K&C - Curtis is on a field trip to Lawrence; Mut defends the Boston Globe 6-25-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, June 25th
Hour 3: Curtis is heading to Lawrence to get to the bottom of the Hanley Ramirez situation and Mut sticks up for his pals at the Boston Globe. 

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He'd skirt and Callahan. With the current committee ahead and Gerry Callahan plug sports real WEEI. Football for each through its cue the player who has the flu. Woman you're wrong. And that's. Tom Brady with the your guy Ellis Pereira bottom row that yet yeah. Well this time it's you have another man's this. No level of honorable woman Johnson either but let's turn pages on the does not only sentences sound shape I mean it's shave my month. Yes you have to shootaround it's I have had not reached shaved armpits once or twice. Not now and once or twice you might have gone to Pakistan in the Watson played area now if you see if she is armpits like it's 6 o'clock though right now who've been. And tear it to 8 o'clock shadow and yes I growing like weeds and that there. She's lets them of sudden Aniston break she's a race still confused again. Guys that was very confusing pulled the fact that. Let's review here from certain people and they will fill in the borders on the way. The curse is big events is going on right now he's on the road within turn Evan had not to Lawrence superior organization he shot hoops with. Yes you are quite a T know. And there. Curtis do this with radio on accurate it's phones ring in the background to Kevin Cullen. Tommy got he almost uses a system that's just chief difference. So we'll find out the. Florida is cork is a long effort to get some good news that's about it well. Yes. 9 o'clock properties. And it's wonderful this time year. There's only do right now anomalies on Oscar and now. He's listening violence has excellent thank you letter perverts everywhere are sensitive to politically. Any interns who we want you order form teeth so then along certain traffic weekend unless and until nine and so right. When it opens he's going to hold the mud goes into the courthouse opens the that's 9 AM yeah I think he's gonna by the arrest record which will have. The name. I guess digits he finds the clerk's office notes he finds the actual record as I say he's out with a book is easier to open people if we had our four guys that work. He should that young high school girl helped the blind deaf and the airplane and went viral videos people feel bad if you did that what you should do tees. Georgia. Issues play and our cameras yeah performance for the way it was making a big deal occur smallest 54 she and her with images we've got virgin reveals a genius yeah it's a big deal. It is as all of that. I don't know of X-Files are excised at this time there and see at this point 54. Years old and so Curtis is going to get these arrest records at 9 o'clock give us all the details names dates which are important scanner right back but it'll do. Can read in two smut kings have a killer of the scanning process right now you were the show it's not echo what happened in your hand you shoreline Curtis to get your way right restless. You know he runs the papal makes the call that was yes the cult like they always what I was told that Arnold a safe on guys hopefully you're obsessed. I'm gonna have yet polls polls and so the pay phone Gigi for it's for comic told trials. That's at the contention country we figured it rotates on guys that I bought it bug you always waits and again the airline security much Paula for five more seconds in 0432. Nice try but he's house can Trace of an idea in the office. They know that he knows that this they throw it sounds. Like him in fugitive that's exactly so damn right flow on the yes exactly. And that's before can expect to break eighty you know I only hear the Brady Brady an element in and your boy Alex hazard interest has rattled by radio operator maybe it's of the brewery agree that Brady. Good morning gag gag every day and yet you know. Hurt them on our lives yeah we love we love. Yeah and it needed I needed to take great gag. Gartner. But now. At a time saint. Class. Accounts from Brock in an attack on an out. The wants are sure are still. Here block a year well I don't like you know. Yet and Iraq are you. Like it real due to. Struck it. That are debtor in jail. And yeah right now he's an all India amputees Allen through so these guys are dead the dead from heroin fentanyl they took. Some of his friends there at Indy in most of whom worked bury it what it wants what you get back I don't. So lack. You know this reread it at home media clean itself now and that second agent oh Brock didn't kill everyone else that. I did you know that such look out the big issue at all you know that outing target. It's insane let me read stuff about ET people tuchman gets in your skin can scream that it's. At key and here at Robert waters aren't. It it went through it Robert brought in 08. That it is. A year. And that's what really brought to light was that you and