K&C - Dale and Keefe reacted to being moved to midday; Gerry thinks Jimmy G showed poor judgement 7-20-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, July 20th
Hour 1: Gerry and Kirk discussed Dale and Keefe's reaction to being moved to midday and Gerry questioned Jimmy G's judgement.

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Security. The mid day show. Roberts he's effort from WFK ever made based opening I know. There's a big story out there I cannot talk about it I put gotten more about the jets that you'll have a well crow now what I will do better the sports talk show and sports is a distraction in this is yours -- from politics and everything else JJ will join me to debate the DA core committee and work tomorrow night I think it rich now he's gonna grab this opportunity by the throat. Which are and how brutally funny officer took that's the plan yeah 500 dollar fine. Just for one afternoon the track I can bet every single freaking picture I can bet every at bat my partner mr. follow this thing. I can bet all Rutgers I can bat totals jackass Gerry Callahan. Have arrived at the big moment big station announcements it changes is David we say and I think it has only really one person could trust that this announcement would decide to go with me well of all the morning showed up to announce that what do they have to do this we are going to flip flop now I've got all the numbers and I'm not gonna before you went to. If 71. 51 deals and great success in the daytime it's pretty clear cut how I feel about it I hated this is that the most on Sports Radio telling you. Yes it is because I Gingrich credit for that feeds them I don't know I don't know why you pretenders or anything else. They got they got demoted that's like they weren't happy about it that's Galen rich who got switched from two to six attended tootsie rich was more upset. About it on the air than dale was on for dale was just upset. Off the year the habits of people say you what's the big deal that he has changed their which is why I think I heard Richard a lot of roots of the he's upset that he now has that set the alarm in the more and I and any. I heard mud tellem. Warning him about traffic that our stock could. Come and he comes in from whale in the suburbs who's gonna have laws of Tucker right right. We can get 8 o'clock if you know Kent and new new new know you've driven in from there and get from you get from here yes you get if you want 8 o'clock to 10 o'clock usually expect Maleeva at 830 quarter and nine what was true what was the mood these 45 minutes are you ready traffic today that you think and think before minute security. Well some of us tool shall probably get a C we get on the computer readout to pure we've missed it into it here too. Charge of that too he could you do that but okay get separate leagues with time in fifteen. So you know the heat take issue our data shall we prequel species breakfast you know because you kiss is wife goodbye bush on working tale of the should feed the dog I think we'll be all right okay not many people get up and out and I'm in twenty minutes. Are you getting except looking at 745. I'd seven point five and leave it time. 810 I used to do a pact before the traffic was this bad yes it sucks I agree it sucks but he can do it now it would be in the car in traffic longer than I was on the air and a member of leveraged stock. I don't I don't know that and I don't blame on the that would (%expletive) me off to those of it that he was at 1130 at night in which said that thirty that's big dollar especially moral elected Hamas to step late. He should get better ratings. Sugar and it could sleep as late as he wants that we wanted to say you know I don't want to say anything points it would if you wanna know who had to say I would be passed it. And his legacy audited if they've been number one he could sleep as late as he wants of the way life works. We've been number one patent so I get to wake up as early as I want I think he can now leave much earlier to drive home. Yeah maybe I won't be because he works down five less hours a week that's right now the Liberia where it would mod those two have they have a good time last night I think you're gonna. Miss each other that it's going to be tough. They're our city's radio more Romo was much the right to show they asked the daily an apple and I don't think rich said much we were wondering why the downfall. We now know how this real mall role model. He's on it is young as well as they're told him now tell me that he's leaving old in pretty soon he's it was a you'd beat the traffic via Syria UCL a for the kids get up in sleep at all last for several reasons why he's excited to be drawn. So he's gonna be weaving around her Korean about. And it's always taken the scenic you know that all that is definitely that's am I believe that's route to or whatever is that a division jittery too. And he's not taken the park on route two which is you know easy we unsure why a guy on his home by himself would want to take the scenic. Maybe a couple places let's stop and have a drink. Breakfast gets wet practice what they report. I was to a lot of DOT future all the callers heard dale. Heard rich and I would say to dale you know dale was a good mid day host the Hewitt here and Glenn's a good afternoon. With dale Davis that they'll be angry ostrich Eric Lander whom. I think pirated Gonzalez was definitely directly go out to see Glenn Toby made some mattered Glenn and there you Clint told VE those directed at me like you know I call music. That did Matty. As a one C at the it's you know you're going to bull you know friends of mine there's a big gaping difference between two. Glenda collective behavior. Glenn does knowledge to be hated you relish in it you bathe in it doesn't bother me. Glenn was afraid he did play for this and he did sort of congress' fault sound from years ago I mean it was installed. Good way to sell itself it is falcons did well because it was very. Or government. We talk Ramon. Christian movement on circus secular in the past we've put sound years ago. But you don't blame them for that to my that was my point cushion my book I forget fish in his face corrective written. As I said like your meat they show you should want to good afternoon right or warnings just to save her seventh saying hey whatever and a man Callahan and the sock. It's a good for you that's what I would do it ended. That's it's OK dale I think they they get a little more combative and mostly I think I I hope they do very well I am I'm rooting for them I hope. They changed some things OP keeps something's missing. I'd you'll be changed some stuff mix of the apple but mobile will I think there I figured keep who's got the memo scandal angrier little more room vindictive and like I hope so. I don't care vote aliens vs on yours but I do think he's gonna. Lash out a little bit and that's correct my regrets I think Richard is more phone mutton with dale don't question them notes due so you know that's it. Maybe model join those stressful time. Home now wouldn't be good for us don't quit but maybe you would miss them they're young a few days a week with him a few days a week with a syndicate puts our worries that night he could do it an eight hour shift that's true. That's true yeah I mean a beacon beefed. The furlough situations that's good question Ian he flipped near each other they could commute together that's true at home fascinate