K&C- Brady talks nutrition with Norah O'Donnell

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, September 19th

Hour 4 - Brady does an interview with Norah O'Donnell about fitness and nutrition, and the interview creeps Kirk out.


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Everybody's got an evacuation story everybody's got a story that you don't you don't at all plus snow onto our. I know they are are a little bit our good friend brick church and he was still I called in yesterday the guys in the golf shall in the morning it and discuss Jeff Nixon. Brett the fitness guy I was in not a true. All telling great stories and fix it you know little golf will fitness is well but I know where he lives around here they still without Pargo. The is still without power laden guy acres lot of people they are still without power now are the ground zero and you know. Marxism astute reporter did but I went out and took like a nine part. Series of videos that about 23 minutes apiece or unfair it's become like I just on my FaceBook page now. That. The next building over had a generator my good friend Steve we've set out there like ten or twelve plus that are hunkered down together notices out to Dave and Tony. Fred Claire we all we all hunkered down to Bob as we all. Had food and we all love real hooker down. About it without a doubt I could happen if the thing is because the more friends there and I had my entire life yet he has moved there and why. Claire and Bob and Jimmie Jimmie you read the fitness guy Brett. Golf fitness is well actually I count on he's an arcane to keep them from their golf golf is anyone ever hunkered up. Music and those who decry hunker them every now that if food. If food music died part it's like that Iraq Iranian thing yeah I suspect is in nine part video series on the yes you could just FaceBook page. Of all it is you know ground zero show a restaurant he's generally do your parents accord of abusing ground zero of this. Attack the hurricane terrorist acts who's talking about ground zero in Florida with him at ground zero in New York now running early rounds here of Irma and washing ashore early rounds under and I had a Key West GI terroristic act commutes it's global warming you know I was so happy about that same month that destroyed which is terrible loves in my group then. But trumps fourteen million dollars state untouched as presented in Lanka course of a branch. In a while of that because it pisses of democracy built a wall he built the law around it to blog. I also walls work did you hear that Tampa's coaches Dick cutter. Said a lot of his guys don't have running water or electricity. Out of the area the cutter. There have been tough name dark hair color is a clown album we've. Sounds hard to believe the lies from which they don't have run it will wouldn't you just move well. Bell opens for available. Would you live with someone else cents a day that's a bigger lineman Adam Jones I think I'd rather live well don't you have your. Doubts when someone says my players don't have running water I would rather let could be how. A house for a day without rent. What would you rather have would you live by yourself with no running water movement a friend with a friend I could never Lugo running Turkey out of America wants access to toilets and clutch are true but I would dispute poop outside currently Kirkwood tell the friend with illegally in the Condo that's OK but then just drop your ass over the is the worst Ali yes. So the worst like you've gone over there in quantities these awful that the world running water no no that's electricity hotel. Look outlets like point if you're playing in the NFL I think you can afford a hotel we were good neighbors -- because the power went out and Michael blizzards and neighbors next hour or so they stayed at a restaurant and for two nights tonight in the second. You know it send yourself get on whatever you're tired and that's when they were senate after the of them duties with him if he ever get off the couch and that it now expects. Its support video game like a little more Indian food. The match you're playing gears of war it and that's true where you yeah. Appears wars was authentically gears of wonders of warns that an awesome game what would the French as a father they have great commercials that given that analysts literally into a war movie if they do it. I don't what's on does it visuals you'll go back upon him but it's seems like a waste of time flashbacks. Yeah. We have to get to what we're gonna talk before I get really get go to break we get back to decision walker feature touch on mastered the matter of Coca here yet on the get back on it or I don't know what it was so O'Brien we have re afraid to get the full Norah O'Donnell interview an Einstein in masters and sources now no one knows who he is about like I like that he is he's we're making a month after K wouldn't make him uncomfortable we get back in Boston Mick Kirk or comfortable book is Brady's getting on your nerves you don't like coach Terry O'Donnell interview you Brady and yes I'm viewed as his career apartments you know. Can I finish you don't like people with a positive outlook on life Brady's got the most he does not hold a grudge he doesn't hate. He is like confrontation of a possible. So I have my moments of crisis what I just told you how happy I was that Trump's mansion to get it lost its collectors in and it's sure that's really optimistic. Well obviously I liked the fact that it passes off a lot of people that I'm with you that if they were hoping. All the usual suspects Tomas the Keith Olbermann trainee they are hoping is mentioned would be destroyed right sort last year by the way. Actually this