K&C - Ben Volin tries to defend the dumbest take of all time; Gerry and Volin talk football 1-24-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, January 24th
Hour 3: Ben Volin joined Gerry and Kirk in studio and tried to explain why not getting to the Super Bowl is better than losing. 

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These current and Callahan. With Kurt commit an act and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEP. They call it truly believe it look like if I feel sad as per and it dollars and that influences he got caught up with the wrong people it loads again to politics here but I would do that here you know right if you would it have been born here one askew football question. Like obviously nine is greater than their hooked up like that get it. But I think about what you're doing you're touting your kids ever yell all we want the bears an eighty day. Heard there. Here's what South Park horror I've seen team America it's like the movie. It's a little ad there it's one of their catch phrases like her okay sir European do Matt Damon yeah. Like her parents his hip and values I can rival I think it and and bone is a contrary and given that. On not even human and could make the case for. Losing conference champs had games is better than winning them no I can't I I've you know I've loved a good argument this is we have Colin and while we -- the only guy we know the only guy who. Actually believes was dumb I mean whose whose whose gutsy enough losing AFC title game title games is better than winning them. So according to use which is well before it gives them displaced up to get you bradys and retire after this game we've learned that last 24 hours a friend Greg bishop who bought me people want to yes he did he what shall Twitter you block me to it definitely wears his company's business. Berries and wireless. Care Willis yes oh. You wanna walk that back at all for Sunday's game to lose. The Eagles it's a bad thing namely that come back to when that crazy game against Jackson is this is is really light dragged in here today yeah I got a candidate two hours early story you wrote yesterday. Made me bring my kid in daycare an hour and a half early today cuddyer hit it I did ya graduate and a little back. While Chrysler officials handle the great bombers that. Unfortunately his dad again. Well. Scherzer became. You know what has just wanna focus on the view as a Sony's focus on the patriots losing its is. Happy timing here. The patriots in the Super Bowl yet I want it to drag up an invited to dwell on so awesome that was so Tom Brady we'll have played in eight symbols in sixteen seasons of being pulled OnStar correct yup. The time he plays in the super bull. But he loses it that's a bad thing. I agree I agree if you lose a symbol to back I think I'll hold on and on it until Medicaid will make the case he played half the suit yes he hasn't won them all is saying is that by when you lose the Super Bowl it's that bad the one needs to change correct that's the part of your right I think you should looser which on track when. But it's a you think in this Jackson opened his bat and if they if they crucible well first launched slowdown in the top takes just a question that's. All my point is that Brady's legacy with five Super Bowls already securities already ago we can agree on it so right I mean that's you know good faith in my research so right. We'll bowl losing a super bull does not enhance the lights. But getting some courses as usual played in the Super Bowl lots of guys never plane suitable he will play in his eighth. And tonight that he's really got it is amazing but is it that much more amazing than seven. Yes it's what else is played in seven or one more. Right rough two or email server plane. Writes that I'd say it's more present and one quarter alone 66. Players you can count but like so what was it would lose the next great player. China China Haley won one by one right of the gospel not only point six. We're not for I mean fun guy thought he lost one they're 121 theory a lost thrust on one's last correct. Bites we have those guys are five which it is more precedent five. Yes absolutely well like we're gonna pound our chest crow about appearances but is Yasser nurses or else lose gas now because it means you won the conference championship game. Which I know you sought and he would there is a pretty impressive victory when when we talk about Joseph Montana. How often do you talk about the years that he didn't make the Super Bowl conference championship games that's down that's lazy. If you real big into it that's so it's impressive he never lost the Super Bowl. Well yeah that OK but it is it public he got to to beat you know beat say I am with you lose two in some runs. It just Redskins as a shock I just say the due to the city and yet she'd be flipper Anderson came right. They were accessible and lost. That's more points in more of course it is a plant that's yeah but twenty years from now people are talking upper eighty -- this game -- -- the first thing you talk about the checks of it would part of the conversation BF five into would be better for Brady Indy five and that is so dumb man I'm telling you there's an I know how that I know I really you guys have never left the confines of New England exactly exactly know anyone that is that is not -- -- England you're gonna use the white his teachings that well you is that we have an daycare so I talk borrowing without his exit guys that don't have studio you know but the thing tick which is saying that winning that game Sunday morning that. That was his eleventh postseason comeback. In your mind would do better as a state had not come back and win in the fourth quarter again and earn a trip and so at that go to Brady's legacies of the terrible loss to Jackson. You won't even bring it up. The sixers game if you talk with a bad for you so it would be well over Baltimore and he still are down in the conversation all you talk about obediently and come back. And talk about the Seattle come back and three missing Brothers cedar rather be three unknowns who bowls and three and five signals. When you're talking about a significant. Gap three here it's really it's all relative eight spending salary get those better use of three to. Maybe I think there's a debate I think president. I think I've likeness I was really -- and I called you