K&C - A big night at the Baseball Tavern; Kirk's fans demand answers 1-12-18

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, January 12th

Hour 1: Ken and Curtis gave the full details of a crazy night with Bradford at the Baseball Tavern. 


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Skirt and Callahan who helped lead to disappointment but you do Morris I don't people die on me for this night I felt sad too when I heard it yes yeah. I think Kurt is in unbelievable radio personalities certainly is options will be messed and the all I can't see works the hardest every cares the most I can say it is. Nobody works harder and nobody cares the most you were dealing with an abject idiot with Gerry Callahan the president of the United States is racist I am. Is racist person ever that apparently the president made some extremely offensive remarks about other countries like -- countries in Africa why are we having all these people from whole country's come here he says why don't we give more people for no way gap which is really say why don't we give Walt white people would you rather live in Haiti or Norway Kirk man sort of decided to step aside because lease them to Europe. A year off. You can leave me hanging here among you hanging I think it's no I'm pretty tired pretty dog gone home. I've been through a lot of blue worn down and worked out just luck that my running days was over to a prolonged amount. Thank you everybody thank you doing on Sports Radio telling. Born. You look pretty good actually get a haircut. I feel pretty good achievements. Bright green fees to which Jody I have. Which is the exact same as where reflector and think you're right that's true that's very strong structure that we don't want to Dayton Clint Black hit and killed the no no but I'm not sure you'll be here for the entire program was conceived that I am not will be here for two hours every Friday prayers they both sides. We feel like it often to two hours or project but the first to post. Script commodity or not the characters can be stuck in traffic anyway. If you go the other way it would be trapped leave. Smart. So he said and just thank you for a traffic accidents by XID. Anyway. We can do it this stuff now I've on the thoughts on I said yesterday and going forward or we can do later Jerry it's toll to caprice gave me it's up to you don't know none tie the game we needed to be complacent sound. We give in to these Brady stories which are ethical parable about the way and I and I just say I realize you and I read everything we've at least really heard of you heard the month cut in the open panel. Have you nobody works harder and nobody cares the most. Nobody most. Somebody goes on who went past and you most moral issue with that it was a two day sixth. There I've I've read everything all week there's not a there's not a good a single word an interest in word written about the titans patriots game not enough known about the team the Brady's eyes and our camera thoughts. If you is that what I think trophy Jerry is occupying that room. And I think he needs to discussed more good good downhill running back and you know you know those killed apparently she might disagree with where I give the edge running backs and tightens and they got what and when they get up 21 to three and they start you know ground and pound and it it's that week while out of control the clock you never know what's gonna happen pages in trouble you know once again lead. Knew it wasn't about the patriots are friends now Helen kosice I don't turn any of yeah. He actually spent about two minutes of this preview of the Eagles game pogrom that need to get off to a fast start. He asked Doug Moroni is important enough wolfpack start I'd ever I've never it's not one not now I don't think it is deeply shocked he's looked. Q the group can she get off to a fast start. No I do they always that you think they should fall let me ask you let me ask you simple question unions. Did he get off to a fast start in the last postseason. Come no. They did not note that I did when the game they won the and I don't really understand your point it's a good point he got me there I surrender right that's true in the they're undefeated when they fall behind diaries classical after the titans get off to a fast on the Kansas City. Yes it they did obviously they deny they scored first they denied there was a growing whoever when he won the Fareed. And they blow it I guess unemployed so I just so I guess our point is we we'd sort of I guess got no middle ground which is it doesn't matter if you're down 23 or 23 does or doesn't that's true yet. The that was the us it matters that I heard one of the overnight shows asking that all important question which of the four games school with a like I want if you watch water soda and ITC is curtain and hand them slid out the birth canal and analysts that is from. Do you normally we'd be asking that question Charlotte I'm sure we BS and which one of the four if you can only watch one and you may get like wanna go and what I should say I shouldn't say we wouldn't be as can be answered probably just don't want one who beat. In his favorite question while I mean if you only watch one understood that a situation like for that would where that would be the case. Isn't that your job I mean you know. Two good quietly there's not too tough call though they don't it's tidbit here you know conflict. But if you lived in neutral place all ever ever ever ever greatest thing in the timing of Peoria working diligently right through Peoria and the patriots is not even a distant fourth that mean I'd I'd pick to be other things to watch would be you know on Saturday night feature that as a something's got to be someone's conflicts that when I mean it is the least of summer FaceBook live happily ever is there will be fun. You know patriots fans once that team kick dance. Kid games get ready for the Steelers repaired briefly are you are you gonna root yet he's heart for the Steelers. August and December of titans. Out of Minneapolis I'm gonna price you know it doesn't matter if you go and you don't wanna go for it has only gone a long ago I love ice sculptures and look forward to a but. You know compete and hamburgers for a its perch you want the better it I think so I hate but of he's steeler fans economy noxious stimulus but I don't like Roethlisberger I don't like you know of these the whole steeler thing where. In other kind of kind of arrogant words I'm likely to fans of yours talking about and I I don't as a model yeah I didn't Annan. Why appeared to be different each with its hardware and arrogant and Spencer would different patriot fans pay to pay is the most arrogance or eight pages. Know why you see if I don't hate that much regular basic you don't quite nice there I didn't say it deeply impact. 