K&C - Brady's book is released; Adam Jones 9-20-17

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, September 20th

Hour 1: The guys discuss the release of Brady's book: The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance.  They also revisit the Adam Jones situation at Fenway, after the announcement that a racism PSA will be played prior to all Boston sporting events in the near future.


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Good morning good morning. I knew we'd been friends it's so nice to be. We're here to talk sports and have some fun and every day is a lot more fun if we. On the current account. The EU number one show and doing it. Moved there and I'd like mood and yeah. Did skip today. I think. And and rock did oh what's Jerry. I think it was they. Geez we need a catch phrases standard opens up than its cars. Seeing the structure but it accurately shoot I think he should look at it you'll Lauren one more racial. Making you sick like that clock sounded like. That is on the verge Shelvin another close. That's exactly what you want. Like that would be just didn't do that every day of the sinister picture of people will two in the bad here goodness it's day. Oh. With Doug Fister the release raw meat so. As to keep consumer. Prized bull. One path. Price of one dollar outs so he's. So when you let's. And would you expect that dude of little we'll get them later boy do we get that significant to note in which. That's. Me I'm like mercker. Every. Day. Yes you going to be issues seducing Dan Terry and games it's fevered I mean coming great racing it's on every single a feel good equipment run this morning. Feel full of the bigger get your business. Forty ounces of water so far. Yeah bladders but I. Know you mock me I did hundred doses if I could do was uneasy wait. Are now it's my way I'd never. Done that before although Justin did you put the electoral. Now due to effort and and there was stake. So it's almost rooms stated that fish known as cheese stake worth. But it's also possible. So odds he wondered if you late one. Somalia as an insult insult and how he'll put electric lights and walk did you. Drop offs. Course can't have a beard. No gear. Up. Then. You'll read one Wednesday you know that's that's and it's mostly united. Earned him stay with potatoes vegetables and tomatoes and onions into this. The loans grew news shows have lots of tomatoes in my life. One the summits with TGG. Was talking yesterday the council that she had the you know there's times when I think people envy. Robbery gorgeous supermodel wife greatly continues on the money. That was the most times when his wife was part of the US and go. Global. Warming. Conference play sushi without their spoken because of the picture it's her in like twenty tin pot dictators from some metal and you know the sub Sahara. She's the only woman and it's just to me bizarre and you'd have a I mean she's Smart woman. Does she really knowing the locals like you know when I go with I've number 88 years ago and found it like a great looking third grade he waitress for yourself and yet legislate too short like I mean he likes that they feel like there in the middle of the of my Gmail ever more cash at the from DiCaprio balcony and he was there to know he was no easy way announces a bit worse not that he was with that Carrie at Yale yes. He announces the grant to order how could how could DiCaprio who's who brilliant actor. Or or one of the best ever to Zell has quit blowing the other days however knowing and knowing them I mean Derek guys climb apologists. Scientists professors who do study at the whole lives who have no idea climate change is a real. What causes climate change they have no idea what the impact have a big man let me just by doing that as an actor that you're thoughtful and you care about should we know he knows nothing so when he talks nobody listens Liesman. Country general. Earlier and generally in film which I don't know she's into assurance. I generally are some new players sympathetic figure you play a flawed figure you players figure an emotional figure and emotional figured it goes against the grain goes against the man so. In real life they take up the same cause. These are afraid to play unsympathetic characters of Jane going chain. Wolf Wall Street. He asked them but it is today what's the sympathetic character urgent points you know I know slowly he. Hewitt isn't. I don't Dale Hall I think we sympathize with I don't know why but I don't trade slightly smaller but it Turkey it you know days. I'm talking about overall speaking first and after as an actor as an I don't excellent add to that and I'm an event you know and at the Burlington players at the port. What's the academy of performing arts appeared and you did yankees you played you like to double I don't know. Is how to succeed in business the I'm not even listening to our thoughts are with you and not yet duke rape again this morning on what role we sing and you think Tom Brady's horse. The idea you don't drink hundred ounces to I started to Jericho Ottawa out of it on results are unbelievable. Brady you starting what today yesterday non audit notably three months are very play metric. Nor your plan or have you bones touching losing your resistance bands. I have a resistance in and I have a rule the foam model that's really use dues for why that's that you have to work. And complacent and clubs that were. Howard that. In. And that day goes on us Turkey another day goes by we have not received books. Curtis is going to be vying in the combined for a you know packet books as an introductory shows or teach you. And he hates him no I don't know if you if you collateral damage to. He hates you I was Estes yes I guess you heard that from reliable source cited by dateline Hannibal. Spears yesterday said you beat Tom breed hate. Think it's over it's obvious issue is what isn't is here and that's what he says it's true I isn't I don't get to use forming I think he thinks our show. As I said before was sort of a safe space in the past now really isn't. It's an epic did you like I think we ask them. Questions of them