aka. Javier. Much has a really killer zombies are aliens doesn't that he's aware he cares about horses. Right in the pro will be sent. For the house of pro life signal and a cup Alison did too little bit last night. In every time he says something is now his head he knows we're gonna play price is that I don't know what line made it solid supposed to be exciting clothes half a minute rich now he's gonna grab this opportunity by the throat latch I'm an expert on the throw there's no such thing as a throat latch he sure has been great great progress made for world. Wrote latched the horse racing term and is now it's no wonder I don't know my wizards in terms. Last not important it was a sorcerer's intern well it probably shirts. Pro. It was a weird my house on Wednesday and all of that you know one he's waking up because he's so excited not he. This is a Chris he's tired his tongue over. You know his image you know he's that would funnel but he he is so excited these chemists tribe whatever eight hours so I say what a day what a day. He's bodies were pulled degenerate gamblers like him yeah. They have big plans to drink all day tomorrow the plan at all. Oh. Yeah all right. With like a case of beer on the cards holy month over and then when the dongle from the go take a shower. And they go to the track to track. I'm and then Keydrick what do you do after the track. The paso it's only going to go and eat and drink I I don't know if I could do well he can't approve. Passed many. After ten hours in the hot sun drinking beer. It was it was it was a bizarre day Cooper was a bizarre day all over the place the station yesterday starting with with our announcement in the mid data in the afternoon. And ending the issue this. We're back Patrick Gilroy and I missed this evil way you hear about this now some call we I've heard this guy Blair from Maine that's for this chorus Blair is Nam. How would you describe where I'm just some some issues but yet doing this year what do you have what's that he would dismiss this distract the scrap this after this and issues. He called NCs have an air conditioners from direct we have the picture you bought this guy in the air condition. Gilroy the hosted at Cannes film of the pictures that you see the pictures how's the back of the but the Celtics things in the background he bottom and he bought him in the air conditioners. This was such disasters so no Roy doesn't say understand at least a fourth of July when I was like 110 degrees. Where our main calls and says that he needs really bought me dinner commissioner Doris is okay we'll get you once our thoughts and results could radio this is. Clarity had no air conditioning in your house Blair. Okay what that's the problem we need to get you made you'll do some sort of I don't dozens of a fund raiser for you've labeled her as always you always. So so he winds up buying this guy trio pictured bought him an air conditioned real pizzazz or lots of people air conditioning especially in many. True. And Americans and those 35 years old I've never not haven't borne who's been there yet just because I was bobbled their race in the room we never had a executed. We think about as a kid though. I would have liked the I nobody but he's you'd eat sleep with allergies would you go to and we sort of we had one fan and whoever went to bed last got the fact fans literally my siblings and I if you went on to a good first to get and take is that considering wanna go to bed. Well he went to bed you took the fan flawlessly or it was a snuck in. In the bedroom. All luggage chipped it take you several sleeping. Yeah sooners who fell somewhat closely just all the fans to people sleeping in the same room wired my brother in the same room and understand. You can just directed me to see if these are gonna get just pointed at me the same way. If the same way pick against the east went like that joke at least but it but them if my parents to inhabit. Votes are to be issuing listeners. You know what a lot of people have obviously this costs a lot of people of spare contestants because the central layers of things that we do right that's true right so they've if you move to a place you have air conditions and you window. You don't need them anymore true so he should have done she done a some kind of fun rays were people donate their used air conditioners to Boyer or black. So that's what has Blair made his shareware and main I think Lewis and amateur. Pages with a host of that's not exactly you know. I don't and remember the name where you are lovely people posed a loosens correctness. Scarborough Maine hello designs on the coast and then the notion breezed the other kind of on the pollution. Lots of people do not have please see our sense of pictures in Lewiston with the water and I don't know moon Los Hudson pitched great lightweight fight this. Right right one. Larry a lot of very happy productive immigrants enough. I've heard I drove through those that are particular campus few weeks ago it's did you. It's a nice parts of supports that are not so great death and you didn't slow down don't. You and stop red lights that you. Just to tell reliably some parts of town were different. I appreciate the American experience all the way around Molly I'm sure that's the American it is now. Noted Doug forming blueberries. Or closure take us in these guys shake and Chris. You say it for the podcast later. Yeah what we have pot gets outs bunker dried. Okay I thought the that's I was a little bit disappointed in the iPod dose come up more swinging in the afternoon I think that he has some don't care how you came on just fire away senator Edward. You know this idea our ratings are good is ridiculous this I did it like being switch they feel like it's not fair you know they should be angry at for obviously themselves against some extent. As angry hall always scored rattle him what I didn't think it was that big deal whole bill that that that would replace them. And no one that you and it was a big deal did you. Now and it's open it's a big deal but it got her only two who was the beginning of the end and I mean David talked about before we know. Before when holly leaves. Are you wearing something Adori. Marketable it was not far after the of the whole meeting. Syria may be early march there. But my benefit. But he left them you know he never told me statement TV show and took it full time that hurt them I think in and he had no time to prepare forgot that it is just unbelievable bailed on them and in death heard they'll say issues like I was them I'd businesses need estimate. Yes and I hate that which might have been against this directly affects you it's your business to Paris say do you imagine if you guide them to each other I would hate cheerful bright or even the TV show. Full time hate relationship to default under three hours house too so I would say we would have an out we would have a problem and so we do on the air they didn't but that's. The way they choose to do things and you know it's fine they'll be in the mid day. I wish them well I hope that you really well made us putting me auspices I didn't hear the mention knew I was hoping they would they did not think they did right. Not one nation the mortgage. That's what you didn't really lack edit feel like we took much repeating did you know memorial. I'm glad they've ordered a new thing yes I think that's what's what's this like this like Gail poems now act and model over again