K&C - Callers weigh in on the potential return of Alex Reimer; Curtis can't speak Spanish 6-19-18

Mut & Callahan
Tuesday, June 19th
Hour 3: Kirk and Gerry debated the return of Alex Reimer with callers and Curtis told his story of going to Eastie in search of the truth.

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He was Kurt can. Child couldn't see my kids 101000 of the 121000%. Here a list cut their hair like kids have jockey on. With strangers a little bit degenerate and what was going to bet on the police coordinates her neighbor so obviously a bit of a we need all we need border security. Would you repeat BA needs for the can't do they know we don't know but if he's. See your fake laugh with Kurt committee ahead we're going to break down the straight interview with Oprah as it was important to against the colts. Thumbprint is telling you one for a look at the double talk about that coming up next why would you change because conferees want you to. I Albertine replying to your 45 to they train your replacement and then you quit the next year. Due to move what I heard you say I can see the end I was like all all under he is in the first set and Gerry Callahan. They're booked for tomorrow so that's you know. What's the latest game right deal I don't really awful awful awful lot I brought this up to a Joseph Obama is not that Howard's abroad will be. Outs into. It was really could stop it now you don't know you know until Alex stay home until unity yes Alex is punishments go longer than Kevin Kolb didn't record rescind feel confident. I'm no one's Sports Radio WEEI. Your different really great or beef sandwich or what restaurant has a great hormonal. He Republican isn't really get it wise what makes a better than say like just getting in random places like think I do better quality corned beef or plus they should be in its. I wish you know and can happen. To his bones is I just fine. He's a pipe with the core beliefs and Rachel and one which we haven't done in awhile I love that column Ireland which is his backpack and. Ireland story bars runs of those guys whose grandfather. This is Irish should we don't have time indeed there is no it should be a separate show. It should anybody got back to us from the global and that's and it. All it is is this nobody played with every played guitar with summer fiddler on this that some legends of legendary at all. Right circle she's O'Toole was out there hope to remain to. This sort of said Curtis. Over Ireland I think for a week or so of those clubs Gingrich stories and we found an old timers at the barge is the end of the thousands. Sotomayor as grandpa who knew his grandfather and then there was some famous fiddle player. Who played try to fill in the blanks out again at politics may be can find the end showed just in time. It would save or to name the over the crucial undercover irishman. Jane Russell Allen and how perfectly want to the bar just say the bartender. And it's two in the afternoon afternoon. We're already doing here. I'm here you know capital column he wrote the story where he sings in this I hear you don't have a column and here's the story in the glow it's quoting a bartender in this club in his home. An Irish story for me just my own views related. So right way. The right to practice. House looking forward green team make a big return well you know so that's I thought was viewed case Jerry I'd been promoting it but they don't twos is fake news and I thought rebuke in reverse coming into. Read our salary was content you're paying higher price for saying one dumb thing and Kevin Collins. Or making a series of stories. For eggs for accord was remembered pain could investigation complete fabrication all of you said to Roemer. He didn't give you you can eager salary now in opulent Lester back to pay you all come to us to do you do correct yes plus he suffered in the court of public opinion I would say so site of the podcast in the from a few weeks ago. I and all I got was people saying subscribing he regroup after him even after we get nose and text right now. And I think you know part of that I think me because his personality and knows is that some people really like which I think Jesus all the people announced a likable but we'd like him. Yeah well I always occurred as a brat who does not a question and we do with the Felger stop as he's a rat but these are things we need our yes and he's on the exchange fund as a hero and crying today about kids it's separated scripts or Nazi Germany we care about at all if your kids right the whole. But so is our passion you guys we thought it was going to be joining us today. In management spike in spite us signal remove being with the patriots on Wednesday Bigby is where they'll remove would you like lying. James Jonah Robinson at us. James on two hours into lake Paul go on right. Which relate you know it was given to open would want to kill the dog which is that you had a royal road to McIlroy the overs dog doing Anthony's people on no no no. One. So I think it's gonna happen I would say. Next week while her other let's just say that the agency breeze coming line more penalties happened and why wouldn't. But immediately immediately coming back and never. If the Texans don't to unveil on Motorola's home full of cash and it was a consolidates. I don't have open minds like we do I don't accept people for what and a of the two people the station like dole. They've gone to to Germany are and done those things had to write it and steel tubular to tell that story and they vote on all sides glory hole. That's. But since this immunological and is now no more English speaking it was finished because by stickers is your last chance right now. If you want if you give me a full throated defense ironically. Of Reamer here in C you don't want him on the show I'm willing to listen. 