K&C - Brandon Marshall walks off interview with Kirk and Callahan 7-13-17

Mut & Callahan
Thursday, July 13th
NY Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall walks off an interview with K&C.

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Finally here bogey at South Boston New York's with the golf classic for the job he came in foundation joined us here now is Brandon Marshall York giants I don't Brandon. I'm good yeah sport that you say that yesterday I was in Houston and the event. And what do we do little promo shoot the legacy your main team. You know screw up you do a little bit it definitely screwed can't put site. Brandon Marshall from the meteor hits a good thing that was that was. Was never close ever close the offseason if you read speculation we talked it was never close to being Brenda Marshall and when the patriots Durbin talked about Mayo wasn't there was it is never close I mean definitely. Reached out. You know there was a conversation or two or three but it wasn't close circle which you. Wanna play for the patriots a team that would much you do some of the media stuff that your people do with other teams and without that factored. Well. Yeah I mean it right now it's all about women in I think I accomplished well one accomplice and you know I'm pretty happy with that but again there is. You know I've wondered reasons why that Chicago's because. On that Mexico's Karen. You know mutual little bit bird. You know I'm tired of people put in our athletes and boxers right through you on Twitter and you see you make your comment below. You know policy or say something outside of sports in the first thing Fran says. Is still stick to football. You know. And I think. A lot of graphics are institutionalized. And away. And are going to set the example of you know while you're playing a sport you can still do. Things that are you love or things that are close to you or and you know especially in business you know we have an opportunity right now where we can have a meeting with anyone in the world. If so why not an off day or some downtown while won't you meet with folks sort shadow you know on the executive. As to solve this more. When you were in New York in Boston and New England it feels like the division is over before season starts this year especially. Do feel hopeless in New York did you ever think when you were the jets that you gonna challenge the patriots. Yeah absolutely I honestly my peers to merit Fortson Matt Forte had opportunities he considered. Pages filled day America's if it were Rangers closed with aggressive. We're there we're going where we're really close you know we us. Lost the first game out there and the reason we lost first came out things because I dropped a touchdown Paris from one of Europe that touchdown pass in 2015. We were won that game in new England and it came. Two. New York it was a totally different team we told we dominated them. And he fought back at they have what they always do you know they're always in the game. And so Matt Forte you know was going to its free agency. Sid and ordered it seemed to be in our actually thought there. You know is just one of those things whether we imploded. You'll admit that you're gun you lament the jets are no longer really close to commit this crime yet everyone understands you know is your servicer. Read through moral and I think that this phenomenal players phenomenal coach is there. But it's. Mostly around team right now and you know you never know you know maybe hosting millions of Lou surprises but as of right now screws will be difficult at best quarterback. Best court regularly Portland to bear the jets jets this quote. Well on the big jobs account that I play and justice Chicago we did some really good things for us. You know let us a long way so. He Joshua town is really says it. Here's opinion of Brady. We get this when Brady was suspended you've made news she said. One of the reasons. He was suspended was race the thing that lot of guys wanted to see what's target. Treated there's no you know the way some of the black guys didn't know he said it was because it was lifted right you seventh suspension is lifted initially yes and you wait and right. The elevator member of whatever it was that a race caller who was. You know it's it's definitely. First of all loved very bright I love Brady. I actually love New England you know doesn't change my hate coached. And ever. And when I was younger wrecked I didn't get it and I think there's some things he would have done differently. But. I love the culture there and how low would their dorm and Tom Brady's big reason. I'm a super. They're part of my main course is Tom Brady. But there is. And sports you know or stores get treated differently we should use a different standard that you said that black athletes were held no difference where. Our magnate and Hillary score that you guys. So if that's what you guys wanna do mean you can go to bullet. Like guys do black guys in the matter couldn't treat differently period. OK so obviously but it would admit that Brady was treated pretty so let's tires