akron. And yes I hear it's down. We I have to do headlines. And you wanna Chris Curtis to not. Did you give me any headlines when I get we will get them to what do you have any anything that happens we'll do it and thought scary in chalk chant and then there you hear these stories new stories pop culture stories that interest to do over the week and any. No. And in those who say that. Headlines my day every day in Miami Heat have anything interest to our producers are produced exits of this particular 1 o'clock but he Geithner. We're gonna give you the latest from London which is bizarre if this is and trainees go home for these cold tonight hopefully has some redness Timothy McVeigh looking guy. Who decided he was gunned elements of Muslims and use an error when animals. Well we don't often aimed to raise booked an economy going to have the pictured with a much pressure area and remarks picture of the group picture and the drive what is he like his story white. And I'm gonna look like tomorrow's headlines there next we'll check advertiser and it does seem like it seems a little bland it's certainly feels like summer to me like that feeling. I haven't group Europe's on the same old fat you are too vain if you gained like ten pounds and looked and near you woodlands that's why you're a mechanism saying yes absolutely. Your veins that you put out a picture of your dad. Right right did you see it I did I read that his comments crazy guys with just like it's his dad could have been a GQ GQ model. Fairy hand leading man in Hollywood very handsome it was fun to and I passage there and I vein at all but he was very thin via I think if you think and here's names. Lights. Big gee you know everything you if you. Don't view it you education Sydney I'm like any tech has a wanna look how often do you have to like buy new pants as you pull away. Oh I have a rotation I have a fast guy and I asked you these guys like many of us probably have 17%. Body fat. Yeah you would ha well I I always feel like if the motivation for me would be inspected and tidy. I just buy new pants is such losers such a concession. Which is to heal your lack of discipline it keeps the bill passed the wayside with not. Sweats. Plus what's great. Is that what you do you go back your old hands I have I have a fat piece that I hate the stereotype it is and it kind of a chick thing. Our acute care skinny jeans around like why am I yelling point that you hope to answer again and then or you have some fared when you get it may put out if you have ice if you don't youth and all the time. You hope you read economic and Twitter and now capitalist knows that if the quickest and who cares but yet be you gotta have you gotta have a pair. Like I had repaired scenes are I would calmly to torn jeans. 222 points and that's your high highs ice that's your Macs to twenties and now Honda right now almond like 200. Some 200. So you plan and ballooning up again I hope not I don't I hope not to do you exercise right. I should more I should aid to guys what would you do Rex says the other day says he's gonna go to the park with his son and like. Play basketball there will yet but we that's not what exercise that right I don't know plane who pollute. A twelve year old yes has exercised when one on one yes see I can't the only way can win is a fight post tomorrow. I cannot drive by to see where you vote electric gas yes they do. I do are gonna say do you gas of course the equity there you would keep gas if you play my son along with a twelve year old who played 100 my kid you would get gas. Course he hates minute. It is Kirk PM and again. Kirkwood. So he is supposed politically yet he was. If the one thing admitting they can do. Many here will be able to do this he will not be able to walk he will love you speak. We had ninety you'll still be able to shoot jump shot it's amazing probably won't play him all man hoops and you know I know he'd thrown anybody he would destroy people I hate to cement into related past. Destructive that you never actually seen them play yet half that we have where there. What's that again and experiment and America we don't care ice time is as of killing this segment. I saw a little water park what's who's Killen in the in the pool or not part of yet that was it who's gonna stop topside of the world did busters that was it. When you okay we talked about a great way to London it is the Mexico baseball Jersey with does that fit it. I was like 1170. When you look at that and it's I was once edit your fans your fans do not hesitate to tweet that I whenever you talk abort your physique it that was my AM you can Wear that on teacher teachers Tuesday. Ever yes yeah thank you oh yes I am fun for I got a bus so now that's gospel lungs full classes again Edwards musician will balloon full ankle closer. It's my freshman based torture. I'd probably be very to me I'd get ago we haven't talked about the first place Boston went so fortunate that we have to. How often should show Norman so much about abrasion on China. Courts and now that's only funny you polish her. Yeah long. Far. A veteran Heath who pride and I don't care it's only five and I know does those are nice picture of his son Ian with the ball the under powerball on the great wall how tough is it to be pretty scared. I don't know. How is the oldest Kim's mother lives in New York evidently that might be no little. Challenging to balance your time with each parent and just two and a kid starts playing sports man yeah it was oh yeah he's good.