617779. 790 three's and emotionally column. 617779793. City last chance if you don't want out Schumer on the show Coleman right now one defendant calling lines or hope. That's an act and I think his chance to must've come back and we're stuck with my net though be it's okay so good sounds about right okay well diverts. Diversity right. To vote couple liberals and a moron. This is this is a date for one of those moron liberals really does mean is this issue. He's just a bit of the it would expose or drive you nuts because it I mean. I had as much compassion is anybody oxygen. But I've compassion for victims. And post gives us could affect us that kids are victims of course that there's a run you know who says the victims of bad parents in many cases. And again I don't disagree with 1010121000. Were sent over the border. Without parents. Just pray that's what they were prior to these traffickers. And the smugglers and these of sexual deviancy. And they think that changed disposed to short of the border. And we're just post take care of them that's great parenting wonderful parents I will say there are some there are some who think and it's a small minority who think it's a better life I do believe that. Courses some of everything so I feel bad is summits and I do feel bad for those parents and for those cute I feel bad when Obama didn't share. Meanwhile posted it kind of walked into a trap where I agree with I trumped any blame for the trop you know tropical what should did. Use this issue he really should should they see. You know Obama do the same thing we're doing this we need to solve the problem we need to tighten the borders we need to build global. And Democrats care more vote illegal aliens that into what Americans right well that's amazing how long it takes. Is unbelievable that is as incredible book as the U. It is yeah he keeps where I want a full lines put some people who hate reversing the calls lining up right now or lovable take a look at the dreamers sucks really dramatically change the channel no Raymond and I just. Up and oriental solitaire he's a puke tease you forget I wanna go and from what I told Chris heard Sony know he's listening he's openly gay athlete personal secret. I bought himself a few months ago. Where you can and he likes primary is. He didn't do a show weakens. Let's take some of these calls. People are ready go slated to open as well to Tommy is in Charlton hey Tom what they're going to be likes Roemer Geithner Tom. There are little correction she believes he needs statements before that he believes documentaries made by Hollywood beat up the troops. And all of the police are ahead of them Beatty. Kirk believes that the one to a documentary about Hollywood are true. You treat obese really do believe every doctor Richard Armey who speaks. Don't want you to watch or dual woodlands and remember what was that I don't remember either but it was put it right camera. He believes all that -- pop that elusive Paco rallies in New York Times that's why west Aziz. Thanks come on Jose Newbury port HO. Yeah I just wanna say we won't come to crosses a street fortunately it shall call. I don't like that don't like I don't know about you joke but listen to the radio I liked it he people. Did you like I mean. Our new law. Data general Michael caught. My eye looked a lot what would you go off or it. He joked that joke ask your question bonds currencies so decision did you go to my dad ever tell you that you love me ever go. Your cat was appropriate shuttle. Is appropriate to work. It was cool. Okay did hit a necessity or not you're not girlfriends relatively early again that part of me that the act like that or call one at lunch lady assorted free he certainly did that that elected. Let's just put it this way. Quote comes from a long wider gentleman and an all out and occur culture. It's even reduced class father if that's that's not rep but boy did bring this up. A table and my dad do the one element that's in did communities dying. I would have my lunch and a bag of chips he woke up grabbed the chips and through which don't he's got an average of FDA should go to what do you do it. While O. Home they've ago may have found someone Ashley's in Norwood hey Ashley. I'm. I just wanted to say that I love Alec streamer and I think he should come back he's the only one that can keep our cookies to own and he's one. Wouldn't say that you know these trucks he's really cute very recent. Always QBB edu who knows. Said he told us he could do that and he's he's cable performs this is no such thing that I sort of know he's no he said he could no be cities or goals for. Which I respect I'm not sure while one Christian Webster high profile that's in any way relevant. As you know cause right all right that's. What's up Chris. Hey. I know. Calling it means seamless. Right that's right that's right. I got right here Chris. Yeah hold on hold on that they should refer. Major remembered that the era with the Dublin changed my life completely fell in love with Ireland its people and its culture I hit -- the line. It was common. Especially because of buses went on strike all the time I brought my guitar player. We knew it is art deserted O'Connor's pub to