top leaders are elected. Leaders to be a constable in an interview situation. You see is he is on his way if you listen to him but Nora Donnelly and he has said. In a way. Looks he looks strange looks as thought he did that nobody else. Yet this video in his home office in his desk thanking everybody you think you looked at it looks good he does not obesity gone people on there today not fit well yeah there's a that they don't fit is that because look things little sweaty from your marathon music marathon is look for him. Which quarterback in the process is set to 35 and these are changing the only way we Georgia 35 I do not it's not impossible he weighs 180 cry when I want to. Why am I serious you know Turkey 65 meters wide. I've way would you wait and way right now 193 and a half really news to me I'm I'm way to a five I used to be more than I thought. Wrote that he was Mormon for this stuff habitual five weeks is an obvious to a 5 or 10 o'clock and I think as I said Brady Wii's 205 to ten policies last week now it's six height. And companies and new equipment new ball. He says but he's that's who he is these diaries and inning which not. Lift he doesn't lift that means we knew that if you win them in the face he looks like he's you know what he looks like he looks like he's malnourished he does I think more of these beings I think he's changing the way we think an increase you know yes he's a regular guarantee that beat us and look at everything that he saying no one has ever said before to curb its revolutionary drink and drink water or every never heard that from stretch and I remember I've ever heard and quarterback eat vegetables and fish players who don't want ever sat at C Drew Brees Drew Brees is checked in the works for him. Tom Brady's number he's taken a different road. He does not live to Gary wanna be Jack yet it would notice it's him for NFL players but what he's saying is not do all innocent and yeah I don't know what it was a great athletes in the past whether it's Carl Lewis. Jim Brown Greg Bedard I mean all these guys have done. It's he's the greatest NFL player effort Larry and is completely changed and I think reverted Clifford died but his. Is Larry Bird watching Larry Bird do you remember after that you want when they lost to the lakers he came back the next season plus the thirty pounds do you think it is always a lady that that we Brady I've read his book he did is pup is is Daiwa's popcorn and seven. Yet but he changed the game against the nets they wrote the book that Ryan tried but but he changed the way he went about his business sure I understand Michael remember the beginning of the book Michael Cooper. Michael Cooper was watching television late tonight reseller early so wild cinema at my work cut out right you've just I'm not saying you're crazy to detail and Brady smoke cigarettes. Knowing all the words at a price helped her lose weight of the Marlboro points and sixteen and Marty personally hurt because he's changed the way he went about his business bird ever outlined in the book and promoted the comp course set up a cigarette and I was in a whore natural wonders what was poor I don't eat. I'd say it was crazy Tom Brady did. One entity that we know they'll probably do more I don't want to I came to believe he did CBS and you think you go on The Today Show that's responsible grass. Or is just her Emmys. She likes watching laurel died horn myself out there watcher true. As you know but I mean isn't it and rejection I always thought a lot of analysis on now holds it watches it show nobody watches the show but it becomes. It's on Twitter gets he gets re bluntly he's on a lot of Whitley. Good Morning America do you really think this is true. While big news we should tees and then take a break and could turn the breaker notes at what is now. I. Oh. This is what list Kerr pretty Amazon looks to me Amazon. Today. We got a new number one best seller. Yesterday it was Hillary Rodham Clint Amare should number four early in her book what happened. Number four Bill O'Reilly killing England. Cattle from war which is now on number one in New York Times best seller. I don't know any other books on here but number two with Hillary number one is he'd be twelve Tom Brady the TB twelve method. Aren't covered 1920 setup that. Which shocked that this is like 5060 sevens Smart move summer no question earlier trying to sell everybody in this especially when you're charisma into a close one Michigan mark I don't as well as of this group that something to that something's going on. I do I agree something doesn't I don't ever actors after mixtures of which may be yours do you expect to get afraid because drop below and Embree push to warriors tumors at the most Iger at the marchers the awesome if you were greatness last year. Q because of the bill would be awesome is if he wanted to share walked away. That would be awesome task but he's seven for Super Bowl years that he loves loves it love you know underwater I think I'm more Florio talked about that I think it's a smokescreen. Everything points to. Rappel being the guy in waiting the only piece of evidence. That defies the fact that he's leading in a year or two is. Is Brady saying exactly why we rented white wings it was shown in the sense that he cares about right he shares of the teen accused of crap on okay wise grapples with a team. That's Tom Brady doesn't care not about technology that review is basically bread because Belichick thinks he spent isn't it possible warcraft said the Brady is said listen you're breached a popular tumors crafts just fine here's the deal keep it quiet retiring a year to a McEachern here I believe it. That's a possible president possible you're the only thing that makes sense I don't believe. The Brady's been lying to us all the G ho hum I have a night in Detroit lion military or maybe it's because my mind made up Eli did Eli Whitney did the statement a concussion water. Roland Burris the concussion I sat it was online no idea actually. House side I don't believe in strong oil out of the room and you write about it. Jerry I fully expect a noise the Clinton says side