K&C - Conversational Mike gives a read; Good depressing songs 8-10-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, August 10th
Hour 4: We've established a clear difference between conversational Mike and our guy Mut. The guys end the show discussing some depressing songs.

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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan but sports real WEEI. Callahan. Back carries your much here. Maybe we can back next week. I was not I was scheduled to be in June last Friday. I was scheduled to be off Monday Tuesday and Wednesday Thursday I think today's well I was not. So. I guess. M a listens of the show we joke around about all the temperature makes fun before and he'll continue to do because that's what friends do I want that I believe it's connected to. I had mental. Health issues in the past and depression that I was some. Hospitalized for. A couple of times in my senior year in high school. For awhile. In an up and down up down here you know in my life personally if somebody was depression which is the real thing and an illness like anything else. I say in the past year or so. Particularly fond of the death my parents. Had a hard time we did not handle well. I think in the past you particularly of the last couple of months it's really. Accelerated. 2.2 it's never been before and really bubbled up and it's even more so for the last three weeks four weeks. To the point where. Really for the first time in my life I start having more I guess his turned suicidal thoughts. And the way manifest itself for me. Was I think I've. He hid the fact I was thinking about doing it by pretending in the weird way like I was almost doing research or. If you employer. Or you might might and in the media and almost came up meets it was I mean we commit suicide. A date X. I'd like you to put together the plan for bets on us or to think about it and read books. I want online if you wanna go online reported its Mike at some rattled reverence. Figured the safest way to do it to be safe way to do it the way to do with it. May not look like you're doing it history up at the percentages success percentages of failure. And landed for some reason yeah. On trains got sort of focused on trains. And is a commuter rail obviously there's a bunch of them as a commuter rail that goes from Walton or station you know. And stop a couple of times and Winchester. Lou Winchester senator wage you're just like a mile if that. And doesn't pick up the kind of speed they would do required damage. However the one from wage mere. To Medford. Would. And I began to look at that one on the train a few times. That way test. That would sort of walk a couple of times walked the route. In his you know serve would he thinks what sort of hide in and whenever in the day last Thursday. I want the middle of the day. Take a look can watch it go by and said OK well there's 756 analyses when those arriving in West Medford and 8 o'clock period of two wood wedge from here. And said you know I'm gonna go and again I was lying to myself I think in saying that. You know I'm cynical look I'm I'm gonna look a good look I'm gonna look I was thinking about it thinking about it thinking about it. And there was you know it in the hawkish right before wandering around the which we train station. Going around the parking lot and walker in the field around there. And right right a few minutes before I I would I stood in front of my car and I said yeah I don't I don't want to do this I don't want. Hi I don't but I know. I don't want a guy Allison though this this this thing in my head keeps talking about this and saying examine this and look at this look at this in the words suicide. Suicide suicide. And affect how I felt internally I felt for the past couple weeks like knives having a heart attack almost all the time I was having a hard time breathing. I was also playing this character a on the air who was feeling good and around my family was feeling dude and talking my Brothers who was feeling good mood joking in doing that meanwhile sort of dying on the inside so I simply. Cannot live like this anymore I have to give over. After you. Give up whatever power right have. And I drove the car to which has hospital. And walked up to the emergency room people in the woman and said you don't have been very dangerous thoughts. That was the beginning of the you know five days of authorization between we gesture that overnight McLean for four nights where. You know I went in and I feel a little better and I feel cathartic being able to tell my wife and family and friends I was going through this. There's a burden I didn't handle well and in this last year. You know just between. You know a my parents and and obviously be good thing it's an I have to get past that I'm on the wide but so hyper focused on that. Is this guy who's been you know trying to bring down our show honestly and I have not handled that well I should just say this is a bad guy. Who's trying to screw with us tonight I think move the anger I have. Still both my parents is common resolve all that stuff I