K&C - Charlie Weis on Belichick's barren coaching tree 9-14-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, September 14th
Charlie Weis called in to discuss why the Belichick coaching tree is barren and the future of Tom Brady. 

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Now I mean you know look we're just trying to admire everything and get better it's obviously you know to its team game and it's our civilian you know once we got to do better so. Look we've we will work hard to try to do the right things to try to coach of the right way which run at the right way of trying to excuse rightly denounced do contender tonight. The bush doesn't match does not at all and does not the host we can always be here really Patricia the bill O'Brien and and kind of sort I heard a little bit of a Padilla doesn't map Patricia had a rough rough for the first week it's eight. Football Friday here Kirk and Callahan are patriots Friday football against fraud you buy. Complaints ski insurers and insurance and early on this Friday is Charlie Weis on Pat's assistant joining us. Early Boston Charlie good morning how are you. Are doing. You're here. Hour to an excellent. Were a lot egg we'll get into some of the coaching stuff but I am I we talk about this every time we talked to Charlie Weis. And that is the guy do you coach Tom Brady he reiterated again before the season. He wants to play till 45 are you buying into your guy Telekom isn't a majority is Tommy play at a 45 Charlie is that really gonna happen. You can play longer like let. Us. Hole every hole no different than anybody else now that he. You know I'm sure he's at this stage in our goals he Coca wired up level obviously. So it paranoia quarterbacks are protected now. Knowing you actually can last longer than it used to. Equity market in the physical he could record anytime so many you know what goes around your technical. Arts. You know also complain and instill quite good are gonna come a time. Where he's not gonna cook I don't think. You can equip cronies on the downside of the scorer on our opinion the court coaching and I like this can't decide on the arms stop. Do you see him playing elsewhere ever I mean you see him a lot of great a lot of guys. I think I thought that there was an a where. It would have been last year and go on back home mr. Cisco not what I thought. No luck you know when temperatures cool Cooper quarterback and air that would give me you know they would could provoke going on and cancer Cisco. But I think there are and where America grew up. Several beard got hurt you know forty niner fan of the open winner anywhere you would want to go home run record forty darker. But you know his lumps knowing what not to home notes you know. You know he's said that for a long time in his bunker now in your home you know so I'm a confusion here to open up and down the league anywhere football Oscar. You mention the rules of football Charlie is it easier now to be a quarterback in the NFL lot of rookies are starting unit to the offensive rules are sort of geared to them. It is it easier or harder knowing that the way to game is set up for these guys. Well. I became much harder and harder only be cause to collective bargaining agreement easily create Europe's. You know most quarterbacks don't Kaka knew he would different player for a long time. You live in the short cardinal certain Contra which are on their own somewhere else for more money. I mean it sounds but true that the way things are now. It's very difficult when you put a core group got together. More and a couple here. In about twelve each time so thankful because no matter who poignant where. You know it seems like those guys played better than them. The recruiter and creator of their ability picnic because he makes everyone around them better. I we we've been talking all this week about Matt Patricia. And is disastrous debut in Detroit and I don't understand that Charlie was a really good defensive quarter. Well no is a really Smart guys are rocket scientist he sounds like he knows. How to do this how to do his job and he learned from the best Bill Belichick like does it not transfer why does it not translate why can't guys like Patricia. Go to somewhere else and make it work the way it works in the way. You know. Burst over so we won't go culture. And terror to compare earned. Or job shortly. Year ago. Uncle Leo car in Iran you know historical ones so you know saying your Belcher. That's not true what the patriots do. It is his view and opportunity work you do really well you're being an opportunity to delete your career. So it goes and that it goes America and the biggest problems are constantly. Let's talk mentioned not being overrun put all unfortunately that you watched sacking him. Didn't look cricket much much knew much heavily on that and then defensively whereabouts has expertise he hired because of not because he's a rocket striker put the qualities he got a very very. Very good defensive coordinator over apology years I think that's probably the biggest disappointment. Obviously disappointed coming up and it. But I think in particular appointment was you know their defense well almost looked noncompetitive. And you couldn't. I hit it might get worse or get better. But it's gonna get better. Because he's there. And Bob Quinn is there are. And you know people try to annually characteristics of the pit crew when he entered the end of the day. You know you and that movement occurred directly so long that you don't panic and call the little loop current. Why can't they duplicate you guys will do what it would Belichick does I mean do you think guys tried to beat. Belichick and tried not as opposed to being themselves that was always the rap on McCain as when he went to Denver. Well the each grew on me he kind of hers there owns should you frequently need our would come pros college. And our and the players the first couple years to be very competitive. We'll let you know are it needed decision. On. Let our land grant I was gonna I was gonna do it to right Larry. Even at that took more time I was gonna do with the right way. The problem and her and the NFL. Well it didn't work out for me because just when you think you got a straight you know you're not there anymore you haven't walked. And that in the pro you don't have that are important. You know you don't you'll get