K&C - Dale and Keefe ripped Gerry; Steve in Providence forces Mut out of the studio 12-15-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, December 15th

Hour 1 - Gerry responds to the attacks from Dale and Keefe. Steve in Providence had a poem for Mut


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It's Kurt. Tomorrow mutt and courtesy and sing a duet. Let's go girls come off. And one's gonna be but we changes as they are we saying one's going to be because we do. Or do you look. There is a little drummer boy I'm sure it will be performance art when you first one. Come they told me what my book on the bottom. With Gerry Callahan they're gonna rip on people about during the show it was kind of fly in the face of players during very very hypocritical apocryphal to criticism I'll give talents excellence than that to deal he bitches and moans about people who won't come on the air and fight with a wide as the colder in essence here's what lessons has he turned down an opportunity from the globe Kelso a classic tweet about Terry that's a little hypocritical to me. Along if you're gonna it was just sit and make and I very current man Chris Gasper Boston Globe metro columnist Adrian walker but for the the rose sports talk radio I'm just so where they shut down conversation about hours and she's just something that we moved it from home for the city yeah you're right about that though not only do they deny that you can we talk about. That's really interesting and I think that's definitely it's I totally agree here let automotive plant were quell the threat from all white crowd on Sports Radio W. I will get rid run later talked speak and walk I thought I thought we did pretty well yeah excellent business. We love for the first because all of a lot. Cheeks. Yet there's no question about that thanks to the one thing we've been accused of why I like my aren't trying to mind. Who hears gas via your guy. She's been lots of what went right to 386. Or something you know this lineup account no wonder that we've always been accused of and that we do we never talk about race now trying to they'll never ever we I don't know we have I. Couple sorry I got sore arm a couple months before remember this. We did the show again Joe's are mono and at the time those Akron were waiting for us in the office. Close the door we felt we done a good show I called the the Balt you show talking all the ball sports. And the ball thing. And Joe's Obama sat us down and he's. It's not in the face of the country somewhere. And he said you better start talking about goddamn race on the show you a fan I. I'd remember that and I said I I as I have a family okay I embraced you gave. Hug my you were emotional and enjoy went out and active Powell on. That massage his feet that's right Indians Akron at Breslin and robe and it just had so ethnic ones. I mean did you walker is such. Perform facing jail obviously every Ivy League which was huge and I don't know what to say about them and madam haven't talked to see you read but he has said he just said that we won't we won't have a conversation here this again so. I mean. This podcast was tremendous positive yes I'm what do you think what you hear in Sports Radio from hosting collars. It's reflective of days. Angry talk Marc Bertrand 25 minutes he does not mention the cork encounter usually taught you need to get lousy yes Silverman hasn't really. Refers to his talk show host and talk with what raced last Friday at times the freedom Plame as a variety go to Frederick are a lot associate. Joseph Scioscia he's the 10 he's a flame thrower rich he thought about them. He talks about restarts and it's 800 yeah I'd hash. I have in the blocking game a comparative. Buffett Japanese and tariff I mean we get criticized for talking about race too much. I don't maybe even walker has never listen music and maybe doesn't understand that sound and of course he's right about we don't lie low like dissenting voices Chris when they call says are you wait. You wait and I put the way calls right from the top Lester right and you're buying up in the black was right Chris every morning excellently labels on two fronts you like it to you on and nail color you nailed it Adrian walker we get hang up whatever. And it's true I mean that's and it's going to be proud of that and that dope but got it out. The other Sports Radio is probably more conservative than sports. Billions of awful but I think the way they shut down conversation about is something that we go from home for it you know not only do they deny it you can't talk about. Without getting hung up from shelves and I guess I can talk talk talk follow up follow up about four number one. It's IOC Adrian can you give us an example of this. One example while ago that's it want to and I would say we get probably ten times more complaints from people. Who think we let callers like Everett talk too long on one of them. The accident yesterday during a call hang up. On on call as we don't do that I remember ever do and doctors are shut down a color wanna talk ball race and your show don't etc. certainly he's currently chairs taken a call it's a veteran and as for how we Adrian what happened and everywhere actually outrageous I it's outrageous that it