K&C - Colbert was uncomfortably bad with Brady; The finale of Tom vs. Time 3-13-18

Mut & Callahan
Tuesday, March 13th
Hour 1: Kirk and Gerry discussed a lazy Gary Tanguay and the conclusion of the Tom vs. Time series. 

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Stern can. It's Brady critique Tom Brady had to say yeah we're pretty sure that's how. Are you do on it is it is it is it possible to do a nude or no. All I I've got to. The perfect diet book book book that. And said you've been playing eighteen years now yeah which Currie committee ahead you're punting it taxes upon. Yet on the ability and skating free hotel room around the corner poured out here is to talk to me Drucker so raptor Red Sox game. Are you married to a beautiful woman pursuers all our. We've worked pretty little bit issue but I'd be all life is a wonderful woman beautiful woman he thought I wanna see who went feet of gritty thing isn't it I. I find feat in general good and Gerry Callahan. His ulcer disease and I've read or couple cuts spurred there's more to think about the news. Tom Brady should know better these last few years have been very challenged and he goes port city Callahan tells me I just want to go to work and have fun. You go we're doing this or. Are we doing this just about ducks know when you lose your conviction and you bush doing something else there's the door on Sports Radio WEEI. Your question what what what are we doing here why are we here why what. What are we doing. We could be a lose that under the nail of some other giant BB. Well if yes you won by some pot a from view and I've orca the book for five years of good articles written and. I don't know it's good question why we hear what they are wasting money on hotels. Although the save a little we were. We thought were it is great new. Residents in and I didn't know that they move those since news of what happened at that at this hotel it's like I don't know a lot was looking forward to listen to it cost too much is valid yes always you know is that really true. Because. He claims like 500 night. I don't believe apps and I stayed to residents and there's awesome residents and wait through while Los powered the other night in Charlestown and on the water. It was like 300 it was great statement before that 159 boxes. I mean I mean no one in their development one we're staying in under forty. Tonight. It was final ball it's yours and the 500 dollars it's possible to check prices it's if it's illegal it. It is. And just made them I did we see you checked yes we could start off on a good disgruntled minute matter I mean it doesn't matter but I just was carries its work. Good question. Of course work. Toward about the lakers were in a hotel where all is fine it's fun as a fine. No no no yeah we like it's in the league are good for us. No bill nothing available for the Gates's shoes sold those are tales that he wears heat I don't know what I know they better not be in Toronto. Dale. Listening to keeping my talk votes no three hours it was an Indian rain Barry Burbank. To say tonight. I hollered Bose wave. Feet. Thoughts and mud is such a disciple of man isn't he says exact same thing you do buys it so I mean word for word pathetic I agree I heard Emmy and and I don't believe a month this month is a you know working class kid from petrol. He's part eight you think he's really freaked out by feed more shoes to lose 21 years old and I know pebble. Obviously LA and OJ and women whose kid. And now he says oh I hate these this exact same thing you say I had held up a conversation Emma Brady yesterday and I heard him seat. Verbatim on the air today that on what is what is the point. It's it's him when he was a little creepy to beast repairs where does not appreciate item. As creepy as Brady with Steve no amount Obama's groupies Buffalo Bills. I I'm sure. What that's about much of what's going on it's not it's not Brady's form it's Brady's in this best of us this is a better job of premiums even called bright and he. Doesn't like that apparently I mean isn't some weeks are better than others you would agree he likes me easily cube right I think. You know some weeks he likes that some weeks into his other weeks it's uncomfortable there is tension and I guess attention to me really join pictures this whose most tension with Steven Kolb there. I can you explain to me is the 'cause I don't watch him I hate him. Is this for what he does every night Stephen Colbert and he tells like a trump jokes has monologue is a dumb bit and brings guess Sonja it was totally uninformed he was told is on the wacky Hewlett. I think it was there any single he was thirteen minutes long by the way the Stephen Cabrera and his exact same length as the year last numbers this time true and I need to know. Is Colbert are always this I think had a filters or an hour and a half I didn't he was informed on and that's also also Brady is not great in that form of celebration is best not what I mean if he brings not supposed to be good at that Kobe areas. I guess yet nose on him brilliant strawberry drink a beer. You massage he rubbed lotion on Stephen Colbert on if you're just waking up you probably missed it it is so uncomfortably bad. I I'm you know big Brady briefing and so you. Watching him it's uncomfortable to rush is not his form it's not what he does best what to do what he looks weird he sounds weird to see under the guise of promoting this six part of the Facebook's. Now said that he's in the book the book they were all right all right all right Brooke and Kobe didn't know than an hour promoting a book that's what. Severing months old has sought yes but it's you know he said when the season was over and do some promotion that had to be done and I got two emails to colleagues don't march now upon us today. I'm we did Strahan in the morning writes I mean they have and you don't and then Tom really do anything else right calendars or CBS publisher calls the same companies the publisher aboard the craft right now so there's that this I mean -- again I don't watch cobra much as always this bad I don't want him I mean is unlike you when the moment and watched Lehman. Come on what I Eleanor would you could if you want to watch them Twitter Aussie rights spots but I wouldn't. I literally watch the cold air show on Comedy Central now. I didn't really get it and I senator undertook is set to trump eateries right but it's sort of it's a bit by flooding was the EU material run so we became. And where character yeah yeah and now he's a real embarrassment care via the real person socks was. Real cold bitter is it is it is it possible. Did you look at your life and say OK I'm I've lost but I've made that shift the balance of the universe because of a beautiful black people children there. I got. The perfect diet evidently not really. Me and so on blew a B I think the people little sick of fencing on its struggled to laugh. Yes I would say with so few laws it was odd it was that on throughout this amnesty sounds etc. and get out you know I don't want big star but when I looked at that first I clicked on the third and it's I was shocked I camped thirteen minutes it is and it's. And all the worst it's cliche question and diet how much loss you're about terrorism and playing you know what's it like you've got a perfect life how do you deal with the loss and Tom says. He cried a lot and everyone else says yeah they're crying. There was no laughs there was no insight my suspicions of of a man called buyer's agent knows nothing about sports it's very strange or nothing about his desk right I mean it's that audit was just is not you know and Sage Rosenfels Tom Brady right let me just by accident