798. Pages pages. What's I always. And she sells almost always root for the opposing the visiting team the underdog the unknown you know I grew I would group the jaguars in the vacuum but. Jaguars patriots it is not nearly use interest just like this you know conceal the pretend. They're gonna meteor beat the patriots Steelers game work and no nobody thinks Pittsburgh but at least there's somewhat of a threat there just wasn't me never beat him again and yes I don't think so it's much nicer leverage nationals and one game. You do a deal. Ambient pressure Roethlisberger gave me because they got five picks ID jaguars would you win the turnover battle can follow Clark how many yards chain we'll say yards Blake portals in the past and he's an eagle almost 250 yards accurately yet but the winds may be under the Wentz was it for five miles Tony's gonna give the break it's a little windy that's it. I can say that game and an eagle and thumped which. And they have most prop bets this in this. Point in the playoffs cause you bet on how many yards portals control or captured it was all the runners the hundred writer Mike knows it under liners over Andrea ballots well when he won 18190. Catholic portal yes yes in Pittsburgh some big games this year and tomorrow rich. Which is which candidate Terry cool. But the TV into the TV now eagle. Can which which can return down the Cordoba and you look workers displaced it's been allotted for the show yesterday yet. All right it's the baseball glamorous night looking oh. Rich skater turned down the quarterback coach Joseph for group is that he wanna work that and this on the flight you realize that. Obama doing it the smartest guy at America and our respect that he said. You work for gruden may glasses on him probably problem close what's he probably has plenty of money right and the gruden won me the office every day 5 in the morning at eleven at night and it's. Probably kids that wanna do jobs but the twenty Euro there or just an insane person some crazy. Like the guide to in the blow off the public access and Miami right only not only did it and it's a row before and nobody's at least I can tell it's that I'd never do at a meeting our practice and a willing to film it but I. Average net curtsy to the bat and his legs typical one of those counted as he gets busted best thing that ever happened to me I've never been happier right and I prettiest stats analysis job we gave up cricket in its small and then he says he's never been happier now. Play golf skis don't talk to his wife left him but he's never been happier world and he gets. Tested for alcohol. Which I don't really understand what they get arrested for. Coker. Moving the missile facility. But he didn't get arrested for Coke the hookers you know ruin his life with his choice would be Allison Beasley. Yeah but iphone's battery habits and that's that was six were out on to your question what do you mean. So why does he get ten tests in order to living the sort of facility to be tested subject deserves an a sober facility after a six month customers they do that they don't have their places like that idea for you avoid temptation ocean jokers are living there. Apology didn't have yet and still get. When you do these programs to test the main part I understood for a month when you're there you know when you're in -- some people go for a couple days and be -- month right and you attest to -- -- thought he was freed free things a lot of always -- said when you go in that's part of the -- then again creates forced Forest Service the story is as though you're gonna tactics or your sense -- talk to a guest workers -- don't -- -- these -- lead of headlines felt bad instinct and you you headlines today Christian -- that was good headlines yesterday I was -- yes yes -- no today -- wasn't trying to placate you all there that -- -- -- stories believe the -- should always believe what dumb thing prompts that yesterday we'll get there in my business all of which now that he's got a tweet something I don't labels I do want to get every passing but this it's been. Point four hours it's been crazy sources did to a right now. I think always the I was you Brad for obese. I always lost I don't know of I stock can. Land with a beer in his hands at 9 o'clock last and you'll do okay X and you go to bed except to DoubleTree and support for your showing featured have been that your producer drinking during podcast with him listen do you hold for English Irish heritage Richard excellence Marta why didn't they didn't broadcast it on the station and went out and garbage that was done better on that there was also promote it and watch her much crying on my show on the here last night and it's do you think that. Did I mean Brad foremost wanted to than live on air from the Nadal how he likes he like evidence friends there to do little podcast he pick and choose what is there up. I also ask somebody to take shelter especially if gas tank I did have already showed up to. Glad he picked are all as he did a shout out to all of the appetite. Oh that's that's why have it I will say if they ought to get that. But we've we're. I will say this this is not a joke going forward. Mir that's that's that you guys if you wanna have a conversation all TPT meter stretch okay it will have to discuss that ends the show when your when you I will tell us what you Jerry given last 24 hours you know I'm vote anymore. I don't they just asked them about being nice differently given what's gone last couple is again to the last 24 hours given the way people reach out to me in this building. Nobody else has any power through this port so I tried he's gone I just tell you that right now gotta. Estrada revenues suspicious care about our show beard funny it's like issues mortician is Herbert Marshall that's why. We are radical thing of him at the same. Opinion top I was article us. It was electric of course elated again and Jen McCaffery Chris Mason was there. So the cost of pumpkin carting you Kirk was that. July was buzzing with your announcement at a critical. To elect John we graduate Ryan Hannibal losers tell me that route all the media was going nuts over what you and now they're wondering what the future held for the morning ecological policy a gun so I pussy pussy or the pussy pussy was. Oregon's. Are. Well here's in my boots. Because we were Armenians and as we have conversation. We don't make points reality shows we worked a shaft and being open. Hey day and even if he can. I usually BP amateurs can you can you give somebody. Please make a little can be mustache out of it now picnic it. ET here's my defensive training and he's a fine. When the show actually like an issue now I got it highlights yard he. I was disappointment. And that is that these policies super sense that we do agree with instant. Trying to drive you nuts and she is very after the could be OK let me finish and now. He's one we have a Rafa is what she lasted over year. His cushy is tough how we need you to type of guy content rightly so we're done biggest balls account to generate the door so so tell me why. It is. March 00. It's time now and what else doing at least as a nice guy. Is over that's done she cares or overture Marjorie should get on with the baseball tavern she cares more about Comcast is more about yourself. Done well Comcast is a full time job done