five years you know you don't the couple went contract to seek out plays out. So no. At the end of the first gear and their honeymoon is over. And then he in this second year things haven't started that term in the right direction. You know they're here Europe Nazis. And by the of the current year you don't have a right then. Their actions probably also a partner in your in your news. But just it's important thing is. You have accomplished your course and do things that you learned that you know successful. But at the same time. There's our brand that you're allowed to do that what happened there in larger picture tube. In just one just what their temper problem the work in that happened to him and Earl Woods started off sick at all. Go to the store all everything going great their ruined values record company. The woman's singed and one out and all are all the sudden interior or could you couldn't hear. All. It's what we we hear Belichick and Parcells specifically when they built their their teams Charlie you around these teams they brought in veterans that. Sort of bought into the system their a lot of former giants they came up here played for bill. I'll when he restart of the thing in New England is that an important part of this you're trying to put a system in to have a couple of veterans that. Are willing to acted to sell the system to the other guys on the team and can you win it without that trying to put bill system. He knows a year here you're hitting on the most important characteristic that people don't talk. To them announcing that these that Syria. But the most important characteristic as chemistry. Mean in bowl of poker bill and well all in all their pictures. In all the chemistry. And it wasn't just that would required yoga or go with strips. They go chemistry better. Even in Britain Eagles are entered in the NFL. Human checker you wanted to order you've now worked together and they can. Mean we're bundling Mubarak tot mom left. Bill partly hurt handle that you have problems occurred declared what do chemical or even got to. You know the attorney Bruce he's been or in the canisters and you know then Tommy's year younger guys that work at the international law book or go ahead Angela. Most raw low. And I think that me and winning program. Chemistry and the key ingredient. One of the reasons why I really like in Minnesota Vikings are a couple guys on the Minnesota Vikings. But they halfback screen chemistry would reporter. And that's why I think that. There is Hemmer who obviously it was or felt cycle. On number got a chance there because. He's built that same type of environment and a lot. Where when there's issues won't look forward to your browse to deal that you know supporters of Cory go when they're. How much launcher a much longer will it. Notre countered that now the other guy's gonna go and how much longer will little to do that you're in your estimation Joseph. Syrian one. Yeah ingredient. And although the fact that he's proud that he's got some special and Albert's good while walk away something they'll. There's there's there's no clue guys nondescript name culture you know ordinance. Stephen there are brought him there you know how much fun it is to go to work. And the only behavior your career with a focus on you know during the day when sham. Much imagine that. Mean I had I would like cared for me it's like you're stealing time in life. I mean every day you're going to worker nurse or two periods you know there's so you took the street here. That are you know that occurs spend your time. It's almost like stimulant. Would you walk away from now you're never gonna sing and once you ought last. Great points. Charlie last month for me mention the chemistry you've been around here you've been doing some TV or on the radio. How much of the with the drama last year that was reported by a Tommy current and others about this team the Jew. I'll buy into wasn't a factor in this off season lingering. Attention on this thread so this patriots team in the off season. Article. I read nothing into that and here's a reason why. A new one has been the euro's. It is common and you are long they went up this Bill Clinton originally went yeah discredit a personal and yet. But so one or two years. If they didn't and point guard who wouldn't you wouldn't be one and all this into. What you walk through their tour office are true trust your attention one difference on the bill and currently inside the goldmans just about what happened. OK you know in music in got to put everything else on the back. When you're outside that you're actually your title a would your own mind. But you know post overall competitive winner -- that's what they are and winners have their egos. And we have a peculiar or Paris or craps. Probably the greatest thing I've learned honorable court shall announce specific culture. There's no matter how big reviewing you have wanted to check street court ordered to Cuba. Oh before I let you go the big game this weaker at Jacksonville paid to check totally gonna grow jags have a great defense. Patriots have grown give us you quick. Your your guess on how they will stop how they will cover. Rock. I think that there won't be aren't scoring game. Term. C'mon I wanted to double 87 double 87. You know all I mean. You know if you want to wall carpet cigarette cigar dinner and I went. Onion like their first game last year when they're very content with them when you're not a double on average singles. But I think there. I think it can actually vote release all on the currency. Also could you. Not just give them up people pay out here. You know there's there's other guys kept the ball saarc ground. You know Crocker Crocker those going to some characters. Seem that the beauty of Tom Brady and their career considers. Brought to an open guy you don't throw it necessarily just war the ground. OK you don't need to do that occurs he got a quarterback that knows how to recovered doesn't get the ball or restricted. Charlie appreciate get up early talk enough patriots in the NFL enjoy your weekend we'll talk to soon. It's no problem I looked at pictures and no one just push everyone knowing very well home relaxed. You know it you'll soon you'll see them play who play out what to do every other year. Charlie Charlie Weis joining us here are patriots Friday gets brought to you by the plants the insurance.