why guys and I deductible how once settlements and to collect signals that created writer and Boston is now you have problems like to take a ball I am I forgot I am proud and all the dialogue and that's quite an honor you have surpass trouncing thank and he shot he times them now maybe after football sees Chauncey can regain a title upon matters so much that right people does that that your coordination he has excellent sold and I I'd sometimes I can rebound every ball like utilities is. Trolling you are just being eyesight which we candidate in his tweet about Belichick not trusting his offense and fourth and one nose throat. You don't you don't think that's accurate I'd be adding he added he had such a respectable portal sees it scorer but the bootable lighting it's vote. There are an important one in the other team's side of the field closer and closer to or don't if you have face but it and we knew Doug morrow was hurdle and he knew that really got tickets faith and Brady. It's fun that it's Dawkins wasn't playing ten point you're going it's a great quarterback coupon pedal. Against Peyton Manning in his prime I think I did what we know he did for them for twenty yard line it's fourth through. And it I think Maroney didn't trust morals in the first half the Belichick and trust portals the second. Yeah I'd say that's accurate but I but I mean goat like gun to go back and watch some of the NFL films stuff like on inside and it felt in my top like. Belichick was still relieved after the game more than anything else they were it was for I mean hanging in the balance escapes and a Jack or for dominating for three quarters and and the Patriots offense. But when they're when Brady's is dropping back and chuck community to Hogan in double coverage that's usually a sign that they don't have a whole locker. Second eighteenth right now third eighteen but that literally the game. The entire with a game change very next play don't you make absolutely yeah we can't get bogged down on this this insane to couple arguments for how I thought that right now all right do its system agenda here I do want 83 K box. Try I any real dismay and if my friend in the mid days Lenore weigh in Kirk obviously sought my way. 55 seconds left sort of two timeouts. Good move or bad move to have taken me. Would like portals I don't. Hate on my round for making you know Maroney going into the game was saying we're gonna go for art and downward take chances are we gonna going for the kill. And then when that time when it came time actually make that call he took. Yeah I'm OK with that though because what it borrows throws a couple of incomplete passes then you can technique they take anything you're done did did that blows the patriots are out once I've always said I think that Bremer Brady couldn't do it a few signs are that the patriots still feel all right but you know which you know that that's the first team in the entire NFL this year in the season. To do inside a minute to time burst out into time out here and and and committee. With the pitchers understand that every one is he might not complete the past because of deep but does a good chance you gonna Pia. Could change getting 36 yard penalty. Which they did twice in that game. And if you and the bulls can zing Domenica fired downfield throw forward deep if they pick up its opponent if they don't. You can catch it you can get a pass and affairs or going complete it's not that. That was straighten this out games Barone until then was to a pretty damn good job beat the patriots up there were progressive. They were doing things at the pain he's gonna slam on the ball into the line into an eight man front first down time and time honored as you see this over the years were coaches get conservative patriots and despite some in the master watching it thinking. Why you're doing you know they hit the ball back and scored all of this to happen again I notice that he's gonna do it again he's gonna get nervous going to be afraid they'll just they'll be up like 143 or folds wheel is going to be afraid to put in people's hands once twice of the third made its commitments exactly it's. On on Sunday now the Eagles were waiting 217 at the time so it's a little different by. They were in the series accentuate our staff and an app and it went and Bristol oval yet so. Writing Doug Peterson isn't as much of maternal as the MVPs in regular season award and it happened on cars so you really think product more valuable than numbers I think during his regular season that's controllable in the I was trying to remember you did that just to get people's average type in the league at the middle of the leak tight you need. Christian for it now perched at the goose eggs the the very imminently tied the most averaged evidently mr. Joseph average. I'm blanking Zach knows Eckerd he's a better crowd play you know Charles Charles clay Charles clay. Dre Charles play Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski Joseph Flacco. I'd take Tom Brady and it's. Always. Of course Brady didn't have to MVPs of Brady were 25 diesel you both great guys I was all about you you ask you briefly to answer your I was all over Brady last year and I thought was ridiculous that Matt Ryan won I just. Brady's reports on the stretch did not warrant and VP talk this year he was a little more pedestrian and then we saw in the Miami game when Broncos out into it not. Athlete. Makes it jacks up even more crazy really does and make no Gradkowski. Before we get to watch calls all these people who wanna. No blow kisses at U. You take us through briefly the crock thing. How often does he get tested and is just have to pass it once he's in he's good. OK caution test it's like a four step not ones Ehrlich like I talked about hourly fees apply ET testing ourselves here knows about the because it was just a phrase why Africa has its risks future he he has to like you know you start it's gradually yet the first pass the first concussion test without having headaches for 24 hours and Wednesday. Late jock you know like Monday like today Monday problem and and yet to do like light jogging it'll light work out and not have. Headache and then I think after a few days no race and so the independent neurologists that falls from around for a week. No I don't think just pops in and out in. Now and it is adequate drug test program on your schedule right and Albert's