done done done we're done we're moving on we're factor from the part of the show going forward which is trust me stop big part of this conversation on answered it. But if I'm going to be going forward we will find other people. It's time for a casting couch shake up every single person on the cast a coach right now. Is it play to be eliminated going for these people are fat and happy right now. In their seats it was time to shake it up. Because to be not mean you and I can do ratings in the audience dumped there person do you as we've proved so we can be where we're going to five people I think people like mutt. People like Tang Wei. People like to Marcy of god and marketplace rules they'll yes and yeah definitely have yet why did you happen so I think it's time now going forward again. Apart on show it or not. Recovers as I yesterday with management was if we're moving on from you we find a date. I was told late two different manager people to different people. That the show would be in the interim mutt in my seat with you irritating their purse. Okay. That is a still on the table T shirts. Are they gonna have much I don't believe for one F and second Opel recently told let's I don't know apparently did I don't I don't believe. You yesterday on the air and I believe you're like me much you spend your day yesterday your people and people asking you you know as Kirk for real people texting use reuse series is as a stunt. What did you tell. I told I do not know it's a big guy that I heard of the year that he didn't sound like a stunt to me the guy responding to a Gerry Callahan and his two producers didn't sound like a stunt responding to them I think was very real. What I heard yesterday because the guy I talked to off the air sound exactly the guy that was in something to me. Not once outlawed I'll be fake you while it's obviously it was fake is your back today sash and back today. Bad things that they can actually do it he gets us folding credit for half they was useless today in sick to I said its immediate exit there lighten I'd be anxious we can do this later appeared to have whatever you like you like you're obviously on the into this game. Well there's this is the coach. Like been unaware assistant coach I'm indicates at center and everybody was if I leave the show was dead and I ice and everybody that's I only got to be the case early though. I don't Jerry battlers on people sent it you think. Mutt and me and two wherever Alex Massie I would love to hear that show. And you would I want it I can eat look at it as regards my guess and we don't let NASA managers like best friends outlets and that was sent home in your look what. Sure sure what is your you're saying it's sarcastic when we get it hell and not be sarcastic at all I would really like the I'm happy sarcastic at all the stops in this will be messed. Yes if you ask shows really gonna miss you so close last night crying to court men and on the year you're perfect day. Jesus to a different hosts just outside people that segments where does sound great I heard this was I was in the race you all of the original show and get this thing you're training I was the baseball family drinking a martini mixed with Coke and the editor and I saw the description of the us trust my friend I saw those I know it just to paying attention that thing why did you have one of those those a martini mixed with special little bit we here are just so little or blogs are moxie what was Al's was and there was no alcohol on she's terrific yet. And he knows mossy mocking what was in there oh we either to Chris that was a low point of why you rip. What do you pretty what do you do I mean he's definitely at night if there's more likely than white -- for all they felt bad form at some points and shall we yesterday was a Mario's much incentive to sorry but real interest in mind that I figured this thing non violent I give blood you know volunteer to generic on the group to see rob Bradford will you know sometimes reach out for those close to those less fortunate rocked their world yesterday of course they were there obviously you're way over all the show. Those 10 o'clock and be here at six. On his belt from. I think Edwards and you were common so I know my colleague called me I spoke to my somebody's got people just. These so it against was that a full house I can rapper told. The crowd and all the within the Steven Curtis what did you go to Paris. How many non WEEI or podcast people were there give me the Shia region off the air one. He called me during my show last night and there was one. Not W week yeah I ordered a harsher than there. At seven order. It was a really. Isn't it tests WB so we'll get there were zero people want what we're known as the bar and all the patrons and normally go to the bar some people early in an hour and a lot of people came there specifically people who know Robert of the show like you within our world. Where their last night he goes zero. Now so you're supposed to it flies a the point was to go there to show yours. One Judy Martinis to come here is an apple and for you know I would I would I would be the city knows or cares. I I didn't know that was such like I did on that was such a ridiculous figure Martinez call yes we enemy you have a hot stove and it I mean anybody does he think I to a real show images of baseball hey Virginia error budget calls so what we gave some things weighed every call or Wednesday night. Actually wants helping out of the brat -- do you think these are real wave Jokester and a parent support for Judy marked amongst them Red Sox fans know it among again I guess I'll wait loaf guys are baseball. More people should zero Jerry like. As a matter where you know home and people really want the brits are asking him a view like I showed these two and you get together and we're going on your flight is magic. It's waiting to erupt teacher now I'm all right but that's kind of show it to you turn everything on its own guns you talk act on the discipline here Yankee job and it's an out. Loopy Wednesdays at lupica yes slip because a good guest I got an idea power hour. Every data but I Brett back out my plow our odd Kid Rock I'm so it's a little stronger. Yet rights as suggested that I saw power we're supposed to be we have looked powerful people public mayor won the Maryland Virginia EO. Yeah I think we can electrify idea of having the program director and read once we broke power. Here. Who the director Bergen and talk shop now Italy that it with the show's network or out of pocket and Obama are powerful people for the what do you think. Kurt you wanted to without incorrect as it is a who everything the program director as he is up now that's about this I would apps we say that I used to go to. Yes an hour. Passport and the and that's in the whether it is evident you're trying to get out now I'm looking forward to look at golf temperatures like eighteen degrees. Oh. You will be playing golf right. During the day jails in Google for all along the walk and get that war does not 5560 degrees partly as we turn gears actually is that he