K&C - Charlie Rose is a dirt-bag; Tomase weighs in on Bradford vs. Mut 11-21-17

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, November 21st

Hour 2 - Gerry and Kirk talk about the emerging details on Charlie Rose. Tomase talks about Bradford vs. Mut.


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Kirk. It wasn't like it was in the US sincere OK there's three kids and time on either go over there and give blacks but trump I love that guy they'll have to say go out there thank you to everybody. Yeah we'll have no doubts about what you do I got delta wouldn't it be how what's the matter with you there's no confusion there's a lot of if you listen very slowly carefully. I'm trying to hit the boards at all I don't know son of a good. Kirk committee had the wave of sexual abuse allegations we've been reporting from Hollywood to Washington has now touched CBS news upset horrible Charlie Rose. Isn't he terrible. Late today CBS suspended correspondent Charlie Rose I miss to the Washington Post reported that eight women are accusing him of sexual harassment we have been together many of us and Gerry Callahan Jerry Kelly effort to stop making sexual harassment a left right thing it's not you can make of one of his kids say it right there and I think they gave all hot and bothered you're not offended which he yells let a classic tweet about Terry go on -- that broke my Romania drove like a maniac was his quote the she's guys who work forecast let's get out there in your opinion on it so there go on Sports Radio WEP. Well response that first hour they do it again later and it slowly showdown of the a class here people seem like that would make it does show rolls on let's try to stick. Classy it's hard it's hard obviously we don't do the job that they do much better job they watch much much better job. Much connected through a quick update on welfare king Charlie rose's properties. We mention he has apartment on Fifth Avenue worth six million bucks home on the ocean and whose work Warner have Chappaqua New York into an app. That property North Carolina that he owns is a 525. Acre soy in farm sweated out that he uses as his country retreat. I'm slowly erodes I apologize he says. He sets the women free and so we got around to tell them they have three minutes and any comment at a penny goes after an MD TV and thought you know after a lot of those the aggressors the current chair sits and ask questions that someone wrote for him right. And maybe it's up on the world leaders and citizen. What do you hope to chief here at the summit and lots of prestige tonight a longer version of the conversation. With Steve Bannon can't talk. I haven't seen saw I paid every parent cents. It is the least could be person congress actually go. Which is hard to believe that we always wonder who's next and we don't have gotten the idea not a Charlie Rose I do not have Al Franken. You know we knew the EC case you Kevin Spacey we knew. Rules slow and I was there no surprise right no surprise was next I don't know. I do think he'll get to the world sports in there will be I think. A where the cut in the world of journalism in the Al with a journalism well no I think it's going to be a guy like to Rico people start reexamine I mean. If you're gonna bust and I think properly and accurately and gladly do it. Guys like Franken. Guys like you know pick your guy Weinstein for things are done 1520 years ago when there's a roll around on three go for things he did fifty years ago wise any different. You why's he calling games for a BC five to stand. I think because we're trying to catch up there's a backlog you gotta you gotta get after everybody first you gonna get you the most famous people for Swiss and what words you're gonna turn your cannons on the only network answerable this year NBC. Rico is going to be a massive part won't call Michaels will be a huge part. Of that event which is gonna be washed he's in trouble low because slots like it's gonna happen some I think it's easy to do this story because it's in a couple books already read the book Mike Freeman book the other book by in the village there. And and Miller. There deet tails there are women their victims and others like where's that guy such as the bragging about. Cause to recoup probably good liberal that you apologized to Rico he never asked a question about reopened yet. To re probably going to back to three career for a second. Would it be like you can stay classy and trying to best. Is not classic story we pump the brakes a little it's hard to do with with Mike records on to stay classy. From these two books might Rico became very unpopular with some of the women on staff this is a long time ago this is the nineties. Cordoba house party. A little over a year after they hired a networked Rico approach a young female production assistant is the most beautiful winning here all of whom ignored him. And walked away but the next several ministry patrols around the party to she found snap on to F off get away from me. She pulled the car off the driver issue left Rico allegedly materialized from the woman's car it's him her to stop. He want to driver's side door and the woman reluctant rolled the window down saying get out of the way and I watched it with my car as we begin rolling out the window reportedly. Reach into the cart attempted to put one in his hand between her thighs she screamed headed back to party. Another woman