K&C - Ben Volin on the departure of Butler and Amendola; A dead dog on United 3-14-18

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, March 14th

Hour 2: Ben Volin joined Kirk and Gerry in studio to discuss the start of NFL free agency.  Curtis discussed another major blunder by United Airlines during Headlines. 


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Keeps Kirk and Callahan. With Kurt Mann act and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. One big name we're keeping in mind as they sold. Obviously the the top left tackle on the market and someone who emerged as that with the viewing the page of protecting Tom Brady. For so many years from what I understand. Things can always changes as you guys know is very fluid. It sounds like he is down to two teams the giants and the taxis and that is certainly something we'll be keeping an eye and he's just does not sound to me. Just does not sound to me like the patriots really think they're going to be able to keep him. I'm sure rap horse told that I'm I'm not I'm not buying it. Not buying all this it's a personal life and this I asked and more on this in the explained it and then you walked in particular test I think and we'll ask again for list an easy board the second them. Yeah I did tests teachers really easy just world but. It's this one thing is is is there a week queen in Belichick are Belichick and the patriots on good terms of its older. Another saying you know we will you know give us the last shot. Morning guys experiments that we're doing numbered fine thank you earlier tablets sold. I do think they're on good terms. If you remember last year there are several. Practices that he missed like if they practiced on Tuesday it all adds to the team let him go away and do what he meant to do lose on and so. I deadly V there's a level of respect there. Don't let. You know don't let the media whoever tell you that the patriots can't get it done that is that is a cop out like if they wanna pay Neitzel that they can pay Neitzel older. I'm not a probably have a budget that probably have a hard number. This feels a lot like the demo cars situation from 2015 he was he had one foot out the door he literally thought he's gonna Jacksonville. The patriots will tip last minute and came in with a deal I don't know if there's top dollar genital let the news in a neighborhood right you have to leave that door opened so you you're convinced that doors opened I still think it is if you look every single. You know level one free agent signed yesterday except for its holder for the most part I would you think to be opened. Because it wasn't you know for Butler Lewis is the door was opened those guys don't come back and say I'm bill and his lieutenants he's offering pragmatic by volume but stop use and albums he's not certainly on the Butler level in terms animus we got app would payment or even heard I've always had that lead to that I think it until I came back to the patriots and says hey I got this deal for two years in Ireland yeah have fun reference on sound. But Ian Rapoport unions are ridiculous deal for him until I I understand why patriots would match regional what you think it's crazy number I don't know and and I would have found a way to keep an until you know I would've come in and you know in the neighborhood get something that he would have been comparable you decide for west this thing and I think everybody not not or the one point sat in the office actually paying three and a half million. Which I think is money well spent which when you look at. In a continuity would radio craft and Brady you know the third down Brady like when he heard the news. We heard it first hand from Hammond or are on Twitter or. Or some would call them yankees went through an avocado across the kitchen you're thinking is pissed you wrote about this today if you had to guess. Is Brady this whole week we saw the end of commerce is time and he seemed like apoplectic at the end he seemed depressed almost. I think he might be more on that spectrum more depressed than anger right now dogs that he's seized wants to have fun but he's guilty if I heard that. But to think it's different and it happened two years ago though just feels like the temperatures there yet much different you know in the past I think he's come a long we've talked him too much for years you know please stay out a way. But now you know well when he was upset when Logan Mankins got traded away yeah he's he's been upset at some of their moves Wes Welker really pissed them off. So I think Brady understands that and dole is not like the central piece of the offense but it. Man what a nice security blanket he was and am now Brady's not to go to the season you know we don't know and we without end and you know. Who disliked guys going to be I mean it obviously element will be back but he's damaged he's getting old he's been hurt. Is there like when when Welker left and Mendel stepped then. Don't the guys from science and college same size essentially said oh there's the next Welker the prototype. Who's the next seminal so I don't think they need a one for one replacement within a dole because they do have battled and most teams don't have to slot receivers and Dolan was kind of redundant until I Dohmann got hurt. And then Ayman Dolan had a nice niche which got us assume settlement will get hurt again at some point yet you need you need better depth no doubt so you are the right when you look at their remaining free agent receivers not a whole lot out there. A that's just the unrestricted free agent I was looking through the list of restricted free agents and there are couple names account guy. One is Willie Snead from the New Orleans Saints it was. Push it aside last year I think Ted you and that's. Kind of took his role and but before that two very productive seasons the saint put. The six but the low RF a tender on him which means a salary of one point nine million that's what he's looking at newsstands sales Turkey is your so pages and in it two years six million deal that sees probable match it will -- needs name outlook for. I don't know but this guy is he had a a neck injury that was kind of series but Quincy and and while from the jets he was a pretty promising young player until last these guys are shortened Michael on that. Know what they go to Texas Tech release need. Might be generational so who had all kind of close and I do it. And we found Chris Kerr is the work on this for an hour and a half we found together gonna draft all over who has a Chris and I got a steel workers work from his name is from Texas a and M a receiver he's. In full force