K&C - Chris Curtis is an Aquaholic; Alex Reimer is a snake 7-17-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, July 17th

Hour 1: Trenni joins Kirk and Callahan after Chris Curtis bared his soul on radio. Alex Reimer's lifetime ban has been reinstated after he held Curtis's dark secret over his head. 


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He's currently. Okay. OK okay. Oh. Okay. And we Gerry Callahan up Pablo fan involved they'll hand. There is such good chat such good people got beautiful he is a big person and there's no way around that well he is fighting his genes I haven't. Packed my whole life I gave up drinking well look he's an alcoholic. The other end the week and you can't work out six hours to days when you're playing game and Kirk made ahead. Credit highs for the success of the show trinity because Eric Berry and great Johnson muscle failures I give them life long name John Thain at a very scary. Gerri nice insurance kept. Why does this this on the brains he's the heart and soul number one show in New England there's no argument anymore it's. And Kelly on Sports Radio W we. Back among the mood to be here that but it Tuesday I was patriots Monday it would where we estimate it's Monday. We've heard many ad here longer you might a favorite past Tim Hasselbeck. Gerry Callahan on track near here a carrier here was just carry my eyes I heard much of Friday's Joker in celebration of of her yes did you called the celebration of me see you yet. Would you give me 3% of the credit. Nude that I didn't have much I think so I don't exiled reasonable you feeling gracious and yet you hardly gave casting goes members any credit when they don't deserve it secret why not they've been here because you're an individual. It's fast it's about chemistry on our national character percentage east. Graduation your 21%. Which gets more than meter say that that's true she's the highest rated member of the cast last book when the last time we did the numbers if she was. And it's and Marcus so jealous. Oh. And we certainly actually things in the district where our president and the intimacy couldn't careless right. Old Terry knows it from the is very well that's true yes there are dynasties yes that's always afraid anguish and my oath. What chills my sources Scarborough and Mika one show. They went on up called on Arab air and had a hands right back up. Silly is that if you all have respect for any trust me you don't have Torii there with all the great fake romance fantastic. You should like us he's just sort of just get rumors communion sidetrack. You to respond haven't quite in a summer Burlington after the show. I mean people people who don't know Joan Mika searching channel for the first time ever watched morning jail. We just by the way even as a liberal Alison hey arable she. Well now because we watched the other day and putter on the were discussing the credibility. Of the trump administration and on junior. And I know of an authority on that then and Adam on my articles always good and Brian Williams to privately mister Arnold about idea. The integrity and honesty and this individual perhaps the most infamous lie here in America today and the most infamous play jurors there were two rockets passing justice any cartoon character. And he says the party he's their version but don't get at least as I wouldn't say she can. Just wish that she took the stakes a finish what you would want to say. I took measures to ratios are normally worked up it's offside chests and but are you done gloating that it wasn't one day I don't think so and I might might rule is going to be the old knees. Replaced by obnoxious beatle mania. Gold pays to be gracious and kind swim club and there was killed me like yeah well yeah how would you describe the older throng of the Durbin mom and pop they're gone now I'm going to be whoever really want to be my whole life. Just enable access to males who really I just thought could use anywhere before our. Pretty mean and eight. Are for you love her parents were you like I America's neighbor that's what. Everybody ought. By my memories a little it's foggy I. Don't know Walter was locally and it may also. I colorectal there is a caller who's going to fort McKay whose wife on his casket right that was in retrospect it was a mistake Alexi yes you have some regrets right. We'll just position within the reverse count. Three put out this team both of us the same time now yeah. There's no. Pretending no more pretending now were unfilled and what you got filtered through the people should and if there's you know batted at reception pupils to thank you so. And and how exactly will you be did we treat. Like training we treat me differently I think so you will at this and yes she's okay I'm not sure what it would solidified it depends how though it recital in Ohio. It was. This is the government calling on the pass that led slot tell me where you held that what I'm corporate Callahan I don't. And you know. Tell me let's say six months ago right or two years ago when. Mom and dad were around there held these you have the right. What did you do that wasn't genuine wasn't authentic coming every day and not tell the it is. Which is the fact that he's taken that once twice a spectacle. So you were you think the way you. Approach do you know who your relationship with the fake it was for awhile would you say. It's a certain fate is to everybody you know when commute our relation is jealousy you know what's the movie Jim Carrey's liar liar and a yes yes and see what how how did he turn into them guys could limelight. These Amazon may wish but he couldn't help so someone they don't wish to hurt others Chris of this have to ask mom and dad. Well scientists Rob Lowe right was this rough for a little while it is this is brought it this Rob Lowe and his good weekend it's funny now as it was before now that you occurs was drunk when and if yes it's fun is it okay guys let's say I -- I had a realization when I was off listening the other day I was sub domain listening you guys did. Scott Estes and orchards subject go back to new perky you know that your favorites and welcome back to liar liar but it. As you note is a term for people people that may elect to be on the water people are paddle board and swim and serve then. Spent time on the water they're called alcoholics. See if he