K&C - Callers react to Kirk's monologue; Belichick stiffed Steve Burton 8-10-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, August 10th
Hour 3: Callers give support and advice to Kirk. The guys react to the preseason broadcast last night and Bill Belichick being his usual self in the halftime interview with Steve Burton.

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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kurt commit ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. From of my car I said I like don't I don't want to do this I don't want. Hi I don't but I know it's this thing in my head keeps talking about this thing examine this and look at this look at this from the word suicide. Suicide suicide. In affect how I felt internally I felt for the past couple weeks like I have a heart attack almost all the time I was having a hard time breathing. I was also playing this character a on the air who was feeling good and around my family was feeling dude and talking my Brothers whose feeling dude joking doing that you won't sort of dying inside so I simply. Cannot live like this anymore I have to get over. And if you give up whatever power I have and I drove the car to which has hospital. Enough. We that was. I really close him and listen to this. It was very experienced very well done and post a and the sport but I don't composed and how articulate he wore I couldn't do them good stuff. The group has to America ourselves to attribute guessing who's thirty Craig Craig. PDs Detroit Syria got these Pedroia and Martinez is an impediment to invincible be. What their shirts on that nicknames well I guess I don't have shorts I'll let the I think I think. I mean it's I've said twenty times the last couple mean you know between doctors and therapists workers. It's just of the whole world turns out sage really ought to YouTube mean do you like you're talking people and the people with. Yes people who listen I don't original but thank god it was having come I cannot think old among talking you it was just about you Mike I. Guess. Right I mean. Yes yeah like hey good morning like Craig she millions and like that's cents a week Adam Mike and Alex this morning a revered as a professional in that's really weird. That's that's that's NC. What is saying might say my first name is nobody could use a completely different character in because what ever atom Mike and Alex this morning how are you. Had a little guy doesn't know what an awful placing mutt oh yeah literally screwed up put knocked off kilter exit one modest and colleagues good interview he does talk radio shows or today. Today he doesn't and and how often that guys name you know more inaugural issue of the animal right there because airs. You guys are ready let's opening 32. On yours if you missed that earlier Kirk came clean and Kirk opened a vain and that on the console in we clean that mess up but. Us. Oh. Good point. But that's you were doing too good up front trying to hurt so I'm picturing on big that you. Well aired it and let it all it was good it was great X was spectacular actual posted later we do already. I was gonna wait to be in the sure way to the inflation slightly good. Organ replacement thirty component related report says could you go a little longer it's. And at that point but now we've colts' lineup wanna talk to most among trying to kill themselves. And they wanna tell you there's good. X can't wait that's my favorite thing but we do have some of our favorites on line let's talk the homeless cal go in a car they can have. And Chris Woodward you've been. And myself every single day. I figured doing that slowly but surely Richard that's on that those McDonald's breakfasts. Yeah what's there. Obstinacy that's what I can edit about it being cute. It's believe. 21 straight day event that would eat. We don't that we're paying that you know the taxpayers can sort what was the issue this time. Site and it was just jets beat bad diplomats. Sort of a thought is that talks are generally being fat is that he said. Well and revenue will be Jenny which were pretty abortion a lot law. I can lose. The karma for minority. I'm at bat where are slim to reach an even two individuals. Excellent on good for you like this really hot summer a muggy weather. Humidity sweat. I know I. This isn't about you kept this is a luxurious by the cabin just the fact he's homeless and suggest to me has some mental illness and some depression probably most homeless do rallies almost people say this the light that shows them happy and outlets abroad and maybe Kevin's generally happy it's. I don't have an opinion about them but sure. Got a good chance to clear I would read it out if you got a great decrypt. Thanksgiving scout uses and it's more for use on placing it might give us a break. Accompanied by short due course that is a delivery guys it respectable show you can our fuel my favorite villain you are grateful that you hear that Graham you know that. Everything shall rest the villain loaded in a lot of friends up. The bar