do than saying you are young Sandra farmer who wore. Well these inflated mean tin whistle turns those legendary Michael Russell who do what you was asked. We viewers took home. This is I think it was like oh all we hear all this is November 1 one to seventeen there's a bottle of Irish reporter that would fall under the domain of this investigation. Well by their either so they looked at that said didn't see anything wrong closes his speech when he when he was honored by the boss or that seems government. Oh by the gold standard he's represented by. Does anyone believe one thing word of problem is it time to new and I don't know I don't mean me to the bus wellness Michael McGuire and is that is that a buck is Barack yeah and how it might. And oh yeah at 2 o'clock Mike. Mullen. Let's go to haren in Maine hey Aaron. You are all about ratings right I mean million missing in the and so of course is seamless yes well whole lot. All we have a ways it has ratings boldly we know woman out for a year and that that's not true. Yet but that forty equally soaked and storm right now so he's the real light sentence. I like the answer to let you rating. Don't believe. I illicit we thought that was the case it would be on here right. Correct. And Kevin's are the kind Kevin. They can't they just worked its seminary and burned it in terms broken complete irony. You shouldn't have come back orbit that is an annoying little bit. Right and that's that's hits this well we doctors say yes. Being brought in middle moral high ground what's second Brock at I don't wanna get into the you know. But somebody said was worse auriemma says the that the punishment is it's at its way way way over the crime at this point it is indeed the only agree with that too poverty. He does right we agree G bringing vegetarian fed February that's used on a recent. February February with the Hardaway is it February. In car and that he's not yet France and every February. Do you. When I say February. Federalists and properly Rick Horrow. I really February guy's Jean Marie we're so you once we see her on you can say Saturday who strongly saying he sees Wasilla Menino Saturday. The guy he really is it SATA. What these for the boys sat her day Saturday struggle our god bedrock morning he. I'm auriemma. I don't like that are. All none of us not anonymous anonymous do. Right we know how how all of them know I know which and that Jerry talks are under the brakes and I. I'd rather I'd rather hear him then. A Nazi Erik you know what any of the other and. We'll toss doesn't wanna be on mutt. Wants to be on the doesn't say anything but I thought has been on what week but I I don't minimalist program otherwise changed on the cape AJ. Yeah other going today. Where did this sensitive people when the date women need to combat all he had to do it apologize agree that and a story. Yeah twenty profusely he's apologized more than anybody's ever apologize for anything ever think. Absolutely bring them back. As colleague said that look at it Gisele makes me bomb no nothing that Akamai and might actually give. Rating was well you know whining whatever instead of his daughter whatever that he. China visit they said that if he'd said that there be no issue I didn't everybody you know you we know the conservatives do we know stupid it was stupid. And let's go to Chris in Watertown and Chris talk radio. Yeah I don't think Freddie should be on the show. You don't. Who asked you. What why do you think decorous as I disagree. I think she sucked the life out of the show she's got no jokes to deduct. Dietitian doesn't want to be on the show. I. She's going to be on Martin Jim today who summoned yesterday to the whole show and never mentioned cause they once right. That was not part of the youngsters under today with budget Jimmy think the three of them would cry together but those children beat. Ripped from their parents and phone and socialize our maybe made different sounds would trigger a gold medal but first time. I Chris Smart goes in latte Marco. In the morning guys I love I happen to enjoy listening gallantry in there and I enjoyed the fact that the idea of the dissenting opinion he'll have to look you. And he's not afraid of voices and I don't know is that really him much like I don't always agree with. Published on this homosexuality I that's an issue for Chris Curtis is a bother you at all. If you. If you are homosexual this isn't aware ice completely I don't need. You don't like I know either to I'd ever gonna go to work for a couple years so he told us I was you could have not deal with a feather when he said what you we were shot shocking. Which he says he still thinks who we were surprised he's right I was stunned. Absolutely stunned at ten of ten he'd made his big announcement. That's a four. As the pisses you off this was stupid idealist and I agree I pollution I can remember them men meet mistake. Go to quarter two Robert is installed on my Robert. And very good would do well tonight thank you and Garnett. Oh. What was why we would like to. This is that the problems that you know what happens when that was due to get over punished. And fruits and Michael Vick to a to a place yes yeah and one. Gonna get better ratings. From I hated because Cain has always assume that shark sharks twice as much as of people that like and. That's true that whole okay thanks so we're gonna have Roemer we talked this yesterday. Every McCall in this republic it's like mark like macho guy says he hates. The you just told me that he doesn't want