the biggest in the country you wouldn't hold by accident and the EP pics of the book and as the given the title he's like. With the cold tea something I want of that is that purposely is that what is I don't know because every every question every time I seemed as a stammering like. And I'd rather they released the video of the beer early in the chug a beer and Brady's legendary when he was younger he could chug. Beer and he doesn't without a problem says sorting tricks will be earning laughs about it which he would never do without split them. That's okay were not so in a part of the CBS family understood. And then Kobe or struggle it's funny that a full gear it's like counselors yet taco bill looks he's gonna puke it's. Trevor back in the day heard it here each other yeah. Do want to watch out here. This well two guys are feeling here that if Felix something like that and Jack. 67 yes it's built very it would go right on the tribe as I say robbery at I think. Reid likes people who don't question him well that's that's what that's in that's why he gets his issue with us and so I mean probably me and he does it. He likes you know Michael Strahan in the lights. How's Guerrero likes these controlled situation does like negative and he's wondering dosing is asking us. It's not gonna be real. And anybody that you can say that book was good not good or whatever where do you stand. I politely watching interview and said you know political buy that book but I could see like that it's right because you've been in bookstores those health and wellbeing books for that but that's that's that's also lie about that polls by I don't know what is you kidding me ask you what kind of person but you're Tommy and people watch that last I didn't know about that book. Now that's a good point they did. Mean that is they did except Cabrera he didn't. But if you wanna see in my opinion the most uncomfortable moment in Tom Brady's. Career public publicly him and obviously. The press conference after deflate it Albert. He rubbed lotion on this A holes arm in life or ultimately it would you what to jail. It is total and out of Kobe ever. Say it completes the commute is suspect. Brady's knee starts talking about his health goes like you know he of that mode and your ridiculous that goes to 121 aptitude Brady goes like one half he gets very. It cited it's it's like Khatami I'm talking about yet others we had. It's like when he liked the rookie Q did helium and it gives solid side helium and you can voice goes up that's what sounds okay and he is. And what sort of find out why does he look so unusual. I heard trainee. Saying that he has Botox she says it might it probably does Sampson is a reason for a while. It's gotta be some weird early healthy version that you put seeds. Wherever it is it's it's so Botox is a hell only you know well Alex looks like it's of traditional Botox the putting you in your head that's what is it seems about the wrinkles Botox he put his. The garage need to where you'll Guerrero does that's a thought that would get the cumbersome time that is much more important acupuncture. Is Guerrero does that to us at all. Real easy to do surgery again. But but Brady go breaking looks. Different on TV opposite as you are the areas looks different on TV. And he did evil we Sonos. Yeah it looks like I mean part of it's the haircut and lawn in Abbott stop Lewis and I guess they make up he looks very theme to be on thin one indeed senators are very I think usual. It's what we say yes just sort of saying yes we all know that you're not stable but generally we think Tom is. Well look I mean what can get to the commerce tied the typical bad thing. They're trying to say about this is that you again what we talked with yesterday promoting match I thought tang that was going to be on to tell you as a matter don't want to watch and that's that's that's just our guides I kept us on Twitter or group when he was packed. And once here she was violence on the looking. Don't know why you wanted him. Art bought bullets Woodward was journalists to whom shall who else. Exactly so I don't aidid and on and rooms and close off who who who who did predict. You did a study that's the he doesn't know if I run every ten EU emails this doesn't say sorry. I'm not come and it. You know he's supposed to be here he's obligated to be here we book can be here we aim to be here he says. Not common in boys don't what Burmese Amar don't look from NASA in my city which is a joke he signaled posted. I agree down its current rate. That address this very I'm not here in the series schedule was Willis. I mean on to and from the truth it's and it's not what this race was so I mean if fatherly way it's so bad they're conservative senators now he's got a big whatever it is a big tough holes and you know perhaps. And I drove in that mostly like forty mile obvious it's obviously Easter for the most days. You know I would say getting back to suck but I would say driving in soc if you live you live closer look at incentives on the highways and you have saying he's been worst days the next. Not where I was absent Nazi re not where I was there any different now up north it's bad. It would take calls. To a meal and I'll be like twenty last time moves towards a with no big deal just you know somewhat. We knew we learned an old hand I think people's we knew we meant what I know I'm in New England at the terminal life. I hate snow Xbox. And driving style and I think it's an. I don't and I don't say we don't piece at a stupid I don't care that's fine it's the worst storm. People are dying and ninety cents a minute media all right I don't care I don't care K so I didn't agree with you just. Ticket but I. I don't get money you might read it snows out I thought Mike Reid last week can be viewed as a manager gets mad at us now we'll miss you manages to agree with you today this notion that sex I don't care process is no spoke on the work everybody. As a matter neither can handle the disagreement and it's dozens could. He is so drunk with your power run you plug power I disagree what power Jerry power split apart and you are calculated to meet you control if you can get through sentence articulated to but he did please sentiments articulated to me you know maybe you're gonna work on this grow good job yes to articulate now to me. Which you mean that a power house are manifesting itself now it's hot for us it's Wednesday morning you know once you rip Patrick you were. And it's that's that's your call that would explain explain the palace your coma explain and explain the power we your idea was was one. The two of us. But what I did in Q I didn't have ideas he had no ideas go to work and RU OK any ideas on how we can. We could stop this right now I'm happy to do that tell pat Tai Anderson the go home and military and pad thirty Tuesday it was gonna work so we can do that if you like. Now up for debate be obvious that you are the biggest and that now the idea is yours glad let's go we got another 383 hours at a forty fact that Brady not now no one another with an idea not Jerry's big idea for shells go I want to get back to trading which it would gets us to talk over guys I'm the idea replay attack at 616 which IDs you I don't know about night. Wolf lol he just said it was a war is not gonna work you said it's going to be beautiful disaster okay. I hydrant OK I which I battery which I like. So if you agree and shut up and go along for the eyes of having my advice cuddyer if you are elected to help disagree that's of that state. Those church disagree in my life will be hell yes. Those in the I'm gonna be amended these sock puppet number I give you credit. For