K&C - The Bruins win game 7; Jack Edwards take a shot at Lou Merloni 4-26-18

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, April 26th

Hour 1: Kirk and Gerry discussed a big Bruins win and Jack Edwards took an unprovoked shot at Lou Merloni.  


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Skirt and Callahan NFL draft that's crazy to sounds it's finally here. Christmas in April. Put all the Merry Christmas and my most favorite days on the sports calendar one of our favorite segment just about everybody's employed 16160. Good question curtain on the field could be the greatest player. Terry writes this number sixteen so this is an event. Get a Sports Illustrated right you're one of its fans act with curry committed happy that Craig carton and actually resigned I. I mean I got epic about a guy like Chris have been disrespectful and backs Everest. Since that day they got on the radio they continue to do it from the bottom line on a love Howard Stern left and and replace them with me all lousy original idea. The cup network for streaming on about a lot and I'm. And Gerry Callahan. Geez it's Vegas are not safe to arrest stands on his head. Game winner the brusque but boy the boy during. Sports Radio W. He's doing because we showed later. Homes and open keep it going appreciated Sam as the actual office. Seem like there today was really against parables on behind this we business. The usual I was you don't. Yeah well we feel boss. We'll say right off the bat I. Think you know. Moved to little prayer thank god that game was an NBC sports whenever on the massacre I mean CB and whatever is CBS stock Emmerich you know. You know why he's great because he spared realistic that. Pull more what do you know me I I beat myself usually I don't like you know putting needles in my penis and doing a bang my head against the wall. Are those of the Jack when we demons or angels Sox. Without. We're idiots are the tip work herself. Jack who jurors communities that stopping us and move ranked as a great guy he has proved he's a sensitive do usual yesterday on the radio we'll get that second. And then is so there let's take it back at that that they that game that the game call was so bad. Jacket he tees also seriously puts himself in the center of everything the first two periods the game was the first the first whenever fifty minutes the game is absolutely why. A great great great playoff game in Jack is telling us all the time and enjoy this he deeply that you watched it this incredible late Jack I'm aware of what's going on. You know the did you did you actually as the if you hadn't scored four goals in the first ten minutes you win medals stupid as. Britches champ also like a sorry I showing us are telling us that you know in Boston if you're if you're if you're from the city of Boston should be embarrassed I'm Richard how many times your team has won the last game of the playoffs the last fifteen years like okay Jackman Paris what authority game. Really I'm sorry I should have a joint duke so I like paying two and although I don't put needles in my Weiner this is worse as the worst of the and then I I have started the game to our cameras were excited that water is worsening triathlon support and Terry Anderson John C Weston you know wake up before him every day to force them out of record for you and so I said traffic this morning major accident on non 93 and guessing their people. Who'd be late for you know work in late for flights at Logan it's going to be bad it's worse than Kosher yesterday was worse than anything and he. Well you should have come over camera I should. But I won't I won't will we get this next year's well right it was a blasters Maginnis no other dodge and I shame. He must've done a fair to go home and at the end when him when he beat the Canadian Jim did you listen at the end sock puppet did you hear it. It too I ended up having to watch it was for also. As a whole electoral fraud as. Boss James you'll that they did chooses of the house taking notes before the game currency this that they wing thought the guys we mean. Ides didn't hear him I heard them talking about him as the guy got a list and definitely a good it's it's for it's I'm so what was he been piecing Lou for for white or black fluid criticized Rask. Alice studies how to on how could you ever criticized Rask and we didn't even criticize you reached the same fans in Boston opera without you that's very doesn't. And so there's some effort Toronto last Jack is right yes or real player right now shortly here that we enact about the sorry and it's. And Jack Jack wouldn't come on the station but it would go on Toronto slows Jack but that was that was yesterday Jack told Paul. Shark called Jackson you do realize it aimed. Think he spoke this yes or no I think I think a vocal participation policy and secondly actually mean. What time is whose progress oxman. Sales. Tax you on today. Sailed just yet thought that and he says you know tomorrow no known al-Qaeda training you got elected and then. So he didn't want a colleague elegantly they don't checkered go to serial Belichick on potential thirty I know that's. You can focus he had to sit there and like studies notes. By the way he's already seen these two teams play six times while also knew which players were rich right yes and I have to say it. Taco physical pain pains me to say this. Richard art thief did an excellent job criticizing Jack yesterday afternoon show. Which ought to mossy it's going to be tough day for Richard are key for a Picasso LeBron Ron Ron he hates LeBron Romanoff he hates him Obama and the game winner and the big big game I don't like him he plays hard he's ever been arrested he's never got in trouble but but against might keep the ball goes it'll I like him. Eight. Wait for. She says fighters Jack yeah this is just this is is is it a Jewish drizzle from the start. We ended up having Lou Maloney and VI yesterday. When he talked about just that sort of lack of confidence about to go grass guy like this goalie a lot all Lott and I ate the media that's there with the Boston sports fans maybe it's the Blackhawks their Stanley Cup final but I I don't I don't feel he's God's I'm. Iconic Jerry Cheever status or even an anti mold in 1990 indelible absolutely. Look at who is this it secondly what does he was the sports that fund and we always at the true tight she's on. Maybe what I mean what do you what he Susan gets to Thomas now must starting goalie career. Is there doubt about about asks ability said to be big in a game like tonight. Well I mean I know Lou and I respect him for having Beatty did a good. A Major League dugout where he's done most of his playing. Career and I'm. You know you got to understand. And in the land of spoiled children which is what Boston sports fans are. Two Barack's. Career is defined by 172. You'll gain six. Of the 2013. Stanley Cup final right and you know when you have two different talk radio stations. In a market that has been. He's just. So in an embarrassment of riches since the turn of the century. They have the talk about something controversial. And took Iraq is the easiest guy to throw under the bus. And also need to