into this that it looked panicked and recognizes voice calls the owner Richard Holtz what is is going to be funny you're more on it you know we is. I don't want him anymore she says it's not about his father. Alex. Spiritual while we have now and it was a joke out chewed over that we five previously grow rough like mark borrow. We thought he says Elliott skirmish is a good actor we think he's a funny care you pretend. To be a man's man who hates outskirts. And it just say I'll say yeah on the line right now we have much. Ports from a war immaculate shoots up rumors solely. Well I want to like him. All he talks about his men's thoughts. Do you do you like meadow at their brain opera he's. You like men there Russell called Russell no I love to leave its. Yeah. Well Mike Mike from Indiana and what's going on jet audio I'd like a big blue tonight when. Would you start a kiss and mean and you go. The kiss of their faces the rough is it achieved a couple of days in the big biceps and a big boobs. And then you go to restart the game may be you know you get to touch bull that they. And you know they got it get you again it's been in the but I chicks to proceed time yet we just weavers today is your suitcase. Like America you. You pilot shoots a worked it out she acts. You like your dad like Harry style I think yeah I. Gas that's like right here that's not steak rare just plugs holes what its asks you Kennedy man he yes using queries right yeah gas. Yeah sucks at every it's everybody it's guys like redeem it help there are a muscle builds. It's a shower after work out you guys yeah even though. And that to look at. A worker through tough day Jack I think creepy dad you. The horses the gay guys that track I'd Saratoga that's. Saratoga and beer camping at the bit. That's a Roemer dreamers out. We got no don't do anything anymore and Jesus and that was that was some Americans call up and try to be. Mainly men you idiots. And you told not to do by somebody with a got no way lets you reach down on it. I don't want among more on a constant challenge for what's up Tom. The other guys they don't I just don't Ehrlich out back on north to open. You try to entrap or every morning so that I hear that crap talking about is I didn't term general. What do you like what you'll would you would you like what you like to hear. But just what you guys you'd just without that's just talk about. Politics next what's dude do you start earning not for girls just. Sports to politics. Fight like you do all the time but come on sit in traffic potentially crash. And literature. What what he talks politics and sports. This is smaller town today finally get good very good Irish accents broke some news while it like a I know it's always targeted nightclubs in the Conan the path with that Okafor had a I'm from New York member. Was that that guy in the bad guy from our there were the hot tub together from Harlem. That's that in the dark numbers don't like you were there. He's wild he's nuts. Please note Paul wants not wild enough to calm in these fake no matter that's awhile now frozen new Revis and that's that's an outage or by themselves say yesterday's. I mean yelled at amid now yeah. I like Q I was down I been out to town known says era. Everyone knows I love it down always enter tonight's the it Max two excellent rate of breed a fistful of singles as the thought of Tuesday's cold but I am and every Tuesday I mean the guys play golf. It is your article but I am good champagne or near created this aids taking care about the walk out this loaded god it's get a shot. Shot of the year the check out some movies. They hookers around there. I would quit. We return with more of Kurt Intel and its own Sports Radio WEE. And I'm here to note that color. And all all talks about men's. I know it's always targeted nightclubs and on rumors solely. I want to lecture. All talks and that micro. He's like and occurs through the the problem Kruger good effort. They mostly Lieberman I have some attempts are you serious journalist. I don't condone text me out so called me six times I try to help ya did to him and that's what was his take. He was incoherent babbling about this would not be a good idea that thought it was a good idea yesterday and that this would make no sense to win Elvis's voice I. To push them back because he's going to be scared find I know Francesco aired Alex is not going to be good of it is the reason we're gonna get point four I was shocked I thought he'd be. Already on hole number Imus have to control came beckons like Jack Nicholson and cuckoo's nest at the end. Their order to grow stronger than ever heard the order and our our. Another opportunity to talk to we're I was name is face the nation is nine years. At a baba. Above Pfeiffer chief suffer seizures. John Kerry come around at fort day around and enjoy environmental art market started to her partner mark Graham went to fort. Hours at a border can't talk to Sam Donaldson who joined us in. Yeah. Never give your kids to give me more money paid at on the ranch here except why it's a real cowboy now. Blitz on the minds of the image crying now hold weird and ZU summit morning and so. Well walk and learned. So downturn a Michelangelo was talking of you. In governments. What does it almost exactly what I get emotional month well. Okay well wanted to run when one man left on her nerves sole owner. Under Booker. Fugitives tell you ought to be haggard than usual on Saturdays like 85 I'm pretty sure won't be doing an 85 rolled our cover up. What's done