knows that for actually be warmer here I think the mayor today. Get that yes really that's another Dina stat yesterday you know with a leftist did you see this on Twitter yesterday. That John Tyler and I noticed yesterday and is approved by the people to his one wanna hear me talk about I thought about bringing this up let's go out and won two ruptured as we don't do that around here. I thought about bringing this up and thought he would mock me. Because your fresh set of me mocking yes I've thought it was such a deal. I think that's what I was just so insane section DOS and John Tyler's if I bring this up Kirk will mark and you can mock me I totally the math John -- early map is the tenth present the United States cracked when 71 year part of the words 17190. He has to leaving grand sounds grandchildren yes scripts out well for months on Harrison I tried to map. I did the math. So if you he had to be Tony ran into the legacy as he was it was 75 I say this is. He was said and what we're IC a couple calls we'll get to know we want to talk to me in my situation after right now note to me that this morning. Music 75 and Hinske got remarried back then you know you're white guys you gauge and I give birth right now. I worked writes on my mom passed sent. To be so we had two kids on the second matters. That one of those kids today and did the same thing his wife died got remarried his music 75. And then now these kids thank god they're not in the ninety's yes these grandkids. As amazing seventy that is unbelievable. Mine ball more would have on a blog I'm more shocked if kids at seven almost as shocked that that these rebate or quite as Mikey did it. I seventy. Close. Tony Randall did Larry King did it to me having to 27 years from. Forty years John Tyler changed a lot of diapers we've 75 for a particularly good any senate there today treat ex presidents lead the way they do now than like a king like Obama and the on the now is a much more now there's got to go back to work there was citizen soldiers may and they went back to follow the mentality of it's we did it as far it was a you have to be holding live to Athens it's a series stock on the future tiger did what you're living on the move is to do you have that where you you know like in the Massachusetts like. System where you get years that your pension to pass on the kids you know Bolger area. So these guys so they live monopoly and these these two these great kids living myself as I said I'm not so much that this actually looked up this one of the sons in the interview with the music 95 please NS him on the podcast. That podcast is fine Tyler. Harrison Harrison via open he runs the other museum board Joseph Thomas presences John piled high school somewhere. Today all well ability owns slaves. Can't bicycle who aren't surprising obviously suggests he take that statue down statute is always takes a bad rap historically says those great of those historical rapid I don't know anything about it like you if you had asked me to name presence I would miss him if you and I had to sit your name the only presidential pharma. 53. Name off the future presidents do you think that we can name them all right up to now now because I wouldn't got him. I would think that John Tyler frank pierce or you get. Franklin Prius may be excused as usual though he's local the I would definitely against such a big market name I would try to forget it Obama. How many did you get out of 459 or ten. It is my guess and it and it. Well could I immediately got kids to good I don't know I'm not in the mood to do this by coming on them also go de Curtis can get it started the first 140 them. Washington very eager Adams academies can Lincoln. He wasn't there is going or. Lot. Washington Daniel OK I've got this question. Lewis wash I have not had it L Lewis walk by Washington he got free watch what do you think I set I would get not Washington Adams Lincoln Washington and Adams Lincoln there's another set targets that fresh voice cracked yeah sheltered at least what's his middle name the other Adams John Quincy at a moderate excellence for. Franklin Pierce. Has achieved he Jon Gordon got him John Tyler is six. William Henry Harrison. Seven was born on my birthday for Goran that's Oilers and that. Injured Jackson. That's what nine at eight I love watching Ellie much has made it work isn't everything I I think eight and now why don't you start now and work back. That's it seems harder to me I want to try to get these are harder to name like trump that's harder though given the way you would affect who's the president now that you that. What you controller and I. It Donald Trump Barack Obama. Bill Clinton then George Bush. Ronald Reagan yeah. Richard Nixon. My right. John F. Kennedy Lyndon Johnson. This who's the president after it. Went through that again. Yet that Ron last I got that wrong yeah Ali had it not just trust your instinct. I he's already and at the over that Lyndon Johnson was a president as big Woodrow Wilson papers or more to. Franklin Delano rose so. He's case took a spot do you think each is please. A character that's what I would you start raising another president of the ones who plays chimpanzee. On I don't for the it was Reagan's vice president. Your add the other. Curtis and it's really all I know I know that George HW votes purely and you got one bush not the other. That's pretty dumb. He's the love George Bush senior was a bunch of old George Bush senior books summaries. You punch it was Reagan's words that you behave the presidential Juno was the regulars all image abruptly as you read you very much a blessing it was Reagan's vice president now. Your act. It is he was first inning got kicked out of George Bush took over it and did our Dan Quayle was George Bush's. Vice president yes this was Bill Clinton vice president. Al Gore. Say I salute and execute them. CUK you you would miss this too much who's six and spicy you would miss it got off too much. You pregnant Elvis heard his name that's your question anyone know this when you have heard his name and and now. Chris price a initial skimming missiles SA SAT. I but Ed who took over him. The did you. It was a bipartisan move by President Nixon Tampa nation appreciate that was nice you know it's. Six point seven cents for the seven IV positive you know lots did you see that too much you ought to get to hear it lot of people asking questions you want to answer some of the stuff usually do announcers we have I. I think it's up to me whether you addressed this personal issue. It's very personal in his personal. Nobody you have to tell people cause I honestly in my mind and what to say you've had several conversations after but I didn't know what your excuse going to be like walking out help the people against Cuba this yesterday everybody went over the Jim Jones run run up to me she was means that he's texting at all ought to be taxed him listeners you guys hear you -- any enemies was bogus it was a great stunt to me as Kennedy's statement. The baseball cap was buzzing all men are that Rio what one person should. The ground was