K&C - Bradford responds to Big Jim; Sox fans hate Pedroia 7-12-18

Mut & Callahan
Thursday, July 12th
Hour 3: Bradford responded to Big Jim's brutal attack and the guys discussed Pedroia's place among Boston athletes. 

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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kurt Mann act and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Twenty and that what I've never met I don't know program. I understand he's a nice guy and PJ dean says nice things about what what what what it TJ because the one thing I do know is what like. He's this is why use the term bull with her like I remember I remember years ago before I would literally once this guy really yelling until he's red in the face. Defending. Josh Beckett. What what do you to win the little belittle leader yeah last year another one thank you Pete can you give me an opinion on Dustin Pedroia no you can't ought to eat your goodies compromise since Pedroia text messages have a 3 in the morning. Tough talk for years to migrate funds for re really Jimmy Stewart yeah. Jimmy Mari Adam Jones who as I said yesterday the other day. Semi of all the emails I after both my parents died and tax a listen stop honesty probably hosts. He semi really nice when you lost both his parents against a pretty young age right now are very short period of no way to lucky enough to listen to radio but still the same time. You went through a lot and it was very nice so I don't must wanna take their side this argument you know. I loved every second I'm wired because I grew while the content of yet Robson too close friend of its I must wanna stay out of the amoled robbed because I mean this was. Ike is right to rob credit. Is that I have said everything Obama has run a human being disabled on the course they can't break your match right next day by the way when they call them about anyone outside of the month touched. Felt terrible saying nothing the morning show Fred will go after me occasionally mediation nothing you me and I don't be summoned me fibers from four. Cameron decide double what it is delivered is if they don't respond to rob Bradford myth is you know not so great shot really because he's in the clubhouse at the reason was right don't care. But but but you know one. Noted but that was the point. The point the point I'm getting equipment to your credit and it was second incident this second you can wanna get wooded area anxious night in erupts with senate when I get anxious again I address this girl panties sink in your chair of Benjamin button Ralph for a yeah. I doubt I'd have like five greatest go to. Am currently an asthma and it continue because you do you wish you succeeded your jab landed. He got you have okay to ensure that that that's when you know you said to me early which was record that's you know doing argued some mad. You know you know in dispute you broke them. What went right. What when it came no. Listen when they they they come so would you Marie and I don't know to Emery at all I don't know I know that you like them you like him on the year you posed for meant White House everything else host for him yet did Tony if you do if you actually Titanic like good news for a and get it done tastefully it's for the bears can Rogge yeah out they were fine yes he's offseason I don't I don't know and all but when you hear that I actually it was a lie I had her I had heard that. I mean I heard about it hurts is now on nine and all of us that white line on this guy on the radio. His arrest upstarts are just so if you're listening rob wrote a story coupled his coach Jerry Kelly and praised by the way for the record. After 89 games which seems a weird. Tom bush is when at the write the article I think your pocket that bulky bets Angie Martinez are having better season is a combo than Ortiz Manny ever had. To me is a reader. What does not that was actually kind of yeah the whole piece okay but I haven't followed that that's UV gets it robs risking his expertise golf tournament so I picky I'm not alone will ignore sure I shorts he's got a text there's not gonna write this is owed nothing personal I don't really mean that you're the best for the kids ride its greatest forty led the league you know yes totally natural by the but it but I find it I would guess that. I would not statistically. And I thought they have been well it was at just based ratings like Robert Mike open yes Plosser IG OPS home runs batting average patients and average. So I. If I was trying to Newser there are some good hated what was batting average in forty years time. Where from us now from whatever I was overnight just yet and set the replay of the gonna talk about it's we'll get there so. Yeah. So it's based on that which did you did you do want to rip proper that's terrific that's okay five. Most of the so that's fine as a removed in the police talked mildly higher for parts for an agent in the red but still wants filtering that if you retreated 76000. Industry p.s as if we could be the amount of industry respect. That has passed a pays the bills for Iraq mama multiple agents from our overtime repaid to. And it's not like you see this is it's helped me since it's about the long game Rodman and why don't others with with source building was sorry you brought it sentinel of any cause major stores almost. Yes let's look hiring you to quit it's not you know I kind