K&C - Chances Gronk retires, Trenni & the Olympics in danger 2-23-18

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, February 23rd

Hour 1. The final day in Ft. Myers has Kirk and Gerry in a safe mood, so they start talking Patriots issues including the chances that Gronk does retire. The guys then discuss the cowardly armed officer in Parkland, Florida as well as the declining Olympic ratings. K&C friend Trenni Kusnierik tweeted out video of herself near gunfire at the North Korean border, and the guys react.


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Its current. And you're on tomorrow more again how your you've visited. Please do detail kind of dark place you read about an hour ago this what what what the hell you're talking about are so that's the well we'll let you know once I get my car and go with what we're glad to look forward to that point I think this has said that I just I go to. We've got a come back to the park in the morning there as well that's a big bet welcome it's lonely and with Gerry Callahan by the way the Bruins have just made it tricky. If you listen to zero pox given through I predicted that frank but Toronto was going to be traded I look at it as it was Florida smoking exactly put down the bong put Toronto in a game around for whole bit and you moved up twenty spots in the draft great. Yet they could definitely be adding another another four by the piece of reform and a bit Bruins time David Kirk made ahead. But what was her money here who resembles Georgia you almost feel the most well we're very hairy guy but this has serious question. Who was the guy who's getting pulled over arrest at that time here. Handcuffed while my ankle to a bench before we talk about being in turn civility in terms of this is a man there who treats he had turned fairy or showing me how you are legal to get those he'd what was that first. On Sports Radio telling you we. Skirt Callahan live from or migration or six points. 70. To accurate such calls your two days a week and we still don't know what's going on with treatment. No we don't. Adequately. I think you'll be fine in the fold clothes made a trade break that that's been treated for a federal auto. For a third round pick who moved up the matter a lot going on I think in. Mr. Casey finished the week it's been a good week here obviously people are into it a lot of Red Sox excitement that should be. So Gerry please season redeemed each of the last couple years in the playoffs hopefully do better this year the Martinez thing I guess it's our new. Like I mean I'm reading it it's not a big deal because medical's I'm sure it's probably not through some big thing from the national guys without right now so I'm sure he'll be fine and ready to go by. Yes yeah good good thing to cause that's why it was here diplomacy in the number 28. That BP live BP that policy in take the field. In the first notes and interest can be good meals are gonna pick on. Now I've and so I guess if yet for the show yeah we usually do we yeah get him a media roundtable coming up we should do that Roche did you a much on people get in there. With us with. Mean people who claim block so as part of a true pumped earned digging into Gaza on yesterday while. Bradford do for you were told good. I thought he hated you none I don't know you want by some questions like is anyone in this media. Cord that you you city like shows little thumbs up review agrees that you didn't yet. Bad news. Bad news. So it was. And the notion that it touches upon. You do yes and no issue year. Cool with PAX. I mean it can repeat it eligible us on him. True that's nothing he was gonna make you rates for XT mixed tape of that for years ago if you're only ever had never materialized and he's a very nice. Yeah it's at least a time when I did not mean he says it. Do you ever look at these guys in in in which you were like beat Connecticut that word because nothing is nothing now say this looks deserves great they're here at 7 AM activists but still 7 PM let's look great like me stand there and wait for some utility infielder talk about his offseason I was in the best shape of his life. That they writes up in the most people won't read correct. But just trying to do in this post. Where we're at Woody's we usually do the job they're doing the right yes there respectful of whatever unless you wrote yesterday the good guys that the players treat them yes of professionals professionals. Like Dan himself so it will they've told me what it takes to me is that he wasn't upset that we disrupt lives and I don't I swear you had no interest in. He said the main guys that yet guys oops I know it just looks so alive but I I thought there were in on the joke. I didn't know either way and it was a big deal but it's not. Which poll last night not to get into. That was pulled into told not to intuit the postal Soviet army out and adjust the beat myself Hewlett. I don't. Com. I don't comment on no comment now it doesn't matter I literally can not so I literally cannot win them. It actually doesn't. No comment on anything now. Nothingness and be professional for our west it's not that here. Before I was on what whatever it needs before yours I went in the Red Sox patriots would have kept you. I don't care about wrecked the throttle for a third round them up that worked but either that it was like that straight to your two would you give the check mark in. I've never heard and the players involved is toting guys like that of the deal does not have the third