K&C - Art Streeter, 57, squamous cell carcinoma (a head and neck cancer), Franklin, with Jason Glass, NP, Dana-Farber 8-16-17

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Wednesday, August 16th

Art Streeter was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, a cancer that often originates in the throat and nasal passages of the head and neck. Art’s cancer was discovered in his tonsils. His treatment of chemotherapy and radiation began in April 2017. Art’s last treatment was in July and he will come back to Dana-Farber in September to ensure that his treatment has been effective. Each day he is feeling better and more like himself. Art credits his nurse practitioner, Jason Glass, with getting him through these last several months. Jason saw Art twice a week throughout his treatment and was there every step of the way to adjust medications and treatment protocols and manage Art’s side effects. Art is a practicing attorney and he and his wife live in Franklin. They have three children ages 21, 25 and 27. Art’s daughter, a senior at Northeastern, accompanied Art to all of his treatments.

Jason is a nurse practitioner specializing in Head and Neck Cancers at Dana-Farber. Nursing is a third career for Jason. His father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the nurses caring for his Dad inspired him. His dad died, but he believed the nurses improved his Dad’s last 18 months of his life and he wanted to help others going through a similar struggle. He’s been a nurse for 11 years and has always worked in oncology.


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Art Streeter is with us right now along with his nurse practitioner that is chasing glass art Jason thanks for being here today. Art you have. My guess Iran's squamous cell carcinoma that my counselor correctly guessed first and got right today tell us about. What led you into the care of Jason the great folks at data for. I was I thought I had strep throat swollen left console and some like primary care and EMT. Andy sat through a series tests and scans you know yes cancer in your left council. In the last I certainly don't you set you back. So. We thought about it for about half a second and said you know the best. Hospital probably in the world is 25 miles from the house probably had to go there for a second opinion. So. Within about ten days we met with a teen. Three doctors. Radiation oncologist. Surgical oncologist and medical oncologist. The three of them looked on my records and came up with a plan. You mentioned that word team for that a lot it feels like the patients at Dana Farber. You you have ate a whole group around you people that are all working for you when they're all communicating with view it as a team aspect of that. Yes. They were always a team. From the beginning. The part that surprised me was the initial. Recommendation from the Yankee group. Those not to Dana Farber was development councils removed this first step. When I met with the team of doctors Dana Farber they said now radiation and chemotherapy. But no surgery. I pressed search out pretty hard race. You're the surgeon you should absolutely be recommending surgery said now. It's a no brainer this will take care of the cancers don't recently took Johnson out thinking boundaries. We'll take care so he was armed or the other two colleagues team members receive. Since then every single individual. B nurse doctor. Receptionist. Be on the key moral floor doing an infusion or radiation lab. Everybody knew everything about my condition they knew. What radiation treatment now is on. But chemo treatment ounce on what should about it happening to me I out should be feeling and what to expect next every single person was amazed. Nobody looking like gee I don't know. They all who had a time dale knew that they anticipated. What I was doing way better and I Africa. You know I saw what my parents who have both been sick Campbell had cancer. I sought bonds with certain verses nine and I'm guessing noticed them guessing leases which happen to you know I hope so yes absolutely hate each other right. Right and it just I don't know what it is that there's a mutual admiration absolutely I mean Jason was my primary contact this twice weekly CN. And you look at my blood work and we would go over things and I Jason's when he told me what to expect side effects from various medications and how to deal with them. Really gotten through some very difficult times these are times where you'll just be with the nurse practitioner I'm not actually be with that. That you may not realize that there are some we treat you'll give the agency can upload the books looking good so it's down to come back next week. Yeah usually I make a joke at the beginning that you know you're gonna see me a lot of a lot of it depends on if you're seeing a lot of meat either Egypt or reappeared allow room or you're struggling a lot and you need someone right now because I don't Pacific management's I'm seeing it sort of fix all the problems along. I was associated with my parents that things are good for you -- eclectic you know two meetings early and things number. I always wondered Witten and my father was it to and the nurse practitioner can was so good. And so Smart and really good communicators and look at Arco in the top pick. Egypt into utter grief because you seem like they do everything. Well you know IE. I get asked that a lot also gotten yet to be the biggest differences might visits are actually longer than doctors like thirty minutes with with patients post the fifteen minutes at the doctors. So why Redick get that out the back yet I actually get extra time. You're doing the part one do you have to be is running from room to room to make certain to pass the time they need. I've sent idiots I wouldn't change at any medical degree also be well you know it's if I -- if I was a doctor would have to function more like they do and there's a little more. You know that there from where I'm required to use the numbers of people so when it agreed that Saddam had nurses and there's practitioner Wallace. We can't take that step back and kind of influence behind. You know I made some enemies either doctor Bethany I kind of you know get you know the overall update again refused chemo. On the tonight you'll catch up with them later Danica has your pain doing to partner our revisions promptly we need to make adjustments. It did you get sick last week after a completely different picture that's how this week. So the majority of my time is spent which as you know doing direct symptom management which you know for. The kind of treatment that we do for head and neck cancer can be very very significance on the outcomes are very good. Alive but the process of getting there it's pretty difficult science and it does require this team approach that are talking about to get people for a night on right now art. I feel actually really good. The last chemo infusion July 3 to last radiation treatments like thirteen. He the qatari news cumulative added a starting with that man but he knows that the first two weeks after treatment stopped. We're pretty difficult but really the last two to three weeks I think steady progress improve my. Cases coming back my energy levels that it expects better. So I'm definitely feeling like ammonia sway a great big guys who appreciate our Jason thanks so much I guess they're nervous and things sure do thank you.