K&C - Callers continue to apply for the now vacant producer position; K&C relive Curtis' drunken podcast 10-20-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, October 20th

Hour 3 - Richard Deitsch joins the show to discuss Jemele Hill's future with ESPN; Kirk and Gerry continue to interview callers for the open producers postions; the guys relive Curtis' drunken Richard Deitsch podcast. 


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Security. But I think the bruins' season is over. It is who stayed out of steam and ridiculous. And Richard Geist from most would object BS sports media roundtable chat at the end of the Boston Globe always always excellent coach and up with Gerry Callahan. Have a great way to. And it was a ten. It's stuns me that a member of congress who listened in on the conversation. Is. You read that they had no truck drivers of where to go. So we would have the military driving trucks they're not supposed to be driving trucks it's not even their aptitude some of them didn't really know how to drive trucks but they learn very quickly there's. Mark Kirk made ahead it's better to break your ankle sprain I uses for Michael all the times that an error I weak ankles it was two dogs and X rays play it's so soft walls around Chicago and so he had ultra that is alive for which appreciate it might write what went on the ground my workflow one in front of it when I came to my right ankle was behind an act I have two young kids I have a job as night hours. Handcuffed. While my ankle to of that blood Sports Radio WEEI. I recognize the thirties were kind of right on pace. Child 36 point 777 point 7937. This is the highest rated morning show in America per minute and show. Gerry Callahan might miscue alongside our senior producers are Chris Curtis and and they are two more New England with the calls the second we have one mine open. A quick AFC update you guys chiefs won last night 45 and they are in control. Back to the coals here it's. Not true champs lost their act half the game had a you know I'm not exactly at CNET. Have put him out of the Steelers. The Steelers if they win the tech would be the one seed. Right but they had a win over Kansas at them Kansas City yes there's of the greater Philadelphia can sensible enough. You're out you were all in on those not all of them whose obvious sort of a stupid question I used do you think it's the Eagles in the G iphones inaudible equality said question here essentially. Policy that take it to take you to preference I think chill pill. Too lax okay. In the past we could fight because we had we have been for you and I can want to fight. That's true you went that's right it's Eddie rabbit crystal Gayle once sang just UN night. Okay soreness to get you okay we have opposition from guys like mutt. Guys like cursing ten from corporate from all over the place from here to shall burn to all over the state of Massachusetts. City. One less thing. The raiders to raise the rate 31 there have in the last play of the game that you are challenged and rejected witness stands and what's the game you know his hoodie on Tony Romo wasn't on hand. Romo's getting a little Noah Marshall just gonna get a massive harmful Malcolm Butler. Official Jesus detectives hundred. Romo is we will say this every week probably Rome was great he talks football he's Sox when he tries to be music music to Bagram to work in progress too much talk too much talking limping required for a little bit and agreed that don't tell the quarterback where to throw the football during the placed it would outlast my act on that guy's got a shot about it's up and I agree I agree do you wanna take calls you wanna talk about our next president John Cahill also calls we'll talk of what John Kelly will buy it part talk about merchandise each. Burnett for finish for poll question or Nestor mill hill questions yes these are agent if you are here Friday football guesses we guess certain. Yes sir. We talked to my role Monique and eskimo Romo who's who can experience to say we've tortoises and Cyril was great out of rectify a couple of guests so far for me Weis is clear number. Note but I don't doubt I don't it's not quite as Jerry but it double AC why double life essence shuttle booster shot after she Leo amendment there's no second Afghanistan that it is no difference between a pretty good he is. Did not think he should do well and I think there's good note and and and and maybe why you monsters to Tomas all accounts. There. Let's it was either through us about where you are scheduled Monday to be immune if I attempt to my senior pastor. And now because of some sort of fear the patriots appeasement to Muster is backed up. It was never fully schedule he didn't wanna do corporate Curtis unbelievable yeah. It's unbelievable I just saw happen to shoot a bicycle cart is headed back this it's like. Back again it'll have I ever did as a way it's gonna be from now on you're just in Illinois so forget who could forget about it this week. Get the technicals but Carl budget and hugs and parties involved I'd be gone on this front arms and Winfield you dom. Can come what qualifications. For the natural. Yeah he's really just as stupid and have no have they no pride yes indeed all the loser. Okay my name is on other matters for thirty years as I do have a vasectomy. Haven't had sex in quite some time in my life. I'd like to take the job. All these numbers again. I'm 58 year old OK not bad. Little happy being Arab what would do a type. A what did you bring to the table aside