confessed that he dislikes the B in the water and right mistook it for a pause play again. That listen I. See I'm not a whole sad that's our best all the way desktops just a guy who likes to be on the water on the ocean on the lake whenever. And we mistook for a guy who drinks too much and no less baffled some whatever 96 I only two I don't know I'm still confused. I I'm not going to lie I I I was touched by it. So or we I would I got a little I was listening to and a little choked up I sent for his message right away I think it's great I know Kirk you wanna be I was. Just touched by its current Kirk was faking it said. I wasn't surprised aren't you say let's honesty so it wasn't that big deal and sort of if you did you got hit it right but I was I will say my initial reaction is not to believe him because I was so stunned by. Still lie and every I believe them I just kept going back saying how did he pull that off once and it's sad the list of individuals agree or disagree I'm not only that but I feel like Arizona couple pops. And you can tell right away. And and week we were I. With them many many times I would say dozens of times ball and he was allegedly Telus aft eighties he was drunk. And we've now. He's on June. To think. Lee Temares no less cloudy now than was then it's so it's like I believe he just has like this syndrome which is in his brain yeah I just can't ever lost and I had to never ever guaranteed at this point did you ever hear from many experts Curtis that it there's permanent damage to your livers of permanently damaged. I don't think it's probably damage now elders you can function of 2% of a functioning liver omelet helpfully so I think there's some day to. Hopefully help like hopefully yeah you can live off of a damage would just has to be too severe the damage of. So you didn't do things surveyor damage you have temperatures of yours right you don't need new liver or anything like that. You know I don't it'll I don't need to give you my liver L be great for ratings would do on the air. Out of things take it turns you can be like Mickey Mantle is get a new one every minute or so weeks. You really should do you have him. We never ever suspected that even after he told us it didn't go we'd go ye. Home I must say Kirk consider what you and your surprised you just different though because I didn't I wasn't like hiding stuff you know was and it was he just had a different way doing. And we did live through this was happening trains at 6 o'clock show every day he got here what you do get here. 430 I mean no I do. Did it and did it's a much different argument is so publicly was never some drop. And if we go out and Chris could have ordered a drink and he didn't. Because he thought that we would figured out Zelaya. When you sat there and have that Diet Coke instead of a Jim Todd you must've been dying to those nights he talked to luckiest and we were at that outback in in in Fort Myers with me Jerry in Tracy knew we knew we happen though you're just rock. Down in Fort Myers was a big drinking countries there is no responsibility to show just go to my room for it makes sense that Z he's not a talker but naturally he that he got in the way that Michael Tracey vote. Corrections those ratings numbers on the ground that the patents against them. That's for sure what the hell or anybody. You like him is the fact that you're an outback may June I don't know any outrage I feel like I don't know anybody. If they had like 34 drinks like it in my friends in the that I would know. Right yeah I think about it once I mean I wanna speak for acres that is at once you become an alcoholic your tolerance goes so high three or four drinks any limit on Dennis. Actually haven't. Just you know it was just gotta like you just gotta in Trevor called them back. It's not tested treated me. But he you know he could be on the use of a lot of work yet them incurs the opposite didn't get loud that you like that when you arrived in the job. Well for years before you fire did you see the before and after pictures turning to I had never seen you not think as you are now I was stunned that. He was so fat it was alleged creep here I was load gods yes Stan used to go to click or call from the finally blog and remembered that this is all swollen and think you know Jerry I don't get it pregnant I can't imagine why you didn't feel like you could confide in parents could weaken the so it's so you know and say alcohol that was ex alcoholic I believe that out as to what you pay out even that we majorities I apologies and thought I could baloney and you can't screw we we can't gang right Curtis because of his life of the sound. But I was surprised. That the new. Curtain and and the new. And varnish an elder elder and what went so easy on rich keep an eye. I hear that right did which can really say less articulate that Curtis I hope he sat there and Dick dale saved them because there was making the obvious points and he's given Garrard is out and out they in the middle our concern but only eat right in the middle it. I believe he says are people really impress the and that is sitting here is if that was a bad that was bad radio. And he knows that radio Holmgren does he ever and he he questioned him he really question. Odds are he's your decision to do to did not decision to encourage you. He really questioned the quality of the radio we did on Friday on Thursday and for Mohegan. Finally did and acknowledged later on just you know. Given its art via a hypocrites if a lot of courage to admit that late year here's sold there like that. Like I said a grand Marshal thing with. Don't misunderstand what he's saying well yes he's questioning elements that writing thing people are really an SE I I think he caught some by oh this is the absolutely crush on when you said the whole sentence 0% yet we had Alex what you say can I never think you are interested her. The ability to isolate just rich it's going to be hard and they'll saved them again. Ills talking and I feel like he trailed off knowing like bowl only this but for now here's where it Kirk and I thought it doesn't losses. We talked about some of the year. His boss I guess tourism or maybe someone higher up anybody above them should call him Nancy. Is this which you really think that this was battery. In it he says yes you say. Here's your last paycheck is the dual or good