wondering how you're doing is baseball tavern like open all year round only to baseball. Why wasn't anyone there. Who is losing night it's a country that went for her and misrepresenting. Him as anybody actually there showed that pictured at the bar that picture you looks like it worked and it appears looks like it's half a gallon is that really a beer one beer. You have a couple of those that looks like it's cuts and 64 ounces. Car. That's okay I'm I'm probably in good night out is very stressful yesterday Kristen Kristen drive you home. Foods law. Don't Ron food after that you have to get food the baseball we're trying to pick up from you know deal. It. Issues like the food place on tavern. And ma were concerned about me being at a bar mystery that mr. did you say I set something with and also Lawrence river and down the street in front of me before. Through hosting concerts I was concerned about that you we you're it's your announcement answers guess and courtesy of the ball for the first time ever the first time. My drink different storm as it was yesterday we talked to you street in front of their member. And then he took his hands off the wheel for second Sean and me it's tough spell it concession on Tom when he's you can drive and yeah it's. It's a bottle. All over. It actually hurts them the I don't think there's leverage I am I am. And appropriate as I know lots development donuts unless you reform franks and handcuffed while my ankle device could affect you one least likely to fall off the wagon would be Christopher's. Amassing almost Ahmadinejad speaks out against subject of rednecks I've done one I would say I'll I'll I have a lot of faith in YouTube and didn't write reform which you know he would. I've never seen you would that gas mask like get the last night recession trajectory he's very people always hungry isn't that size wise itself. He was a death or rapes are white white white you to a funeral service for truckers thousand dropped when I said did you got pollen in the I was not besides Europe did you ever terrific and a half ago Gian at new members of the different. Yeah he's done if he was I mean I think he's genuinely almost die I predict he'll turn it. I wouldn't wish this on my worst and he will never drink and hybrids are well that's an eighteen although you wrath. He rattled them then outrage yesterday is nothing else is gonna you know I was gonna say. Not because you threaten equipment because he said he wouldn't care that said. Well I'd I'd feel this I would futures on both as they did yesterday to keep your personal you're not every person who care you saying that the pace and not you know you know that's not just Purdue I was surprised at the the love I got outside this room ironically was much stronger much more. Meaningful movement love I did not give. Shocked the people I can I I was I was stunned at how little everybody cared here between 10%. Jeremiah projects I'm I that's I'm not. I'm telling you. You know how does this. That's why shouldn't. You can you can hear and Jerry's voice yesterday he did had no idea how to handle. That two hour situation because this takes on great to different conversation with a all right 61 session ends it will get an Melissa she shared decision easier this we'll get into conversation orbit that was awaiting a variety of measures in there you know like Kirk didn't wanna like participate in the she's your conversation to mossy did you schools as boring as it wasn't boat Kirk has to be about currently not similar to you H and I took about you true. And you probably right we Charlotte and how much went to a rough on the reaction was she's strong and which ones I I didn't think you want to reveal that much but when the Q I've noticed you're doing that well. We want to talk a meal that's fine them I'm here for another even seven minutes now actually obvious abuse have 55 part of today that I can promise now we will put several August. Ian Rapoport a good six once that set so seventies are good friends have a seven ninths that's after 2 o'clock. For perfect 617779790%. Major challenge here Mike when he skis here can Christian here. Ian Rapoport joins the guys at 840 we come back what we don't we don't guys we're gonna. Ask you questions you and answer your questions your answer this question Kirk 630 minutes or time when do you wanna do your show. I've by patients thoughts have been terrible terrible great stories he's pretty sure he'll start Shaughnessy aside Dale Hall the relax from Japan Gayle calling Keefe. That their list of people meet the patriots haters haters they put Alex Roemer on it he doesn't he's not happy about that now we'll talk to Roemer about it later when it comes to audits and that is wells oh awesome well believers here which relies on a well there. Who who knows this yes it's where. Read and we get back who we won't talk about you and your situation. Will every lecture iMac and I'm open either way we can do it every like. But the callers you know can stub from on the L one known at all with the Wilson still hasn't daughters on those asking him. You're here which are Wilson. Yes of what's happening the other kids like it's Davis right that the recent reductions are dashed mountains are like. I don't over. They gonna leave me hanging here among you hanging I think it is don't know actors our. Begin at three UBB a DN FL playoffs he was talking with some talk show host I'm sick of this of cicadas. Masturbation to this navel gazing we're here to talk about the game on TV guys break it down to Mike and Jerry show. Before ships carry gophers. If we didn't break can I wouldn't put my Mike on until one was my son it's a fault who Annan and that's can one make sure the forward yours I don't. I mean when they usually has centered mean there's a game I'll ovals are great guys to see if I'd just as century I set mine I was busier as the baseball tavern director mark two Martinis and I didn't hear much of Monday night last an apology came on yeah why is he plenty of people I was busy helping Kirk whose issues it's but I said what the hell that you talk about and you said great. Brady Brady great great great for our misery you know my. When I always say that when in doubt talk praise him all day in the old days we said when in doubt talk bird. That was a time brief time when in doubt talk Pedro. Sure now it's when in doubt talk. Brady and I will say this for patriot nation. They know this is not much of a game they know this though much of a test but. All eyes are on number twelve because he finished to sell the season in. Or portly mediocre monopoly. Denial of a great final and it's I think it's only fair to ask us us on the right this. It's up those seats can happen and make it happen just like in middle seasons the start of the season is is is how begin and yes except. Though begins friends. Well indeed how the ended here this evening the end right. But I do think that there's a lot of people rooting rooting hard to see Brady struggle corporate get hurt. Like never before I mean yeah I maybe it's the it's the FaceBook thing it's drug people