year the board spectacular. So from the water you know previous I think I just look at how you and your run of mine was rolling by analyzing here we'll vote yet and it's massive it's gaudy that is discussed things place in New York some repeat it again did you talk -- you guys and the glow yet discussed hasn't just like a Saudi kings who Elizabeth. No would creep me out I tried to catch the last flight down just like it stand out there in the storm ago. Had it all but destroyed but not his that touches on some big fan of Josh Carter puzzle trump can seriously it's read the stories JJ walker story which is Serbia the Brady sound as well we get that would yeah we get back yes some look real celebration. Let's do it again and we moments inducements from well not as we will not our force. It's Kirk and Callahan. With corps command. And Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. I sure hope so you know I've always watched him and admired him the way he's played he. You know it was a great young quarterback became our stadium and beat us and took his team that is suitable. In 2012. Yeah he accomplished a lot in the pros as a player and he certainly qualified and I hope he gets. It's at us. He's gonna get shot and Illinois in the Catholic and I do. But he's gonna get a shot chart you've got so many bad quarterbacks and teams are desperate to. Someone's gonna get much it's our worker talent to mossy alongside those brief sit down with Norah O'Donnell should. Put it between roughly a month Cincinnati that's sure okay that and overwhelmed with them. Problem children problem guys' culture. Yes he set how Norah O'Donnell he told you. And me that he was into a limited number of book appearances to promote a book you on this and he's telling the truth is this a bit as he told us this is it to be said yesterday that got us is that Jim Gray has a favor for Kraft Kraft to CBS guys anyway did you know craft insurers and they do this one need it. And he's not gonna do we SP and we don't think I'll excel he snuck into the globe well so. These. Probably a British C one big print like New York Times or something in my what you know he likes to PSI or something new dance magazine. Yes his final leave of pictures there interests people bringing likely witches with the view has left his residence or was originally he's write a book on Brees who speech or he could write for and anytime you want that probably has some sort of celebrating and guess excel. This may be that I don't think he is or whatever it is he's not yet it's I think this is it for strategic Sports Illustrated indicating why might they may have an excerpt in this tires something. It's not like he needs to do training to my voice to a local stuff yet he's second on the best sell this behind. What happened. President Hillary Clinton yes soon and soon to be president. It was Brady blame everybody else too for his I don't think so now I don't think so I I know this is gonna annoy you this. In view Norah O'Donnell and I on Donald and I know all the books and you're gonna try to read it. Yeah its own and he's for civilian death and dying and can't do burden read a great book right now what I Joyce Maynard wrote she's the one on the launching its founder. Followed geez what she had read every now have a guy. And the one guy on the dying of pancreatic cancer and she talks about that it's like reading books laughs. It's like this who said music makes you feel better I like them too I'm just bust valuables we wanted to reach usually venture means and I want to read my front heart liberals only. Read those errors he's a great writer and better radio personality group that's. Good radio I wish you rom although I am surprised that you liked this book this novel that you gave me about this from tolerated Jerry everything God's McCain can handle it every couple months everything you've ever recommend is perfect paper. Just to sleep that are effective as excellent with it but painful I I heard was nodding like MPT heard in one or two excerpts from this now well so far little. Lou a public what to expect from packing a mortgage and pat beaver and little more than the morning. And if you were selling autobiography let's say this is dumb you gotta be Odyssey got to bleed. He's selling it self help asking that yesterday good news is going on for you to do an honorable man in the actual re not like one of these ones that are key to assess and not real someday. It'll say they'll be the market expertise and you know it's writing into us he's gonna go into leaving you know. His first media writes Aaron and let him talk about them crazy times he had. By the way these cities are the team champ and chugging beer right now I don't know that yet. Stuff like that about it. Such as true that B that would sell books. All I'd interview it probably won't do that above do a series of self help self help guys always to more than one book yet creepy all know. We'll see what's his favorite analyst at your best thing I don't but it involves rubber bands an element yes like Robert Lex from those of I I think the book is going to be great I'm looking forward to surprise you say that I think is. He's gonna says more pajamas that's like your mother apology times when my dad was right when my great great job as a in the laundry and what we're depends on you know the past and except. And apparently I'm the only candidate. And on where they the sugar so it she I would never Wear and it is rather sleep lousy and a shot obviously coach Smart let's hear a TV we're sorry we don't I was honored. Your faster at age forty than at age like eighteen yet. I am all my friends who are our our moms are going to be saying to their husbands and Tom Brady is