round for round pick in the prior deals about to move up its sport as a much steam assists in a second night in the second or ninth yes problem. You remember Clint says that Tony was created a hockey state on the beach no hockey please don't mean. But it's a cheap shot out of so so but we took we don't know if you said he'd made and it's funny talked about he didn't and it's not that once as. So like you just moved up thinking this week for Toronto and no guarantee. Were holding and you moved up response from the draft. Is this a reach these offseason pitching moves from billboard he has been built what's what's national yes. But territories the some interesting ideas here offseason moves. If eruption from Malcolm. There and yet. Dump. Our Mattel is that it went Alan Alan race David Harris have a problem Dublin you know. About extend Brandon Cox who make big money it's as if he eruption Boris I got. Don't you sources. I don't know yet about the source is just a moment much. You don't. Public address. Address left tackle. That apple did not address be at stake that's right she should address to blow is that it's all gonna retire. He's a restriction weeks ago unrestricted free agent you said it wouldn't be big deal with the guy protecting know Brady's lies that retires. If that's what I said. All I meant was it's a big deal from sports to operate perspective now it is a you're playing fantasy this year I'm. I might answer the fault maybe yeah. So I heard you're an expert yes I used to value more it was. We ignored. It means I mean if if Neitzel doesn't retire. Is he left tackle thinks yes. Yes he's 29 we talk a lot of bugs brought together and do you think. There's a chance mix solar any minute now ounces and a mean he has you know he's get things more important wrestling. So yeah it's hears them. Which has been built and well he writes a book critic cooks than he says the patriots will change their offense some after. Rob Gronkowski retires. A move to come could come as early as this offseason. There is a relief but in the Brooklyn retire. Mean. You actually because I. Would mr. Pork. Those that's. And it keeps him of people towards say what's what's the WW the way that you. You'd think it's a factor. This. Fight. That don't do it makes it twelve. He said. It Harry's. Harry's I'm insiders at a billion a year for. She uses. I don't care if the job was laying down and being servers. Eight wickets. You'll go from 121000001. Bills on me in the mat point. Good point to say to him ideas and a quick make as much and commercials ever seen in me expects that the problem make it almost communion at dean probably more than game the way please. And this thing done twenty. Nine. Know what to do so one more. Even if you want won I've had. Siblings parents and no. One's. But he's not just gonna walk aways and two. Officials awed. And seamless. Meebo about it. SUV Jimmy Shapiro a minimum him so. Nervous it was. My political career. The young guys. That it'll. It's a little. Piece in his third. It seems that it change your son. And he has it's really. This Florida cute story at one point you know apps. Hey walk. I asking him. Would you like. We can do. In the Florida shooting was just that it's. Part. I'm not argue mask and are we gonna meet Scott Peterson by the way that name. Sometimes they try to express an interest threatening us. Which is safe and it was Peterson. Don't accuse. Us it's like if you name was executed. It's just. If your name is you know minutes you don't need it for you guys yes they. It. Will we meet Scott Peterson today. Seacrest. Will see. We will someone get him that question I mean he's gonna. He's never seen the latest in a minute you know people know that India was. Derelict. Did not confront the shoes were armed in resource officer today this is new in the it's Miami's what is this world. It is a short. Anyway. He says he did his job. He believed he did a good job corps course. For us. Union official union guys. That he's union guys Scott Peterson. Yeah hey good jobs. And called him and then you know hit under three years. Smoke a cigarette. If you know taxes sir thanks you guys up there treatment. That you exist make your case summed resource officer yes couldn't. Yes there was job now. The teachers. Users killer beat. The guys. And he's the best reading this new just. He heard about Scott Peterson the outwardly resource officer. Makes 75000. 673. Girls here. When it's with over time it's over it. When he retires. All about. On. August 30. News. Is that experts. Warned that which is in its and we talked about. Armed guards at the doors which. Because. Yes this is certainly. It's mentioned 75%. Of the average of top five earning years while on the he retired Susan. What's this 8000. But it's averaging. Three quarters sixty. Rise slightly risk his life. He's he was on the force for 33 years. It is one job one job to protect kids would he do any never went in. Did you play when he was asked the chair is casts the is sure Israel's us. What should this. What. When it. Address the killer. Killed the killer. It's pretty simple shot at. And kill the killer. That is what this guy I mean obviously he's not. Killer. Not evil but will he be. The report sees makes up with a beat the new face of countless options. For. Right or a notebook house. Already yet. I am going it was house. Where he knows about it goes to local. Sweet tomatoes are. Sure some. Subjects like you knew it was a joke he's gonna actually collect this equipment in gonna try there's no