much about supposed to do. Clinton just did the best show we could do and they got good numbers they had good chemistry and it makes sense I'm sorry it just makes sense does and I think their show was better suited for that it is just better show than in dale rich browsing it's better suited for 26 right and I think they're gonna do well we all think you can do well I think. There's a there's a void for a fun afternoon show with a lot of laughs in lieu of debate arguments that little tension occasionally. I mean I if I'm. We don't often like censor our callers put someone called us and said they'd like I ask is that wanna talk about the batting order Evian I would say Q please take their affair there was some of those calls yesterday do here's a bit we have another caller who said he wants to talk with the batting order get a Colston like just yesterday I would say that. Right. And he's on the cell phone handy. They. Were great. Hold on hold on hold on personal it was they'll say that he's not great. This thought crack and I think rich is being sarcastic deals but do we really need all that part. Kenny can we just play it again saying he likes batting orders habits that they that's. Actually okay that's okay dollar. Is this the guy credit or great. Great that I. Work. Great. Great great great great. Which is like no we're not agree on a given that these guys. And a couple of template. Watching hardball big act and follow what's portrayed a thirteen billion years and it's all the way back but the fact of the forwards create the. How much an honorable man shall I say. Did you know about me and Eddie we do everything that you don't use that's the life ethic that he still work at Jessica at. Only like to show how terrible Michael all that aside and people say that I am on the she Obama your no we didn't do that. All act for. Nobody. Has its own thing money. Except that I've got to pay attention the ovaries he's always mixes the fabulous sports babies and listening since before I came on the American I'm not sure about text reports on on Craigslist. Right now their fifteen free air conditioners. People are giving more given away yes facilities we purchases for prostitutes so so Gilroy you waste your money. In the free baby Goran maybe you're had a freebie RD oh good point you know amused by how much is uneven almost as one was their conditions cost about 115. 200. Like 300. Million. Air units yeah yeah we knew you in depth look at those little that. And down I didn't choke artist mark my words I came back around mostly rarely if it does appear that despite not what in the world all the management and that you can check it out like Michael Ali just a great a lot of people actually bought this guy and think that you just take a market shown that he's on. Can't stop right there and he just listens all the time. I he thinks that management took him off the need be negotiated dealing come in agreement column always doing TV well a TV quick radioed to do TV Daylon key for mixing that hundred are killed ritual opponents say you know Michael bailed on us he took a TV show he never told us about three hours a night. Full time job affected his performance and then he went into this other thing just left and never told us. He bailed on us twice but they have this fierce loyalty may be always a great guy. I know and you still cried when he left and did you see did. Don't think he replaced in the east that you all up for failure. And what you guys are both went and that was the thought well. I'm gonna keep let them to get it the only show on this stage and I can listen to or like in the senate appointment morning. I can listen to I love or eight. Betty yeah the delicate he doesn't seem to have a mess I am sure is nice guy never had a lot about them right I I don't like a guy like that I would right now he's. But it magic sitting next month when he's face had a tough time I heard that hip replacement. Is he doesn't well he might have the the other one than right now I know that certainly I know that and in the meanwhile I I was I was surprised how much you like Paris but I wasn't gonna like it because you always retractable light that is where Paris Maine up awful. Yeah. Good the other callers. I'll just edit sought out of that OK I asked for the kind of the batting order. Okay. People who like to accounts that I've never had on the slocum never hurts them colts and I. I'd like to talk about that in order what's your bore I love to talk about laps out. If a Williams in Quincy William. I heard I don't first of all. Now I get a look situated different. I think it scratched her today thank you know. We did wolf we didn't get screwed every week we got jobs. Now I understand I hadn't been good job OK I centers in lately it's a bad situation word and dumb. That's all I get a friend that Al Red Sox now. OK Jackie Brown Paul Blair got a chip the read all. Actually we're just a B I dot com yes I was label reflects the requisite trade deadline you wants and the aggressive. I think they don't find out of it. Is that part. The ball player guy he watched he saw Jackie Bradley easing relations Paul Blair Jackie Bradley jeez the best. Senator who's ever of this is a good point by key I loved Jackie Bradley defense he's amazing scarves and anyone ever seen. But there's three guys in division who were as good it was a great shape it's true ago. Meyer and the alarm now so. Defensively that's okay do you think he's almost. It. The yeah I've never items reform I honestly that I can win their perceived weakness in the outfielders for the blue jays in the rays played play defense. Watch pretty. Dot lately Q say they're both really good really good players not immediately. I would say so you think Brad he's clearly better clearly. That's OK they're all really good. Commercials mocking these calls is a 900 but the series million may have heard this story here we would get into that there's a long long stored in the globe about. Judy Martinez is he touched the global hired you know I like out with ease their house money you have sort benefits it would it was an Alex spirited and look at the Google idolize those aged humor he's going to be and so we found it right. At what she and Jay McKee is but he's not good and I can't be kept in seven people through and read and is really long all about. One guy's beauties of the defensive players I don't know but I think he's adequately do. OK so I mean you object Alex wants to teachers are right it's for. True in any fines where everything is to make the case that stats you can make anything what afflicts had to restore Alex shown how badly do offensively he works for the group for the what are some whistle would he be able to do that. I'm so sure wouldn't know. Well that's what if the if is possible to do you do it he would pitch is he out of ideas. That seemed like a strange it was a circle jerk he's solid assets which is amazing Michael Sullivan awards heralds a great story. Between no regret for tweet quote we can pay yet competitors and I am not sure who's writing that 4% of the vote for them that's ours that's that's an excellent the Red Sox. That at the front office such a part researcher I mean I was pretty audacious. Thing to say sorry. It out to dissect and that's what it means. The reason why he works for the great play of the right thing one dollar and Susan great guy you know. Music could this game can move over here at the house organ of my big fan I mean that