K&C - Be nice to Brandon Marshall, Summer concerts 7-17-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, July 17th

Hour 4: K&C should be more like Boomer and Carton and be buddy-buddy with Brandon Marshall. Gerry and Trenni talk about their experiences at summer concerts and Trenni talks a little Game of Thrones.


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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Congratulations. To WEEI. Is a morning show yeah men pain and Callahan in new cast of thousands. And the mid day show would go away barrier Maloney. Thank you LJ come true. His numbers were big Wikipedia. Promise them an entertaining and I'm confident confident the problems will be big again. Hopes we have those today probably solutions. Lou England four and hopefully the next week or two will have numbers from Portland and Manchester and Springfield and Worcester. And was on the New Hampshire stations here and Providence and make some policy if they warm up here goes with some. So this high gas tank or why they are not somebody's energy record can land. Love love the I agendas in people who say I hate you you see you next Tuesday on Twitter by a person may say. I love I love the opposing viewpoints so great and it's a toss skit giddy are different viewpoint. I missed. Kill us all we're going to be called and said this week or segment vote he we've by trump run it that a lot of that go into how Politico I mean I love every week it's tough when it's all of that was Saturday as the from tonight's on the set and I did some answers tough. But did you try bashing Donald after Rutgers coach it is and to do this we we do we have five different stories there all of a trump but what usually on me what I'm doing dumb stuff we would have to assume that all you did this week was benched. Yeah I was mostly it was like hit me yet a funny thing where around the guy who does The Who is column in Lord of the Rings red trounced tweets and all of boys I'm Gerald Laird added that. Am pretty it's a lawsuit fighting. Should I know that's not possible. I actually am a parent like you are driving me nuts now overweight people are watching this fall asleep just as we are both low energy Nightline keep. Control. And we disagreed we disagree goblet of what the red faction out target cool who who who I want and Bolton well Howell. And Nazi lines and there basin is allowed on the air well some we we tell our and we hugged after the debate was. It's it's the place and that one I don't remember when he was he was like tidal energy about them and has a hard driving me nuts now is like taking body. She tried to show within a 6 AM. Usually shows up around 8830. But is Tomas in tomorrow. He is yes good keeper and a we didn't yeah. Right charities and loving generous I shootaround in eternity can't have mall you got to choose tang way too mossy. He gonna pick. I choose to meet those mission doesn't hunks of anger and I love I was. They just Mikell sandwiched in between them among the magic happen quick question before you get to Brennaman Toronto and those guys at 615 yet before we get to rent a much a quick question or get. They're grown men say the forty is saying grew up. Where's Fordham again what section in the Bermuda in the Bronx itself in the Bronx they grew up in Bronx for the with the Goodell family. And your big Yankee fan can you imagine your 42. He got tickets do. Putting on a judge wig in a row a little moment now and I see some on the kids and I'm fine with a sixteen year old Dylan no problem but some of them are grownups. And they were in judge wigs and a ropes you will find you'll sports at such a problem I don't know man it's just. Explains why not a permanent let's let's go out a guy in Jersey with another man's name on the back or a guy judge up or I Jersey judges only name on the. Judge of that judge up its force them I think I think I'm happy horse I don't know. Yeah that's who have your favorite team is worse cause was the lowest that's but as a kind of looks excuses wife goodbye is going to the game coming to know if I can just feel like a high schooler who hides his outfit that he should Wear a pair of front of their parents and there backpack. Should be rule you going to be. Under 12 words that are under 25 words judge ruled that it. Wig I guess but. Brandon Marshall. What was I wanted to I don't even know. Was young with card and a boomer before I don't know that I got a fact we guarantee it was before we were down says there were ups this which was good you know have to look at card and you even of the nets was at 9 o'clock like winter hats indoors let's just say before we get to Marshall we've we've empties much. I was going upstairs I'd factored Macbeth announcers and I clocked at what was the other amid the producer. Ryan I understand these guys softball need obvious he smokes right yes he reaped some behind him. He has like a winter jacket and hat he's on these guys that are. What