on the random neurologist goes to Minnesota and when they're gonna go to practice and wherever that practice short right in the show up on Monday Wednesday and Friday probably look in his eyes. Immediate exit at any doubt he's gonna play this game I don't but that's beside the point on a big deal you know note hopefully without knowing anything about how serious price that's true. I'm posture certainly instructor drop in apple. He did drop the ball that's true he should of bought the book is already shattered and then and now look at it again why are once again I watched the game you can watch the game. The calls came out shooting the ball came out of his hands before getting he heard footsteps let's go to Chris on the cape what's up Chris. So let me get this straight ball and use saying that quarterback who. Leave this keen grew very fact or regular season with injury riddled team. That lead them to an AFC game looters back up and the target. They'll win that game you're saying that I actually like and you're an idiot if any should hear I'm in the AD. MVP but that's. MB ER I like ball pitcher and. Your ass Saudi press handle handle so again is this why we brought me in your gas line at the callers items I would adult it was talked later it's fine we'll get there we can break down third down all the stuff you know every news portal that the want -- all the creatures I saw the GA rules is excellent I'm like at some Eagles questions Kirk's gonna wanna get you know and that people going in attacking you or your telephone your football let's go to Mike Abbas and Mike. Hey guys you don't bend they're asking you hear about the independent are neurologist. Process. Perhaps maybe you're in more during the week. You might build contacts. Perhaps you don't. Get that information on Europe why is it that you're not down there during the week and other beat writers are do you think it was important to you there Friday if Egypt should it. Pretty big week in considering they're never going on. So I looked at your. Who is this why it was moderate as your axe to grind. What what is Ben ball and cover the patriot trot out. Well I don't know the answer the second what is your Heidi what I did this inside information. I didn't not a pleasure information they probably felt. I did note that wasn't an excellent pay attention we are right that I was not there on Friday when I usually don't go on Fridays it's my my big out data write my Sunday notes column. Had second article right. So I go ivories on paper James I go everywhere I don't I don't care sometimes to a there's no. Choice coverage this and he's excellent sometimes I had an iron and then you're going great it wants to only. Not to go to a clubhouse when congress looks do we if you don't go down. Just wait for us to come bass and sound right quotes who wrote provide you with what questions. This is four columns obviously writing columns that you know write what you think the ground there and you know talk to guys and where would they think it it's true actually columnists who did nothing but streaming quotes together and he was fed up so was that. George Kimball don't really. You know when you go to the game economic club of George come on and fight those charges to know he's gone I appreciate the previous callers advice but so all I really care about is keeping jostled and happy and my meat you know as always he's happy now all that's not what you can you couldn't. Can now not gonna defend he can put to readers I hope that's which disposed to care I care about keep my boss. I felt good for. So while we're here thinker and a buggy your boss is the guy covers college basketball. My bosses my boss loves college basketball Mac don't get gone unseen just ask you disgusting that advocates say maximum winds. Alice egg and I got a simple question where if he had Alley and god all at one in the Super Bowl edit mode for idiot who would he be in the office. No probably. Check the years saying the war period and to avoid another airlock. At about. Well sure but we're not talking much and I were talking about Tom Brady. Marty has five Super Bowl but I just tap and you'd clearly wrong and aside I admire that you hang up that you know you're wrong it's wrong and I enjoyed debate. And that I hate. I don't think it's as cut and dried as everyone here in Boston. I was a pick anyone in the matter and figured you guys seem like buffalo. Gets homer and give the paint wouldn't lose it looking homer. It makes more sense you want to go to where some bubbles. Yeah Abbott in twenty years it's not a matter of Brady went to 80%. Of eighth more than seven baton might sevens more than anyone else anyway with those ten. As a matter that at all sure what number one is a matter he doesn't out of it and does. You know but also at this point like he's just accumulating to sketch how it works you think in the history of time no one will ever go to sevenths and does that worry about I mean maybe not. It could happen. Someone could go to seven. I want to say anything that dominate the once in a generational quarter using the same day his feats are pretty pedestrian QB I do not duplicated. Several title number no no no quarterback is Everglades doubles that bad etiquette seasonal. Maybe it'll be some fluke again pleased to have returned and unloaded shall count. Shuns and hamlets of John. They have bad occurred at 2.4 you know you're one if if the patriots. Go it Beckett last week and lose. All everybody's gonna focus on is how old and out you know. We know Brady played too long it is just you know just wasn't gonna happen and then that would kind of be legacy moving forward they're really focused on that. And the other one. Next we if he doesn't next week those two hours Jackson. And last we don't talk act. You know they just didn't happen as young teens are working out all the sudden you know beat the old man and that's what they're gonna focus. So I mean I interviewed him to make souls as the world make to another Super Bowl that's one more you know him in his open. You know if you win Dick Bennett's you know that accepts. Is it bad the perfect five finals and lost who. How do you ask you about LeBron James what's his finals record. We don't know what he's one floor three in four out of seven or to a Miami right wanna Cleveland three spent seven finals in a row print for. The sentence for him out of three and two. Yes