luck and you know selling insurance as you are not fit into the dorm or more teeth cleaning your 500 Sherrod still richest though there. You're not fit did you talk radio if you think that was that radio. Now it is now. It was a great radio but an honest and nice and missed it's I I'd. Yeah tax Curtis this is very brave and very necessary like about the people who are maybe are driving around in. Are going to the same thing to know that someone else went through that right awesome. I don't know what if you if you quit like that you can turn into this I mean it's an inspirational story and although if you finished product you have to admit that. The before picture forgot how fat blown I would like his head he was gonna there'll us load he dialed armored columns go to die young. Now look at picture elf he's gonna die you know fairly now now it looks like comics and filters the picture that the it's a right turn because you know what he did he pull that off he took four months forget skinny. We were with him every day did not know he was an alcoholic and we were out the night before and Mohegan until we get a drinker or are people got hot intensity we saw that picture is a great the page it says of the pitchfork. It is a great future picture for art. People would be give them the parity such a Twitter when has really born segment going on other shows that we don't their reaction to these segments. Well. Quit crying and just loose. Was doing I was O line not yet allies in Kenya. She's even that room is all ears. My question alcoholic I'm a minute ago if if if rich keep really believes that and he cannot. Work in cancer Wear socks to me it's not hit animal deserves another chance why another chance because that I find that. Amazing that someone who was believed that is it's things someone else does for a living thinks what we did for a short right. It would hurt if there Thursday. Was that radio originally thought I missed a missed a completely. Then you have note that only says. Mean he must will be speaking a different language if you think that was bad radio you have no concept of the like am I trying to get a rise out of them I just going to sit here and it is decision he sucks it's fine back on the back it's big joke. Is terrible this was a mutt is she could get rid of him my listeners with the right. On friendly matches defend and we sent the lately particularly mirror ball lumpy hills mode when you check this out he when he knows is he told we during the break the Sox. If he. Did it didn't get or blood sport there has much I do isn't me about it too not at that level. It today it. And I swear on my wife my kids that if we so most of two or run out of time and we got to get through on the rosters. He. Was there any more two back to the really made its active that if he reiterate his point that he doesn't think that was good radio. Marshall opening with an anti climax. It was those second. That you think governor you're in thing to assign you secondary to that he. That tail ice and a grand Marshal thing with kind of anti climax. Really it was those yeah secondary. That there are real life stuff now. I know us. And we doing here it to mossy son excited about it I averaged Mossad mad dog roots. I have never worked in the anyone in almighty years who would hear what Curtis to think that wasn't good radio network for people that it's. There and pretend that that's the radiates and and we don't. Work here anymore hell don't work in radio anymore and that's a good reason why right but I think your. The reason you were quoted so much Friday as beacons you know you were away. Our way of doing. Highway yes right I'm at a time when corrects the reality that he does he should be slapping on haired. Networking and subway in saying I love subway. Six. Probably proof of it. Less than anybody got us all regular guy I always an observation humorous things to attack. We don't have those verdicts but apart. And what's on my part for well it's lucky for him that the at least Evers got played at. It is kind of you know talk to people he's lucky for him that was in that in that intelligible. That the word intelligible on and unintelligible I'm entitled to intelligible is not something on the social okay right unintelligible lucky for him that it's not. Whitman and the ability as slick as if it if we can legislate that I would call that the single. Dumbest thing I've ever heard on talk radio Ali he believes that I think he hates us so much what many others now that she's gonna and it's SNL days. Not a fan occurs they'll but so what it was unbelievable day. You've described Mozilla and they don't know who's he's Smart. But it wasn't eligible for sure. Comfortable. That deals until right and right but it is yes I sent Wallace and I'm smarter than you thought that I would. That's that's your dad ever say that people there was have smarter than you or for that before. Our eyewitness. Never said that no acceptable anywhere around chuckle out of it I'm not so I don't think that. We had to put that's the sports respect and so you know sexual last night's game what he can Amazon during game a pronounce that that was disappointing but they cheered. Whether was most disappointing about that last night was after the home run derby a make fun adjustment goes anymore the bar sort of set so high that's your home run derby it's true doesn't come out regularly was highly worst forum. The worst outlet for her to get exposed. But she's nefarious it was really bad for the entire bright how else are you all are awful always you hole. Curb your billion limited to intersecting the pitch in the swing that's all she can do. It really kind of falls flat and a home run adrenaline that's but it just don't masses don't matter what happened. She feels and terrible choices Kirk you know he doesn't wanna be accused of its axis and he's always make excuses force it was their decision. Can't blame her and I never waver they they they put somebody waved as he has general she gooch are awful. And I must say. All I ever say and I say she's a bad person we said. That's an opposite I will say this. She's not created television. Which mic which is his job just as Oscar edition I'm glad I'm with Kirk it but I did and I don't get that she doesn't know big gamer she is an understand baseball. But they like. They Porter and that roll to the token