might be outrageous if that ever happened Europe almost dying because you don't know when the lights at media you know he is madame I'm I'm sorry oh it's there are dumb black people are dumb white people or people are dumb. He happens to be a stupid person. Who is black that's how it works that are afraid to say that because I'm not racist or stupid people Wear white a stirring one right now. There are lots of stupid people on earth yesterday that I realized how. Because I am I'm 33 let's ride out like dummies here today yes I've OK I have five. But he I don't know Gaspar says gas for us just saying that gas brown knows that's wrong I usually you're. He. Yet there's no question about how did he say that you splice the tape. It or about it I wanna hear he does he is higher time Jerry you know it's a young bird gassed his voice I was surprised as I don't know why. Almost like fear like that it is have a real conversation capsule that's really interesting. My first day when I first it was when I called Hewitt that you have to listen is because Ager walker became on your show you would eat him tomorrow it'll he had no answers are rotting. Me or get the neighbor pricing and a second but that's the big equated sec with desperate to not like it didn't care I'll tell this soul at all. Dale Hall you have with Richard Keefe are not infinite riches. Well if this is a family member died hunt and oh right he's is nuts is that what happened now I think knowing that you're back I'm sorry for that if it's Friday dream walker big spots had been a whole station five of the last few days. Keep as I know is. Twelve sales people thome issues of this interview Merrill via right so he's I imagine it must have been something. Unspeakable tragedy in my heart breaks for these guns they talk yeah drew a walk in the death at 330 hunger maybe. But maybe he's undergoing an exit that yeah skywalker for so yes sluggish. You're so low blow up the pivot away and don't give it away the US. You passed much like his friend its key key. Which keep as few too polluted to. Is taking today I was sound right about this was a joke it is not it may be taking this grown man Z 3538333033. Year old man married he has a house of mortgages insurance insurance just now as chair taking the day off to go to C. I believe it's. Captain smarty pants if not is not the question all I know the Lego Batman movie has to move a few very fought on he wanted to Lego Batman but it was sold out since the Lego Star Wars which was aware that Wasilla with a bunch OTC with a not as cold as has way. Catherine his Catherine is ten with a bunch of ten year old. So this grown man who's out afternoon drive host. Is taking the day off to go to see this little kid's movie network so that it shouldn't keep issue I would call they yell at holly issue is that if if you all right Dana that complaint mean a case it's a hot issue if he's there is a bronze camera we're just all hope ruthless eyes all night for game five was last night so they don't play against her tactic but it drawbacks ultra private college and early for TV game and actually nobody on the air today for the final just if you watch your location so I'll just not that much faith hello Adrian walker and Andy's Andy Kennedy Hurtado yes the two of them that is unbelievable. If he made that request and our program director. I would say you can have the day off and you can of the after that off I went after that the Jessica today on your dime here it was nice knowing I'm not usually go now I guess there's the door good luck with their vision afternoon drive host and a big day like this with the Adrian walker on is. We have to move here. We are real treat coming up. Kiefer madness on Thursday heard Michael McNamee and small speakers who go to C the last Jett died at the real thing let's not so people could make fun if they want them to be okay and everybody I'm not making fun of him. The jobs that whole pageant I said that god knows it and say how. Advice said that I was to enjoy the film I'm take that to see Dunkirk he would destroy him I would say unfortunately we deserve the only screening of the film ever get to go see it would be shot one time right now one screening on that one night I. I want last known on the cost. Hold on the if they estimate that executes ago elect the next there's some in. When you get easy customer the other guys and I know text and he's afraid that if he waits. A minute if he's afraid waits today there will be spoilers in the it'll rooted forum promised to right now. God and so you he will not be there you volunteers take it. Place I so I reached out because I care what the station as you know. In the question I am going to tonight's not to 615. So I said to I said the Joes are mono you know doubled from three to four walkers at 332 major walker. With hall with dale who do good job and all you'll not. He's on it 330 today so how but I coming at 3 o'clock. We fight for half an hour of walker on. Fight for another 1015 minutes on there gives a nice rating for our yesterday to start a station for three to four and they're used to have three man Booth and and you know Retief is going to be Captain Underpants and you can. Sit in for output you know open Bagger you know twelve Sox in my