writing maybe. Don't don't you view LeBron as time choker on the big stage and I think he's kind of wiped out as Malia. I think he wants he called it bites LC if you can win without carrier Irvin went twice in Miami and get its voice of somebody else with a chance and it's just glad to see in congratulating himself on his current house point of classes very classic. I can't refi because you lost that one early on his career to all right there's Antonia five whom only bruises and sucks you know to the last callers point oh cricket. The patriots have lost last week will be talking bodies of all we had a built in excuse Wallace is fun that's that's what it loss last week so we just be talking about. How to an excuse and off course and it just wasn't a game I will remember that game because with those stitches in his thumb he was remarkably well known Brock no it really reviewed the tape you have this say that most of his throws were on the money is awesome. You Tim's in Kensington Agassi's been raised as was last month he's been great this post he's a tremendous him. Bit bent Europe she you have achieved all all of you sound a little bit intelligent you actually dominant and I. Waiting that's what that's was no solvent and telling a dominant scorer one day when you're hired because this is. This is not a hot take it a hot match. But keep defending it because I wanna hear more accurate colleges behind the rationale. You know I can hear actually hear it today's talk about the Eagles in the reds you can you guys a little deeper initially voted against that I have notes that as well like to debate as well yes we'll do that but none of Peterson's in game decisions we want more flattering comparison fell rattle him. It's not like. Like. All of next element involved Parker all the dream journal. The important encampment. That's cool. Tom wait you'll want to be a lit all strong with all the bicycle. That's going to be the theme from. For the entire week in Minnesota's national guys are praying to god that Brady finally falls on his face. That's all they want I mean you can it's dripping from their with the war. Ozzie Super Bowl it's not consent because he's old signals and how does that there will be finally going to rub it interview league has a great playoffs and then serviceable somebody's old. Well that's why didn't. I don't buy for a second this whole theory. With Nicaragua traded the patriots held on to droplets to seem case Brady fell off the cliff like he had a greatest Super Bowl ever. In February could could easily get MVP any slower and he's still you know doing all the applied only soft and what he's just gonna fall off a cliff over the Percy dies I. No I know you're heading to Minnesota I'm curious. We talk about this when your parents do that are you expecting a wicker sham like me and sub plot drama. To take hold during this week leading up to the game we org or we just going to be talking about the Eagles are IPOs and and in on the patriots. Whenever I I don't game I don't think should be her bombshell can drop in what what percent did so it's something similar something. I think moral come out because I don't think the full story has been hashed out and all the coaches quit they'll leave in this the only two guys let attrition regain most or distracted you know to distract and to interject some assistance with them. And the only two guys left in the rumor Belichick and Brady and are they gonna get along all right 617779790. Three's. Wilbur. A part of open heart surgery that one's got to get there he goes shed on Wednesday night you must be flipping out on your screen stressful all the stitches and anyone who think this is a lot more. The media circus that was football crisis I got home myself a place. What happened and when you talk about what he does have a great deal. I'm sorry it's you. Meter reading into it you know treasury these things real. Not against them in the world reason to retire early prediction this thing that's gonna happen but you can tell it Belichick was not so shocked that I. We'll tell you was not an agreement at this tension and his disagreement I've heard the same things. If Belichick loved every thing about Brady he still would have downplayed the injury it's what he does so a mightily on who looked in this when Brady got hurt last Wednesday and he couldn't do his press conference is page or senator tweet. Tom Brady is. Dealing with our men and we talked. Very and our medical person not not his medical personally got Guerrero is due stitches. I might get wise thought to not say young but Tom talked to those who police say is it brings a tough guy he talks about where he's tough has it all six times they've got performed always downplays things all our plays things that we do any damage to all have to think with pitchers and batters Damien don't Ryan Howell. I'll talk about open hearts are what does it matter because if he faced oh really how does that hurt he he doesn't want one guy above the key allies praise him and well. Because he's just the guy he's gaining in the dole who says brazen great quarterback they could say he's Christ like it doesn't raise your illness that. Yes he the rest that he thinks Brady's above them yes it was a really don't they just said that Belichick doesn't call one dad vote I'm pretty sure Brady's above TU resting guys may not gonna play you know they got the name receipt I say oh you know what does not putting Tom Barbara city. Right that's what vote you've got to have prestigious security tries to do if your players think. Of course it feels like it because he does what he does that's how he does fail sort of legal. What do you want to do it after the incident comes the greatest player of the middle ground degrades Cleveland never do that that would be out of character. He wouldn't read some really want when you press conference after they try to drop that would be out of character for chapter for can't rappel accused yes Verizon is nobody in his mind he said Barrett reporting that on morality is what hombre right because you've got to keep the great ones you gotta keep him with them in on the path he's mad at Brady is irresistible losses on terrorism and yes these results embarrassing to be better he's undefeated didn't play those games right and rightly blew those games right and if you don't score fourteen points took a safety that safety was bad. A lot of