to produce the sports center became friends it's Rico Michigan received emails from him in which you have to sleep with there. That'll late night march followed the and see March Madness election showed the team headed for Barbara stop. He could front Terrence I wish I was single I was odd story on the table or your bleep your brains. I know you wanna screw me so let's leave from. She soon left on the car to a point 84 suddenly she knows the car pulling up on the left she peered. That the driver than froze realized was to Rico trick was waving his hand and emotion she interpreted meanwhile the pull over instead she too deep right increasing speed. Increases speed as well staying alongside the woman legend senator breaks. Suddenly veer toward exit losing to Rico. He did apologize to work. Accord to the book word spread sutra newsroom of three go. In other when he came off fourth in power source which Rico complaint he made reference to physical features touched him inappropriately or expressed desire to have sex with. The book claims that six women eventually came forward and three co suspended for three months in order to seek counsel. Why is this any different and you these stories I read it is not an Italian it's a backlog quite cool I get to him we wouldn't we gotta get there all the more famous people for according to the point you'll have is to John Walsh and let me ask you this would would this be his solution today. John Walsh imply the tree goes mistakes were result of his youth and you become a different person I was 24 years old Campbell said he said spend beyond he's been beyond perfect. He goes out of his way in terms of friendship he goes out this way in terms of being good to people in fact his relations with many women in the work place. You got trouble let me ask you see girls last guy to be in trouble. The point where points. Serious question can is it possible that you can do horrible things in your twenties and then I knew her personally do not change Uganda again tales and -- but don't you think John when they are these actually beauty but -- I am delighted Tories at the hole I had no idea but is there ever a possibility exists that we can hold people's account for things they did when they were teenagers it's a good question could I add to your question is but the answer clearly so far in this story is yes we are right and what we've learned so far what your teenager not Kevin Spacey when he did this Anthony Rapp was in his early twenties correct. Mid twenties against 2830 years ago at that point but he was big he's reckless it's what sixty but this matter behaviors continued straight lets well weddings or Rico that benefit of the doubt for a second. If he's if he truly a change is always you know on the brink. You think they'll deserve to you know as ever had a sexual harasser who only harassed one woman. So fire does Pasadena because the because it's a pattern it's crazy they move bought. Madonna this one they get what they want and don't get that what they want them to see another one there attracted walks buy them at it in the office and suddenly the mother went great old became much more famous and much wealthier more powerful. After that. Now we want a huge god nobody men's and nobody's sports generate any since this fat bald little bumpy guy thinks she wants to bully his brains out. I didn't see it tastes. He has been part of my life do you think it did they ever forgive active sports center but we to do exports. Could story hit back at these do you think that people like that it's like suddenly become like not perverted. I was I was I usually has I believe actually I believe there is a chance of that yet pleasure got you could be an idiot. The guests you had us. Yeah I you know what I would guess there's a shot that he did change his ways because people complain about. I think I I think it's there's more complete there's no portico and I don't is it. I look now works John to read a story of the some of told to write a story about two Rico's you know proclivities here. You'd start with these two books you'd have faction of names or have. Dates you'd say this is a place to begin we go from here it's not like the beginning when nothing you've got a history. And you can't tell me what year was that 99 I want them to. Can't tell me the last thirty years whatever and went on and part of it just it's hard to believe that that he hasn't done again and again as he became more powerful more famous you become less horny as his mind that's there. And and I will say this to listen I I had no game when he came to the ladies wait anyway and portable hard to believe I know but. Maybe it's because I knew it never occurred to me. That I should meet a woman and immediately try to stick my between her legs everything all of these stories that's like that's the one mean on the detail like. I don't I don't get that I'm me either and I think of lines you might use in the bar. You know things you might say that approach Nolan ever crosses your grade to hammer out Democrat Al Franken just grabbed their ass all forgiving on a shot like if you're attractive woman you like her she seems like he talked or if the terms of she doesn't like you. You just move you can never get there are ever going to talk her into. Some thought or he's do select what you do you do that children should take on clothes yes and you stand a funny with you re Lilja who take high rush