say. As much as we try to bring the reality the emotion of the game. True the collapse Arab journalists are completely happy go to the hockey game to watch the athletes. Away from the clock you know to see what's going on outside the reach of the camera. I was is rich keep going out yesterday Jack average pace for saying there we we can't you're like are destined for a presentation is not good enough. For you to fan to judge it to -- say this is not as good as soon NBC sports president true and so I might better out my better served in the balcony. At the TD garden watching to grasp my better served watching on high definition tell that's a good question I never heard someone say that you had to be there to see big goal was very happy go should be I was at a ninth floor Cameron and his average ocean Hitler with the rest of the press right life. Rio and guess where most of them watched that game is on television while there iPad but you know I know that's the case all at least an awful listening to him true meaning Jack with his you know. To get some controversial going we need to talk about two grass once all in blue did question Rask who was the right question to I would say. Rest sucked yes I mean such as bad as my guy Freddie Freddie are tough night for a tough night for Freddy's I was but I was right about everything for mistakes for three. And close on score in the start of the game hero of the game to game was once for three throw us into overtime a loves clothes expression for game one I should've. Before through grew over time it's over there but but I had the hero of the game to brusque you get issues unit. I don't Detroit got that record for rookies and six month of 74 years assets for the Bruins ever had but I love the the soil of the shot jacket if movies it was a good Major League player. Troy to hit 315 could see different and we know mom arrest was no mark questioned due to caress that be different likes of Mike Trout today holds a problem is that because he's easy pathetic homer. Little fan boy thinks he's part of the team in the care and do all questioned the competence of the goal he. And the girls without their whole without appeared to play without any confidence at all he sees the question going forward so tomorrow today tomorrow and Hamilton's house press gonna respond. In game one against Tampa yet writes yes as a subject Rask I think Rask was I thought. Close meaty one goal away from being gang connected if they had 24 shots that I am I correct illegals do you blame on grass. How many goals I cast that one on one break away when he died he died for formally crazy though he looked that bad I mean but yes OK that I don't know I don't run them down from W camp. I think two is probably tomorrow a little the second game which Harlem girl. He shot brass must go right to left he shouted over the blocker far side over Miller right. The John Allen crew was okay and voted yes that date. We'll blimp that which in the 2101. We'll keep momentum that's. Pretty pretty split and it looks bad it looks bad on March on your march sits on the a top ten plays of the day for millions paean to how martian push ram through its on that's on March as I said that's a marsh. You did good good observation and bricks that you get a better job neutral it's. Turnovers hit neutral zone Kate usually at a neutral zone and aren't you shorthanded goal can't. You've got to play going to be vehicles at the rest of this in his head he did not he's still not right Clinton was wrong okay good consequence. My favorite hockey analyst and town definitely when he was off base and Alabama Tony and he didn't bring that neither guy predicted to brusque will be the hero of the music of his sitcom where Glen Tony leave their families moving together just talk hockey back into odd couple. But it does this I was in her talking. Here's an adequate and they work. Remained for the sake of oil law six point 612 Burnham authority also apple will play it through while that's on grabs RC at the game last I ask all sad that you are in the August August. To label football for really open a school that you can't get a real appreciation. On TV. So they went to the game Tony and England together yet. They they do that a lot I criticized Bob socially. Often I apologize I'm Asarco Armisen sexually. 326. To let them watch the games I get a sense with the office of myself there. Well hunter you wanna watch the play player away from the action yes you know what I've been to intelligent game couple weeks ago that you folks around sports Rask away from the playing them tonight he stands in front of the net yeah that's right and he watches the game there's occasional drink water hit and only in the breaks and if you're expert focuses. On the action front of and he can easily slides he had to sign my sees this and I appreciate this because. I I don't really go to games while my understanding was always because I am watching TVs at rest sits down and plays away from him maybe going to eat those weird when he. And it just like it's only right that it's no sock as was away from the play on the watch a bounce and what really happened goal hockey game. Sounds like that he's on such a such yes that was reduced to just the idea. I'm them explained you how it works you're supposed to go I mean. Why why why because it is the personal press is indeed defined by that that's what should be fine you don't write a good question. And it's still a question so it was. Proposed applicable last night had to give up and it is going forward it matters if you do that twelve goals last night. In next your tax being interviewed here at the same attitude. He's on the Bruins and I'll meet techniques but practice on the Brooke it's. Brockman rations rash was not good now he was not Freddie was worse but it was 41. Toronto and frankly graded be all about rest it would be. Wouldn't know it would be all rolled in do you think Sunday's game would be about. I would put him with a view freeagent go probable corrupt right in Iraq great respite it's a good correct yes I would do to get rid of them. We you know do you do you come back and actually same guy you trust them one of three in games at least be like David Price we got we got very focused on grass in seven numbers then started again they flashed Anderson's game seven numbers that that would probably should mention that once that is. Is it save percentage in game seven it was like 84% right. That you 86% in the series yet of what six goals right I was right first two games is really stinks and the problems that go wrong mailed. Though I know him and his political history that well you know lie. And never play in the major leagues that's the thing when notes that it's the word good a strike yet. I guys like Lou who and I mean you know Kirk about what can women to dress up and smoky depths of the oh for sure we're sure although we didn't go to the game. Who can it's true in the whole team when he didn't political theories against him look at this game right now T got no it's oh well what that's because you know watching the goal is brilliant job there and goal. We're watching which goal uses which coal. As the post test the