professor that allow myself to sort of again hyper focused on this and this person who's not worth the second of my time. And I will never be bothered him again he can do what he wants to do. And I just have to move on have to stop getting to work worked up about stuff like that. I have a great life I have great family the great job I work with people who love love Jerry. I love my. Two of ten. Curtis works here. I love him too. And I have to do you know move past all that stuff in you know this is a real thing and I'm not. Embarrassed or ashamed of old suffered from depression I think I kinda was in the past that joke around about it. But I felt emasculated by and they don't want anymore and I'm not gonna do that anymore. I'm. I'm happy I'm here now I am gonna be here and I'm gonna have down times too important thing for me I think is to recognize that had these down times. And and tell people right away as opposed to hiding it hiding it hiding it doesn't benefit me at all at all comes from. Childhood stuff like everything else I have to figure that out but. Right now I feel OK I feel pretty good but I think as sort of a temporary high right now because I've been. Able to talk about two weeks from now troops now patrol feel grateful I'd have to be honest about. But you know that's so that's that's where Mac and I mean I can. We can talk about good days in McLean and indeed that's what it is it's you're inside the mental hospital of people who you've you've you've you've you've been really sick as they battle. Are upset about stuff they're sort of stereotypical peep we expect in those places. But they're they're sick in it's it's it's a horrible mental and so horrible. Horrible thing it's his it's his it's his dangerous sentinels more dangerous thing feels really leads to more desolate feels. So I'm just trying to figured out and get my head around that number in the fight it in and that's format right now that's why I was out for the last couple of days and so that's that's that's it that's for him. Could come in ahead Sheri cal. More with a KNC right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Always big big big morning here on the perky Callahan show everyone talking. About the great job of that per minute it talking about position and we're talking Monday about what's gonna happen on the station. Tom Brady's all of the guys in the big guys for the afternoon the afternoon guys going in the mid eighties superior on the air sometimes I audio video of it's very loose at a policy until I saw. But you've gotten better and I I thought we were back on the air that we see that's some Jessica I ask a he did about what he did Kirstie why people might might not yet clear when the superstar color. We're verdict current F bomb and Curtis have what what's the issue he scrutiny as usual in the did you. I honestly didn't actually do it they are poised to give them more warning before it but I didn't know it was coming up files that he thought it was coming up my I think cheerfully. I'm very happy this sounds very natural. Kind of set. The copies at 945 her side policies for how things are related to me busy day here so I ripped for like thirty seconds at the deal. Not just was beat cop the conversational guy that I am so. There on BB Mott knows spots unlike any more conversation you work my butt off this whole the right here data likened Alex this morning how are you when I got it done we've got it done and could you create Kenya tie them up on I'll delegate count the cost and what about three of these it's a mix like it's a watermelon flavored BCA's. You mix that that's reality that's the stuff because hundreds of dollars a week it's like 200 bucks rules of topics 200 bucks it would like crew among. 04 dollars a month spent much less. Wonder girls an uncle Monty said. I go through two. Every couple that's five I lost and a year on Amazon order and analysts are making no money. 5000 years of on supplement college fund. Create team then he's yankees now down Q out of the Yankee in zoo this is really hurt pointed out earlier yeah I can tell them it's too late and you wanna be taller. You'd be bald or it's this life you have Sports Radio world according to Glenn award way. Now she's still trying to move the post was this what does this morning broadcasts from Kyle the lucid and have you know little or no we're not doing that how different was your show of Michael hot in there ought to be all supplements should take for making fun of view we what do you that he got her Hispanic 5000 dollars that's like. 10% of your. More than rice 10% to get a raise I missed 1250%. Of the annual salary goes to supplements. Or percent going lawyers' fees food protein it from what I who's your next week when we're night here at Jerry's in week. Cereal we all week Moby military leak in. Elements. Some weak with these human rights and I don't know where Monday. And Tuesday Wednesday and artsy in the who's in with him those days. So Monday will be YouTube yet when there will be Jerry much in Roemer I presume right. I gonna be fun Tuesday's wild card might have a first Dickerson