female correct and that and that's neck hurts her and that hurts the credibility of other women have done is they should put her if they want it Trier I'm baseball. For her on Monday night it went in baseball let her understand. Agree I think she does. Importantly is that she talks too much to try and so all I know I know you've already told she's nervous that she's nervous she's not and you know well and ESP all these yes I don't lesser. Is it because she's this woman who's put on the spot I believe she gets like no coaching I think they're afraid to culture probably. Probably but the she I think most of that dungeon when she does your elected an observation that happened a lot and and TV prized post just saying what's he doing the stronger giggling too much just relax. Breathe it's a baseball game you have to talk all the time it's also about redundancy here. Like Aaron Boone's jobs to analyze the baseball the nuts and bolts guys thanks to be just but you know what I need help but rather a ravaged when there's a play in and you look at threat analysis should go to the former major leaguer Aaron boom right and then she sit there and scans of performs like what war what does she can add. If that's a pitcher I don't know like Curt Schilling then you have a pitcher's perspective. You know. Or necessarily agree with that though just because she didn't play in the majors does it mean if she doesn't understand based on a baseball and softball are different but she still understand thinking she can still look at it she. But respect just almost became better than you do all right I don't disagree but it. And 100% and I am I knew that much money I'm not sure she does baseball bring in any of us why don't you play this. McDonald's I I played baseball. And. It's like a fighter out. There. I don't think her issue is that she doesn't understand gamer she can't properly analyze the problem is is that she's not great I didn't broadcast and not the right Rodman does not and now there's a difference there's that. Notably it it just I have noticed it's you walking walking him uncomfortable conversation all the rights and Ravitch and boom winner of when their separately like I mean he can with the right. As a ravages runner flowers. So they dump that showman already tell us what happened that Redmond and let's suspend hammers and more like all play by play guys you decide to beat the biggest job in the Qaeda is gonna Imus fans right here's my take tell me if you agree with this tourney were coming here story about ago leaving the job now. In TV I say. He sexually harassed somebody I don't know if that's my grocery instinctive Schulman sexually harass her or somebody. Should kick ass. Don't think I mean I don't know. Dan Schulman at all but he doesn't seem like I know just recently got married. Right maybe his new wife was like enough is enough you're traveling with the blue jays in your travel with ESP add and. And he's tennis is I don't know it's a leave the biggest job in baseball and running and why and where you're like one of the only guys I wanted to. A lot of money out hers to purchase hustle. He did it. So we have pictures you did that occurs I was not gonna make you do television do you have any pride. Secondly grab that if you did you tweet it out if you're on Twitter he just threw you like and look at a lot. This was our guy Chris Curtis. Fifteen months ago. Almost dying much alcohol months ago and it's three days ago during key for madness it's right. And what was it called again alcoholic morphine with hepatitis hepatitis. In the frozen alcoholic hepatitis. You look like a frigate. Like a zoo animal at the front provide the bad guys that he's not a guy you want knows Roger that Baghdad last Batman movie would occur Beno whatever he loves me Q where was actually affect our curtain on a favorite email account a pain was the one. Rick Taylor played. Courtesy the ice few fifteen months ago it says here there it's. That's what you call bearing on my hat Baring your soul hole on the news and act Arkansas did you interpret what this team what is justice. Really revealing. Yes she's fond of all this will massacres like voice that pause means you never talked your way of boat tweet at this picture. She she took the Olympic issues that you wanted to document when I'm well how about things were when they are the I was in my bottom so she's fun that's when you do well. Tomorrow but it a lot can what do you make of this picture. I don't I would need outlets and we're Martin showed it was going to be honest I would not have either a give you credit it's I did each meted out me too. I think it shows I guess you know it is done to the Al east I guess these cavaliers. That is the good that it's a good description trend that is the dips that is rock bottom and when I wanna know rock bottom you always hear people say. Where room lost my job or my wife left me that is rock bottom I watched Santana. And you know I was sick Kirk a picture tells those words of someone speaks a thousand went together territory it's thanks for the market interest at the outpost into actual death. I mean yes uses closest you can be but I don't think I was going to die but if my liver function quite jeopardy thriller -- to I don't know at any point isn't hepatitis yes. Is it that's not curable isn't. Now we'll have a touch is just an inflammation of the liver so that's our cause these. The liver function was so poor that the liver was swollen and not functioning person back is that gonna affect your wife was proud of the after the show Thursday there was shoe that is it'll. The nervous about the way your life has changed now on the way people look at you. She was. Beyond happy about how Finland objectives in what you don't realize is that a lot of people around are also living the secrets of when it's out there they normally someone Rachel. They can lightning. Also a book. He had you know life. You know and they fight you know she says it or I get some only you who don't deify maybe he area. And I do. I'm not it'll I will point out thought that it out of shell I was told her Kirk doesn't like to get was fortunately got to I've played haven't talked about the sentiment that we're gonna break point I doubt what your reaction officially there I think is a major look bad not that you knew. But I did it I don't know I didn't know it will with