six these 510. That's important then was Christian Kirk really. And he sure his wife use African American offered edit in the next Amendola wrote Welker camped. Like it's a short 510s kind of taught actually he's a slot guy given you know they exaggerate. I'd much since he's 5510 includes. I'll want them to draft and disliking gave Kirk a teacher's Jersey that's thrown out as yet where its own game what I don't know design knowledge you have at their front. Mercury who can I get a pretty I get Kirk won on the and I have been nice thank that we'd like that you would Christian. Fauria can organize those Kennelly true and it for a partner has picture now. The guests Christian Kirk. That's your next guy's fixing where they where they where is the mock world haven't gone anywhere warm up well third a murderous bikers so much better sorry sorry go ahead. I'm a draft yeah yup first through third but they're thinking after the Columbine or on the third round patriots a lot of promise and third round pick it. There you go Z return punts congenital was your primary puppet to go to like a less orange what's his face. With the ideas at Shea receive this yeah seriously think about you is we talked about the break it just lost there. Kick returner and the punt returner had to punt return touchdowns last boom. The guys Don and did you hear the news bowl did you hear the news broken by scoops minute hand as. Daytime at a gig. Donald what. What does that mean she introduced AJ McCarron has been is Cassidy an offer Austin took us. Exercise some level of sense to meet his new job and you're speaking at start anywhere why not able to have a couple years I don't look at it like them. I don't see how he's any different from where so you're wasting a roster should I spent all you keep you're wasting your roster spot by keeping both themselves. It's O meter gurneys McCarron to replace Hoyer fine that's and sang like AJ McCarron is not any sort of long term answer not a -- I figure I grievances is Susie and starts from there really understood why no I mean he may he did we have no he was never looking at the start he was looking at a place like buffalo we're Jacksonville where they kind of shaky starter when errors on May be buried yesterday until they sign Bradford and Michael entrance. I take get the season Bradford got what twenty million. Yes one year and that's a quarterbacks cost and yet that the trust me it's so much money but because so much money. Can I give you one more receiver name shore Eli Rogers we got from the Steelers and we know him was not tendered as an art factory back and near Pittsburgh Ricky you do so it's. Any would be your slot guys are a slow he is he is short so that goody goody short. Not white but not life and think yeah. So what. Eli Broad. Outline that's kind of accompanied by not Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning. A so she's older and go Chris is Kirk and here's the tweet from you purport or are you ready it would be leveled port has good sources in talks were sold today and which against mr. got tight I say yes I say yes to because I don't I think the patriots realize there's no I Bible yes. That's the thing feels like there is no amnesty journalists who could spin and Middle East even bothering it's been sold a tough sell me. Sold is 29. It's a thirty next month. Of April 12 will be Ferris was not. Over the hill yet he's not like go like Jordy Nelson again Jordy Nelson's tool these almost 33 yeah and he's already got a visit lined up with the Packers who have there his former GM has former outsourcing those editorials Jordy Nelson ansari the raiders raiders rain forest early that's has a visit with the raiders and had his former GM his former position coach and all that snapped enemy in the room but Jordy Nelson to knowing where that rumor come from. Probably his agent there are some Oreo that yesterday that he is Ian Rapoport tweeting out just a few minutes ago on Friday. You think now. Referring to me more hours. He Rappaport has good sources in flux for collecting his group's identity does yeah he says one free agent to watch today. Eight sold as of last night it sounded like the giants or the Texans. And there wasn't a lot of optimism that he would return to New England. This is from Foxboro this is. Five minutes or ten minutes ago yes it would sold this way how much guaranteed money is holding. So I think they're comp for him is Russell Kuhn who blaster sound chargers got four years and 53 and a half million with like. 25 guaranteed effort. So if he if that that's like twelve I have to thirteen guarantee per season rate that's where soldiers. And you and 26 million guarantee why why why would why would pitchers I'm the a view that that's not a good value you know could use of their resources and solar you know we we can all agree he's a solid player he's not a star by any means you feel that's today that's a superstar contract. To be signed with the giants that what would the spin being what we hear from. Patriot and hawks or they saw X I'll probably what I just said he's not consistent enough the next to Richard the concept of superstar contract for a B level player. Again I don't buy it and it doesn't matter that mean he's not a shot down left tackle he's the best optional shallow right he's very good and so you lose Brady's one and is now favorite targets who's his best running back uses left tackle right. And Dante Scarnecchia is a good offensive line coach but he's not a wizards in the Connecticut a rookie you could rookie do it could rookie play that's. Many analysts say no place it's even riskier now with college football bill offenses. You know these guys don't going three point stances they don't tool. All ought to run blocking the could do a lot and the NFL anymore well. They did their dead their offensive tackle prospects are busting out at a higher rate than average that's supposed to be your solid. You know you can pick one of the top and you know I mean look at all the offensive lineman had just been busting out in the last tactic yours and so. And supposedly on the on the draft won't but supposedly it's not agree year for high draft tackles eaters so we assuming that take a quarterback no matter what I mean there will be quarterback drafted well that's why is AJ McCarron being so uninteresting to me because wad of bills. Just like washes is hands clean evil things are you want me to develop a quarterback did you guys last want. You know what bulls get through this on radio it's weird that Tom Brady era and and will do with competent back ups but you guys can figure out what is the other questions if there's a