CEO. At cut that's called Cox a little bit stronger. But at I have to say about him. You are a hundred million dollars. You what you call on the street there in national game. The clock you diets put the money out for a body to sell out your argued the one that had beaten actually he aligned. You'd use it yet meet the bit diminished in population there aren't any exit ball there I I was on the old yet it would fractured and gladly Stalingrad or anywhere arguably needs at age no way easy life fault. Are you kidding. Ian Pratt from these are you that Bradford was involved. Oh yeah will always presage a person known footnote as well as you're speaking ability you know. You know about it. And again. The. And it's amazing it's. To steal one from Louie CK retirement child molesters. It must be amazing I mean the fentanyl. Everyone knows it can kill you get more more people doing it taken the chance. Jason that buzz it must be. Most of it's phenomenal how unusual. When you know you might not wake up from there. Yes seeing all the stores appellate people passed out behind the wheel there on a park bench. And they get the needle in their. Mean it is wrong in his that's rock bottom yeah. You're literally. Playing with death and that's Tom Petty fentanyl. Yes a source yes. And I'm I'm always amazed fallacies that the guy with got three day he did things he poured. Guys like that they do they look like but we don't even like Limbaugh when he do stuff like this they managed it did to get work my does your pilot why. But tomorrow. But it's a mean I didn't if you read any job. Like suburban papers launched Brock employee read papers cats it's a daily feed you we go to the obits all the time. You know when my wife and I will do the crossword puzzle go to Gilbert's. And is invariably some 23 year old or 32 year old and you know tied suddenly. And they say he it'll battled his demons for years and just couldn't overcome it right and it's funnel. It's they went from. Whatever hoping awaits. Whatever Burke sets to this to that took to heroin and then heroin mixed with fentanyl and then the next thing you know. In other throw DN and there's no one there with the there are no arcane whatever school you get sick and they die reciprocal drew if you are from. Much Orkut does it help your well. They go by faster they can close your eyes and you kind of go off and the lowest rated Emmy this globe story does say that doctors were filed with the US district court in Boston. Roberts. Seriously because she. It's in the hopes for. Feel that the Kurds already it is a federal cases and I guess or signed out its its joint but as he steps in the local. Version could be in Lawrence maybe local version of watch and it's been submitted and that's what the federal case may be the actual local affidavit of the arrests or -- sooner the police report there is always one of the children Dimitri bouncy lorries. And BC and have lunch going to seem to win and he kind of a whole day goes he -- it I mean you can you can make you can easily good morning. Is there fool my whole judgment on what other team can't beat this right but tonight. I don't see this to watch it every. Every city has its historical attractions right yes they get mills notion of Laurence yep and names like famous people mills poets and stuff and I'm sure live there make it right Cody Niagara Cody from there very Davis nobody else. Ups. Should know that it's a real athletes poets tune. Yeah who would hills US warns that she is hell he's the blanket warrants and the good guy and the gloves write about today some guy dimes of nine a job that true stories in the paper about the sold. With the big beard the cat sick what do you do if you jobs poet you wake up in the morning to you poem poet writes poems all thank you use it up and Apollo love what I like I get a little love and treaty. Plus hours yeah. Then and loved. And also born whether. You ever heard of total haul them don't hear all these nice note and always cheeses and call. New York Mets that radio extra poet Lawrence was the US poet laureate. Is it I don't. You would know Donald Hall check out the back of the metro section have another massive story of Jesus two huge stories about dog hall in ninety year old Paul who's appealing to. Ortiz who don't really think they care. Most globe reader user. No eighty year old good like Amanda he's Subaru is in Cambridge gash that day they wrote him Joseph Perry smarts. To target harassment according to two million of income and revenue that makes cents. There were an Applebee's define him hometown. It was a hometown hero and in handles going to be Carlos Pena. Guys set the whole thing out probably up and is there. 