braving the elements thing getting in here only if it I'll say this is slowing of calls six I didn't I know you do it's well as 606 chances of it's expensive and I just know so far. We're gonna may not where I live miles stupid I understand you on this plane Anderson do you bounce a little different content like the you know hills of of New Hampshire right very difficult. Announced he saves. My larger point was I understand the snow is worsening and over then select. My only point ones and we got a popular for six minutes my point wise and what we should have been able to drive into work and I agree to the. On whether or not worked out issue are we would do its path and disagreements say Harry you're not caricatured him. She's on the target in to a tyrant problem is no one's your displeasure default is now you never disagree what's that friendly fantasy season. Disagreements arguments. See your problem now a product are now must get your way no provision inherent error show your default now is to say that I use you hit a secret anymore which are pissed off to them in your pissed off as well. It's tough at what extent do you remember it is tough it out and make pretend up. Annually took my way I'd have Tang Wei was scheduled I know he's viewed tegra was scheduled. To come in today and can come in because it's knowing that you predicted it and I was not surprised at thirty I I really actually got 3040% chance I actually thought. Income and today I mean sorts it takes two hours to go so. And Japan last night we had heard that he was gonna comment by some I mean I'd putt it might be this morning he said you know like her you know got up and so on this mountain mama comic but. He does have the biggest UV he doesn't live that far away. To should be solely on the radio to commit this is not some regular John right on in his suit. Mean Helm and we saw this morning. I'm sure torture richer uninsured would warn him do you or where Iran as a WBZ a camera. Where of course and the guys supporting Dave seal all the bull whatever it's true BGA in a big. But. Like the other thing is so put a call we occurs to me you know last night that we just have lots of people commend dude commercial on schools and I'm constantly amazed it was 2000 like ten in chops to weed out out of crawled here in one show. Chrome is it is amazing and then. Two days from now sums from again it can't you duck if you died of tires in the Gilroy credit and his his his you know his dating from NASA news and choking every he's the guy is gonna be on a scale of fit right in with those guys so so he's not as the bottom always there's like that come into the I think it's anomalies has bigger problems than. He that he cares he needs a job and I don't like I don't that that are Apple's amateur the weather's bad you. You've come in today if you come and get out here at 7:38 o'clock you're fine and and lots of people don't live that far away and then as far ways I do warm Gary does. I always say that we that you always have that fall back person. It was Roemer for awhile you know we've come and tighter import them for sure yet he still might mean it's true. You put up the call you have been disclaim now on December show up via. And third we if you wanna shut today's your day yes we have two people that number 1 morning show in Boston and its cousin you girl for eighty. In the ala or who else is there. I don't know afraid there's plenty of them Helms wants people herald that could use a jet I don't get like some rain the writer wouldn't scenario whoever nobody else reached out easily block. I don't know yet he's a I think about just it was just. Hopeless if I'm amazed that the lack of ambition by people mediums that it is it is an 80% of some actual show ambition and they get mocked sport you know that that happens all the time hi Anderson. Right time Anderson Charlotte today and I'm assuming he's initial good for him. Sentiment. It was only just walked by the studio art and it's your. President knows the rules. He's all I've sort power he's got a lot of ambition while that's true I don't credit shows up does he know the rules. I and the irony is a guy who. Got ourselves all a pop for living is filling in for the guy who gives away pops every grade point it's very strange. Patrick there was lollipops. That's rights commissioner the bucks a lollipop like tanks trying to he would address is I can't easy season sums just. Trailer showed up today such as Rick fund pershing was shown up to this mob would have been your I would have been here for shore by Allison and for short that's true time I every witness and you notice. We could've had a someone Palin what time he likes terminator colors are showing up Brad from British army anybody else we shall not remember Kara. Anderson yes she's married to believe the rams G Julia yes need then Jews hot and she was. Really nice and cool mayor good personality. She was one of those people should live to Boston and we have needed someone called should be that an insulator. Now she's. Living in LA she was a big NFL network stuff for awhile right fielder was at for a while that he'll come around. He called me it can be hit ten minutes later shore yet ambition. And the glad I don't what happened since I'd rather have an ass and saying you know I was like that to you were like that torturing him and I started did you call you say okay show up. That's the job and that it is really discouraging the whole generation of people would no ambition doesn't speak well management needed to everything we can just do this and there's absolutely no you know repercussions in already doesn't even call and response we're group email soldiers who USA our email all right you've said that he mallet nine last night. You know he would have responded and 917. Years old his fellow at 630 years and a mean Serbs 93010 it's it doesn't say sorry. It is now not coming in. Not so Romeo again as I'm sure a friend. He's on the show teacher showed two and its spirit so I don't know in what we're split you know just comes in next week. I love driving you losers crazy. I don't get I don't mind as we can discuss that studio guests were the only ones who care I don't know. All the other guys in England and the boys are all you're here I'm sure I think based hotel and Dale's going to be that bad residence then they talk company. Properties. That lol oh I'll go full Manning effect and of their net for it and it's a weird fight depicted in hotels fine. It's fine by the fights worth winning the so that brought save a couple bucks they stick us in the this is sold out. I'm just over is too much money Mel I don't mean that says there's room here Amish is different tonight 400. Well really. Forget that there's no there's hope they are stay there or reported on performances Asian. And any. Details probably -- details to our allies armies slip and in India it is plus we're deceived out of sporting market and Miller the morning or you can cast encourage. Booze on within today. It's just don't keep spoke to mosque at the after. What exactly the snow. East of them. But there were no excuses you could never say I can't command that it's no more about how. The god of the marathon is a total loans. I got shot. You put a mile premier pitcher was two hours playbook and the guy you're working with the weather was bad morning for Jerry or it was a political guidance I was fine and New England just suck it up and get separate top of the hill Jerry and make it down. I don't know that I was I don't live on hale. So much it's not on the ten dollars on site. It was on his own Chicago and a he has a show. Like he's filling in for some time I'd be here filling equivalent