K&C - Curtis' first hand report of the Boston protests; Is Dino returning to radio? 8-21-17

Mut & Callahan
Monday, August 21st
Hour 3: Curtis went to the free speech rally. 

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He'd skirt and Callahan. With current committee and Gerry Callahan plus Sports Radio WEEI. That's like me lots of big cities New York. Paul hood Boston. I'm not lost one has a real shy of what I understand it I only just got on the right six kids today. That one of the many national pundits weighing in that I guess Boston nice little rally was great you were still a very racist city body and heart in fort Kirk in Jerry Kirk back watcher when Jerry's back tomorrow. And he'll be a fired up and ready to go based on his social media activity. The last couple of days based on the rally in Boston had a many people giving the city of Austin credit Ralph awful we are and how great it was now peaceful was. I would tells people ignored a lot of what happened on Saturday there is a a very hash tag fake news approach too much of the coverage what happened on the comments specifically. Out of all of like the Boston Globe which if you followed any of their. Rally Boston covers weakening Andy. They barely acknowledged the fact that there was violence from the all left that was there the income from groups that were there they did not want to mention. That there were urine bottles and rocks thrown at police Horry protestor was dragged down a are by their American flag or another protestor was cold cock in the side of the head when you do not as a white person. A denounced the white race as a whole he was then now punched. Not the trump supporter who walks through and was told. I'm gonna get your ID and your gonna be giving to all these different charities. That was not reported it was. Lollipops. Rain drop out of rainbows and and ice cream cake for everybody yeah. I. And I got pages of it from the globe here this weekend and it was. Certainly not many people expected. But the way it's been reported here you would think that there was no violence and all we are here to report third courtesy Chris Curtis that. There fact was on plenty of violence plenty of anger at him either Saturday morning we did it. Chris Curtis was told to be there and he was not there on Saturday morning GA does heads for the event he survived it. Which some people are upset about I'm thrilled that he made back what what time did you get there and how long was the the day for you as part of the brokers. I got there attend the roof. And that I left around 130 I got out before the cubs really sort of converged is that the marchers from. Roxbury were arriving around 132. And that's when it kind of got a little out of hand I got on their right before that sort of. So I'm basing a lot of my much outrage at the the media coverage of MIA. Am I going too far and what was the media fair in covering this event since you were there. Well I think the Boston Globe really exposed it's offered 40000 people is about what time it is that an hour or courage or so that's the total attendance of the throw. And at federally if there's one person. Who does something it's very. Emblematic of the people of all people Boston red tape and Iran with the Boston is races because of what Red Sox fans are racists except church at what there was hundred at least. Of these and keep those sort of bad fringe element of the left that was there and always will be bear. Base station they walked down the sort of made his big entrance around 1130. They have this big flag. And they sort of walk behind him with masks on and and they sort of back into. The main entrance for the free speech for a so anybody that wanted to attack and had to get through this throng of face mask people with gas mask and bullies. And so it was a very. You know most of the people obviously overwhelming majority of the people there were just. Mostly college age kids who were there to stated electron. And that it and what Nazis in Austin and that was the overwhelming majority of people yes but there was this element and it was unbelievable because there's all these cops that are on there's three different years of protection between entry point. The primary report to get to the free speech rally in the actual park Wednesday there's only three different sets of fences. But there were no police at the actual made entry point were obese and people were and anybody who wanted to go so these free speech rally goers. Begin sort of encountering the and keep the people as they're walking towards the stage and wasn't. Any real presence there seemed. Almost famous one it would seem right now as the veteran Winger veterans had who's being just ripped pillar to post four. Supporting trump are being their for free speech but to your point Chris assistant. The speaker of the Boston Globe particulates is page 88 today in their editorial Boston's metals tested but questions linger. This is fifth sixth paragraph then. The fears a man teeth of violence directed at conservatives also turned out to be overblown. If you count our protesters in black belt which showed up made some noise then went home sorry but left wing caught cost play. Is it a security threat compare bolt through the neo Nazi