'cause I was a hometown hero known Joseph Moore again and different people different Applebee's. Behavioral asked who was accused him because Pena. He asked if his whole family could eat it for free forever forever changed the they sit now that they said it's odd requests she's nicer person you know should be from able Rob Zombie. Now appear cool can you you know suitable display of pictures and stuff. When it rubs owned vehicle that. He's got all the horror movies and these are mistreating your hamburger occupant of I want cool and yes you think I was cool and I strongly and a proves my high school football. Uniform really is still there now that changed motif ballots for yours yeah. Yeah occurs makings wait to launch we know we're not sure why. It's filed as well actually I was there when Hillary got the seeing this text. Yeah and everything about it and AM. Finally got a toddler. We need to get. I want to get there. This is going to confuse consumers is acute forgiveness than pull all your components from policy it was we can ones. Paul two we got me over the weekend your picture of him with his ice cream sandwich military tweeted via. And N'sync or here's a 4000 is more false and much is that for the eyes good. Because well those guys I think. He falls a 4000 people has 4000 followers trade off his resume full meal following the old cold trail following you back supposedly it was key point about united buyer for a us through we do is find some great move. He is 4000 followers. And would you quit as he treated by trump Samuels is pro trump. Yet to knuckle of the right hand new Noonan and if there's austerity there's a farm that's from the far right yeah how yes. The actual. It's room temperature and Chara what a runner and efforts of the red and has gotten dynamite as well just you know those. Are right back. It is ironic by the way. Callers hang on 12 of it or not. The Jerry's treasure ever talking during the break what do you tucked in the breaks. Well if you if you don't ask him could you answer it. Find guys don't like talking during the breaks so wait you like me here I don't even we're talking I shows stuff you'll sending that you said nothing about the shooter in the breaks that some might do the stuff and see if the my going elks and Mike got him. I'm fine I'm fine any less I was gonna you're here and I talked we're doing. So middlemen ready ties and Gucci ports that I like that I threw that and good to Jackie Bradley Jerusalem as horny Brady Ito from the call them political Atalanta was coming here and passed it I might version. Anyway Bruins draft would you give I give him a minus human aid I'd straight day yesterday. Not only take you defenseman the first two rounds back to back to don't feel bad right presented at Pitt and his uncle. Well and available in the draft and related draft but he signed Friday it was tough weekend for the bees yourself. There are two arguably not you would you talk meet Friday when Rick dale for something was. Or Woodstock you know you're all fired up on something what we're talking talking did you talk to you Friday listening to do that was no I did not say if she did. I again fake news. Lifeless something once you radiate criticized these him into a Monday. I did these forward looking poignantly has shown some life lately he's been screaming Allen until we we don't like the I said. I'm glad he's shown more life not sure that's. Real well so I was assays on the heels of the tweeting out. The mine and then Sam was crying but my emotion in the podcast you compare duration laugh yes little race winner does not it's not appropriate that wasn't quite as a hurtful. Turf orchestrate a much how you podcasts. These days he said it was awful if that's him. Have been quiet like Ricky Curtis is made at the Woburn I would just quick update current submitted the Woburn. This question not it is thought that that college he'll now brutal Austin he's going to nor is trying to finish up on that Katrina when the Boston took the documents. It is not the size easy you know I'm just I lives in self mass in the lives right near that said that store corporate. Place. You'll take great pleasure do you see any you'll take great pleasure certain curves go to law lords often will you be angry about. I'm not the face of these new FaceBook videos we have from driving to credible. But trying to preclude any reporter will will have beat will be hit 9 o'clock ones put us you know something will be up. We're now and bluebird. Stardom here. Giuliani 58 and warrants just listen to show. Bird there is no reason for me to be driving or traffic is bad dumb attitude you're not twenty miles headed into the city so there's no point in turning around. I ask decisions and documents that he's got another man from a solid feeling defensive zone can is that but. We'll get to that and I don't say under doctor he's. You can suggest that there's text a great night's sleep last night my leg is. Nobody making sense to me in my mind it's a commitment fees on it it's even curse McCann says much about me my you don't have the complexion. Right on right now and Kevin's doing abhorrence that he edited it down you get but the six. There is a little bit to vote chaos in the air TL what's this story is left that got their hands and you know what right and what's go on all right if you have that you Russell got everything about this Thailand and Michelle you know after one question that's. And a menu itself. Do you we've been