K&C - BC Professor Marcus Breen confirms Kevin Cullen's allegations of a right wing attack; Drellich thinks he is helping society by writing about baseball 4-24-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, April 24th

Hour 4: Boston College professor Marcus Breen joined the show to discuss Kevin Cullen's comments at a panel event last weekend and Evan Drellich claimed to be helping society. 


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He'd skirt and Callahan. Which occurred commit ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. You know these are brave officer of the fire rescue bill could they do over dramatizing are relishing the Carol you would say. You know some of these guys you trust them. Yeah yeah absolutely because the other thing is that they embellish it they know leveled off the rest of the lodge deaths of I would say they accountability at the close you lot of things that the more accountability there's. While. Where's that Clinton is some irony there fractal CNN that is kept calling within Howie Kurtz when he was at CNN. I think what have a column and he loves to be on TV loves loves loves it went up on morning Joseph among cases and they are regrets some of those interviews those TV maybe cable TV and obviously he's so funny in case great stories she's quite a racquet Tories have always moments back cuts for iso markets Breen. Is a professor Boston College are now. Yes you are used in the audience during this just who joins us right now in the eighteenth ya lies just tweet about the other day markets for morning how are you. Gregorio important interior good so I just might Gregory my question I guess is. So we've tweaked. It was confusing to me I guess the wording of the colon blame. These tax them right wing. That's been debated the impression I got a part of our secure global session this morning and very valuable fault all sort of things that we value bet media criticism. And indeed site. A lovely lady was a good lady greet and I think you're I think what is slowing news very helpful and to. Keep the door and let them as possible to a a bird brought render opinions. And so given that it's going to name was expressing his view that he he felt that he was under attack in each he's certainly. Used the word. What's it what what what could what'd he say what I'm am asking for verbatim what what led you to tweet that what did he say it would be due to write that down. Are we got out ocean's. Well well pretty much about what he's had the debate that was under attack for the glory the rock struggling lately overwrought with brought wing that we didn't tell loving may you rot the rightwing and oh a little surprised not a body or not you rule we will shut production and to me that's. This would a somewhat typical. Although it from someone who tried in emotion. Really that's what we're sitting here since many. Sort of an attempt to. My entire lane a lot of emotional. Currency perhaps win the rationale they would be more formal more would it be counseling them and emotion. And so yeah that it was a minute this is like this is the conference home schooled Jewish and journalism on judge George and generals in the Boston College also a morning. And Kevin clearly you know it was included with with an option to talk about some things that were relevant to journalism and talk instead that he's tries. I think that's relevant I think important to get the full context of what what he was talking straight into and clearly you know what I was worried about. Sure I'd he's just you can get a lesser did you get the full context do you understand. The things he did the transgressions against in the characters he made up the places he put himself or you aware of all that when you heard his defense. Not right at the right up since because so your right wing has nothing to do enemies. First of all I've I'd vote and that vote for Hillary Clinton I'm on the guy wrote the story and I am not right wing certainly not liberal I'm not right wing I don't I don't play that I didn't. I knew chemical wrote for the globe it's obvious he's favorable newspaper I had no idea of the we're weather's extreme liberal or centrist for what he wants they had they had nothing to do with nothing so if you have paid any attention stories subsequently. I think you know these I I guess I'd say the policy anything. During the suggested he was being falsely charged three didn't do any of these things. Oh would lull would mutter really try and characterize Obama the other I think I think he's still probably done what sort of that life. And it has come at a record applauding and unfortunately. Doesn't doesn't manage use speech as well Likud. That would be that would be my impression which is a numbers so why aside perhaps the other he started to what he. Your brain more cautious with the looks into vivid character award Asian opinion. He noted journalist in the true sense it would opinion I don't know what he's tried to news became in our fusion. It was pure fiction. Wasn't just the motion it was false. Lola I think you have to ask whether or not someone who'd be used. Would he choose. To create an impression. You know in were in flooded emotional involvement. Talking about the Boston Marathon is actually telling the truth Colombo on which side he it it's incredible I don't think you. Well he bought a lot of people I mean in in me he invented. A firefighter who carried Jane Richard across he said the firefighter shot on trying to talk to Sean O'Brien said he wasn't he said he never talked to. Column about that the firefighter