is called project ideas. It's like in Wear out so good that the whole full length sleeve he had to to a desert. And he's covered that element Z and Marist. Of what he's good he was he he's filled in for you you had nothing but nice things we worked out or issues spirit. A right to be the best everyone's wonderful for you guys who don't challenge the way you want to I Cassidy and how he stuck coming you know. Which android liquor and hadn't spoken to ranking. Guide. So he was some of them and we knew that their friends he's on TV would boomer and carton is a jock sniffer and we know without those oil. Any kind of thought that we were gonna do the same thing for some reason all of these people blame his. And losers agent about Ziegler aren't those those ladies let's roll call had asked them though that he could walk away pose a woman who worked for him and he was upset that are in my group and my doctor doctor that's we should be more careful we'll put those women and a tough spot true. But he stormed out thanks as the stone he walked away from dumps Kofi on the table. We we want to know like what we could've asked to make him happy to make him stay like to know we I guess we found out we went back and listen to. To your guys' credit cards here. I appreciate that apology and I will let you make good one day and I'll do that up probably with you now here's a video. Can I said months ago that the most sense it may be kitten was obviously with the jets. But this thing New Yorkers and you and your family loved being in Brooklyn love New York. And they are giants are one of probably five teams six teams right now that eight. Have a legitimate shot at winning a Super Bowl I would think that that was all he needs a denial and it was a very easy decision for area. Q did you say you're welcome our. He told us it's all about winning and I was gonna get to this plea rule in the end of him tar. The guys never played in playoff wants Clinton and fifty whatever it is years' tenure there never play in the playoff game and he wants us to believe that all he cares about is winning right if. An update in fairness loads and the patriots if he's if you're a good player that teams and answers you know you're changing so why he's been on five teams JJ watts and a one. Country's ability there's more when you have the opportunity to leave and he's had the opportunity to leave many times and he's gone to other teams and lost and you've picked the giants. In you don't like the jazz cards right Brooke wants to be in New York live in Brooklyn and do show sure that's not making winning a top priority that's okay the paper's called the giants call who's more likely to win and I would say the patriots and he would have no interest as you as you pointed out. He couldn't be himself as we told us he wants to talk what things that aren't sports. So Israel to hell. Truly one of the guys see able to be just a regular guy at least amongst you guys here if he's not there. And a lot of credit and see what I'm not there yet he regular guy like he doesn't like it like if he goes in parties about Miami late in Carolina would commit ourselves to read my height of superpowers around. I went what I would have grass this in front of the cart but does Brandon Marshall embracing the role of mentor for LBJ. It's you pick a mentor who likes to beat up women. Who places team is TV show is like his top price sensitive date who can't win one doesn't go to the post season who's a sensitive data on a plane recession at that that's your choice. Augmented I'm happy receivers or reach him by their guys Apollo one timer receivers Marshal put the page so we. Who doesn't think he would not let the patriots going with Eli Manning's best quarterback he's had right he's had Cutler and a hill Cutler and that's. Who represent all the guys have been to all those things that's almost as we stand yet he loves just account but he complained of them. The score rookies have probably early Cutler with Denver said it was Kyle Orton that was what he pulled right. So that was best quarterback -- fifties so to Kyle Orton was the best he probably doesn't like Cutler deliver mobile I think surpasses even if I get past that put these people are pissed at patriots actor tweet that's tangible sign for your calorie just prove that the Brandon Marshall interview with a piece of bleak morning show aired WEEI pizza canceled. Or Darin Strauss who's in who's the best selling author right yet. Kirk a cat he's trying to contact him I didn't Curtis Kelly were ridiculous Brandon Marshall was thoughtful in cool. Ending another Boston institution embarrasses itself on race. What listen as I I I've been as hard as anybody and you guys for them you know. Discounting people's firsthand accounts of racism but in no way shape performer of all the things that you guys have done a Brandon Marshall interview. Was not offensive. It was it pushy release ask him anything that he doesn't want to talk about