from your rapist wit. What probably protection. From corporate IE MI Italian. Drew and I do have some front would skip and achieve this. And who are began. Managements are you scared of Kirk so they don't need to I don't try to shorten the show on the shortlist our election I'd god bless you to. There is help for ED eight. Bob's in the card Bob is a guy hates about from around bicycles even I don't know I hear from him cold Steve is one that's above. They're almost elegant and wrong ordered things. My apologies and actually a mental note let me wouldn't chiding a lot of that back problem and not enough. Yeah. A look at her job. With the red and little a little older you look at it from what is old civil veteran. Thank you for your service. On thank you Jerry disabled led. Will be a factor. Disabled how and we've worked with disabled producers before I'd say there and you talk a Little League. Not not a wheelchair now it's still I mean are you mentally disabled. I'll something would say yes oh good well is this as a requirement are that we have that's candidates he said. She does shields Paulson special kids. Guys not up all I'm not out or you are not out of our wallet OK he's gonna move. So I'm an idea how did you get on the did you get hurt wanted to what was happening educator. What bush discussed that as a term of employment I mean it's it's classified information but I can present my credentials and negotiate. He sent an ice teas now on the bottom temperature on the list the names kind of boring which last name. I like the nickname Bobby. I'm not. Well you know what to Talladega once it was easier if you ever met the bobbing like she didn't like Terry. Not like an agent. Required. It wasn't for courtesy of fairness and that's true this is just root acquired from new hire plot ordered what drugs you take. Well well quote not much and I'm not discredited and. Any any legal. Okay good that it will will definitely city thanks Bob. You are god bless you for users. Get Bobby on the short list. About the we want to talk to your call it luck but my appointments to Africans I was gonna he's the guy who hatred yes that's the trending what's up ten. Colonel Turkey he might I do will. Prompt you to talking gives me cheer. I I got some best answering no real quick out Mott when you watch when it EXT Italian Stanley that's and legally. And in when you agents in that sense. You take your car. Ma when you're chain to the bench when they put that that ankle bracelet on to these that we lack is through that smoke there. Op. Yeah potentially be sexually harassing training him he gets essentially your. And enough. So what they can control over every suggestion yeah. Open I say we take the shell on the road maybe to some sort of books by Irene would that with a flu shots. On edge and I'm I think we can spend or I would dissecting the Red Sox on system and see what. Black names match up at Massachusetts towns with. I've heard of the floor. Maybe maybe talked about so much high school at Indian to a meeting a Chinese restaurants like that idea. All the home runs out they get a date. Tara I don't know what beat my current job taken step down and I clean the baton to to read. And that's going to be touch you'd build or any good city to. I'm really good lateral move analysis that I thought you should attempts talked to an extent traces there yes. Got. We will talk to whoever is like Christian around those college football. Christian allies. Kerry vote good. Your yeah I think a little thoughtful well in the south but in doing that like I figured out. We would like to talk more college football and Jerry's eyes is voter yes I am Hoosier vote writer. A vote. Is they c'mon if you don't go out like I was talking to Jerry about corruption corruption of the frigid elements Newark yes there. Is there. Anything else Christian of in college football oils you bring army. Young. The guides appointed by about these guys have an outlook that might aid so. If you give him an actual evidence to back up if you look at the ratings. Yeah. That's OK all our XQ. Okay they're he's not a real specify who put general description thanks. Thanks guys and it's it's like Reggie your show and English on college football's popular sport. India with the other guys he's you know what being located. I'm Joba. There's got to Libya for the opera what steps in front runners for some reason that I didn't get enough you're right. So could. Have you against our football is not as good weapons. College football's best mom Leah wasn't dollars he did disappear and you happen anyway way the windows open it up after every week. What's a Maria. Good morning guys good morning her. I'm gonna look like the shot and my application I believe which should be put to the forefront because number one. I and Angela not encumbered my kids or adults they take care of themselves so I have let loose and antique street and number two. I think Kirk I am one of the few callers that I think you actually like I do like UConn. Which I think would help. Make the program even better that you have are we need it might crack. Let me ask you a couple of questions and about the rest today and of people on the station odds to couple words what do you think of much I think is near for example. Had training training training. I wax and wane with trying to I admire her. Oh forget. What do you what do you I don't know he has put my. I got okay mr. Kibaki is on my number one licked I had seen people. And Alex Greenburg is they're not close close second. You mister