with you a long time. That's something you were supposed involvement it's that's just sat there it was dead air and said he anything else month. I am an actual plot and title on the one question guy you know he's you know I don't want to one question you you criticized the time which is good. But that bastard she gives a sheet and educating the boards or answer I don't oh what's her trouble I think she said I don't. I took three times I know what you're talking about I fall. She stands by report. That's where she's standing while we wait for Curtis we don't know until we see this and make it to the courthouse she's wrong yet and we wait for Paul. It's a scoops it was man to check and that's really what I call a do I want nominee this week and can't wait and a two on his own garden we'll touch on. But one of salt and I hope I make a little bit of sense but who knows. Listen I get slightly obsessed over the weekend would distort not. And I didn't read between but I heard some of the interviews and so what I think within perhaps to judgment in putting. This stuff well with a public figure just with so little to no one could as a true we don't know what what appeals could not do anything and everything to make an impact. Who could legitimate. Let me ashes Sean do you not think it's news. If they're busting his big time tunnel deal or any face times and they were mayors and hands the phone with a cop right there and then. Right there is that not news that not newsworthy. That's the pat but I think you Dicey for me by. Because I mean there's one sort of be responsible for everything that different does this. Consider how judge judge to play it's easy question to couples of all over the guy says I know him their mirrors he faced times of and he's there at that point in and he says and this is auto I don't know this guy at that point if your copy your investigating the story do you believe him face value don't pulpit all. Don't we pay in this I think ultimately. You your friends. I try to keep an open minded I wouldn't believe anything that. So you continue to investigate and you find out by the way it's pot hole with possible. In the is nothing to do with it but you do some investigating and he's doing it right it's impossible right a friend that critics say it's. Can make a conjecture on the globe reporting is true how apathetic. I wonder ripped they would have held back on some maiming in net and stuffed considerably besides I guess they had access to this affidavit. But could do that there waiting to get is on certain documents that they're not comfortable at just taken sources of. Maybe want to help out at guys as the affidavit does have the names on there not much speculator Olympia local. It affect that as the names scheduled investigation would have a certain set a record every emotion not arrest whatever surveys that are brought his well know Bosnia and his run get numb almost like reaching. Kirk level of confused and I feel like your dad understand in case his. So the name's gonna come out today. We think it's gonna come out as a technical limits kept it secret for one day. And he yeah 1214 hours so deceitful and they kept the lawyer Canada missed some very patriotic 5530. Yes yes. So less than a day sixteen hours they knew it was public record that Newman was arrested the new will be an onerous for a police report write the name which means if it's the papers. It's the Twitter we don't know I want you as an angle does anyone really get roughed up in prison here they protected but you know why would a lawyer gave them access to an affidavit other people have not seen yet that's pretty clear to me at this Michelle as of Michelle McPhee said. So in return for getting that that they they said don't you buy client's name don't use my name let you look at the affidavits say it because his client might get hurt they get data stored before he might be in danger that's the trade off they think the climate in danger I guess so they kept them safe for twelve hours. Or because they took declines in and the lawyers think we've got I don't know but that was that name is in my opinion is that specializes here's the affidavit don't use the name of a line animal. Fights of the globe was gonna keep the names secret and the guys safe town today for a cynic of the story for great touch and I guess. Or should have a today again I mean from once it's once Curtis in Lawrence Walsh said before will said. That do we think two hours away. I think that's true or we and all the guys named today. I guess I don't know any and he was arrested dealing fentanyl you can keep that secret what I'll pick the seats are a little secret right now I think was vilified and busted for like some minor thing like. You know truck driving in Saratoga. You name is public record where you every twist in all the way you picture it's been all the mug shots so it was the next day. I was couple days later. I was gone all this the arrest story was I think I can policies which ones. He's the only one on your nephew what does that say John where. What does that say John