actually did it's of the also never talked to Colin. So I mean college is just let me just I mean I'm not sure well briefed to Marty just making stuff up but that's that's okay we'll we appreciate it as governments toward thanks a lot. I thank our markets bringing. Most precious BC works on Pete Wentz it's emotion. Who works on people are pro and a painting pictures where it was and talking that's child paint pictures but he is a journalist and he was supposed to feature the screener Colin. Oh yeah. We're Coleman as Boston claimed he wasn't there are some people mosque when he mocked bush when he mocked Sean Hannity. He claimed it was a journalist who was an obligation until literally knocked us what is really racist through where does that rank ice and he goes so. So Brady was there said the chemical said it was right wing that's a quote that's because Jerry Kill lines on the show that's because of the history of this program mr. Kirk and Callahan show which has the conservative I understand I got there what you guys are way to play that card that you think that's an accurate hard. And knowledge and appears to me that's just you know avoiding the issue saying with frank Phillips in the other globe Joanna Weiss. Can play that again just avoiding the issue. The Kirk is just messenger here he's just pointing out. What a fraud colonists doesn't matter Kirk could have them be a mass murderer doesn't matter. You know to an. Cause you to have a bath and enough in eleven what happened to read about who carried cared what do you weigh twenty. Probably now. And ended at either way. It's his responsibility right. The answers the answers that there's a question of how nefarious things got it wrong dude he's got it wrong if you ever get enough to get what bill Richard ran a marathon on Tuesday it that that right and partner Richard and jumped over. Hugged his dad in the middle America and you've been officially maybe maybe not your record your own laws is that right you're registers his time which nobody does comes back which nobody can do. Hugs and kisses his son does he do that because he was missed letter because he thinks it's a really neat little scene that writes well. You or you or write a bull rarely say that without calling your right there's an end so I don't know. And for their survival. And they're good health DC yesterday who are we just better off with a noose is speaking out period. So any age act any place that there are no newspapers left. And that's where problems Jerry left you to edited to. I think it's good for us I think who slick it's how symbolic is that. It's the fault of of the media industry of course correct it's the fault of the consumers it's not consumers have gone somewhere else do you think you know we're always for them yes but he of people consider that his boss tonight is a wanted to most influential people boss they would disagree that one no but I should be in the top Jerry should be at least the injury is not reachable I should top ten of course should be. Shuttle launches 41 no one media person that I could see him. Chrysler Jean Brodie whose threats from Boston magazine. And in witches. Almost as big joke joke is the Boston Globe where all the opens doors like every large useless one of those you rowdy I don't care it's a matter oranges thing resembling O'Neal means namely thinker. You know whoever true long is the most input from media person and I'm. I know that I'm Alex IR 6177797937. So. Mark spree didn't add a whole lot of that we really needed here which is that. He said to Kevin called said that this was a right wing attack this is why this happened so we said that's how we won the Paris confirmed. Yes it's good firm X that's his excuse I need a insurance telling that to his bosses and I'm sure they wanna believe and they have the most influential person embossed on Eleanor. Hey it's just sponsor right wingers know down we have curtain and and over here who bashes trump more than anybody in Boston. And who voted for Hillary Clinton right talk some more heavily used for amber and I mean it was that and understand. Well he did a little research on you that he did on on the bumper correct are right back. What led you to tweet that what did he say it would be due to write that down but we got options. Well well pretty much that item what he said it'd be it was under attack other story. The rock Ron English. We'll look which brought wearing that we didn't running mate you rough about wearing and well all of a little surprised not because they are not you or are we OSHA but it's and to me that's. This was you. Somewhat typical of him from someone who tried and admiration. Trades in motion. Is not an excuse to trade friction. Fun come along way they're relatively really haven't I didn't start all bending column defending column now talking about how you address it that's it. And I did you did a good thing Kirk. Admiral keep your approval and water are always looking for approving yards distance is seek approval and you you were irrelevant so is mine we are similar to. I am it was a matter to me if you let my work or not you it matters what people think you can imagine people I care about respect. Could you guide you don't like like Brad Brad no no no no. Very few people made that you're not there oh thank senator enters Jerry's there. You know I am right John their dollar Johnson from Kenya. And shares candidate purchase metadata to do 100 most influential people. Sure wouldn't admit personally. Good days of pilots have been had little proposals that together friends at lunch it might pick