than that you're the only one left you're a great feeling. I can have. Eight. Again go gets on the do we get the two. I hit it too slow for those who like burgers. Ford Wallace. At the net and broad language gets four dollars. I'm Jesse James Nichols that night when the Atlanta we've got out got. Ralph for the patrons. Now well twelve games. We determine if there's anyone else in America under sixty game Ralph powers terms for a rough much and that's from Ralph Lauren and he's since we're the closest fifty much uses that he can only get one on six weeks and well for what Ralph Webster says. That he's about. That you reporting at this time I wrote letters to his youngest ralphie on that. Ralph myself. On the most of the city of 65. Which is that there is no young Ralph maybe dog dress and around Fred has Ralph. It's I don't know it's good name and on capitol. No bonds anymore. Some of that. Weren't any monster begin to tell you tuck. Mod that nobody was very popular name gives us an idea that your name from a month starting in about ten relatively free Motley PR business yeah. That's not a real person that's a show. Women in mod and knowing who I was younger their Lama an 80 a unnamed NATO and the government ought to play Kate Spade mom you once made zero anybody. The I don't clients wanted to government namely with any merely notified quite hit it and it pushing Zelda. Who is an excellent deal it happens lots arrest. Just not right for him. No whales left your rights are going to ralphs is nobody 175. Except a Ralph Webb the must be named after Robert shooter something. I guess we'll compete you frenetic bubble wrap is like to John Negroponte routes as a Ralph still Sandra trainer from New York transport someone will be I guess yeah he felt Ralph Ralph. When I was a kid in junior I was famous you know line. I was there are always one guy in junior high you know we started taking challenges ankle Pickler yes he had a rope and he went on today. And it was. As always chopped up. Try it yeah agenda yes it was in my gym class the pressure was on right I elected gym class some great bunch of up. Yeah it's good to do I like it but we'll do that separate shoppers at Lexington I was in which mean which has the same thing yes. We had the horse the temperature. You didn't get that thing and you weren't like. Not tarnish on time and I don't know I get my again out of their staff I was not in a little rinsing them linger Lucy says whatever you Saturday. Who month that's Ericsson Ferran of Erik that took long showers Jerry chilled by dig it it's like it. It will tell everyone now is not a guy I was I'm slightly a child when their helicopter Gerri what's the biggest what's the biggest horse dog years. Who has. If they don't pull. Outsourced. God and Eric article by the way that these are serious about Eric once second and so once and how they go with that thing where they were had been. The paralyzed jockeys media there is a lot of money there's a lot of money and a lot of looks like I'll apparently John on the paralyzed got to Amman about equities are still in was not there but that. We're gonna work all day every day. Eric what's up. There are structured to fill all on Kevin but off a shot from port thank you arm. I do love your show mostly because of slow cocaine that you guys are no you know I have to say your sincere thank you to Kirk for being candid. Keep being this morning talking about this depression issue on. I I actually work in and the mental outfield let us hi medication for people are on a daily basis going to release things so. I see how debilitating depression can be. Are in on their still has -- earlier a stigma around it people feel sort of ashamed to talk about it and bring you as much awareness to wit you can't. And I certainly a good thing and and having formally it's certainly will reach a lot of people in and makes people feel we don't there and I'm sort of down period. Feel like people what you said maybe you know maybe it will get there where the appointment. I hope so like Simon I just think it's just you know. I've never I've. Add in my whole life and I've never been knocked down like I have not been knocked out last few months ever in a you're ready to become an advocate and spokesman round. Know what people reach out to you ignore them. Sourcing and we bespoke relaxed approach maybe or maybe you each got insurance you pay for upon hard. And Tim's and made a gym it's like what's insurance. What is. He was wooden piece. AA is. What's up Jim. Yes I. That there's been a lot already covered by it. To speak to say that won't say first would sign it never called him on before. Did you called loan with a shoe. Never called on the phone is what space it was a show. Each and that Max will unveil his shoe phone guide to summer got a piece. Also that I. Better chose sometimes it doesn't amount to a. Just go for your help we worth people who if you can't speak at all so you're you'll be fine. You know risky idea there. I have a little bit of a disagreement. But I. The main