a lot of our shop will use the original stars stern obviously is better mortality of morph the funny here. But he reached a Puerto Rico. On the young blonde wife who's all attend a charity. And realized he wanted to be part rub shoulders with the rub elbows with why containment wanted to go to the Hamptons wanted to be invited them on to. Broadway play the Irish autos and if you're early ninety's to breathe burning a pretty good as Y two and by the way he could never entertain them all god enough of these to do Jewish jokes you know and Amos and Andy skits and a coach other words you could never say ever today of course turned it works and if it which used to be used the court. I remember. And getting in trouble being homeless things turned. Stern using the N word. Over and over on the air on BC yeah trying to do was be funny. Going holy crap can do that port guided you dump buttons at management it's not he says life and then he sold out completely. And now he you know or even. It's admitting it was friends Donald Trump you have and wants my hero you know depends on the arms and I don't know if you know. Jane Fonda's hero whose heroes change Fatah Roemer stern. A re answering extremism excuses pump it it's chase mr. stern is just what and he became as Colin life. To reinvent himself and beat ingratiate himself to the beautiful people yes people used to mocked and ridiculed and that's worked and hate. Is a great. Party planks. In that James scored only record for it and he would have destroy him mortality. Now or Alan now he wants to be ridden one of them Lulu Jennifer Aniston those whose people are set for a set. Mean if you tighten a fiery crash. We would never have. Always thickness that wild man. And you ratio red eye color. Every show when you come out dance I actually look forward now to think about what he's gonna do. I'm shots agencies and you know it's viewed as simple we're range routes and uses. That's more cringe worthy than Kevin Cullen plan. The fiddle in the house. And O'Connor's pulls cringe or December of 2018 is Colin talking about the Barrett and unearthing that sounds the most creditworthy. Truly but we can't laugh at it we can laugh and owner of the cook the pub. Right and playing guitar with these legendary. Big whistle guys were and everything everything about college amazing everything about him is like our terms by which makes politics funny. You brother's guitar declared nearly dessert O'Connor's pub to. Saying you young son to the farmer I mean can whistle terms those legendary Michael Russell who knew who some people. Well believe that some people they ought to it's just casual fans are paying attention right people in the global offices know what we'll edit it good to know him. They know 100%. That is a complete fabrication. To quote review yes that is a complete fabrication and yet they went out that way. To cover for him and defend him well even worse will look into the light on a mother recap Curtis is day yesterday we get back let's do that as usual since we do it's it's 7 o'clock and with and now we know that he was asking the people you know. When he went in asking if I was asking if they knew Kevin cone right you're asking them if they would mind if he licked their between their toaster. He had such as Kevin Cullen is special jumbled but we now know curse action speaks no language at all we Bob May because speakers speak English we he says he's. Ailing all right Chris Curtis the spotlight team member a duel with the Boston Globe would ask the tough questions that we'll do that we get. I started right after the broad realize Andy and I just was almost like remove weak us gonna get that break we'll be sent. I think it was almost like. The second hand PTS I just was dealing with so many people would traumatize. It really affected them they're like crying at night and stuff after talking with people was not taken care of myself for not eating right was drinking too much was. Not getting proper exercise sleep and I know a lot of cops. Moved down. And I've been around the block a long time and I know a lot of people in law enforcement. I've covered war I've covered terrorism particularly in NORTHERN IRELAND I'm very old school I consider the street my office. Forget these disgusting stuff that Richard stuff didn't they do drafted the first pick him comedic power lines will be the first. Trees. Meadows that a lot of orphans itself. Good question. Maybe Capcom. Like to streamline the cabs and I know a lot of costs that's very insecure man but I don't know Donohue for comment on his editor here anyway that's she scum. She's. I happen to. Well you know it's I get some officers thought if you leave it alone for a few hours take all the credit and you deserve a much put them. When we talked with a fifteen record Mercer com home funny you'd hope. So Lee's summit was was to believe that. Text or said check out the book Brian podcaster marketable at all. Tweet it no Twitter too between that may detection tests are some between and we said check this out and then we could not believe that this man that's released that's really a real ball roll them checking yourself into other people's misery true and I tell you what can on you took it to another level. Dick I'm used like yesterday when us. Talking about how other people on this. They want the enemy and with the term is not stolen value had a term for such stolen morning stolen misery they want to be part of a slick grief and he where you're you know he wants to be a part of the biggest