of let stand crank the layered c'mon go ahead his irrational overconfidence bothers me it it really. It bothers me to my core like I do think rob somebody overconfidence I don't secretly we insecure. For the answer to that. I like he's gotten us into a clear and unlike any I yelled in my car myself some media working on some level. Because he's not good on the air at all or anything like amendment and growth and finally met rule all of some of Timothy interest he's just he's he's said. And that these are things that are the cat what's beyond total fulfillment through the camp thing and he's just Benetton heart and I'm not and I can't stand like his biased Red Sox stuff and which he just. Unless it's pro Red Sox he's just gonna scream over everyone else like Evan. If that's evident in communal going to talk about like I just I can't this guy so nothing can solicit their own right he also there was nothing too soon. Doing wrong. And in order take that for Jimmy Stewart it's totally to go back to your point like all the things are responding to. Is meek crapping on them about the 6 o'clock to six to six point. It this elicited more reaction to it immediately I mean much being patted me most valuable path. He says that on the inner a vote of you criticizing I don't know knows spot right there but. What we're gonna ask. Do you think it's because like dvd feel like if they go back in the oval back at them like crazy. There's an avid viewer yeah you will is that criticize them much more than math and now that I'm I'm I'm jealous I think almost ahead while the that you have a bigger platform than I do you have a bigger stakes of their market they feel like this is a way to roll your eyes. The statement of the obvious that this is buddies carting business wise I saw I don't I saw the book aging I don't know exactly as aboriginal a lot of conflict and a played January. You heard that the tone in his voice it was sort of like there's anger there's like one that you are you getting worked up over okay you wanna do this the whole reason I did at 6 o'clock and railed on. The reason I said about the clubhouse thing is because the call himself the baseball reporters I don't care they go in the clubhouse but don't put yourself the baseball and I really don't know this and you really get worked up about the that you know my but I feel don't you feel with an ounce of fight back a little support the no rob I don't I think known all right but this hasn't been done I know that you guys fight back we cannot get a reaction to this is my -- obvious he did a good job went away and what I got one when I when I hear this when I hear that his physique is rob gets these these -- like most beat writers up the amount during their not they are not at all that's my right are now absolutely did yeah that's up nothing to do it this had to do so he's -- How's it couples but that's let's take care gone. I'm giving you credit for I don't I don't care if they go in the club while he says you should know I cared that to have a stupid name for the show called the baseball America's team is because we should be against them they keep tweeting out how great their ratings are for it. A stupid baseball reporters show I agree. And so this fight back and that's a point today so I'm but we fought back at you gradually brought the wedding I'm I'm Iraqis is security and I'm telling you. I'm yelling at this usually is yelling at the war world. I'll I don't know and gauge sound and the other thing to do when it. I just mig Eduardo Perez I am I mentioned that like that was good sound like one time two times this is awesome for us. This is awesome is it exactly what you want to do responding to each segment. Eight time of the day okay we they didn't get these individuals responding beautifully written on tonight shore. What good would Jimmy Stewart rivers are a lot of primary Jimmy Stewart and used war. You. Judy Bart to Judy Murray die as an homage to him more in his hat. University has never been without that obvious here I don't know how I'm babies ball and that's fine and the sorts of terrible incident data move which terrible evil maybe since we're hat. Yet anyway. I don't know I don't know him at all but I did sense and insecurity in that home. Like why soccer talents October 15. The rough you're that a little but watch for office throws it is our leading let and he isn't isn't got the worst insult you can give someone else did not radio now he must kill them each other personally and professionally the other thing I let's Richard Emery is an insecure or buffoon. They mania they let it first is like for example you can't get the kind of send you get that's right snow stuff well. You're exactly. Guys that hey did you have you talked a one opera is that's I love. It's great night when I heard that Jim Marie was reacting to it I'm like do for you listen reaction yes and as always criticized because Greg Hughes says I told you got in Wednesday. In the next neighbor YouTube pissed at first digital Jon Stewart no here's an honest to god truth cart which is accurate so much all across the board starting when I wake up on the show like what what's it matter anymore. It doesn't matter and I thought about the fix in us. You believe. Not not perspective I don't I'm. Not telling the crowd sure he's going after the other station yes or no not I don't know. Well we haven't been due to a