thing is you know that you can have a great. Marriage. I've been married for 44 years. You can have a good job which I did. And literally had no kind of summed up money problems. But this thing out here it is you're so insensitive to incur other people who. And I'm up here in Maine I'm not Boston. And I find that to be more common. Comment to me and saying I understand this disease. I don't I am I gotta give us leverage on genocide boil it down to appreciate it which I just don't do you what was your point. My point is that. It is as his. It's absolutely disease at all I think position in my view made. Why I said it wasn't yes earlier it. No I think it is a disease and I think people should really realized act and I can you Kirk. Thanks Jim I think gonna tactic that most people do recognize disease and most people have been great model was not great but most people of regret about. Mike was great mom was not. I was Trace your reach out pretty reached out yeah she's an advocate you know she's got her own issues as we know. You know in order to restore train yard run a one page together. We can't racing mobile trying to train that's the shots there are full our job rating. Now let's go to a vote fake trade you read choked to death at the cac. And I view of some math on that end they had tickets are your kid tat at the same thing ever again. It did it ever owned the station reject now. I did not hear folks do on some friends or you know in order want to but yeah I don't that's that's not an issue but Lowell a cold or even if you're not frenzy co worker. To reach out to at a time like this and it will tell I said I don't think rich keep credit to reach out to meet or Kirk but I parents died and I don't think the average cares if I do that are not like there's not a friend Dillon read the favorite here. Right and we would be favored to take those twelve shares in I mean there's got to that. Which is it to people who reach out because they want to Kirk say they reached I think the people that he would all the time on a social media. And they they do it to him and I might look I don't like Richie just like me so I would expect to do that. Our calls to scoot switch should be right. Jeff settle and feel they Jeff. Yes hey what's up guys and hit but Kurt is a coward and a hypocrite that he had rail does Greg Dickerson about his depression and he blasts occurred it's the next one of them nonstop. He police try any about her anxiety. And Chilean mine I like that would suck up slowly worsen the reporter yeah Leslie to confront Pallet Jack yeah. I didn't but I do bragging about his ratings nonstop. Right I mean he's literally I mean you'd. Tip of the day after the Borges he can't run while working never came to me it's. School call the Red Sox lose a few games in a row and scream and squealing like a little pig and insight about the promise up front but try it. 88 riots John Dennis are the pound inside and and the big thing that that's got a card in the future oppression. It's people are trying to bring down the shelves to. I just think all people trying to bring them down big guys strict in you know but we're waiting game bragging about it rating should not stop. I can enjoy EAR Gupta good starts and repeat yourself and immaterial to you you were you hoping Kirk you know finish the job there. Well at least not being hypocrite unless and he Eagles. So I. I would say Jeff hypocrisy there didn't say I was going to do it did not do it to be fair. What color the way you train Dickerson and away. One other tricky subject person I've had any Curtis and trying to find that your favorite talk about deckers. When you're happy when big ocean without the short for Hugo. He opened up we talked a lot like I did we talked about you would you rather we do with the other shows do which is be boring and awful terrible. Corrects stuttering stammering and make you feel like that again thanks I get this veterans day. I wouldn't say today you were stuttering stammering rather than being a cop and current. That makes fun of people make him feel uncomfortable about their problems. And try to Gerry Callahan brought from the air birth on the ever hired unplanned Janet Johnson Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff you you've done these needles. Credit Juanita white hat shop and my engineer gracious and that's always sensed that with what's what's an idea which sets us up with some peace let's talk about Amman and Jerry I'm in the diet literally. Is about to jump in front of a true god that I saw. Yeah I was off to a good start. We as gives us an age whom we got some other people they he definitely age it's gonna Stephen Providence and all the way to go right you could include discussing. I don't think so what's up Steve. What I wanted to it's sort of a tree. Think we've beaten them the equipment and. Welcome liquor permit to come out of this is comic con men at any planes that Aaronson. A good point. This copy from their lives trial yesterday counted like as a flight today Gerry McNamara. That. Correct