Callahan extravagance on Tuesday may I've medal for the it's good when you Jerry wants a guy wants sold here right in there Dickerson a look at how it happened. To say it was a great show let's be honest it was we used to my house yeah. There wasn't it was Dixon's follows months they're much is advocates it was not. Plus he admitted in his word laid back and oh he does like literally goes agua trumps race is definitely. And under the terms of the may be right there weren't Arafat on morose Amoroso says that she taped them using a racial slur we saw Amoroso the White House number. Now issued an image should absolutely here's the preacher after she walked out of spite I saw Kelly Connelly can suck it comes our Sara Sanders who was in office. You couldn't take your eyes offer. Different for ourselves but that is it somewhat though of don't you got broad standards and hopefully should be an excuse in the magazine make fun of so I think they've already taken care that the big. Job so all of a girl on rose is saying that trump. Usually the and worked on no she is singing marked. Elaine con with husband who was half Filipino. You some slower about him. That's about she's got that. And even slower it is for a half of Filipino and half a slur. Of the slow I don't know I never knew that he's officials feel slower. He's I don't know area. President and the Daily Mail unfortunately probably these tapes did to help get the book promoted and look at the book done charted these trumped tapes slight white light I do want to know from now I don't know he says I don't know what's notable. I did not know it was a minority killing kernel as no I didn't have no idea and initiative married at that it matters but her book is called unhinged. An insider's account of the top White House chiefs unhinged would be these description of the media when they talk about two I would say. Said C. She fared Apatow quick went to come out. As soon. Suited me whose medical. That's. Triple you know we commend her once woke up growing realization that don't trump was indeed a racist bigot and a misogynist. I just said. Get used racial slurs to describe. George Conway. That would be those husband Kelly's husband. I'm EnerNOC has a book about the same big deal. Dale's four comes black slipped out so that I could point. Sam calling me about the I had no idea. Maybe this. The book says it's a term for racial. Racial epithet for a Filipinos welcome. How the tone of that. So all babies and old term. Pick could be like one of those things from like them pick fifties and zags have fifty LA. I would left to right Anderson Nancy yes saying those things step in fact I've never heard that word that slower or anything she's slung them like I'm guessing it's impassioned guy. That's the take they take urgent need to slow the people recognize rally around the they've that they know of it like they know that this insular I would think so out of other. That's one I think that's I guess Lawrence a smaller people want to be angry dogs that would say it's a huge bomb. Known on themselves coming from armor she broad base issues sound. Since she taped him so she hate the president wall knees and now because it just hasn't all phone tapes yet on honor our fallen as an athlete code or more careful you choose Craig's Obama execute stupid. And so on I wouldn't know that word to your question will she take parents sent nude pictures and constantly asked for sex kittens I don't know did you that. I did not fighters that I it looked like Sarah differs from the you know yes they compared to other people and Angela. Sarah ridiculously adversary did purposely taping the president and he's not. Aware of that he's not paying attention that he sees the precedent but not real means to try out you mean you really that surprised. Yes a Melissa price. Jeff comes nothing I mean. After a close to zero after the Philly or something that my friends if you weren't on the east after the bill boosting would you think trump would be a little now careful no no no no no easy easy demonstrated any discipline that area. If he backed it up and not letting isn't the term. Did you say she. A flip that's a slow slow slower you know like spelled so little Pakistan after a flip that I've heard. You have a yes I've I've heard I've and a tie. And you just west Astoria was at that you know what uranium is right single nuclear weapons and other things like slices. Things are done with uranium in the losing some bad a shot actually I stay out that's been. A and this is not a big deal I don't. Over this again I going to be who chose would like Roemer and Tomas. Only talked about news. I'm Frances. Added duties and I'll see a list has retreated a list of white people is called stupid. Now there's like huh. Hundreds of them doesn't matter what why do I wish Don lemon I will defend trumping this regard Don lemon is stupid for LeBron James is not stupid is not I I would split. A those split the baby let's say you're wrong about LeBron he's not stood there are stupid white people there are stupid black people there are stupid people from who lived in