quarterback that Belichick likes. But McCain knows him as Belichick trapped many mine his can be McCain as quarterback well I can picture those who practice green that vehemently we picked good friends of people seemed discreet up all the time what are edit as not that the extremes on Pierre like eligible like you guys meet in a heated public interstates the second round indicators would like to take the perfect world politics I don't think his second round. So that he just goes I think depending generals at the sucking up and do it and that's that's a sign up for I guess that's going to be escort and shuttle right yeah I don't think someplace for a couple years as they take it means they take a guy right now would be the next guy let's say it's not whoever second round. I presume Jason rule out pursuing that's going to be based in her boss probably end up being a top economic I mean all these guys are gonna fly off the board. I mean I agree and most of the Mario the Borbon I've seen him top eight on any. Who cares collect what you is Curtis doesn't matter by NASCAR matters political but it nothing compensation for the conversations the court doesn't nobody cares about that and start scoops prior imports have accomplished. In interviews he can interview keep interval if I can Uga Uga it's it's miserable for a second to report on its projection. City I was right great aunts. Guaranteed everything that I information you're you're sequestered but wrong if only on her right totally right now is that realistic but now. I'm problems. As he did you you know you've been guaranteed. To get them on trade forum wrong with the wrong wrong wrong you're guaranteeing Rudolph okay. Now the head coach Josh McDaniels is is that Belichick retired a month ago gorged Erdman and other if you take that second round we got Rudolph just say. I presume Belichick's knock in the Coachella guys the starting quarterback right. So McCain loses there's going to be think you'll have I want this guy. Yeah at the time to think that always almost always has grown on something else you call an eight and this other people involved right who's who would be the serial would be the primary value waiter. Of the next quarterback or Djokovic and sees the quarterbacks coach and the office eight or go to the combo now. The stupid the stupid thing where berries he's an open adored McCain's team's head coaching NFL open the door for one became a great organization through and doesn't opening that label to and involve going to the Columbine and yes but I but we're legal approach all of these guys will have pro days next month over a pro days and they'll invite. They get thirty official visits to Foxboro sleaze and for that. They do a lot of like sport work and breakdown filmed on the sessions on Willie I'm not super concerned and Daniels missed the come by but obviously there's value in it. If every single person in the NFL goes to come to their free picks in the top sixty. 63. A 633 picks will one of those guys be QB. I say no no I say no just because I think we're gonna have on the horizon will start and so are penetrated that it was 64. What about slippage. Would have some young baker would have Lamar Jackson says they're 63. I would not taken our thumb on his power vacuum there. As a receiver. Can't play Islam. Adopt. Now this has really come out yet but I heard some good buys a pecan by that Lamar Jackson he's you know as an agent. His mom is kind of his front person that he rigorous he's really hurting himself in this pre draft process by not surrounding himself. With the right people supposedly he's down in Florida just working out with the pop Warner coach. On the he he didn't do well in interviews in like for work at the combined Lamar Jackson needs the gets better people around I think it's wide receiver. Also what he's still gonna get trapped exit quarterback. Yes arteries values thing is turning is valued at eight patient's perspective is that a good thing yes and gas you see the return to you know. That's true yeah kick returner in the kick return used to read this person. No I will we see that side of them all time meeting the Seahawks. Side used to just seem in the Booth with those two guys yet all I did watch that he's legally his dossier he gave that could Chad. He gave the check for charities and what a great job rich guys in this great Deion Sanders isn't telling how funny that the forty yard dashes in Eisen runs of forty does that mean he is like all the time win. Well we'll dissidents done an amazing and he you forty I'm and it's. Source now hundreds. He's if you were in the forty do we tips you think you would think it was as steadily to. He he had a nice quote last year rethink the beat writers for all the hard work that we do and he you know his Friday press conference as you guys know of those legendary course in Monday marked as far. There is so easy you see that side Giorgio and yet there they're awesome. Knowledge that he he gush over you like. No not now did you degrees tomorrow but I did get on CD get the hand signed Christmas cards now let's nice yeah. Was that you who was rub lotion on your entire civilization to affirm that one's. Thousand different not the one you're thinking about I've revealed yet at every Tuesday for a different time of when Tom Brady's rubbing lotion on Stephen cold air does that. Actually did you see that's why exactly what is your take on the Brady Botox controversy. I assume he takes. Goes the extra mile to make sure Hussein is looking guidance and you know if you. Since I Don looney I don't know anything about me most of us I said sister's going on nicely patriots can Twitter them are still guys right. Yes little that what you look like when you do Botox. Yeah I mean I guess I don't I yeah Brady feel the need to is handsome model he's someone you get to see get it security get older I understand a market in need to be also see doctor Robert Leonard isn't that also that rumor rumor for oil based airline much different than humans. It is you know he had to serve you know and so he's he's already had a hand restoration and probably deposit IGT procedure in my event. So note. It's. I don't. I'm Dan and I think it seems weird news. And his attorney said when she went on their little ranch under a really good looking guy and if you're like. Ugly like you're older you're ugly like me reprieve or a century ago. The fact you'd have to keep it straight to Rico hasn't done Botox is that hair restoration that's true that's for him. Only nineteen retail for one of the best in the business that when he does he's also plan. Nicest men I've ever. Do you think if you're that