Reimer. A lot of people not Kirk wants a number of people not on a Dale Hall issue what do you think of that show. Although I'd seen I can't answer that I don't wanna get them want honesty and Maria what do you think the gala show. I do not enjoy it upon hired a graduation ceremony today. At the. All right Maria won't journalist who talked you said Arenas at least knows you know the show emotion of the ins announce on don't quite hit the ground running. It seemed like an aggressive person we love Maria for a favor colts now we tell Kurd Kurds to do anything he'll do anything that was in the past. One coup fund another producer who's gonna never been with a group had a producer who was as willing to do whatever it took. We still gonna even though you're senior producer at the station your corporate now we still booked flights Fresenius SE two. I'll I'll cede overtime pocket for Jerry you understand why we have some concerns all kidding aside of course if you express those to do it yourself privately. John and I talked about it yes we talked noted produces what is your solution to this you're just gonna do more work aren't. That's I mean there's no other way to get around it was a two were more than we were you still where Leach is a senior producer while I mean. Ought ulterior casino obviously this is exactly what I mean I always thought they were like I couldn't Syria after. I stereotypes next yes hi Richard died from Sports Illustrated Mike and ask you during arrogance of this one cracked yes just ma am maybe a lot of quiet talked with dice talking themselves. What was your issue. Mean I am not gonna say well what are we what's my genre talk what you mill hill on his piano and then -- was gonna say what he always is gonna defend Jim Ellis and defend it it won't argue about it and just sit out. Almost. Hates skip Bayless love to mill hill it's on TV we'll see I don't know boys stick around Richard direction Sports Illustrated joins us. About casting couch we spent the past and that's right he's one of the thirty point originals of idea of them that it was good return them back now much did. I'll just threaten that's the other thing all that's what is most analysts that the need these men it would be sort of I mean it's get upset they act like it's over so they could have occurred please don't Freud if you Syriana you stick to its importance corporate. John a duty to get your not asleep take but if you could confirm Jerry Kelly came did say that you are piece was the end of the Boston Globe so. Which there anyway you look back. Can you confirm today that the globe is the publishing our eyes and actually there's actually ceased to exist as of tonight. Jerry tell him in the pulpit like from from the New York Times a Washington Post at this point that each raging fit against anything yet that. That we do that because he doesn't agree. Yet it's good for business. So Richard died podcast who talked to Chad and about and really really held Chad's notes that the fire over a thug profile gets emotional talking. And this is in real journalism critic Richard and a real pride in critiquing journalism. And and he didn't have a problem with that and are free profile of former guest here but geez. Low moment let's go live Richard. Personal. If you were to get at it though Callahan called yet and you're going after me for best moment in just human does it up. Pleasurable ten minutes given what I have adored the last few hours. Well we're easy with the kids. Yet look and create a UP I know you have an accurate yeah. Southern Oklahoma senator Leahy young kids are sick. You you might have all moved by. I unit Jewish. Well Mike and ask he's doing our our co hosting a vasectomy take care of and so you have to worry about the idea. It bucket game market down the road whether or go for the. Actually he practicing abstinence. I think they practice here outside terms of and there's an accident. A moment ago that this isn't like I got got that I love Mike is like when little kids are sick isn't in the world to stop. Usually you make it usually you will not have sex with each other until sports and a six has over one rate. Helen showing you'll never have to worry about again never to be also had. I'll be counted I think ideally. Probably going to be months as opposed. Lettuce and a we've we've. On the sweet talk about the salon Richard because two mill hill because people like you will not be honest with us about two Mel hit a democracy at. Why why do you feel compelled to defend their Al. The Richard I just an oral why do you feel compelled to defend them you have the ratings we get the ratings every day they're disastrous that show is a disaster for ESPN. And you for some reason feel compelled feel compelled to defend it to rational. And they were only down 3%. I I loved dropped well occurred there's always but it all city. That's right that's true when asked him again he's a big star now in and senior executive producer is moving up the ranks. Your career has brought the volume at all now knowing that maybe not the curse is absolutely. On during an interview with you. It actually makes. Com and there's actually a. He's worth a veteran Curtis are now. I was passed Doug Dutch can call to house and endlessly for calls before you can snorted a. Continued dialogue with the students and yet editor he did start area oddly with the terms of hill and I get a look at it is a record between defense. And being objective. With the rate. As I wrote this week and certainly that would overrode. It's getting