better at forty than he was eighteen there's daily and then they had Christmas music. China signed who can spur faster growth. Are now he's so I was has not hitters he really fast tape on my fat friends he's faster forty news eighteen about ET I don't. Mean I think we have burlap to look at that I yeah. And he's thinner but it faster like a forty yard it's. Mean you saw those I'm fine right before you have everybody looked the low on us Oliver is anything but whenever he's also. You know psychologically. Thinks everything's better now. Right it's every great interest and Alex okay he lost them. That's inside his Brookline Massachusetts home to talk about what exactly is inside his kitchen. If pirate a look inside your fridge and I belong there but what I find in there that in the last robbery and. I am plant when she got a lot of stuff that's made here at the house we have a garden outback. So we have a lot of vegetables and I get rid ourselves we come from our gardens of worthless but just a lot of good one people stuff. And oil are doing our daily caller I don't know if we're gonna push Turkey over the. I'm companion guide you describe Alex Ferrer is not a body coach that a body and in year. Yeah when my elbow was in pain basically every day Alex through his treatments that was in 2004. He started lengthening a softening all the all the muscle in my four liability can be achieved in part by a lot of things and work. Spin work what. Well I would say increase your strength well limiting the density of the most. When I'm re good police. I had which had about rehab all the time right we get injured in the gutter we have we do you talk about liability in terms of free hat yet. Meaning liability can prevent injuries other complicated not to freeze kind of get away dummy. Chief. Crew he had so what processor that the before have to knows it's silly laughter Nvidia went on turnovers. That's a concert I think that's not a real I mean I think there's some innovative stuff germs like sure that's one of them nearly half. Ozzie should prevent it and I think mostly athletes you know these Spanish French wasn't that you now and was mapping Amy Winehouse on yeah. Reason we had. Meaning you know my defeat four. That I could go. Comfortable grip. The five time Super Bowl champ you gave me a little tutorial. Are you get the ball sixty minutes are usually left out and found that your target and that. Betsy if they get some of sexual obviously they don't won't put what do I don't yes early to catch you throwing a football in the world and medicine ball. Los adjustment those so jealous of that book is not to be watching that show that's not for us that's for whole new audience Whitman matures where. Yes there's an amnesty yes and it shows the CIA that's an awesome morning similar work it has this morning and it works for winter home is for women and Tomas when he gets up that early on that showing. Nine and and thousands I don't know James also Larry notion. On a plane and you're mid forties yeah that's the goal for me. And has just out in it that I think we go back and forth our resources to meet with ten years ago you told me I was going to be ten years from now it's ten years and now you're saying and others number this. What investors Khatami. Yes he has got talent I don't let me answer for now trail on Albuquerque O'Donnell and ask questions like that insurance SAT really wanna play into the 42000. A mistake Tom O ring. Happy he could be he doesn't get hits asked that question all the time he loves her dogs can never gets annoyed because. He's amazing he's incredible it's really grated to some more from from. Info about Guerrero in the face cancer Jews from Arnold we go again and I know the same Jesus vegetables Kirk votes came in the about scam people out there house has no money we get that is what I was not OK so picture anything else from and no deep. You worry about compassion. I don't worry about it. Now on are oblivious to on some of my idols had to retire because it is we sounds like he's now part of that rocket is also up. You work so it's sciences announced perfectly natural. What does he do while learning shop he looked at Dolan. Gets. The results of the dumb question be answered Brady might go. Mean now on and played and literally no no I asked him I don't worry about it. Now on our oblivious to some on my idols were tired because of injuries. Also you love the sport so much I wanna keep playing in America everything I can't take care my body in advance of you know the hits on my take on Sunday. And Curtis Sanford doesn't sound like he's. Living with the after effects of his concussions to screw that that you're sounds like he says that he rockets that's the way things are asking. Except it's my idols growing back idols talks about all the time Ron Amadon talk like this to listen to this it really simple the Catholic and I measured down. The home with his voice sounds different as it not. He's talking to us yes 'cause he hates you that's the difference you like you I understand you ruined it all play calling to tell you what anniversary parties to compromise. The stars and I'll Wear my Tom Brady Thomas to bed every night that's the bottom line I want the poll that sets him. So my idols were tired because of injuries there are hospitals. Game you know. Or is it a cart is in it. You know what he's right at quarterback in the film is the the greatest job degrees adrenaline rush Woodruff and he does not want to give them up I let Tom Brady has on Turkey over here. Michael Smith mystery. Please. Paul Lee's spokesman Kirk is because he listens every day this thing right now. You know he's he's at least reduced to telling us we have to him as a watch it is