what's John recon form. John junior yes where are you can't trump I am not from Boston. Aha he said something Austin access okay. You lost narrowly. You have little air and I could put down car yo John Clark John worry if I had. John. Johnny there. We need to from your doughnut giant response sir you're on the air what you John go ahead. You know well too. Can use from hair. Or here or excellence is the weirdest thing that's go to Greg in marvelous thing I ever accomplish a lot of I don't care policies so now we're talking. You're in anyways but it's a phone call Jerry could take back all ship Greg go ahead right. I hate the guys I don't. Go go right. The guys from rock then I. I wouldn't want fortune's report here would have an outside entity. Insight into the thing a BR you guys but the back from Iraq and said. That he's saying that Ramirez was bank rolling his body. I think is and who wants to it that that happened a lot sports figures. And that is that it wrapping around a right to it that bodies are always. Look at adult from Ramallah well it all would get money always get money and then one day at a accurately that's given him money but if you. If you want to give you some money so long as some money you do what you do that you're the bat what an awful lot. We do when it's what was going on what are we talking here. I wanna I don't wanna I'm not I want to ruler weekly 45 AM and Emma I don't hang up on that's right thanks Craig says he thinks that tune in this just can't loan them money that would do OK so. This story that's in the bugs me John from guard to ease and comfortable with the story you if you saw her on Twitter all weekend. So. What do Imus and Imus my drugs I don't know about wanna come in disagree with this but yeah I think you're afraid if I think you abortion but this. McPhee stuff the week. Did you did you thought this culture was better that we follow us our closer was good. Okay you put a piece together a timeline is correct I mean I didn't see this is the problem it is always highlighted some dates. They suggest the arrest happened April Michelle McPhee on hold while it's hi my hubby wants a thirty day it's let's talk it puts off by an entire month which puts Michelle McPhee story you need a name for the attorney not known for the eternal name for this solidly all I didn't have a name for the attorney and if she would. She was just uncomfortable naming a client this arching into what can I believe everything but a lot and I presume he will not to resume that they know the name of the clients yes I didn't attorney yes ball. Okay now that I I think in this case they made the tradeoff I'm not Iraq right. But they'd get a true what good does that. What's the paint they think that is they have the story this one store nobody else that's what's in order when he had explored may have information about in in their mind information about what in the interview is all stories not they get the guys attorney talk AMP why don't what else have details nobody nothing attorney Ross and they have the but that would say that again. Now say that again asked the question again others in the light and you and I asked I was endless crab house at the fact that the guy told the police and I found. Other the turnout mental settings and why you answer his questions and stumble around shook up. Other than box contained books they had a facetime call they have information that nobody else had Michelle makes. Not much the tale should not know until I think there's more deep in this story may disagree on having the names are not how important it is but there's more detail in this story the Michelle McPhee. You guys don't agree with you read this story pretty lucky enough lawyers and Ramirez has nothing to do. Has you're putting words and so what's that do for confuse it added a different level contacts the story I had noted that they were inadequate and not the Hanley Ramirez. Added the handed and he would turn Red Sox on Michelle Michelle had I known shall had to be stopped. I don't know the law enforcement side. The other hand there Revere aside that's interest in professional Petronas at all not a story hairs you're with it's it's it's it's it's up to. With a bright it is said. Nobody's on now I had in the summer you know eight days in what is wrong with you they have these and does supermarket of accident neighbor. A what you pay don't your own golf I don't know now sponsors are but it's what they now have a camera over again but what does he do that copy edit while you're checking out I saw yesterday arguing the self check open yes as a self checkout they have maybe CNET video camera all on I'm I'm afraid of silent night. I record is self check out is like. 0129. Incapable of doing without the manager and they come over every single time you know what fruit every time. The coach Wright and Elvis screwed up in arms over around her I saw some meetings. Yes I'm very gonna Fred wasn't the overhead camera and it and editors in the top my head like it was just something must have slept nine hours went by and liked Debbie get