way. This guy kept every year yes I'll. It's easy union guys unions are. Policies that we've known him thirty career. Easily yes yes it was thirty years and two billion dollars this artifact. Parents of these kids in this guy. That's at. We thought would it becomes a public places I did my job well you'll never know way. I got sent to us now. The union says its list. Its enemies. This guy was there wanting to protect kids. As it's Hisham. It's good though judo union. It is the that he was. Surprised at some places. Every time you hear rifles are you listening to huge. So that's listening to kids teaches the XQ. These days of its height. Its nose in for mature and he say the city called that in. He knows she's set up the perimeter. It's pubs and you'd have to by the way shooter crews. As well. This. Went in the well it's got lots and walking down the street foursome that's. Up. So it's when it up this one. That was in there. Someone get a source. Physics the inside though rock spectacle goes. The Stockton chipped the wrestling. Him. Yeah this is no joke I called already this week. And I told debate gold but he doesn't listen anymore he just likes to talk I told him this week that I got a source Donner titan towers. What Glock has been in the wheel cars does that. What what set I was just hours tighten houses we have in Vince is the most beautiful building and all subsequent Connecticut. Well let me take a good on the two meetings for a each with its insult you don't do Afro one shot deal that. Stores. And let me tell you something also. Excited about it except so. Who do you Pensioners. Party except help hundreds and he's. Sewers and click yeah public appalling. In the NFL right it is dangerous by. It would probably be it could double sweet deal call to publish to bite your brother. Wait wait till you need somebody except Tokyo national guar Cornel. What seven touchdown of the game is the most unbelievable place. Retire his football injuries. But I'm a hard put to me just remember that guys in the NFL. Go public machinery and eighth and I think 111 could think about that Cuban. Can I can in my it was all for this industry serious bids yet welcome. Okay. Yeah you're the one found somebody nobody can take thirty years to do it and add these candidates are a tyrant you put a janitor in the he's trained in weaponry. And the next thing you know you've got five guys. You wouldn't pay a normal but not the. It anybody else. And no one until you empty and you have these vehicle presented in a bank and when we play some of them. In the medicinal but that's come back to CNN outside the thing what what you almost construct. That's the reason you need guns because you wanna know why. When the door to crack that you can't you gonna be all by yourself you have like a zombie apocalypse or you have something like got. To win a console going to be and I love got to give you are they going to be grabbing don't didn't take it off and you'll then be left take it serious self. I don't and I. Well it's stuck to him on us. Yet what he's. There to energy. And all. Already training geniuses we have a picture Scott Peterson or your easel 54. Tires. He's been there thirty. He's retired your rate of thirty more years obviously knows it's like. It'll. And he's gonna make 66 short of this forever. Yes that is not snatched it yet. He. Sees one. In the except we just term and our wise easily see that show floor understand did you. That's thirty years of relatively bucks it's illegal not that would not happen prediction I want to buy up of you finally get some violations. That makes up and hopefully I mean his own bosses disgusted by him but he said. Court news story. Quote believed he did a good. Because he called in the location of the massacre. He gave a description of the shooter some smaller Schuettler. He saw this and by the way Nicklaus crouse weighs 130. Days scrawny people being. And he was walking on the school no there was no with a youngster backseat taken by surprise I would you. Ought. And stick when he. What ever rate hike and popped the question you've got parades yes. Which get out of that is piece of sun sentinel. Those bases as the face of congress. In. The pops. Junior high pressure them. Berg and you know in this all kinds of tricks of ups occur to them and that little list if you die your spouse. You could list. Yeah it's mostly collects in the rose Byrd whose spouses forties bigger news. This that was goals set. Relieved that. I think that's it was all Xperia. And a much of it is still pull off with things. But it. Means in the rules group for years yet this kid and he and another forty years. Yes when I was surprised obviously he's hitting machine and q.'s list owes me 1000. Oh pops and would be between overtime. I thought it was just the down we're dead and resources six this is quite yet to six foot five speakers cheese's. Six foot big guy big guy looks pretty imposing Andes that values its position takes pride and protect the students that means that it is always been there what 2000. What did you two you know and literally stupid enough. But smoke in there and play on this phone integrate that with the gym teacher you know the guru. Who's. No she's a lesbian and he thinks the chiefs interests him quite yes and those. It was important so it's all there probably about each rejoice. Takes years every day at 4 o'clock. This fatal way he gets that. Big. Actress wife yes it's hot right now things that way on the next six months of outlets that. Write me sixty