a win you. Want Q and you don't give you an analysis of how they're doing will depend on the week pictured doing so there are certain weeks it down 20%. It works there are certain weeks are up 6%. And they're certainly that there flat. And a half are they happy with the rate the Redford all the other stuff would you say that could deliver the ratings they expected to deliver. I would probably say yes you managed. It probably expect it. A maybe I'm. It's say at least they just say that on. And residents say it there's nothing worse in this. I don't need to I don't need to defend them what what what that. Eight a total being last year there and nobody could come into this extreme sports and art more weather would regard act whether it's Kirk manager cal was ordered. Rates whether beyoncé and cheat and scheme change Mercury a lot like. 25 year old thirty year old today. Know instantly. What the score is and what highlighted so premise of 400 yen to me is it that it shall anyway so I don't. I don't know what they expect it I think you can measure although we expect three but what that you can India in that respect yet. Erode their numbers are worse than the Z zone and accused the drop off from the to SE six is dramatic. And I don't. I don't think if you skip Bayless were hosting that show again those numbers I'm pretty sure rich or die each would be a lot more critical. Talk about double and artists that day. And ultimately I'll be honest about that again. Yeah it's a good but don't think it's a good show there's no I know you you don't is no way you think intellectually the sports at a six Richard Mell in Michael talking about. The Steelers let them be themselves tell me you Khatami it's a good show that's not a good. I think your segment that they do their interest in I think there are certain that a totally got pictures it. Again I'm not that you are trying to sit well what studio show audience at right now do you think garlic so unbelievable unbelievably can. I'm telling network right now. Number but that was told for months before it became obvious in these great show this team all the promotion commercial after commercial after commercial. It's. Ambitious gore ease any other show people tell me a break every Bryan Curtis Roger Mel you want to melt and she should be seems to be a Bork. On that show off the air she's got some life and he's you'll the other day you think she's done right she's basically double the ESPN. I believe that made it into birch bark it's like you're seeing all of given their perception of her in terms. The fact that Vijay is going to be honest about how she feels politically in the social issues on Twitter and edit it if you're hurt. You know you've been publicly suspended for two months off I get a fair argument to make management did not overtly support her after all this down. And O'Donnell are you serious. And more importantly this is you got leaked it out that quote to the wood to the. They've screwed with their show they dare make it change what needs killer may unique. And it started to put all those traditional stuck at work that are packing a quick it. That's their fault if you'd like back to try to do that would just you just fight back fight back. I liked it a ticket that might might at that. Rather than fighting back at it. If you're kill your leg I management strategy that bad to try to bring in people who have a different opinion. That we do justice arm putting another sister to create flex some kind of debate I think it'd green. I'd imagine a little freaked and they just want like. You know another kind of viewpoint and I just so. You don't you wanna fight with you war. Yes. Yes yes yes it's really work if you care but you're showing up that's what you do what you gonna do the show you want. There are gonna Yankee like the air to create that if they yank you off the air and go somewhere else. I know I know you guys don't like. Shall I understand I can respect that you like but but they are changing. They hired them to do and to meet your talent that's there management struck it mattered insert acting what you. Why would you want why would you wanna play that into the next year and a half. What we've worked is because I don't know why you wanna draw on work work Richard was it was up to imagine we'll be doing the show with Chris mimics everything would be ninth in the that's a joke of the series we said no. It every turn no no no no no no no now we're number one it's great that I understand it's a national show it's TV it's different but you say they don't support the hiker. You pared its into the civil war she got suspended with. This supporter. But everybody. Imitate but I mean I am not a doctor Schilling gets fired. Curt Schilling got fired actor. Multiples after he was born just achievement of the suspend the few times. It looked at again I think that you know a hospital killing the Kirk big analogy but I do think that result of these same people. Are not go to you're ESPN. And again it's. Additionally got a much that it was so you're you're guessing she ends up where MSNBC or CNN. I'm applying at you know mom and mom buy into those. Sort of who argued yet and the middle culture war about the that you know will dump all this because you want to be star on. I'll progressive television I'm not sure what you would do but. She you know about somebody who every gamut Twitter feed is talking about. You know trump and hit. And and you know political issue on a daily basis and acute. I think she certainly true healing at a press