race marshals a solid she said. Nobody has questioned you guys that he didn't wanna be in Chicago and I work. Because you want kids can't sell could be in south he wanted to not have to stick to sports he wants to talk about and that's it's not an advocate for mental health issues. And issues that involve racism. They do it but that you can't get back inside. Ask him about it as I pointed out we just talked about McClain were curtains are treated that's where bigotry. And its connection to Boston is because some claims because of his bipolar disorder which whose public about. And I had down my list of things to get to vote knows how to embarrass herself on race week who's the guy who said that it errant strike are striking him on please tomorrow I try to columnists in the New York Times arts section you want to talk some lives in Brooklyn Susan you were trying to thickly set but he's. Put so when. I really thought that you guys were I I I read the expected date to watch the clip and how do you guys. The inappropriate really push him or ask a question that even sounded did you find the quote back to the snack hit a lot of athletes are institutionalized. And he says. Black as it treated differently. Does not expect to fall looked through it. Just for us okay great let's move on such an about a region and twelfth holes and what else I have set Jerry doctor and say you have a chance he had a chance there to have a meaningful discussion about something he's passionate about even what push him in question is. Got a Donnie Nelson the home MEI. And you know what he did a great example of just the ultimate in enabling because he's not the that threw for a loop that we ask about something. From a year ago he set about Brady he expected a foot massage because that's what he usually gets and he's getting from carton and and and boomer I'm sure and you understand that these things with me is bigger players asses you might have thought of thus far an offensive standpoint and it's been here for three days of what it on TV so as a shepherd was watching my veto. These Pearson played it pound was at that time out as much here. Yes that's let's hear why does love us because a top to bottom line or on big gambler and a guest gambler and Monroe tweets out that we did we. We did raise speeding non sense of pride in Washington Chile's men's young jumps into that you're surprised. I couldn't see that she blocked you and I remember doing anything right or good or she bought me the so in Jordan blocked the show this morning so really you have this morning powered. So woman who's taking Brandon Marshall side and with about lag Garrity junior and actually guarantee. That's exit then that's the problem like. When I first saw that headline pop up that you that he walked out of cheese what did you two do this time and I thought it's. It when he thought it would get contentious it never did it dawned on that usually he just walked away. And I mean I guess we should have had a buffer question and then we went right from race to. Domestic abuse but he was going to go away at that point there's no reason he was ready to. Get to the domestic abuse did what I did it feel to question we have is look we had this in front of us right here in the rap sheet there is two pages to ages. A 911 calls from his wives and girlfriends. It's amazing this guy Josh Brown was a real. Black on literally on the giants would you say I'm glad you via. All the who was so father Flanagan was McNamara yeah it would Jon Merrill whose father Flanagan a. What's a little unclear since you can get. That is. And it and they had to dump their kicker because it was so embarrassing and less than a year later they're signing a guy whose rap sheet is longer than his arm. In in domestic abuse. Say he went you went to McClain he dealt with his issues of bipolar I think all of these incidents happened before he went through that treatments that he did go through than I mean the one thing that you have to give credit Marshall credit for. In terms of the domestic abuse is that. Unlike Josh Brown or unlike a Adrian Peterson and I and about his child abuse not not domestic abuse but here's someone who after everything took place. Reassess what was going on what they got help that's all we want these guys to do right to go into each get help and to try to change who they are. But again and to me it's an open door for parade Marshal the suicide it's a really bad things and I did some bad things that were linked to mental health issues that I ignored and XY and Z and this is what I did to change weather wise and I saw how does affect if you could be a voice every voice was big don't want magazine I was sent to how these like voice for our race he chooses chooses and studied upper walkway. Dictated prices in skinny he expects us to treat him one way because that's it I thought we enact Alice's eyes I'd like you know how do you blame that is in losses for just Mendoza yet. Why does