mouth so the feel more confident rich cities calling in to give her a review of the movie during their shows those guys are crazy already because those guys deal making those guys Tuesday. And so I said let's do that. And Joseph final check of the guys I knew the answer would be of course and he can call me back and said holy said this many hands in walker won't do it. And so I welcome I guess we're done here in search of where we draw is made of who again I said the deputies to ask them. When he reached out to me he may have and I just never sought was an email it's an easy thing to prove a -- walker when he left you voicemail right let me would I ever see I don't play it for you throw line giving the day I'm in the game you never guess right in the gets talked and that's fine I would. I'm gonna guess the day. He called me it will be around that same chemical Bjorkman said he put about what two days effort into the story. So so let it be one of that either that that before him and it was taken out and show a very. Very critical of you either the first or second baseman on this that extra couple days yeah I think dual maybe for organs that these threes Madonna one they react and Jones phone number should noise lights out today when spokesman Alderson counting days to Utica close account balance they they they farm that out in terms you know walker gets in the podcast he was one of those counting of Fenway. The blue should've sent them into the white and doing that is sexually aroused watching black people count of black people are rich white people the globe did did the asking how he didn't like write it down fingers toes and we try to memorize how recount. And how humiliating my now orally not great detail about it again today asked him what they did about the you know. Indian folks of the the docs kindred and not pass laws tough questions on the this is serious question to my Aussie who's of course defending his friends of the globe can't. Answer it I know it's been scrambling yesterday David Ortiz he says doesn't count so if he's not in all person of color you have to be. I guess Americans me included Al Horford and Hanley Ramirez in a salary description of a black out or got this whole phonetic and webcasters Kardashian it's fascinating what do we think Al Horford was accounts offense that we gear that's really interesting but the hall some amazing accounting for the story did you that the county missed my company was all they like to point yesterday several one of them actually was. Who did you write this story. Some black media members in Boston right to liberate Kuwait deaths or thing Ali or Steven cousins no black media members and talk to no Red Sox players that doctor know Orioles that talked to nobody knows for her anyway we claims again on the podcast Jerry that he did no Red Sox players we talked. That is what exams Kennedys and Kennedy said Jim Butler we want to then they would talk to. Release of all these guys who were because they're gonna hear what is our radio was his excuse. There are afraid to shut down conversation or shut that we do just the opposite you dope. We don't mean I mean really your come you know what that's that's a confidence thing you are. You're a dope yours on the Euro lousy writer. That's stories dog you blew it get a chance. Three you know 62 on our fast on you wish you loser and if you want to go joins us. You can Orwell commands are here once Clinton slams and I said man I've quoted you walk over the last couple days I'm going to say is important including other people diplomacy 1012 times and Adrian if you called Kirk and he didn't call you back as you claim. You have them on your phone is to do taking pot a picture we don't take a picture of your phone you can bowler the last couple numbers and opponents believe is number Lehman likes things fast as Kirk met his number this is the day I called them this is when I left the message he didn't call back make a liar out of Kirk both. How would do that of our view Adrian walker let's say they just called to a dummy you wanna get him back. Call him a liar and tweet out. The picture of you'll fall on the date you sent out it works or I would say yes or birds play the voicemail lets offered to alcoholic and click here I never. And maybe gotten him a voicemail from his end. It's for you we would have a voice vote strike on how to work the point. Let's odd that you do a virtual lion I'm lets you answer that charge your phone. Come the fall break our children. If something that we go from debt pro and only do they for the city talk about what rootkit yeah. For the hallway as we won't talk about I call them the other days I tweeted out. And he says Kentucky hung up CO2 conversation we had called his work number I'd Treo is is globe number that's fine. He's a visa gold employee is abuse of public figure. If you wanna talk did you walk wrote a story that's number I called he picked up right away to the agents Turkmen hand we've never talked before. Answer questions about your stories of the Kentucky curtain behind which by the way I probably had forty gore well tangle people. Couple of elements that at this time dead people hang up on me well of course the lawyers are involved so the five week. We have so