I should say I don't I don't read them but I mean he's he's a great. I know I heard. Very nice everyone likes really nice guys and the impact current men and everyone likes this reads it likes right. Opposite of me anybody else answer but Kiefer madness that well I was really go to here they have a fun time slot for them. Haven't found the times are key for men as I heard behind him that's from here he's taken out and yet whichever today. For example Max. On the the most biggest audience and I noon I'm annoyed I would think between 8113012 there's twelve and one lunch in the cars go launch right. Or go somewhere at noon yeah that's priceless that dale and earlier Daly knew he Gordon went short ever Eddie dale. Eddie dale share yeah I mean does that make sense yes I think so that's good Clinton indicate Kevin. And now what's up its own Atlantic Ocean home who don't agree afternoon. The front page. Our position as a catalyst. Thank you. I have one question about Avago or click yes we've obviously got to do controller. Of course people Madison we got to change the time yeah why that I. I'm figuring out that the purpose of all I have the madness also that week I guess the question ultimate the show is you know. With them is I'd they think that their show is been successful and really good news there but they don't believe that this emotions. Deserves it you keep doing same exact show they were doomed mutton and I'd I. Dale thinks that much Ricky does it had suggested you know where to look at a distinction goes to. All right well OK dale despite taking these calls his his Lanka was a consulate pretty callers. He pointed specifically that he does not like Steve from province the only call you like perfect that's good but I mean a dale but but Steve from Providence is. Is fun I mean he's I mean I do I honestly if I just trying to do everything opposite details. Whether it works for me it doesn't work from a dozen daylight different philosophies and very. Worked for him it's it's worked for me will CO goes I'd like cars. Mean Gail Johnson it failed they'll keep doing this this pace of you know overnight for the nine months that's Howard Johnson Virginia hey John I don't. They're pretty not bet yeah. But the only good thing about it they got that bailed out early early got to burn it anymore rightly get it right. But I think I think it would you know I I I like showed that or you guys. Or by I don't wanna engaging I want engaging conversation I want bird like I don't want Brett a lot about it order us. As a why don't wanna did you come doesn't want engaging conversation every once decent fourth line. It's what it is is he he wouldn't do this on his chance and that's like one of our guys 100 I think at thoughts at a concert but he never laughs and an album but our guys that are the balance fourth Klein talked and batting order we talked to don't think that's that's obviously it is now can't play he never laughs and jokes and that's part of the degree that it's to perform it played again starting. That that issue I doubt that a lot but I thought it. And that congregation apparently it lights. We'll bruins' fourth line talk will be in the third hour of today's program before I dive right in a money out you've done it before so it's not do that but. But that's that is clearly one of heart disease heart more wanna hear it meant I didn't put surface thoughts are from the topic. Woods has made. Johnson Virginia I'm on Eugenia. Yeah. The only good thing about they got that failed about the early current pretty hard right got it right. But I mean I think it would that I'd I'd I'd like showed that or you guys or by I don't wanna engage a lot engage. And take compensation confrontation. I don't think it's after. His confrontation or don't know who's a cause they don't want engaging gods we can cents. At one gauge copper patient acquisition. Would I don't want Brett. Not a lot about it order. You'll get some and I don't think that's upon votes and John will but keep fighting we have Aaron Johnson's call report. I thank you that's all that's constantly peace if he's one of our guys that he will be listening right now yes from Virginia give us a call shore. And if it's not one of our guys call us cause I like to break down the batting order like. What oral fourth libelous we can't be give to questions about the can be gauged enter. I'm not engage want to try and Thomas and an I you do your best not to who admit that if a man. Cars out more undergoes Gettelfinger is I need to find out that support. Past the I've never heard anyone who's within one sales English and they'll say that to Mike when you don't want engaging conversation I think they thought he was on the level. I did out of a call or call our show notes that we don't want engaging conversation that's why I think they thought he meant like fights confrontation. Engaging cumbersome I think originals like you can have more confrontational it is one of the competition ever and already he doesn't think Rich's itching to have more confrontation to keep sweetie he could tell you some good instincts he's trapped by his own limitations into you know I would think you know he would be pretty good sit right there with us we would. Well he's busy in Georgia for now but we could Marcum for being in you know who do. Playing with the goals and an apartment aliens the tour. What time you wake up that's a good question can I mean we could do last hour you trust jewel overnight to be perfect as he should do we showed someone hates. He does but he won't magazine piece 'cause I think he has that but he does Jewish summaries but he just doesn't wanna say. Obviously I mean you are alone and on apple yet. An iPhone but that's where the call and it there was nothing from the they don't think that was upon in a league John it was a setup. No I mean maybe it's something has to be. Got you got those guys 617777937. John from Virginia rescue was that all that's really about that call. Occurred Italians and pretending it was a real person calling the only I'd vote. I've hopeful. That I felt better 'cause all the callers who it hated house. And you know like them. So. It's B roll roll roll it out of it like that guy. There was nobody that I really said it's too bad the Republicans. But they made it plenty of fans that happened or their mean notes that their fans are our fans which is to that issue we need to keep things Lou no continuity here. I totally agree yeah I think Adam Housley goat these guys don't report that I don't know. I don't know. Oh we got to get to the big story of the day Shaughnessy. The two big stories at once again I'm watching couples thing would be to separate. We got to go through the film walker fees that we Colin yes the film mammography Jimmy ground plus new girlfriend. Yeah are young we can't read them all. Of your shot I mean we can't read many of them. Big wet spots and can even say that case but I don't whether thoughts and don't. They say the H word H jobs in handcuffs. It's. It seems like you should be able to lose there's nothing really pornographic about it I'm Gary December Hamachi Toby like black personal trainers and and we even a couple years ago we need to notion yes and I I'd. My question with this one and 2012. And she made your mom toss my salad hand that's that's like a culinary field. She wasn't in the first nine. Ushers at six she was in six briefly which I mean you always rate the rocky movies yeah. The Rambo