first burst tomorrow that's a tough 10 boy that's. It rightfully so but seeing it right there if I saw that live much better view that replay that tip right now we're gonna watch a bad Freddie it was on it's Iowa I'm disappointed Freddy Freddy states. Pretty different tranches sign pray for Rask pretty cute overs for chose. But it's 100 hour. CC and super tags. And with that we would have what do you can Hollywood guys anywhere that they were ahead what's in awesome form from. Is this whole race entertaining great entertainment I look forward to this next series how they gonna do it's a lightning sock puppet like the matchup they don't seven games they'll compared you know his whole. Right I some of these guys are hurt. Another seven game they hit two days' rest and breeze right to get through Saturdays game tomorrow are on Saturday to be 43 o'clock 3 o'clock. We your time should change our Twitter handle until Saturday if you at our Ol are. Rest or rust I think that is the edged what do you want Korea avatar just the spoke beat. Maybe maybe Jack maybe you spoke. I didn't check his one and and again I didn't get to go to praise for when this timer. Yes okay I didn't go down in the dungeon and and put the ball gag and get tortured like you did last night. I must say my left that was hurtful to us. Those plants and at the little teeth on the yeah I was surprise super obvious did he say to you tell us how much fun he's having an office said deputies and how much fun. You know much functional it was a lot of that. When the crowd was chanting songs of his talk Tennessee Georgia listener and he's quoted John FO members of the crowd so document doesn't tell me with a chant I can't figure out what ago. Go Bruins go yes can tell whether it's go Bruins goal. Or go home Bruins. It provides ought to say she told her deafening it was a twenty times its deafening here talked with a home ice advantage in time and I'm just. Played gained hit anything breed although he doesn't believe and I put Boston fans saw. Say. Is it. You know what else. Was responses when the last game and boss before this man had managed to do this Michigan Kansas City. Yes the one in Boston off you know argument birdie and play that game right. It was game. We neighbors are listed from only one name yet that's the that's right they won the game with a birdie yet Purdue missed one game of argument in his. Not sure where history was hurt and that's I bought an uncertain outlook two human TV you would know it's not a part of parable here basement and I want good fielder you know and you didn't play in the big is not bolt again you keep saying and well that's true the as true and you you know Roger Clemens could have weighed in true although you know. But Lou Malone can't you know we're. I may really dug out where he's spent most of his playing career. But that's the largest merger which if your plane Corey. It's that they know what to buy too much did the same with salt and all age. Awful on the radio play and I'd really want on the series before I go forward. Many matters a seat he was a really good it's funny said this is ironic that audio from Blake's wife but I don't think it. Doesn't play enough that's the problem so let's turn to go as through all of your average major player or Hanley Ramirez is now a big fan. On the Jersey he went to his first gay community and he's a good hitter gets a four bowls of ice cream right to marry them a call this creep. Jill my favorite part of the date tonight ones as usual. At the after the game they line up chickens it's amazing they know I don't think that's been through. I don't think they do that is paranoid we pessimism you want to work for the sky. Between those that is the best tradition sports disarmament to give an accurate count Jordan reed. It's is what he did anybody even gave each front wanted to do that they have this hate to break into that it every sport at every level. I'm not know the major leagues but Little League. And you know whatever Beckham's what's the difference like my question basketball with and soccer and football what's that again the Super Bowl and effective they all hugged each other anyway but some lines that all the good lines in all youth sport doesn't saying that adults likewise it better accessible that's not a teams hugged each other talk prayed together. Because they physical in my life little children and importantly could have been joke be exec now and so now he gets he gets very like Bruins series of best traditions sports. Yes I got a couple of tweets that you work for the or. I loved it was due to good point trigger points out to Jack is watching on TV of course it is it's like right in front of life. Yes I don't watch in the whole thing on TV but he's got a TV. You have to go to the hockey game. And the like you kind of have to say this out and defend my friend injured John Berkeley. Second how he gets in the way objects and so on and so I met in here announced. Then on its attention on not that I'm confirmed we Texans yesterday will be about this I am the first yes it's easy to approach sculpture plane. Also he's breaking news. And I check pricing me I mean he Kirk count change Jerry and I played eighteen liner. So five hours of their own pocketbooks golf. I was a big deal less than. Then the public play a factor. I think the flex stick early that's true I was serious park night read the apocalypse the real thing like the rest in the wave games have the beginning like what guys commit to. So I just drop the puck yet because blood this is things that don't remember the Kuwait and get get get get ice will be. I used to be big Bruins cameras can watch every game park read write and he just loved. I'm a member of a lot of things with the officials just drop the puck right in planes deet when they just fake remotely and kick my of the circle and go through and went that's fair. When it just drop a pocket and that's what they do in the in basketball. They throw a jump ball they don't of people she grabbed the other guys which followed up. I want a rest home for some homeless guys just play by play because series Evan yes penalty thirty seconds I like that. Apple is again. Chipping and most terrible rejected political order brick. And Rick and it wasn't watching and we want to as the neutral that is focused. But so they're there they're dot checkered record. Although between race for outgoing games right to edit its TV debate did nothing to do go to games. Jack was like in Connecticut he's a loser. Can we hear anymore from Jack whose again while because like I didn't do to myself. Is like you know on colder back to Vietnam. Billy has been. Harassment of bridges of championships in this city. Since the turn of the century. Greatest absolutely. This is safe. Water could prove visiting teams that yeah. It's a gigantic. Last week brown. Brands. I whose team new vault him namely what it is dead silent in the Packard can hear it for you guys play the organ. It's during the regular but it was a that was in the south plated them just play the part of this appliances. That is silence a gigantic. Friends and you would there was a better atmosphere you know wasn't Toronto. I was