I know you like it make it in what you're what you're about the only era aren't your whole set almost direct so it always happens. Marble strokes typical horse now. On a couple weeks ago we want it to what can correct who we're in the race. Our results virtual iron. Squawk. And what do we are all about her. Home in our. Group go all the way. It was a book I bombed it I don't recall let's have crimes really crimes now one now or some where else how else unfair Stevie on video that. And though you know like she. If you were an hour after. I I. I reached out to thank you. Like a. The same things I want I don't know if thousand email it was like it was kind of access. Right to delete edit email and read this thank you he knows what way let's stop and meet in the pitch from. It's the works I'm just. Some people are sent every generic word great guy your cleavage generic when you hit the button and it wound its San Juan what's with the same way anyway. If I type to have myself put some thought into very little. At 100 gradually you. Crazy when you're arguably anymore congratulations. On August 7 in court. I'm not a democratic thing to what you're wiser after all of which you look back it was a car in more regulation. YouTube movie you've been sober for a year. No I didn't know that you know and I think legally did state to look at the fact from mother's face no legal issues that is interest I sure have picture we have. Yes I think we should flatly rule. If your license. I do right now via when you when you loose change. I've no idea will say well we should get on judgment no no we should not even talk about what's next trip to Saratoga. Two weeks. Two weeks that's the opening you realize I'm gonna actually Michael tomorrow to exit and valiantly month tomorrow by yourself yet. I might sneak up there. Stevens threesome hone three and a half hours three hours might sneak up big box all night a lot of friends and did this week. Adam Michael and Al the weather as we often hear this week all that's true see your kids will go with you and available some world's. We can get through those two weeks from today mutt and GM opens in Springfield so does the 24 yes big day for you just open that there. 11 AM with us okay yeah August 24 as good place for lunch that day in my excellent idea. We're doing the show that the public to if you frivolous when they're working but it will would know him you know all the all the degenerate solid definitely. In no question the race book they'll be like hey look it's Mike I might on the degenerate gambler and I am sure. Can't wait. Well what might you be weeks which are not pump for the opening cooking my concern took of himself like because tomorrow probably Obama. But that's life. Its stake as the real you know you did your pin is what to do that tomorrow if reform that. Go for the day it's August heat kid's gonna be a school a few we should be doing something. First of three in Toronto MacIntel like bowling last week in the Buick ticket Buick Saturn yeah I saw a rainy Saturday ends and kinkle outside tomorrow Jerry's box as a true. Yes rain all weekend this gas so that. I'm wondering at this point it's been so hot grows. Yeah no doubt they are already on gross without. Now it's rainy gross rainy and gross ones they'll try what happened why this conversation turned this we don't want to and with threats mic and a month try to bring and show. But we learned that. A more calls one to talk to you felt optimistic. Kirk bottom kill himself the other day. Well not just the danger it's been sort of building here for an curious understand than usual as intolerant that's fine problem. Katie thought about killing himself for the last you know what mark actually entered Kirk should be Red Sox Red Sox let's go Red Sox let it go arrives at us so little uncomfortable in the meeting with a three US started that if I thought the you felt you know of numbered exists but. It was fine with long last we hear speculation and really went the way you know we've had set meeting fifty times are nothing new. Management is of at a afraid to tell me to do something correct. I can imagine why and I literally said in the meeting we wanted to tell us what to do Brett Richards has birdie but he right. Which you would agree with you beyond we become more but then we might I might actually. To my eyes will just come on saying it right. Rat pack week and we don't want to make all of this guy anymore product Marty Walsh Charlie Baker are sensitive. And I said I'm not going to loosen the net it was a that was not a funny I mean I what was now have to. Right where it was sort of an hour and a half and we went to lunch guests and I thought you'd be a little unhinged and you work through very level that is what it was like after Holmes you want to become sick after sex so exhausted it was sitting there we had nice lunch Kirk planned on exactly where you and ago for a always gonna kill himself Jerry was really helpfully held up don't look commuter -- hey -- you can get hooked on his own radio six