K&C - Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck joins the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-21-18

Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck joins Kirk and Callahan from the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon and donates $100,000.

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Joining us right now before we talk to terms over the Boston Celtics we're crossed a quick I you don't. Bogart played or you don't picked up American. Good thank you very much. Obviously being in Boston being in order here you're you're obviously really really familiar. With all this stuff tonight I guess you know everybody's lives with his touches I mean you'd know that this wasn't. It's you can maintain. Organization. On the chin on. And their connection. I think harper if you can enact leader connect with children are well industry. Particularly. Amazing amazing. I think Rupert that topic and and personally I personally important support. We know you're always there for for anything any good cause but a basket wicked slice into place as your life changed lately your team. Is right now hi everybody is in love with the Celtics. I mean they were down times you've been through them right now I mean people wanna go to games and wanna watch that talk about them you're back on top of the world it's got to feel pretty good. Well we compute how the world here we're quite there yet but we got back and we. Doctor told him let your towards the end but or or or someone's got to work it I really like to wait if people look alike who witnessed he played. And other coached in how to assemble together and other fan support a unit you're a great feeling over garden and accurately per start. Because look back or completely and be part of the week you know what senator. And if you're unbelievable and that's the first step toward hopefully repeat I think. We now works around him. You receive all the time speculation where he's gonna go willingly believe we sign this is Carrie are we going to re sign with the Celtics and get the Max contract signed with so is that you think that's gonna happen. Well Kyra read that got to protect every day and I'd be part of and you my discussion republicans' turn here he's got this here without her book and he's a person of great integrity and intelligence and strength what do you took your credit card to get to know. And you burning with the the retreat from what it will go there and I think there are are are well positioned to help the military. We came in with your goat whatever you're. Try to make it at that mission make it where your certain way to talk to Peter I bet. You that right and right well look. Com and state. You still opportunities to chip and drew movie was funnier. I don't want to the premiere my wife I'm going and I would support here as every and a New York. And with him and that was you flirt by the look great in the do well in the people like to. Thank you remember when Danny first match in the name Brett Stephens were you skeptical. Here we had a conversation we have looked out reaping what we do what I hired actor I don't know who to hire I know. Effective job back and thinking about it can be an old school. And kept the coach but very old school certain rules it's thirty odd and by the you know totally incapable you know there are a lot of or the from the early. Make a lot of sense and although we wanna chipped it to about what one dark so he looked great value of the people looked on an act that I wanted young gun. I don't want an anti retread and what anybody who fired him yet but can that have retread and this question. And what you know what when I might actually with your you got beat. Think we you know kind of been your game you create things and so he could go partner cried. Let's have Brett you look at college coaches look exactly at the port telescopes were built with the pick with him. You recommended Brett we know that over a period of time and then went recruitment person in government probably been brought up. Was your point is certain what we've talked about this with what we've talked with a two Robert Kraft of these others is at the point a year partnership. You realize that shouldn't be this into more hands on of less hands on. To battle lessons you've learned along the way are moments that way probably should have done this or done that learned a lesson from it. What he's saying Kirk you're just getting applauds. Just out of curiosity Tibetans have been sort of some of the southern with a stopwatch time ago he had when he went to the guys running suicides after practice the canceled canceled to coach Marcus moments a shot. Yeah and I. I'm teaching him how to dunk of the which you can do. Wait for Kia. I don't think there's really no help here or the media that pay attention to note that you know owners everywhere have final say. On the team prince and who's hired and what's going on. And in and so of course no no but people say well its first medal in her effort meddling into the weight that I do as controlling owner is too. Try to hire me and people in any and rather too critical. In the Jamal support possible but when there's a major to be mayor Richard great you know we talk that the Waco and that sport coat can go on them. Let me give the UK we Vito Pennsylvania bring you deal and say you know what I don't like it. Well we talked and talked and we end up getting to a decision then and that's how it happened I mean we just before we could've moved apart but 2008 there's all sorts of you want to help. I don't go to that put together but don't have. To the general manager and coaching and ownership and I had an ownership group. Partners with me that if people around him page and go ride my truck would get him but he same page and and entered from the ready and it's against my own reporters it's become a partner by nature of the club thing and we hope to get to court decision if they're Smart people look at what you're used to. More likely to make good decisions and I have great equipment. You've done a pretty damn good joke hired a GM and coach. Hopefully people here it's its amazing I heard someone discussing any vs our back and it's pretty close. When you think about the moves that made and I don't think he's out back yet but maybe before it's done and the fact we're matching in the same breath is amazing. Well after the game you BP Q I read was I believe I could Wear red for five years there were compelled pick recovered the way and it would promote a week or electrocuted everything. He could to put our ownership group and support us and recommending. That we do that you arranged that you change. Two possible. Or of border. You instrumental in getting people on race track. For our own and then we are a lot to do we welcome. And I adjust to prepare. Yeah we should look. What to make sure that we. Have been at the record donation of cause and subsequently confirmed that my partners and I. At shamrock on. Our country and won the du twenty. It's a and since at least and I want and you can cut at a hundred court like the one of those double what was the have you ever might. With my wife yet but we maker around hundred the Celtics and the you know Julio. And it will look. Secret pleasure doing that and we tell by the way when mr. partners that the Celtics an eight until they cool. There are among many of the things fellow we the Jimmy Fund them. But you so we have we could make this donations. We love you too straight with thanks so much really do appreciate that. I he going to break we'll talkies in the short thanks a lot.