famous in your marriage model in your picture taken all the time could you see yourself doing Botox now of course he's been icon not bad thing he would be running it now it looks good on the yeah I can see in a few years and do our lives you know. I don't think I would do I talk about that famous and might. It is like Chris let's refresh eggs in its molecular ugly like you wouldn't be ugly feet and wrinkles I agree and probably he is a model I mean he does shoots her point and Maarten did you writer today that that. The human Eagles signed. On for Tom Ford doesn't agers like a real law biggest yet they act like a real real model I mean it's soccer -- either because he's in my amateur through a tall order remodeling and figure that's true. Denny's eight had a couple inches on the era he's looking dude. They're all good news like that same girl from the same agency. Odd that I don't now I've been I've looked at what did you see you don't seem very you know up to Perot will read these days to agencies groups who actually vehicle. Hello I'm mr. blue glow. It's Sports Illustrated has not been on mindlessly conceive it's the sure play hard if a picture of an auction of that one picture. She's like. Sitting up. It's amazing. So it courtesy of all these great sources down Foxboro in the one scoop you yet is that they offered a contract agent care in this case it's an investment I don't know that's the best you can do have you broken. That the browns are on Neitzel. At the big scoop me up at the Seattle believe he would ever go to Cleveland a good seem rationalizing on New York they're great hospitals it's not far from here just I mean Cleveland has the Cleveland clinics they're not too shabby but it went with a hot out. The hospital care you can get great Errol not here really think everywhere in Indiana Garcia was he wants to come back here a lot through maybe he doesn't want may be news. Finley doesn't wanna leave he could still go to New York out of it appear at some point if they offer you. X amount before you take an a plus but seek to me the X-Factor is does he feel. Like the patriots are taking advantage does feel like. That the reason they haven't. Signed him before Portis is that they think he won't leave because he's but the titans players like them according to miniatures right right. Yeah I don't think. Without having talked to Neitzel I don't think there are hard feelings he's a pretty Smart rational guy he understands that this is a business he's been through a contract negotiation before this is in his first rodeo either. So I think he understands that this is a business and I would think of the teachers had to get the ball park by if Cleveland blows him away or detect. And both those teams' notes and Cleveland seventeen million accounts Beasley can throw money around you know no problem. So yeah just set the patriots can to use that don't believe that if this spin is that they don't have the room well don't believe the browns can always come back and topped the patriots offer dancing with the tax I would say he didn't beating war. Back for a few pages the browser it's close right there's no way. Told notes total rounds is not staying in the hotel odorless it's that is guarded grounds to deal could succeed all the time as depressing thought that was the most depressing night ever. Ever it it's who whose equipment houses Phillips on Kaiser who's playing unless it's Tyrod advantage goes to starve and whoever they draft number one I was kinds of these drafted him a traitor and a greenback. And now is green days back to us it doesn't matter they could stick it acquire Aaron Rosa and I think they'll soccer quarterbacks could take. Probably Donald Wright stuff and he's equipment sock a uniform chiefs back takes all the good idea it just goes away he's going to be terrible. They do have a really good offensive line especially again Neitzel and late so why tennis is proud that everything but a quarterback and that's the one position that's gonna syncing with Tyrod Taylor is a starter in the in the rookie that the draft is good and an Iraqi takes over in weeks it does it go away and he's an original separates shoulder it was a discussion in the yet and that's the last we hear Sam Donaldson I mean you know as it was with demands they'll Stan he's the last quarterback who for the browns have only one game on Sunday or something yet and in the last started four back. Back to win when he was in sales does this mean your scoop that AJ McCarron might become and is his demons out. It's iphones and perfect fit degree. Too much that's. Wit that come from that was just from him saying I'd love to play for the patriots right when would you keep opinions known patients who isn't even like code ago. The show after tight now it just has only twenty years. And now it feels like you're zero chance to get ever return and be even of decent in them back yes tease you see the pictures runways. Got to got to columnists all exit of Marshall full time like smoke cigarettes decent mess with. Just wait he's playing in the spring lead and now they're gonna have some gains earnings April 7 so you're gonna see here we amend. I mean I'm sure some of lies and decorating them Rollins. Right. Which is that I've watched it tells Johnny Denzel playing the spring game on. TV would be not who's who's in Asia and ducks Rupert. It's football or would John remains well. Well spring of Tebow scored like the other team. We just we got the picture of Libya coupe to little sister. Yes yes yeah from me to reach an easily Major League yes may actually that's true it obvious he still plays and when it so yeah crappy that was a 45. But he likes it it's fun I guess she site. Headlines coming up idle workers regardless it is I don't wc history pick apology start with the story absolutely this is why this is a wild story. The headlines for it is that figure you're gonna. If India I have no yeah that's about sex art headlines with Chris Kirk's. It's time once again full hour. Can't lie what's driving this morning was not agree with you know we should it was right he was a big issue it was not bad for me it was too. And a box elders. And does snow line. Who on the line will be like twenty less than moves towards it but with no big deal just feel somewhat. We knew means that goes hand I think people set we knew we met with the I don't I'm in new England and the terminal like I eat snow and Xbox I think driving style and say that. I don't and I don't say we don't consider it a stupid. That's fine for worst storm every time he was dying man. Doesn't say that the media all right I don't care I don't care. It's I didn't agree