Brandon Marshall feel enabled. Because of Craig carton chorus all right absolutely. All these showtime go all the break Marshall sat down at the Mohegan Sun charity golf tournament a century thought we'd ask about the patriots and the giants in golf and new York and Boston that was so that's his own fault but you know. You can't expect everybody to be asked steps I mean I would have liked to hear talk over claims and his shark treatment and you know his. Rev formation means he's we think he's changed right. And Tucker has the inning and changes she had a dose or event plus I give up here you know volume pops and one day it's our guarantee now. I hope that doesn't happen I hope that he really has changed again that was an opportunity for him to talk about it. All that is funny like that guy that offer you read them so as we're race baiting. 28 you hear the NB and B what would he prefer we prefer. What cart date to say I think he has a B each anyway do you think this guy get back to Christina he did not notes to trial actually talk this. X on anything else from our crater boomers. The fact you have professional pride and you wanna let you play your best. It would seem to me that if I'm a veteran player I'm very miserable you could you know you're not gonna win all the you think either one or you try artists. How to guys in your spot reconcile. Going out there knowing that the franchise is looking to win this year it is. Target we did get to that we estimate the homelessness. Venture in jets land so you take the field you know the patriots in the Dominic Chu. Especially this year that's why one of the reasons he's gone I would think they dump all the Tibetans and their playing there in the Sam Donald derby. If you're a veteran that's going to be pretty discouraging obliged believe that nobody listening wants to hear one here as well as I wanna hear bull. And the reason yet for you novels in the last few days. It was against them. Blew. Up the cards yes sir apple rumor. Of course I. Stooge to its past he you don't know anything about them per million I guarantee only the fights saw you in the hallway for use this when was going to do guys. Okay meter went through that way now and why have money so he won't say oh see that's why you blame me for Portland not. Supporting you when you're up against Kevin went to for the job. You weren't you it's you weren't playing you'll have played if I just that morning after the test I did I've wanted Kevin winter. I didn't say. Old miners was front. Jesus hope part of it he read it might replace you should recognize greatness that original fall. You weren't even trying. Huard a child Allah most and why now let's say hi Kurt and him. What wasn't as opposed now I can't tell congress I don't think you it was. On my shots a lot in the morning anchor actually says hi good morning amateur a lot of good long walks on eggshells around you that's their fault of mine that's their own issues not the next. And it tells I just Nellie. I just respect that you guys aren't too talkative and -- and I don't forget you how about if you're Kyle to lose or your I don't know what's his name the other Ryan I mean there's -- what do I saw my statement is gonna attack any site yet it's terrible the show on a cycle because they do you think us just a game like attacking portable Kyle Hawaii or writing a a beat. You DJ is a for me. Well that's it. Yeah you're tired yeah that's how war I mean that's so I don't want to give them send I want. To lose. How speaking. The ages for you call on. For what it's like day here's how yeah he shut I've got a cannon would they do you wanna get Alex and Alex is coming in here. Consummate node is very. No Winona. OK if he has committed guess what musical artists that means Kirk is afraid of him that's not going to work I'm afraid of terrorists who have no problem having him and he won last time when I I would save lives subs let him answer. One last time I think will be treated properly he will be given the who is recently wrote in the dirt is there any chance that he's apologies. Works and you guys. Agree that he's remorseful listen if anything I'm open minded and really throughout the commerce and I think of Kirk and Hannah I think open mind if he comes in and explains himself and apologizes. Is there any chance he wins you back. Sure fees which we can and we have to try and I'm forgiving. And it gave Freddie which you go to my dad's where at least get my mom's as well even if I don't I'm. Athlete. Isn't culture seems in line with me two wars it's torture your family's funny and I think I'm sorry he takes so much grief on the action now. We know what's it globally and it's always a full wakes right. And some credit. I guess things are keyboard streak that is that that's the end of summer to the right down their news and business thank no he wants them to write about. That's pretty woman Alger. He's always work and I like that until later this week men and he