K&C - Charlie Davies, 32, liposarcoma, Hingham 8-21-18

Charlie is a retired American professional soccer player. Born in Manchester, NH, he set several soccer records at his high school, the Brooks School, before appearing for the Boston College Eagles and the Westchester Flames in college. Charlie signed his first professional contract with Swedish Allsvenskan club Hammarby IF in December 2006 before joining Sochaux in July 2009.

Charlie has been capped seventeen times for the United States national team, with four international goals.

In October 2009, Charlie was involved in a serious car crash on the George Washington Parkway that killed a fellow passenger and left Charlie with severe injuries that kept him out of the 2010 World Cup, and effectively ended his international career.

In June 2012, Charlie married his college girlfriend, Nina, and in 2016 they welcomed twin boys, Rhys and Dakota, born 3 months premature on St. Patrick's Day.

While his wife and sons were still in the hospital, Charlie pulled his groin during a Revs game and after a concerning MRI, the trainer suggested an ultrasound, which indicated he had a mass. He was diagnosed with liposarcoma in the spring of 2016.

On the advice from a family friend who had done his residency at Dana-Farber, Charlie chose to be treated by Dr. Wagner at Dana-Farber.

He underwent surgery to have the tumor removed. He still visits Dana-Farber every 6 months to make sure he is still cancer-free.

Charlie is now a TV/Media Personality and soccer analyst and works in the New England Revolution’s front office as the Club Ambassador.

He also is writing book about his life that he hopes will inspire and motivate others.

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Look at this Charlie Davies joining us right now to check for a 100000. I saw life and I think. Charlie Charlie joins us soccer player or 32 years old. Yeah I mean you read his back story ideas in rises amid news of its hard to believe it as you look like you're unbelievable shape right now probably what you put. No not now not in on what your the body fat predicts us for a numbers two weeks slacker. So so your story is so I guess just give us sort of the backs were he would hear he won here. Yeah. I was playing for the revolution via. My children twins two ways they're born three months future. So commuting from Brigham women's nick Q2 training and and back back and forth. Action tired too camera body. Didn't do the things necessary to it to stay fit. And the second game of the season 2016 it will pulled my hamstring. Came back fought back. And then sure enough a start again implement going again I'm right check out how bad that laws and they found masks that and didn't they still thought it was talked nothing you know you know just went up to get it the ultrasound. At you know normally ultrasound Tex can't gave you a heads up. Sure I say just in yet non of them okay you know and it's OK I can works now. And so ten minutes goes by CS Hayward. That you find it that yeah and then disappeared. Fifteen minutes comes back and she's that good luck this season. And I knew right then and there. It was some serious when boxes to obviously trainers there and that's how bad is it. Yet yet Boston to check it out. Fast forward again to Mass. General. They do a biopsy. That I I don't think it's anything. In my okay I'm I think I'm fine. John and practice a week later I get a call from the doctor in the morning. He's a very dry them. I said okay this this guy's not good. He said Jack came back. It's it's not to seek the cancer it's like those are common cancers very rare cancer and rear area. But I can featured in for surgery tomorrow. Those kind of in it needs they've got to to a stadium and told the the medical staff and said look. Became pac cancer. I'm gonna answer tomorrow to like Arco coal go to the hospital his wife so. And that talk about it later got there but my wife and if the surgery she's like hold on second. Eat what kind of cancers as you know. Fortunately her brother's best friend. His residency acting former. And he said you know Charlie's got stretched for miles and doctor it in for surgery this thing is when in doubt. Don't like Torrey Pines like this is life at least take a call from doctors and is doctor Andrew Wagner. Got on the phone with them and he evening so comfortable he he helped me understand what they have. And he. You know made a point that. This is your life you need to do the best. You know things that mention that along life and you get to see children grow so. I think it's in your best interest and moved to Dana Farber and I did that and as the fastest. What other than the surgery and the surgery go and then when there's certain certain what well. It took me I think three months 22 or three months to get back on the field. I did that. And so. It's too it's been two years now them cancer free. You know it's I have to get it I passed that. The three months check up and now it's every six months until five years and it every year. Until ten. My wife was actually patient Jimmy Fund which use twelve years old well so. You know it was a lot for her to handle and that's despite the toughest news like telling her that I'm going through this while. You've already gone through this without chemotherapy radiation and now we're going through the Nikki for ninety days with. Our twins were born printers so it was. It was much more on her then that it wasn't too between your vote to Manhattan yes howdy do. They're fantastic good apple was good yeah all run run around loved sports loved building trucks that's. Which you'd expect from two rallies right and you retired from the wrist retired this march and now work in the front office there housework with NBC sports Boston. And so the transition has been great. Re you were quick penguin. Edition of the notre. I I host shows it covers the rants. And then I've done. Sports talk about that is letting in my red storm last time I had a red in person in studio on the show. Was Lex Ellis and wreck and well written remote from the champions were chemistry. And order and be here attending them. That's what he says we're talking military because I gotta go to practice. The coach was listening heard it. Was waiting for room and the only suspend or fine whatever he was going practice have gotten down it was epics and owns most. So I watched him prickly reports and Sam Adams and more than the practice yet I think the league east changed by it yes because of the early days that different at different times and it was he was funny it was cool I don't know what is now an analyst. The it predicts fox right. But he's done well he's done action well. Workspace. In one of the beer how good bet that reveres her listeners. Yeah. I mean I. Prep. Fourth time and a it was funny but. So you all done playing into the cookie could play right now yeah I could still play. I definitely if I don't miss the game whatsoever go to the practices seem games I knew I mean the right decision that was. More so a family decision. I think it would have had to move from Philadelphia out West Coast. And I didn't think it was right to my kids right O charter appreciated thanks for coming on public well Malone will see them I'm sure absolutely not a great show and thanks Charlie.