with. I was ticket but I'm confident I don't get monitors who might leave it's no doubt have fun like we did last. If you don't care if madam snow globe that you weren't just going through this social settings I don't care. On the target it. It's time for Curtis Kirch and Kelly hands. It's. I didn't say they expect that to us that began yesterday headlines of course brought to doctor Robert mattered document pressed he won the target area here doctored the port are great friends for years here. What is a 100% right now that was strange you know it thank you Chris. I'll be Switzerland this percent off the year. What's that run a lot of women produces yeah journalist was cantankerous. Which means but this ups and he is real and that that was kind of what we do we yeah we need to that he guidelines are reasons that site was disagrees more anguish should legally drive it. Shall at all shall we don't want I have I don't count didn't you don't want I don't exploit its 10 o'clock tires you don't get to 10 o'clock go home. August last night you weirdo. By the way about the screening I'm not going. You know for the payment for fraud. What what does that leave it disappoint like with cheer. I was older dog as well. It's got this guy does he disgrace. Following line. I tried listening to the problem he said you guys really want and yet I have played after one tries and yet could last a good sinker was really. I'd like in mental try again and could. Compare. Them but. Discreet and today we're gonna go to but you know whether screwed up all the plans and decades to lose so Chappaquiddick. Among one Chappaquiddick sounds awesome. Because Howard cut loved coach all I need to know that you know today I can write you know it's not. And I can you know it's accurate about it I loved it yes we gave a great reviews you literacy today. Yet 2 o'clock Wilson don't. Obama so I don't care. Now you can go to I don't. Let me. I'm pretty important you know reason though that won't hold you back and wants. Immunity Jason Clark the podcast but to be against podcast keeping it. Each Friday for me to a go to the movies interview. I hope that it would I would walk and outrage outrage at the man in the way it would you know essentially got to play well that's just me. Yes advisor said but you by doctor Robert Leonard and posted. My crystal globe review that probably just completely ignored. Well crude traded. Think I know I'd give I think their Mo would be ignored it does it's hard not to review the and you can't. Backers. Our United Airlines survive doctor Dell but they will not survive the death of a principal. At the yesterday. The United Airlines apologized and took full responsibility for 88 year old bull dog's death. On a flight from Houston to New York. The flight attendant demanded. That a woman in a family carrying a dog on the plane place that image over at pocono so our party we've arrived at the problem. So if you're so reviewer Chris Curtis on the plane with just put cork and they say and I understand pledges of which call to service service. There what a fraud he should be arrested him to jail and earth but. If they said put the overhead in would not suggest a course mean what dog levels could. This advice is dog kick things to artist exploit or purchase purchase it has exercised a ticket that does and Joseph the dog but here's. Do you have a dog okay they said you were to put the dog in you over and audience which is ready to his statement you would do it and then as soon she took off continuing through that you would not you know it's okay. The people what not to delay the state of the blame us for the dog are on the dog I would like to play I'll take off. So we appreciate they'd say they can't coalition put him up there you soak up from up there and Suze take if it. Only Judith told referred to these people not even check on them to leeway and that they did not check for three hours which I thought it was a bigger issue is with you night. Well they insisted that beyond the issue as 1000%. The dog owners not legally that's I don't I don't 1000% of dog with it that's their poll was done. I elite eight. That didn't really have a good life. It was 56 so the great debt it. My apologize that this is a FaceBook posts written by a woman who says directly behind the family may have way ended. There was no sound they opened up the compartment in the dark with. I don't know how your line for three hours and some people never checked you know ever unbelievable that's that's on them that is totally out. It shouldn't take him down and sat there and dog on their laps and of course the yen. I don't usually you're gonna return of a flight to your wife. And they say you. Sir you have to for the dog and he over him you would never will win that was I don't know if I'd never do so I would get kicked off yeah I think you. That would be so you must take Toby and putting it down close to say we'll be right back illustration let me let you do. She would yes it should no choice seed takeoff ten months later take the dog down. God is in there. How is it time. Suffocated yeah. So it's there's air up there but at least partly over you know overheated so not a fair I don't know exactly but so united so they took or south I don't know exactly good. I don't know exactly right. What do you think they'll get in damages and we don't know what doctor doubt about that just got a new don't get dollar and 25 solicited hundreds of thousands or not. And perhaps I thought it yes now isn't. Dogs worth that much in Wichita wow markets in which you know did you do the get emotional damage did you do the Barbara Streisand's tour last week courtesy call and daughters into cloned. Pudgy boy if you just talked I did. Justice says no one clone so Sergio so sick by a frustration is a sick woman and so twisted that you could clone a couple of dogs you'll yes I said good night to eight dogs so when you dog's old and die in the end you love dogs. You go down to the power and he goes under the in this piece CA at the humane society and you pick out a new ones you're gonna mystical. I would miss Toby terribly LB amass Celtic a day or two off oil spill I think. I will cry like a like like you they look they're scared is this called dogma but. I know there's other dogs in the world of of owned of the books right is the greatest hour of Rome but there's other bill another dollar for sure clothing. Is insane that's not him. It's not him at some slick some Stephen King is a pet cemetery pets cemeteries climbing out of the dirt it's strange agreed doing something it's not real. She sick that should be illegal. Why owning dogs. I don't know open