everybody be safe tonight in and say Mars why we should admire today. For me and I'm. My goodness so he's a pathetic but those guys again I'm actually. You're right but I know you you know you're right that you eat eat we need make lead as the main him impression. European owned person now. Now he thinks you know it's it's working for about his star is rising. Should do your flattered and that's what it's like Springsteen wants insults I object immediate hours at a turbulent portraits of people around John Lafferty and but he's but he does is like yeah. Boy immune function gets the same voice it's tired it's like he said I don't know if you have mud on feet and that it's been captured and both feet. It's not about it the idea that adults do that's fine. Must sound exactly like you jail I don't I'm not a defeat I find feat in general disgusting men's feet women's feet I'm sure that Shaun White is a wonderful woman beautiful many fine you know there's a guy. Looks searching as you said. Probably wasn't wearing shoes these twelve away. Then he probably just hand me down best of the goodwill store. He was he keep his wife for he would even lick anybody's feet. But Michael you're there on the buy next few it adds that if you change yes it'll imbued. Yes I wish I. Suck up would you Kirk's feet. Yes it out yet the past. Government should always ask nicely. But he saw blade through someone's big news is he admires like you should too yes. Should I should lick your feet that's huge ego I exiting of wicked feet. I'm not alleged Steven Kolb or not know anything about Brady. In prepared isn't it amazing how little. Well they were on the surface and I know the ground rules I know there were ground rules if they weren't. He would've started with a trump talks there's that that's there's cochlear spews is absolutely Adam obsessed with trump right. He's a great example of a guy who's got a terminal case of trumped arrangements syndrome it's also I think would have started with a hat in the locker no question with tiger told trump joked to him or something he wanted no part not so and asked about dealers people Neil you know movements and national and the Mueller's right. And that was awkward while the Brady said that lots of healthy discussion. In the locker room yes you are gay do bump but racial issue normal social justice in August Ernie Adams comes in that the with the charts. Now this past couple seasons there's been politics mixed in with our football. Do you when you see the players kneeling on the field do you do you know what they're nearly four or or does it have. Have no resonance for you what do you what do you think we all know that. Oh god no one note Steve and I am really stupid don't. I'm a moron. That might be prepared for the senator from adult. No I assume they're doing I don't know why for her in the they do just to suffrage tires you do know they're nailing four. Well I mean some of them were kneeling don't know I think him according he's Arctic and I think radius of basic understanding anyway if you didn't he's not gonna say now ma what are they doing what she's gonna say I'm going to (%expletive) me off and then McGrady six they have healthy discussions can you play the answer yet we. On our team. Wasn't too much of that idiot I thought it brought up a lot of healthy discussion locker room. And you know I think the great thing about sports and brings a lot of guys together a lot of guys from all over the country from all different backgrounds and cultures and I have such a healthy respect for the guys that I play with. It's great to hear their stories to. Obviously can respect that there they're need to express themselves yeah okay. Knows this to sell it and you know also I'm unclear no I don't I respect that I'm telling you Strahan hit him harder than. Inco Baird did Jesus Dina did he was it was awful. And he'd literally rub lotion on him about a those. Bad when Chris price rub lotion on James Harrison and assorted others I shall we know this was almost as thought that was worse. Hello. It. It's for tests and regress. Plus some lotion first close. I'd just like lotion. What's funny about that what's on there we could solve their fans call outlets like this is good luck I would say that we began to try. I would say that is to me like that SNL uncomfortable laughter where people are just it's that you have the sign that says laughing must ensure they do but does it feel like they're kind of laughing because after the Chicago way and only get caught up in an sidetracked by did you see the cold open court of the caller. Would the the play on the bachelor. Show opened with Muller yes and and it was that that brought who's just. No right Kate McCann Kate McCann and sells. Played mullah. Yet it was the most uncomfortably unfunny thing I've ever heard just like the episode right news or god I love the Randall white man's sterling did you see the Muller that's actually I think and yeah. No I do watch him unless I'm happy to see you have to seat I was watching my son music you explain this to me and I couldn't it was so bad. I I feel bad watch anything else. Me neither after syndicate to this it was so unbelievably bad and I'll feel so glass show their kind of relevant as a trumpeter in the middle of the issue they feel like there's so remove. But I mean I I know win the jokes sound like when adding to all when does trump. I didn't know and I grant them a big bachelor guy in place it's understood that's probably true but it but they've but I thought they snap that lead on them completely just lost it was so it was the worst thing I've ever seen an SNL and last night was the worst thing I've ever seen huckleberry Amir I Amir never wanted to though. Here here which one know the revolution almost. I've got to me to blow here. Turn on commercials during the commercial break my I don't hold a seat. Well. Massaging. Let's pray like this from me would you. Immediately I Ramada hands for at least I know it on the back story right cobra had no idea not about liability or not and and I guess someone told Weaver say by the way that he never drinks beer he never said that when he slowed slowed down dramatically I finally did but that's not released thing. Now is that was a weird. The strawberry thing was not fun I was with her avocado ice cream every that senator Gary every try to Michael Baird knows. That's true. We put a strawberry thing I guess there was a beard thing is yes it appropriate thing is what's. What sort of viral it's gone viral but I would say recharge the vehicle there almost puke she can't handle it I'd say overall the Brady buzz from these two appearances minimal it's all in his pocket. True do you think you mean well is no news right there more news and you'll get I used more news and numbers this time last ninety seconds as more news in the beer video was getting. Viral socially I don't it was and don't Padilla right. It back there Tom Brady Kay Hayes of more more about the book. Okay let's talk a little bit this is that was fantastic by the way let's. Understand what some marriage and there. It's after the offer now. OK so I understand talk about diet I understand my producer tells me that you said to him I hate strawberry the man okay. I think strawberries strawberries have you also told New York magazine last year I had never eaten the strawberries in my life yeah which is it Tom do you hate strawberries. It's melon strawberries and I got and you never had a strawberry ever. I challenge you do you strawberry. They're there I. Really did you know why would you need an attorney the smell. That's springtime type. So I don't know that we'll go there. It's Ramirez shop I don't want. It's