movies rate which was your favorite your mom toss my salad or your mom toss my salad and is like the godfather to go. It's a bit of what's the what's the word that we can't use. It's about it to look as good as it's about having dinner with friends mall. What's that this this is probably go back to golf by the two legal back and like the BD oh yes I watch it goods and it's really cool. We find out more about them like who else is in that along it is. Britain is out of the deal and it looses it streak isn't it it's it's pretty good at some great character a late Ed what's real and he's the guy who is in the hundreds of lines. Call on mark writes my pride and spirit. It was he's like that's on that bridge in recovered from combat medic Robert Hansen yes yes yes really really well Edward Norton that was good that put the moms and Meryl Streep. That fact that he's. An I was just going for yet. I could have been Jessica was one of the greats. I remember I was discipline or leaving the theater after your mom taught myself to this is the into the franchise but your mom cost myself three I remember faces should end it here because it was so good right the verbal was unbelievable yeah. There was some of the best of all time. And now all anyone knows when this. Number eleven come. And yet real that's sort of a bush left us hanging at the end of literally. It we have callers who. Wanna chime in on John from Virginia. On whether he was a plan to it or not hang on six points or other calls one rate their favorite your mom taught myself port 617. 7797. Nights recently a couple of ads open. Well we'll play that call again we get back on the yes it was a plant was real hangout for doing that. We'll discuss she BG in the army is well. Updates on WFA in updates on what's going on here what ails. Where orbit at a hot tea on an argument. So it's ultimately it will only original it as well and I wanted to talk about the bad. Obviously. You can pack right. Good morning show in. Johnson Virginia. Hey John I don't. Yeah yeah. But the only good thing about it they got that you know the W early got occurrence for it anymore right thing right now. But I think I think it would you know I I I like showed that on board the united. Sport I I don't want to date he had a lot engaged application I want. We're like flat I want red dot I want to about a quarter I want all that could not out get out there early. You you you can't believe I heard it live thought it was real you give me that's real. I saw you saw all of ever greatest hits me if I'm a feel for the Bruins four so I mean lineups. And chances there. Notice. First are the scores of there's no way you got almost agreement was because when you alive I didn't Al and I did her much because they hear him. But I'm about out if I heard of why would I heard our I simply because now I have my doubts I've heard it live and thought it was real at all. Callers liked asked if you're live not in a bit more like. There were like they were similar thing you know because you're like swing states that Italy but you see those things. He's ever Citibank and that's why texted current site of the guy just said he wants batting order talk we need that right. An older guy like he was frankly easier to dupe you know you know I remember on the level. Always that was listening to them why does nothing bigger audience than those until 4% of Paul player of cancer and how did you miss him jump from Virginia what you told me yesterday him for second sleeping. Governor went back pilots we as awakens until I went back listeners celebrity you wanted because they commodity and oil rich and you. Because you'd think I'd listen to the whole show that. You missed him yes but I would have known it was fake meat even though you would beat you guys he's looking gauging public law she's a very blunt I don't want to say hello good beside you just that's that he never heard that people. I missed that that's all you can eat I heard say I have to take short line obviously as we say fourth become a the girl is the only thing in common attentions batting order have never had anyone say. We talked batting order what we should talk. Okay what's yours tonight there butts out. Will eventually mount a nose up at my. He did start he did go for three you'll start mine at that should knock them down issues were doing can public calls for us is that people do wanna win this woman everyone. They don't want agree with me because in silicon you're gullible fool and you want to calls from people whose future was gong article because you want to call too much for Milford mics in Milford and Mike. What looked at what's going on them. And you fanatic germs stuck into the set. Up almost double that went. If John from Virginia military should repeat it if Jerry would say indeed jump from junior is a big fan of our show if he's listening calling and just he didn't just the book regret it doesn't sound mischievous. That's is that part of that I guess there right let's Mike's point bright green performance. Right. I think yeah I mean it was an equity getting council oppressed in the east side when he script on the planet -- sadness as you get into the great character at all that that's why didn't shot Latin. A sad that guys who have the jobs still have a job it's very sad but don't anticipate any less have to get up a little earlier this upper. Then I would dale hates our show and it's only awed. He didn't attack Q I don't cup mean to what might I tuned in hoping thinking they might go right action right. And me was angry little subtle language. Let's soils and they'll do what do what do. Home. I think there regretted. I'm giving month the cultural you regret it later Mary not only because we call a force that's why but it is how do you blame mocked her he was going. Was to blame Lou. Or caucus it exports of so that's twice who's on the two bodily quietly. It is my admiral Lloyd took over for oh you mean now he's tuned into we can. Well what what I know Clinton didn't mean it the way it comes out well he's had great success in mid day will come and I have pretty good success and afternoon drive to break. Tom's a New Bedford a Tom. They guys that there's like these new laurel Burris Johnny cut on one hand. You take there's no way anybody can be that lane but they're not yet energy because your average. Yemen ritual and her. True I see it right that's that's the ultimate to me that's exactly right that's that's that's the ultimate. We've had two of those issues of the gender and now we've had this I don't know I don't know where we stand and. Let the black and I'll address of white and gold dress up front and I look at it. That's true that didn't work much for two radio. It's pointless so here again. Two then I did then then must that's what you say and I that you write about them broad is his jury. During jeering the show only he says that my dad it's. So it took twenty minutes talk about the roster intellectual types at a New York injuring. I never heard before and so you know they wait on line that a win in line people from the play if you want to call center during an underdog juries. Well people tell Jay you are right legend like puck in me Boston people say dear. Idea area here yet. I don't know why it just comes out that way that we put ours with a don't cost us an idea and our interest and some people I think is Orban is that generation. Could be like in between you and hours or you can economical. Much