there's just put the end of the united cost 150 billion and a 50200. Grand achievement but to tease there reported or dogs that died on US commercial flights last year eighteen were on united so. That Jesus I love when air lines are in trouble. Because they always have. The power over you know what's against the host of the leverages is but as I was today. So it does doubt thing so today. Some of into a search on Expedia were ever united best deal in the Clinton and and you go through the if you Tug of in the overhead but I. How does that work so there on the I mean what what it why they put doubt in the overhead I've never seen or heard I. I've never heard or seen of it either but this goes to your point you said the separate belt that was a masterful play on united at every also the united wasn't gonna drive that point was. I think about it. And you shouldn't travel with the dog anyway there's plenty of these great dog he hotels and you know David Lowery daycare for Curtis doesn't because of why these hearings ideas is pathetic well we want to bring poured out of Florida what he's gonna make hole punched us and wanna go for why are we idolize daughter this must serve he's a little about why he helps my anxiety. What government work I shouldn't and what about that great. This dot net long golf tennis stuffed animal I don't know if Edwards. You don't like Donald Trump Kirk but yesterday you had to respect him. The undersecretary of Rex Tillerson after he's fired tweets out that he didn't get a phone call from double talent out on Twitter like and then trump just fired him as well. Yes that's good move species and you guys are you go to war could I just posted within on the same page. You'll see hired next closeness because so yeah if you like yours resident occurs your phone call why it was a matter here you get fired world via your Twitter either later fired for that matter it's Ireland's. He's had he's a billion Garrity with the care of sick of the job anyway that's my job was the worst kept more states before and around these few weeks ago sheiks and Third World sports they just returned back with a ten day trip to Africa China awesome to upgrade. In and now trump wants to have. Guys in military fighting matters yes we have all I've watched the cousin lives it was a classic trumpets hitting missiles stupid policies are trump has an idea this was an even prepared now we're not at all and I went up spontaneously. On how we're gonna have a space with this sport yes this is in San Diego. My new national strategy for space recognizes. That. Space is a war fighting domain. Just like they'll land air act and seat. We may even have eight space force. Develop another one space sports with the Air Force One of the space sports in the army navy. In Iraq really go Beckett you we go the other day because we're doing a tremendous amount of work in space I said maybe we needed to force local at the space force and I always. Not really serious administer what a great idea that. Isn't so this isn't NAFTA like shut down and are read as Houston is should public audiences at the Annapolis fool military graphic where on the move like he saw stuff sports recently but just floating around that new style wars he sub last Jenna that's the reason reading 1 that morning in the fight. Add guys Murray will fight moderates are yes when it Pluto price of this. Eight civilians and hate space and hate the Indian space you validity that was supposed to have a separate wing of the military to fight wars in Spain. Six thanks and they go with trying to build for the wall recent tropical under I'd you know try. From start saying I think he saw some people snookered him news screw this I'm definitely down and NEC and Alex I'm intrigued in these terms exports exports. Really serious administer what a great idea what to do why us consumers Mel Brooks who invented the term Mr. President why have a grand idea. Why would want one I can help. It just it made me. You know pirates say it yet the lakers were doing a tremendous amount of work in space I said maybe we needed to force will cost eight dollars stopped. You know what. I don't wanna tremendous amount of work wastes of money to fly all the way to California airports want to look at wall. Is you know that was good it's a jerk but say it's it's handy for it's it's realistic. Way senators yesterday Stephen Hawking guide. 76 years old Cambridge home. He's much. You know Stephen Hawkins from Cambridge I was Darlington. England America. Well England England. Ridiculous and another analyst at Robert Downey Kendall Square pieces I don't movies try to crass old Stephen Hawking phenomenon and an attempt to redeem injuries book. No I saw the movie I didn't see them as the that was great. And Wendy Ward that we don't usually you see them. When you hate what we've seen. I hate. Astrophysics yes but it's valuable duly noted is to find the finest of physics that's the physics in my price is. As Richard. I can't crass that I see what but Steve and I looked the other fact of life or something right if it's any sport that. That. He had laid elation airline incidents of Michael but I would say like united user is really important person history. My guess is he said sad news and guests. He's not. Incredibly it's my guess is he he hit the old the old runner if you're six years after he was as a young years unbelievable. House possible. It's unbelievable like I would think there's some measure of relief for people I mean. We left as always with him and his wife love each other. But he left his wife Thelma but the woman was like it here married her. On some. She's pay attention and Lola arm and big news about my favorite TV show visits us was originally supposed to be moved. Not a year to be here with yours isn't that the two minutes he's gonna get married. They actually did last night I miss a magazine today if it was on other. Than that of the show yeah. The guys have to. We are it has actually been more successful losing weight causing friction he's good I'd seen the shall once it was he's good character and he's kind of he's very well launchers grade teachers are right. He should there from the tells jokes on the success yet. You do is the only one that is funny that cold there they got married last night yes. And that's when they had what aspects of the data via the present every episode yeah pretty much so what's the difference well with the big day because you want to know I haven't seen so pretty European collapsed last episode. Excited by by it was a party lines because it was supposed to be removing it got me an opportune talk show. You know astrophysics is also