at now and again I'd like Brady. So why it's nice to it's it's so uncomfortably bad horrible forget Paris not just because a Cabrera can. Did did you guys think it was funny. Awful you find anything funny one funny purified particle bear report funny at times I watched that he after while sick OK get your but a parody of a right way and she's right you you're you're. Doing O'Reilly impression like John Stuart little's that I hear on the joke in their dominate your Smart you really actually smarter playing down but like I have a team of writers like Kimmel and I'm sure they've just doesn't matter right person to show was initiate water meters of water plant or an addition all of probably did Brady's you know you can turn into the gun ship water to drink so much water. Brady hasn't seen the movie neither has called bad. Since I've seen either. What do you gain from those two degrees I just said. There's no America who bought a book because I was held the patient I would say maybe like some of the dummies who watched the morning American Media about the book maybe. I can understand that it's a different crowd. Col Baer crowd is a bunch of Weytman to my two kids anyway. And nobody out behind and they don't really get into that the book at all diet now like what Brady in what works for breaking the reality is real market and much much much much better spot for Brady. We've been on doctor laws searching without a show like that. Where to medical whatever and he knows differ crowd watching people are in their. Into the of their bodies or something like that they would have been much better let's say in how do you manage where they made fun of Oprah but signatory and Norah O'Donnell again like that and ending with her to be tests or something like you're forty Goldstone you look great how do you do that kind of thing. Are tired of how we continue to prolong plants so. He wants to do that Michael Baird so ill informed he didn't even play along all right. That may need he he just scratched the surface about. You're amazing you watch beautiful and you don't eat strawberries fresh and it's there's not a thing in there that someone. Moves even a cursory interest the Brady doesn't know I would say. I watched it didn't care I was much much more to Michigan to get back will push these guys back will be reviewed the numbers and yes I do that was if we may disagree on that and only get too upset well I'll point it drops it even through a lot and it's not easy drive. It's beautiful out there if you think it Jeremiah Johnson Cali and eighty miles and now the whole way out but I said on saying is not he was someone who. I would say is. And we agree on this business it's what's in the traffic report in hand over and overturned car in 93 now while. Jack birdied. Anyway they checked in I've vehicle on 95 and you play by play of of of the television some of your traffic at school well there's time and actually it is 635 point two it was a long way of saying I think you and I agreed that is no excuse for penguin upcoming. There's no excuse tegra and I Richard Lewis yesterday 10 o'clock whatever age my kids are going to be off I can't do it sorry. Make it up Hughes said OK no problem. But that's not the case now and he's got a sore good vehicle. He's obviously got nothing to lose it flips them over here is yards and no we care a person including his wife went by his wife that she would drink they're all that. He doesn't really have a danger of when you get that'll TV gig you pictured a scenario which you would miss that television show of course. No it's not true art and that's all I'm all right we're definitely. No question. With trading by guess also was their premiums they showed right doubtful OK so they're now she said that. The largest. Survivor getting text back for a from Kurt Abbott principal neither you know that right yeah I'd say would you recommend this week and she was. One regular beat so Comcast. So she's had her feet settle back eight feet these guys hate a guy like feet. A likely to. The ailments economy looking up detailed certain defeat I find feat in general disgusting men dale I'm gonna tell the story it embarrassed status was thirteen. I was my parents suburban. I was in the backseat in the idea that it. I did have a product today I'm not at all. Yes and an atheist terminate the guy yeah. I NKF I mean what dale there's a person up in the sky high N they would ask a question or jail I don't unveil to fail fail fail fail fail to MI think does that work at that job. If this time we get back but he's trying hard he's fitting in and makes me nervous like like a glove when I hear it. They all seem to be getting along and that's exactly once said to us recognize that the chosen is in my what he's figured his Buick you know had the debt market rout it. Dale and attitude they'll keep him in my after the it was a good said would you think I am this garbage what do you think our war. Yes I agree as I was very yes I think we're heading for a showdown. You guys feel that those two trains under the it's a show. Is there's just probe ship and it is all well and I am not merely Kirk's gonna handle that when they sign Turkey your your little a chimpanzee. Is moving to the afternoons. Let's say. You know two weeks ago not as welcome and now probably. But distillate going to be happy about how much or an improvement from what happened effort and as a matter a market area like close out overtime as the pan. It's like we're fight we are so you tell me as we make fun. If you take and completely crumble right and he did take aged he's got a he's got to fit underneath all that hair there's a fix fix Kenya Susie stupid and it helps that they don't I don't I'm not a defeat is that the play that these that the played a character like. Those guys never dump on it's very very very safe flight to Italy and point out that he's. Part chimp no I've got back deck now are that character is does not exist he will never bring his trombone in the afternoon it's like if it's like a slightly more polished version of the mutt Malone. Which he's a little better yes as the years yes it's essentially the cities and everybody safe tonight and say our guys. Is that mud mud says he says he saved us. Stay safe. You know safe tendency. In a car like for example I drive me home in my means he's still why so shares shot up don't please come to work him and say RAI's ten ways nestled in this bed right now it is Dutch oven. Take out to school teacher nobody else's work and they understand that but we have responsibility. Yes it's part of the job unfortunately it's part of the job and some morning show it's a little more difficult. But you do what you showed up god that was not easy. I show up in Iran these elements within that you ran an annual winter boots I drove up and over and ran him over or else robbed in the head admirable. Three miles on the quick three quick three miles you you you could commit a crime and you wouldn't be responsible Christian or not. In your right mind the huge and I ran yes ran in winter boots yesterday in a blizzard yes you know admiration for. No and only then I low office love. You know tough and athletes and it's no sign of endurance athletes. Mental mental stability yes it's mental instability and that's sit. So positive people pretty nuts but yeah apparently earlier today Chris chemical you know you're not allowed to ask sucked out. Ask Curtis all right Curtis on your occasionally you have few moments amongst others NC two runs the topic and your thoughts about this now. It's no this only plow drivers who would CU and an honest answer out. You know and I will say it happens it. I have no defense that now it