whole lot I haven't had to go and say you. Where it would but says he wants to stay in at 6 o'clock time slot had you been going after that did he won I everywhere I would say it's us on the air was saying I want some of these jobs that all of that's his job. What part he's a he's he's for fifteen minutes and like 25% of the time they he's supposed to be on and why did my outlook to between Turkey's badly because he thought great offense to the fact that I today wanna which I love just not too much work as wants auto block people on Twitter dude that's flight to try to do you I was never blocked anyone on the saw this guy in here. What's it what's here's more from Mari in and Jones and Jimmy Stewart. You drew first blood Fella like we've all heard he had to say about man as the baseball towards the highly rated baseball reporters that consistently beats the right that you're on death penalty you're trying to feel that's a tough. That's a tough argument today when you know what matches baseball reporters is an absolute blow torch yet so. Look we we we understand you know you're a little bit upset you wish you had a little bit more pop in the city is so I just read that again when his the actual content on overcome. Hopefully listen to yourself through your check your historic. I almost ad. I hear that every day so what to make a difference here from Jim Murray. The point is that for the first time. Time that we had to go up against that stupid show we're getting a reaction from them maybe Jim Murray knows Kirk Kirk likes him and his trying to show that he can fight in waited 95 with the likes of the he'd come over here maybe that's the plan zawahri wants to be once lever that some I think I think I think the tone in his voice I I think I think Mazur is I think it might here I know nothing I've talked to anybody involved that text with anybody over there who was speaking that last segment in gonna tell exactly text. Is my guess is an educated guess some extent it's him as a righty is PC behind the scenes about it. But won't bring up on the air for some reason he had Jim Murray used to love for him and I I'm. I'd love it that's my theory is that sound and I love him a look this tour that's a reliable Leo. I would believe that I don't see whether I mean critics say they call them as right when the park I love it is great. It's the. You're with rock rat. I have a theory. But I'm here. Kerry's so really honestly no front coming off the organs on camera out there don't tell us what little it's a bit that was a basketball Kabul when market ago where. Roemer right and funds available in. Now underage years is almost too much I have you got you have to you have to do point out you expertly point now that you haven't been able to reaction from Massa in Felger in any of these us that's an idea right. And so finally we get a reaction from that show which is on its punch in the teeth you're not punch and why they are in this let it like it is and when I worked up or get punched in the teeth on by the show like who cares about true every. Pretty much but most yeah most sporting club resorts. It it's but no jacket shirt. Does that say you do understand ours comes with some degree of love that is shortly nephew I know but that's right now. I thought that you want tough love the tough love is sometimes harder to grasp. The going up against the going back and forth with the constantly for her to the outlook beyond the that they're going up against the competition that's hard to graphs and things are sent an easing pressure sticks us could go on with the I thought that I mean this. We have all the threats art stuff why are we just follow that I did have the big price audio that baseball reporters did not that's for you to bring that in recent times that that's something that payments now you're talking pretty talking about so he didn't. David that rob did not going to David Price haven't used your tip for your instincts are so keen it's unbelievable. And keep you talk you propping them up is an anti Jamar is body after this beating rob gave him OK now if you are right here check your Hispanic. They're gonna dead air for what we are just dead in them what Jimmy Stewart said hey thank Izturis added Pedroia text from a 3 in the morning for a registered to Jimmy I don't know Jimmy Stewart aids. He's I don't know why I analyst. Who hates them Lou dates you though that's true but that's it that's your take on Jim what can reduce your ability to compromise since Pedroia text messages have in the morning if the cut up to third yes atlas tele Pedroia to yeah that's Yeltsin's and he also calls. Cause you know attacks. Along. By we talked about rocket scientists here I mean really for neither we mean we yards were were very Intel we do. We're very intelligent what you keep saying like why are you going I'm saying I'm saying eight. Let this be known a lot of good bothers him he's playing the women like if you're trying to twist is listed basically he says I've win because I got an angry I was gonna fight the battles that we don't kind of week. Do what you just a moment to do it this is the number one mile zone there a wide range doing now. They were want to bring up that 6 6 o'clock show that awful show the baseball observers show I want to bring that up another right they wanted to why isn't awful I almost too wise an awful because in on the clubhouse nod and say