after the senate but you passengers on your engineer it sure was a what is my (%expletive) do it define what's he's. Involved physics physics that we know on earth the plight soon. With Steve nobody's seen it costly it would loosen him contributions keep making a big brain on true. What's the contribution he made the society. He continued its quirky. Pontificate all his years appliance based. Did you read his book or how many books that you have. The district diamond that that it's pretty mostly audio. And it's really did and it was. Really. While. I don't even I can't begin to feign interest in the past that that even understand how does he writes. It's like I guess that I fringe right trade agreements like I. Now while how'd he do in the movie in this case that's so does this through yet uses we're moving couldn. There the U. There's a check that suffering. And waste your time I checked and water land B Rex a moment of big house race in Pennsylvania during this. Big big news for the Democrats that was the worst case Captain Kangaroo lost he lost public a couple of hundred vote of 700 votes 700 votes. On the spin this that's a win for trump was a terrible candidate does it really impressed Democrat. It's concern moderate Democrat it's Nancy Pelosi. I'm military guy handsome guy. He won by a couple hundred votes not a devastating don't care. And neither do you can tell you care we know what it was you know one loss and didn't it just determined that your paint it was going to a recount when the news break. Above board. Should not I was watching the hotel when you have story. By a third you know if you care that starts that's two hours or two bad you'd care. Site department has given you this I was this age guys drag me early this morning just to listen you talk about that you know we have realized what was changed the whole format of the show that was about it analyzed your ears he can you talk about or fail frankly yes or afraid to talk of any of the headline stories. Did you see the movie about Steven markings now. He didn't see any movies watching TV shows to like this is Alice never seen lights did you read theory of everything now. All of them it's not going to do about in the book if it through time. Headlines by two by doctor Robert Bullard doctor Matthew oppressed people one wants to bring is couple that you want to bring up here desperate. Is that we've asked him. About the station before a news explain. It I knew that was I don't know yet. That was on either meets joy explained yesterday so don't understand that you Ali's XY now I don't understand what happened in two YYU mad four and while they should not anymore. I'm not like you're. Do you think that you'd think that I was suspicious do you think that the page are bringing McCarron uses the word vote. The attack by the military dogs and breed. Before miserable corporate odd varied past that there idiots is rabies indication. Was it was a clean break now. And effectiveness Mary get a corporate. Operating at least scar on his quad. Repeat bitten by dog after practice so this then the week so far today and now tonight he got hit by a dog. And what you. Sitting at patio. OK I I'd miss read that story at politics we'll figure this thing out. Very very soon. That is he all he did was trust the globe I guess there's a lesson you learned as never trust the globe never trust the globe he learned it. Do we think with a monster name was one. Lauren nor prince. Prince than salute courtesy of Norah. Dossier saying that right for the loss that critical putts that I can't patio. Christiane thank you very miles and what he's illiterate he is functionally literate I think he's right on their days reasonably so close right or is it easy is yeah. But you'll still lose your mind if they tell you today amongst the permanent third man in in the have to not be that would be a big issue for two reasons they we love mark you don't lose some and they haven't given them bullet shot. Don't people want to double what's let's get to let's get the other stuff later first I didn't let them because it we have time. Let me and here defensiveness. Shoddy piece of journalism do you ignore patsy on. It will previous attack by military doctor Super Bowl practice yes so. Norris and that all she did was she in maker tweet clear enough she she tweeted out about the dog bites. Mention a follow up tweet this and all I realized it wasn't cleared off and I was in all things so. I had no idea was going on I was in the press conference on back media room but don't from bosses say don't you seen this tweet. As soon out of Brady is now and you know and he told me go look blue or two's diapers. One of the TV ads for now master for Tuesday Cahill yet he says IDC this week from north Owen back Lucas and woe is I just you know. Between then obviously. I saw a further clarification and I said or he might want to delete his Tweeter clarify the so late that should clarify. Shale Arafat she made me at small error not not she's not Smart he's attacked by nasal crosstalk yeah super her mistake was not being cleared a bit on the leg during a clear if it was just wrong I don't know why we beat the press conference that go back in and read tweets she didn't say casually say it happened today by. It was certainly implied that way in and look we all make mistakes. And you guys seats again layoff or design hasn't on this on this we'll take a little more elaboration because I seriously I'm good I'm like can nom we Kirk I didn't understand. What Christian for you did T well he did nothing. Or what you thought he did his job back avid Christian explain this to me I've had little exploit to meet Joseph weeks by three nobody. Yet is I heard the explanation shall we must barely talked about two and I was confused. I thought that. You guys had worked in concert with that caller I didn't realize that he had not accurate actor right so I. So I thought the guys are kind of in on again once again wrong reviewed nor break this that was the world what's going on here. Pay attention. Any. So. During the Super Bowl Christian called me about a blue and say hey I got some California and you know told me something. And they hear on the show right now although okay and and I just I thought it was weird because I don't really talk to Christian and off there. I know him they do protocols. I know did and de VI you guys were on the global times so. My antenna was up from the beginning wins lately. What's going on here right well I know there's going to be combing guy's boss Bob we've I'm sure at Indian is part of this contractually obligated yes absolutely guys. So I I I thought he was trying