nobody new home. I understand it didn't press him on. She's pushing Monica's and it's like interests. Somebody told me some of my instincts and down on try to get a little rat I hate we missed cuts more than haste and I do in a more night ending gigs of actually whether he. Keith I don't think it's adjustment those. Honestly you should be agreed or Wal-Mart. Could kind of like a bit of a pump should be. You this plate PB hateful and Reamer. You know absolutely not you would do com. People many. I don't think people that they shows that these of scrappy underdog show. Examine the new Florida law would not at all you may but inwardly Roemer Kurtz. Now get that. And I'm sorry I still think he deserves a chance to defend themselves all talks America don't you're trying to reaction she was there for the for the threat 61777979237. Lots more to get you today. Including I am. And Graham and I think suggesting permanent ban. For somebody else is an associate she's as well as Spanish police and so when you win you don't show loyalty from being in the past. Again the second third fourth chance they would forgive you. Forgiveness is now threaten the life yeah hold more mr. nice Turkey Iraq us at spot and I wanna give my take on the weekend. A series against New York good and the strange. I thought. Now about this. Save that for about three hours and fifteen seem to be enough in this intelligible I got to Intel's current affair which proves it again intelligible you. He's not eligible unintelligent you got skinny occasional drink it. Roy both the art I'm just healthy. And means less water might just lose weight their voices in the same person like strangers coming to you over the weekend was welcome pretty distinctive looking person now. It was on approach and the like is something wrong with them all I want of hepatitis thing he's got his contagious it is it is. Moody's. You digital alive so you had one person who was. I was out in the south and yesterday woman said something to. Hawkish let me guess she's had a view. It is very courageous. Through the crowd a show. And yet average for me to begin with some as voices be in the Richard each partner. Let's play you know what you're doing your revenues. I. Were you drug for that you remember who would you. Yes that's fact purposely drawn carts he didn't. Oh really juicy you can ask her to this he called a house like four times it was passed out before that ticker so why you do the interview he poured a glass in June. Not during the you know no. Amir's mother giving the sound from that this is how mr. voice change. Dialogue. When we get back curt and Randy legal black the bashing my man. Means it. Bashing former friend notes yes yeah even you think there are are are just down on leaving it is it's America Bloomington right to defend yourself. I agree with that but that doesn't mean we'd like him hate. That's is America I yells at the right to Haiti right remember you. Miller is gonna stop you from heeding our rose Monday on perky -- I should say mini and the of Callahan in trending in the casting couch plenty to get to 617779. 7937. Chinese reaction to reemerge or when here. Also like to leave these people polygamist as Brandon Marshall and I'll forget unbelievable let it. Even I had your back I mean is this eighth hole what would user if people lined up to defend is it possible mates and somehow when other people try to pass off his comments on linebacker from Denver now it's under one when did that happen though it didn't it was Brandon Marshall on showtime show and oh yeah I mean and mean we also in our hands and his rap sheet and people forget to. He is he. It's worse than Ford meant to worst and Ray Rice by the way yes they race cars and no one time. We start we heard it it was awful this guy is dozens of incidents cops come and whose house of him smacking around. His wife this into some believe art gets that and more direct. Kurt can Callahan on Twitter and Kirk and Callahan. We are back on Sports Radio WEEI. I told this current zoning I was listening he told me a pretty personal secrets about himself a few months ago and I've kept under wraps. So if he wants to see us remarry be snake I'm not telling it now. About the kind of person ninth. I see you've got a little something it would be a shame if that secret had to come. Two rats re very trendy just bring them along fully aware. Fully aware of is Paula you know it. They see it I'm telling you we Theresa this is eyesight or people may have been too yes to everything and O'Keefe was. True that he doesn't think his interest and we will get to phrase reviews right. Deluge of data covers and so I don't reasons I like sought after giving any time now that I want to I think there's play live a couple of weeks report once I'm having unique perspective oh hello your father for later yes. I haven't outside and how they haven't taken mark helpful to either. Back conversation Lou plenty of time that it will take later baseball call for the weekend chicken. A sandbag filling up this early just a guess and they go to battle for senator vehicle without Blatter that are out. Hey we're there for the people lies it. I halt you actually call and say using 85 week before against aging now 36 friend Fredricka we have tackle they're not not will make sure we get to badger yes durable. I do it here's I want me here I want them argument chance to defend himself at Merrill. Alex. And I think I know what is gonna say why I sent us up every Kirk. That I could picture you saying that exact same thing not alone we finish not discern about alcoholism and notes source bought. But about some deep dark secret. And you know Roemer he's young and he's crazy I was sorry I was think of alcoholism I would say about somebody disease I would say about somebody I don't like potentially not that not a few miles on if you had no intention of outing them all watt why do we think that's the case I'm gonna start my wife is telling you what he's gonna say that's. But opportunity out in the and he didn't I'm out as good solid offense for. I guess I will I will I will admit when he said it so I'm Michelle I didn't press him on it because I I. And hiding and did you ever think it was that's no that's not a zillion years I thought he was exaggerating I thought it was something small like. I mean in LA and nicer didn't think it was a big Dietrich