hour maybe shall see you and and he says to the girl did you see me showering because he's an outdoor shower he goes and naked. And she could see him from which is sitting right that it is a threat to did you watch me shower she said no and she goes. He was disappointed that I can see him she wore I'll also say as originally was washing themselves room really you know Iran ironic yeah he's feeling good I would say every every woman every ticket I have ever said I just wanna watch you swim from my balcony there might never worked well for tyra said he would do his morning afternoon jobs reported the news on together. Appropriate books sure let's go ahead at the utility womanly kept calling telling our I wanna watch you swim in the moonlight since it is and and again he's she's try to. He's Foster Kane she's driving him because he's really conservancy its servants she's driving him he's reaching over and grabbing her breasts while she's driving. She's like 24. She thinks the room thinks this is the move this is the way that you know seduce her. They have tea Al Franken you know cover of the post all over the place grab Arianna huffington's breasts for us in the quarter of people just warrantless happening chewing apart yet which she claims otherwise I mean who's word do you take more an effective she got a bigs my atlas I would play that game I wouldn't but. But her own quotes around quotes are it was joking as a joking reference to dispute that we had done us. She's she has is back. Liberals stick together Baxter are summoned back to publicly on both sides but yes you know me I'm surprised I shouldn't be surprised Franken. It's the we have why wouldn't he make please step you know that stuff is believes his step down so we can maintain some foothold on the moral high ground and get ready he did you think we're don't Franken stories now no nothing horse not he has and every secret but he does have to quit why would you quickly so that when you necessarily. You know you server Ted Kennedy keeps them you know Don and had it again if that this thing that erupted since 1988. American taken about it that he now never never he killed the stories out of our sent him we've been unbelievably. Think of icons in your party Ted Kennedy Bill Clinton Barney Frank of don't do. You know don't forget terrorist get respect it's scary science and rightly guys agers there isn't there Gary's or did you who Alex Raymond and even know anything about him but he says the eighties sun blocked. You know champ cameras and sixty days June JFK was a predator. Was eight months presidency your seriously saying mr. right now and not mentioning me sitting in the way as we don't change the subject. I guess I coach it's I like I said I feel bad not really feel about that Al Franken to get lumped in with. Charlie Rose tell rose belongs in a class with with. Weinstein company's belongs behind on his prison yet. The idea these and apologize and step down and go to therapy we have suffered in his eyes of violent criminals in my opinion Weinstein Spacey. What the book I wrote a story again and notes I'm sure it's a legal matter. The road stories so weird story on the plane that description out rate sort of vacuum that poor woman to take its mean I listen that she's on the small lead over Atlanta it was a great great Pernod and assess that she's on the small plane you know confine that is. There's no one gonna put her and the pilots are up the provision that the weather up there in the cockpit. And he's got her alone and he forces himself on her that is in nightmare for the moment where she was raised. And help the wording of this street protests closed off to abide does receding. Does yes she says adding that they remain close yes he did sometime in the restaurant you how many snaps on zipped that's what I think. Yeah he got out of his seat and pressed his body. It's like Hewitt and about the woman on upn is bad and she does know how easy it the next morning an expletive in there anything between crying and incredible justice she is tears in the extension this is weakened and has been I suspect little weather cause eightieth rusher rows of these guys have emails so that to make them look guilty so stupid and announce it read the story that we segregated us Lisa K let's just guilt you know it's again no it indeed it's a way of apologized there's some dumb. And now and when you read the story there's just so money facts so much evidence and when they had him down coal. It's amazing it and come on earlier and I'm not really sure what happened. In the 510 years ago that's sort of got a short it Rose McGowan is that you know in the ground level on her answer she should she has brought rose a doubt that brought down more sexual predators yet. It's it's not this. She should get the time warm man of the year but there shouldn't be here personally when the colts. Ask is probably won't petition brought a lot icons and physical conditions. Yes she's stolen base in that but I think it was setup fugitive actually Wafer it's gonna nation begins an option if you giving them how to deal for time magazine time magazine is definition is the biggest newsmaker of the boy it's such intolerance and I'll hold you trump has to win every year until he dies as the biggest newsmaker you know it went last year he did it. It's yet another half like there how journalists like. I was it was a controversial cover yes it's in destroying