as long as he can still compete he's qualified I. It's used as it is Allison doesn't suck here's. Our and I thought here's what he's on it's amazing what he's a tough year. He's want to a lot of I think the team's speed up I don't think he's gonna agree to run and I think it's going to be very hard Euro on them. OPEC and that the divisions in them. President's challenge no but I think between your what do you think of the dolphins this year they go wait a possible. Why not. The question of what's been asked a member of the best we can't collected from the white thing he says that I believe is that he loves it he lawful process I mean it's I don't blame him I am a football guy love football who. Playing quarterback in the NFL only good team. He's the ultimate professional sports experience for original imagine adrenaline definitely loves. Now and so inaugurate those on quarterback and you know if I know nothing about mentally now problem I think the top guys and only capita loves it now you I don't on the results of the drew Blair Rodgers messed only grew blazes Drew Brees is going Jerry tired of these artists either OK that's fine you wanted to leave and you know what Thompson is Manning the Jarrett or would there be other things. Acropolis to Kenya that doesn't matter if you're crazy it's you know this is nothing nobody that matters and it match every set for the entire election there's no chance grapples coming back I said he was I think they can keep monarchy. Here it makes a lot wife's sick from garage a lot of plans 45 shots. Let me ask you this what do you see you outplay someone else grab post there was some Acropolis you a year from today he's. We mean analysts say amounts to saying that has no effect whatsoever on the conference franchise very Smart I mean they're French ideals and let someone else right suburbs of saint at that point you'd acknowledge that they they're going to move. I don't think we're short and I felt but I think the question was that this dope always have ray's gonna retire because he's pouring himself. I got to understand now that he's picking it up he's really taken a marketing and it's he's never gonna what else on the orders of in the book. The book that Norah O'Donnell think we shots is that the book I was one interviewed for the book I was shocked yeah. But it was a big interview Kirk CBS that's that's a craft that's a favor for Kraft fine it's a fair crowd but he still did and I guess that took. One hour's time which he generally doesn't do OK so it's our book promotional Kate and you've got the book you get the promotion you can TV twelve. You've got it for years I understand it but he's picking up his visibility would answer. Jimmy go rob Lewis was that's let's have a lot so that's what I bring all part of whatever it was or in the south of the Acropolis don't know what I'm saying is he's he's calling himself all because he's no it's careers compass and how is he wearing himself out there. It's tectonic cheek it's at an immediate so I guess south you would you agree he loves he logos like okay why we stomp. I think you those but he also realizes its second go on forever and I think it's not a good. Is still good student okay if he's still good a year from now why wouldn't stop or six months from now when he starts he wants to go out on top and I think he's prepared for his next movie I retired. One is to retire I don't I believe that it nonetheless their life and maybe it maybe he does but I don't believe that the sinuses are last year. Now. Now which probably means to your next year that's that's bad match is probably wrong. I don't buy it may vary as it lay off a cliff yeah hacks that her plan but it's there it's only in hell that Bill Belichick with everything that he's on and how we talk about his greatness there is no way that he does not have a plan. Maybe there's laboratories are supposedly dropped below is where does Iraq sit on the bench for 23 and you know what happened to a tea right now that's does that seem possible through your mind. I guess not but it also seems impossible now that they they. I should say impossible unlikely that the deal him. Not happen could've dealt them I think for the first pick in the draft Scottish actor shifted to Jesus say they're not gonna do a good deal Malcolm Butler and I expect. You don't forget the same value. Record apple stickers is expecting him anyway you know when you get some name value for for grapple you know could've gotten a lot and I also talked all the big he's been in Foxborough and they'll tell me they are not going to franchise him. So if your Jimmy your outlook you have a brain in your head. In you can in you've seen which Stafford got loses Asia. Gun shop around noon here. An athlete I've read that someone else that has Gina Smith that was a success. Rate. Put it droplet does not Tennessee open market if he's in franchise. Something's up. Makes no sense none market for an terms of what else nothing would be a free agent we think he's not a sign some low basis of the Derrick Low ball or on dogs I don't know he takes a hometown discount also argue that you probably happen the home while the exact count. You take a lesson month one month that to not play instead of more money to Pulitzer get fit I'm virtually guarantee can get from some meals in ninety. How much 5050 guarantee there 5045 million to get a hundred millions it right so spell check is going to let his golden boy walk. I think some of eye and added and it reminds me I think the fix Suzanne. The fix is in a race that there's appliances and it and I think pretty good place I think pretty good place somewhere else after Mitch I don't I think I don't see it don't see it I went for I don't see showed why. I don't see Brady play acting in two years Brady had I don't know this Donny and with the Indian Wells those full bore. And he has a global war he goes close range throughout the front desk after the greater technical and I think I TV to both franchises and all over the country. I think it has little or no play. He could easily public duties and be part of like you know the construction of these places and I