story in Boston. And even now. He's not tell the truth he was not and can more score I heard I heard Gershon and Lou in particular Glenn was strong as yesterday. And they are saying these are right apology comes first call back from them for you whenever I'm debating what might do what you say is go way. Because he keeps blame it on break it. When you glance compliment Rick Tocchet to do somebody drenching don't they take care I guess I personally it is can't we had the we did we went through all yesterday though long independent panel basis or called a liar and a global which spent two and a half pages. Of six years worth of columns spent about a quarter of trying to bring us down. And then toward the body mrs. honestly. I used to medical I think personally my in my opinion poll has meant to us I believe. I believe he's mentally and you would know who mentally ill miss some Mormon to a New York. That's true true idea of editorial person here. You got that on me it was you you've been hospitalized for a what depression severe depression and how does that manifest itself like talk to my parents those who commit suicide that would that would be made public institution. In Norwood senior Squibb and prep school and it worked now. A day you know myself so now do you earn a good live when you know and his family you know they're probably touch fruit basket case. Imagine that a pro I'd support mine tire badly just went nuts were the whole thing up. In Syria I think it was a it was a hole of the lock up any group from dumped him. I. Like every juror who sounds crazy you were they'll I think that you the other day somebody walked up to the streets at safety you'd think they were nuts. There is another way before you get to this huge chemical and add to tuck the ball. He independent. Reviewers and penalties and his friends the globe right yes so they both could say Kevin. On the day of the bombing where we're we're worried and he lied to them cities can more square mile away right I yes. They say where Aaron can more square there in what did you write something that they say what restaurant. To this thing which apple once we went yes because it's obviously made up what time's the bombing. Other woman was injured fifty pacers have any lame I'm 49 and threatened by me late afternoon and having lunch. Late launch a totally like a pops at lunch I mean it's so. Lots of stuff he says is impossible to believe that playing with that guy in a county Clare on this. That is impossible to leave Kevin Cullen. Who is completely self absorbed would be and can more square surrounded by runners who denied a chance to run finished a marathon. And never mentioned it to anyone. Wanted to make your story more valid tell us where you were we who. Why didn't you read about it. That's an gets pretty fair questions he's and he's so we can you can't admit he was home like the rest of us yes. Map of course we know stripe it but I don't what you want to find this more offensive Vista when it does to a quarter page a few to Los. And just basically saying we don't we just think Collins being dragged down by these two radio guys that's it. And so toward the end of they bring up the story from they basically sick times you'll find you know Kevin big. Is is being caught a few times before as a great source for example of one of babies in perfect. MS thirteen history's repeating itself. Kevin extensively quotes an east possibly date operator named Alvarado without providing his last name couldn't attribute to our brother may be accurate. But. It's hard for anyone to judge a reliability of the information without going to maverick square to find and we can't do that. Right and you want pulled to a club investigate reports to do what's all the way through that tunnel to go to two goats from Boston to response to. Yes and a couple questions yes she's fair right. Freaky stuff to zone is yes three to Sony and Michael Holland who varietal would be much fifteen minutes right okay so a couple bucks you can write that off for dug a hole. I think they'd wanna do that because we don't want. Of course you know what. Two reasons they don't wanna find the truth as a and they get tennis match at 2 o'clock that's the other thing that's that long would be tackled. Senator clay courts so we said send our our our our investigative journalist Chris Curtis there because. Which is what the Collins story which is in my opinion totally up. Is he begins with the anonymous bodega owner right figuring out the window and see people in their Dodgers. Colors are sure to be the MS thirteen dollars of course. Indy the guys arrested itself rob it is not the bodega favorite kid they're gonna get that right to put it so as you said earlier. The fact checking a fact checking screwed up correct and the simple question is. Did the bodega owner exist right. This is terrible Danny owner to Al Robin Williams are those who has talked to. To Kevin Collin told the story about MS thirteen did you have any guts gene shall open a full late no. Don Drysdale uniform Mora Steve Garvey. I what was he went on sale to a Skype wants to look out and Hillary want to robbery so you want to find out in this is now the globe has is Jerry said earlier. Three journalists on guess of one a lot of these crap prizes fail circle jerk each other for. They've each been writing an in this for years and years and years they were on this case for six weeks and produce this. You'll for an award anguished columns are longer and better than what they produced. Chris Curtis by