got a point to maple on guys take this call before. You know we have we have a real worries these words and ordered him to his right in the note line. Agrees with Paula never seen that before. Brandon is in North Carolina hi Brandon. I got so I don't agree on the part of losing the game looked all right if you lose this to all of you live outside of New England outside do. All you're gonna hear is oh he could see against Billy like he did back in the days so Angela you're lucky not he can't beat the current. All of Brendan Hansen is what would you be saying if he'd lost to Jacksonville in wasn't in Minnesota for the game. So I agree with you got them back part completely (%expletive) if you will this game or oh. Barack quality the court has yet ready fits the bill I get all that. But the fact if you even recoverable. If you don't have this you're gonna hear about it early losses when you can figure appeared certain spot some. Well I'm. Not a fear you know being fair and honest but honestly maxed elements being of not being fair and honest. Was pointing out to pretty mixed real expert kept on it out of the pro out of the backfield early in the game. And he miss Crocker although I don't remember when you reviewed the film that he missed crock. He. I mean he had a great game in a close game both I guess Haiti this fiscal doc is talking like that mean acts comedy. Don't lump me in the next element let me ask you this. 1985 to 87 Joseph Montana lost in the wild card round in the other division round two years and around did you even know that I applaud that did you even know lost early yes so your that's your defense my defense is that in twenty years we're talking about Brady's legs don't remember that he lost and it's fascinating always had a chance to better lose to inferior teams earlier on the play offs for legacy it. At this point yes for Brady like all your talk about is he's five into consumables you're not remember. A we lost this you know remembers what Joseph Montana didn't in the older years you remember that these Bordeaux and that's the islanders. You can get 101000 career playoff passing yards after the support people right now he's piling up gaudy stats which may never be this is gonna play intensive goals it's chances which is incredibly pleased with yes I ever got your head right now it's a who's a miserable nature in the AFC yeah the picket team would you panic. Patriots didn't think it just let him go for Jackson but you'd pick the patriots who. Denver Broncos take the phase out these sort of order. Is your is going to be the quarterback in Jacksonville. I think he's already know what. I think just to see that I won't projects ago if you told me you're at a community can actually be told me Alex Smith or or or nick foals are Eli Manning the quarterback of the patriots I would say Jacksonville as a defense is awesome but. Plus the pick who's gonna have all kinds of upheaval. But back to break a coordinator gas pedal was so it hurts them both coordinators back to Brady in a Belichick's I think you fall in the trap. I wanna maybe there is massive pension and and and these two hate each other cuts. But if he didn't if they loved each other they were is some practical. All together in this. On what you're circus or would Belichick have done he would have downplayed the injury any would've. Said no one nice thing about. Brady moved on he would invent anything different thoughts on media circus though it's not Brady's talked about but he belittle he's neediest against us throughout the course without saying would do that no matter what. That's the way he does things OK but Tom Brady saying that same day on the saint station in no way also be circus like but he is never the bishop's story. It becomes a great you know he's gonna play can you imagine bill Belichick's and that Al Wednesday when I was scared now I was no man was it's I went home and told my wife. I don't told gonna play I would say efforts that saves and I understand it doesn't matter what you really kill Belichick say it was a great gutsy performance I agree with you but he really do that does admit I have do you think some part of Brady. Like some of the father after a while who wants to forget Patton head want to cookie wants the patriot of the week award that's a lot of saying who wants to wants him to say you know what can you just say something nice about me like Turkmen and itself. Every Thursday with the shrinks off straight saying why am I data received prompt. Because he was embarrassed. He hid uses Sony's ashamed seed seed that document says that but died after I actually never thought that should be upfront with his show he's a perspective and that's. The the bishop story and SI and it seems like the Brady can't response lectured us shore she is a good number yeah no doubt about that person bishops from the very brilliant guy. Bishops talking about how I'll call while Brady was in front of his locker how often the vibrator followed us vibrating when convicted him in the locker how for the rest of the immediately was he given how hard is that how would write you in there all the time on Fridays but other days. How would write an Ohio. Often as you were right there phonies like right there your phone could be vibrating right here announced that it would no true he's right next to me. It's buzz you can here I know but that's how close he would have to be is my point he'll believe. I view visuals of the deposition ratings. I agree he had to be in his lap he did the entire I'd Brady diet this password into the courthouse and story that we got desperate on hatteras right yeah that's right blocked ask as we were mob guys almost exactly right that's Brady fighting back on the on the ocean which our library and yeah yeah. Anti Brady. Anti Guerrero right anti craft pro Belcher there's a funny lies in this SI story. Takes a real shot at. You know quote physicians from a thousand miles away who have no idea about. In orthopedic surgeons is gas. That was such that was directly or out Guerrero is now is just about I don't see Guerrero was involved a lot of Petit and his involvement twelve stitch cut. And he's doing this sutures or anything but is he giving him like. Home and do what he does the ET ties as it has been extradited and that's not that would annoy me if our trainer. Murdoch tolerate over you and this guy who uses whatever reason I tissue