know definitely between us and TB twelve stuff the book what ever fully understandable I get that told an eight or just the people so tired of looking at the bright future and that frustrated because the got a good draw they got a home game against the bad team and their two touchdown favorites they're not going to be tested. He might not even break a sweat in this case might not. Get this in my market it as pretty likely get any easier well in this game the New York Times as it has cup apiece. Is that there at the mid life crisis when they are Indiana Jones midlife crisis conventional oil and groceries here that's the great examples on them horse horse racing all that this is what we're talking about this is what when in doubt right Brady when in doubt rehash. Brady that's decisions there's nothing new rules of the road for us to have our names in the New York Times like that paper of record the paper exactly. But it just goes through you know the various issues in the equation and Atlanta Pelletreau and does more has done that forever I mean of that Charlie pierce did that and Sports Illustrated group and of another rehash percent. He's just glad that Quinn at Al proved to get all the room. While what you do should say in the power of animals or something as she's gonna go to dupe. As they get their ass is that's her whole. 21 per one. When his group through a sticker area the web site match you hate the website or. Fixes the patent claims she's in the plan things he has he has just kind of and it's weird. A weird turn on as well. I don't know enough about it Iowa that's you you lastly Allen you sure you're I don't she looks fantastic orifice there's nothing from the looks great doesn't she. She's might well you know we had a moment I got plans they get out relates one my tummy hurts all the time and I don't. Loser. Shaughnessy I I thought Thomas Jerusalem type fiction coaches and I was gonna say just set it to him with a break when you were you were a museum which were doing a lot of people can people just it's lost contact us. I said I wouldn't lump Shaughnessy and conceded it to kind of Shaughnessy if you write the system more thing this kind of where your fraud on this time. Is that you we kill people again Roche all the time this inevitably a pathetic the city is but what comes to break you're kind of in that circle. Why because if you defend I ask asleep but I ask all the time what has Brady done wrong. I think Brady's brains right now he's image off the field is bizarre that's how the title I'd results here are excited strong word let's say it's on united is drifted to what he's already embraces it he understands that you or people like you meet whatever will also was a little weird also this I think there is this. We I don't think you've been critical enough of how certain members of the views on some of it. Have said this repression story is not true. Don't believe it don't look at the writers gets wrong is wrong on would do the same thing. We we didn't say it's all wrong in fact united says not us embassy patriots beat cartel leader for two that is true mr. Ford or marking a shift Powell. That be ready date they don't. Wanna know if what they're being told us forward out their importance and dams rule that if this were about the Red Sox who hasn't repeated Graham would do the solution that would be Joshua. Of course not John's he hates the crap I hate to finish honesty is am I I want I'll defend him I'll defend him. I think we're wicker sham I think we did ball we skating credit for the overall prize there is 600 feet it was right I think you know your sources told you minded to do some proof to this. But when you have such glaring inaccuracies. As the you know the Belichick and -- over the hole I agree Ameen YouTube pointed out to you we we had an interview with the he thought it went well we thought it went well. It is I think it was fair I don't think there were ready 5 o'clock breakfast diseases I don't either. But he says you know shot us right Tom. Bill and Bob ball tonight at Angus or having a swollen fox were amazing in most cities and you read a story like the one you spinning trying to advance an article which of those are. In Boston we have the patriots media cartels shift in overdrive the Telus is nothing to see here. What you have some of that I'm definitely happen to report that people don't on the storage is right would you say current is like these the president of the cartel. No I. I would say he wrote a story not like news didn't go as far as workers sham but I think currents written some good stuff on this short of where he wrote ricochet and before quicker she wears on us obviously production not that that I dispute about cards for their push out there that's not true. Heating going to keep his actions. But click you finally heard totally eroded greatly when she originally about a different conversation is indeed right we're pushing. It right quicker should put additional virtual what we did was give we're pushing credit for the overall premise that that there is tension there and and Curran did write that. Yes he did he did right there and you know we defended Brady and so that I mean the idea that. Access all the time they don't tell me we have Brady is really screwed up. You wanna follow ask about another quarter is every time to do the same answer every time Guerrero and Guerrero right and just a huge drop its huge I disagree I just a black market eventually will will be a bit at all the national you know above Erin Rath of we disagree it's a guy who peddle fake cancer issues right. Right and on this road on hold on did all this or that byways that drive is is is is. Party wedged between Brady Belichick. So I would say he's an issue. Yeah it definitely an issue but US to a Ben Roethlisberger I'll give you real screw you US congressional are. I mean generally spent twenty years in the spotlight in the public eye. What's true is done. He screw up priests nothing but so now I'm always the case what's your answer was always the case of the river always feel I have that memorabilia scandal ever want to what's what's true we there was little Brady guts for the four games for deflating football's. And well military and do you think he deserved and well Melbourne on site you know you it's like you're a member billion now. Now what to Philip Rivers. Neuropathy that emerges. And that's true but nobody did he didn't win that's true that's one thing prenatal. Played an audience to but but you're right breeze belongs in the conversation reason been amazing. But. Right now Brady is viewed. In. From by many as some kind of villain. Some kind of. Why did at some level it is unfair become close and we'll look at him and say he's doing something differently and you mentioned Guerrero beat party called black mark I think that's unfair. Odd given that it's been eight years and decades since is terrible terrible on supreme greens cancer stuff on that he did. That was a major issue but recently so so it would be that goes away. Yes and I think really are allowed to go mistaken that's an accident