economic calendar for which aside here so we. Done with John from whimper gadget do we have any eat we should be called stands as they'll go by thing Q. That's another hit is when you don't have that second level of jokes and that I think is set at one day and hang up again. He did do except he left some was guests are you ready for the money an awful I understand it you know change sometimes of XP. Hotel wasn't taking the call it reacted to my answer even ask he didn't ask when windows key for menaces jump from Virginia right now I don't know so. He just said more line of talk and more row inmate giving shelter and he forbade certain. Got an okay good I mean that the right actually I don't think so good good. Good good. August 13 is the big day yeah keep won't be here that they because as new Batman movie coming. QB late it's fair to expect mr. work and that's true picture bigger revenue and what when I started ten we are going to attack and fourteen. In his tail off that that is when I started ten I can vividly remember Lee I love my house at 720. And I would get to this. To target the office it now. It's you pumped across it was anyway with the morning show up here by a traffic can be available there but yeah all the support and we will elect are trapped five dollars also on the muted and assured me they shouldn't have nothing to them before I don't see why they would I look forward to those crossovers are going to be fun toss out together were never. And and again cooking. There. Toss out there all right tosses he. What solid yes obviously you don't sound. Not that much I think I should probably more yet. Chose if you eat more salad you get a body like Tom Brady. Not like you are Miette your Laramie I think you know you're gonna rip. Or wait for heartache. He's right this is he terrible look I I'd Amal who cares I have lost respect for Jamaica or. When you get points yes it's a disguising it as the United States had an affair with a points there right. And but. We've got a call me first of all trumps. Forced I was much better look at the magic touch second place. But the president secondly when you're an NFL quarterback starting quarterback franchise quarterback who's making a hundred whatever million dollars. Perception matters out looks matter because of this I Brady would do justice is carried by Tara Reid is not a 300 pound points. Which was three Republicans 252. To fifty euros is if she's a hot points or your mind doing that is remarkably little different right but but but I think she's a a sweat and let's be honest so. She's Haiti's she's she's Haiti's. She's 41 years old so can you imagine. They do. As TDs she's in sport and right about now. Again you need to grapple with eggs and protect its its woman may be seventh dinner whether. It's about judgment this is terrible this is terrible judgment fewer jobs council York. And they always sounds like so what you have to do with me she needed I mean really what does it have to do with it there or 1% or human or we are able to Chris -- is younger than you would like what you're nor do we care what Kent thanks for the Acropolis passer rating will be lower this I think it's a terrible. Very bad for Jimmy you can well afford to rappers and actors drafts OK good point we're tractors if you're freeagent factors pre registration is always before drafts whom. So what does it matter if that's wasted if when there's six of one pictured after a 111 as a matter it's a bad look it's a guy he wasn't a separatist last year privately with David creature we were aware of it. OK but I don't perform I don't think he's famous not a world where it's now third and six had to walk me through it's impossible it is your honor if we weren't aware last ought to burn cigarette out his estate in Europe or. Whoever wrote them lynch report as I don't know I do you think your pitcher Kyle Shanahan do you think they're happy about alligator I do I'll kick you beat him. If you're the owners joke in the GM I don't know the coach general managers came almost all of general manager. Generally entitlements again that's Chandra engine and I don't think he cares much on the deal on the highest paid quarterback in history right highs 13737. Managed in my return 37 million and he's had to face having sex feel he's the face of your franchise. And he's dating and 41 year old. Very experienced. Very. What's he knows of were these. Topic often pressured you ports you get this thing with about Keller will dissolve the weather areas can actually it started this thing about fat ugly when you enter your Avery talent and you particularly attracted to of this anger about you particularly attractive to them. You do. You think you attracted to her. If you're pretending she's ropes. She's rules because have a thing makes me smiling and with what you do it makes me sound sexist in the gears and the sergeant as we can pick up your Lipton Rosen and number office numbers of rose to I don't know what that AT and tablet from me to be working and somebody who has spent the sunburn yesterday in a yes I'll be part of it teetering on the shingles yet because I don't get them. Underdog I think I don't sunburns or catch by quarterly only missed one worked right there and I even got and by the way he didn't miss that they work women's team for four. Give credit. Bureaus for. So so okay so when you look at this do you think you think is a better or worse all of Jimmie or it's fine academic I think I think it's funny to know he's dating a 41 year old a random 41 year old porn stars on I think it's funny. Well you're the effects of the more notable laws I think it affects a percent I understand you go to perform not sure how much disease Dave Ehrlich how long do they stated immediately. And that does you'll you'll never see here with him again when you review yes that's my prediction. Once picketed in its. The theory was I was like a direct it's it was a group of inferences. Of the world. Exited the sports are. Your perspective to before when he goes out it's a fetish maybe it's a fetish so I its Alex imports times I love your girl brandy love. Did you see the video of this hog. In rough. Shoes. In his what she did chiefs Tweeter and a video. Overplaying reversal in an airport. An airport airplane path to Curtis to be so Detroit tonight saying wouldn't it wasn't it wasn't the least bit. The Roddick erotic it can't you what you eat this is where you're did you find this we are ethical decisions. Affect your second juicy yeah it to my particular approach. But apparently videos of people yearn. It is so we your world I I really there's category three. They're category we've already gone through repel pornography. She seldom shall we say flexible. She's got great range joint rights on white 2017. And everybody. Below under the gas without knowing that some code word I think she's for see I and I think I'm. I don't know if it's Catholic not when not nurses fields and old that Elizabeth he canard is the public oversold nature Catholic whenever I bring. But the real hardcore stuff lat and vigorously one makes me sick. I have a feeling this woman and her time. Would make my stomach turn. I don't know if she's hit it straight episodes in on them although I'm not into voluptuous as some the ticket to use U Lar. Well I think clearly this. I turn off. I wanted to orchestra. That's interest. I just posted video on the plane was gross that that's that's like one of those things but it hurt her trademark user is her boss correct. I guess I'm not into that I'm not a huge reader and not really that much turned off by it but some like at that size it's sort of cartoonish. It's. I fully expected Jimmie your outlook can be seen in public within woman on would be eight. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model where we're going to be like Bronx are different. Org is now we're glad to be model immigrant who feeling between John Virginians in Egypt the grimly goofy. Someone else for putting us yet. Immediately grappled really liked this woman did. She changed. Industry. Slices he sees grosses me in the eighteenth on if you work for say it is funny you you walker. Tight rope I'm gonna come on a limb and say she's gross and I'm already wondered if I'm in trouble I don't want no trouble but I will soon Portland general Michael brewer McCants all night she'd reached hardcore Republican she tweets out how bad is the her hero president. Was feeding points while his wife wasn't Freddie thing but it was it was him that apple was to write reports are that snuck a look for the present either you're playing one of autism here. About com. What does a whole tempo answers on whole thing trump in his private life is creepy. Companies I've been like as you Calder and tawdry and magical or prostitute. Institution's problems better than you after you were asked to do you have fewer parts that. Well she is in this with a small he plunged prostitute yourself. You sell yourself and sell sex I guess I don't mean to add to the words and yet she car whore and what do you call. Opponents support. It was posted personal idol of the party to a like that Woodward. Well delegates were produced I mean I I don't want them jailed prisoners out Pritchard probably just you know trying to job. Would say she hasn't oxygen jobless dating some guy when she's doing groceries we can shoot great but again a give her credit because EDs nation some cuts it is risky to do it is to criticize a woman for anything the 2002 order follow that you buy or be really upset car. Among Jews. Also 600. Loss play. 2000. Natalie and how it got them I think pitches batches and boss' fault you understand what happened. We all know that show. I know that perhaps. You're right that's accurate their boss in the rain in the fall open Brit Brit admit commissioners on KG default by ones you'd think this is not real person. Is there like command idol was so we and they and the people who are followers of the communion brightened yesterday but he does not fall mean myself some of the people oral but he he Dustan and so report to me at 30000 full house out now you're catering bought the ball. Which is not even so you bought we ball try eternal list for tomorrow Aussie lost. And the Moscow. But let's just it would break like everyone's like this is so shameful. And she was buying him so she did trying which sells itself to these. Cheap cross which she sells itself to these companies she says you know I have heard 2000 fall why do you have to get back that ever. That's a legitimate opinion to think which it put it which opened and I guarantee should depend metropolis on this stuff. On knock about act and I don't really care either way. My point is you think this woman uses fat so jeez he sort she's Haiti's Iraq was attracted to work. And she happens to free living. Act sexually so that's gonna affect the 49ers that your yes it's warning residents are pretty old school antiquated no proof dumb thinking. Rappel happens is blood in his 500 tickets rushed up and she would he sees that woman so so what. So. Well she's totally changed for dummies like you Chris and her terrible and look it's a story. Terrible of course is the owner of that team has a French as he gave the most money at a history two innings watching him walk around this woman in apps blog about his judgment and one. It's terrible judgment if that's actually exactly judges mother fixed in his mother's like it. I like his mother really affects the 49 what does he have any endorsements yet community partners shoe deal would've grooves you can lose. He yes if you're all right yes it does he can lose a deal with a but it went on a losing the validity to go to our. Give me you know that it's not saying just say he was talking to I don't know whenever pizza. They would look at office jobs. All public Johnson's tires and it. Pizza that replaced but if they want him as a spokesman because he's handsome. He's going to be good. It would be like whoa hold or all the this is I think I think it's different when you're wrong I don't think you're wrong and advertisers trying to reach middle America. And they see among I think most people even know this is the him disease that is so just you would know they do not showing they do now to bail in an effort in you know I would even now all that's not a solution if you're pizza Yeltsin will be saying let's hope nobody saying I wasn't works legally. He should Dieter as a job a much much of it shouldn't later straighter because she is illegal jail correct that's insane well I mean they're. Perception is what it is that's reception I get credit because I Democrats as attractive as what he goes to care okay what are the marries her. That's who do you give credit. I want is attracted takes guts right. Yes I agree I agree to takes cuts not California Tony marriage are awful it is I don't know but I went on about Iran complex I was in I was in the who live in all it's true. Are there on any more game and mature about should there aren't the many growers ballistic this chick at all glories as. Or is torch for bank production heavy putting. They're plenty or heavy user there your issue with her shoes I don't see a lot of if she was that your simple dumb line. No six foot blonde skinny like brandy love yes you'd say no problem I would be less of an issue I know you would have less of an issue so so. It's not that he's dating points are seeking a portrait correct attractive. That's part of it just affect his decision making for forty and it's. As its worst look at that its exit at its hey Rob Lowe. Used to seem like you know altogether. So I think he's since. Its image now he's crazy like like she's a golf would get a couple lines opened 61. Steve province as well dealers like will take packs a 1777937. Wilbur. DNC and seeing Kirk in Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. Mr. Hansen progress each and he. Or relevant news tape stresses strains. Awful you'll a new warrants he can just concentrate and just some say the. The crop. Content petered. Corner Chris Curtis he the owners. Wife has some effect. But it is no question and Jerry's wife Jerry's point how does that sound not Brady go to lead for the show starts. Jerry said during the break you know we were one and stuff like that has been obvious that's easy now. I was some doors on the basis or we don't. Just getting other siamese they're coming and I felt fine that's good to me when I'm wrong I'm wrong you're right it was the wind days. I apologize I'm totally it was the sound of the porn star Sugar Ray go you know we do stuff I would have said something but it seemed so obviously in normally yeah on the top of these things the pretty easy lately I have some gone last night yesterday afternoon. We both were consumed body changes switch. I like that like oh you haven't flicked the color Google wanted to talk won the batting order requested that ugly out yet rental days