years. It still get that even if you move to different. Subjects and nets and and those girls that that is sick. I mean obviously we thought it keeps the arms and armed guards at all schools which is. It would be you know without your position so what if that would be you wouldn't be with this cut. Benefits but who knows. What's teach it to blow it's become the next. What a notebook elected TSE. Hello all packed and let but I don't think that this. Doing this see you guys like this. Season what's it hurt that. It only shows. Teacher eggs for his side school it's not a it's just another thing. That's all in the big things here shortly and yes. Why peoples and let you play a little more sedate. That's from dec. Shell which people. It is not every topic like them all. To an article in Oakland do you think. Martinez has the opposite field power to go deep. Well. Because I don't know where this has played some bad boxes yes. I'm briefed at all that she's richer. Ahead such as you well it's great to say about. Writes in view of that that's worked for. It's. Many many many. Of you the goods and if you lose in the eighty. Al east. Jackie Bradley might be like the third best. Yeah games this one. You hustling. One OS's. Gosselin gets moved into your. Oh good job GAAP. He played baseball guy gets it means the ball. It's to show what kind of person dead great great. Oh good player that is always know what's happened. I'm not sure used to be. It's though some happened it's it's all they met OJ old age mellowed out as you know. Easy and beat guys like which tops and rules and it was one of those. Yes he stirred up days. Yes Olympic. Great because that. Johnson was two countries. It. Problem is 617777. Perk and live from Mars. Your quiet. You can actually hear the gunfire in the background it's crazy there. Yeah. Barack. That's a French Wendy and he. Border. North. And South Korea. Nation. Ventured out yesterday tweeted about it. Secured gunfire I'm pretty sure the gunfire. Has to be. Kirk's new headphones. Can get his old and pulled back. Sure they were beaten yet start to. Okay. She's taught her that she was there and kindergartens. Sister. But the popular science was what was what was going on I saw it was hurt them at quarter poses training facility. It has. Its. It was a total war and I fired at objects we might know some about miniature version would resort to it shooting he has she windier not yes. It's at the border which is no surprise there's lots of milk stuff yes some border politics so to spot for. It's slow and the guy few months ago across the border. Guess she should all directions and survived. Full ring worm. I mean that's where she didn't. This is true you can be good but history. Like she's very upbeat optimistic. Moment Ellis. It was the greatest month. Yes I want. Nationalism gunfire in the pack its creed. She she will say it was great place great people and I dated and yes I. Just far. It is that on the street knows what should comfort for you. Why do you feel it here or or hurt to watch her because it wrong again its skies could change again at Ron. She's on again color. To. Today yet no I watched well a watch on the Olympics almost none and about. I am not into Google I don't care about foot past not doing well Heidi get Villa curled. Sure affordable. And we'd go. Nearly filled drop it to head coach with only hit means huge where America alive in the bar in the middle. Bankruptcy roll up but the order bordering sort of states yes your father takes curling game. Whites and the blacks and all I've watched it's not possible so typical models are still an expression on bowling shirt what's that. And Goebbels you don't. But one guy once yesterday was chapstick load. That's greatness but chipped it. All. Spots tree. It's like six minutes in between each time they speak and it'll tell you know it. It looks simple list of what's called also we're the trait tweets at. Trying to trawler act she shall dance for keys. She tweets elegy rooting for journals so it's great but Lemerre it's so weird like what do. That's the thought that a lot of course that the US activities post so now you know I mean partially achieved so let's win tonight at Carolina associate part of it the stories. It's we give this the look they look like regular guys or curling. The rest of the appearance sport which can mean they'll snowboarders. It's. Next year's. That there are working class kids. Now public life now public children of privilege you can do things other people on and you look at that doesn't make a bat to beat giving basically kicked of the kings and queens. Rangers ran naked to spark. That's a church a fire those guys were rich and wealthy little guy's stuff. But it's for Gilbert Sullivan ran around. Essentially the same thing out real. The victim the victim of or years old and there given that they are obviously Paul's. Question you just watching these kids lose. I've. Just been geared toward getting this point in -- go buy the watch nobody nobody in the tech nobody's talking about it though watching the ratings are down there. Knows he's among those chicks technical part of wanted to 3% from the Olympics four years ago that was down twenty to 30% from the prior approval yet Nolan no answers. And try to do extreme things they saw being yanked out. To Ricoh and go with your face and John weird it's it's closing ceremonies. But didn't you act like an amicable Leslie Jones. She's there just saw her on TV. Was the rest on our role like shields thing with the games