short he knew how to get there he did. And nowhere in the trains come in for a great 52 miles an hour to yet known yet how that they'll probably be there laid down but can help to suspect wanted right side. Of. Insights from field level do it. Have a Willis hey guys I'm down here on the field pumped up 2018 season I think the defense it's gonna make a heck of a market. In the NFL in general why I think this could be forced back hides our. It's gonna go out there's going to be the captain is gonna get everybody right on that defense. They're going to be flying around they can place I think 2018 watched her make a lot of plays and make a lot of noise and what's up for 91 wise he's pretty good too. Lot of noise that we get the race. Discuss the picture's going to be the Sox less than yes yes yes it's a matter Asian smash amazing because it was so not a national HIV and handling and 3.5 54 yet for the Red Sox IC LA's ratings for TV. I'm not seen those yet now. It's curious. I'd be curious to tonight's Ford one for the Red Sox lost. But it was pretty entertaining obviously watching him that guy and the security hit for the cycle the hitting that home run in the ninth for the cycle was I thought that was it to tame a note you didn't I didn't. According to the patriots gave pennies while talk to guys for the record I'm happy the patriots won Wii U we unhappy to move Cuba to hit for the cycle missiles. I find that pretty cool I'm in the sense you care. He has few months. I don't care as much I don't. Now is that this I mean you just can't get. I would turn it on in a lawsuit that you have to sit him anywhere and handwritten kissed again I don't you make of Boehner or you're doing your post show I mean give me. Debate you're just I wasn't seeing more 88 loss at home run it's a hotly today. Well that is there any sort patterns they don't see it will keep that's hit for the cycle I did I flipped on he had singled doubled and tripled yes it hurts I hurt my cause I don't I don't on team. JD Martinez Randy peaceable cubicles well low hurdle that hurts but it still gets we says it's okay it's the most emotional and effort today from anybody yes you're very intimate. Your whole lot of thought. That you are on the right there team JD yes hash tag of patriots and every pre season game sucks there's no arguing that it's not entertaining it's not does nothing Brady here's the problem Brady please you care that's it but that's a very brief I care about Braxton barriers and it's why and grapple you know on the plate he cared. You know why the pro ball stinks is because football. It real football. So could lead to be duplicated public in an exhibition that was at last couple of years at least you had to grapple fan just see him yet but then again he played the regular another great bit but if you saw it crop or back this year to make a mayfield will watch and look great yes a really good and we saw Lamar Jackson ran for touchdowns does that matter nonstick while Barkley had a big planet personally was not -- such as a matter at all but -- football that doesn't matter socks 'cause football that matters so good does that make any sense yes because in order to have good real football has to be that intensity that danger. No real haters like you watched you on a reign of spring training is intense these regular season is not that things slow disparity right yes but football is so good. It's hard to duplicate it when it doesn't matter what the times that can't play and have fun but the same time Nikki beach was already midseason form that's true so would get to watch an art form it's at least the past with you I think the most important thing was seeing Brady. Bronco on the sidelines joke around. As the Brady were really hurting would make our new orders of excuse to miss the game. Britain must take place sore back he doesn't think he's really hurt now I think you definitely need it really heard giving him really mattered in the play the limited throwing you cancel or did you tighten and change Sunday though it play out I think based on the practice this little block of throwing in practice and blue dart is a McBride did today I there's a real injury that it brighter too heated don't judge so if there's even if he's on how little he's thrown the last thanks Friday Sunday were real game NFL game pitchers came it was kept in -- I don't think you play. Really respect for who's respectful for the tax have a lot of respect for ten or like Hannibal and listen Tom Brady Sunday. The public and even the broadcast obviously it's not a network broadcast so it's certainly missed for a cut in for Randy Hart and Paul Perillo. One to purchase it doesn't feel like real football. Doesn't look like real football what I mean did you even know this guy like Ralph Webb was on the team. Not get discouraged us I know it Hughes who don't like you Curtis well that is what happened right under I'm Ralph Webb and we get one of these kind of sign out for what Ralph what he had that right. When was that when did you report that. The story