ticker because. I just didn't think that Curtis and Alex are close enough that he would confine them on with the team are still. Blimp for an. Trains percentages of older weasels can change you know I did play here at the new Kirk my guess is they try to you know oh gosh now had no idea but I'm my instinct was to not press him on it I don't know what it was called a woman's intuition I would have that's I pressed him on it and I'm glad now that I didn't and I will say this in Alex's defense Alex and I hung out a couple weeks ago on a Sunday. And defense for that. He didn't tell me at that point there. What should parents when he wants saying he kept Curtis to see it. Did you is it Caleb and conversation. Based on some you know obvious all things haven't gone on announced has been on the air and I asked him I was doing and you know explain how that was going over that they if the committee said Michelle is going over very well with people. That point two I'd Empresa Monica's itemized. I I don't do I need a keeper and. It did Justine I guess he got out I'm not a small item to get she knew we don't do stunts and we want to stop here but it also seemed like Roemer trying to be too little man hands OK that's not a great defense has the only defense you have. Here's the thing here's the thing is encouraged is nothing but nice to me nothing but it's animal. And short Chris had a pretty serious conversation doubts about this and me do this original story an announcement get a Serena was very well brief hello Curtis was going through. And still decided to be banned from the shore for two weeks. Yet about the hold it over Curtis is head that we know I don't disagree everybody think anxiety and you know muddled mess that is on that is so low. It's the lowest form of community it really is I have no respect for him at all not worst and went ped feel yeah yes and we want people. We didn't appreciate it's sick. My theory doesn't do that I didn't say Gary I guess they had I think that quote it back and say that bag on that saudis say that. I didn't obviously didn't know the extent of the blackmail because I had Roemer in here to do. Headlines these days after headlines if it needed so he's famous chip to real bad about that now. Yes a couple of Curtis an awkward position I military you know I understand and I have no idea and neither man now as any and none and I thought it was kind of a radio stunt he had. I didn't really think it through what he might have had on him like a maternity I mean he never brought that up. Good we didn't know we know we didn't know. But did you think it was some miners in leafing out like I just thought it was something that Curtis may be sent in passing like they were out of that Tony Robbins came in you know knock knock dust on something your system again I can't figure it is that is that will be bad. Right right. But. Accent like secretly like I hate to shelling and while there on Aaron actually streaming and the other station or something like and I think it was a big and you. Encouraged. To encourage Reimer from Bradford to write about it he sort of did. He's in the queue today count post. Q&A wonderful support or falling on a war zone us. In the state. And now Hillary is fake pump leave anything out leaders' apologies. I believe mud volleyball Rihanna he genuinely look dreamers is not to be sorry I genuinely sorry he's sorry because he. That I would most people know what most people slot. And if Harry I think I think he genuinely because like this earnest well not writing I've spoken to him sent this came. Since the truth came out its first made you know man announced on Thursday by. Again beating activists I think he genuinely does and does defenseman and thinking is probably trying to be used by Q Kurt and the station is the only one. You know. He's seen what matters is here's our fighter doesn't intelligible form. Wasn't unintelligible we're good at these casting couch people like three sentences and they try to I think our government and what the defense is saying that they. I asked. Is this result doesn't know what else should radio play or you're very successful and he's the formula that name. I expected to and car I would say boring boring takes you know like your friend which he. You kill them for he's trying to be different prisoners trying to please understand yes I understand it do you like when we return as but he is most news it's a shame appreciate an extra. Guess what his guest just is no defense for Reid he's a rat he's the he's an a hole and what he did in and really if we if you were a friend of all of cars which are not assign. You would say you know what should never have this time again I feel like that really got that they heard. It was a mess he should be up to Curtis Curtis what it's gotten to know nothings and now he's worked. I teach lines well now works for us once he should have a vote in the congress it will open that they had to get I don't feel like most. I feel like NC with a Raul Castro you don't want to hear from dissidents. They're not allowed to speak I've always been put him in the good luck I want I'm an American hero and I defend freedom. So this is work I don't want him on television here. He comes in here sometime this week when its arm whatever so. I'm vacation sneaking into my idol protect like. Tomas and a when it's just you. We just have to pay a vacation day or so journalists don't reigning ten point it's coming up sweaters. Pineapple upside out of these animals who happens but we get him in here and he defends himself I don't think I don't you wouldn't be. Is no chance this can physicals that. Liked it's I worry sometimes it's one guy to kick his ass off commerce and yeah. He's the only guy here it was and could beat out once you would say I'll be here anyway if Curtis was dead set against that we would do. Curtis and it's why it's a right to and besides I think Curtis will enjoy it if you are as. Aggressive I would say as you are you two are in the vast minority this blog question there is nobody we didn't right now popped six wants that to 7797937. I do you want out Roemer on the show again I do not per person does can does right. Right and I defend him one more and it's legal and you'll pay residents and again and again Kurt since the fans. But he's 2040s crazies a party guy he doesn't think of that stupid alcoholism