prosecuted stops like they know they have this game suffered. Yet who. You know did you get to three greats of the wavered from their fourth of the Scripps co by way they have the bad fortune capture process. So much makes a great case I apologize that you are a great story as it is because journalists that closed source great which is why. They added more detail that we had missed I agree on us. To some extent they did that yes analysts detour from Hanley side yet and I was handling and Michelle equity source was on for the stories exercise. The story is a drug dealer facetime Red Sox player I guess my late at night the on the side of the highway and also this like now all sudden. We believe this right. He was lying before but now right he's lying he says he's done handled that was definitely told the truth right I quiet my guess is that's Red Sox fans choosing us and it also does is Argentines literally could be told the innocent but. Test and I did is no doubts no questions squeezed right and in the were so many people gloating on Twitter and don't pick in the Batticaloa victory lap Patrick hello Backus and again the globe as the Red Sox the Red Sox somehow we're looking to exonerate him. Why who cares that makes that there. Tunnel and out today also this in courts of this in the first hour what do this guy Rodriguez was hanging around with the team. And if this guy was nowhere zone and we'll find out what you think of this around the team do you think if they stopped everyone at the house. In ocean itself now but it does make them look bad by what again but what's again but clearly there are some people out there you know report. Shall McPhee and always. When our men and show you want to run through people gonna try to find some more weather that Red Sox feeds familiar religious or not to me. What we've heard all this aren't what what did you what did you vote this thing or when things on the ones yet something like that there really don't ever everyone knew before. Not saying I'm never said that I don't know what to being with no effort to do you have a players that right so we will we got there about a day ago I didn't know that seems like these you. And I are nothing now everyone's saying now like all Arabs from. Potential news to report out there trying to find out because it is news it is news whether he's no involved in drug dealing or not. He is a friend. Who face time that friend I have friend had 435. Grams of fentanyl that was slated to probably you know killed dozens of people. He's he's NYU why are you OK with it. Wait for fentanyl. I'm into. You are. Yes sure on the marriage connected hinges meet him he knew him when he was playing the Red Sox so the cash right. Let's let's have an interest in this but this doesn't change anything. The story they have yesterday I know I think it makes you more like I read it I guess it the first time which is just look at for. Michelle and for him it's a good bit of a couple times I thought okay I'm for the Klein probably know with this client is doing. You despise flipping in his eyes to a mystery that right he has to do it may be his first reaction was to tell the truth. Which in their mayor's involvement backtracking got scared or maybe he lied to him he's not involved at all but it to me is still shrouded in mystery after really and you wonder like. This was the globes objective in them to refute everything. Ports and whenever mushroom McPhee implied she didn't she write much in it include much. But the their objective is to distance and they are Maris from an Irish yes Irish stuff like premieres not under federal investigation. And has not been linked. Many drug ring according to several people with direct knowledge of the case several people none of whom quotas and I know and Sean Murphy have read enough it was law enforcement officials should say. So it's not it's Michelle McPhee also said yeah being I'd in connection tunes they investigate correct crash of course who hired him. If the guys said they are doing our job it would be that box containing fentanyl. Belongs to him that remembers. That's what he told them. Of course and I am. There wouldn't be doing the job if they didn't we got massive massive radio news to announce it's on TV right now on again today as we get back this is big announcement. They deserve it will get into just about time. Oh yes I have many many many overdue. Overdue for historically overdue historical fought for silence time yes I would say get that big announcement. In all of us is Curtis is almost to Lawrence that's true and so we get an hour of practice against their particular do. And early June right outside the courthouse with helmet the sun is more important. Every doctor's orders are up soon as the courthouse opens Chris Curran is gonna call in with a all the details could do that we get. Homes relief. All beautiful photos right what did these sites. That's I got Chris currency has made its largest donor Leo superior court hosts opens up opened a minute ago that the arrest records for the friend of him these the FOH. Good bus tour