all afternoon he now and then killed ten people and people just when I heard snippets of thinking 70. Great to giving the crowd in Las Vegas for game seven degree that's true and that's the frenzy seems like. I'm proud. I missed I urged the roof you missed oceans. The second time. And so Maginnis why it hit it about 22 minutes is long but that was my argument what was your favorite part. I'll say I was so surprised. Is that Michelle make. I was so surprised the coast was on I was texting back and forth with one of the three hosts of that show yesterday. And it was not dale Arnold and it was not rich keep who's the third John animosity. You were texting with Tomas was would you hate him texted me that responded. Back and responded this is what you get when you turn your back on her life. Shows a marked change in interviewing Dave closure. Joy to be up apologize or offered I would give you money here in this progress being made and talks here and my favorite part is when. It people would wonder where ghost went we talked about him and you know rest in piece on me it's prayers as yet there rulers who was in prison. You you realize that he's though spent a year in prison because they found that on the deck of the backyard Michael meat Kosher the phone up. That's right don't you visit a big gamble I think once you and I do the whole show but getting them out it was like Kraft was instrumental and I mean I thought it was he was. Actually going to nursing homes and stealing Social Security checks. I can we expect kind of guys that. And what. And you know I thought what year was a little soft but he's he's a legend right wiley twenty I don't driving home. If you wanna listen to people talk while gaining death when your guy who does the games in Las Vegas. As opposed to a guy whose works for NASA every day games he certainly won here since everybody used it Kosher Trabant homer and the guy. He definitely wanted to know if he's nervous a potential. Vegas Boston's final beatles' hard Libya Orton yet. We are much of the success of the date. Big its golden knights is tied into the fact that it is our god sakes players blocked Arabic all crazy. I don't know they talk about the barrel on. Well Donald. And I'll say this and I say I understand this but if somebody walked up to you talk to that voice. I would say just take couple steps back on the phone call in some loopy institutional coming in for a net overs had to carry him away when he was whose voice that talks like. It's a slim I'm when he had the answer why don't we go shore up very. It's. I hope that it it's funny you know a lot of scenes. Presidents other rookies parties there'll never actually had. You know they'll look at the schedule is we can grab three nights in Vegas and why we're here now. And we hear a lot to lots of other cancer other cities you know your particular. You know cold weather city especially candidate we've seen as what effect. There. Ask about his torn allegiances to believe make the finals on the show and future co host on Tomas so what it must text. And there's never. If you do that all the time ever. He said I said any of the questions is yes to questions that was asked him as playoff beard they get there to protect. Yes. I the red issue too much he's nine competitive now since both teams got hot in the late fall how most panel on all the I've been a bit part of these interviews where. You're just asking questions because you think the interview has to be a certain amount of time right or torch route. We were not there when these questions were being asked we've crossed that you know exactly that line is you battled more and I duplicates he sometimes for which we blows out after six minutes you know me. I'll ask two questions being done right I think I think they were along was a Kosher 4344 minutes it was a letter that was half the once. It was a little legs chopped that's in his brief concise in his view it's good spot now a guy and here since both teams. Out hot in the late fall how much time have you spent thinking. This could be a bus in Vegas Stanley Cup final they're there is funny burger you're able to them knew where guys are you're be awkward. And you know. I think I was shocked that a quick but is but yet understands heart. Oh I see. So he's rooting for the team covers and your team used to cover so I walked in I was I was running where does that rammed by a restaurant but a little outdoor place. If I went are about public with who openly fight on in that restaurant and said to them Tuesday Kosher or if you wouldn't. All our listeners but now all of Ellison gets a four by 617779793. Said the plane or to get to NFL draft tonight who going to be good good and some Delis and be good discipline among treacherous for I know the mock drafts. Everyman a display and I got bad bowl we think we always can critical thinking outside the box today he picks the same guys everyone else picked not so get to that went back and blow stuff I Hutus who it. We have a gun here Glenn order when Tony mats or how you can get a good job did additional lovely Kate and privately some energy that is well. Play more to get to get your calls yes will be some chemicals such as well I promise you 617779790%. Wilbur. You'd make a little effort apparently not playing more at the Major League level and now he is the you'd need to go to the games guy. He is you need to go to every single game to understand hockey guys. This is in sick you are the play by play guy for the TV broadcast. So we can't get a sense of what is going on from the game from watching you and listening to you. What are we doing why would anybody watch on TV that that's not that you watch on TV are the highlights. You've got to go to the Rick you gotta get in the locker room smell smelled equipment and know what's going on there that is asinine. And that's that's an insult to all of you were. Viewers that was embarrassing my jacket. More rich that's very good always like that. You're always afraid he's trying to break it to shut up all the guys talk it was I'm with them all who sues a generational talent right. A McCain told me he's better radio personality and nor does it there he did. And he likes them it wasn't Alex and 2% I think that's probably depth feature what dale said they'll defend Jack. Is this daily daily departed at that point. Oh that was actually decided I will say they decided it would dale wasn't. Who was close to him to must infringe on too much reference rich keep and that was a good rant like teacher was excellent job search that. But before after he tore to have eaten cheaters and that was after disaster itself perfect lives as African credit he does a good job but we've given them credit. Is ludicrous as whose arms is an excellent and that your angle in the duke shot with arch. I've always wanted to team up with Kiefer I could see after Jonathan to shore I mean not major market but now somewhere else. Neither read ever play in the big leagues no no god no like you know rob ultimately affect. You. So can win the game oh all of us who the host of Sunday skate should. I'm confused why tourists a hockey show or understand that's watching on TV why would Glenn and