much globe to get all but before always have your children do well you know might even excellence while my friend but I had been co host of the monkey show is there. This is keep really that dumb way yes yes there is he's just you know confused. Arc is which are hard to parts file start the first part where he and payable call me hypocrite of them coming apart. Hypocritical can call me very hypocritical. For not doing interview with the Boston Globe. Rip on people out during the show it flies in the face of pleasure to be very hypocritical it's actually an and quite honestly to criticism get to Callahan. Pictures and moans about people who walked on the air and fight weathermen talk when them. And he turned down an opportunity from the globe talked about a story that he's apart. That's a little hypocritical to me if you're gonna complain about. I a lot hypocrite a lot typically uses that. Adjective good phrase here. Or member of a lot to broker a lot hypocritical and dale dale is naive duels and none them pills marketed in the way does that relieve dale do you really think I'm gonna do in the view of the globes they would take. I'll 45 minutes Q and they would argue more awkward they've fortified do you think I would be treated fairly in my mind I heard dale dale said you should keep the conversation. Continued I don't even have the technicals you try to do it I don't understand that and that's. I'm and I used to I used to have a mini cassette recorder with me at all times when I was a reporter and rightly so with your phone. I can record my conversations with an app that my record. If you of these examples just figure that out. But dale but keep is to see that dumb he thinks that I'm into an inning with the globe and again I don't gonna I don't they're gonna not keep knows your background the globe or knows the explosion was. I'm just I was idiotic of the other states like ten years you know have probably was ten years how long was -- on five years five years known avenue well understand is it's I missed a missed a completely the only thing I would say is like I don't know if I would talk to walk him I am I giving them certainly come at fault that he's a little premium for talking Shaughnessy. The B trash which is exactly. That's the difference I'd like we know we're friendly such as he's gonna take my one. Quote that he wanted that story and and and and its Kindle and mutilated again and let the owners and the hypocrisy like it's not consistent. Walker's ask injured comment for story. A boat race in Boston we have refugee walker to park in Puerto he broke the story of just the stolen but he wrote the story but I finally of all people straighten some boxes. Well it doesn't trust the gold it's not an law. An honest Q and hey like we would have here we're not gonna change Adrian orcas words taken out of context we would have on. We would talk to him I mean you might yell at him I would be nice to him but picture it's not like we would beat. Deceitful. He would do if I talk to the globe for this story I have no doubt that they would be dishonest deceitful. They would take the words push and help the might even change that while they gauger awkward cuteness but. If you looking back on do you wish you had said come on the air and use whatever sounds pleasant conversation they would need urine of. As I think I thought that's what I would ever want those guys say united signature when I do. Right actually NASA jet that's gonna comment pedestal I said this you after I would tied meters we should've said yeah. Okay you come on us. We do we ought we we you know we text back and forth we have that. You come all of us how you write about us by the media would. But he wouldn't that wouldn't be in the story of a bit of saying it becomes all of us we bludgeon them. I mean it's because I knew the storm is slowly afraid to comment for a guy that but he said in a letter that he's probably going and he did it's let's have one. So if you you you know I give you quoted come on the air that's that's fine and it wouldn't happen. But understandable we take a picture of those Texans say listen. This guy agreed that he's afraid to demolish it looks bad or look we offered to do about it when people are commentators. You know but the rest Pollack said he explained it's at exactly that supported it doesn't trust that might mean for would you say I shouldn't. Actually I wanna go over the Al Borges story wanna go over appropriate for other stories here's the thing that happened my desk war if you give walker could 45 in an interview as you just said. He can pick and half of the sentence and turn into what you want and it's the globe they can change it sure that it actually take the words completely my guess I can promise. I don't know I owe Shaughnessy I know that he's not do that to me. Right I guess now would do whatever you hate him in the YouTube yes indeed what they did divorced yes these days that's that's good points to what they did to bar school's sports and say that's why not can we work and we fiction with your partner I guess that is part one part is he not. Know what Japanese interment is to concede sound like he was confused does that seem the avengers where is that permit him in America Latin America