think he's gonna go to measure and drapes I I. I always good on its port yeah that'd be such that this offseason no I understand that but what's the difference so tickled to kids sitting offseason what was I. I don't know what he's talking about what I'm tired and another actually you're trying to enable what are you guys. I just told you you know it is just not listening to another reason. Went to China and another reason he went to Jennifer Lewis or himself out ways to get any bit of self out and and as soon as he retires he goes all the movies TV twelve thing. And they're going to be located at all over the country he's gonna be do you lose Rick happening right now as it went I think he likes football more than he likes to be twelve that's pretty close I don't know about you guys do I think they're running you're ever in Oregon initially sounds decisive in the show yesterday sent the lunatic. Talking no question but he's also a morning I heard he's Eric Christie's office that he has. It worked out. I'd love to train and I love to eat good you know whether it be good because it makes you feel better. You know that the ability to work out more hard work I'm Margot play soccer with my kids on this shirt and a half yard and in the playbook see him on Sunday. OK so hairy notre guy hell yeah. But I think I just say that guy. The guy is just called Brady lunatic got a 330 and went running in the dark satellite images only still divided Nigeria in particular really everything what degree does is much much more normal than what Y yeah I was born right Jessica's normal yes we're pretty guesses what is well first of all this as a place not zones I think is mortal inherited a normal it's not it's tenants. A normal. And it was a little less it's it's no hostile novelist and why I have a limited time there was delivered and we do we get to 10 o'clock on a busy day and all we've been altered its library today 12 o'clock old boy procedures well. Wow that's exciting is in April as it is. Well and fine you know if people and a both saying you're gonna the library and if the guy I think being. And mrs. Taylor you know what most guy says yeah Daschle says when. A lunatic. But you know why your you know why we mentioned in Paris and as Jim Brown. The guys who were essential rare most guys have to be kicked our quarterbacks is a 32 quarterbacks who don't get hurt have to be pass to Lee. They don't just say you know that you can start mine is that a second ago full bore. In my it would might clinics they say. I'm gonna play until they show me the dorsal side and I thought that these goalies and until we don't go to break economic. Yeah we don't got to eat that eggs during the show him for five mormons can't I don't wanna watch you eat an -- while we talk to one another revenue please meters so growths that scouts like kitchen just wait we gonna break Annika. Is no vocal since so grows I don't even care feature fingers that's Kirk's thing and a much either a while Hocking TU. Not a erotic and you couldn't wait for a good two minutes sounds have a disciplined like Brady. Critics. Yet as he made him like some weird you know obviously. State rice mill or something that I've been dealt a blow us away at someone and I'm looking forward of the book but if it tightly to him. Want to look like that on why I'm one who. And pretty small water rather be that good my job not great lawyer. In and you look okay well look like that be the best efforts of the past would if you could improve your running ability your golf game a pass. A sophomore. Swell of a we get to that I just saw that the notes I didn't hear it did Greg Bedard a friend former regular on the show well but he really say what might happen if he doesn't get sore playing softball because he hydrates yes or older man. Do this thing with Bedard did know about against Albers so much like me it's weird it's humble he Ian Bedard timeless yet of debt on he did they do this and asked the dark questions about the book which one vote in the NFL writes like a series of ten questions or something. With the big whip around Edwards Texans player you most disappointed who scares you the most she's Leo yeah. And they had great beyond yesterday's they at a Boston sports journal which I him. The real the senate 26 subscriptions of just the case or predict a password the first 25 compared to point six. It's great crises great who's a hockey guy Joseph McDonald's and Joey Mac John McCadam Randall. I love it love it love of the habits and asked Bedard. You brought play Brenda went right. Well played them we'll go to break we'll come back we'll talk about it. You do that's a that's an excellent I will try and I'm a huge believer in the hydration pack light. I did it this year and Mike during men's softball season I was. I think your Internet not. Breakaway didn't get into. You get in understanding to. They went to the next question about it I believe that hydrant a matured in this 100 ounces golf. We'll hydrate he thought he'd did you concerning. For years that require understands not we don't we don't like Bedard and he's likable law mean. He's comparing yourself Tom you know he's a little portly yes it's a sports writers are at the tongue in cheek which you know Glock. Hydrates like hell always a girl or guy he's still hurt is going to ligature elements of Guerrero guy and he still poor's ACL yeah. Usually you don't want to get hurt because you hydrate the there's only so much the guru can do. I did it this year and my during meant softball season I liked his at that photo mark I have a phone we have the rest of the masses to go to the next question without limits are and they stop we regret please stop the stop snack smacking please they don't want we just leave communism defending you when he attacks just really can't I don't know probably would probably sort of like a brain helps gross thousand IU. Playing that is and not him I was him. Top story. There is doing great last time you set I didn't bring it under and breaks for eating during a fight thanks for being mean. Now breaks are for eating. And then he turned it with it brought some breaks breaks