K&C - Carlie Gonzalez, 17, Ewing sarcoma (a bone cancer), Milford 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Carlie appeared on Radio-Telethon in 2016.

Carlie was diagnosed in October 2015. After seeing her doctor upon initial concerns, a CT-scan revealed a tumor, and Carlie was sent to Boston Children’s ER for an MRI and biopsy. She was then diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma, a form of bone cancer. Carlie's treatment has included surgery and chemotherapy. She completed treatment in spring 2016.

Carlie's family chose Dana-Farber for treatment as they believe it to be the top-rated children's cancer center. They are very grateful to live close to the Institute. Carlie's grandmother, Jane, was also treated as an adult at Dana-Farber for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a common childhood blood cancer that is rare in adults. 

Carlie is a rising senior at Milford High School and loves to sing. She says that singing has been hugely therapeutic for her since her diagnosis, and she is involved with the music therapy program at the Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies at Dana-Farber. 

Carlie's family includes her mother, Julie; father, Steven, and younger sisters, Bella, Julia and Eliza. 

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And right now it's partly and so mourning her dad Stephen Reaves in this morning Packard after. It was on two years Dale Hall she said she said she remembers who prefer. That looked at a jail. That's earned promotions now on with through Dallas so packed are down even hatter on TV on and the Bruins show. Thank you for your hands. I think them restraining order but we went. Exemption. But this greater that you look like he's doing great bodily couldn't look you you you glow cast. I definitely in its then. About two and a half years since my arrest team wants I'm feeling I get you what you circle that's that's a scary. Yeah it is it's the type of phone cans and and it's very aggressive and I was on. Probably some of the most aggressive Keene does about. He eating nine months I'm just thrilled to gloat or that you're did you glow during that long. They. It was tough it's. Definitely it was very. Of course in the air tight end. You know I was able to keep in touch with friends because. That's leaping and locked in the room and you can't really means is to meet. School. Just such a difference. You back from the hospital. Like five days a week and sometimes and hospital a week. We talked. We talk all the time we just you know he's on all the time we talk about at least it's for somebody like you've gone through that there's it's at least better now than say 2030 years of being there. These people that are there the friends of that that's available on the drivel that you that he. Yeah that's it was. With all the new technologies and stuff you're right it is a lot better than thirty years ago. And that Jimmy Fund does a lot reach out to kids because like I said I couldn't really keep in touch with my friends that lived right next elect. But they needed a lot easier to keep in touch with the kids that are sitting right next me on getting chemo and I made a lot of close friends that I'm still very close with and I still hang out. And their life on friendship and that's because of the Jimmy Fund because the Jimmy Fund trips. And because of the game that they broadest view and on the activities that we did you girls night out yes that day again. Yes I did you tell us about girls' night out the people listening to donate to tell us. That that money might go to to send girls like Q of one crazy fun night. That was. My first trip because I was diagnosed in October. And that trip was in November so I haven't really met anybody yet I met a couple people learn here. And I had met one of my best friends daddy. A few days before but it wasn't until girls' night that we really clicked and really did become best friends. And that whole trick you know you go shopping together did you make you do the photo shoot you all the girls things that really like it I explaining in you know. I couldn't put makeup on for a whole entire month and I couldn't really go shopping and I couldn't get a new outfit which make my favorite things to do being so Leon and stuff. So I think to girls' night is such. Good opportunity for us to really get out of the house and make friends and do normal. Girls center how many how many girls go on girls' night out you remember like there must have been probably about. At least twenty years thirty now and your old Malia year old teenager rushed teenage issues are very tough times yeah. As you point out here your lower your loans again. You missing school that was different missing you know sports and activities that. But you have one thing you all have that can't have that in common and I think. I think when I first started the trip when I first got on the bus sounds like I've really can't believe this is my life you know this kind of sucks in and out all these. Cancer kids you know I can't believe that these are this is not going to be around with her. A couple of years you know however like I was going to be treatment and it wasn't. Very hard time realizing what these other people that I want to be around it people that. I don't feel like the picking me because I'll have brought Rollins same boat you know and I and it didn't take long at all to realize that. This is gonna be like the best weekends of my life when I went in thinking that it was going to be sold. You know just timing like what kids are kids do you know it was definitely something that kind of turned the whole experience around for me. Most among its price our. Nation but these kids we have monitored via their spirits are so again so optimistic if so grainy amateur there are so mature and it's time I was articulate how would such I was sentenced to open here if I had a you still alive that's good yes yes I was gonna sit under dale has she's that if most of them fish don't know quietly think you know. Really good spokesman for this I always there it's because Kurt state. They grow best we can get through that went out and and you think about life and death when