wouldn't I I agree why you liked someone jumping out of a plane and if they get killed his friend and you. You want historic ship. Militants and Jerry stories to write sixth or seventh about what. Art so we have Gilroy and Anderson we put the collar to New England. And we had the guys on at midnight and so lollipops and some 24 year old posted bail out like and what does it and respectable. I medical respectable they got more ambition than Tang Wei or anyone else detonation if they do a good job I think they should be rewarded with more appearances in the future don't you think of this ambition this we'll see other it is. Politics operate forget them saying this this she really is a lollipop maybe chocolate maybe some movement we can get out of us. Yeah sure will only pop I can't even right now if my guys I was right to hips. A you need hips. At its eyes are gonna react this covers of time the governor to Gilroy and then times that's okay sounds good OK we've nobody else lined up. That is well. We call is still out I guess yeah. Mean Esteban Loaiza from nests and said he couldn't do it right I saw eat initially said he would do mansi was only can they got to dale text might sound Rondo attacks that's by guess real yet their show. As shouldn't listen dude we're judged by race here their show should run the ship I think you. But I think god. You know I saw hundreds of listeners willing becoming. But it used wisely said know that I'm gonna pass and producers as well the station this is Jeffrey's right Chad wanted to do and one subject to a jets admin. Well jets and if you know what can see. I mean he can't work tonight a penny all are responding to our requests that people commencing at Missouri memorial likes these weird I finally chip. Alec doing any candidate ever in their program and will be back. I'm gonna get kickbacks he didn't. Pages and they and doing. And now you're and just so you know that right if you need any. I was a miracle of us winning without you rather just say you know I was. Well. Staring us. That was unreal. After that's driving home from the game average. If title game Sunday. Afternoon beat Jacksonville without pronk yes. And that Brady calling Clark that was what this conference. No I like sticks I immediately we just respect yes my high school you know that that time yes yes you'll like they. Now we're pretty life like the ones Steelers all that did the Pittsburgh Steelers and the rent a gallery. It's but they got that ability mr. about a world. They've been out and we have yet to rule that feature war with former or go without without tennis yuck he's gone and I know he left because. Great good course here. Doctor and they are the most you ought not under it. And it's a great idea occurred I think it's so funny it was and you do it balance sheet you know. Talkative every drilling vote Chappaquiddick elegant people involved. I do yes yesterday and all news. We try to explain to come here you just don't know what it is is them. Most of it was the other quarter or did it in the post may be deport them. It's one thing with tang of with much but it's kind of joke and you understand these bats I know that your problem are regulations amazing right. Fairly Brothers but we tried these plays and what time the book I just told it's wonderful. New Harry maintains that the airport that night. Lots of other fan. I like. When you hold crowds exit Pittsburgh and so. I notice you know I'm doing and guide but it's still kind of cool anyway him. So I just say that I'm religious group you guys yet. And you and dale and Buckley Martin and Hannibal Lee Hannibal antley Europe and the belief and current and current I. Did not come away with that saying the end Disney wonder why I don't feel that either I and fortunate group there was nothing in their other than before there's another form harm that we haven't heard before correcting my take away my big takeaways Gisele is out at the end admit that I hurt I was I watch the time I thought as an adult us one apartment. Had a really good series. If you see actually hope Brady does mixture during your again which I think he might do because obviously isn't here Belichick and to this point right like he may do it next George I think his is but also appear Brady and the patriots fan. This really good you've never seen anything like this you know like you brought opera I think excellent comparison if you're growing up. Their players bird even Ortiz if you're such magic Bobby Orr your kid watching this watch is she getting real inside stuff Brady. You know mission to hand. Exchange would withdraw from the fall or this all the stuff is very good. But you can tell with through partnerships or the cars up we don't know there's there's an issue between Brady and Belichick I'm would've had that big meeting that we the paper promised after the year correct. Has not happened at the very end Gisele sets up and us about it he thought you're wrapping it up like it did matter I was almost ready to check out. Which Zell started talking as you said it she said something it. You disagree there will play the south there is no way. You can hear this it and not blue I think I think it reaffirms. The tension there is tension there's disagreement but that does nothing to make me think he's walking away. Well so I mean I've read about playing these other people like. The end of people Coby and his close in the beginning or release is not completely see this is for this and Hannibal Ryan animal does a great job to website. And you know so headline ending of Tom vs time feels like Tom Brady is closer to the end of his career than we think. Why why I don't like I mean obviously they talk about the and he's forty. Obviously he's got kids and all that it is also open a book that says wants plans. 45 like he's like yes he's told us that a thousand times tigers of oil has made forty cyclists for what did you hear that dissuaded you from that nothing I believe though I believe there's a real issue between Brady Belichick a boy that now I also think Brady thanks. Relative truffle Morgan and guy. That's why it's got this guy either way this is a guy in on an addict and I don't text as I disliked by mark W yes all right checks no dummy other demographic last year which still lingers music he's NYC girl to play that. The Gisele sounds you real quick as I think. This is particularly telling and all of your career. This offseason is going to be about life. And they deserve and there's more to think about the news. I think that's what you need to confidently. And that they commit a lot to me is obviously goes both ways. But a few years have been very challenging. For him in so many ways. And make things just don't you know he tells me I love it so much that I just wanna go to work happened. Yeah appreciate it have fun at. It's been convicted. Signaling here we'll get I didn't think it affirms what Blaine Johnson said you know that's the public fund affiliate book and it's all business and knowing when blood last two years. I don't know what you mean bush is at the last two years I understand the flaky follow football why the last two years what's happened to us that in Paris you were too old to I think they do so what the last thing you had to placate OK and then you had yet been suspended two we'll last year we don't know. Okay and then this year you have grapple. And Embraer also suit and Guerrero yes a lot to Super Bowl. Our enemies but but for most people just they won the MVP I would say you mostly what it to Super Bowl yes 11. He could've easily been MVP last two years Hughes who bought BP. And those tears alone almost almost all of challenging is one thing but lacking fun I