in the hole is a little. How you wanted them when the stitches she commode and how you should rehab the injury I did speak to Doctor Who got a kick out of fact in Brady's opposing it twelve stitches Nora. Well. And normally normally colleague that is like four stitches but. Because the teachers doctors wanted to really make sure that it was closed up tight to stitch it up but you know your tank and he got it out he sums from sales somewhere in the dirt he struggled with the book and and we tape and it. And you look at the then the game a couple of times and sure I was cut credible academic and other on the I don't know if I Max tells us that much promise he's not he's not real gutsy that he doesn't. But again these are the only person thinks it again back of all one that I was like. Com incredibly memorable AFC championship game to top five Brady. Top five yes in terms of impacting yes yes men the Seattle super double the number one. My pin right I think that Kimi people in the Atlanta Super Bowl. Yeah I mean top five are very I don't but yeah I puts him most to a to a cause you know I want to I just got a one and limit to Saint Louis I would say it's three. McCain meant so much. Did they could never won but picking three million cards numbers wouldn't blow finally went down the fields and I'll drive talk ruled does that matter man I put questionable that's a boy was never in those days is prolific obvious how does it did but that's about Jacksonville game mean more to fans twelve years should remember that board first he possible but I also likely to be out the rated Super Bowl as the greatest playoff game a couple of years ago to come back the fourteen points twice or more of a game yet inimical yes and I would say. I mean a Carolina games crazy. People susceptible yes McCain was nuts. Tired the tired wouldn't be a mean you know 12 would be the crucible lackluster so I'd like Seattle a lot of reunions we get there patriots Eagles rematch forget Justin Timberlake to an halftime against true. Right lot all these animals from the little what's old is new this time we were in Jacksonville now I wasn't taken Eagles fans. I was there it is we cannot overstate how crazy it was I tried how insane it was and they'll be worse this time it's been another thirteen year drought. I mean they were there they would look for fights in the streets that were fighting that would trump called down on the NBC from the we get on Friday you know we relatively certain that chased me over the bridge in Jacksonville who told me and they are a couple of throwing over the bridge another another inning despite the numbers separately that just punks that together and they're kind of scared they. Answered. It liberate among the thugs the guy who spent time embedded with soccer hooligans frightening people I mean just looking. For violence and wake up get drunk get violent look for flights. That's what Eagles fans do. And the best description about works is this guy Jaeger. Who ran into the pole and then is hedges and on the train I heard an interview sounds like a normal guy level headed. That plated they spent about an hour on it yesterday in the afternoon Q for madness. A junior says once he puts his Dawkins Jersey on he's a different person. That's what these people do that put the brine Dawkins jerseys on and they turn an animal. Eagle Armageddon as well as. It Armageddon it's going to be now outnumber patriots fans and the one of they'll postal swarm Minneapolis and I figured there's a potential for some a lot of fights because. You know all these obnoxious Eagles fans come to town and they just beat the vikings and for the vikings fans postal store. About not having a home suitable and and there isn't he's very awkward. I saw they would see women or kids would pay teachers use and they would yell at him the outlook swear maybe like you do to be in the middle of the day. They will be like that Minnesota Vikings fan and patriots fans we can only hope. There's many many deaths from hypothermia because they generally don't get hotel rooms and like sleep in their car rose. In obviously but the wise they're not really accomplished people they really other dregs of society these Eagles fans. We will see them I'll bet you some of them freeze to death Thursday night the same for the games can be observed our society and that's gonna happen than they do and they'll be like. He'll be fighting homeless people for their coats this movie going can get ugly you know it's. Two current jealous because he wasn't there aren't really has advanced perks like. All in unison go through the anchor tonight a terrible thing yeah angry we differ mark out price I don't Powell pumped worked out OK for how pumped are you guys to spend a week at the Mall of America I can't wait. Fourth cars are and they you know detail about it. You go to the party Tuesday united with a roller coasters at the Nickelodeon. Yes is our media party here in the mall. I really I wanna writer a roller coaster you Kuerten your PS patiently and on the hill and absolutely no question you're gonna we're part of her not just. This meeting there this comedian parts yeah partisan Friday night to Tuesday night media party. Last meeting last series in like that museum. This year it's going to be. We is that the when he got to go after him to know how to crouch is gonna be out on the two marine hero it's anoint another ten miles away. They're ESPN set up was occurred as 1015 miles away I have some news about your spin Gaspar 20. It's you know we get back 6177 lets you guys started it I wanna spend about the Eagles office Alaska acquired do you think we all are gonna get. Misled or can looking at the NFC title game that we think that polls can do that again it gets a big keys for do a press censorship question do you think when you watch that. NFC title game. Does it look like something that could do it again they could do again. February 4 or six once 1779. To me when it's good to see Gasol. Agreeable. Yeah yadda I don't think of the game is we'll Saluki unit so it will we get back and talk about how dumb what is cause we want Kurt Campbell I mean I would say we sit on a break in and he's keep you know and that was whose poems and good tease. Awful disease rates fees on the court could learn some. I'm I'm gonna care market as a possible Obama cares what the question for the cure with the civil I think you