violence no mention air. On the ante for attacking police no mention air of the people after protesters basic was a few French people were kind of there but there's video after video. That at least in my viewing point guys in any by the citizen the first hour. They showed up looking for a fight. When the neo Nazi groups did not show up and they didn't we look at apartment stage whatever it's called there was like two dozen people there they were not there. They decided to take their anger out on the police there where there are so this idea wasn't it wasn't violent at all was all peaceful. It's not true it its its G it's it's it's fake news to be made up to make the left. Look good on Boston Globe and that sentence they are doesn't just gloss over it tells you you're wrong yes descendants have said. The left wing costs play is not. I forgot exactly how played outlet is not compare able to neo Nazi violence so should the senate seat left wing cause plays not compare herbal tuned right wing cost like yeah. I sent thick it. It's a small group on the fringes as Christians said 40000 people he Aaron has basically narrowed down to 39800. College students who don't like trump and whatever just there and then a couple hundred people on each side are not even if you go to via the right wing side a couple dozen people. The less than 200 people on the French. But they only say. On what how the people wrote it did not out there they're just an iPod I don't have masks on and they look threatening and according to crypt they're blocking the entrance where there's no cops to sort out. Keep the peace and they're going resting you Derry wreck where a sure dollar now that's fine that just cost plates there's no there's no danger you shouldn't feel threatened why would you feel if the other way around threatening yet if it would the other way exactly it would the other way around and it was the the right wing group doing this visit Adrian walker and Renee Graham and Joan the knock he and Al. That's all you would get today from the Boston let's all you would get is how dangerous these people war but because the on the it's cost in which it says. As dress up its heart and that he had only on one example of this ice sought to trump may have been the only two that some. And they were called the sport and you'll hear from one of them now and are they genuine. They were real they were no but I mean they're not just there to get a reaction because you're a college you know is that the political trump shirts on redundancy we can beat you'd think they were genuinely trump people. They seem to be I mean I. They didn't seem to be they're just to put on from patent walker answered some reports from the Phillies manager of the nineteenth the public battle Ohio doing in our own out there and see who would yell them by. On ice walk with them. And then later on there was an encounter here you're here as well. Are you wearing make America great front asserts. And you're gonna see people who disapproved or strongly robberies here. I wanna show that conservatives shouldn't be afraid to go on a voice reviews the slimmest of integrity and a matter what you have. It would you be willing to listen and hope what for discussion I've never been so guys are rallying had nice allied as you movie like. The open about that means I have a lot of like government that -- other things with she knew them all times I've seen that that policy hugs like on the side. Guys feel safe. I had a pretty safe the most part for. Scioscia if you look just like holding signs that guy yes that's fine but they keep they away all black face maximum with a mourners are those people. Because I'd see them I think they why we have vast vast lets you read you something. Did you I'm proud of or creating content there's a lot of people our hands Charlottesville our cousin lives and our not yet Nazis were wearing face mask as well. Now he shouldn't feel threatened there is just cost play. That's just left costs place all that is so that first guy that people are paying attention this over the weekend that first name is gonna that first voice gonna sound familiar and I can tell right away. So that first guy who talked to Chris is a trump supporter who I believe you edit video and then getting harassed Hulk and we know how much. Longer how much further way this wasn't when you talked him because this is pretty famous now the guy you talked to. Is harassed pretty strongly by some form of anti protestor that was there yeah ice. No with them around eleven I think back couldn't have been more than an hour later that he. A video service by reporter from Univision who was following him. As he got a had taken off and was sort of being harassed habits through the crowds and actually have some of that let's. Let's hear that's in the armed and pretty calmly with Chris this was a little while later when the crowds I got bigger they are at this event. Once second. Take it down we're good. We just talk amongst theirselves short. This is what we do because as Brady's that we're better jobs today which we were alone we certainly Argo federal. Yeah are you name. Everything you stand again. Every night. We go. But yeah. All of us so that could listen to be afraid I was released under the