himself went in. As I said when you got out of your car. And then went back in your car haul and we out these Boston for I would say about 4545. Minutes see what these bodega is they claim their four coed story that was yours so I. I arrived in in maverick square. And I went to one boat bigger called Dallas walked in asked for the owner spoke with them. Asked him you'd ever spoken Kevin call an idea where anybody is store quoted in the Boston Globe. And he was aware Alvarado. He did not know any of that he said he would never spoke in Boston Globe and Norwood and meals from its establishment speak on his. That I carry on went to a place called Izod notes which was all the more difficult it was eighty Spanish Americans sauce Italian neighborhood in ruin our eyes on cents at times you just. Go ahead. And I went in and I'd. Asked the woman for the ownership was the only person in the store okay. And that I asked if she new Kevin Cullen he spoke it was written was the conversational English and you know I asked if she knew that I. I remembered from my Spanish speaking days that saw bearers to know something like that console put in yes at the end and you're gonna get two days ago. So I said solid base Kevin color. Which could really go anywhere so I said no again in the and I carried on so there's like you know she was an owner she was the only person in the store there was no other person. Slugger one thing Colin it's there was a man was a male and got us here all over there but it's a place. One day total. The guys peered through the window this. And so I went to one more store across the street from the map expertise stopped and walked in spoke with the owner once against that where it was from the WEEI we're investigating. Some work done by Kevin column and I asked if he would ever spoke with them he completely it and said no never smoked and nobody there. I've got an organized by the solution I kind of skewed it went. Okay good it was. Was caught I was sweating. But there's a new attendees can because cavs lost himself and get the three scoops ice could break and then let's Italian ice not loners and disciplined kind of should help risks. It occurs doubt here before you went to what you do. Cookie and cookie before Curtis Curtis needs to eat Curtis is a mesa community vegetables ever. I had a sweet green for the first time this week and Greg Greg Sterling Virginia previous story objects. We couldn't put sweep of the mat that's apparent to us our hats kid with small it's that solid shot. Artists weaker now. You know them. I hit. Three tomatoes are mindful eating so I went and was about to leave. I saw Jackie's grocer. And I realize that there within the chemicals or urgency in that square that is loaded with its outside members were thought possibly this was the place. Went to Jackie's grocer spoke with the owner once again and never met Kevin Collin never met anybody quoted in the globe and didn't know anything about opera. So essentially got a 00 era you saw our producer the as the mobile Chris Curtis the spotlight Kenya winner of battle the Bruins three time winner. That's accurate and appropriate wasn't for the student teacher two time winner of the OK fine to be different in an hour drive an hour right did more work than these three so let me just say six weeks limited is saying. Limited yeah I'd say lovable over cheaper out lovable limited its yes. Amid body language and these for eagle results seaside level these Boston. Very high I could go cry you have been in a time nice Mel out of a McDyess to these three go over these are sitting around with their you know with their. Bruno Molly's up on the death double wards and there are awards a line that we're going at lunch today is and you know with their yellow sweaters throughout definitely from since they're gone that's English go to maverick square and looking of this and where does it Wear. These launches Spanish people there. In boom big news in your heart into it Hoover gets squashed and thirty cents on the Brooklyn McCain's optimism and her Cambridge Newton and let's just pretend to win any of the others is an Eldorado in this story somewhere right now these guys who wrote in his going to make that's a mean. How is that different they actually did. It's not. That's not so Scott Allen Brendan McCarthy Joseph Connor every show at all three. Also zilch really zero zilch of these journals would Tony return your call that you're not in every show it to mr. we're glories while he didn't answer media draft coming up Thursday giving it. He's right what mistake into the draft as soon as mock draft always always every witness. It. You have been of great prospects unbelievable prospects in north. And I love you know some really young ones is the really this year how much does limit this year that knowledge that the Europeans like memo and funerals true yeah all right we'll look at Don teach. Mr. tickle tickle it with the notes and good front courts. I teams here. Nineteen he's hit who hit it and it's so the oh. All right our four compass which ones have been 777. That teachers are we should get back to Sarah Spain and Britain McHenry. And are for show wilder workers well and usually get to Gerri you're powerful and better yet would come and Reamer. I suppose I'm forever. Racing that I mean he's not help himself no Red Sox won four games curt note on fire their own role big win last night and we're all going overseas the Celtics who practice yes. Sarah finally agreed you do could move yes no question our force.