on May seventh. First did you broke the news of the it'll usually do not know who Ralph well wells. Rough weather buoys either one of these players I don't for a while veteran and because you cannot you don't know that you had big year in the assassination and for off Webb and George he has yet. It papal address those well thought out Amare he's got to think like seventeen running backs as Ralph Webb going to be in the mix tortillas and now he's not gonna make now so who cares what he did last eight. But assert their skill guys and our quarterbacks like the TV I watch us like a running back you I think grass hitting for the cycle to spousal. Others counsel your for the cycle that is only guy in the big leagues routes on it it it's it's kooky it's weird that I've never bet that's that is ever since it's so random but here's what I here's why I like have a good year up in the top. And ninety people is let like his 'cause we comes up in the ninth. He knows he's a home run so as convicts you know forget it right usually you think that educate don't. True that if you need it tripled. That's usually out of paper for this home runs for the dine at those cool it will maybe move can do that to put them but for me the other thing and you said this earlier is Brian Hoyer. He's not good flow lines don't forget heralding a Stanley at length is not good either by a barely on pro five times Hoyer is slate. I was like oh acutely neat in nine months and now. But with castle on a year to date you know that they can go six and and that division they gave me playoffs vacant us senate and I was surprised at where they would not be playoff no Brian Hoyer and the last couple years when the division. Oh dolphins bills. That means they can win going 97 when not to go but that had a although you never know the dolphins here for the fiscal bureau put it to seems weird that Belichick leaves them believes that. You know flaw. That you. You know brings more efficiently make it a point political point and the last couple years you've had dropped closely sabotaging himself at that point yeah Brady gets hurt some pretty historic and we don't think he will cause he's in great shape and he's flux oh that is whack that's where we can secure one he's got a sore back according to money wouldn't play that started the season today it's right. So he told me if his back is a problem. The Einhorn you have all this. Oh he's got a nice important guys Rob Gronkowski. Julian Edelman dot hi toes Stephon Gilmore. And they are all going to be depending on line Winger scary as to why did he leave themselves lacking why just to prove a point. I'm and he likes prime bored by in order or read about is the case maybe say that it can't say outside a couple I don't get the calls into packs excellence of the 77737. The site and really he's been pretty Martinez mr. Clinton is not. It's not my pleasure was responsible for crowd around my argument is he was Triple Crown your social crowns and Italy cycles sixteen points behind move keep that's bad for so that I saw a lot of 38 birdies plus RB I had an update any silly boarding demo to us before he needs the American League if he felt he put the two run and adding the group habits and have as. The RB no no no I don't close you don't close games he got hurt market because it healthier is our race strategist forty point higher rise in his blood on his tires or media I tires better because Jaime Ortiz who points higher it's all more and actually Morton has eighteen more stolen bases. An easy all the older and better defense and I was like you know one did not have last year's middle the order about the Alomar then just as an entire line of distribution of the PSA done it's what should. It should he's on the issue of the seventh spot. Because of the rest lineup is better just having that guy in the woods what's up documents as you saw better and rookie that's been true years ago with David Ortiz you're what do McKee that's due second in the MVP voting last year without a middle of the order that he struggled now Martinez back so and that's is seeing better pitches to hit. He's at a better all I labeled my best walked ten more times you struck out. He's phenomenal to lessen has been awesome he'd like to close edge and that is if you are especially ones of modern day a young guy you you. Put a lot of weight in war right war what is it good for so it is now twelve wins or comes close to winning every year war trying to trump let me begin a war Matt closest player. It's obviously not a no question but a bookie you rookies going through should union VP. Right there behind. Trout in war righteous and reduce our team is the closest vessel and a good angling for a righty that's recognizes that's gonna win a minute of every year he's got to that point where he's got a rare occasions it's 53 and moves have any place second base. True it is natural position that was I didn't like that which secretary UT's one. I have the rating experts are experts is because they don't know though and a little bit over