the United States but I'll see her going into eight politically oriented show I'm not sure which you review. When I go to. Would like it gets them a bar stool his paean. To be questioned and report on. You're show then potentially you're but did you get. During that I'd let it amp on Rob Reynolds that you are at this point. I think he could ESP had honestly. Is craving the eighteen to 33 or bad. So desperately you know how loyal are still list. It seems to me that they're gonna played it very fine line. Where we you know we like we look yet ski commentator with luck their catching up that podcast but. We're not going to associate ourselves with the bad parts of barks to Wear a bit as we each got our schools are still. That the native very sort of. Interest in fine line that they're gonna sell but I think Boris did you see any portion were embarked immediate can't ESPN right now is not a Kool brand. You know something I need anymore you don't want to hang up dead in their mascot Bristol. They need what course to which is immense loyalty. Among eighteen to 35 year old that over a deck for the most part. On bad. I know you're a busy with the twins. Have you seen Stephen A Smith would Lavar ball you know one of the god. One of the lower moments for a Stephen A Smith and his long and illustrious tenure at the network. I have not. Now what you've got that on your show. We didn't he quit so we had to be an altercation last time Jerry was inappropriate so he's not a nonsense will have Floyd Mayweather. Yes Floyd Mayweather I went out and Jerry and I went out about his relation with Mayweather and he didn't. And they either got Linda Hitler book what made me absolutely if there is there any national. Yes get her right now that you would say that you got and not fighting with the show that it actually hit it. Who. As Geoff Canada's chef or as it's just OK when I think my. You guys are doing now will you might remember us on the mid day guys have a moment of my grease on the Bobby Allison is any is John McDonough is likely to let the people have like Randy Scott on the shows a lot of personalities and I am. Neil Everett did you ever it's no lover I. Found out that this is set this up algebra Salmonella not a fan I don't know I'm not a lot of people aren't there. But es I don't think we'll bubble is Floyd Mayweather but he certainly not entertaining at all he certainly that clone and Stephen A Smith is just. Yuk it up. Just making a while and this morning they don't watch it it's it's troubling. The one thing about the one thing about that network is there. Sort of love affair with gag Smith Barney error at all times to comment at all thanks. I just haven't gone out of five years is remarkable on that speaks to that yes yes and really want to see you in any situation get viral. Even when that viral stuff it's negative it's just there. There is such requests to have like your opinion. Get into the larger states of ideas. And sometimes you end up with. That's saying something in there and it's gonna go viral I'll wonder the management even upset because that its people talk about yet yet and it's at least it won't like people not talking about yet yet and you know like a political book all week on our. And the the networks and genuinely worried about NFL ratings I know this is a question that. Turk Kirk's been dying to know answers sent a lot of power ratings but it seems to me this is real man this this is this is something they'd have to be concerned with. But it shut since segment we don't let them all. Quick question. Yeah yet at their answer is obviously. Anytime you get declines specially. In local markets there concern but keep in mind again this is the largest oil people sort of just what you eat your heart. The numbers are still. Better than anything. On Linear television and nothing else to close and the likelihood is that we're gonna see correction is no way to ease rates could have it I. Forever they weren't 2015 to twenty fortunately I think they're concerned. And the general rule that I think Eric Reed bunch of billionaires gore used to always making money and always being you know all we indexing up when he comes on it. And I think Europe many many factors as to why. That's not gonna necessarily sit in the future arm but that league in at five. If you don't want it CBS NBC they'll pony up the money they ultimately want you get that was it. And the Amazon and places like that it you know to the NFL it's equal access out at a out of trouble reading a book going like that did such as the fullest take. Doctor it'll. I was told that you back here at some point. I also wouldn't want to get out. Al. East but he's always do you want to come back. I'd like I looked like radio and you got it right and and GM expert. We love obnoxious obnoxious New Yorkers who are there good random guys love yes I'm mad dog yet. Do you you to hold your twins. Re do you think you love them as much as Chad Finn loves Michael Felger. I believe bottle I. Chet in order or. Naturally out via metrics. We hear a thing on its I think I I think opposite. Might lead. Like that now and it. But the extra inning games. Art or talk to assume. They're spirited Richard I'd probably brought on by town fair tire that the town of money at some. Do you do use of my news now is. The show ought to do you know let's use this all morning he knows your compute conveniently does the show a lot I think just going back and forth from the materials and tax and Thomas by relentless on top stuff yet obvious Felix Roemer and