the world today is 80 no matter I think he's melting yet he he drives the left wing media nuts to deceive the Newsweek story yesterday compared trump would Charlie Manson may have the status similar approach similarity. And the woman last year when he she wouldn't again or should share with a viable. They'll probably they'll give it some issues or two ago but the PC stupid you all fighters want to use the most. Don't be a great pick if you would because she seriously the trumpet your slate he will more than you have in that interesting discussion about the best Thanksgiving side and you can't say prisoners have it right you can't say Turkey because it should win every week can't say -- this cute it would if you watched the marble with would comb my thoughts in the celtics' -- I believe he's old he's such an a hole it's incredible find himself actually sentencing at all he's not he's not at all I don't find I don't think it was a new round. I don't find interest in. But this he has the pick his spots he makes the dumbest argument ever. He is false he faults trump. And sent should say he doesn't give prompt credit for two reasons trump didn't visit them in jail. And trump didn't fly them on Air Force One. So he got them out of jail he admits that the kids admitted the kids all free kids players that are they're grown ups were all free players credited him specifically personally. That that was an awful about the varsity if he really cared he would have visited them in jail so these petty. But let's just stop here we know of cars on the fact that trump is demanding light weapons was to get down next to rally to. Is it true too that's also two outside of the do you think he should have fallen back on Air Force One I don't hear. On Simpson and look terrible ball the monster growth and thirty you have all the ball shall. When he made one possible that's Trudeau's I finally be defined mission all that naslund he's intentionally. Annoying fan wants you erase the emotional so perfect you know that eyes 617779793. Segments we of this CBS morning show reaction erosion elkington or O'Donnell cool pivotal play that more headlines snacks. Card game Callahan on Twitter and Kirk. We are back on Sports Radio WEEI. Headlines it's time for our class from a show that values conversation not confrontation. Hurt us through what you do really good job of putting words in my mouth like putting no more gym open he's not saying anything right you have to throw. Oh I hear there's where we make headlines smarter I think prepared beat you hear your opinion because there's so valuable and I know I've never vetted she knew without Davis trust me that's like dead if you make three. Earlier this feature script no watch and Jerry Springer or there and we always politely go our separate ways you war torn up and you wanna spill it sort of will work hard with Georgia and a mile. They chores I put your mouth. I just told you know I did you know we didn't. It's not a picky I say this isn't going anywhere today. And actually my thanks Mike since. Kirk Callahan. It's headlines. I'm happy is always take the blame I do something wrong as I said yesterday we we matter I knew VP marketing nice conversation with him. I said when I make a mistake on the first got to make a mistake I made no mistake that that supports of idea accepts no blame for. You shouldn't good okay he is how how is he the next week when he came back no we never heard and a mile that was going to be the that it's only certain rural Kenya Friday can Friday put a lot of time that would leave it to present tonight here at its right euros 9 AM yeah. Before you come on we have. Interviews gone wrong mostly starring him and he's a veteran and I thought we oracle and I didn't know you coming in nine but it's odd decision but that's OK and although you wanna come in early he's already in TV news that on and just kind of thirty anyway. That that went awry yes including Michael Marty he'll be there as well OB Dem a listen to that and by the way Tom Brady. Involved in this which ones that the Mayweather question so good okay. Headlines brought to you by doctor Robert Ballard and doctor Matthew the press TV there hairless sex for 21800 they just won the bidding. Over the travel bureau of stone which is seen its vacation. This is goal almost quadrupled since the must use vacation that's right and stand everyone's going that's a hip place to go. Is that the music as well as I write to you marketable cars to launch now. You're now I've been for quietly in the house you know left the house return to admit I went to we knew that this. You really was that was really learn to spell much adult diapers so you have to although in about a lot about it was the highlight of your vacation. I outside your house. Well I listen let's CN listen to trainee would Marjorie engine that was appeared between well we have some original put some that later go perfect verdicts. I roasted chicken okay. I would I'd say it was so I was I was you know what I most medals are spent cooking dinner I think there's a lot of time poster gets I spent a lot of time. Upset about net neutrality and Sanctuary City sure I understand I did get out now estimated to IKEA. And nice and I'd buy them collapsed. And hand knees. Collection furniture in minutes and balance anyway today but you've had a showdown these are big this is like some sort of like or exposure of the work you but I would