citizens have always been right on yeah it's pretty slow side. We're gonna have your ID and your name and you're gonna be donating to the causes you stand against what does it mean. I'll let. A pair right because he supports Donald Trump I don't I had to get to talk to the of the whacko who is next on yelling he's. Just walking quietly. Screamed at by this guy. I guess it is because he supports trumpet he does not like the Red Cross for the Nash I Errol what. Everything you stand next. Why what how how are you gonna make you donate. To everything I stay because he thinks he's gonna shame that he thinks he's gonna he thinks by having this guy's name and ID. There's an old barracks so much because he supports the president god forbid but he changed or bails him to this event they trump hat on and make it he knew it was going to a public place where there was a chance he was going to be seen by somebody yes he's not hiding in his home within structured on and you found about and now you're gonna out him on the Internet he's actually outdoors at a large event where there's 40000 people. That makes these people stupid yes they're stupid but that's that this is. And there are stupid people on the other side as well that's ridiculous neo Nazis. White supremacist or their lenders and I'd let dress up. And after this but you are exactly making my point when that happens and it's on the president's side of the I'll. It is treated like the animals followed people ever when it happens on the left. They are just this minimalist range as the globe called them today cost play. I would say yelling at someone claiming there and get your name and identity and threatening them as dumb as that sounds by the way because he supports the president walking quietly at a rally with a as a trump short on. Yeah it's gonna embarrass him into odd donating to like you said what. What's he donating to now why why because sports the president made this is this is where I had the problem with the good vs evil. This is the narrative now and our country 2017. If you were there and you work against the ridiculous right wing you're good but god forbid if you were there supporting trump you're evil. There's evil on ball side and I correct or many on the left and you do not want to acknowledge that starting and write the front line with the Boston Globe over the we and you know what's in the middle. All the same people who were going about their normal weekend in weren't at the event on either side of the by defense. All the same people in the middle that it lost in these polar wars wrecked the beach drawing of each day. Another video people seen a lot of these last couple days of viewer there if you wanna argue with me think that I'm I'm I had it covers have been good. And that you don't agree that they added that somehow the Boston Legal by the media outlets have tried to sugarcoat this will certainly take those calls of 617. 77979837. Is your phone number. Odd as a video you've seen encouraging Kirk calorie tweeted it ugly woman was an American flag she gets the flag ripped away from her. And then she gets the culprit Patricia drag by the flag records mean she's got dragged on the ground by the collapse. Was on the side of the road as the counter protesters are going through holding an American flag and eventually somebody grabbed the flag and she sort of thread along with that. And Ryan we should have her husband her husband was being harassed. As part of this as well this was Sunday had not I've not seen yet this was her husband to argue with some of the ante for people all over their protest there in Boston onset. Seeing as possible. My life. So much in the rest of the economy right. Possibly I'm convinced on the stand out of the you know I don't know about way out of line. I guess yeah. It that I get in that respect yeah. Yeah. It was yeah. Speeds I'm gonna make a name ideally yeah I don't. Don't talk. Get on the other side of the fence that's where your country's now. If I slapper by adding it was gonna slap but it buys when you're the one who brought physical violence into this discussion. And then immediately says I didn't say I was gonna slapper we've had if Islip your bringing it into this. And me. Did you were you cookers you videotape that was did you think there was a threat at some point that she was gonna get slow with he suggest he was gonna slap her so. That was she was right behind her husband and she was saying to them and she kept sort of saying where can I stand the year is everywhere she went with their flags she was being somewhat harass. And so she was sort of exasperated talking this guy and he he said you were. Are escalating because she held a flag poured cement she's a good night's address Linear that's when he got the competition. Right after that about ninety seconds later. More cops on bikes came in between them separated the two groups and then that was basically and. What has a human being don't you understand that you're talking to another man whose wife is right behind him and you say if I slap her. You just escalated that situation right just a little bit you would say you you brought the idea that I could harm your wife and assuming the man cares about his wife. You've you've now have put