K&C - Bracket of the Brainless: Clarence Clearwater vs. Rock the Cashbah 3-19-18

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, March 19th

Bracket of the Brainless: Clarance Clearwater vs. Rock the Cashbah. 


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Public look we give Curtis appoint if he knows with C she stands for. All suffered a miniature wanted to pattern but it sure again you know what it's just for a month. Clarence Clearwater high. Think. What is the current and regardless revival and is Clearwater Clearwater. Led Zeppelin. We song title. Rock the cash bar. That is not. Song title. That is not it's the greatest thing he's analyst at the greatest thing he's numbers and we give it is not the night. A raucous. Just rocket cash for the bizarre. About this. I don't know I don't know gates chance for the one point if you can get the band. Oh you don't he wins and he you don't Europe and on anyways so you know the band now. No I did.