Tony. It's their hockey league gesture depicted in this game seven you're right obviously so is set the scene format and he would. Is support nine is just the who's who of all I'm always there. Well or stock in all the seekers tried to nobody wants gal slow executives robbed a lot of our friends in the media. Lot of media friends list ours are huge and that he that was there or trauma bag scaling back the zags had there. I'm actually there of course they seek those groups whose troops there. Duke is there a good figured yeah this notebook and in its they're glad and Tony were there together they would yet while woods for the games they were just all all I like the idea. So can be in the weasel is right. Like is Mike in the middle point to have late I would say. Whenever in 1970 Yates if you're going to if you walk it by somewhere. And you see you know Springsteen new young point particle. Sing a song that we can do get court. Dylan sprinting out of some saying it's amazing to the best ever at this pocket I'd be like the chino and in their own site like and he took rehearsing eats yes look you know you get the cameras in the match small talk. She was in the Bill Clinton Loretta lynch on the planes small pockets that's a lot of analyst Golf Channel talks exactly. The sport. So easily I mean we've ABC let them get along OK yeah well very good let's hear some. Two things I would say I think are legitimate concerns. Hi you know flying skating team and that's what you get with that would Toronto police can fly and the second one. Took around what concerns me as they feel like Frederick Anderson is now in a place. Blair. Everything is thrown out of his get either pay. It than that when Anderson as Illinois plant or stop. Him completely and he's got a lot did the goaltender does is still games in the post season you're in trouble and they are missing and they need goals right now. They need somebody to school absurdity that all the sudden now they can hit America's if I score. On a power play in first or second period he counts the same. Has the third period skate pass she knew pick corners it makes no sense to me you've got to be consistent level playing and what more quickly chief. Now I'm not sure I would go with an out of this game so it's no right to about momentum. As we you know people are claiming from one game to the next now I don't buy that. I'd bite in one game should be able to read and they do need him against the run when you get obliterated on the peace talks are Loughner gives them that big physical presence I had a dream lesson for the Bruins traded creature that it. It and tomorrow. It's odd that it should be a lot of listening going on the confrontation and a big list of as I know I don't know by noble man and dog that lands in the press box in load mocked. With the you'll love what apple calls it the game we have to like baked potato to load Alitalia all the time get your thoughts always. Go to coupled Victor tyranny it's an excellent. They should be covering that a lot of the series in that one conversation and it was. Absolutely and I mean I'm a listener obviously listener Glen I never miss a minute. I feel like it I or refund or was he told me rest kids' tennis head well obviously this that we were critical of with the not a you want to fight than he is right. Well what they didn't need to not good point yeah yeah scored right exactly. Did need to them don't need to know go forward now that's on you to get pushed around again. Elements in and I think telling me it's all good points to. Goes nuts and I know I understand happened in a couple of really stand out. Being the status okay. Ounces. Ounces and he's dead on about Anderson admitted he's an all that stuff a lot so are we gonna get two days of a preview and Tampa. He would Q I'm off tomorrow I'm not no I'm not talking about. You may call I believe as listeners good luck my my married was off you've. So I don't back among you really don't wanna get booed too low down Tampa do you think it past the score now don't. In typical whatever's going to them can Nationalists Pasco asking ask us Audrey excellence can you spell. Ga yes I am running your address audio web users influencers and he'll pick a Russian as the let the Russian goalie got lifted in them miracle on ice skate. Yesterday this same group is now. 72 inch sets but you know it's not a bad move with them and have some much follow who have I get tingles of mass violence that you just. Too he's the greatest goalie and his view would it their resume historical Matt Damon in the month. I think he uses JavaScript shoeless as captain a team leadership doesn't statement. Anyway we're gonna get two days of preview and pick ought to be thirty sec what are we got here and there to dupe or anybody else in Glen told by Tampa in the regular season was not a system on the road. Oh yes on the road in thirty seconds on the activity. Biggest difference to have as much better to leave got. Ridiculously we don't know please they trade for right McDonald's big piece you'll want them commercial grade and they got about late I'm late but by the way sorry. Who's critical and Rick Nash trade it trade deadline. BU Loria was how I'd be very bright so far. Yet isn't produced although lastly that line and actually well last night he would have had panel are terrible wasn't it. She's gonna I'm sorry I didn't play well while the line on some watching TV I was here with Glen Tony that was focused reach every period pick a different guy. I'd Nash period second period last two at the wrong national sports sports Riley and fortunately the twelve minutes ago Tony the number two. Way to bring amendment that would miss the whole pier house back happened that's fine. Feel bad Tony's a good is it recent load him up to him in the series talking about it is that it ripped. It happened. It. This is awful. It's right post -- coast play type the security unit who struck at five goals titles I've I've always respected him since his face caved in member of the best things right ruins and came back in Charlie's camp Garcia comes out last year in the playoffs this that's a seasoned team to see models for years ago clearly off it's finally had a gentleman's would be German journalists really close right jealously OK we'll have. It's here. Let's say that you when you went on ice as a five gets a five games yours correct I'd never heard jealous we could be gentlemen you're allowing him again I don't know what that is. It's huge and that's that some sort of winning in four. You win in five pitcher being gentlemen you know allowing the team to win the game a home I believe that is the the the did that the derivation of trees on the windy Cedric refiner I was breaking column called word play and you know if that's where it went into the he's not that he's not is play his best short idea plug stroman Gian Girardi couple former Rangers like you are good defensive group okay. But really their top line it that's coaches who. Judge to. So when I got Pope coach yes in someplace else for them once isn't this the proposed out these. EDT tell you that want to coach here HO US wrong he's mastered football so boring it is a point Bruins