to plan to store at buddies trying to you know do a gag on me OK let's plan to fix or let's play the fake stories see who falls for the sequentially tweet out something was wrong. I didn't do editing within a check to with a couple sources and a between he said tweet guys who are doing trying to what lies as I I if I. Once I checked out the story and Brian look he did your job on my Borges yes well. But digests any bright and away. I did my job I'm not talking anyone else and no I was not able to get a confirmed and couple people told me I was off so don't understand these stories. I thought Christian was trying to cranky yes trying to pull nick from Boston. The caller who who do port because he had just called you and ask you about a story. Now he he tries get a tip. Okay and and I thought you China's Sewell who's gonna who's gonna. Put it out there without doing their due diligence you know who's gonna who's gonna fall for the yanks. But so I I I put its lead out there and I saw the immediate crushed but it gotten I. Pretty instantly regretted putting out there are fanning the flames broke again. Out anyone I was loose and make edited out program director could have been a producer on the finisher every bad thing everybody I was not so sure all whatever I mean right people. People were which is paying off on you know on hitting me up on Twitter but. I can see me almost an anchor whatever what I was in and out the person. Christian out of the blue M and we talked about he saw my tweet me and we and we called eat he called me we talked it out he said. I would never try to do at Houston look I don't know you and if you can understand my trepidation he said I absolutely understand where you're you're coming from which is trust me I would never do that is that your final did you benefit of the doubt. I will believe that you weren't you know you're you were honest. Stuck on about the Paxson. Exactly. And come. So so happy and I'll take him at his word absolutely that it was in trample fast and by the U was 910 and saw take him at his word and put that he went on the air and I thought we had also everybody went on the air. And talks about a minute on what would it do its job nobody he's perpetuating the story and clear up but now he's out of himself in Foxborough someone who calls reporters on the what are you doing with eight. You know what why would you large kind of how easily view and was switched on -- pacts like my again confused when he said to me to us you were on their shows who's trying to do you a favor you've been on record for that or something on the famous separate last remember here that's right yeah Roemer yet so. I think he he said yeah I urge on the air and I I was just speaking of yours and my dad is number I've I've interviewed him for stories before we never light hawk. Just about food that was so weird thing Christian does just call reports that they have got something that you're right that these weird to announce that. Why would you strangest thing right why would you talk about I'm trying to bury the story at this point right not prepared to and then they go on the air are talking about it. And or. And then that was the day that he did is he Don you things that normally you know just. No recollection of talking to a guy and you know doctor six he had he had demanded blacked out frame it I've noted that it happened. I'm a more confused than ever quite I think bowl I understand and action sustainable and prescribe I would basically the same day this abortion thing. Yeah that's what I would say yes you never really he's ever done that with you before and I don't know that the no the boards they happen after the Super Bowl. Cricket is Christie called when when he did all it was at the suitable right or Thursday or Friday suitable Christian was not the cranky mood at that point you know that night and and he even said that like with everything I've gone through my family that's like as and that's understandable but like I don't. And I mean right in I don't know nothing. And I mean he's the weirdest thing is clear of all time. I look at it so you didn't settle what just hang up. Pat that the hope is that confused me too. It's that simple like called that from Boston to its rule borders life and it's a complicated thing sounds like something you'd. They're guy it was a big fan of the show when I porches were much Roosevelt. I tiger why wouldn't. I would (%expletive) on graves which is what you as a bug or I it is able to personal I lowered Gary immediately gave her fair about this idea is a chance to ruin his life while. And I would agree that someone did treated me that way. I would hold a grudge with new ball in the someone would you wanna like rock and that's OK and that -- and I we've had our run ins and we did not get off to a good news or open I had nobody to blame but himself trip absolutely no mean literally you know but no one deserves to be set up like dad and to have his career is ruined and I hope I don't they call I don't washing everything he's ever done. I ELC I don't think it's a horrible facts he was cranked he was. Gullible and stupid I think source well yes yeah that's winning that's an multiple sources as part of various sources. A sign right. That's he has studies journal that and fire police and said that at the time so did you read the asks. Is the problem but where's the line of defense either like where the editors of someone asking him you know vetting the information that's what we do. We do like an honest I don't editor who pat myself on the back but that's that should be standard you know process. Yeah music he gets it in when you are my revisit the story but it's such a big story yeah it's important cities aren't on the next to choose what you just that you were not ranked duke got fools. Yes. He should have been a totally out of character for really no sense it may destroy itself on Tellme while in the side only area code on the cellphone cirrus it's advocate dot. Our ballot bowl but Doug wants to pitch yourself for other jobs around here's what's right. That is in the dying industry let's face it can get out I don't play him now right 6170797. Under through several key Gupta this free agent stuff. Some may happen during the break Paul's gonna get pitched into an afternoon show which you want to do was well which I think to be good at Wiltshire dale ate some. The patriots Ritter it's right that's it that's good for radio. I'm I'm I'm making occasionally you know it then so yeah I'd do it quite similar don't want lose months and we would love. Ball to go give give that a shot and and do well that's sure our three's next.