why I'm asking all because I don't care what they have to say okay but what but what specifically is awful. I'm sure it is present Vegas date they roll over from their previous you know when they spout something often. Dose of radiation. Now it's it's terrible show. It's doubled don't know about all I'm saying is different and we quit and be checked and Jimmy Stewart as you aren't haven't. Early bird and it's a good look at what I. I don't know what you what you want to say much of Stewart and those I say no use for spurs are pleased. That our guys have. You're not a avid at every turn prop it up the other station on. You to open up that show. My point is that what show after the and it would show a baseball observers when he prop problem the show now he could say a hole in the I'm a kinder. What do you want to say he's a much better sledding and me I think I'd bet that electorate to be Stewart and I mean I do. My isn't it I use digital themselves. I call them dom when it what he wanted that's the worst corporate tax the worst attack government what do you Lebanon though about one shot well like although Abdullah. What do you want me but I Jamar where have all the time. I I don't know and hopefully we'll be sure you're on a guy's gonna veto would you be users you should be happy I was able to call myself exactly I knew where. Able to accomplish this said that very night so there you go graduate. Happy cynic that would be happy that your strategy of not saying they will continue to be successful I can't play in banks it's an awful show that everything else that is that is for the president he specifics he said the way they do they talk on the radio. It's an opposite the Arab commercial we come back talks and more it's a terrible show what why well. I thought they had this. I. Saying terrible things about Michelle it is I have no use for anything they say the wrong not wrong about everything they say which doesn't matter if they're not entertaining OK they're not engaging pocono is rolling over the show from the video from the hour before. All that like buddy what are you up this. Wrap them in Martins the scripts. She's. Ideas ideas on the dolphins are all saying that we win. We went his itinerary that's that's our Jimmy Stewart sorry whoever else is on the show I saw it as an artist and usually I am doing a media storms. The FB Jerry Jones I don't think you'd be happy with that attack. The game wasn't he would have you would have you'd have again I don't. And even knows me. LaMont and I don't listen to that much it's boring and be honest I don't either it might work program differently because of that it happened and the I would be. Infuriated for gates the anxiety would have built up and I and I would have I would have been rooting I would have been I don't you might support supported know where you'd be similar to present except at 7979378. Chance to win some Red Sox take its data. Yes Red Sox tickets went back. We return with more of course in Cali. It's on Sports Radio WB yeah. I'm good enough. It's my day on the state. Great thing about rob he's not musical passion. Now it's strange they'll passion outside of or my family. Yes what we talked at all. Those kids are running around Fenway I see Jan all the time I've ever since I've met her like she wants who that's trying to that I was quite some fudge it. Dan you're damn right yes it correct and that's our play what do you purity said. We hear you're Jenner that. Jack you do yeah. I had that idea Jack not I would grade it the great thing and it's these it's the debate about what what was the thing laurel and perfect timing. Yeah that's right what was it Yani Yani and Malia. Chad. Which was actually more on that and the question now on board as a it'll but if I do find that each thing about you thank you know we've known each other forever and you have no. I've been the concert I know but you don't have like a favorite band and they are what you dream day for awhile pregame April him yet but not real but not really. I went to your concert I understand that got this straight a guy was our age it's weird isn't. And you know he's the one thing rods always good at is relating to players somehow he gets in with players like Josh Beckett is best friend. So how do you do this without any interest you don't golf. You don't listen and you like what I'll talk to illegals you ingratiate yourself with an interest or redeeming alt how do you do it I don't I just. I can talk about anything. Yeah he's upright people. And like it right this intelligence this is again the difference between like Jimmy Stewart and memory in these guys like bear what you talked about very nonlinear. Mean. But I can talk about and your stolen here now I can talk about I could talk about anything. And pretend like I know I'm number one interested. In number two gonna talk cumulative us just want in the rated as a way tickets right. Do you let's go. To all lucky to extricate NightCall right now 6179310937. Wins a pair of tickets. To see Boston take on Minnesota Sunday July 29 in the parking pass for the Prudential Center. Our garage or free ticket Thursday brought you by our return to counter retire and it's an urgent care each we're also qualifies for fifty dull Red Sox teams were gift card that's ninth caller right now. 61793109372. Tickets are free ticket Thursday brought you by countered tire and if she urgent care