don't see that's where he is Brady. Every time he talks about. Football. On his life makes it clear he loves it but she loves he's far ago the word that jumps out at me the most. Appreciate wants to be appreciated what he she has been appreciated so why am so what does that mean. So that clearly is not mean he didn't win the player of the week patriot of the week that could not talk about the fans the fans appreciate him more than but he. But I mean did it you know there's no question about that his teammates. I'm guessing appreciate him I think so police cell. The craps. Yes most the coaching staff that I pretentious yes so who's he cast lead asking about talking about Bill Belichick. Bill Belichick and that's it I mean that that that's and he is series in is a reason I bring ES finalist. There's no doubt that I I think so why why is that in there because I think. Belichick was a problem that. Yes what torture groundout and a droplets are you guys are if god is all new. Who always had a plan and the plan seem to be coming together Brady was going to be 411. Route blow steadily more over I think it's more of a career. And it's a book or even in grapple reek of 5050 whatever it is. How does how is affected is like Guerrero muse and appreciate Brady has depreciated Brady enough in his mind the Brady do we want to Guerrero right it was the same document that I am getting training sessions and he's got talent which is telling so this is a little mini pissing war here back and forth began on what would Jerry would like to act like it means that though. That the buildings burning it's not the be Brady will be good next year and don't want to be back as I told everyone will be back next year. They're gonna win 1213 games what that what you've seen you know what does anybody see that leads him to believe Brady's walking away that's of that's in its talks mean it is face lights up just talks about football he knows who owns or. I mean if they play they play two more years of reform would mean every tire war you're right that's right that'd be. 42 cents in order for heading in a 43 which may still defy all the odds like sort of I think he's thinking it no clue he's not that's that's right and and I don't know where you get that idea. Because he says this offseason about my family are reviewing us. Corsican says if you get the last two UNC dale says that means he's probably not gonna go on that trip to Montana. Injured or deficit while that would like to do yes it what does that mean about the empty days of school what human being cares about that. But when he went to Montana with. Cattlemen and Emma don't Mongolia. That the two things. It probably. I mean kids were in school in place to do we sneaks away for a couple days that race as the media's ignoring his family or Italy over the over three hours a Kansas City trip to Pryor wasn't underway here we are in Montana as Tom Brady gets away from at all one busier. Why don't we get to seal the household help when we get concealment and his record associate ourselves cup engine maker breakfast a drug addicts it's gonna be honest and we see the staff I would be no problem with that I'd be jealous. Well I don't think namely thinks is like honest real look at. But it's it's clearly edited greater control right now of course for his guilty Brady taking a dump you don't see him in another sense it's it's coming out of it does come ennui and knows. These little when he died June. Here's a current says. Given the editorial control Tom Brady's had over the project is so confusing the point he's just about had. Final words spoken by Gisele Bluetooth sense that this Chaman for braved the atmosphere in fox quote we have. The tone is 180 degree turn four we've been accustomed to from breed. He tells me I love it so much that I just wanna go to work again. Appreciate it that's it right. That's it that's all you need that's like that's finally take her from those two said yes I would agree that's the only thing that had a picture back you go won't. Mr. Zell say this Gisele is kind of a straight shooter you could tell she is kind of wild she says it's on something Welker couple years ago. She says it's on our mind that is on her mind you can tell Brady goes public husband does. It complains about the boss the boss is pissing him off right right perera by the way is her friend also. Kerr got kicked out there they're pissed off about what what does it change. How does it manifests itself that you didn't know. In part for next year your show right after that Brady's questioning his commitment or at least make you think he's questioning his commitment that you've got to be kept conviction if you'll play so why would he throw those comments authors he's buying into what to Zell says that's an easy guy who just processor boards to music and the year perspective and how politicized. Play solid. 6177797937. I'm an unfortunate we green it's 1% I don't believe him when the ruling means I don't do nothing and those are just could he welcomes that eased tension. But like Jonathan Kraft said tensions could. A certain level of issues I'll point out but if you didn't explode this year things can happen. No well. I mean. Do you think he thinks he's gonna last vote yes. Don't you yes a party predictably Belichick will retire February 5 2000 in nineteen right and I said and you predicted highs and attire that we're in fourteen years 2018. I guess it can call again announces that WA eight men and Echelon again Nazi February 14 inaccurate permission first this 21 2000 not did not did not. You pick you pick the tides over the patriots will be forgets that that's different that's yes that's a pick the stakes are ripe apple reports Brady's out and boy we assumed a sign up for you. Patrick Gilroy who you've got confused the other GM posted to the land for same initials. Which plants all ball so if they become homosexual temerity canvassing putts. How can happen if you do that for shallow that you would have been canceled right in and Tai Anderson correctness are great and we're after. We call at some point and yes we got a column Malone and try to wake them up and good luck a must be tough this program. It's been convicted. Some remain here through these Ethier get my iTunes worked on my. You know what we're doing this work. You know. What are we doing this for Hutus or are we doing this. He got answers to those questions and have to be worth a lot of conviction. You know when you lose your conviction when you first from doing something else. Why spelling. Again I preface I said. I love coverage. That's crap. You're doing it because it's your job and you really good now we get paid a lot of money morning is served when you've you've had a proven everything you know you don't walk away it to you now have good anymore. Asked people he's not going to buy and like I agree I agree I think it's most people don't we always refer to Barry Sanders and then a gay and non. And Calvin Johnson now. That's what two or three guys Jim Brown became an act so what that was fortunately wasn't as good as he once and he won his last super bully was right he wasn't moon by most people play until they're not good anymore for a couple reasons it's a great. Job I mean you make a lot of money he played football and talk and if your quarterback. You know you don't get. Beaten up as bad please you know linebackers who. And by the way yes from what when you like to play if he can play quarterly select put safety because they just run after the ball I bet you I safety hurts a bit short tees which is yet retired. That's a good point Nike the world different times we said. I was premature and a jump the gun I talk to indicate