came. That's where I was really to see. Do they do they mention. Like interment in the Lego Batman movie you're in his eye. Us I do not think Robyn is in and I have a show holly knows what it is but they were going after me. Because I have this argument with Tom mossy. Must he said you know no one's been marginalized and I agreed marginalized like African Americans obviously agreed. But people have been marginalized at different levels and explained. In Japanese interment I explained that they've you know been marginalized and discriminated against for years. And now. They're suing Asian Americans as a group as a class action are suing Harvard because they won't let the men. Even on the qualifier in another great recipes are off the charts they're trying to stop the influx of Asian. And you don't hear dale in the segments because he's on any television. Station preview in the capital's power play Oates right that's right which I thought huge gain life brought it also hoping against bill and probably we're talking another loss based public and let his Broken Arrow sets and I apologize to buck their right its capital punishment that is a good. They probably could use the money they'll probably understands the whole history of Japanese Americans in world war two and Dale's afraid to some extent. To be. Not honest I was Smart on the unknown unknown. Got to be honest about race but too heavy real conversation about race with Paul. I feel so of course of course why oh why would he be at this point they've where you would be I mean it's you know it's it's it's it's not easy sometimes you worker I guess is black eye on them the black. We were the guys black to have that conversation I feel that conversational becomes. Where Michael hallways whirled around to suit his knee and haven't held stores obstacle Y I I did it did you had a conversation you hear when they were going after me on this I I do want to this war do you think it yet so you were set records must use relative efficacy and aiming wrong I'll be honest yes it says it. The suggest that slavery was in the big. As you told doctor walker is straight guy shouldn't. To read that it is can you play well in must mold their talk to them but yesterday's internment. Maybe it wasn't what the caller said I still think it's outrageous. Eyes outrageous comparison. Absolutely. Yeah I'd never heard active person before. The call wasn't all that Ron was real about it and amplified and I was shocked but it wasn't that are on drastically off with a put a lot of hours asthma. Enslaved Africans. Every slight the nation was built on it free labor element to talk about during World War II. It is talking about World War II. No we're not. Knowing our rollback ruled earlier than that wife it is feared there could. What the hell well that's. Now like 5 o'clock on a draw on the -- -- details not there Bruins yes in 5 o'clock I've replaced biting Apple's for a new I think to relax after a long game I believe I missed the call for everybody happy so it's a search and also they played a money exchange with Tomas if the polls and we get the call I never heard the column but I didn't play the the drill the first well. We all bought it I want the person brought up in the they want the subsequent call when my favorites of a long time caller I was not happy without assault career. Jerry Kelly and comes up with a comparison between. Jack Japanese permit and and you play in the black. In America for a hundred years hundred years from now. He said. It's not a race issue it's a class issue yeah. All you know how they're doing so at minicamp. You know if so how lots. Lull between Q is just. Personalized perfectly frankly I'm as sure much longer is a guy on them is that. Just the younger richer or Michael heard. Heard you say I did wrong I didn't say that you did you said it wasn't race it was classes. And that and Tomas the agreement to Muncie was talking will be marginalized. Then they played my exchange two months he tell me what's wrong and you play to my house in Riyadh that slavery ever. I said I said liquor road more so the best has this got back in the attendance. When we kept the slave fans I have always said free labor I mean Jesus and you know honestly it's too bad the newsroom was up early enough to hear it. Because of August we're told that I don't blame my expert advice promotion for the show and communities to be heard keep these to scale sleepy Ken because he's going to the movies later what the thing about sleeping on guys get dressed up as it makes it go by faster circuits closer and it's just see how would you want more polish take for this moron to get this the applicable in all sitting next to me last night now give my full review later with spoilers. The main mistress the storm trooper grown Manson next to us what the score proposed what do they look like the other of the big white the white. Oh cool they're white and black as a matter of colors yes. Actual movie was gone on to everyone current club the movie boy big spoilers though common believe spores unhealthy please count from attacks keep the sport ruin his day excellent and that damages. At all. Our heads I somehow missed backer of hurdles to overcome that one part of it. And so just to refresh everybody