NASA mistake that's arms. That's what people around him when Michael was just say no it was highly rated show over things like pick your topic cancer Jews and telling people rolled the cure your cancer he's kind of a state and it's up an injury rotten human ball or that was damaged young is trying to do your eggs are in the business thirty it was naive about thirty years old he's not trying for Hollywood rolls seventy odd behaviors and you're making me defend it and I'm not trying to you just said I'm saying you can't I don't even had used what was your writing you off because of that completely fascinated I think is a bad guy. At least creep I guess people are patriots organization they were told to say yes they would. And Brady is I would like Brady won't be a great quarterback. Isn't as bright as he thinks he is so it allows himself like like you know Brian Campbell's with a shrink or Tom Cruise. With his side Scientology's. He needed some but he knew that his life Guerrero sold it to what he sold. Thought they might look Wilson who knows how long hours that I was a concussions month. 2010 okay he's at one eased 67 years total 45 and a jet and there or when your players who so unsettled the same things I would say this and make way Welker and a its stake right they don't have been highly daughter asked for that and thought he got I thought it might -- what point what a day and I ask what exactly what do we not do with what police say they are -- product that it did I talk every aspect of Guerrero Pete you brought him up one point he sees a bag. Everybody says about god and at one point US military Taliban only bad guys I'll let let let let itself at at what I point to do you let Brady. And off the hook. What what you say enough for the Guerrero. He never occur whenever and everybody RB gospel my parents back as cancerous right. Huckabee and it's fine I hate his guts he's he's sniffs spray of every if you consider ultra bright guy in my mind I don't care. He wants it to the officers treat their horses to breathe you likely tell Tom Brady heat how's Guerrero did already. Here you've done it I hit and Brady will go and nobody's there usually is not who's accused of not saying at the break and. I don't know the details of each of those. He's is a definite blind spot it is a flawed it is a problem works for a while. It works form and it's it in new grilled on the business he's answered the questions of somebody's that he can he's committed to be and he's not business as private snow which is Alex's business post football all the twelfth man is closer to bring him down a market like -- commute anger around as a waste of Judith river right now well nothing else Sylvester massage and give them water. I don't. He doesn't think that you re read the book there's nothing there. He doesn't think now is the resigned and that some birds with 101. All on January wasteland when he Iceland's once everything I want to now take a call to six point seven. Hang on Stephen problems with your BitTorrent. And honestly if you for short 6177797937. Prepare you'd. I'll come back and some other stuff headlines at 730 at my situation does want to not also paid if you talked while the schema which you will do it. I want all of aired in its story that you do I'd yes she's too after he hit a good spot for that. Eagle five it's already I don't wanna touch that stuff there's nothing new there because it paints a picture guy from the beginning he got the lawyers think the worse they are so bad it's amazing work so cute it's the worst instincts. Widget and oppressed you read a story I will if you want me to. Because safer now says that our effort we we ended because we're in this documentary. Come out on arms and present for network. That's right some oxygen network right it's a major production once you come up February yes or does a Super Bowl we definitely it. And so we've freed on Saturday was I don't know how we do this for free it's a good question. Who pushed us and who are we Michelle Williams. That's the wrong one word for three. Thanks Joseph we have huge original usually part of the movie that's why not really uncles and OK no idea it would be oxygen documentary as the only reason you would do it for no monies because you want to see yourself in the documentary. Watching this it. I'm just a lot of you know I was ourselves lucky that I have you ever watched oxygen now view what no or yes you do audit. Touch financial very good show that's when his oxygen network to what numbers on Comcast. I don't writes it's on my favorites there's. That to the calls you guys hang on as well grip. She would know about them all in all my. God now on the no matter how well well now we got a couple of table on all all right yeah we have heard or read the back again. It's just like this and that like that that shows a likable their competitor in the it's not. So to match my friends in New York won't be joining every Wednesday you know power alleys Bosnian what do you look at for excellent interview the islanders coach. Now the islanders coach spent and I'll know the islands owner spent the power in studio I know homer in the Shiites on an hour. In studio morning drive would boomer Ngo. You you would last ten minutes that they should come over here. We've got to get that quarter our great but I would blow my brains out on television day you can you can knock dale and key for all have been. And that haters club thing and little contrived don't always have like David Halberstam has steel for an hour. We start a little bit different fashion today we appreciate him being here he is the general manager. Of the New York Yankees he is Brian Cashman who joins us this. They started their show with cash for an hour hour Cashman and Maggie quotient or Bart Bart. A lot I think parts going to be the one that goes rogue access code the Sox and they seem upset with how lousy pitches started easily there on week between two he's got a new contract is probably through the week is next week. The thirtieth. Okay we know somebody to get that. I don't source you can be also know management and a great job guys videos you're doing a great and it's also the those images are stupid to what is the radio but they don't know that is only it was funny socks and shot artist of the month alone show. Perhaps you've heard me do that I not know. You put have they sound scared that you started you guys sent the beginning no chemistry don't know each other. Put together all following sort of eye on it put you in heaven female or an apple Dell have been around on dale iconic. That's because I I'm I don't know Greg I was scared at that point I was worried that the listeners. Rock like the show to get some senior writer Louise yes we guess in your first showed you remember like Illinois they don't fares are going to guess that no intent yet. In fact I culture and rich I would never left her show enough of that terrible sound what sound. The terrible sound effort should never heard it would resign dean dean and owning a Sports Radio WEEI. Apple is Monday seven they've marks the year 2000 Chris