him on notice like you may have to defend your wife physically never honor or whatever you even that was more like it if if if the husband about woman then escalated himself off those words. It's great he suggests he's gonna slap his wife. What what I don't say those words and then pretend there wasn't some level of threat or an insinuation of potential violence call your country's back over that fence. Go over there again this is that this is part of the friend I'm not saying this was all like this but to to spin it like this this didn't. Happen like these incidents. And it didn't it would agree that the globe or anyone else or CNN. Set a great this was on Saturday. The airplane parts that Mercury the part of people felt threatened me Chris was talking to many of them are over the course of the morning. The police are there. And the police and up protecting the let's called the trump supporters or because they're not they want the right wing neo not as people were gone. But the trump supporters that were there ended up being protected by the police you know why. Because they needed protection right because there was so much a grass but going on there were so outnumbered. You call it your 101000. To 115100. To one whatever laws. You know left vs right. There were so. Outnumbered and so harassed the police had to step in and help them. And to the point one police officers say young you. Your Yuri trail always I'd just one video saw where you Q a racist term was nobody black female police officers saying you're supposed to protect us now now. You're supposed to protect everybody and you work getting harassed it was the truck supporters being harassed for. Hours on Saturday gaze was protecting innocent those who need protecting at the time those who feel threatened and clearly some of them I will say clearly the passion of the the the left side here the alt left the and tiff whatever and at the Intifada. But ethical and tipper and Tampa and what I wanna get right and yes. I their passion is more genuine I will say that I did that the funny quotes we've heard the first. The second read their passion their passion to me they believe everything their singles is that people with yeah masks on quite well already have piano and and they have a dedication the the tip the second voice we heard initially of the trumpet sounded a little bit like a college to yet I've been a lot of these of these events would my left wing friends in my my liberal friends and I felt fine. He soundly guy who's dabbling in college on the right side or something I. And it doesn't excuse that the you'll let out a way to highlighted at passing Portland got beat the threatening nature of the left but I'm telling you they seem genuine whereas some of these trump ones don't even seem genuine to me I think they were out just to get noticed and get on the Internet and. And I had a really by their side I'd like that first I just saying look I'm walking around and if I'm sure to remind conservatives are allowed to you go outside we're gonna hear you that he was better his friend once you mentioned the it is thought faction Chris had an extensive conversation with an eight A I guess the bond of Boston and to for member. Trying to explain why he isn't it better as a very good question we'll find out Max and bright he joins us here this morning and that. Good morning guys. Are so first off it's prudent to Salt Lake that totally originated from the right trying to play. Protesters against Washington and national open arms and sort of fringe element. When in reality it's just people decent people who oppose this treaty which can assist national idea. Matt original law I'll let you finish but if they if the act of people the ones that were it dressed up in a scarves and hats and throwing. Our rocks and urine at police officers than that but what you just said is is not true well okay they may have claimed it turns those having taken hold it. The organization there's not a stay at we put people back in the fight it out. Now I know we're kind of joking about apple is clearly an anti for Twitter account. Yet but clearly they've latched onto that term in taking it to a new place owned. People who embraced that's finally. Totality and police in taking their their anger out on them. I know very few people who support that most people just want to march in peace and show the world that we oppose national. Sort of went to terms acidity that the president was shown last week. Owned anyway China protests overall yeah there were some bad apples that most people there don't or a majority of decent people. Say people who marched in January during the win march who want to show up in each of the minority of people. Who support these white supremacist ideas. They are outnumbered OK there towards the moral majority anymore the moral majority. Our peace loving liberals who want to see this country embraces diversity that's all aspects that. Well I am just Internet I don't know the moral majority is peace loving liberals. Can be peace loving conservatives. It has to be peace loving liberal yes me and he put that in that's rolled yes Matt's also saying that answer and doesn't exist and to act and talking to Chris Curtis on and off the air today. I'll whatever