are good that support. What does that by themselves Mark Bradford for days he said like what you know it just. Out of my obligation to the show to the job under formal Q a Romania. Sierra media. She quit because she she has. 361000. Dots. She does. She is a prolific on Twitter as your girl grabbed the glove I don't know I don't know that would be a yes. Is she I think you're right of wanting Turkey she must be in the wrong one wanna look at recently 2000 the appeal with the handle the heat them up enforcement. The appeal is who she is tweeting a video of her. Chicken of the guy who's through the painting in her house he's painting the walls yeah it paid to go for it and she's looking at him. Lovingly lovingly last thing I can't imagine what happens next to a key call on our Korean media that's actually a acted that the courts there. Mice sexy Korean media are always 361000. Piece her. You know I would normally says followed by other people you know Republicans he crumpled on the list but I don't know him. He's a member he was booze and other nine pizza Graham account a year ago her remote was really become an hourly into his big show around 530 ready JG is he's like he's he's just manage. There. Right doesn't necessarily want this we'd love for each ball around the impeachment just I mean this guy it was life. Yeah was the elegant and we're concerned my sexy Korea media. At that can. Mine six. Kate IA AR AA. But he try to getters many followers as you can years get somebody's which McCall you know just a larger. Yes look at. The heart want to the heart all right all right got to do for the job or reach out to me should huge issue are well good cubic monarchs should come on the short among the podcast it's a couple calls. Michael's in Brooklyn and Michael. Lisa is an intense account name. I the Obama how would the army has a right bureau. Chosen ones that was formed during the Clinton administration about the portrait church. Don't you look at old points doesn't think. There. They get issues hole is forty one's much younger than they poured Stasi usually eighteen and no wrong the milk industry is a booming industry you know by anonymous yes understood she's not I admit she's not been ever been a favorite of mine. I'm market this year not much of those massive market share revenues you you have this issue with women who have little overweight that's your chiffon women whether one's actually Graham of the warm note when he's in the magazine's own horse or or miss me I don't have issues that prod them go to U goaltenders and I pandering as usual obsolete what else Michael there's some weird clearly this is a desire in Europe and on this and you for some reason. Woman out that's correct the problem desire for what fat women have something going on your soul afraid to mature and it that you get angry about it. I'd. I'd sort of growing darker there are you know. OK who's in who's the hottest instead. I mean that's hard Mets couldn't even dated like a really hot points total that's why should I give him credit. He's saying I'm attracted to his former machine people's credit you know the ones and some kind of goof and he did on a sentence of saints in fact true. That I give him credit that hey you know what I'm up and pretend and the attractiveness you deserve credit for that. I guess if I hear quite well for taking purports to have an expensive dinner. Boy he would doesn't 150 million and number isn't that unusual because usually elected. Did Kron Celtic Bibi Jones who expensive were and where ten Israelis it is LA it's a little different. The the porn photos saying prayers in LA California. The porn world deals applause world yet the porn world this sort of cross though where if you find out like he's driving a Bentley. Swear and like at room Floyd Mayweather like watch. He shows up with a chain like Manning the shadows. That's going to be fiance Jimmy is changed. Yes it is simple I had hopes Weston went in eastern Illinois. Eastern style or these horrible you know eastern Illinois we talked to mention a few very nice guy Dick. Now it seems like they viewed the money's got to hope he's got dinner with a points yes. Scots in Connecticut he's got very crazy picture else. I guess later on today. On. It is certainly character normally I would be cited major honest when I cutbacks were on percent on this one. On distorted view on how you want on your part when there's. This yes this part recently. Saw earlier this young single but I millionaire. And get a chance in the sport install I mean are you Jerry are you telling me honestly that we need that he knew that accompany. And you had chances all the points are you wouldn't do it. I would not I'd be afraid. I agree she's intimidating I would I would try an honestly attract more like swimsuit model. Or who. Emma dole is with Olivia credit Arnold traditional boring hum diamond dogs put the swimsuit model Brady's with a supermodel I'd be more like crock diamond does look cookie cutter and Oregon. Alleged Jerry counting on an element knocked up polio model and Laird a little more easily edgier when we know he went out too easy to see you dedicated some pasty white you know whatever but you have fetish for you the thing. I finished but you lied about it like women like that's like your wife she did her so why I don't know what's on knee injury she's close. Sat in the summer she should get it right and but but but they zealot but you're thinking. Well it's at least that. Little bit we know that there's no doubt about that no doubt there's. Since severe darkness let's sneak in Steve from Prague to Ron Amadon dale doesn't like who. While details of that program says it thank you. You still are on the fact that at a well water seal the culprit is old growth corporate mortgage when he was artwork for your perhaps all right. You know. Jerry are ya heard me talk back in 2000. What you got all possible there was talk. Back to a confidential witness 216 exit or piper and never been to recover without them. I don't do that are different. She always she always this big as ours too soft thick. Orbit in about. Honesty you like that right. I'll be there and equipment that is in Beirut really the difference in our orders are for better. And mark early in the third product and. Now there's not no support a note that the correct I think Hillary feels. This do you think you agree that much much worse chores to. I saw a recall we love hearing a Steve. YouTube. New York politics right now you're batting order that's exactly it or won't touts the equal mournful. So let's go to Jeff the main hey Jeff first of all I have to ask you list all the people from from me give air conditioning. OK okay we'll take care reform he didn't cancel cut. I'm so I was a little Jimmy do you think you think back there was a teenager. She would have been an error these 31 of the content and business was fifteen or so in her video in from our reporting isn't about it at the morning at got the opportunity. It is quite sure bucket list things life maybe I'd take it. Yeah we'll never see them my prediction of never seemed to get the public again. Really I think he's just so he ultimately got invited to go all one night and you know who knows maybe she's maybe he'll be the one what would be awesome if he really gave her and then got engaged and married also. The ten years now this she's fifty. Equate. A secret eight. Exactly right our cue up about 61777790. Through several graphic.