the next six point 777790%. Of your calls and. Can you see in the morning mornings with a curtain Callahan watch Sports Radio W. EI. Smithson Kansas and other stuff for the Washington Redskins the yeah when he gets out but won't have its first Davis entity that any fish given to him by his being sick grandmother. My feet hesitant to ratifies the mother of that's not terminology for a first down pass to plea to the right side up you could feel the death of Lucie and it would grandmother. Really tough to get 500 is too. Massive stuff there is no really way around that tonight and just to have to sit here apologize you know retina itself it's a group. Boy it's just. It's so awkward to play by play colored. And console just hawk was so that's roaches in the radio and digital video now yes. And that Sochi the radio guy did TV yes I understand and protect very confusing windows side it is amazing that like 70000. People called it off. In many many many more watched it. Yes and I don't understand even though someone in Miami took me during the anthem. It trumps a happy that I've not. I don't one hour ago I don't care for them to players in my to play as TW it's tedious and music and they're gonna get find these guys know Miami's not right aren't the dolphins war no the with the jets in the team that are gonna pay for them the dead dolphins came out. And said they'll be something that would help them who Stephen Ross was series of yes he wanted to know what in the water on record saying I'll ask Chris whatever name is Johnson in a New York. So his son's name. Where these jobs did you. And he says he'll pay the fine but why would you do that. And you're trying to show how great you are as an owner a win win the Daytona exploded right here it's just just a little. You wanna you wanna stay out of locust owner of on the owner you know one of Italy niche plays to stand and say. You know help this and he hoped and O'Neal. I'm not gonna you know attacked them right like like. Terry Jones those. But you gonna pay they're fine they're like oh cool room Muslim middle of that press got daresay. I don't I don't they should deal there the at them and the entire social media world and act it's amazing he has an opinion that he doesn't think it's time replaced protests and he's supposed to open minded people bullets the opinion yes they don't like. Forget you Don I here's here's a guy and I. Know you're a big fan too this is all say I'm with you I'm really not into it you know trumped we know way. It was so Malcolm Jenkins of who took a knee and I agree with you wouldn't. He's as good a spokesman is there is on this he's Smart he's articulate. He's he's going to be able to back up his actions with words and and someone name. The Vontae Busby. The committee and as customary Chris Long stood next to Jenkins with the handle additional acquaintance that Crist won as such opposed. He's a guy though he donates charity but I mean Chris. Put your hand right shoulder when she just deal with them. Point rising do that he loves the country's recent and stills. Kenny stills and Albert Wilson a Miami kidneys. And calling Kaplan a tweet his. Eighties was good excellence in chickens and boss be did not Neil they'd bail this were a fist in the lives ratings for these for both. We have the ratings for the Red Sox and patriots last night on the biggest patriots won I don't do what you want your demographic that demographic there's one I don't I don't think that's necessary you. Which not just the household by that Micah Hyde the patriots. The eight K he 95. Gerri I will say patriots. Eight point seven. Ousted twelfth. Per day eleven point seven. Who do you shoot a dude curse assets that denotes anything. The Red Sox last night today seven one's 117 to 71 among households in Austin crystals sentenced not a good. Into the Red Sox ratings of great degree you were moderates combine the patriots and the Red Sox ball TVs in Boston over almost 45%. On either one what else was wrong and good. Thursday night. Posing and it's a summer. It's reruns I I saw action yes I've watched these killers and sees. Must patriot practice games because I felt like I have to do. But it's not detain an Easter season the link that the average view much there watching. It was checked out losing howry was planned to watch more than ten minutes time that it's possible. Brian Hoey yeah I guess for a series or two to see how it's interesting is he a bad Americans but at a may be Danny Lynn is please I want to see him but he is not the future QB who is sunny Michelle and played last night what sticker on a watch him. And only the efforts television viewers thinking sun shall. What do they do for victory in a rookie draft pick in the first round you stick Ronald option paste it in football patriots football there's. As sunny an interest in opponent is looking there's nothing else and a half the audience the exact problem Jerry united halftime you blocked Belichick is announcement the QB and indeed in Washington he has via a comedian. These veteran