Kessel Mecca if he audience let's college at cherry on Friday solar right now. Yes what's our rule will say Friday for now is an exciting July. Were never in the news again as a Thursday July. Who you know what trying to you know pogrom is nothing going on top is zero. Talk radio and part TV when Iowa format as it only need is an alcoholic producer true they ain't crazy gay sidekick for you got that edited and and and your name in the money is an alcoholic crazy gay psychic your business through ten was kind of one size fits all the time and that's that's our calendar and absolutely. Yes Austria so once they Friday right now ten. For rumor. What he likened the whole show I don't enjoy engaging in that training is right it's up to Chris Curtis please say do whatever we throw sending heats the person who is Ron Dennis writes let's say at 8 o'clock goals as the union yeah forty thinkers Friday and it works does that work for future now we have to ask Alex Alyssa mama I'm element that's true. Yet you know there Alex cannot say note here the piece that you would agree he says those were done. Sit here and to put a lot of babies away amenities that Fire Island. A rotting in a peek at what time it changes what he's an honest Providence. Not Providence. There's a prominence in the sky and it happens it's not over. With Kurt committing. Jerry Kelly fox Sports Radio WEEI. Would you say you were better at baseball. Then everybody else playing baseball or were you that better than everybody else in every sport. You're sized. That's not a humble question on C really you know it's a question here. But you know what I mean like I can do that I can do things that no one else is doing in this sport and there's a few others who are doing this but. Same as I. It's. What was column Ravitch wherein the judge weighed. You was he was asking about switchers regular wage was charged it's great yeah like a row baseball what we said here average so biggest incentive you can dominate other sports as you so I don't know but but she is judge one of those guys have been intending. Who's not and it'll handle personality because you and wanna go there and become he's he's yeah he's a regression to. A big Christian religious and he just tweeted kid. Tip his cap to a did you believe it or not you believe in god that much like your oats. If that's what you go through the courses like anything else that you dietitians who you know he's young and it is a spiritual. Right or deep Tyler Johnson buries a very. Unchanged compared with barrier and into the future and may change enemy meaning. Mean he is now what it the judge she is under water. But I wanted to do like the for a ten to number at least rub them that one of them too boring and since I don't Bryce Harper. That's everyone easel Bryce Harper he's a dean but he's. Any inherent easily say he's made to gain interest in New York's zone that two more years. Two more for the shares to more activists here in New York then drizzle distract the last thing mr. game world premiere. Who give us a review yet what happened it was a pretty good news that lag and I. Seen you know scene setter is always first you know first episodes again to back in I was. Who was known by our nation's that you and it was weird I added. Perhaps apart Disney does look like he'd literally all they had to do you it looked like needed to make a bottomed out at all this now you just eating he spoke in ache it's a scene where I'm not rooting if you haven't seen. Games are different as me this is not a spoiler alert this is just one tiny little scene. Are you stark is riding a horse and she hears some singing in the forest and comes of comes upon some soldiers eating inning off main buyers have in Iraq and and cheer and an capital growth eases. Yeah I heard he does say couple like that's definitely my utilized more money for say something he set a few lines but he certainly wasn't the dialogue focused on that comes through your mind yet. Commercials that tumors that have those are covered as he's wearing like like a soldier's. Uniform for our country that didn't come here. B wow you know I'll. The ten year old daughter there. It is amazing voice. But it was just an access and I am I at this time what. Connections now more he can you could have gone down I've seen him we see it. At the Mohegan Sun. Sure it's a Tucson amok and flopped back down and fix the gamble that's another thing that's right just small slice which of what the much she loves loves oppose this. So subject matter on the decision it was and yes she's got her freaking you frequent gambler currently Michael Rana who were bitching because it's a long run early morning wake up call and then when we met the but in general manager and swells to we meet seal on them and they said you guys you think in Mexico. Also the mavericks I said it confuses here two weeks or coaches in America. You know summer probably not. I went to the Billy card to the other day and I felt