you want to call them they they exist where they identify with the word and the four or not. There was a very fringe group that was showed up to be angry and violent on Saturday and when it. They neo Nazis did not show and they didn't the pictures make it pretty clear. Are they took pair. Attention out on people who were there that weakens as the conservative or trump supporters and it at all failed at the police who protecting those people what you agreed that. The other side exists to there are the just I'll just like that we saw them in Charlottesville right watch the bite the big 25 minute by story iced feel they are absolute. Whack job and depending on where you go in the country the size of those two. Left and right wing group yes extremes berries right. Yes depending on the location of the rally over the counter protest all that varies based on location and the coverage varies as well as the cup is like what he just said the moral majority. Is now liberal I should've fought a month you know I was terrified that a bad job I mean it was now may I do you wanna I wanna let's look at our autograph and I was right. There are. We'll continue to get reactions I'm sure many people agree that it's 6177797937. If your phone number Chris Curtis was boots on the ground he survived it need not take a Jeep. He went down the comment he talked to the people including. A member of what he would say is empathy claims himself is a member of man that when he was there. Our Curtis talk to be here that flush your calls Mott and heart in for Kirk injure. Tomorrow we'll get back tomorrow. Who is a B plus his act gives broadcasters drop if that's amateur I don't. You know feels a little cold America will a cold coming on. Cold coming on at some radio. In John Dennis is future real yes here. I don't it's a very good question I'm not talked to the higher than the two guys are normally here. They had those conversations they can talk to the real higher ups a year ago what's happening or personnel stationed yeah but I'm I'm I'm persona. Morning nice to hear that at night villain of this on the on a screw being here as always you know credit for any of the great work I did during battle to brain lists of the spring the great ratings they wanna game you know credit for that. That's fine just the warm body to fill the seat when Kirk and Jerry here so you want credit you're stupid those actually do my stupidity led to monster ratings he thinks some moron could call and a new content nugget. And not get credit for Clarence Clearwater. Inches get a more on all the street to be more on big any other professional moron is exactly and some other hosts of the spilling don't know who of the movies and songs that we had over an alert the what is it. That's not that's the happen to match that's just stats in years and years of guerrilla. You've you reached that an overhaul last ten hours of work right you prepared I'm calling other host now to show them how they can be stupid head. Ted me dance and Ted nugget. She's. This from John Dennis and August 19 Silas is this a Saturday. She. Don't say anything no one is supposed to know. Friday's negotiations. The number four Dino. The number to return the number two radio. Got interesting. Hash tag weekend break our conversation with Brad Faxon. Is deal coming back to WEEI. Maybe it's just important is it Leno back here. He Dino on that. Florida station heart she admitted Sheppard who agree with those of the third man in all great and Jeff deals at fourth and and maybe the two part question. This is what an odd tweet though for the if it Friday's negotiations for Dino to return to radio got interesting and that's what the kicking game. Hash tag weekend break speaking of horrible Taiwan is safe for me. I'm not a return not break out what does hashed and weaken brake mean like you're taking a break and negotiate positive from any other days not working and it during the week. Tino. So do we think I'll ask that we we and I have no idea. I I would say it's unlikely that may be Curtis feels differently is he coming back here the four number one seeds are. I can't imagine him I'd love to Kirk's podcast that would stand. And that's not returning to rate you know we asked her we would like that they've played out live on the air that lodged that's a one time interview. This insinuate more Andy fart at. That is me and he also. I wanna I get it he's manipulative tweets and reply to gauge what the respondent to somebody. Asked him about this. And suggested if he came back. It would not mean that Kirk was going anywhere somebody respondents saying go we need Kirk out and his response was along the lines of but when I return to the air could happen in no way means Kirk and is going and that's sort of a MacKey and my friends good morning via. It seems mildly related to the Boston Radio Marti who Kirk mini and B I care. It's obvious is we could use deal back in our lives on to say that right now. I from a government national human and he's been locked in on Jeff deal he's death I thought you take offenses because he does not like you. He many Indy fart jokes too many I can't really argue does. Wouldn't that is he the only guy was called the Indy far openly on the all on the pier where this came