guys. The first came know that since playing not many you know that's an important game and he's to be first and fourth grade he has not played now for the last five announcement is new everything like that treatment he's a star. Colt McCoy played football game's release was ice call. Boy and then two. What is ethnic difference to Kevin Hogan came in after. Call hopes. Who's now but Sanford. Oh yeah with the browns ever. Goodness there. If there. Well well I did not. It source 117 to a 70 OK sounds about right. It's still football despite an amazing because I put the Sox game one was interesting. We'll see you guys for the cycle doing business things off this cycle. I can see anything interesting the patriots game now but that's for the halftime interview Belichick whose and one of these kind of designer Ralph for a while it's well all he was so problems self reporting look at it that simple look at it we have the halftime interview again and has the burden with Bill Belichick suggesting he likes Burton. He does and I don't think this is the Russian mob and he liked him he's friends of the BB a little bit better always nice to little I don't ask friends but he likes it she smiles and pick a shake his hand signals and Steve. You see. I did not feel like now. More than a result I've seen it unless you eat we DC a solid Internet clip this war we've ever seen did you lie you heard this one never heard and seen the video clip yes. And why predictable I don't want to have a lefty I'm not that I'm watching every week talk about it I love you halftime. Another way that's triple misplayed by compile our great defense and the field saint guys. What Jimmy now as pitcher had caused Bill Belichick and coach receives a football's not about winning or losing. What you hope to get out for staff. We need it pretty much everything better just. Not good enough and an area. It's the deceased good situation football it's going at the end of the half way. Yeah about 38 seconds with the ball. They're going on. Good look at it and we're just. We took a funny it will is just seem them it's what's funny good to see situation football it is significant see dad I drive there at these. Where that's all we do ever hurt us great field goal great feel great to Lucy here who's the species that situation football. It's good to see it published could see discounts given 52 yards out and go. I would ask what would you ask viewers deeper and I'd say. Situation is pretty good because what I read what in Tom Brady played as Brady's back Kuerten your brain age of you pretty excited rare spotlight and talk. I got a Scruggs gonna play it only did he has asked a question after the game last. Excellent ground. I'm here if you're the commission commissioner admits to see a story that four games too much they wanna cut back the pre season I solve that's a kind of enough to me one. Meanwhile they don't play pre season football and college football that's true. Found me and care practice with. In. It. Was the running game effectiveness and and you know. Too much this last night's yes yeah what some call upon losing running game is unbelievable at first in a pre season. 2 o'clock. How much was the running game effective. I get stuck on that you like typical Belichick never dumps on sees that he's he's nice those guys he likes him he's good. Powerball alone and others we have on the terms of fight applaud her it was actually guessed that it wants to get hot take some pictures speak from China and on page your place where to eat that's the secret shopping a picture that's important question of urgency if you mr. Robertson. Not much that I'm Christmas dinner and studio that's absolutely spent so it's been obviously crazy week whenever I can only two things under god I actually should. Two hours since I've Kirk spilled his guts those campuses. But what it could be in Britain into I was since Kirk stepped in front of the train figuratively it and hold. And it was it was great YouTube violated all they were very honest as always you promised them. Talk about on the air and you sure did that. We took calls I have DiMarco I have no desire to bring this to say it's just it's got its case would you like technology we'll just. Play it again how's that went next next 940. I know you have to stay all the way to tan it happens it. I'm not art out of ninety Krista and those who are here and unrepentant. I saw play the next thing it's 7 o'clock hour how long is that pretty long I can regulate it wrote some agreements are. You don't cut it known and unknown but apparently is great man and it's and it's the right word on this list. It could be part of what you experience don't go to you today I just ask for a while you're at forty no shooting just you talking and talking to click OK we'll do that we get till I find time we're gonna play until interrupts him. When we get that. How much was the running game effective in the second half you know for you decide to stick with it and which you know chew up some clock on that especially the third quarter.