K&C - Charlie Baker, Governor of Massachusetts 8-15-17

Governor Charlie Baker joins Kirk, Gerry, and Mut on the first day of the 16th annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.


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I we're joined now by the governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker thanks so much for coming back bloating don't I'm happy to be here guys as I said earlier. Talk that geez this that you guys would do this a lot of times but at least nine years and they actually sixteen which. Makes me feel blow so the same time credit to all of you for sticking with a over such a long time doing it every single year and you got to be get close to fifty. Though is at this point as I feel pretty this and I'm pretty sure this total that much this woman has more than we did in the first one. Oh yes all day for the thing it's on people behind the scenes are getting all the sponsors excited about it. That's a lot of people mostly curt and me but it's a lot of people who. Put a lot of effort to make this thing happens and it just has become in the great big deal to create even the governorship so that's a big deal tossing out us you know you get nothing stuck patriots who make it across I don't know expert you know there are going to be easier while other big Austin partner as hard as I like west northwest at the northwest and it was gonna make it months and and I'll take off on his dream he's used to edit edit its many good virus we have we have we have lots of Googlers news wire what you wanna play with Brady he's going to be huge. Get ready for the going to be easy today rejecting any cut in will be in New York. Six concussions. Within the air and then you're done tired of dealing whenever that. What do these hospitals mean after just 3COM in Massachusetts it's going to be driving force. Oh there first of all. We are lucky to have many of the best hospitals in the world. Proven over and over again and every service that gets done right here in Massachusetts but it. But the most important part is the is the work that goes on inside those buildings much but at budget time. At all of the cancer centers around Massachusetts. One of the first questions are always ask people wanna meet him it's only been here. You know pity for ten years twenty years 25 years. That I say we'll tell me the difference between. What you did ten years ago fifty years ago five years ago which do now. What's your sense about your ability to succeed with some but he shows up. With a kid or the family members says you know we have cancer. And there's been tremendous progress of this stuff the work that you're doing here is part of that progress. For people 51015. Years ago for whom the answer was. We could try something but we're not really sure if this system work you literally have people who now when they walked in the door with a diagnosis. Can be told by the person. Sit across from them that. We believe we have for proven treatments that will work for you based your diagnosis. The amount I hope it's attached to this you just can't underestimate that is. That's a factor in the progress that's been made him and he has been part of I'll be Alice in the ferry to run the baker family the extended baker famine you must've gone through some. Like like all of us play that I had prostate cancer. You know those one of those things where. If he'd had it. Fifteen years ago. Probably would've gotten. Diagnosed as early as it did caught early and which would it created huge issues with respect treating it. And the treatment for him because he got it recently. Was lined up at teed up that he just follow the protocols of the treatment and and while it was a scary worrisome. Time it was one of those things where the people we were retreating it was at lucky just stick with the program you'll be okay. And that's exactly you know we're. I like my father and as well and via. In its first learned of these radiation seeds that I plant and you don't go through traditional radiation you don't have to have surgery. And you know after the chemo. He later had colon cancer but at the time I was amazed at how. Little difficulty in campaigner in suffering yet to go. We do know is it was a process ready and I do it every single. Givers everyday or every week but the bottom line is they had a protocol. It was approved protocol and chased it and if it happened ten years earlier. Probably would've it. So what is going on in the city this weekend and kind of torn promote abortion and a well we'll see the one thing you'll say is that. We've we've spent much time talking to the mayor's mayor. While his team and and we will be whatever happens this weekend and it's all very fluid right now we will be prepared and we will be in a situation where we will support the the police on the ground at Boston to make sure that nobody gets hurt and that's going to be our goal and that's going to be our objective or are going to be. Foursquare committed to make sure that whatever happens this weekend nobody gets repeated assuring us that there's political unlike chose who we actually have police there does that. Of working police we've to get them all weekend often Trojan. We've we've done. Dozens of marches offense rallies gatherings of all sorts over the course the past couple years all over the city. Where we've supported the mister Evans and his team and virtually without incident and that's going to be with to have this weekend is they said yesterday. Anybody comes here who expects to. And site or anybody who lives here who tries to say anything negative. Physical harm anybody will be dealt with immediately. So you're going to arrest people yes I'm correct on this show it's we will arrested as you anticipate this happening accidents can happen style. We don't know and it's very fluid and I think the mayor's view an issue this is should be divisive. If everybody just took the weekend off and it cooled down on this sort of thing and but if there is there's going to be a deliberate effort on our part to keep as the commissioner said yesterday mr. ovitz and yesterday another standard protocol on this is that there's more than one group. That's protesting especially if if they are different points of view you keep them separated as possibly candy don't give them an opportunity. To directly engage with each other because that's when it. The investigators. Create trouble that's going to be people. Are you were First Amendment absolutist to do a minute here Meyer won't say you're not welcome here. Hope it that's not your call mayor Walsh I'm sorry