to Nazi trench it was possible cause insecurity. Why what is your here and what exactly what I said it was gonna happen happened bends over backwards to defend that shell execute on that everything will put them on to agree with persistent media critic should he tell the truth instead of off workers or what ever happened. And I'm not saying it always happens and take action because he does agree and admit this implies he hates campaign as he can't be objectives in the club's usual while weeding out to skip Bayless stuff but that's because the UK check Twitter like that he played my mind. I don't know I do think that ESPN has been I've been fair judgment on Michael. I'm not a about it so just to let them not go themselves yet neither is my argument essentially true like. It's about Michael so we're going to be ourselves and kissed you would have the guts to tell the stop in. Kick off the air they are in the might be some negotiations may they would win in the end as she would win in the end it was up to it was up to management a year in two months ago whatever. UB Christmas mixer my QRD year Marc Bertrand or something with us through although popular and heavily councils or offline journalists who have yet and would be 254055. A couple deaths from the begun the seventh in the ratings and we had. Absolutely not gonna do that moral times their impact on its. I overnight to. That any further dale let's go to our guest Chris Curtis he producer the dancing cow Hampshire. You can hear what you do you have to me why do you enjoy doing what you do. I would I would say I enjoy doing what I do read does I know what I mean to reassure work on. I started yesterday in radio like produce the show I produce. For Jason's little Rachel enters Padilla is mentioned diapers and operatives that Callahan. The point is a little frustrating aspect is that I talked to my parents and talked with friends and ephemeral it. Largest producer while you just do well the reason I am. And the reason I am presumably an and you it would do is because it's. I know the impact I could have on the show and now I'm doing more than six to ten in Boston with DNC. I can yeah opposite. Incredible I've never heard at all it's it's amazing Odyssey 91 well every single time it's amazing to me is how stupid. Jerry John and I were but did not know this it was a good luck. It didn't suspected ones that. What what what case workers voiced any else that podcast. We have fifteen cuts I can tell you a couple on and know that. I think people seize the available amazed though on the list of. There on the show. They heirs obviously between six and ten in Boston what time then would you get to the studio on a given day. Up for third with thirty roughly what's on the I don't frequently at the door production. So all we out of their body of 1130 you know and you're going but I don't. The really good at it I will be doing the industry around just as soon and there are. My goal is to get as much like here and done and we don't wanna position but I find that most of what they do welcome tourists. Does he probably better product at the hospital were where the pitchers he has that mask on not on. That is the most serious and normally tiger called you are routine. Parents not know. Men and I don't like I have like chills listening to your routine again I this I'm fascinated by this incredible went to that money's liquor store right there right now close and I got anyone saw 75 leader. And diligent you call it Randall. Boys haven't realized that's going to watching as an army through the die each day's end but you take home with me that you know of the and you get a bottle of tonic water alcohol on a couple balls and then you get some things in the glass and those had a favorite class in August and put it gym in the freezer. So would be coal. Genes in the freezer platonic waters in the refrigerator. Some important life. Once on the big volatile days ago I get home you're right must've at some ideas. In addition nearly a hole and you get home it's in the freezer right now and she'd she'd call on her way home from work and take the in the freezer and putting in my truck Michael regularly tortured 1130. I was tunnel fire us at 1130 man and you drag it into the the whole thing. Mel and I go through to root out two or three of those a week so the Dutch interviews at what time. I believe it was around two or three in the optimum I got home that's the dead zone for me it's like a home. Ranked pass though and my phone is ringing off the hook. And I'd like these taxes producers what's going on white this producer and wanna come on those were really sick. I. And yes so then I finally got on with him and it is I mean I was I can't listen. When you're Boston College Chris did you major in radio and television our communications soared. Yeah. It was. All these so. I think it's comparable to those who want a world certainly in terms of about what it was via the current crew villages. I Ellis all they can and color analyst for the gym it's not what I promised to start working there now and you could write an active April 1 one to thirteen. And then when did you leave for your room did roll. Around three years three years sixty raking in 66 X that whole time you're drinking hunt going on yes. I mean she and you look at it now every day so we never knew it makes all the sense in the world now when you look back I mean. Week or hours and hours are releasing where's Kurz who couldn't corporate 67 hours about Dina between takes the crickets yet crickets. And