old man who are you a little older than usual and rates it's a notch as these much that this the young broke country crowd is very young very drunk that's yes that's not an NC I spent if it really card to put on a great show blood. Spent half the time like get ready to play like a twenty year old drunk and he's gonna miss them enemies Bolivian as you say so myself or due to my daughter by him. Both on the planet when moves going to be hell. And you hit it close games. Don't know me I was driving while I was will be known than than than they would not will be that you expect to hear this summer showing enough water and maybe when I saw. She is the exact brown Foxboro it was the same thing but at least that good routes. It's that I could sit down and and and this was like big mosque near night and sit and answer it's. I mean at some point they slow song you bet you think that's wrong I was within sprint team we sat down for some strong independent state of the third dance and it's I. Do you need you to all stand up in his arms to. But it was great for like three hours of the show but then toward the end some guy. Behind us. Some eighteen year old. We faced kid puke after all all that. Programs like OK we're going now they're hitting it diplomacy Hughes tool that's that's what they're like these pro countries shows like Jimmy Buffett used to be that way but I also was assembled to let me constantly keep you want it it's puke. Yes possibly like that you like on the long. As opposed to in the seats. Those like big festival only tent that means sleeping All Saints they appear. Red Sox is there video of that woman and a few years ago at that like all of a country concert like poop their pants from the white she got some a lot of if Hamas political talk. And she does you're gonna go through it and I have I ever got Shakira like projectiles puede to the public market and there momma gave her icy and she's literally lock in on yours. Just projectiles letters echoed and cheered you going to be who's going to be a lot of twenty year old Turks and ends with the don't. I fall down on what's in the bay but the world vapor and I think this year being drawn concert oh yes. Now. If this twenty year old girls they're too old boys their drink it I mean it won't be as bad as Billick or that or some broke country. Yea it's not with a broad country is it like easier than people drink you know with with a vengeance they have hard. They pride and almost get to the Putin right point ironically because Kate loves it cured her it's. Eric Olsen will be sheer. Don't expect out of your equity kind of that's a trademark violation Opie go into effect Larry's in his group he's part of again it was a little you know these guys. Yeah well he's still around at least here and we'll be opened up rather guys like 37 years old group that he's big proved. A little group unity and I think he's we've looked at customer experience. He's around our little group you're not around and rapper from Brockton and he was like eleven is it a Lebanese little poop in his final 36000 followers on Twitter but that's I'll always be an Alex sixteen and seventeen. But he was a rapper and like eleven and why I. What was this like we're live and word for his dad that was. And that's the Bosnian Delaware. Yeah take plus until. Fourteen. Here's a I was younger than eleven that's triggers and I'm years on Powell anyways and about in words and. His slap at length is a slap propose arousal but it sounds comical if you know he's got a little. Why isn't quite. It's all the little president of federal raid in 26 that angered the changes a lot an interim step father son I saw oracle and Lavar ball in them music. If there's hardly seems streak games. Besides my game in the boils security enterprise and Brock is a rock shares had closed. Today hang out of the CBS I'm loyal to mr. Brock I. Look at the new Tom Brady commercial is it. Tag Hoyer. And to tackle lawyer. The Nixon doesn't mean he just does nothing he just stands there and throws a football audience what that means that. I'll probably any time and those watch millions and Stanford for tuna and watched receivers you'd hardcore book promotion tour. Now now these are the numbers. Inning first day it was out it was them and crush his term question is will he do any promotion because it's in September right arc over. Yeah September at least one. Appearance Ford because you can't tell me you're a 100% moves surprised book tour be so I think he will he's done is that. In sees accomplishment did an interview for his watch OPEC member unit. Something Ime to light CNET TV twelve or something would have to buy you anything you would have. And I'm eager to have 3 on Tuesday morning off recently as September 19 April you know do it presents us nowhere near the biweekly he'll do with als who do without that as different minutes and I'll help when you definitely will listen I want to read I actually read it. Allred for sure he