driving around in this may mock listening to us now and it may. Should have a target other and it is anymore we we put Kirk on the avatar for Kirk Allen had a reported thank you. If you haven't seen it check it out it's the greatest picture of her or has ever been a fan interchange minuses of being any more teams are TB twelve that's. Nothing else when their work and out that they were doing pushups and punches is a picture nor she's in record since she actively doing something and bring you gym there. So that in brings home like in his kitchen she should be brought masters watch your back yard. I should do the Brooklyn New Hampshire the use of Brookline Massachusetts and actions plucked like the latest on their own yard lets you schedule time. Absolutely these guys not that hard to grow it's Tuesday's highlights college you've got to we have to have a car in stuck by our parent can do it into it you're only ran DreamWorks speak out. Brando and offer them. I have heard slaves in my mind and I feel over out of my daily heart attack Tom Brady goes in the garden gets them for salad mixes well actually yes totally on the just people you you don't or you don't. You don't find that. Back particular image hired by the solidarity summit goes to a whole one question I have to believe in the method in the heart attack cook will broad street fears of attack Chelmsford. Yeah fired quickly got my gas hike in the dictionary all so very Edelman mistaken. Pizzas you do you commanders and it on the web site to actually the tomato like individually. And on us and our allies and with my shoes it's my website has all the time today mainly admiring your goes on smile on the like tissues well QB and tomato yes I do that's a nation. What happens when you died. When I assume you're about as weakening Thursday. I mean I understand like for our children's opponent tomato. Water look at sliced tomatoes looks at the healthiest thing in the work out too real. See that's that's as soon as Citic is just sugar to assure. I don't think so no thought it was like the cast really eats fruits has a separate individually. But not with the other foods easily they helped cause it would digest properly if you eat grapes with a piece of bread. And when I did you say he scrapes and she's too. It is true that Scrooge all he says he cheese oh cheese you credit as it. I Oprah. It. When he retires he's an you'd like this. But I have tomatoes Soweto blacks is I mean my body's in plain give it to the Washington of one of debris very depositary condensed. No question Albright he's gonna live forever. It probably price froze. He's got a little figure in us. He sounds really creepy I like the guys nice to us since decree if you didn't need to read or any like and that's all he went to be hungry wallet I would rather not I'd rather. How do you do you. Quench your room hung satisfy your hunger if you don't eat any of those things seeds yes he seeds don't do grappling like vegetables and fruit or like you know moms like little. Gluten free crackers or whatever now pretend you don't need any constantly on the branded Tony which personalized news. Last lemon mark my wife made a flat bread pizza was Saudi king that. It's a total estimate shoes and as were as you know I'd just say read estimated its season Brett was under the seat can net chicken. Okay. Thanks to inspire although he doesn't eats fish a lot of fish that's witnesses I don't know we'll learn more we get the book chicken about your keys you. He doesn't cost them the I know that he pasta I would die. No I can't pass so good and so easy it's always there appointment so we for once it's a sudden you're sandwiched cats weird. Like no Sen what Osama chips at that. You would ship you an electric cucumbers salad which noting that tomorrow and tired he makes a point of saying that he's. It's not a straw to read. I did actually you know what I would say with. I dead serious supersonic shot ever have a B ever use a mandolin slice serve the slice serves these TV Coke. Now assists incredibly sharp thing you can dice things really spend I cut the top of my finger off. And then couldn't find it and I just fed it to my neighbors seems to affect your finger while I react demos go we'll figure figure out a little bit in my fingered isn't quite a popular girls about people we had people over for dinner and I have an act it was only after I realized. I feel it's a must see where do you believe. Race sound terrified that story now radio I'm not ready this thing tonight thread but I figured that that monetary action I don't believe him. It's your neighbors your finger Obama and Oscar stand paths. Only fingers either he's weird and my uncle my fingers maybe. But think about it usually if you give up things like we give up. I'll give it ships coffee chips I give up chips aligned remember to give a bread sandwich is huge struggle dubious Constance Howard wanted to keep makes the point all the time that it's not a struggle he's. He has no problem with the does not. Like every day being tempted to cheat Timmy attempted to eat these mentally and he's fanatical I believe that that's the that's secret. Get anyone could. Do that diet but most of us would be miserable. You may get a break through the first like two years re like well what does and Mike doesn't need to like two in the afternoon this is what Delaware weird him. In when you drink and nothing Islamic about as much quicker. Case don't think about it. He says you get used to your body gets used what was he body gets used to nut eating on shore afternoon shortly you'll want enough what did you want to do. What's the pay off secured months. Thank great awesome if I guess so I don't know what's while leading. Like how