exposing wacky correspondent. She was too it's written these pants yet Marquardt. Yes so all the girls' hockey team in the White House I would guess now. Oh not all that evening everybody that he likes don't drop they'll have some well. Yeah I spoke the coaches doesn't seem like exit as Ivan ray it divisive issue that I'm going to guess. I'm going to guess just speculation could be wrong by him I apologize but it's. I'm going to guess some of the members that he ruled with the vice president's policy answer issues. Just guessing just George Willard you know. Theories as places in notes and yes. And cared it spoke seat back. What might it's this place is serious an issue yes it's it was US PX I mean. Right. I. Well I took center. That night. It's that way yeah it's. It's Friday that it helix of bulletin nicely meat pizza Friday night. Pepperoni sausage ever. If sausage pizza yes so it's. Is that your pizza and Fries pizza place that you would and it's yes yes and duels. You have. That's true stuff I had no desire to have long would you like yet but my brother. Is my brother Adam also does. But you'll have not our call here. Which I don't get it has no appeal to him but he feels like holding it appears he likes that feeling. I was with that George Campbell late George Campbell. Campbell one stricken tools. And it's. Lose reform. These. Through XX 230. Certainly it will but I local he would he would literally thirty tips on most prized. Blows. That. It as a law that point. This. Case. But so so yeah what's the character and so tools that's only tools that piece. In Crosby it's. Only advice. Yeah sure withdrew. Its place is non I'll echo units. While much who's now if you alcohol. Visit to religious reason doesn't Q yes because it is about crunched Christian shuns alcohol display at the president from yesterday's crash I don't so that's the closer 10 well I don't it's not the separate hours. Let's Billy Graham ranking that's way that you were the latest. Secret to long like drinking more I saw that more exciting lessons Ricky Moore that's why us and you hit that Paris. I enjoyed last sites that are you believe it was a great way to have the last that are Oliver I mean lasted the week with. It gives you a great historical perspective we could literally see table where do you it was a disgrace. It was almost like being. You know that you would the tours in doubt go upstairs you do that no that's great gulps and what's great but it just got yours -- book depository. That's what felt like we're in Caracas and at the table where you know weird. You're supposed to bees yes U. Yes and then. I call the digital massacre so. So. What you can you can see or I angles perfect you can literally see everything. A lot of the depiction their big there was people that I would a good pitch good. Awkward yet at the table just turned over to battle to take a quick picture you can lose their seemed weird. I was an ax ask. A couple of them to sort of re enactments and I'd be off seem to be awkward yes into our our dinners go with the boring and he goes wolf. Don't rate right. You don't eat much Curtis clean this place. He does Curtis is agreement for sure he's bully me for sure there's no instances in fact I was in the room next year yes that's for us now. Purging abroad. But we just eaten a boat the other shows and write a positive manner yes yes it's like. On and it manager car management a much loved them is that his team. All all all happy all happy I was disappointed. That caused devastating yes I spoke correspondent. This course it's 40. What fortunate you saw. That and then use them. I thought it was some sort of weird that military code execute something. You did make sense. If you use it gives us a message was spot to. He set the worries. And we all. Let waves would would your favorite wins this game to make baseball more I think you want it. I'll one out each night you've done the home games started says it's all about our 74752. Issue. This ties. I was hearing was yours your 460 your your games that you don't stick around what eight lady complaining about the liked games now that I usually drive him. Sit down get hot dog watch the game and you'd be back to back by eight. Can you hear it anymore that note that's great idea you know and if they don't like compromise like three Phoenix. I'd settle for T yeah who yeah so it's writes good some of mediation prostitutes or to act two things yes that's a one out why what pitch strikes. 11 month all of your electric Kirk Chris Curtis memorial. 41111. On currently Corretja. She issues there. I love when people say they come out these ideas to make baseball. Speed of the game make it more interesting this one vote. You know is to store. Fix the records right if yours there and your. Work the next day earlier kittens mills' own. Years ago. Well I MarketWatch based in fact the record books not after this game usual. And about adult ticket for two Eagles that's not. Good. Argument against the dollar is trying to get. Doesn't care about those were here in the old days of deal is apartment and read baseball sickle PE every year getting restless and those days are. It doesn't matter those records blown out. But greedy steroid use more so they're gone they got rich too somebody called dale and key in the arts and you know. It's realistic and I love great I said well what about Chris Sale no hitter go. He has no hitter. So maybe if he has to please just go all have to say we're gonna do this and if you wanna fix it not right you