rather work obviously I would rather work rather be detail and I'd rather work in the sewers of Calcutta then go to me is you move here. I thought about it since every hour every time I thought about them like to pulled out today sure sure yeah I spent like twelve hours but particularly inside to meet got to go outside that's true but I meant something in the theater I mean as it was driving the that you really get this agreement is reading books now. He needs good stories. Now I read I mean I read it seems watching them. Watch some halt catch fire. Yeah good show. And video games such a non non actually no video games played some board games of my neighbors that your kids are all on board games with a neighbor last act. Wouldn't they unemployed remain open word games as the weekend the Trivial Pursuit of I don't know like German style board games. Like dungeons and dragons. Not really now how are you talking about. Board games understandably gather some some advance like scrabble say the meanest of them and they won't make any sense clue. Seven wonders was blind to communion via your neighbors or those two yeah they are occasionally things do go there and I was like yeah accident some by yourself. Yet know there are there was a party a lot of oppose a boarding party F. I. I thought that's about one pass judgment that sounds as I understand well why you took vacation in nova but I cannot industry. Oh yeah future. There was that with some colleagues and wonders says everybody says or does a great game we'll visit again gets good reviews as anyone ever played it. I put it anyway and Eric carried seven house of cards while Jackson it's a little condi is a complicated games unit its mind to come up before get them we'll certainly spent some time. Can we get the CBS morning show that's their version of The Today Show Charlie Rose who's sort of their Matlock. Yeah right yeah that's because I guess it probably made three million bucks a year or. He's gotten me suspended right now he's that was never coming back. They start the show talking about this yet or O'Donnell on me this and yes I do. This is a moment. It demands a frank and honest assessment about where we stand and more generally the safety of women. Let me be very clear there is no excuse for this alleged behavior it is systematic. And pervasive. I've been doing a lot of listening and I'm gonna continue to do that this Sino is true. Women cannot achieve equality in the workplace or in society until there is a reckoning and me taking of responsibility. I'm really proud to work at CBS news there are so many incredible people here especially on that show you all of you here. This will be investigated. This past and this behavior. Is wrong. And you knew all about it I'm sorry I am cynical and skeptical eye when you read the story you know everybody PBS new. I'm gonna guess most people at CBS news they literally quote someone that PBS who says. That's just Charlie being Charlie after he attacks. Some young intern what it just. It was somber and it seemed to all of these things it every single one is the same Weinstein is like business like that at all in his likeness. It's always. Somebody warned us oh in adults and young girls out there don't send young boys and to demonstrate the way they've warned all these interns stay away don't be alone long cops don't let your daughter's nearly inaudible on the it was it was in open secret as they say and the and you got you all blood onion. I guess some onion starts at this target this is came NBC news just read this so. SNL women offer support of Al Franken. Solidarity and support of Alfred good so let Kate McCann is I don't know I don't I don't it is a list of women Alice and he's hurt that's about one recently triggering human and there are these people we feel compelled to stand up for Al Franken. We've all had the pleasure working with over the years on SNL without it was stupid foolish we think it was appropriate for him to apologize to ms. tweaking it to the public and our experience. We know Al is a devoted dedicated failing and wonderful performer in an honorable public servants while we are moved too quickly and directly affirm that after years of working with him. Who would like to acknowledge that not one of us ever experienced any inappropriate behavior. Commissioner sincere appreciation treated each of us with the utmost respect and regard we offer our support and gratitude to Allen's camera this Thanksgiving holdings. You know at this liberal says he's got a lot a bunch of I mean I didn't frauds and yes. You know what you can I was Roy Moore roundup rounded up a bunch of women he worked with the lawsuit is great cut trump could do the same. You could I'm sure Harvey Weinstein could do it that he might have inferior if I'm here in Paris the current cast no none of them this is all from Blue Jackets even wearing her and rain Newman. I'm Marilyn Miller writers' trust jetliners into Victoria Jackson Jan hooks is dead right units and it is dead and I'm out there and I see those 29 nova so much of script PA's and writers and associate producer he's shown as telling and you can't say in betweens. Pro but that's okay -- of these women these women I'm sure someone I'm sure the great mature them a liberal women's rights. When it's somebody they know does the woman all the sudden it's like what you faced dummy from girls. Mean and donated them all all the sudden it's