to strike slider bar on all the bar to watch what's the big deal with the difference. I'm with you and I are it would when I'm missing an and a banana I mean I may resume as a veiled and don't you know grace so Leo done. I don't know mutt thinks it's the reason he's so ripped up that rip though. And compared to how we use to look probably probably a little skinny little nerd that I agents reform. Here but it's it's what 77797937. Kirk Khaled Tomas who lose our right. Can Gerry Callahan. Sports Radio WEE guy. Skyrocket up your skirt. Our enemies they got for being here any minute Glenn the impression hall along I'm sure return by game comings and match whether right right now awful yeah guys are here Gerri. Dan and manner here as produces per day this we auctioned off at the Thomas Smith foundation. And golf turn into believe last month. These guns. I don't know who I don't know but all the money who was if you didn't no wasn't me those who was on a lot of my friends one of your friends in the and let these guys come and say hello. And hang out we think it's a breakfast it was posted it to breakfast. That's are still Americans who live but you guys are fighting to find a cure for paralysis like Tom Smith. Because of both suffered spinal cord injuries. Hugged and Cummings was a long time ago on was though he was I'm 2002000. I was diving accident 2000 and you told you never walk again and five minutes ago you walked in studio there yes graduation and your last November right. Allowed June of last year your lunch on November unit last year's featured playing basketball which means Kuerten and can let this kid play basketball powers in Ottawa shuffle list. And her synchronized swimming yet so my fingers we don't have we've heard I've heard lots of an at this Thomas Smith government lot of hockey players who. And then the ones started to look up line to prevent it yeah it's small boards are rarer it's I don't hear much or basketball what happened. That. So yeah I mean I was playing in the men's league. And I was driving to. The basket and I got tripped and the wall was a little bit too close to the basket unfortunately right and now my this one had firsts and the wall she and I. It was pretty much. Mile paralyzed right there. Really and you look you look like a basketball players to do is thirtieth things like twenty. Yeah I played all through high school and Clinton. Little bit of club in college they're from Marblehead you from Hyde Park yup you or you've got a big event coming up. Friday that's it for the long on the lawn on the into and wears himself in south Boston red necks of the commencement. And it's a battle of the bands of sorts yeah where were having a couple bans. One of which is actually. We're pro specs banned French Lick they go and also one of the main specialists attorney forward. Who trains me every week has a band he plays the sax. He's going to be performing as well so in the end MW funds is someone wants to come when they have to do so we are seeking good be strong. Dot event bright dot com and you can get tickets there will also have tickets at the door. So these can to show up then. Pay cash or card and despite his health when you their state that's threats as well I go to journey forward. Or dead you know what and found it twice a week I'm sorry 44 as the week. So where just raising money for my own funds that I can keep on affair it and they really. Work you hard there. And there's no other place like it. Especially in the Boston area. And that she replaced him. Yes it is step aside I am at a moved to California 2003 entrants coming off Tom knows I'm progressing and about the specialized police out there for four years. And seven years after being told and walked in him walking in that's what I couldn't stand come from Boston Massachusetts in Munich apple medical field of the best hospitals best doctors. Why I have to move 3000 miles way to find a place to only help Milwaukee and it's in my life back all the independent life you know sort. When it's not place him Boston for a promise of back to you. Congratulations I assume that's your goal man who while walking here at home and sit on top counselor whatever it takes him now the now that's a long road with a spinal cord injury and has a lot of promising. Research. Right now what's going on so but it's places like journey forward where. You go and do Easton man. Balance and you know a lot of different stuff that. Any able bodied person VO walk into action and a we heard the jury heard the store from the other guys in the room he doesn't do anything you know that's a good question you move better than tomorrow Scientology and strategies. That its cure all sports are too dangerous. For Fisher any dashed forward to yes journey dashed forward dog or use our website and it's and don't MF MWF. Fon dot org right thing today and MW fund dot tornado that is my way of say yes estimates. So it's Friday September 22 have been given right we're gonna tweet that out I don't think until then this will for sure guys thanks so much Akins says there's violence we're back tomorrow with a ten where sadly you know. He picked his anyways. There's the you'll miss me at this time tomorrow this passing secrets as a four and walking the first thing he says Kurt you're gonna hate me on the positive person and I hate them this attack. It's got to serve its financial networks will ten wins is not really positive person. Now he's the reason I'm an awareness that person he'll be here tomorrow morning yesterday on the show he was ripped in the hell out of Tom Brady for promoting. And I would rip definitely isn't real costs so go get some good some things the same thing when democracy in tomorrow at 6 o'clock.