can't listen idiots like. Tony from Bridgewater. Who says they explode can told dale it's the most pure game. Bias here and good for dale for an dale laughed. At me. Sorry I missed that lies that your game and girl she's not you know text that. Six what's what. Time. Chew on if I'm actually fun. Good sense globally which records that would mean. On one point Bridgewater assistant dale cherry wanted it to be dying and I want but. Who should column stationing. All of them have what it calls from people for certain age. The rule out that so yeah. I was there Sox call July 6 what set it set at 79793. Several opening day starter David Price Chris. It's a really tough call. It's quite ludicrous now with crises lights I probably had a chance the world and there's a good sale. These lights years when he says yes. So it is sale last year that's won Cy Young that's true you beat these agents it. If the prices are so. Yes or contentious. In them what happens. At least that's five days ago matter a lot of late July 14. Six what we obviously on our own. Now you look at decadent. Site doesn't work. That that about it. We took a look at it did you opening days of no structural Chrysler wants to against the rays diesel team true. Captures during what are very important what to do. Six what 7777. That recent drought which runs at 7 o'clock. Yet he'll schedule. We have a you don't stop and Byron night in the sport. Alia that we have a call in the Scott Peterson empowered the security guy like help his chances tradition rate went out when you called the road right or. To that voice you'd think. Notes that it was an automated response to leave a message no organ wells and guess she's under siege his house under protection. Yes sought that's what you. Expect. Please connect to pack up today and move. You just pack ago yes 61777793. Settled. Feel rights rights and rights friends they put him on his body was going to Japan yet the Goodyear last year. It's I think about 32 home runs figured things out in May change his approach to idle to vote that. And and and finally clicked for him it's a bunch of home runs. They don't call mob because they're paranoid about how it's good though fact Chris Young in that dynamic and that was a mistake he needed price Brent September. Bracket last night did it out there are hearings. Not like you to hear that make those days those days of of like you know going other shows for freeing. Jumping around before the trying to be funny view that. I got a lot it was. There have always had actually reached out hey thanks for doing that at this thing to do that thanks for trying extra players that are going above and beyond. Which nobody else the station does not wrong but that's a macro. And then. Nobody else's house nobody else matters as. In so. Those days those days are in but it yeah eight. Showed six of sort. It is the new life. To see ads up on that. You know to my gosh darn job and that's deal. Jim secrets. That's practical fascinating to hear any of it was late are captured and won one N 1 AM. Shall it's actually on its strong killed. The Eagles. Finished fifth which is you know. The worst place to be right upper middle. So that. I hear rob last night. He's he's not note tomorrow 145 with a loss. Last year. Yes he sees a yeah. It is mood. Okay. It seems to be all right just. Based drew a walk on route would steal a month it's right it's not red tees tees. Portly. Ladies. At the prescribed expert worse yes. Too slick. Certain other entities or else the congress so. What we put that sound. To make funny but it I'll definitely you know is that if you liked to you know I was thinking of treatment on them. Sure contract which itself. Works didn't tell. You told us the technical issues though she is note sessions that were called C one I haven't heard which. He bought would you mark caller a couple of that we would. We could get sound. That order what you call relics here. You know emphasis. Right now. Yeah fourteen hours. Fourteen or so votes. In the media that she's actually on fire in the back it's creepy. Throwing up stating from the broad and important it's not that Kris actually. It's not. You're down here. When these. States here. It's not negotiable no this gunshot it's not Kris has gone. She should take me today like whatever 3 o'clock wondering. Satterfield decrease in baseball's. It's not it's not particularly great she sounds like she actually be anger that were fired from the north I anger and I do better. Make frontrunners assembly. It might tone has been accused of being a bonus to watch tried. Washout this is a big note under the at all I publishers understand I've affection. Pretend he's a friend as you so far as like really hard. Yes that we they sent shortly we did yesterday morning we let those guys. Note. Sale. It's yes yes at least Shaughnessy to address we'd like. 617 cents at midnight sadly he was slightly Wednesday but don't do it would do it don't do it. It. Six what's at its efforts at 7%. Gross interest and yes he has to local drugs for a few hours it was not happy picture sneakers. Route while it was eight votes that to a much. Back on the sworn Yasser. X it's really an on site doesn't policy unfortunately our seven and seven. You know ninety Yasser. XBO here at 955. Euro six point seven centers like six what substance. What should. Go home. Certificates. Of up to. Unfortunately both my parents died. Mark of just LC should we knew that we anyone who cares. Six what's that it's at 7:9 the O o'clock 77790%. Perk out.