during the break. These two guys are ripping. Mean in the shadow ripping him left and right easily remembered for his career. Well so there's a play that thing down so much after it happened element in China announced just a baseball moment but. He talking to gen McCaffrey of the F well that he was you know that if you said before I tell you don't you know that was the most recent time Tony Orioles and it wasn't his fault. The reason the guy had micro fracture surgery was because of that slide how could it happen at some point afterward. The the F previously problems both are obviously it's obvious he's careers essentially he'll get at that people thought well. But you think. Not only history as it is either you buy it probably won't play this is a really good player he's done I would groove Kirk OK we'll come back we will see him playing gaming. And now he's got away here. Have you or the balloons in the cakes and I only party now picked an immense shadow one about a lot of great overrated careers and in Boston I think all absolutely not a way way over praise that's really why you are caller wave over praise. Way it was his career numbers. 3036644. Number six Kirk for awhile for whatever his first second after the spurs had big disappointment he won the MVP in 2008 if I told you this is going to be the rest of his career he was a disappointment if you go back to you in 2012. Down thirteen hundred yards or doesn't know yet though you go back to that you lighted up with Jeter's did the same amount years. Two years regardless of Vittorio guys you know of course not even more on bite. You look at that that seem numbered years to start well rehearsed or discredit whatever his numbers were almost identical to the first surfaced career OK from whatever 07. To rule thirteen. He led the league in runs a couple times hits one of the the problem is Jeter did and for the does writers of congratulation she's half of their future not even not even. But he is and yet they laboratory which nobody talks about and it's a no sample size easy horrible postseason players postseason numbers are awful. Often it homer off Jeff Francis and I remember that twelve years ago eleven years at a security guard in wrecking 20200. To talk to covered 206 post season at bats to 3233. Hitter 374. Slugging. Losers numbers. Herbal. Over rated the over rate of divorce the Pedroia narrative as the visitor that he he's not an underdog and this is somebody else's botched that but I don't know they want out pixel the secret report. Out of this idea that can these little heed these kind of it was a different is that it. I think that's part of the narrative to fly right over the sound saying who's talking about it was a it was a huge deal. I don't know if they wanted to it lose its own little blue makes a couple of firms as I it's always been at a not a top player in the country you little doubt. In golden spikes finals teams that you high traffic this second round pick them at all according to these little these underdogs he was initially was really are you using unique players the shores is some scrappy thing that was attached exactly there's no. You heard him. It's it's it's just. Back it was the right guy. Real quick I don't talk about me this case it is good to Laffey was part. I was apps. So he's in the middle of the bean ball war of the worlds the Red Sox that the day before cell provider I'm gonna find is not a big no no not if you've seen this clicked. It's we it's it's been in Caracas tweeting about it Ali I idea. When is that just go ahead you're like a whole goal back drop through Twitter account sound if you could punch I got tired. I'll go home. Kind of play baseball when. And I believe we predict when I asked here's here's yeah I want to thank you rob because I asked about really legitimate question about. Yeah you'll actually started this Jody your art call you in the middle right after that happened out there you you're really you're really offended them. The same jeweler. He idols and everything he made me look bad unfair to fight back and fight back I am right now buy their Super Bowl there. At least another lawyer and power plays to yell at me the whole thing was garbage because as you'll whatever who would dare ask a question for parochial question with a question. It was about the intent of the patient at bats and hit. Oka and talk like you and let all of the balls to ask that question to you or even argue left Alberta about what is. It's been a tough question I asked let me read this because I don't do a press conference to hear my voice what is the best time in every idol betting ally within the last I remember I remember I captured what is. Rob onetime some ways or some sort of these protectionist exactly did he said that absolutely and I thought that was not easy to I wrote a victim to a lot of guts not easy you know it was a big moment first off. But Pedroia is overrated. A little aliens aren't that good player that's very good partner to second base is great for its position. Good career that he was actually pretty good career not a great one. It's media reported. Good year 2016. He did. Yes he did a pretty and a final -- pretty good 318 batting average you know since 2014135. Games 93 games 154105. This year three year when parents feel like three so if you're talking about it's your time is how real rent let as a career as a whole you're