assistant gets interviewed every second period you get a head coach Kennedy from because he would teach that you watched as. Course. I never never wants to wants fact I haven't seen in the hot chick who does the sounds grammar that. Obscure at all. You unimpressed. You can. Very nice very nice Jewish very tempted crystal absolutely smoke. She's track Saturday affect our ability to broadcast I'll look I'm with you guys saying is that Q&A city not the best. Which you're Kevin dean is Natalie Wood we've why picking Tampa and six officers of course are yet. A bigger win. Game here well adjusted apparently simple blue. That veteran of the ruling on the Blue Line that's for teams win in the post but they were inconsistent regular season. On the road figures steal one here but the gonna. Focus maintain their focus Slava loaves of bitches you know you'll gain net for the vessel is this has had it was a back. I don't know pieces which are hockey I need to know that they need to do backups that support back that's gonna play what do they can chase the Russian got interviewed tied to your chase the last series. Yes and it could happen. I'm pretty kept in six of you. Bruins in seven. Gentleman said. Then gentleman's Bruins seven you know I'm just in a line. Check convince me they have a huge almost events they're crowd was loud and weakening is Louie Lou he's back. Well that's the that's a colleague. I'm slip and I was gonna get it for you but what's that. The back pocket we don't need you anymore you can give up that operation to find much eternity hero. I'm doing my research and what. On who else is on the lightning CO single player like he did and Cingular name when I was a writer hated singular ending name's Chad always write it considered them. All my sutures or hastily. Okay a look at the local guys you know amplitude of these 3 am on. Yeah but you don't there's a New Haven, Connecticut Adam Ernie. We go Yale. Come on any cases you don't. Too much resource office revenue for enlightening to get away okay I mean here's more Adam. Earnings picture for electoral exercise in the media guide there's a big black guy that's have asked at all Bakalar and some of us it's an excellent team this point three years old left wing 61 to fourteen Ryan Callahan their numbers are referring. Iconia Wright county and there you go right look forcing him play and saw our who have Martin Martins said do we. It was hurt. He's actually an athlete as we'll come back here's a short estimate report that will be good habit. Stephenson grosser of Horton does it I'm looking for a watches in place. Bryant or his own team what is the messier leadership can do for this team. Question that's that's that to me is a big factor this yours so we're gonna hear all the detailed that tomorrow the Blue Line favorite events in the glow yet bullets and housed the Russian goalies who better than a look at Freddie. Ease of us can't blow it. Freddie was to some zones Freddy yeah I'm using John Cooper's been coached him. 1266. Here. An excellent for you I'll Ozzy do about it doesn't look you can always go out of state. This is 87 years old I've showed that that that cannot be good launch seven games yours and he's gonna Wear. Scotty Bowman's room. It's a living. Then should you be coaching the concern about its. Elect him yeah I have a problem in one on one interviews was guarding him he's a reporter 84. How are we because it right well barbour's he UT coach Glen sather say they're much of her own line of oil reserves and or is not Albert did a guide to what he cheats and with the good long life of her Brooks coach. No he's gone too short yes he does a movie about that yes who's dedicated to him the movie never got to see the group to see him. You'll hear the best hockey move here they don't that's interest option to third best sports movie government kind of slap shot yes god it's much better. Not much but let's forget idiots. Issues he's the fire actually happens and you know happened sit again. Hundred times now they shuffle is up two hits whether cancer remember the titans is better when else hoosiers okay. And we want to actually. Cash to rated told them that it is sloppy not that they've had like a ten page. Pirate story would have ripped respectable and can check books out. Real I know just a movie that movies I've put past me to not a Black Sea I don't want later on you review a much miracle miracle is totally addictive. Yeah start watching you can't stop. Mayor Coleman with you who's on with you. But and I'd know which is the integration of their I don't remember the titans also OK check is made by a bunch of guys who do a lot of drugs at the time things seem that funny but it wasn't to mess. And he's brought the Rockies better runs on him when he's more self deprecating. Don't mean like. When Rodney is slick and back to school he's more self effort I agree back to schools but it's funny that when he walks in the club club show early and there's there's sees it at a later. I don't think which our country club guys you grew up on country clubs yes Susan I could relate to that life now elect column. Round the clock your caddie for some of us. But like this fellow Chileans morals of a Chevy Chase is funny caddie shack for life unfolded and that's fun nights off tonight's fund I don't like to head to head that is unlike the fairly sure whatever it is be reality. Golfer I checked who has a good. All right Jacqui Frazier golfers over and have blown a golf course and in line for Ted Knight is funny and it's good he's funny but each place he plays what has faced them movie. And when you finished. When you drop by the and I have a problem and that's one that is. No tough summer and 100. On the calls were from. 0%. Golf cart issue now. Okay paycheck to his view was the worst sports movies of the worst sports movie government. Mean it's not worth the Celtic pride worse than anything it's terrible Celtic pride about not the worst ones I am always cities AD. Who anything over coaches the next hole Afghanistan that's the worst for sports movie the Thomas premise it's Sox that's pretty bad that but. You what's the best. Bad sports movie. A lot of noise and as a player that's something that's it's just so stupid water boy and he's much funnier than the read news and watch art much Butler shirts corporate accountable I mean I had to have saved him on the five foot ten inch. You know. Read Adam Sandler is the MVP of the NFL make suck too doesn't it it's stretches. And credibility through the could you remakes always suck like the bad these pairs really suck we suck equities fund everything they control of trumpet them remake it's I mean I can the first bad news bears. Is it a little redemption. But the beginning math hasn't dropped at the end he's a drunk but you never ism and ultimately it was a draw table right but that's bad slapping his kid around remixed the past 3617. Cents a call them 7937. I stopped me it's the best round like we don't like remakes and like I forget or don't either should as one of some of the Aussie right that's a great but I am I bigot you know. The Tamil remaking stuff on the untouchables of one of the best the best movie idea of the