from the age of a bad show with Jon and all I don't know I ripped them on our podcast once and he herded in the community far. It's a lot of time and the fart today I really don't like you are. What you are and you pulled out the elementary school and before shot nobody knows who Eddie forty their that's very creative. He went with the Ryan are so low angle there too idle lucrative radio career we'll guess what it was Brian Sell now. You're saying you're not doing any shows with John and times I'd be happy to Jones throws with him since that and what kind. Happy birthday to Dino we find out Curtis can we we effort this after the JB I can be on his new show. And I don't know if you want you given what you just said about he sure all of you looking for controversy down to doesn't seventeen you want these do you want battle we don't have a light on the air 97%. They want to the most patriots information who's gonna come to sit on to me days glance off Lou invited him a couple of weeks ago maybe that's where is. Eleven Florida. Let's time here last summer in that would make the Boston radio thing tough yet although that could also personalities who denies league of have been some way or they've quietly. Mean a paroled data a reds game from a student I would say it was their Kansas City. I did indeed show from the studio during the patriots game answer and I was and we knew you weren't there right we didn't hear the on wanna say this is solves discount or go to our gusher was still mentally I think right with the new up publishers all Muslims by in the pro shop with a little animated Bob in the background juggling the football speaking of that there. That tabs a part of that this is will come back in the eye when he us in Chatham. But the broadcast on Saturn we come back and I do wanna mention this over the weekend we get a media on media battle that should not goal on a announced here today Evan relic Peter Abraham taking to Twitter and as always rob Bradford with the strongest. Cake. Possible when you're looking for somebody to really weigh in at and really get another market that the dirt that. Rob Bradford does that definitely used to comics were what if Bradford we'll get to that and you'll hear from Tom Brady at 9 o'clock here on WB. Today guys one of the guys I love. Lobos this football team you don't hear his name a lot. But Ted harassment he has a pocket cleaner he's he reminds me a while those reminders that it be dark sense of make this team was just so tough. Christian talk some of the great point once you hit the wall develops over the little move the pocket while the little short of the group. Stop off play action integrate a little screen game these are the stuff that. Really are more fashion toward Jamie's game. I residual. These last couple games match out of your coworker on the patriots brought the cerebral. Analysis that cares man. Anger and tech Harris is media packets that backups that are. Rebecca garden where it was it's a role on the tees back up center slash art BCA pocket cleaner would you agree with Chatham breakdown there. As he has a pocket cleaner than the mean. You block big men for a living ideals I don't know I'm not sure it does look for in the back an hour early tomorrow okay airs he's the opposite Chad UD I act of two polar opposites on that broadcaster dumb jock in this or remain like football vs here's why you're too stupid. To understand football on smarter than I speak to exact polar opposites yeah. OK now that. You apparel back in the studio breaking all that good stuff and as you said to us start the show their today I'm not much to take for Nike but it. You in Chatham get along there any issues on that broadcast I was it was broadcasting I would say I'm more Fauria in Chatham. Me forays style would be more appealing to me aegis. It's football it's taken too seriously and pretend we're you know breaking down politics her. Rocket science about page your members in the beat any battles over the years you've been there a long time all I am an ethnic feuds. I won most notably whip Tom card. Really over what they mean is there one single thing I would argue that word. Personalities that are similar in their four clash and that means no no. Nor do you Tom just hitting a Tom I don't want to go another year without us talking to you guys are both very sarcastic yes and I think that. Clutches when two guys are sarcastic to each other they and getting mad each is your first set up in Iraq retired. Coverage of the team is it over par what it would go over various things we butted heads. If we but it had to when a year without talking occurrence yet and then you know we look at it has continued. We did the the afternoon showed it yet but it. Up a lot you're not talking a year dented radioed it had not spoken until something many shows that this thing we when we would be like in the bathroom in the media work room together like washing their hands and she had to each other -- it's cheese stiff wind up. Fine thank. Well crossed Tom's still love you Brad but the beaten generally your patriots beat I would say that the most notable I did not know about you when Kernen on last fumble that that's often where now allies I think Jeff Holland bendable and feels like the