looking at his numbers 300 300 India as an 8060 yes I mean I think that's pretty good pretty good Dockery. All of our games OK like I mean like you know the way to look at them around here the ways to build Boston over the years people like him now I don't think. Now by a couple years ago vs now is change the law and that's not him that is really on him he's him well I'm surprised support him will you go back to 2014. And yet here's a bad year that year one. He played on 356712. But but I mean would you argue heat before that is batting average career batting average well over 300. Well over eight under oh yes he was a good care here to do players are very so but I mean the question is its attitude of don't ask a player I answered the second most unpopular. Athlete in the city after price driver minds and why do you think that is this is all the Mitchell's lesser. And he's the I think is to build up of separating people think well you go back to the 2012 we'll go out well yeah destroyed about a matter what you think about why did you call manager is what did you Pedroia is open also Ferrell stuff too that you per Troy is this. Is it's a perception is that yet but he's a manager for for years then he left he would like it is a buddy from an Internet. That's the way people he's an easy manager kingmaker will make or break your life easier and why and why zero Bobby down Pat Riley people also think. He was part of the group it was cheering against necklace right. I I don't believe that was the case okay because he called U2 30 in the morning and we know what yes but man of many site -- tax but given the Pedroia have read and seen and heard about it wouldn't surprise there at all there is go back to did you do that you'll if you do that your dink and the people figured they injure her. It was more about that place I think that I think today. I think he's actually survived the chicken bureau okay which most guys didn't it was a real him no and open a report on the 2012. He was put the cross here for a few different things included so I don't. Like that rob was for the Marathon Monday right. Well peeps ice holds it to happen laughter I don't that's what I federal. Three series road crosses himself for the yes yes he consult on the cross here with a few different things and then you go to last year he put himself in the cross here for those things. Absolutely if and when you talk about the chicken and beer stuff he wasn't lumped in with that when he was lumped in with. The next thing which was the David Price year last year and that's a problem with perception with Pedroia right and people don't like him anymore. The debts that read I don't I don't they all call it. He had them rob fans not only I think if they stuff is electric drive anymore it's called a lot but a couple of people respond it's a call right now 61777979%. What do you think of Detroit if we get we get full lines out there they'll hate him right now. Will will take up a rational and Albert camera. About all the shots suffers a local public Albert drought for a PGM records I would literally brought extra. Albert. Or any like let's. Like Elkhart male point walk to do is come back. Play eighteen slide into second base and all white which is dot absent there on dirt in the eating at Boston sports scenes. Who'll law after have a play it would identifiable. Why actual figure out. The little guard toward the backcourt. Or some dirt on dirt we'll let you are not a not a lot of work its fourth big gravel that's not we won't eat cynical back. I adore it backcourt all that crap would just like he spent all. What are you good lens of the could Albert we should take I go out and I'm not I'm not I don't have an old complex. Unaudited at or public short chips on to shorten stoop so. Not simply aren't. Okur averaged taking that BP bought one as you could. Hold on Albert told not well thought out 300 operator adding Albert look I don't know I have no he's from Detroit okay. What state weighs in BP season for a moment that's fine 2008 I would argue that titans' best season. 2011 you know 131 opiates plus. 2012 news to a 2013 an excellent season across a 2016 he had a good season Pedroia. 2000. 2009 at Goodyear Detroit is pretty good Korean the difference is a couple writers up right here watch it he's a great player you'd be great start to his career. The second half his career is is not in good. I don't even want to separate adult film also by the way he drug drug under the bus I mean I thought that's it that's understandable comeback is simply not acceptable. You went a different if you were different in color he was walking all of its people what not. Welcome ball and keep an identifiable. Either to affect his wife has and I'm. The race card here makes no sense. That's why you liked him Albert that's that's why. Mean that's the reason why a backpack I beat me in the in the bracket and copiers and when they hate they hate him more than. I was wondering how you we're gonna relate yourself to a room I don't wanna. More self rules Google to forget that bracket below my. Leaguer gets promoted yesterday Atlanta we thought about podcasts like nearly enough rehearsal promotion is OK I'm sorry I talk podcast. The pres bush or Twitter. About it. First law I George under the bus actually wanted to be here and I yeah. I mean that's you know and he's so liberal weenie. Literally Wiedmeier and snowflake