of repealing don't take when we're supposed to we take a lot Soledad well as congress has network I was supposed to eat six Y I you heard the sole explanation why we you're screwing up everything. I would say I was on. My girl. He's after one month since it's interesting is that Alex Cramer from NASA and this is our daily ritual that would I was on and argue who's hotter Alex Kramer for a case in the on these results we that was unfortunately we agree would like to agree much I think I was on both the middle I would choose that route to have them be the clock yesterday I ducked out usually rebel you don't stay around I've decided that you we always say this I don't sleep facts we need some unwinding time and I just to show our door. And non that the Boston lost just. Executed and it's it's true we would like to sit there for ten minutes Alex is lessening Kramer career. She's your competition vanishes under your day you know I don't know it's okay when you see it we treated at some pitches. Newton we have some good pictures wrote Kramer for their color yes I salute cholera. Color me underwhelmed if I have tried this thing if I didn't NASA draft I would take. So our whole first. I don't know I think we should look you look at alternative I didn't see here in Asia I was queasy schmoozing with clients who did you want your pitching but the guys are playing for the threats that if they were drifting just. High handicap. She wants she wanted us. Well we usually Serra golf O holt rates are Rachel Rachel but does she cover and own them seem. She's a bunch of different than just watch what. He has a bunch of different answer yeah I guess that means that some still remain events still marches reporter's certificate or single team events likely. The Ryder open and evoke the rhetoric that was Davis Cup different. Extra points I 7797937. Team to get cute today. I understand our our friends in the afternoon while some shots this yesterday and listened to plenty of that show. As a true Chris that happened that happiness an area a mystery shops to and I listened to most of the show every week you talked a couple through every day Asia com but admits he shot a time when they take shots at us. Are around 540 rule is that before you format that's. Right a couple of the format as they talked about that runnerup Colorado's pulpit all autos and so sick of this person outside. You've just like he tees like everybody knows the story and it's something else which you its wake up tedious word warrior. Right. What were we went through your sweetheart let's. And a eventually we'll get to the brilliant speech by Donald. And we wreck off but nothing to fight that was OK and then we could bring in turning to lassie wants you know there's if you can look at that even listening announced a belief I'm listening when you'll recently rocket man it was a blow organization and sentiments. We we got a coffee I argued would you give up did you give up coffee. Why you bring him coffee and why waste them she says nice when you what we saw that tonight he didn't care. He sets up all the clips for you gets you ready and give any thoughts and they took him you'd like to talk about nothing especially whore himself out. And where do you guys want to ten in the third minute on your cheek that's all scientists. Third woman in nine disposed to appreciate you just you you you're like Kyle Draper you can't stand. All the hero works well poverty correct Brady is just horror in South Boston the other nationality you are urgent every deserves all the attention he gets. He's but he's poured himself and he mentioned he is a terrorist could be used to have been himself annoy exploited by you guys are having TB twelve was doing. Other than no that's wrong blocking the importance of Boca she's promoting his product he's promoting his post playing career like his book how supporting yourself when you ask yourself out of pimping you go on the road you don't book signings tell us about what's signs XP I know. This Tom Brady picked up does Tom Brady do more public's mind images public appearances now yeah in public images. The public know the answer is no I really want to interview one and that was only because Simon and Schuster is owned by CBS it was a deal of what I'm doing out here at Purdue defeated once he has a book now. In one interview. This is a goodness you gotta yeah there's the regular episode marathon Islamic is that Alex Cramer you disorder or disease advocates praise that snow and again as we age we hasten weaknesses so he hates you which urges. All of 617 M seminars. Will be back. She raised six. Well the market right now she's gorgeous you kidding me then so truthful with what's you know listening. Uncertain scenario is a factor anymore tracking both site 617779. 790 threesome on dancing and I have to. It is Acker Callahan with Gary can wait much much much much much much more to get you don't say throughout the show the joint second. Come out of it every brick with a song judges yet socket a happy song and when these very lookalike Tina. On crescent songs and McDonnell in the when they looked the same grip. And yet again at the every after the sound yet Hampton's wandered around some again. To uncle junior what wanted to do and I was getting an apt because it's. You're done with your breakfast now right no coffee no legs if it's it's nuts. That is what put us out again for you play Saturday that would mean let's send it up first this then went on TV attacking Kirk and Callahan because we don't believe conversation happens he sees strict respect I can't. Critical just as Kyle's black and I don't know of sand and this is a lost people that area so it's not like two minutes. Hit and run on TV this is you jets are making some this is a chance do you say to relax a blaze that. If this it's a lie I mean cart out I was all those guys they're elected him believe it happened oak. I mean that's that's a I don't understand that I just I just don't get that at all so what's the big deal of that case you thought yeah this whole lot. Why don't you understand I don't know why does it I don't life. I know. So I don't understand