that's. Her analysts where it certainly is now just because you have you know great ratings does mean it's an inning and get it right so much earth stood out candidates cannot tell anyone borrow my Harry and I are carrying future is that he's banned from the country you have toward more in the past week and I happened twenty years on the right. You can't do that just me you know at some sanity while casting catalog talk with the honesty and am fine. No problem. Anyway that that first Christmas ho hum don't say let's go to shot is not the biggest check it. God damn it's a trio. Which. When Alex talking about your are your routes are 24 right to have 24000 fragments and temperatures thing. Now exit penalty as they won't talk before you can do this dribble which Google. Yes yes that's different Gerri it's like Alex woke up one day Eddie long talks and what four. I had the Scopes I am looking at minus your yard your conversation like this with the wind was wrong note here is that I wouldn't give at a until I had a good friend alcoholic and drug addict. I'd never quite grasp the depth and when you're that age you know when you think of as boos. Think if it's good time this week I was gonna have some gin and tonics things he probably drenched Ingrid tonics and advertised I think you don't picture I'd say stick that these guys hit the just picture because he told him the whole story. You're very you're an expert on these medical expert passionate advocate for mental illnesses. When you see the curves picture does that give you a new. Perspective of debt that is in New England new perspective of alcohol as a bright ones would you do if you haven't seen yet he's going to be a quarter. Kirk and retrieve records retreated that is Ali to cater I was injured rewind it slightly frolic ocean between Eugene and so we have one and he said it Margaret I retrieve okay. It's his Karl. It's hurt it's it's Chris Curtis in the city. Have you and I figured out our life support you say he's trying to be like me argument that's better than the wolf in up this. That's kind of long talk with them what was that we'll get two weeks like you don't think of gay people as real people right into the meat Roemer. You realize that there are those just like us. Are you gay. So that's the for a moment and all the low white so lovely we matter amongst them are at 617779. 79 entries at a couple lines of pollen and defend. It. And that you adopted and I want you on either. Of Clive 6177797937. Puppy. And Jerry talent defending the three months off the show in America hurt it out. Kirk and Callahan. Now I want Sports Radio WEEI. To. Back in got a few things I would like this Icrc but we this year I got an opportunity I expressed my contention but the year long and way over the top the way it was handled. He did not take one of that either right tactic on the show a couple of weeks ago the call was not taken them try to come here talked occurs in person he laughed. So I tried to do business like that adults and you see that's my that's my main problem with that now try to handle like problems with it took the. You're nurturing for the most is when he talks people. Just big you you have the public as usual you put your finger in the wind in the public is on your side trying to do the best they can text is the tweeters they are 100% behind you banning. My guy I'll treatment there's a difference as you understand dreamers distract it seems that training is a totally different she believed you put it that. Al is huge in the remorseful. Now I don't like most so remorseful most people apologize Paul does cause they got caught and that's hot but that's next week you genuinely remorseful about Hernando well. Why wasn't. And and it's showed by immediately if I if if I could if nobody had gotten a bank and the trouble and in the big story the next day with Paula tries to us. I. Used a word. Reference Aaron intercession had used it's true that that's true I apologize I suspended for the way that all the rest and on the new had to do it again you. But when these people say I'm sorry if I offended anyone. And there was criticized for that you can't what's wrong with that can't win. Mean I say they want to apologize. In them when you apologize and they know of the G and I don't match. What it is initially phony checks and sometimes though people like I I do think Tim Roemer is genuinely possible. Stop it yeah no shadows with them. You have seen him lately averaging that is remorseful for the things you talk on it down Comcast which doesn't matter all that's got you off he's remorseful for. Not that like ice on was out a week ago Sunday I'd on what. And or where do. He wanted to talk into the pools that we pool that's where you hung out with a dog and I don't know for the. And went swimming and all those black people is some of the gate. Now. And we were and his attorney was bragging about himself as black people can see why didn't act I'd edit like it's just an idol. I that I got are volatile and someone called and instead there's no way you Gould warriors locked heads and the hung up on him as obvious I was at home and she even if I would that the issue what do you will be an issue. There are black kids in the pool. Why wouldn't we because it's because he was Canadian collar now it's just an idiot you this when their laps Steagall and you know and deployed and they have two pools I used some laps in the morning by an ally of eggs and only hold like her parents part of has been some in the ocean to coal exports you from doing I got to swing thought on. As easily bored I'm like a world class audience and Dario told you that Greg very kind of chart. I went yeah wet we talked about it he seemed genuinely remorseful that he had betrayed Curtis distrust and he felt very badly about it now I don't again I don't on the air and say that that are mentally isn't allowed on the air. Shows. I don't think he's he hasn't been on our show since he tees were to throw shooting weddings and a secret and now as you've been on your show that it threatens sick. He'd just do your headlines that's it I didn't know terse usually loyal guys yes it's unbelievable I am and you're such a home awful. I'm quickly as if you hate gay people your home awful. And so before we get to the calls quick question. Bob wolf that are lives. At renting a quarterly zee pac slob wolf