but if you're believe in the First Amendment and I'm not talk from punching people in the face. Or spray it's tear gas and like they didn't Virginia. But you understand you've both agreed that we we should hear unpopular views. What are we a few things violence that we're probably a popular. Even hateful images I guess I questions. I'd make you uncomfortable you hear people say things like we where colonel house speech here. That's less Arkin cop pleas that they were welcome which is little different Wednesday mean one thing to say we don't. We don't subscribe to that we don't support right. But. You know. The truth is it the group of people wondering gather on. A public place whether it be the commoners of whether publicly. They can do that right now that apartment. The department if you're planning to. You know install a stage put it speakers. That type of thing but the generally because obviously that you need access to electricity. You have to have. A set ups basis staging area. I don't I don't know what these guys talk about Tito Ortiz isn't that what more do you need a permit to call. Have a punch of these loses with Tiki torches. I think you don't need a permit for torches although again and I that could be that when I did that that would be that would be a wrinkle here. That true. But the bottom line is that the group of people they do little time when it just gathering the dominant. And engage in discussion of what they can do that there's no there's no record expected and that's true for most votes basis. But just as a kid this could get ugly because same in New York where they'll just peace all outnumbered do it is a few of these losers with Tiki torches a few of these Jean fields. He'll be a thousand counter protest as every one of them. Loan and that's why the I think the commissioner's point about keeping these people separated from each other being serious about keeping them separated is this article or I didn't think that journalists I have no idea what the with the conversations and discussions were down there I did talk to. The government called briefly who. Told me that day actually. Sought to have the event moved because they were concerned about that constrained nature of the space that that that was taking place and the courts to other days he was uncomfortable as we are watching statues being literally pulled them by and vigilante mobs. Look at there's a I think those things that a vehicle in what I would describe as the procedural way and I don't I don't I don't have a problem with. With folks in the south me decision. To take down some arguments that they don't believe represent quote. Their community anymore but I think that I ought to be done an orderly process. If you are now what anybody that you configured statue down there that sell well but I don't wanna Kennedy's stature and I live in the north. I understand happened I'm saying if you can understand we've got to doesn't put us right you know as a way to do it. Much is true national referendum a yes or some kind of popular sentiment due shouldn't pull them is that I just yesterday morning. I mean that that wasn't. They didn't they didn't run that by the voters I'll post the budget that lunatics. And in you know start stop and after came down that looked like some Third World template to two. Minutes later they pulled down in the records accurate and they literally put rule crumpled. And then it's open that was just a bunch. I guess in the file types. We're gonna. We spoke budget we've done many rallies marches and events here in Massachusetts in the past years the city of Boston. What we've supported. The commissioner mr. Levinson and his team and we will be. We will be gauged if there is if there is activity here will be cases serious way doing whatever we need to do support the local. The local Boston PD mixture that. Totally peaceful and safe in a year ago you said you come in here and give us all the details of the Olympic disaster but now it's been a year in recent we saw happen in Brazil it's been when you do wanna apologize for supporting Olympics here today. Twelve listeners. And it remembers wearing yeah when I got a large our current or prior processor ever we had a report that is not a child offense. I just that look I don't. I don't think it's straddling the fence this day. We hired a firm that knows what they're doing to give us an announces that what this would look like it how would work at what the exposures for the commonwealth in the city of Boston would be. That would seem to be reasonable approach detective thing and and I think at the end. One of the big issues the that sort of throw the male justices to step back from was this notion of sort of a public pressure yeah. No but there was also this notion of sort of an open ended commitment prior right you know we the International Olympic Committee will practices so what we consider to be reasonable approach to meeting our needs there are expectations. Now. That sounds to me like you know that could be. That could be a million dollars the ten billion dollar outlook on what day you fight yours here's. And I think you know and I think that the public to believe that tomorrow. Significant flaws do you ticker lookup to work him oh every day and I knew I was that you brought Ronald shortest NATO's act. And you think the Olympics would be good idea and you don't think that these disasters. Traffic is worse than when I'm Ira Wheeler activating its. If that reflects what people thought it series tonight in nightly I think he knows would be disaster and Ecstasy and now that's true public affairs. At triple. Okay a Massachusetts he's got to use to survive they'll look guys I. A I think it's a what I believe to be the case which is that. I don't think it makes sense to blank check anything especially when there's the potential for a lot of zeros on that point judgment and and that's where I believe the IOC peace ultimately if you're at the bro report. Which was a report that we can commission. Ultimately into the so look there's a lot of exposures here there that are not to find that puts the commonwealth of the city in of that place. On the event. I do appreciate you doing this every year and I know that the people who are served by the the hospitals in this time especially by the Geneva appreciated as well and you are to be committed to the fact that you are fast approaching fifty million bucks and that is to this year. Determination and perseverance over a long period of jobless morning thanks and what helped on the ground rules here and sister network thanks so much.