you were so fat but. The fallout from one and eat too obviously as it did you just eat when you were drunk. I. All they ate pizza chicken fingers project any part of you she's gonna to Atlanta. For the for the the good of the show that he's like 22 weeks path so hard just to get a handle emergency go to. The bus to get around him directly I've got all the time. What is the look what is this feeling for you is it but he knows he's really into the city like Boston. Armed producing a show horse you have to try to get to you let's say a network level where you're producing a national Russia. Yeah. Feeling is definitely bring the program director of them on the market over the radio station and analysts. That's like going with the local authority position I think you know whether it's awesome New York Chicago follow your utopia. You can just the markets like. I feel good morning radio stations were on my gold yeah. Well I've always sort of do it just says yeah 31 years old of this disease since I was if you remember him in the biz. Time and I think discipline is something that's. That's what I wanna do. So you have no memory of the strikers this comes in the first or does the voice of the you just heard of these senior producer WB and I'd open here ordered him. And cultural ones away from getting a job as program director you are one. Jurors are obamas and texture you know texting in their car running over Joseph your chart do you think not public is happy to see it if you stopped drinking we know these beautiful hostile Massachusetts as. You think you'd be dead or he would be dead of one. All the ugly over this off and he is composed of all this young you're an alcoholic and alcoholic hepatitis a we truth to that and it has got a curve Kirk and have a good laugh. Who's yeah its doorstep that is the greatest strength can gene that's my favorite anymore so please please please god please. It's laughable yeah. Certainly not races could certainly we are any guide talk you know can be viewed as misogynist I mean you can sense that it's building male oriented it's. You know three guys sitting together yelling at each other. And that I would similar to what separates it is that they don't take it seriously when there are grouped around the joke about it is about opening. You know and I understand what people would say you know. That son of a male audiences she was solid and this was obviously put myself I don't agree with the church at all I think it city. It is that the fund will run show as well yeah. Yeah absolutely not. Happen. That's actually not bad of that Paula and I can't let you. So Smart then and whatnot restricting during the interview. Yes you remember that. Moment. How great is that it's possible he could ever direction. Don't know if you intend slightly to float and there are dealing deals he burns. You miss at all Chris. I know it. We bring him one day implement them warm and Rudy how do you describe that warm for you and god said nice right there are 80. Yeah a little burn. It trickles down to scanner. Settles in your stomach illness that Chris. The last two years of I was drinking at a necessity. To miss the days to the consulate in. He sees yes I missed it definitely bring you don't want to give up everything for one thing we worry then that if we bring in legged June putting an excuse desk for show you my right. It is publicly and fall away and many times and some degree sometimes like you're going to love you all exist new jobs they're two gods have a more responsibility more stuff I worry about somebody don't I don't worry about either you guys February 16 he now and 2018 as we're curbs were followers on either of these two drunks I don't. Woody that's more like fossil site. Curtis that was more responsibility to China well hurts right now we just look at all victims right now IC February 16 2008 units might be workers falls off. You don't attempt at an ultimate I don't think he's gonna I am so I never what do you think Obama never. Are you on the line. He's not he's not that it is not the only should be in this room. He looks at that doesn't look like he's poppy and then ambulance crews was such a messy game was like hundred pounds you could do that three minutes no chance don't do what Freeman get down there and run back no chance he could do it. Which you weighed on the bench minutes and fifty seconds and again I believe like your slow slow slow he could he could run lead it's your money where your swing from the he received because it was illegal acts that. He's got the right way out of a bill I Erica let's at least and if you do an empty four time that was promised that was dispute process than the The Who. And we don't know we should not. It they couldn't. But again put your money where your mouth OK we could we can do little the cap on it like to I don't want to attempt it's what probably on one bench review. How much of the parts of the borrowing. 45 so my point is academic twenty times so one time back in the matter of months from the fact that about west LT one Ret maxis and yes I'm honored I can I'm on I'm not that I would say. Hey Jerry Dixon animals that show is fighting the good guys hold madness. Mike and ask you told me and told these guys he has it now subtitled furnace that. It announcement big announcement today you little these especially I don't know what's going on delivery I think Boston sports scandal activists are you wanna do that exports is to get a final hour we'll do that when the and that o'clock hour began its curtain to.