what you say wanted to understand hey dad it's I disagree that you understand at least I disagree I I don't read that you Jones would make that up. We argued about this on the radio what I said on TV was nothing I am insert here in front of both of view so if we have said I've said that there are no witnesses no one back of the story didn't say initially that anybody's denied the story anybody in the stands say it didn't happen would see you gonna deny negative. And I knew now would write denying things it did happen. Well no I know denied it anybody's did anybody from the stance c'mon say Jones a liar and literally to literally they would have to be 345000. Witnesses for him to hear from that distance issue that to be. Thousands of people alerted and I don't pay attention not to what. He's not a few like he's it over a bowl one cherry in their heels and words it doesn't get people's attention. And not not on this not one. Once he probably is at me like yeah have you heard it you've been to Fenway now it's easy line I am as terrorists and now I have an independently I saw. So so season so you take your kids of this meat of millions seek educates of the game that I was there in the seventies and didn't hear it right in his senate seat take your kids and gamer you're at the game the kids. And you hear some yell that work Adam Jones you know notepad is particularly here. Interest and unusual. I don't know if I would be I don't know about pat and I mean I felt so good Saturday. I hate more dads know what suffering means again and we'll hear what he was 56 human IRA each other. During adding at that time that it was yelled it was going back to the wall was he close to the wall he might not been playing the exact position by the way he couldn't identify physical and strive and just a super human here with separate but he's close to the wall you don't have to. But nobody else that years. I think some people might have heard it and wouldn't that nine of didn't mention when he went back the dugout didn't mention or talk the cops about the it's again how you visited app you can believe them I don't. Why don't to understand one now we're talking semantics I I understand your point of view I disagree with. I believe it happened I don't think you would make it up. I don't security benefits and hours of I mean you know how we've been throughout the house. And exultation the next night at one writes about how great he is now wonderful east saint and he talks agrees well I think captured Kennedy said it happened I believe them or did you did you did you hear the evidence he has to look at me I like Sam did. That was one. That it backed by the apple was Jones was pissed off after the game in in just said the happy that it is frustrated and other things and if you get over problems. I don't also you have to you have to be pretty pissed off to make a story like I was a jerk tackling and probably use the F word. Probably be in Dayton already used the N word. I don't think he did because that would graduate there because I know I wasn't that you know what. Adam Jones Evans relic and box Roemer went out and hung out the house all the polls open here where I'm not one witness heard not one. So I mean you know if I'm gonna wanna go over this again we've been doing it forever and why. That's you know. Because I'd that would have been and look at the guys had a conversation. And they tried to get some corroboration and didn't so they have to rely on his word and look in his eye. Placements were asleep watching you attacked us on the and I did not do you have a cause I was I was it was issues like it. And encourage what do you do with a straight face even knew who was trying to sitting next year. It was an easy regulars there Draper Bertrand answered your act irons actions can sack per country cap has. Ounces of of his bathroom water I duplicate what river is eyes. I was talking more about Reza Iowa shows that it's as he hit. If you. Let's we heard we heard where I'm Daria you're hurt anyway and and by the way nobody saw it was a hell I inherited a policy and he watches and in this pulls silence. I was on those guys they elected him believe it would happen. Oh okay. I know he sounds wrong turns out about. Room which he. He says whatever at a gala at our Booth saw it I was like you know solid those cats outside. Just like a cameraman and really opening I was on those cats and that's a community to me. I Celek Paulson if you don't have that in the US and top pitchers is mostly a slightly bonds. It was gently by Patricia for the show and conduct only credit he's got people go this 11 check of the next. Mail it that's quite a more active attacks and work and I think the image visual of you eating eggs well you're talking is making people's heart was the worst thing I've seen as Senator McCain says it's the worst news I've seen listening to Gary eat eggs while parking is like listening to your parents that sense we're a little kid. Minus 379372. Or so ago let's talk to Joseph and Randolph a joke what's happened. A good morning so it's good morning I don't let what's up until good 'cause you guys. The current operating without you guys talking about he's not typical self. He's got a few endorsements or not is a good one guys. Are automatically finish. You get to be twelfth so ridiculous stadium last week it does seem to be twelve was a open abide baseball. You know it is mr. rehabilitation. Center it is really anonymity like. It's a while much of that someone has come to that as Walter Reed really is to. So it's like yeah they do it for a year I don't think it's going like this rehab center were. We we don't eased. It's just a business. And it's successful business or not and then you when you attach to blow personally don't I think I'm the only idea I mean I've read about a recurrence salary cap violations probably to us about that it's a joke. Just tell us all attention to well it's eating healthy chunk out yet judge sixty did you. Well negative attitude problem there already is like I would tell you it's it to read it we know what it is. And I don't know. I know I did a lot of money but I I