something they know they lose the streak is feminism run to defend them it's it's psychologically it's weird I mean it's there. If first laws it's distasteful to be ranking like whose offensive sexual harassment is worse. I think we can agree of everything we've heard so fire is is kind of down the list in notices to me. His his first thought he you can agree with this and assured he was bleeping terrible on Saturday her. Every single skit he was in was its Arab or smallest most marbles in his early. Are never know it was a onslaught on the left out at once that thing where you put that satellite uplink and it's as fair or not funny none of it was funny but if you if you listened to see him as a seventies. Comic whatever thinking like grabbing a women's that's that's funny that's a funny image it's wacky. Like that that you can totally see and so he would think that he could meet some random 25 year old at the Minnesota state fair. And when he months for a picture of chaos grabber essence is funny process right but none else but out of our society that you can do you mean do you think we're done only things were Franken right replace him as well let me tell you that you're just gonna get more this it's going to be he grabbed my by Internet picture how many tournaments edged shoves tongue or throat during or her solar. All or she's gonna do what. Not a pleasant and it's not terrible but after they had zone and got back Riverhead she didn't want any part she says a believer on him. And he forced his tongue down her throat and this is this this is what I'm talking about this is the stupid never ever that he is putting well well that's the other thing you should talk about you institutions ESPN's won them. SNL's another Tom it was rampant sexual harassment as oh. Of course yes well look and I I don't. He doesn't have to go to present day gets out the best it'll really set that it which I agree I just think he should leave this and the score is going to be seated in the center what kind of world are we living in an interest in world put yeah. Yeah comments that's due in interesting times to tell Roy Moore Google election fraud he's he's not frauds and god its barracks such phonies there's such liberal phonies are champions of women. Now not all women just because you know. Terry Gardiner writer's assistant 1990 never south Franken do something I guess he'd do something. They're doing her so and so okay I mean these women to CBS people see Charlie Rose in Riverside and predictable support right yeah looking sister she isn't a liar Gail can usually a lot higher iron I believe that's the he had violated these areas sort of sad that yes he he's hit none women in this guy. Even more than Weinstein is the most I've only I'd I'd I completely believe. Given now what's going on in this role I completely don't Charlie Rose the most important as a wise he's the most no reason Clinton on the set no source him on the set ever. I don't see a common I. I can see in lowering these girls that you Gayle King never knowing about that. Yeah because I think about it from his perspective he's like if they agreed to come to my house there agreeing to whatever happens after that that's out of his hands he's either it's it's rather toxic Gayle king's August 20 year old house now she went 22 year old is lurking behind the knees weaken and here there's a big things she knows she knows what I have girlfriend question for you when you stick your hand on your girlfriends Hanson she's a crying the whole time we have Gail and you say Obey your idea be. I know bad things aren't really. Split decision or really and still reeling. I've got an hour and 42 minutes of sleep last night a precious time to ourselves she or things got a chino for. I'm if I'm Bob Iger has Hillary you got another hour and 42 legit your watch from the restaurant called me before called me to her you okay I'm not about nonstop accused of it's about her are you okay Oprah called me. And said are you OK the guy you work with for years and years sexually raped. Women are you okay Gayle King. Are you okay of the girls they OK okay as you can only saw a 102 minutes last night and the rest. After reading that article in the posting was deeply disturbing and troubling and painful for me to read you could hold to. Ideas in your head at the same time you can grapple with things and I. To be very honest with you I'm still trying to process all of us I'm still trying to sort it out because this is not the man I know. But I'm also clearly on the side of the women she have you been very hurt and very damaged by the. They've been raped I was in why people say that the process things I don't those process that stored as a monster and he was very subtle you mean you think that he he kept it away from CBS Donald has an adult it is too stupid to think again looking at the Charlie Rose was whatever you wanna call section force himself on women in the airplane yeah I just yet and yes I do I just think because. When as well as you know. It. Would you be surprised what time of day to Chico pilot and yet he's got some go in and tell loan on the plane and I know not know he was up front about the Marty confess that I was in curtains to grind line I mean so it happens a sudden something happens herald or another work or other sites. Somebody who they were drawn aside here heralding here or somebody's gonna be one of these people some point inevitable. When