keep going. Anyway Obama. I'll bust up the bag that every garbage right minutes an hour as well career it would blame the grounds crew. Every single one I don't remark and remember directory I think I think I think. Which you would you go on a six or do you like mr. Troy is excuse maker he's a bit of a Weiner he has he's a baby can be it. I think last year was not a good look I don't think that that may not sound like a home while you're sitting there telling the shot of that your teammates fault not yours. I know that golf cart that was and what everything was saying that was the he was railing on Ferrell. I went live now hole like like it's not me is them. Appeals that I love many which are talking a Farrell and me. Yeah when when he says I'm not used them. Was who's that the manager yeah minute of his fighters manager of the Boston down of this and I know it's about look special rules if there ever. I remember. Jake and Palmer Jake what's. I I both agree there. Here the courage that among had a bad. I don't think that in anyway that here and that it not being at that. Go out there is so let's face and shut out is he can't hit can't collect and her three year. I'll take this is where this this is words it's helped score Rutherford in nine games or 500 this Detroit and were real issue of course defending him and would as the core about this polonium while he was playing bad you're on the field claimed that he planned to play no matter what people I was that was the problem that was a potential problem come in the year yes and had to face it did. When he's been healthy he's usually been. Fairly productive. The problem is he's not healthy enough tones it has been healthy the healthy one year old one real year since 2013 wants to close it was 38 under section 505 games 9335. And assures you give him any credit I'm now loud do you make credit for last year when you click on in five games unit through 93 with a sentence of CO PS doggone right most of several days thanks you demanded credit knowing that you had that bad knee that he had. But did I do every conversation shirt there are too much. Yes there are you about player to sign off on his contract there was it was Gray's not so great quality goes ridiculous below market at the time obviously it goes to Ottawa got. I think five. I'm warriors are the market. For fun. He's five more years side. Look at this three more years three more years and he's in the twelve million in two years three years ago tomorrow well the only card security usually don't get things under way. He's he's he's rock garage. Good morning guys don't go out. Oh yeah. A lot he's around he's around the middle. What do I got. It. A nice little. All I should call it. Well I. What was really why wasn't equal amount because the beat everyone was wondering every one. Rock everybody was saying everybody was saying at that time and this is where prices like I did for my team is so ridiculous. That everyone is saying that hey you know who's gonna step on who is a leader who was who was doing anything back. Anyone. I brought. It. You shouldn't use other. Perhaps you shouldn't have to stand up and say I'm a leader that's how bad that situation guy who's done. You're awfully early goal all out and show the only. Yeah they are. Certainly don't go to work. Exactly they give you talk so the American it would. The cartilage bodies might not play the golf tournament with a need Gideon's whose population is tough but we're getting our forward who were we gonna come out here while we got this quick vote question the experience hate drawing mostly due six votes have already more humid 75% say only watch the line just rattled typical media guys that you're in The Who bubbled rob doesn't know that you know and he said. That at moments ago. That did not say that overjoyed he respiratory you know that's it I'm always open to my surprise every week you put them up on the show account. It's a quickie poll now all of a quick. You put it up on we have to toss into account that I was when I was gonna get a different we'll be right wing's most listened to a morning show. Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah Israeli as a good way to long enough time now for the results of the Camping World all star final votes. Which two players are going to the Midsummer Classic. We have the results the kid the kid and it is. I still alive I would say this you know it's. My god it's like. As I called my mom's in the generation had a last breath and I don't I I can't can't can't do it while you do that. I am incredibly impressed by there. I asked this like I mean it never ended around these dummies com Twitter accounts in the right. Seattle is a much small market in that much more effective to get this guy would you pitcher abuse rate. I'm it was a physical. It's yeah you're short throw to know yeah I tried my joke but it finally clicked off the daughters of the Goodyear epic. Have their eyes leaving leading cost you seven. What is having good yes he's at it like it is their limited limited yes or to make a government had probably. It is 329 at 350 Adobe Petrova I don't hear about things such as seven homers. Fourteen steals passwords. You know what's his reverse war breaking and those are now one point that you guys aren't winds above a dumb she's part of show us your story to his immediately. Statisticians have ruined baseball for it's that's