bet you Guerrero and other people involved and would love Brit if Brady would whore himself how to use your term and do more to promote. I know I'll bet she and drummer Kevin plank sort of name. Would love breed to do morals my dad's from you know and it did TB twelve logo replaces suitable. Reform in its Khamese IE Seagram sideline all the time he's part of team. In south. And Austria and another thing you're gonna say I didn't really need in the system. You know when I mean you know like I was there urged him and you know those cats those dudes odds are you don't show he's innocent dudes want more from drowning his duties she's against at least 261777979. Should have some thirty bucks that's a little bit my office. That's low I thought to be seventy for a app you want I want that I liked I don't like the one who Wear the hat. Yeah just to annoy you use system are you should she stood annoy you like the local I don't want to lol go down. Brady and I was in my we've just encouraging. Kirk feels uncomfortable because we get along good we used to log who were buried he. And Brady is I grew up guy uncomfortable at all yes it is you you don't want anyone that's true. Unless they hate you true I I always time Kurtz comfortable I was trying to be somebody who likes is he's the biggest star in sport that's playmaker mean you know because he's the biggest settle these and show up you don't like it. I just went in interviews he said all the time I want Tom Brady on short week was there a shelf doable I don't want the other guest on the show that's trauma hassle backers. We have on Friday Mike Florio. About ten my glory glory by we might Boris good Gloria applies it to my fears. We have Florio from land mine not consult with these things who want to have on probably are still that you have a absentee ballots on why or what didn't fire me. Yes that is indeed the it's gonna happen sales incentives lead that was made this week. Sixteen yet so no win four on Friday is know not know we're not I'd like you know a lot of places serious ice dancers and others like Microsoft like rates and you can ask a single question that was laughable that you. Normally had a couple of these. Global leadership Stovall is usually. Albert on honesty and for real trust those sleepers. Could he has a heist in line is households and possibly as connection action that's an earlier post about. And I don't like 500 pages page lets us know we should plays. Our latest post show video. It's the biggest piece of crap we've heard potential shock to hear that. He came here me not what you really want to get back we'll do that none of one we're doing now we come on talk about the open open a can of huge us. It's fair and you've known him. Or have more fun now tune to another reason Kircus frustrated and I don't know or don't don't don't you dare act like you're a mom I call on this boat. No I'm talking what the Red Sox all measures as well John Ferrell is ride in the high and people like you and Lou can't handle right who. Right I'll catch some communities. And he's gonna your contract extension for us. I would say despite what Whitney. And I'd love to criticize about what went Microsoft support this year and you can't tell me boring they they don't hit home runs I've heard like everyone else a little closer. No they don't have price and they're run away it was we should talk a lot of baseball we've talked so much baseball this year done so well and trying to associate them off. We've talked performance in baseball last six months in our ratings have been through the roof request that problem probably aren't yet there's tactics are over. Hello we are no. Today it was Monday. After it was anything big. Win. Yeah. Feel good about issues they have to pay. Never built in the zone. Want to work with the. I sell not. I am prejudiced play in my career given the success I've had to use I am not in the history something like that did so. It's below leaving huge Jerry to I agree what I what Cleveland's artery I I think that's why is it sleaze what happened. We we trusted. More on number two over there crisper you fall I didn't he I think he did one video was oppose shall bid you were trying to do little rap video. The first one got a million hits people there isn't the isn't. A market for us here and you and I wrap up show looked at the next show it's only two minute video lots of clicks lots of people watched in. It was amateurish but I blame that on cars. They said oh it's got Scott from whatever the harmonies and IT&T. Yes IT he's really one key he's Smart he'll do it right and we high Def. So he comes in does it and I guess he it was a better. On video but that audio Sox also your tunnel itself service but this is how he works and all the as. I don't know probably murdered so if you Wear this but the ratings are really really good we mentioned the red I revenues and even really good and that's the bit that's what we get that's we get when we come up with a brilliant idea like this credit oh really video. So I don't which we can be done with this now we can be done with this and we could always proven again. We could take. Some some satisfaction no we tried and try to sweep away how naive you are amateur wanna believe things like I am trying to that night I danced I don't quite appreciate apple board but you must know it's can I ask a question. And Entercom doesn't stream their show. In charge for. You get to work can put them on wire on me again why we non TV men know what went on nests and so you don't want to reach here is Kirk ruined it until you put our cameras enough. You put two cameras here. In you go online and for 99 cents you can watch it good looking guys and that's. Mark chances hunk that's what's that but. My question guys who the good question is like no history to make money we shouldn't complain because though won medals known authors note on known gets and I wait no law amendment to slow all the laws that featured a we tried we tried something new and innovative it would rises poster first though we try to do the social podcasts that was a good idea. Well what's the difference ones on video ones like