big beef yeah I got caught up with the wrong people all it. I don't think they talk beaten peoples is a tough one for me because eat he came in here Ernie eats atlas of the Kirk and I that day. He wanna do anything you know let's get back to football and Damien Woody was on inauguration he mocked it is blocking the show while it was on. Andy where's the sun although I've what I want one sunglasses inside of one ended that he's on the inside any Jody I have a love hate with Ben bowl and just how I see 88. We've been bold the openly sort of mocked each other yes I'm not sure anything and the patriots beat these guys into our yard out and control compete neighbors and Evan relic who covers the Red Sox for Comcast. Peter covers auto for the Boston Globe. Has it. To his credit ever has been open about this that the Red Sox beat does not like Pete neighbor for the most part he asked them off the air. I'm very nice guys all but off the hurdles they yelled we don't like Pete that just three outlet does he have a single. It sure does. Ally nick of Florida coach Sherry got a coworker that's different. But I think as you have to do. Sort of defend your coworker as he had a body does he have somebody. Who if they didn't work for the same place they would choose to go get a beer together in Anaheim after the game very good question I don't know anything like he does based on my view from afar just seeing Twitter and sports talk radio call that mine as well being of at Fenway every now and then when I'm so we're not as such games you hate noble Piet. He on followed me on Twitter we give college other it was a cordial. Business relationship. Well when he went after the Red Sox fan and called him a grand wizard and speculated a fan of the Red Sox was racist because he questioned David Price. I said my piece on the air and was a meaty on followed by. But that's good per like and so Tomas Tomas he defended and I battled Hamas until Pete no longer. Applied likes YE a takes on Red Sox because idea or question he calling Red Sox fan race cars done here it's Abrams that's on me. I can't live without every day so he. We got all those who thinks that matters in any. Well that's that's his way of it you know and we don't oaks we know we normally would sort of acknowledge other Fenway Park he covered UConn for awhile so you know we. Now BC's meet head straight out you got Ike could go to the charity joggers they. Washing your hands next to each other separate saying signals and other laws governing that is in the head down right hot spot away. I get after a lot of people there Mike Palin and he Abraham bunch of the rice it doesn't like it should all noted owner and I don't know. Shea shale and is not a fan Jalen is often heard. I'm told in the Red Sox cafeteria. Right. Talking about how bad my talk show was night before help overly critical I wasn't certain things is that what that is all night and this is second or third hands and it does not happen but be critical of the team recently Schilling came into our Red Sox boot and talk to Doug in Virginia but did not I was sitting right there it was not there was also part of the interview that shredded Cheney went for his ridiculous Curt Schilling take when he said. I'm not gonna vote for virtually the whole thing because he collects memorabilia shales to be honest. So I have my own little she's OK I don't have anything Pete Abraham a drought like Evan has been open does not like Pete Abrams took to Twitter this weekend. And roll Pique. They're easy targets people all the weaknesses reporter's notebook. Where he rolled that. That people around here they targets then wrote about Stanton and what he via a trade target for the Red Sox. Sure standard by the power the Sox have lacked the season but does he have the make up. Stay recently celebrated 250 career home alone and it's two grand posts that mention all the haters who light my fire. This from a guy who plays for a team last in the National League in attendance and as sparse media coverage what haters our there. Stick there's trouble waiting to happen and a big market he was even so early at the all star game and it was at his home park so. Pete Abraham did not cover David Price against and it's actually did not acknowledge the story happen every hour on the beat. Wrote about this and he has the balls to right that's fitness early he might be an issue here. But luck David Price. And surely end in an issue and stood and my guess would be the second Stanton arrived he no longer cities we would pretend it didn't how. Happened in there absolutely. Are so Evan calls them out and and produce an anti. Perfect. Replies on Twitter those who have to cover the team full time may have a different perspective. But thanks for the link. So take your shot and Evans evidence that travel Comcast and the writers entrapment evidence clearly covering the team. He's the are all the time he writes columns their polarizing and are actually critical of the Red Sox at times god forbid someone do that. And so he thinks that opens up I travel I edited. I'm better is I get the travel I work for the globe I hang out with the players on the road I'm awesome and of course Evan comes back with cover is a loaded word and he's right because there are