Carlin. And eleven hold on hold for about hold eight. Let me just a year. You get the gates at the time was that now people are saying is this all could and greatest comic you know why and it was either got mad dog he studio Mike and the mad dog if that date at the beginning everything. Did you plot. It's up playing mile here that's too much not that's lose as a mater Karl it's called stop in the year 2011. How much I don't accept that they wanted to hear it very well sadly Dave Baum. I'm. Oh come nights or come up with a seven year anniversary of my friends especially yeah we don't let Franklin go or seventh at Franklin org well since he's. Clinton or where it was Tom Brady's forty years of age. And those that know we know we says that I lost metal everybody says forty years old except glad he says forty is having a weird voice and that he should we re. And you are. It's got to fix the big huge deal Wilson and a bit and talking illegally and well I'm one of the things went well he's got I don't know an example we don't have those things we all of our corks this wells says forty years of age mad dog actually says that. Does that among other dinosaur. She's great now rest with him lineup for who bully. It's up to you unity and it's a few and it's it must now what must this is clearly steadily up speed after at least months going the Super Bowl let's don't get on our. Let's slowdown a month high ninety couple calls I got a break let's go to Stephen problem I saw you. Well diseased birds it's good morning gentlemen good morning on good morning Steve. But I heard it bent pine and pretty hard so although I had all our questions or there are probably double order. I'm not gonna participate in earlier your call should elicit your call they have to would you want a noticeable. Not as much as you said the other day and you were told by men live up so much on. You lie on the air airline here because you set I was desperate to go. Actually that did you picture a little Mikey that's for these statistics on so you're right you like or walking around here quite a man while Mike Adams it about it for weeks at a time every break he complain about it. You and I talked up the air I said I was given a less than 5% ago and I wanna go little K with that and eat on a Monday here. Desperate may have to go on much on Friday about Obama not true positives and let's go to say hey Steve. All right so my question but I'm not answering the question Steve glad NASCAR Busch worker Jerry can answer. Start out our who's gonna tend to be answered that you have walked away at second base. That on day. Secondly is my body Trotter got a lot to ensure I know orchard or as I'll. Again make fun of five. Who looks are of the day increase globally what what else was usually the start of the days let me start. Little arts or things arts are just sorry that our. Odds are. Good shot right things I apologize. Again and. Consider that. Who sorry. We've answers. I apologize those awful. And not me but throw mud just threw panic that Kirk in Renton and is being mean that you in the and him. He's going to be OK that's fine thread Steve you make of drunk loser movies never gonna raiding his life ever doubt us and witness that's generating. Guard Steve Graham on an emergency and possibly bring them on every week we lose the touch a ritual gonna lose today. I'm telling you right now without texture rich analysts analysts have much that oh and after 8 o'clock I leave. It's going to be worse the show is in the sock like it's gonna suck if I do. He said he was sorry he didn't mean it was awful I apologize when you wanna play and feel relieved that. And here you feel you're in brokered an average you lose and consummated if you hit twenty did it sees every rushing it right in the face. And the flight apologize again before it but human right here. How being cut that out swears he's crossing cut the squares outside. What can't be a port yet so that's. You know we give the president a chance act. And it's stupid fine of course it's too but I would love to say that weren't for now that I think. That we say the F word or say I don't that we can't. You can if you go on bar stool and a now I've I've said the only station the only place or work is here since they yesterday's thing about it I do wanna. It won't talk to you. I'm sure we'll we're going to lead and I I don't know the efforts have so OK okay we understand you don't wanna be here you have an iPhone Michelle Obama beat her flight I want will be monthly terms of flight. You know I used to collect. Actors took lucky that would be what if what airline you want to be looking up to. Pick you look up put the where you have to Richard Hilton head have a right here and find out what time the flight it is his only regret. We see we'll see a little Dino does that tell the truth I 51. Clutch at 950 one's 950 why would you book a flight at that time when you knew you had a shoulder do because that shows who if mean. Generally you can leave a little early one fighters have fled their jetBlue they don't want bowl will modify and again and you know my Kepler. You know it is yet the same way all the way that was survey came in this that it did not. Give jetBlue high marks I deserve it a 100% apps news it said it was and how could the could you think Champloo were from the other island when you have the TV. Give that great menu and you of the great service I don't understand it that service or find out why people don't like chip Lewis doesn't make sense to me. Anyway two on pickles and you go back to a would you answer question isn't if you if you we can Burkle plan of what happened with court yesterday after the show was a long day right long one on Friday he has long trying day. And we're happy. We're happy you're happy you have to or so I'd be I don't know where it. You know and we are thrilled right now with this idiot in the room I understand and he's he feels awful apparently feels. He feels awful look at him he looks like a dog puppy dog repeat on the rug will be kicked it Heatley leafy new resort New York Post up all the time people I do not one note I don't you sort of company before. I've never throw anything as he error never really hurt ever give them the firing at anyone he might not what about insults slurs part of the job slanderous as part of the job to get people get physically and stuff like that that's a different. Line in their ways I want you always have and handle it and you wanna get my fire because that's a fireball offense to do it two seconds that is an assault if we could have kept an out if I get up for this job if Torre credit he did not hit yes he wanted to be in the that you. What did. He assaulted you did it should bring out should we get a five. See I'll think about it I consider him as a when we give back the calls a lined up. Some of them want took the month but mostly wanna talk to you or everybody here above you'd Cyrus when we get back when the find out. What happened yesterday. With Kirk after 10 o'clock and why he's here today and how much longer he'll he'll continue to show up only about.