this that was me the longer form view more conversation ever to do any audio is better when we get we tried that also bring a week don't we begin with this equipment. That guy mineral used in an imitation is cracked the code they brought on the desk and they say good luck with the podcast. You see it ever commit puppet and perhaps just as content and it was unbelievable every chance to work just would you say it was antiquated equipment quit look yes so would you if you were Oscar would not work I don't assaulting. If your boss forget yet lost that so they are juggling back and we see other and that's not so great country. Backup equipment. It is this is good equipment is being used so you know never can an important profound that it doesn't users could equipment like weddings and stuff dale how that is attached to point that's what we see other shows. OC boomer show in New York that that he's more into boomer. We see clay Travis whoever and wherever he is a friend who somewhere sue the real draw the real problem is if clay Travis never did studios in the captured Al and threw it well didn't I don't you see it say that's a good way to promote your show but I. Or simple way of our guest slot and it was long enough to know that soccer worked nothing we always do this I was Everett's single just such a pessimist and I hope particularly pretty. People here and like the partly we're poised to slow down the hall a look at who is this people who were in there what they do. Scott what does he do I think he's charged social yours Kay is he silent at rice he could feel that he was not Smart. So we have engineers under my house can be assured the Smart people on radio color done that's what we do some. Honest and you are average intelligence that's yeah that's what this business that's nice things he. The dumbest people in the world. Our radio. So they all are if it where else the station reads books on its. Right of course we're talking blocks Holland writes them. It reads yes in your typical Belichick Brady talking intelligent amber wants to read that com. Know a lot of people actually really and Amber's great. Other books sucked myself. Our credit I was I was nice from the basement. Upstairs and do something you do not teach you to stay in case you send it back I started thousands board is nothing new here apps and jumping up to your ears it is Kareem Abdul about podcasts. In audiences. I know that's. Hell it's the funniest podcast concede cuts in after taping with turning cuts and the truth. We cream go Armitage at the book OK Oklahoma. But if I am a middle of the podtacular so much credit can you outcast bullied it was a pocket they cut us off at like ten minutes. Souza and kitchen let's just to them and the bad podcasts are kind of stopped you're stop right here to ask the question. Here this course from. And that it goes nuts to Ceres Jabbar answer in court July will be answering a question about. Now what you learn to reassert his book when stupid podcast questions they ask authors. And and and cream Abdul Jabbar never knew that he was the bucket of all these choke. But I would say this in my defense my won't defense that I ask bad questions the first course estimate that was really good dolphins. I did ask that I said the Kareem. Suggesting you're cream go to bars a serious guy. And one that your house to script for airplanes shows up. Like don't you read it seems homes with Imus ever gonna double that of course nothing was ever made like airplane before right when you read it as a REIT funny. And use the trip as a part we're done this this is not gonna we're not. We Pacman Jones cut us off his publicist can fly Arabic. You'll get right up stuff on you couldn't ask. Jabbar no Adam geo political step that's showing respect that there was this thing he talks about race relations writes about it too although he's very Smart guy your new car right now ranking that questions it's not that deceit. Dog like I don't mean that one and a half I thought apple has a good solid favorite podcasts. I don't listen that is its element better than theirs now. Clubs X. You didn't Jerry W count movement it was a good low and he's he's motivate obviously you wouldn't believe the other guys that terrible. I was excited are you done the diets should dissected that no he's part of the street gets past contestant and you see what he's on these Tuesday when did you start doing whatever Bruce says so sorry Clarence going to Clarence obviously immune to weed and he's got to put all the way down pad even wanna perfect town like six or seven footers and 7797937. Wanna play some sound we come back a break and there's that big a great thing. This radio sits in his house you and as a video and it's so much better than ours weren't reading postage. You that that's not going to sound of our of our post from what that's what I can create Kirk's contribution to this. A Smart yes he did you played. That is really how it sounded we sent out to the rules I was a possible link of a pocket because it's our way necessarily that right. Know sometimes it hasn't happened yeah we saw him like porn on the Barry Scott I would ever anybody has its efforts until the moment. I political wireless connection there a volatile right now he yelled into it would sound that. Right witty take it right all that's at that point and the British study had a better you better whatever technology. So it's a sim card or something. Get so angry English guys honest and yet the iPhone four. You just used it last night after six whatsoever should know that professional fees of sorts for the signing guys had to push play game and asks for a different question just as though the whole idea GDP and act. You know we just I don't know what he idolized this Omar little old thing that we were between it's something that as you know not very Twitter savvy. And he proved fruitless venture did art out of above of his brief so we get back yes I do however react yep you guys at some point us to this year you're supposed terrific. Like to win them as well 617779. 7937. Headlines in the next hour as Welker Italian power to a third penguin. Is next.