can preview in the game of course they do they don't is that previewed its previous games back not super bulls new new new. Preview regular sure I'll actual literally have to finish is booked for the James national podcast allergies because it was like her fight guys talk appeasement actually is that this next segment. So what time my back and 910 items okay axle. Question relate to your principles I think a couple even in the game of course they do they don't use the beating he took a pitch a few games not some bubbles in the new moon. We do regularly do not sure Iowa actual literally at the finish is hope for the James Patterson podcast allergies because your slicker why you guys tackle Peterson and actually listen this night. Segment change. That's my partner thinks. Interviewed James Patterson probably isn't Whitner written word and twenty years. That's exciting because considerable know who wanted to do it. That's okay we can handle the ball and you know likable football guys. Did you watch a 48 hours Saturday and deny the movie with the Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy I mean that's always when I'm gonna ask you a note James Patterson and and apparently the have reviewed the book said he didn't get a whole line so out of a curse that is much analog is gonna admitted to. James. But he didn't find a lot of revelations in the book I find James Patterson an interesting subject Aziz I believe the most prolific author and in US history. Probably world history. But TJ slaps his name on books and the people right now. If she is you know they lose the book's authors of written on in subject of it just goes like six pages and if you go to bookstore or even a target or Wal-Mart. They're just channels channels James Patterson books and that is according to write everything if he tried he couldn't write it word I really how I was hoping that this horrendous thing would be good you still. There's so much to learn about it it's still guys and now we're part of a documentary. That's pretty. In depth. They came and interviewed Kirk and meet who's a radio show that reported. There was you. We killed them was still taking credit for killing them we drove in suicide. And I'm proud of that but what what the hell's document before we do oxygen oxygen for Oprah's network. I just did another one for like Amazon all the all the vultures are are sorry I just did an interview for one that's gonna be released on. Amazon and some random cable network to doesn't sound like. This is not the same cause this Kelly came in with a crew of ten people all kinds of lightning and guys and sound guys it was really. A well done good it'll be you know he said. Fact he told some things that were not allowed to say in the air above. Vote and in this I think the lease more revelations in the oxygen save the lives of pregame manager. We're getting to that we have an hour when we get to them preview of the game and we get an hour we have. Two weeks we we can transition from Hernandez had two days which is a station in town opposed the photo of Hernandez against the jaguars as as the cubs radio channel five CBB. I didn't think that was so so well obviously someone who's who's taking the photos to noticed there was a patriot a jaguar going for loose ball on the page you have to be Aaron Hernandez. So what was funny was a really offensive. Mean there were found offensive I don't know on Twitter Twitter verse that they apologized profusely post. And I thought it was funny no need to putt but I agree I agree and that no need to apologize for you may talk a football talk and Eagles a cursory listen wow I guess I guess he hasn't done is he hasn't prepared for podcasts or change status and that's the problem he needs time to prepare. Hasn't read the book is usually shows up and thinks he can wing it. Sock puppets on Alexis. The sport. So we're talking about perks not prepared for podcast. And I can't just playing have to break play in me if I'm a huge. Explain to me this musical history applies to us talk about Kirk not prepared for his podcast supposed to be breaking game as we know enough when we're talking about Kirk. Slackened as we're talking about and you don't like it is. Kirk it is the only one who worships Kirk more than month and that's our public deacons with Kirk anyway. Only to back via side peaceful in the Greg bishop piece you guys mentioned the inside he literally says. What he has is quote inside information. I guess it is. Textbook Brady being inside the extra room what he's had the two X ray technician. Is that a guy just showing I know most of you don't know the capsule is I would agree I get access they eat as a means nothing grace is inside the X ray room. Rating noted that the skin hadn't been sliced open. Rather it appeared to have. Inched until it ruptured. Yes one of the pictures doctors how does the skin sport like that. Quote I've been doing this a long time I've never seen this important position told them adding that the wrist usually absorbs the kind of impact that took. Often leaving the dislocation. He's got a quote from a doctor. Literally quota like he was there a quote from Brady talking to the X ray technician or to the doctor. It's a weird seeing if Amazon River pro football doc David Chao was like oh it's probably he dislocated his armory at this bomb awkwardly as probably a web space there like. Doctors Condit. Had that scenario narrowed down pretty quickly so donors Greg and Greg bishop writes that the bloody mess spooked Brady X ray results no significant bonus structural damage. And only a minor sprain and one collateral collateral ligament. Re short all involved parties in the end. One knowledgeable source described the opening. Which required twelve stitches to close you know we have that on March station before the reporter but anyway. The result of base of quote basically hyper extended bomb. Unquote. The not the sources Brady is enough or Guerrero yet it's one of those and he literally this is the next line from Greg bishop. But that was inside information. He illiterate he's got inside information about the injury which by then was old news right by then it was the game was over the injury was an effect. Yet again I like Kerry he takes a shot at you know outside orthopedic physicians who tried to. Guess what the injury right before like texting or emailing them their own prognosis which happens. No