will read the four agreements I did read unfortunately before I gave it to you I get to do you and I have him back. Made the part I think arguments is that it is smells. Gibberish portal should try to reach trial reader it's small short about it and given you're gonna get through it it's awful you into a meeting get thrown just three of them I was done. It's simplistic is not a well reasons for people he says he reasoned every year doesn't if you believe that now causes to heart problems does he what does he read at any rate the secret. Yes let's really does stuff like that he's advocate peaceable alleged that stuff that you like that stuff that you know inspirational meeting now I am now. Cynical to you read in all the things and Noah learned in kindergarten whenever that I had to go to current. Am I in such. The last lecture has very high and it like the last that's good for golf so it's for our role the last lecture now which was good for the last guys are actually land that was accessing this. And out of work for him. He he's he was it wasn't my point but you zionist and act out these are my grip it's cook and Kurt committee chair. Sports Radio WEEI. Here. Here the IP is self older in the race vehicles or play here this it was producer. As winter coat. Oh and here ninety. Okay Ryan I don't act hottest re owning. Insurance culture doesn't have a conversation. Okay all alls that Ryan is. Disorder we know we can't come in Italy thanks Kirkwood were barricade we need to distinguish state we stand over them and this is so yes that I'm we gonna get a revenge or old should thank you you're really you're that I eat dog I brought him back yes this and even life as you like to say you did. I Stucco literally stuck him in the building. To the point where a program director called and didn't come into work through you heard on the air he was supposed to be on filled with the Dino. A program director with two miles away didn't come the work that day was so upset and we came the next time it was a Monday. He sat Kirk and I down and cried. AG said why she's is that to me that's right and I'm what did Clemens really good job stupid and and and the you know a year later they're hired them back in and thanking us for like discovering him right. Hey put him on the Mikey can come into the thanks Turkey. That's the rule line you can command like this. Make the money to my well. Rates between ten a six and ten that's fair and then I'll just say thanks to Kurt and Jerry. Course and training we never thought about currency in music artists because that means. I did pick cupholder an average and she knows I feel like that what was. Camera and a victimized that's true we didn't we should have we have we will review this we didn't think Armani and those in towards him that's an early night we went out of meetings could question. We thank them that I think you guys very much no thank you sir I don't know I don't know really confident you could cost O'Brien jury awards or more importantly when we when we. Don't talk the boss will bring them battle personally laughed since that war. That'll relic Wright is neither one that did the hot dogs apparently he wants yes he was. Scavenger hunt today having 31 were to forward I don't explain it's no Colin was fine. You know saw what was once a lifetime talent and Estella and that euphoria we could have some good to go back to see true. I took all three guys back your take on. Showing that it would otherwise it crush on her as a crossover righteous by fascinating pocket picks or signal on an. What's your favorite 620 you told us one day the size and scope of it in the batter's Colvin and way. Well that combination I see that's the nickname was called the pocketbook TT. It matter what tweeting out and I've a question for everybody in instant form of Twitter we're going to lose a big Iraq bigger train wreck. What is this on us the courtesy of can scrape out with Curtis hit rock bottom and was in the hospital on life support or. And use 400 pounds in the alcoholic hepatitis a or Ben Affleck who who boasts that its sweaty with his new girl that is. Little Catholic and Catholics and Lisa Curtis just acknowledged a problem and fixed it Affleck. It's called splinter a teacher get impeached so an Arizona senator is too big fat sweaty nasty thing Jerry. Comps are tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock. Sounds I love it's much seek to loss to Boston tomorrow to meet big guys are up next hopefully Ludacris should be Tina and Al Horford debate the topic number one. And coordinate how to lose a pharmacy tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock dry tonight trying to. I am. See you I'm sure we'll we'll see next week right now I am on vacation have a good vacation a few weeks tomorrow morning 6 o'clock with John Thomas. And the mid day show would waterway ferry area Maloney lucky for him that was in in this intelligible. That the words intelligible on and I'm John.