themselves and Nina yeah. I don't know they have in the Brazilian number one the public right. Sure I mean by Sherry to disagree that you know what she's going to be number one for the next forty him Marty Walsh second epic qualifications to be looked high your shoes. Or in this one media person on there at but they mentioned your road in cities most influential radio guy. Media guy in the town media and attention brought to you. You could stop a hundred people on here they would know he is they would know what station he's on how to find them. He's in mid day host he made it hosted finishes fifteenth in the ratings paying close look at our house referred to among the people who spend money and easy most of it I mean again. Don't do it that influential. You and I can go tell people who go buy stuff today it Milton is in buffalo wild ones we hope they do win they would go do because they listened to. Getting in them that slate fundraising Circuit City on the board of stuff because all these people are on the tour trustees of boards of causing or you or are you on board Jerry I don't want to born on the I don't know they'll have arrested in borne no no amount. I don't think. In the year or two ago. All but he's also what are also learning is there something I'm forgetting not enough as the inside and bad 5% email we go one time I may join import. That's showed you vulnerable we do want to bore the depends where you sit there there's nothing you give your pain he said the drink water and you look real serious Wear glasses. You feel blocked acacia. Jose things very well talk show. Or I won't dominate job. I have for forty Boris lions partners. War conscience and can agree journals and I accept. Or why it took all for what this guy scared. You ought to be shocked. The because you watch marathon bombing on TV no but you know this is I'm gonna have a a minute how the pair Fuhrman tell you something okay. In the end I was in new York and I'm eleven and a few Europe America bombing items not directly affected by either I do not know anybody who was killed I'm not claiming any sort of Pete yesterday. I will say that after both of them for any time when you here's what I heard sirens it was effecting it I didn't break down crying. But it was like oh my god what just happened. What is it did something happen I'm not saying the problem told that he meted out he he did not specify whether he is too ambiguous. Right until I'll call him back point meet our there's. That sounds errors. That's sirens never Wear and Poland and the guy and he said he specifically he wasn't eating right he drank too much couldn't sleep he cried all options are people who were not the finish line who wore in a watch on TV. Don't think I'm Gerri I'm sure I'm sure that yes including hard bit their journalists have trouble when they're winning restaurants that immediately be reached the end of my column anyway it's the last thing that the Cologne based the wrote for the globe is that marathon thing. A few months ago I was driving down palpable part of always appalled that. As I was turning a bad treatments by Jean Richard standing on the sidebar we'll crush you probably softer part time job college type. But the great Jack toward you for a few hours of work here and there are lots of leg that their married on July after brother Martin. Who would it was year old have been few since the bombing jeans in my house. After you must have for the bombing she posed wearing a tiger leg. Ever seen a photo is vying for the first time in weeks jamiat called out throughout the window order installer. She smiled waved enthusiastically parking you'll Dorchester post parking lot and Suzanne turn the engine off reasons I can't you please explain a B into week. You believe that story you what she's five of the line. Yes when nobody between buy enough I know it there all of his great scene with with the actual editor who knows what's going on knows the guys. Not on the level talks well all sorts of topics lawmen to sort through some really incredible stuff you just happen to be on the street corner. Right as the band with that the bad guys drive judge why can't watch is season five of the wire is the worst season. August strangely enough that is the worst things I've watched the pilot six times I think it through just get through the first he must be so. I assume the answer that you know if you don't use that story now that that part of stared. Okay that Kirk. Basically laid it out with his own word as to any did you think that somehow attack he's offended by turn this because the jets what they do they sit around. I care about chemical nobody cares and the bigger picture that you can you should care about every single I don't that's why did it. This worldwide appeal that's why did okay with it but early early dressing part of it. Bad churlish and at least there's only only get through ghosts are recital order apple was good today in the globe and have a Jerry you have a popular I don't owe it to ourselves nailed it the park. Once gave it to dedicate five minute chore to some sort of good journals such a good god that's thank you anyway yeah we're just delighted that you don't want. O'Connell he doesn't doesn't get enough credit for that I'll he really doesn't adds I think just helping you see she's doing a constitutional it was excellent really funny I might. Doesn't get enough credit for us by our blog alternate funny fun age seven and 75 meeting women and they need to hold against the only other world. Can I tell you how good that patsy defense was maybe five it was