K&C - Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo joins the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Old friend Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo joins Kirk and Gerry from the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon, and is predicting a down season for the Patriots.

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Joining us right now is our friend great friend Christopher. Mad dog Russo mad dog how are you. Not great causes you to YouTube but to be on I don't okay. Good act that's good at deathly serious question when you are WFAN am ever sexually harassed by Jovan. I'll close. I don't say that I think you'll also be okay to you do yeah I do he had been on the you know it done all that commercial we. If you noted that commercially today at. And Evan Roberts is up ornament from you every day I don't know if he do that if they thought they'd show. Would not coming back I don't know this I had I haven't told anybody over there but I I would blue dog eat turning into. FAA and in maybe after Labor Day that's what Ellen yeah it's sad that out on I don't know. Now they did see private investigation I guess I'm talking out kind of worked their butt. I I I think that you would have hurt coming right I would not rule do we turning area of David. Well. It's might that might talk to believe I would. I would not that would match that I would do whatever it had money we are if it make you hit that fifty million mark. If fifty million yesterday were ahead of last year's pace thirty here today were over one point homes that one point five million your for this year so far right here so. Often really good start. That tremendous job. You know we did that Hackensack medical center for years. And it's it's not easy do these kind of showed the need to have I is that in ten minutes there. Or these poor kids who picked up to break up the governor apartment above the. And what's it like in New York right now of the given up on the Yankee Red Sox raced as it's been cut to world cinema Kirk may. I think ish seven in the loss column. On it I would have given up on right now on the Yankees but the problem of the Yankee fan has another bit of brain injuries. That worked out you know judges still out. They get at the plate now you pulling that you know not. Always got to be outlawed it the issue took himself out of the game. And he's a tough guy so as he did that that's. Because you Robertson got a shoulder issues heated pitch that night I think DA even new Yankee fans and also more wrapped up with their health. And the idea they got so many injuries and that's so much paying attention the Red Sox. But they have a lot of the game they Lebanon from the oval F fourteen against that threat to the American League. And in the next twelve games they play at the Marlins tonight won Baltimore. We with the White Sox support the tigers so. They don't want body game just by Arabic put me in a lineup I mean I mean evidently. It got so much talent it is not like Milwaukee Brewers in the main injuries limited his got a main guys. He got tons of money and they got tons of players so the and you put them in happy is severe it would be somebody else. I would not Libya is that reply to do to combat a little bit. Red Sox you know they'd be entity that corrupt what good pitcher tonight to a camp with the pain and active weekend. I could get a guy into the end of retouched where the division but I got it to the Yankees get it to a more interest thing. Before that first series on the eighteenth nineteenth and twentieth of September. It is shot I mean you forget then take a look at the stands and be paying some attention in the right side to me it is shocking coming out to keep their life in America would Baltimore Baltimore is. Fifty games behind the Red Sox fifty games. Light and look at the American League central I mean not terrible kids since thinks the White Sox they he's the last visit to big baseball. You know they got nobody you know attack this thing is another one he can pitch. The fourteen in the American League central I mean tunnels that having the lord knows he has said there they are historically prolific. Estimated actually does have a pretty big teams. There haven't been around the peak late teens that he had actually cat like you know. Even to propagate their competitive. I mean he had that the American League at bat that America and the pendulum has been at it yet. And it had a red dot and bully anybody in America making another talk Ron a playoff because. That they had a Red Sox in the division that for the Yankees and Al wild card game and it lets not forget the World Series and I have to went seven games. Against the Yankees and argument purposes at the moment that those safeties and not easy that they get to look there's. I do think that the World Series to be very anti climatic. I think you're playing for second place the National League. But I didn't get a military that the American it will be hard. I discern Andrew Luck out there in baseball because it feels that Baltimore Kansas City teams like that are. A tanking. I understand that. I would give the Orioles will the envelope a little break. They did win the World Series they did get to game seven the year before that. It's not like they haven't had six that. Odd and they try to find out there are hundreds if unity when the Padres are give them a little pad. The Orioles you know they try to keep the team together they did bring out like they book cop then. You know they did treatment try to when he looked he's been saying all day. The Orioles and they didn't they try to be competitive at all but out of it killing all they just collapse the light touch tank. That Detroit tank to a certain degree. You know Tampa hasn't tried too hard either. You know it's a tricky course you write that FaceBook thing is different because he had not going to be able to grab somebody who you know is going to be a big time player. In this sport long football and the NBA. You know you you know. Couple you pretty sure. I you know up week that we got my deal with a quarterback Vienna the FDA get a great player. In basically don't do that because a lot of these players the high school kids and you don't know how that could translate for fighting genre for a little trickier and they've put a tank. But you know I think what you've just seen is they know that get international trip pool money. Let. Get as many Catholics as possible and appear any American League east what is the point. About that the Yankees are going to be great for the next five years of being head against the wall. They might as well try to regroup and he leads Spain here down the road get young players. And and maybe take a run out it in natural wonder you might have five years down the road. As somebody who hates Tom Brady and the patriots have you. At the have you found a way to convince yourself that this is the year where they'll take a step back. A lot of liberty bell and make you guys happy and nobody will play without it treatment he got my votes. But yesterday you've got he had me do it and I basically guys edges so that it'll that the placate him several edited out. I like it after the report and have you guys having out a couple of times of the year so I am going to that. The auditor. Of the pack up and which is what twelve. I don't know eleven and apparently a look now I know that's dangerous because they gonna went five games in his division. So you know you're going to be five and one before you blink and I would buffalo Miami the jet that was one of those games but and I know it dangerous. But I will I won't say that would go with a lot of offensive personnel. How the alignment and the injury. Obviously Adam and out of war games. You know I am and don't even. And Dion Lewis Leven. And they've they've won the preceding game and they got hightower I will go under. New England. For the year out on the day I hope with eleven and I have that thank you bet big but I would go under packed into that we're. You do your best thing but I would allow operatives had some epic. Yeah. McDowell yeah they don't. The game Jersey. You can definitely want but I will go to Vegas is so I'll have my body shop around. If I get the patriots had eleven and half but you've got ticket and it went well they're being an. He's a lot to eleven halves well number I would say eleven or twelve yet elaborate on record of public and I think probably go wonder if I'm with you probably don't want a gold but McLellan I think I think Brady's going to be great this year that is the reason why won't. Do you want revenue of one and eleven and half eleven elevenths of left they're gonna win Kenya is Sam Donald's Stoddard New York. Yeah I think years I think he had did not embarrass himself against the giants on Friday. Everybody loves it. You know hey that causes any everybody's guns god over dog he has played audience adding that he'd be great again that's him he was. Late in the first exhibition game. He played the part. He knows how to handle the media. He didn't miss it PD got signed relatively quickly missed a couple of practices that was it the data up that language. It I would be I didn't get to try to tape recorder get a quarter what I'll pick hopefully at quarterback is banged up in these last 1012 basically opening game. And then to have the count be the backup but I think you're asking me right now by the united Beach Boys inaudible start. Like double talk you will deathly catch up during the season and we'll keep in mind this on your pick up your part. If this system cannot keep up our dog fights that went.