passed away and I thought he passed away twenty years ago he's the only person that you play by play for each major team in the market that's on them. That's that's Larry bird's agent and I know that's who is as follows that Bobble. If you ever heard of him. He looks from right. Oh is a broadcasting legend 96. So you're serious play by play championships and all four North American exes are merely treat somebody that they it was the only other guy to do it. New to write yeah they'll you know they'll yell so odd ball is you know you wolf I saw it differently route and Derek Jeter unity and interviewed Dave you know you've got him for purposes here. It's huge mob that was quite life I don't know why don't know more about him but he's no I remember his name I know his name from New York that no. Call Don Larson's perfect gain interviewed Babe Ruth Ellis and a taped as you still have a there isn't there's a picture and not. From I don't know in in the 1940s yet here is here's a picture and an opening game berth in the nineteen. While she's been around for awhile that says. Let's take some calls chips and Rhode Island hey Jeff or yeah. It Mordecai died and more than more than you take correct your radio god first. It's into my. My problem without exit I keep hearing that he's remorseful for this remorseful for that I mean. First up he screwed this show once with the Tony Robbins thank then I can't try any say well you know why. Beginning he wasn't going to black mail bombs he just know me so without that you want to read this guy. For for not being noble life that he already has and you actuaries say well he's 24. It's 44 I know right from wrong that's not my problem she doesn't and he just gonna screw this. Re not fully developed cherry try for a it's unbelievably sexist liberal for reader is spread anybody else's on each week for you would never say you know what 24. You would never said I just actual gas he didn't know doesn't know that's that's all yeah I can't win either get are horrible and you hear mr. Curtis was an alcoholic you don't. You think that's what did you say when you set any time when you see that actually go one on what was the conversation. I said to him that I wanted to sit down and speak with him about doing a story that I'm an alcoholic that team that nobody else here knows that I wanted to formula worked properly so that I the context provides you guys in the we would do with say look at them. Can stop what they're saying that and brokers who called them right questions. Intelligence told time that's really don't. Why tell Alex rewrite and write their story. That's your choice was at least a Sammy Ayers and do that first told to come on the air Alice is a good writer in and he's young navy are comfortable natural franchise the huge said you can't trust them so weasel. I didn't know that the tiny minority. You do I know Andre with you can't get caught guessing I would say is is the active dumb kid who made a mistake did you. This is different this is devious. This is evil and by the way. Journalistically not so hot you're holding that over over somebody's head and not great you know what he's gonna say he had no intention. Was just a radio shtick. Are you on the say that woody thank. Scream and yeah housing so you wanna bring him yes OK what. 8 o'clock to eight government polonium two. The end of the day Steve isn't as well actually. I found. That hey Steve what's happened. Or you guys are we doing what I want to try to put this in the light on page story in the arms which you say when you order in order pattern that. Right I'll quit and as such he's trying to be like current. Arnold or elsewhere report executions servers storage and is saying you have to earn your stripes if you want to be like Kurt and you have to put the time invested type in the the radio business too late. Hold on first of all thank first of all thank you for your service. Thank you for your service. Not a stock injure. But if always uses his hands but it just it. The but you know what that's what we that's what we liked about it he's very ambitious. You want to believable you are would you agree that you liked that about he was not really claw his way to remember a man butter is settling in your stomach you know it is unbelievable. Hands on merit and promises on don't ask her. It can only get negroes visually perfect Twitter tree which we can get to say hi. Yes you Clark is looking in the mirror and young extremely and he doesn't like what he sees that you. In his house ambitious self absorbed. Willing to stomp on anyone's had to get ahead when I do that Chris honestly I ever do that. No if you kick it's you know if somebody came to talk to you about that I would never do this new literature. I want us in my conversations with with Kirk that are very personal and he's never held. Yeah I play UniCredit display honey monthly bulletin yeah it's a mystery yet it right so far so. Our our team look at what he calls we'll get to 6177797937120. If you wanna win and it's if people wanna do. We're gonna gets the Brenda Marshall stuff carries a Red Sox which we've got to do yes it is hot tape while other hot red and hot I want to band somebody else from the Kirk and Callahan shall permanently. I'm going have a conversation about and ruled that this human being and if you are either this could be case talked in my last night about this. He said I've officially lost my mind. That these two I know what you talking about I don't know what you guys on talk about. Guess if it gets yet. It's beef and a member of the family who. Hurt his back office and once you do that for me it's spread the marshals projected on the backs I'm fascinated as I can't do that. Yitzhak it's on that not a not a big name on alias name but it's something it frustrated me rub me I'm also looking at what I gross jalla on Twitter yesterday I don't talk amateur. And a picture no breath for she twelve that yes yes yes you don't you don't. OK maybe maybe it's just clerk and an employer and I had to offend and I have to defend another cast members just annoyed I only know you talk about the probably would send them do you think so. If it's who I think that'll. Really. It okay Boykins can. And we and we had knocked on the brand a much because I I feel like we took some really fun. I deserved I think the real fire at a real yes it could Arnold.