matter what I mean every every town has an injury we get that we get here you get that people trying to does diagnoses from afar I mean by far the most. Aspect of that story was Gisele once again leading operator tire right right yeah I'm asking. Convince him it's time to retire. But there's no wavering from and we talked to bring you hear from radio time he's never even. We've heard a little. Strange light doesn't doesn't Brady. Like he's. Forty gonna be 41 next year he's already accomplished everything and made all the money and you know legacy secure. Unless he loses another several animal. Again don't but then but he's got though he's he's healthy he's got scrambled quite honestly did plan and he's got his business setup wise strength I think it's the least strange thing I think it's black and white he says it all the time he loves it why should be quick that's true wolf because of those other things that I outlined he's got its health and it's a very dangerous sport. He's got a beautiful wife and three kids at home and he's got is he told and is now answer the health thing personable he thinks that he knows how to stay healthy now right OK but he did and knows how to get a Reuters. As much as much concussion waters he drinks he can avoid his brain turning emotion he takes to me it's abuse that he thinks he can stay healthy knows how to stay healthy V. I think in its kids are getting older and I think they probably are you know. Understand the game more there around more they like it they appreciated and thanks I'd like to play with them you know enjoying it. More I mean that's that I say that all the time as the kids get older they like it. And you hate to quit or retire before the kids knew what was going well you know like he talked to other for your quarterbacks I would. Last offseason while we're all doing these stores are talked Matt Hasselbeck and Mormon and they said. Well the family you know you feel like you can keep playing but now you're starting to miss your kids recitals and you know you're you're working out the springtime when you should be with your kids and your family and usually if any family pulls you wait for I think Brady made his peace with that long ago told us last week we talked a month then he asked us to use you guys have a microphone in my home because we said. He promised them just give me one more year two more years and then I will be there and then I'll coached and I'll go to the recitals let me do this as long as I can. I think they do they say one's wife says yes do you love to. He looked she says on the African documentary loves football more than that he loves them. You add that that's that's deadly some of you wanna hear from your wife which I think is there kind of the contradiction in that documentary. Is that he says in the documentary. This is my life I give my life football. Yeah. You are wrong about her. Could play an excellent. Yeah I can't tell you pay attention in this sock puppet. Real talk and news and focusing so he says I give up my life. I and then they shown what his kids and his wife on vacation and with the family. It seems to me that he's showing you that he hasn't. Given up as like that he has some balance that's good to act on it seems like he's going to great lengths to get off that impression that I could balance of these spasms but. You know of Giselle for the cameras says. Play on as long as you can but then apparently behind the scenes she's constantly nag him to retire to retire cause do you think it's because she thinks would get hurt or you all yeah and he. Can spent and his family and let's get this TB twelve thing going any solid he's got nothing to do I think he has you to stay busy but he always mean he's an open ended when that's right. Says five years' tenure is whatever 45. Play as long as I can he probably doesn't leave it open ended with her when you think he says two years three years to let me do with this much longer while I. Yeah yeah he probably says let me let me get a few more years but I think he keeps he keeps pushing it. I go gavel went on forty all over reevaluate the mini is a forty literally you know what I'm 42 I'll reevaluate. How many guys quit when than the MVP. Amiga is quick to the top of their game Elway it was kinda knew that he was not quite the player right not nearly the player was the MVP. Believe what what is Brady have. Other in the love the sport I do appreciate that and just being around it but like. EP waited sailor wants to be in a locker might not one of the guys in the locker room he's not getting the com. He's with settlement and am in Dolan grant but he's not getting in the locker room camaraderie. What is he getting the on field camaraderie he loves that polite is a lot of this about just accumulating stats and accomplishments now it's about doing loves I feel I mean does that sound hokey to a son Micah I'm being naive. And he loves it about the TV twelve methods and telling people how to train I'm in right now guess what he can have it both ways he can do bull. He is doable unless he gets hurt unless he breaks his leg unless he starts to decline in and it hurts is that hurts is business that he's a good point you could leave on top that's a pretty boy continue to sell hates him I minicamp playing by. I think he plans on playing and leaving in Rome next year maybe on top or the next Italy can't next year they've they've sold their future for Tommy asked the police or can't right now once they draft pick mayfield. Or Lamar Jackson who's gonna slipped to them. We get to that that's a good football question for much football guy here at he's better ball and from the globe who has a large lengthy break down of the Eagles. In the paper today we can get to that I want I want to Koichi prediction you ready to make that your. Are talking into it. We'll talk into the middle returned to mental spirited. Losing NFC title game is better than winning them it's it's a fascinating theory that get people going earlier. Maybe Kirk we'll come back and I don't know is he done reading the book attendant yourself or project during the prep for the podcast god knows we need and get him back in Israel where is he reading Iceland is in the office on home in the on the toilet where is he. A saudis we don't know in the he's and and promise and when we get back we'll talk about a hairy and dumb that is some good. Always works for me.