most kids you're exactly as well. You know which the launch which match you know what game you're gonna play at that you're the pro life and it. Yes exactly you know it's. Every morning going to the hospital and they can gonna pass these are weak you know when you go in with infections and everything in. You you definitely have to look death in the face and in return and realized that you know I got to do that it's that you lost to process. I have actually death and that us talking about Matt and I think. I think and hurt that buckle talk to violence yes they're best friends that mean her were really really close group that was. Probably one of my best friends. On the check and that's how we met and I still remember that day that she. And I met Hanks came well in on this little still inches like how Manny in the you know that was her second. Her as her second time. Going through that she had relapsed when I met her but she's actually able to come again the ins and outs and it was some of that I trust and was able to talk to you and you know we settlements to kids every day together game and got really clones. Yeah so she knows that we've done excellent timing didn't know that was me. Music therapy program and irritable and and you do what you're saying I do I I have left to sing ever since I was little I get it from my dad hit. Six he got used to east west east yes yes he actually funny to be somebody that's that you UN's moment amino international castle where the yeah maintenance of its energy proponent what song does she do best what what is if you order. Oh she can do anything shown Stevie Wonder to be announcing. Really albums did you wonder and I do lists and what's your favorite TV wonders. There's a few I definitely of that song. Pilots. Say or do. Don't worry about a thing via and a couple of let's go to a music therapy for it. Play an instrument to where I might have played instruments in the past I think. Next on dishonest yes I mostly play by ear but I can't. Plank in area. This is why it is so important when we ticket so the we see people in sports you yes you bet on. Thinking and I don't know the worldwide annually as a team seventeen again and again. It just puts things together and seventeen T. Do not think that. Imagines that like it seemed like you guys gonna let this difference in me you know and woody woody can do with the rest of your life. Actually I am thinking of going into communications and media and and that kind of feel they think that's something that definitely really interest me in. I. Okay we get real job or afraid that you feel. Shoot week and determined and on exhibit in. It particularly. We are you now with the producer reverse agree to produce. Last thing you think got you to NASA and you have four daughters I do it again. Like this. Yes Regis yeah I was there all right now actually now. Nice cuts and I sex wouldn't usually stick captain's practice. And seen the and it's and they were all there that we talk about the slot to the siblings program you know when you in there in the old days it was almost patience. Yet kind of forgotten. It that way anymore. Now it's actually not because. It's definitely hard for my little sisters I think my and assistant was in their greed and I was diagnosed and at third grade my momma so brushing my hand setting out my clothes. They mean putting on the bus you know dragging me and I kicking scheme. But my my sister in there going (%expletive) to do they're selfless I was diagnosed his era but not a house by 6 in the morning had to be enough for seminary. So she was definitely doing that are all by herself at such young age so it's not even just musical family house in which her at such young each and do a lot. By themselves. So I think now like the Geneva recognizes that too and they do a bunch of things like. Cazalot a lot of siblings have to come and keep them because they are not all of them grow and be sure baby sat and stuff like that. So they do a lot of things like I remember at the Halloween they Augusta took a tree Colorado man. Or at my office and in the clinic and do stuff like that you're not just sitting around you know. Think that's a really important thing to think about to the whole family needs to be. Are you sure you're not 45. To nominate a prominent should be the next. Again I think we're good. I think well I produce it tends to have a convert the studio. The PS and honesty when this and very disappointed that the English. Human and I'm gonna go with Steve oneness on at some point of care and attention. But you here two years so yes a few more years of regular checkups in particular record got knowingly and. Thank you yes definitely feeling. That all that the department on where you call it here the cup team. That would definitely agree I'm going enticing game where you look I imagine not let missed the whole year did you make it up I did I had. I have to act in we can do it is an open and everything and I chose well yeah I definitely imagine not letting him her not getting any clothes we'll call it the united. The question where you look at ago guys. I definitely have to deal of Hitler so it hasn't just recently yet decided that communications is something I want him. So there's a few colleges that lets you instantly Amber's here about future. I think I would be well college and my. Friends mothers. And communications and as I mean she says she did so. That's something like and then two smaller states and now. Rules of the scissors what's the. You sing it like they. The event that says Milford. In the China again I don't feel blessed yeah. Bobcats. One. That particular O'Neal when you implement the. I hope I mean that he's standing oh with us on or listened to McCain here was again. This is little to worry about the guys here that they. Aides that. You kind of and then. If deficit. Even won't XP yeah. Excellent author alone thank you speeding as you well thank you. Guys like restricting the phones ring and yes yes a job I Hillary gathering Tokyo stuff my name. And you sure don't stick around the next three I was. If you let me. Thank you much good luck with everything within the next you have a mixture of classic anytime yes any guy out yet.