dumbest thing I've ever heard was in rhetorical Monday was. They're gonna have a sequel to gladiator inhabit in heaven yes there's a lot of heaven references in the original gladiator he think's gonna happen is. Well educated. Protection in a movie what script gladiator were wrought Russ was going to be a big fat Russell Crowe I have read a script that's a different route for a long time. And that's that's it he's in heaven fighting a war that he's fighting had. How adept the whole morning yes and have yes. They like on clouds Le Parker I would describe it that's no none of the big enough but they're battling it it's so don't go. Performance across a movie star. That's true three pounds and battling and we haven't maybe he could lose the weight maybe he's getting old. Or ruining that would route in the first we're just think it's heaven so there be no. I need. Can he tell you again have to be tied to worker. Well it puts a battle that you diagnose and Warren have continued I know others have. Camping warned happen and so is era as the silicon so that is the ice is spoken Huard. Never yeah I would think this problem and you know those guys those guys. What is your go to salad. And a mother record ticket camp in six cans of the united disagree. I like rose and set her why I like the matchup they'd regular season if you watched that in course he once and even though so the question. Even though the blade at a better blue line via. I'd like the Bruins able to shut down their top stamp goes to drop Chara is a good match against her is on the lightning. Chart for the Bruins could match. You have big he was less because I was so scared why that's why I get said he checked why don't go to regain its those communities that Afghanistan's drug and ICE to. Can't have that if how many games I mean most the record the regular season. Chases the hostess of this catered not Cooper three Cassidy that's that. Yeah I idol Cassie in round one all that much still to test yet I give group he would. The guys the first test Rose Bowl experience is one big games on Ed Abbott ocean Bakalar. I mean what are we to mean that eight Friday point that it is is is is is Cassie Bernama these guys not well he was in the pocket for a number as secretive Barry Alvarez ever. Never summing up coach big coaching edge coop this I would say so we want national championship. So in particular team that plays in the hot weather leaves mom when there is a disadvantage. It was tough. I don't even those guys from camp arms come out there it's tough to char char and Charlie to warm weather. The but it doesn't live in a warm weather in here were all mean hello nasty but we manage here we've and it Boston's anger yes well and thought that maybe someone you would just average folks trying to stay at 61777. Night 793 several Brokeback. I would stern left and they replaced him with not meal lousy original idea. And the cubs network for streaming out of. I don't know Craig carton tweeting to us yesterday tweets out. Where. You haven't. Somewhere and haunts us. I do we reach out to write this one come on. He is not among my favorite story though this is from September after your budget for that scam yet and TMZ of the story that the them. Carton was considering fleeing to Costa Rica and changing his name. While it was on them they'll get four kids and wife Thea Andrews is tell us out of here and now I don't Costa Rica. Which sounds like a brilliant plan by a brilliant guy. Oh we believe he's going to federal prison. Sure it is I mean there's all my friends all reams of evidence yet all you yes well you know in print on in black and white. The scam was run on this ticket scanned. So this must have been reaction to tip Russo being jobless rate I would think. Yes he found out about this progressed through Kutcher Richard being number one Boston AM drive without having to pathetically desperate at the rate in College Station they technical and in. Personal of course we under we don't get that we know that's true we were number one he's wrong Matt. And we estimate tomorrow you'll c'mon this again it was for kids to the podcast I was listening. Insult to go to jail he's worried about the sitting in Boston because it's unbelievable show scamming all Austrians. Including right you attempted to scam Brandon Marshall yes. While we boomers size probably puts in the credit cards right this is listening now I was limited he has four kids write their names down. Right their favorite flavor of ice cream down the Burt sent it to me and I'll go to their house of the house and your birthday. And bring the mice and that's that's a good idea is that. Cinema card yeah which is that in that probably won't forget the death August he has characters kids that's pretty clear he still do that podcasts. In the industry and to your question and Rhonda. Who thinks Burris got my act a life changing event for older man. Exactly with the very first time he had a six hour erection alana in the birds here embarrass parts of laws. First I'd drop you'll SPD. For those you that don't know it stands for the old silent but deadly far and got away with it. Which is a lot better than the first time it's Philly it's equaled out and you other shard in Japan. Smith's dresses they without under on east like Penn Station Friday night. As humble that guy is on bail. Published in the federal prison that's designed to hear of I guess Entertainment Tonight yes podcast with fart jokes. He sounds. Drunk it sounds it was pretty terrible people listen and Internet equity two million bucks a year out to credible it like to house is that the big mansion in someone New Jersey Connecticut or something yeah Honduras Haiti. And don't make a fortune always enough. Now I mean she's clearly lunatic toward Italy Boston radio ratings was let go to jail if he's worried about fart joke let's just say this is they think she's innocent and so is this it that's to be more able making sure image that's that's true he's watching like his old station and bring back predecessor right. Hire this guy and move back around and you know it's it's a concern would read the whole thing did you do you think he's considered I do I think it's a this has got him by double now root for jail. Because I wants don't like you know. The Pentagon's one person's testimony. They have all kinds of documentation. Above this Ponzi scheme right that he was run. You know claiming he had access tokens or tickets and didn't have right I'm gonna guess to have some victims and so I would thanks who got scammed the Mike McCann. Yeah. Mike OK about going back if princesses of princess starts Tuesday at. Times on the roads Tuesday as a princess or little head. Well management right to want to our boss Bryce horrible crisis David Field says let's make this happen such an impact is accused of prima Donna is right above that at all those bosses write to the tide has happened in the past. So we waited to two David Field so let's make this happen and it sounds like David Field should take a big pay cut and come back from Purcell OK that's incredibly took a big pay cut. Topic it's all that vacation don't they work at three hours. That's truly bizarre that I was like