not true the team takes for ever to play another to do with. Analytics upload it's part of our and it's gotten theirs because XP because if you not expose every haters weakness as a pitcher I understand what you did you think it enix didn't exist in 2018 games would be like Chris but an hour 45. Now for talking will be like three hours. Into its affiliates and in ten minutes of the game and somebody may not point you know it's not about the time. Mine that I miss you voice gets employed its original time's a factor too rough to get him as our 45 voted yes yes you're right but that's not happened I got another jet lag is it would work get mocked but never happened. Five innings six innings two outs stuff like that that's what you need to do you want to you hear her cue here's all I do like this oh we shaved nine minutes often is nothing different it means nothing it's very simple put it appears clock. Did you have a better rhythm to the game and that helps it's not connected twenty year olds and but still it helps because you're never gonna shave off an hour after the games apiece the game the game. As happened to miss this generation it happens sometimes younger generation. His turn their back to some the next will well. Kids play but when they get older right now. The urged other things in baseball when you put it on to them not love it. Seems slow and just prepare to join other thing or another thing that it is hurting them do not believe is that it is the gambling aspect what is propped up football. Right fanciful pitcher if there's Arnold RC HR I had been no offense in baseball no weirdness failing and Izod now known on not leaving they try to do that when drafting with foreign around all that money. Then. It's great or baseball baseball yes absolutely based. Baseball was you can see you couldn't go take a corner without seeing it drafting billboard rob Manfred gets up there he's like yeah that is just brought the crowd but I don't know why said village with my brain football's been the big show on TV free it's part of it it's part yeah chief as well today. They just ten years ago to before football gone insane and last ten years what has he baseball. We felt fishy football has been around for long time. Does this explosion in football I think it's been partially but Gibbons always been there. A much of what I think it's as an apartment here in I don't disagree but I'm saying but but they haven't been there forever there's been some explosion people wanted to watch football more. And last ten or fifteen years in baseball as gambling becomes legal if that's indeed what happens because the Supreme Court via your going to have more people. In interest in baseball because it is every single day. If it's now easier to do began in baseball and elevated any else it's incredibly obvious Toronto is indeed very I would say this. Should call him outperformed his shot he's a las clubhouse he's not he's ninety years old. It's melting. I know who is nothing left to say. It's. You know having. You remember what how he thinks hey I. But if they're still don't like it happened there really were based were wrong prosecutor props. That obvious to costumes and it. It's. Gallagher. The difference is a good look like a lot. Battle but we're he's right is eleven minutes means nothing does that you hear that the journal journalist I want. How drill bit no no not every bit matters that's at more than just argument that you will be nights during the playoffs his latest lead united sleep tonight it doesn't matter because this is the way people consume the stuff anymore they break up and they see the social media are. They joined his world which is mine which is an 8371. Pitch sucks because the Sox went your regular person you can you can deal with. That's truth doesn't matter. While more people watching. An organizer the question where you are a little bit all. Your life. Anomalous. Just perplexed Leslie bill. And I have a question a little bit disappointed in the suit people concerned that cartoon to the person we get them in hospice care. Know if I sold over 400 copies and very happy. I think the great. Where are you compromise when you talk about the roots during the sir yeah and ultimately we can win the next fiscal. Stimulus when it plays soccer recourse. Bristol line. I agree though I him the last line to rebuild New Orleans. You're not actually say it again that's Steve's at all like dirt I want aired again. And here doesn't it doesn't know Dicey area of fuel related ads on television do it again I'd. Former question Robin is also the subject well also you compromise on the level. Marketers can be placed sort of the site. But which ones what to collect so I. Yes is concerned I know that David Price is not like to cuddle that's why it's not your idea noted in the past and it's an extraordinary amount Avant. Yes it is a problem. So whenever. It's on responds to Hubert. You'll get some damage so pro price you I was gonna say yeah I'm very pro Rick price at the Geneva is very appropriate here and yet you have definitely like did you purposely I don't lose you don't feel you're being purposely kept expecting this was purposely going the other. The curtain and not not true I'm I'm gentleman did and percent you regret that you start real hell was just there are rays offense does well think with prices by six runs on 779707. To head the ball powerful.