you find that out you're not you would that you you don't all right tell you honestly with a right hand and my suspicions are not on the suspicions are different and no you just said. Gayle King knew on the plane right at different spots on anything in about a plane had an extra point he said yes I was describing to you let's just situation. Chose grabbing Q okay what he knew wanna plane at a question I asked you to Gayle King know Charlie Rose was attacking women on planes said yes he knew she knew his general MO OK it's a question as well he did she know she knew she thought it was cosmonaut planes would be talking about point yes you find out about some are Harold did it on replay I here's something which is cool and who it is. We'll have my suspicion that's different than. Now that's not a whole different note that you know this immaculate notice or do you think she knew that he was a predator knowledge he dives a Herbert. Hole. Over more articulate women idea that reputation and any seventy years old sand sound than fifth they're 23. And one and allowed while they're driving in the work his craft and their breast Ellie she knew that. She knew specifically he was grabbing their breasts now which he heard stories maybe either way doesn't mean he's he's done. And they consider not done he's gonna go to was. Five he's only 525. Acre farm in North Carolina or maybe his oceanfront placement that is a Arabia's. Fifth Avenue penthouse or maybe his house and chocolate will work by the playing every worker he's gonna lose tonight. Get this money civil suits and one read the you all of dived before anyone sees that Bill O'Reilly had a big 32 million to one victim. What does this monster I wouldn't say where you take a rally to her. I think he forced himself or would you pick which words that. I think he you could say what you think you did norm brewer I don't know this and I legally saying please think. He needs to processor you don't like it was Kurtz I'll tell exactly tigers. Non consensual sex it was asked what it says in the we settle an innocent villagers call that I it sounds like rectum to. Now it sounds like the way normal people card that's headlines brought to my doctor Robert Leonard document the prestige 1800. Here will be right Oprah called me into the UK I'm not okay it's T and see corrected Callahan. Sports story. I. I've twenty hours a week right. I want for 60% that would go and you're not when Monday. Against C this is where you can't use of what is gonna happen rob would like it that it's not that he's. Rob and his supporting getting at five minutes ago actually that's not the big idol the big lie is modeled on the field goal at the table for. Shows and I'm very. You know he's the lazy guy shows up with nothing for two OK and rob you know I I placate the morning trigger right rob it's the highest rated morning show in the city. I want now. Knowing you might for as long as I do everything has become about appeasing this guy right here like everything. Now it is utterly laughable. Now it's it's rhetoric that. And yes I do you do this I've already giving him issues muddies afraid of you. One thing to respect you modeled global like wash idolize these you do view. When a wash for another friend who said that it's our other option. It is almost one. I want and loan but I wanna fight back somebody's statue. Plus any deal for me from my own sanity a couple of days a week somebody coming kiss my Celtics are at slice of work insurance or on the way it's going to be have the sock puppet every day and the other side of the glass. Who hopefully you topic is if I'm moment's notice he's mr. That's a battle recently who could forget the fight we had about John Amos hall campus. Right in the top. Describe the end of the goat on occupation Plainfield the exact same time capsule like what will fight about that later off set the podcast yesterday up today. A mutt and rob fighting over the hot social but like all flights shared equity fund your wife about something QUVs on the kitchen fight about it it's not actually about that. Two outs in the deep social and DC SCS's. This is weird about what's going on me eat each other. And Bradford threw Tomas under the bus in his own podcast and again yesterday claiming. Did you are on T Bradford this hot stove back he keeps talent and nicest place to put Mars and. Amount I don't feel to it you know this is gonna shock you guess what you're different I don't feel so strongly about this island as I've said to him. If there were no hot stove show I would be fine with that I'm in there with speed and yourself. Soccer side I'm in there with mine anyway and we are talking about whatever any of this one baseball hours she warned and it never had as much. Revelation wasn't too good point lots revelation was that the cost of frozen for street mossy mud in it bodes invite rob don't upset. So rock group. That's according to do much that's I don't you guys heard it right why do you need younger people and guests for one hour here that's the that's the crux of the babe which are here to listen to the podcast for our fifteen minutes these two guys fight and you think it's real. All it is you guys heard it right. Absolute we reduce its all up to I don't know anyone it's much except Mike Adams and nominees before he ran for rod hates. Exhibit that that is sort of philosophical difference I think and he and others robbed at much agrees with