five isn't a lot of people gonna tune in like a curiosity and the ago. I'm boring ones you know I don't know I think he's better than CMB but he does CNB you have addresses at all yesterday. No they opened with a DV glorious. Have a big year. Plan are they didn't talk about it though there was one element where I'm Mark Scott reacted to mad dog mad dog criticized sports as baseball knowledge rather he's very focused on an American I get an argument is listen. But that the reason parts cut chose not work is not because he's not baseball right it's that you know that this has nothing to do it by Christian Ford is a baseball nationals working greatness of him usually played great that's true he's a lot time that that that's the thing. But I mean you know you better fed really good player yes so different that Ortiz was on the show this change my princess a perspective a little I was kind of that is back and now it's can seems. It. This whole league now is going behind people's back she's taking pay cuts and ethics are not happy people at the station aren't happy about this week's sales people aren't happy. I'm I don't know is he really a big ups I would think Lawrence does princess's name certain people probably threaten to bail because ratings so maybe it may be. One on until the ratings on matters so I'd noisiest. Yeah it's it's it's a curious movies can take the summer off. He's got fourth month I can't imagine it seriously I can't imagine that the whole summer off at this point is to take a lot of students take four months off. To come back from a three months off or months ago he cried and told the on T loved him and moves retiree was walking away forever yet 64. I was coming back from a long. Yes it holds you back two years three years ago from Dino credit he walked away. Went to film work in two months ago few of those chips do over the holidays previous fights and ousted. Yeah wiwa podcasts so what is his tweet he was trying to rent out his place in Tampa is inviting people down 230 dollars a night is that right. Should visit the which places that his new place result notes is new place in Sarasota is that available as well and in for I'm look at that you absolutely. So you just re tweet him correct I'd I had a doing image grant as a block block that's right an image grab John Mayer textual we have the past week so. A Texans somebody saw me doing great job but he blocks it Twitter. Want me to good morning take them you know but he wants to rent out the place we should help you can go post bonus package. Go to his Twitter or John does media wise dot com right you get in for night of speaking LC to deal on rumors -- is offering their house to Bruins fans were going to go down two games reflect it I mean we've gone back and forth to dean and I passed future role played this is because he's sort of now apparently because super you know we run the place alone was appreciated you know like a John got a problem and emirates and the place tonight the toilets are clogged up with yummy outshot. He's offered it to parties. A job that's a job again the toilet is clogged we have to deal here page 225 dollars a night what can you do form. And I told the for Japan stocks this is ridiculous. There's nothing in here it is no there's nothing that I'm I'm I'm I'm a while I was on call much where it's remote used yeah calling my lawyer John ready to say for yourself do. But go to his Twitter account if more rent the place absolutely road trip with your buddies. To Tampa and that's a great trafficker and uttered. Sure the weather's great. Again it's not that's not that's in no way helping me here and you know she Jerry's right at the remote couple buddies writer friends that want the TV. Which remote do we use. We're dealing with an abject idiots here apparently to suspect. We've never said he was a Rhode Island EC is not work gave me that it's not worked out. Our I know. I. I was promised authentic new England sports talk experience and he's not show up. It's weird. You you have lots of dummy accounts a Twitter lots of parity kind. Went to reach out significant and mark Hollis I don't think I've addressed in some other people that they may. Have have you. You've got all star award Africans who were some of them. I don't know who uncle Dino has been he's the funniest of all a good you know it's funny he's he's really he's going to be treatment that he's in on the joke. So suits who took Douglas taught. Johns which is not for what we can get to the draft is draft day. Part. What it is jumper to something all year long I think it's great calls Hossa Dino expert like that doesn't say how to contacted the rent it does and I'm sure you can direct message you know he'll be more than willing to do you offer a price on that might replace at a better price charts awesome he's very boutique told us what his office is it will be clean. Neat. Oh well furnished yes. It's like on a lake right on. It's and we snakes is that an assertion of the golf course a gondola and it's a different Venice Pollard is okay. So if you every chance you can go 85 miles and taking place right yeah unity ticket is unanimous findings from Tampa is a mystery. Now we can get much closer and effort he surprise and just go to one game right wanna party and play golf right. You could spoil radler and miles round trip to do that capsule if I anywhere else closer that right to hotels and tell affixed broad street. That's true yes and attribute is he going to be there with the people who rent I'm sure the pencil that would. It's definitely possible so you could. When did dummy accounts could be a female sure. Why have lunch first to the club and then hit balls were quite hit balls and then have lunch. Someone in my house and that's one night that's on my fast and our rules that will never I don't ever I'd rather be broken system. Party group of god I'm going to give somebody some guys that in my bed but it's. Hair fall on the sheets no decide naked. You watch him have to be OK fine but still you want that. No I got to sitting comfortably for the villain might be naked watcher for it would dump. Wash your hands it back asleep. It's I don't need that I don't need that anyone could it would be Joseph Hagerty obviously right events like going to be you know it's like in the brain you haven't impacted sales for weekend getaways can be Joseph Hagerty Chris how we do in the goal will be the day but we have a nominee we're gonna get we have a great great headlines right on this Charlie Rose story lines or. For a hand your inland loans a man in the draft form we get up in the of Christopher's one last chance. This one guy is it is one guy or everybody thinks the patriots in the draft included then hold. I'm like I like that all okay great. Of these entities oh excellent terrorism like the guy the patriots won't draft and it influences craft and that's a good point. Are to come 6177797937. Or traps stuffs more bruised up maybe the globally today our friend the Boston Globe of the employee of the day which giving up front of them. Pour cold stuff as well we should do give out ignited deep counts. Should we pay enough solutions. Is there actually I would do that more.