certain things that Pete as the Red Sox beat writer didn't want covered this year now as anything negative about David Price. But leave it to rob Bradford to be the final word at all this rob Bradford is part of the group that doesn't like I don't like it is but. Basically doesn't. They had it I've heard say this on and off the year so of course Bradford is being relic for these yesterday port brought him here on this for three hours on a Sunday morning. And and impose a very question rob and rob to his credit takes a very strong stance Cooper rob Bradford. Rough pretty lucky that's what I -- percent you can about robotic and different about the dog what happened to low lying through Q I have a relationship with Peter Abraham yes now. Wise because relation a lot of my problems gently should look at night and indifferent about your your line. In different. I apologize do you think rob Julian different no no he doesn't like me if I ever relationship with somebody spends a lot of time with correct. Yes otherwise would probably have a relationship just because he spends much idea as good or bad you choose not to have a relationship so he's very Evan for this outward taken and and it for your absolutely right you like chocolate or like chocolate. Different I don't eat it but I mean different I would never read it but I mean different. That's what Robert basis this is all act right and shouldn't exist on every single beep but I do like this and I'll Amman on teamed relic on this one because there are certain things that Pete just did not want a cover. Odd this year according you know. The price for Dennis Decker sleep. Would recreate the biggest Red Sox story this year besides the bad guys are five games on yes and the running away took two out of three the playing great and won a playoffs a much bigger story. We spent two weeks talking dollars David Price and his attitude in and Dennis Becker's it basically was ignored by PPP. Abrams on follow an adrenaline is this actually doesn't follow Evan drought on Twitter. I'm guessing that's how you get when you're in the doghouse PDF and follow your treatment and follow me and did he won bald man driving doesn't article that that's his move that's that's what he goes to my disagree with something you said about me publicly. And volume and Jersey exists everywhere but I admit and efforts navel gaze and I'm sorry dale. I love when the media gets a little bit into each other and it's also interesting in this is just possession. Is that court tomorrow in fact media on media crime Kyle Draper. Had an interest in thoughts on this show what we should play these today acres Kirk and Jerry on here this is not really the curtain talents company Curtis so we will tease ahead to tomorrow. Kyle Draper was critical I think of the show lots of oracle team isn't as I think this is pretty critical. Of this show and yes still have some of that while those guys and play until you look right past. The show that you're on with me to tomorrow usher. I don't know why you're not they can get a second date tomorrow what you think she's much hotter and you're just looking ahead of that a month from now not I Khalil disrespect it I might on all you on Twitter based on this. Not sure I probably don't already anyway I'll tell you when I work that I am I'm not sensitive the view I have not naval gazing is Twitter has allowed that to come to the common thing. But he used to be you wouldn't know these feuds unless you were in the locker room insensitive things are now you know who hate each other based on Twitter. On your in my looking past that show you why I say that's. At 6 o'clock with your horizontal tees and I I was not disrespect it a month or not I acknowledge that's Visio I'll sit at John April solitude and you'll know you'll rank he has the 27 best person you work or you've got up today you have asked well. Well I'm Akamai you've gone my way one day. I ahead of who's on IR Rhode Island via your aunt Clara. Yes in ahead of him vault and had a lot about an access point. What's that paramedics yet I've I would say yes based on today's effort based on my top ten after REIT holding you pump the brakes now too excited may. Might they. Work well here now to the top got into the five minutes to Britannia to people they still on the top ten of their band. Yes they can still be in the top. So there's still ten spots in the top and I may mean you know at some point how meaningful reset the rankings here it's we will do I qualify because I feel like I you know I'm not here that often configuring 21 and kicked out of the rotation. And and maybe technically John Dennis back until they are an awful. Just say you know. Very critical of the show on Twitter to. We everybody. Hates it's good it's the interview will replace next are they are they listening I don't care if they hit it liked it and they're listening I don't give a crap I do know about this. Tom Brady is gonna join us to get to hear from Tom Brady coming up infomercial annually while I saw it around because he had a very interesting answer. Through the Roger Goodell questioned by the answer to be heard around the country today. From the best quarterback ever about the commissioner of the league you hear that with Brady. And for.