Chelmsford their stupid people who but we you would agree that trump. I get paid but do you think Thompson resist. Night I mean I don't line up people get worked up I don't think. I don't need to Mossad used one redacted unity the housing and housing each have thirty or five years ago yet so your reprehensible and I guess is a and gets his kicks from white people watching this just doesn't expect a lot of white people people and you saw it closer to the point you get what you get kicked out of it as it doesn't like you're fighting it doesn't matter that we can't teaches criticized trump on for the things he does persistently and says -- space war like you really estimate they got this race these things is not racist until it became president. Or a candidate for president. That's when he became racist at the age of like 68 and it's ridiculous I'll write a oh. No sort. A lot Chris Gardner I think we should have a contest 71. Whose second depressing song is more depressing stern Dempster street scenes or running things as a US I love songs I love this. And I love songs about depression depressed and depression. Show us. Depressing song so yes it's on the contribute but I am with you Mary queen of arkansas' the most pressing that sucks. Pool and this is exists is a great sense. It's been over here. And my feed shake him. Center now with storms got a book coming out is right here on out it's his book that's coming out two weeks before stuttering John book about guys. Cut the legs of stuttering John service that a lot of press about he knows that. Our guys got a book coming out to his book out yeah it's out now. You get it. I. I don't know if Activision sex I went through the books through the victims would look like it was kinda rush money rush of money gram of my secret project is called. He makes ninety million years most of us are right that it enough. As he's insane not your kind of site that you forgot your RD Laing and say these walls could talk that. I've often point at all. That would have been good to excellent book it all right that's a good idea that I mean are back on the move on relevant Jeff how just how Britain's well Sousa book. About every team yet I don't know how this like these walls could talk Reverend Wright Bradford and Red Sox if he's not to talk yet. If this I look inside Venus and her. Dubai in a breathless theory that the rents that's more likable. It is I hate that that's just had more time it was shortsighted short yet so that's how I knew Kirk was that dark place because you didn't like. Mock him on Twitter and I don't I saw that myself. As realizes those like golf and that's why did all of us that we can avoid playing golf for me yeah I didn't what do you blew off call for months until last week. Plus who preached goes against could be this weekend when your back from vacation so we'll we'll do better when I feel better thanks and they look good some ground. And I think even those who did it just like it's easy reach them appreciated. Get to take a picture what you expected greeted doubts have good of a person's view are really see no question the apple did you drive two hours the show right. Heard two more hours I didn't now bought some again at some point 95 in the hand of good or excellent as our 100 day of school loan was sort of like. But the people doing some other guys in the road into the looking at something of the road and one this kid fight purposes not much right. I'm headed to Denver we could trip and bird for the week Steamboat Springs interest to have a good time about privacy blossoms. He deserves a great place to school to summer. And I don't know about that but you know what I don't think. Somebody else do you play or to think you realize you're just going differently on my brother in laws in Denver and so we are you going out to replace three times here in steamboat for I went to vale wants to use our major richer picture. That's if my debt to itself to have to here's what you gotta do what they put you on the list ski lift with a mountain pocono on. Yeah to go to the top. You just ride down you don't have the pedal and Kristi entries are blessed to Wear a helmet to Oprah they look at next Monday we definitely back Monday's Palm Pre Tom Brady you six months. And after we are done. Dale and goofy from an afternoon guys guys than. We're all acting and in particular all big Jerry day month year on Monday. With Tom Brady made big guys on the news tonight. Christians know I'd like him or eleven grew up next the last time the B it would be days when it's moved. 10% and that is. And then the afternoon guys from last time temperature dale assuming. Whether they are you off next week albeit. You're not you my own show Monday Red Sox Tuesday here Wednesday through Friday but if you missed Kirk's don't care nobody nobody cares speech. Some health policy and serotonin marks Wallach was deathly monologue song you're gonna post that Curtis just call and tweeted that sounds. We'll see you Monday on Brady will join us on our first. Patriots. Adam Mike and Alex this morning how are you reward my galaxy won't embossed.