of all let them all on crack cocaine he's got named today morning it's Michelle McPhee odds are about to the same percentages he shot from three point land to a thirty. Feels about right but I especially given that we announced that have been suggested that the records he wants her in Boston's superior court and not to actually Lawrence. All two point I'd like you're alone anywhere where it's brutal liberal arts. Are not me acknowledge it not I was not part of the process for that real player who's who ordered them to go to arts. We say he's told to go Laurence you're the records McPhee told him and I got I don't know who's told the records were in Lawrence we'll get some records yes on the right and sport. You own and appears go to Boston you can go to Boston it was apparent today and over again. Dutch food traffic reports are obsolete flick. Every rose jammed up at all hours of every day yes yes looking your phone to siren so if it's in sunlight for only five from 25. To the ocean. Is one big traffic yes or actually Friday and stopped the qualifying among my whole point is always sucks. Don't say especially Friday check your phone Hussein's always been saying now I'll and it it's always can what is worse. Friday is the worst would day's best Tuesday at a Saturday news Tuesday to release Sunday sucked. That's totally GM that's what it's always always thinks it own instincts just have to sit in traffic no matter what. All times every day of the week yes whether this matter the question month inflation and it sucks yes. And you're done with it doesn't emissions of commence on it greatly Kershaw haven't by now some Asia final three. I don't. Let's go and ultimately go through the metal detector it's true you turn your phone and that's guys right to point lights in the cards like. I. You have to on the phone and they do it. Were I'm not sure what I call your plans are working. We've got to go back to back where the Olympic are they kept all. I have a guy that apart. Lots to do you go to jury do yes that's right hill hill he'll do that or is in turn he's got an intern with a well over two so we can't FaceBook live the actual. Like I always issued in the afternoon to hear clerk of courts simply cannot be funny I what do you curse at what does he ask for. He said he knew exactly how to say what I guess we need intern expect. Why you don't like those videos of him on the road driving his car that's true I guess it and I guess that's funny if you're on a draw on Twitter or FaceBook you can see Curtis. Rising right and you always say you like torched cars to run out of his occurs camel that we've we've got to Curtis came today who's driving in this car good sitting in traffic he's made the lord sees you till the big mills in the background yes so he'll will find them to get the job done he actually retrieved the record soon anyway confidence going. I know okay norm I was confident they wouldn't more than two laser 3400 say yes OK good investing by me if they're not there's not much you can do. He could find something else than be relevant to the case we didn't look for sure he's aware activities orchestrates our streets this office plus Colin he can work the streets in a final round sources or rather cross from martz that's right that's threats to us it's was terrific of his support. Yes I think so he was Apollo or it was nice and mr. Graham is everything that is every poet to poet laureates support it won't always poets there. There's hundreds like this guy a guy what's in them. Donald Hall if you do make a living. All of you people would buy your books fell again but who really does separate it looks like a free and cartoon characters get along scraggly beard and English teachers my old right calf. His recent inlet or messy library. At blossom to this summer in the afternoons and evenings. He anybody that match. My good he was from New Hampshire. You know nothing about putting that massive stories in the read that. The little guy court particularly a monkey to a client's the second quarter glacier in the cold which is right to criticize them but why excuse. Yet such freight. It sells to what the sport haven't slept. Through the touchdowns that the reports are. I that's a power running that's much better than anything town hall ever that's the best Poehler work in America today when you say yes yes pay more for apple is apparently no I don't think you don't know at the end and how he makes a living gonna either but Steve probably answer honestly probably should be W got Paul Lawrie. We should should have one injured ice click to vote yeah I would paint for that analysis. All we'll do we should do have a good idea we'll talk for men never ever never mention it again is what slowed office with no. It would gulf news once feel PGA. Was good in the seniors champions against a good event yes and no one probably some known and nobody decks all of pop hook diploma a record for. Again your golf. Evan elect me not a compares well. There's a well an audience that true. In the wall posts and a captain who do we get back our four is next.