his foot is certainly a clubs that's different that's different. But like I Wilson baseball the Brady I guess are rare news Belgrade who retired like early yet recent set. In the murder was still unbelievable but he was told me you know it's. Now you've got guys enough football that's different head injuries that's it. But breeze how long he'll retire when it sucks. I think most guys do not feel like you're sitting out the last episode be philosophical that's a felony animal he's always going to be I didn't think I was self ago I don't mean I didn't read I read way way way more into Gisele. And I agree even back. When you really dig through it doesn't mean all right there coaching the court recollection. And she says all the time that he loves that's his first love we love football more than loves us. It says that and a half jokingly. But why would a guy like that war quit because of the securities now the only question is the only scenario in which this becomes interesting at all it's one of two. Number one Belichick actually strikes cold again in draft somebody who likes much as grapple. And Brady is not quite as bad but even that takes two years' occupancy in the middle of next year maybe. We have to wait that long before its interest in the middle of next let this coming year I guys in the second or yet nineteen. That your yes it's a but it took them doesn't must Brady. That legitimately Max Kellerman is finally right falls off a cliff instincts. That's because that was I think that would involve like a torn Achilles I would every day now arena thank the way he plays he's talking like. If he if he declines 20% he's the one who tend to go it's more patiently in real injury and Britain and he thinks sees it seems like an American I don't want to say something about this users are your thoughts amnesty. I just it was juxtapose right after that sells them they are ready to go at it two more super bulls' previous episodes may be this was one. I think if you want this he mice away like this where it says that speaks about basic eight as I think you're wrong now he noted that a quarterback Roger when the Jordan. Dolly the he is he can't function without nobody simulates food credit this job which he loved that zealots votes resistant that's the cracks. Well mostly dealt write this I'm pretty sure there were shorts is maybe they treated or upload content I'm playing three or four more emphatic yes well. There's never an. And then any indication of the that he would do anything but yet just may play action why we retire he lost like four such amused or a book about to put these 45 what's the proof things but to stick it to the coach he's gonna stop doing what he likes the view it pleases you think how nice that. You think he loves. He loves yes yes he does so who walks away from so that they absolutely love who's very Zell how. She's lovable monster series he hasn't passes he has a capsule and rally like they don't Jacksonville but yet I guess yes and he enjoys much issues sleeping bloc could ever be mr. don't we've witnessed him and it was 11 hour and you're shocked that I think he's successful player in the league at age forty like those rigs with its much of the Milwaukee like football much. Yes he's been renting out suites solids light street actually also Audrey so what makes me think that leads to ask us why you're right because it lost view one he wouldn't this is his last year's opening shots of got a stop on fourth down to retire. Okay you miss the point retirement. Happens when he's not a good or not love and it anymore. He was single strike really good and he's really ought to honest Pam Anderson and his wife does on the plate. He's 41 years old still playing so clearly doesn't matter that much just one play. Swear forty. As you've seen heard the list she loves it too she has a glass on these games you as a blast being married to the best football player ever. You see her when she's on her own in the car India and so much talks about how he wasn't appreciated him and went to the comic book collection she was also I agree that I think Brady likes playing football I I agree to Belichick to (%expletive) them off. But if you retire after this election in his mind it's marketing resources and does anyone else in the world like go to work. Even if the boss yes I do every day. It's it's not unprecedented number of words yet so I haven't discussions with mr. you have them guessing that they Mac computers yes and Thailand has thrown out. Punch myself in the face it we're where's that so I mean. I wish you an idea that on this flight and and really whenever talks approach to export a great coach gave it a baby you know zig great coach not as much as beefy doesn't like him is about as much that he is I can tell you right now. I I know he he hates Belichick -- Belichick was the number is 90. They hate each other elements that he never apparently we need permission none of it even until soft and talking about I don't know now you don't like compete it's no use for a the senate will work for bosses they don't like it hasn't won. Charges every year won by guys rate the coaches but I would say it is different. That the Brady Belichick relation is different breeds hired anybody else in the history of the sport right into what your coach do stuff like that you beat your guy is weird not the quarterback in league starting quarterbacks. Even mediocre quarterbacks know where for the most average quarterback in league is. Flacco had a guy like Guerrero Harbaugh would never do that Flacco ever do what. Dec bop yankees' nick is guy out of a Belichick but Guerrero will take about the kick Guerrero focus Guerrero was. Wouldn't happen. Hurting questioning Iger trainers agree he's an old time football coach would love Tuesday night party agent Aaron Rodgers beauty shots immediately Drew Brees yes no yes shop in. All football coaches loan issuance is the one who wanted to with the trees have been with a okay new DirecTV and at an ocean a question. The beginning of the project to court records but each of doubles to do that to quarterback he's due to court but didn't race in needed to a quack I agree that's his I agree but Brady's mind. I think from great perspective and Brady thinks it progress quite know god proxies. Just gone through spring season. Brace is best for. He lets them stick needles and it's difficult for me gross affront them use through yes woodland stick needles in you I did that night yeah that's why amongst the parties. And events and has never been wrong. I am like the smelled Q he. As we've that you are similar we have to move on because we have some big island trying to kill Paris Patrice Edwards on the green rewarding. Cafeteria is not open right. I reject the cafeteria is closed. I was sure that Corus would boss breakfast now what is what what does that. Whenever you think you guys ought to lie to us and egos but I saw a nod off my back and I'll do Christopher's. Oh yeah occurs whether it could not complaining just president arrives I told us what actress let's say before the shows that currencies never ever. Going to be fired by me. Because he had my coffee waiting for his blustery day but she's hired as a personal assistant is to produce. It's a good idea yes would you public Q. Now male assistant and he's tracked it would be priced its business sharks who was up first. Patrick or Patrick. And lollipops and Horford lineup and red army you know these guys are all here this is that this is one of these guys these Annette Simmons you know in Horford backed out world that's ordinary registered. On the green team received one of those yes and anti Anderson we'll see what happens our two.