us that this is the don't bring me into my own seat you might think even you know you have your sharply efforts one minute you're my hero you were gone and mugs guys have to keep your short or such so did you agree that this is ridiculous how did you sense seconds likes or agrees with still so quickly agrees with most people it's possible reason everybody. Thanks Kevin. You know you don't want. Let's see I understand listen I understand Brad those bottom. What the idea is no one will know the show exists unless you have against onshore and I was a guest on for twenty minutes. Well hopefully it will be so that that's not well. Generally use it doesn't that's what if it's like Madonna at the half it was even Matt with the ideas gases so people know the show and what is his title is all that does not by what process like picked up the you can also a Celtic history this afternoon actors siesta it's that you knock off socially more excited dictate. Was not happy to ditch effort gonna call and that's kind of rules they'll take that away from Arnold. And Dick calling back for two compound operated and connect to music we saw those sentiments are we on a party talked a Marty Marion and there are. Seeing these laws is on the hot stove choke on the hormone treatment by this is my will not be. On the knowing all of Thanksgiving. An issue to us. A Cabell C out goes the holiday tradition. You guys can tolerate a five guests certainly goes up before we go to the bars and rounding out there and analysts and they talk about baseball. He would have better if he talked high school football. It'd be more relevant. Then and there is that bush comes at Thursday does a good honest and well. Oh sure well. But I got calls from Braintree gives an update. Yes I liked I liked to beat I think a lot of people care of cars there's no question what you look terrible one individual high school football game it's only you talk with the soup we'll let you know it's about Braintree stature and mark mark Lyons so anyway it's not a B or a post it later today in the I'm his pal Peter Bernard has no winners here are issue with that I told rob this afterwards at launch were robbed again rod came in yesterday. And a stain on his pants the size of for in Pennsylvania. Go get lunch or spills of all over that night Neshek who got the golf tournament where did you get lunch up NGOs. I noticed market. Not the stuck on stuck rigidly. Problems pop apply pop. You got to make him happy remic route Brad Bradford coming at ya guys check of the ethical term yes spills out pricing there's ward it was 98 degrees in the war all the words he's got as we are stations like we always words they thought it would do it if you go to nursing home and everybody was subject sweater even some spilled all over is close and take it acted just walked outside counsel over his Jack you knew you are no do overs pants robs. Rob did these big jubilant and rob that's why is on the show for them to be Rabin natural time on our show yet yeah Kurt defers to again ultimately I don't call the shots here right com. Rob was trying to be too glib too many times mark was Martina would notes really mad angry as feisty you guys know what you think mark's. No we're so intent on Bradford after it was done you. What's now. Oil is shredded and Miller and you're at. Correct yes I want a unit has no policy depiction of notes in much the sounds links trust for them Russian please note securities these notes. That is so personal I decide not to use. That's a bad it didn't ever act and it's harder and harder to united way. These dinner I would say in the these are your two best friends proud for him in the war. Yeah in the aren't they want to hear is yeah I considers close friends there and as look at this I do it's just a just exacerbates. It's OK I didn't say Ken is looking a little bit and is more a little nervous are you gonna disrobe can absorb a servant of the main house wants a while watching you should get our. I. Don't mind that it sure beats us shared. It could be decreed a sly little storage he asked me. It's like votes saw him shower. When I said no he was disappointed. These Stephanie. Five year old. I'd like to know really girl's breast rains disappointment he was disappointed that she didn't watch him launch himself didn't go like he walks a mile or two every day he's feeling fit in those of the weights he's feeling great never looked better. But yeah I'd love both those guys a little peak peak in queue up behind occur and they fought for a solid hour I would say. Thought Bradford was sent but passive aggressive Brad yet and I hate to include uncle Bradford trying to be we need funny he also hate on Bradford toll for them but I can't make she is Bradford. And bush rhododendron. I don't know I don't need any of any of your friends is keep your friend yes. Okay it and the record six what separates the 2797. Knives have acted. We kicked off the show and they ended their show yesterday approached you to Michael hall. Taking legitimate shots at cherry county officials didn't show images I that's what the basketball and I wasn't well good. Beneath contempt we'll play that react that would do that tomorrow she wants full Celtics report as well from the games yet that would do that yes and one of my son Paul who still thinks as it comes is better than carrier pretty close our retirees this I think the other guys that I was one of his group carrier.