black guys in America it is treated differently. Sure I'm out but I but do you think the view that professional athletes are treated differently than they were having been hand suspension seagate they look at us it was just like in the skies white and meet you we don't this interview. Cargo for this interview. I'm going to that's it ashore have positive why. Because then we just have some stores Obama you know I mean come on mate going back to a year ago broker. Let's part of the bench that you guys made moves that I got rid of martial artists they like you treat differently unless it's covered throughout the Mike what you guys that says if you believe what there's a difference in these are actually times just thoughts of their conversation as we took off Brady Brandon talk radio all the time that's what we do your world. Saying the subject on Vietnam government in my pocket I guess we'll the other thing gonna ask you do you think that. In the way this is on don't you it's about what the OK okay answer this user moves there's questions. He throws off yet. Thanks for stopping by Brandon Brandon. Appreciate that. We'll take care or what what would you prefer to talk about we just. Talk about the news of the day I know Dario pyramid that you were on me what you wanna talk about. Open. Then straight on sensitive. You know hope we find the fairway today. We will touch you can get to to the title elegance that enemies were honestly. I. I don't understand it like it's if you agree that if your guy and he's a Smart guy he can tell you say bright thoughtful guy. He's. We get stores in front of us of things you said he's an outspoken guy. By the way he was treated in Boston I believe the same place. Chris Curtis mysteries corrected because I don't know claims and they could have gotten into that we probably thought I was it was appropriate if you want to believe his story out assume we've go to the time and about to ask him to rewrite stuff in his own a few problems you've had a history of assaulting women but his city's bipolar try to change his life right I think it's a legitimate conversation and I we always talk about that I think. You know ups and bring rights. Deserves another chance he's not gonna get it. But what does a guy like Brandon Marshall think of the fact that Imus is actually sound like Howard there but you know the he has talked among the fighters wanted to and we'll bring me. I mean there's I don't understand with the what do you think we can talk to. I don't chips the tournament and Jensen talked about football I'm also that brings up the best ever but he did mistakes and you're always really does that. Within a month away and told him mr. everything with a pocket purse and alcohol can break the market. I was I don't want it puts all. Australia's overnight a political warrants Australia I didn't think he would appreciate the rigorous questions but I didn't I didn't I entered the Brady thing is that. Whether it's education she feels that black people would think it put what he said was the irony is what he said was. We I don't think athletes should be held just sports. Right he said that two minutes before then we talked puts it in some sports he walks up. Okay and at Andy because he's the only time he's not a video crowds of prides himself on being fought in Colombia and those powerful briefly. Just in more shares thoughts on that and expect that actually didn't expect that that's kind of a big successes is this how it works of circumstances a bunch of stories. His friend emotional and Brady is Brandon marshall's off field problems. Brandon marshall's. That with mental illness I thought those were pretty. Thank you crushes it a break especially important phrase that we talked about this interview yesterday. Why is Ray Rice not allowed the league you war now we know it's because he's still he's a good player but nobody but if Brandon marshall's record was from if he was doing this stuff. You know now you can we get more. Right timing timing to answer and he was open about his mental illness and be treated. That helped pay and I'm all for it you know again Ray Rice shouldn't. Face the death penalty. I don't think we'll marshals refugees much much longer since you haven't seen it I guess we between well you all right he's just so unfair to us put put this city ESPN. There's an ESPN's story. Isn't he Caspian story about his off field problems it is. Two pages along I mean literally. There is one incident after another. In Florida in Colorado where rivers then and it's not only easy club back and Lee Kirk he's. It featured guy on you it's not the NFL guys change real what you saw people on and enemies historically year he I got a hero you're hero card and probably an ignorant seem to be under an account written I think cartons probably grew on him harder and yes your hero art six point 777979%. And probably notable curtain cal an hour we knew that once we're not done yet he's got a clean up the copy she. He curtsy Rudy didn't dumped it on us as Belcher on the last night did he did you that was not on purpose as usual. Arnold right back.