K&C - Ballad of the Brainless 12-15-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, December 15th

Mut and Curtis performed a duet of Little Drummer Boy


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Just picture the scene if you Christmas Eve in London. No menaces home blow me as a knock at the door. It is Bing Crosby the poor. It is who drummer boy we're gonna put if you see the video is a exchange between the two I think we should reenact as well before yes comfortable doing. It was just given the Shia areas pages of every answer and we'll show we do a page you're playing being. Q why Manning Crosby and your capabilities you said who teach changes for a deteriorating here this and I'm ready I'm looking forward to the half this is a very weird set policies it's. A big mansion it's Christmas Eve it's snowy night. Big news home alone by himself. And is a knock on the door. And you've been there but. Powell's been a long time side and a new anything. What's happened to them I guess he's changing. Doesn't. Doesn't does that a lot. Of them aren't better read I look. Oh. Sit bullets majors is what is Miller I'm autograph Anderson. I cannot say I hadn't seen him but come on and come on it. On it. But. Come on in. That's the well instantly. About the relates in America. And she nears your travels bad president. He's the one that's. Let me say I'm being negative here up I'm being you go again. Very well. I was at the page three days cable right or wrong nights I can sing either way. I was just seeing if you're paying attention. Patriots wrap up I under the stock Sangamo. Actually a fairly remote things differently do reducing the thing installed the U. If a white Christmas you do on. Well this is my son's favorite you know this one's. Yeah. I. The we. You or and being used as an hour or oblong ball. Our guys is if we period. Well men runner up hello hello hello hello hello hello. Com page she's. The bomb bomb. Yeah yeah he. It's. Blow. Z. Miles parties. Are vying you. I won't. Excuse me. When my. We. Well well well good. He's on my cell phone live in these six. So these. Iran bomb bomb bomb. You'd. Every job boom. A rules. And very good job. Marquee name ID it came here. Yeah area. Boy it is very. Yeah do all love oh yeah and. Iran bomb bomb bomb yeah yeah. Highs hello my job. She may have been been good I really admire is okay. Our rob oh. All. I currently live. Yeah yeah. Good where I won't live long and mom mom mom mom live and he and slick. He's my. Our. Your own bombs. He and I drove. It's. My yard definite no way I apologize it's pretty things and it's I was gonna take them how. We've taken being in. We out of it and just that these two wildcat against developers. Is though it is a background music now is that is that the idea. Must be awful. And civil case in and out of the second guys great job great great acts up guys are all that and I'd also about ten layered. You put that two very good excellent work like you guys that separately right yeah recording my SIX rite and Annika regular Phil Spector the term is supposed to tell maybe accused him at times really is great Exel premieres on us without the a cappella. Our line is Sony's did you. Wolf. Oh to leave. Eight the and swinging. On we that's like your mom moment. Just commuted just turns religious Curtis Canada. There's a holiday classic by a lot of calls on this again gradually these two men who put their look at that looks like Dotson as it does more brave and these women report these store and listen real. BC in. You know bull or use. Yeah good and I went on May have goodwill. Live and. These. In these sick in. Pretty good and I enjoyed excellent. I treasure two very good and and by the way the stolen like whenever it is ten days of Christmas yes -- -- -- they -- and another balances would -- -- back next -- -- I'll -- your front you know which one way or the other -- another -- I don't. -- Christmas we need a couple -- yeah it's -- we get another -- about the -- was -- that they do for -- these -- -- Dominique the -- -- -- makes me -- -- a formula that's -- funny -- jingle -- -- By its review that's attainable rock which if they're pretty scientific about it. After the store today yes jingle bells is now a favorite Christmas yes you read that did you.