excellent got a lot of tackles and linebackers are lying around so I read to connect. I mean and again how good is American beauty and watch speech again that movie really usual suspects really hate you. And handle what's your favorite team I mean when you watch Chinatown again you do you like plants is directing. I think he's he's prone to act really has elected Reagan. And I was you know not rape rape. Almost just wells or you don't think. Of those movies Lemerre I I debate I haven't felt showed what policy of focus on last night meet the journalism's only feel we're we're supposed to root for each other and to me like. It in and not in journals and newspapers radio. We supposed to root for like sports Humber Kevin Cullen and most almost handle this your question why struggled the most is actually on Los analyst for parents usual suspects because that is still my favorite movie. It's so grains Kevin Spacey in it and Bryan Singer and other creep finally directed. So I have serious issues with that but it's a great great great right Stephen Baldwin's small numbers help enormous hopes it species of creepy and now. Agree he's great let's yeah. Actor America would be great too but but. We're here in the new balance building should all the people here root for Nike and roof produce. Occasionally sneakers were in danger isn't you know republics or wants to while NASA knew better than than NBC sports not. Well until that he feels different you know I delusions on opponents regardless of of what I do if it was different economic competitor were among publics are just those who are now Jim all yes you wanna Jim Braude you don't think you don't think you have some sort of obligation to the public knows better interest no. Do you see you have your obligation to our ball coalition as it. Answers yes sides Fridays it's my answer would be no. My job is to get revenue and ratings is morally bankrupt fingers on morally bankrupt by Ali my job is to get ratings. Think your jobs better society with this program now she's too tough could lose our political arena do you think Jerry thinks. Your job as a baseball beat writers are better society. I wonder sometimes if it onto his and it's completely meaningless in the who are. And as a unit on you when you're at a motel by yourself electoral man thirty years from now you look at how wall you've done nothing for society and song that now. Nobody looking at in touch needle browser does Leno Nora why. I think you need to gesture of Melissa you really think we're doing somewhat better it's just eating when your influencing as many people as you do I think you should approach it with mortality of bettering people. If you were hustle and all this he planned to roll any announcement is it listening why it's so bad intensive. How optimism ma and enjoy better for the merger rather do be seventh in the ratings book in better side Wein and do nothing helps decide. Oh without all the polling Johnson's alleged helps is I have no one's listening. Also you have the platform now. You can just. We've got outside of that I so there's a big sports reporting helps society people if it. It is an escape if escape. Yeah I feel with all the people trying to organize as such or rationalizations. It's okay you look at this girl in scenes is involved in a game we'll be right. You. All right yeah. It's kind of good opening riff. So anyway I told you at 6 o'clock that in order was towards a good one he's here in the hallway Vick goes rarely go Kurdish who's been listening and reading Richard PCs turn ago. For the mind good friend of mine you know until he went on vacation school vacation the publication of this case the Grand Canyon. He said he was out there and they weren't hike is coming down the hill down the mountain and saw a familiar face chugging up the mountain. And that was the big oh start in the Grand Canyon walking up the hill chiefs and we said it's this is not who he was just try to. Pretty solid when the other. Way go go off the manhunt picture tickling the BI can awed pitching over and if you are outside the previous Buick and we speculated that the agency yourselves do you like outside it's strange that you are him climbing up the music knows big hills would stairs I would hate balloon check mark in your credit you. In his exercise but the greatest Epson actual. See him being a hiker sure the commander of the outdoors and it took the court the weeks and kayak and because a marathoner. And triathlon cup and that he and a little triathlon maybe. I throw up your job to the teacher Japan better than last month and we're back tomorrow see these guys are relaxed who's in the afternoon guys that I Mark James three to five. We're back got tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock she's Gerry myself some current as of now yes and let's say Celtics win. Easily tonight to lose by 5050. Place as stated that. Did they score more points about the first quarter the rockets were hurt us 67 point 600712. Hours quarter. It's fun looking forward to. Watching Greek freak thing to think that's kind of true point enjoyable phenomenal day and like watching him play a second. How many guys like probably like why harm them to know exactly OK so while we're back tomorrow mourns the two of us we'll see what goes on the console my guess is a more news tomorrow to guess just to guess yes this is something that we'll see tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock midday guys up next the cross over by the way he's brought to you by our great friends at national lumber. We'll see tomorrow morning at six.