here's actually what Jerry said this more energy yesterday as saying it's not racial it's economic OK I agree with that. How does it become economic well. And class of people. Who are more than other people who who don't show live in neighborhoods with the worst schools and other people who don't have the opportunities that other people have. How does that happen how'd you get out of that. So I agree with you that it is an economic thing you don't about the incident alone or always be rich people poor people yes but that's the way the world works group of people bats started with slavery. Accords and has since then they have always been the Mark Leno I've come from people who is this how do you change. Do you think how do you get through there Linus Asians and the marginalized Asians were never slaves us they weren't really what I hear. A what do you think FDR did to them in the World War II you think I'm putting them in camps. Might have marginalized. The boot the Asians look okay so I know agents helped build it would discriminate do you believe that ancient warrior laid. Lately fit just do you believe the agent was play the next ten seconds he's so relaxed we'll get there and that blacks were America of course not ideal because I just told you with the winter when they say do you believe that Asians were slave to the extent of that sort of my horse as that of course not I you know I hurt us hire paperwork got played again that are that have sore man of course now. Our sorry I said of course not giant I mean I wasn't that clear but. I'm. Maybe he didn't hear it. Maybe he needs transcript may be could slow it down for him but I'd Soledad you know articulate enough for him I I don't think I am I never claimed to be but they get pretty obvious. Do you think Asian Americans works in slave to the extent that African Americans were. And Gerry Callahan says. Of course not did you miss that part Keith and Ollie north's official wouldn't get more it was a -- they act on their show Oden who was a click that and they they they said it was outrageous. And I'll prepare. Slavery to a term and it didn't say that before they put the sound upset after the play this well they said they heard at all. Allred witness that was that was did you play that I know it will move on after this completely healed and future you know I've been on part time. Technical data responded in an Ali this isn't you know we're doing and another key yes good let's get these things get this together it was a big big concern and little else. Your job you can either. It what why those kind of life it's gonna tell Ali he had to kind of funny that played out there without saying it's her that's a good point. Successful I was never gonna say her name stupid short. I'd wanna do now you'll come back into Allen is settled down a come on you can't. Now it's like by one a student and what's the thought process. He's trying to do a million things in there you want to hit it like I changed my words. A good thing it's Friday you have a good term less you consider moving in today and tomorrow tomorrow. He addressed says it Pomona a storm trooper yes what is key interest says he's tell you but because of buddies he's skywalker sky are so hard originals to walk out and I think it's good news correspondent summits is a mess this is a mess that you know them no idea it's going to mess. Tarred and your fault it's not your fault it's a mess so they actually went through that young age actually like you played me saying of course. Course I wouldn't compared to sleep I may get rest and criticize me for the pairs of comparing it to slavery. You can say what you want which Keefe and Michael you could say what you want about me you can't beat dishonesty key entry can get it wrong and advent. But not get called have been nothing but nice to them and I think I don't get us you know I mean course now I democracy against holds with the wind down and then they were. They were rounded up and put in prison camps by FDR and World War II. I would call marginalized they were definitely discriminated against for decades whereupon I show me to look at the event not just one day course about now. Now they take a call and we played the call that all the it was Eleanor that the video was gone Bruins came just calling Keefe. They can put a phone call from one of our biggest fans back to the files we got that alpha camera screen nice call there geez. I. That shows me and what the conference. And I'm curious. Now and then and saying. Obama has last year. The last Chanukah lighting ceremony at the different. He answered with. So yeah yeah. I mean I've heard people talk about the Jewish people being racist about black and then we replaced two. I. Mean I just didn't zipping back and I was going to say is that the 2004. Red zone. I read an article in the times you know how baseball that is very quick and they divided on race and ethnicity and all laughed. Got an independent article about how to sleep in the record labels like in 2000 for the right. Used to look at over the course bring it doesn't mean curse of the right. And that's. Happened a long armed and didn't and attorneys get a different groups and government. Since we're power. Like it's not that she's like right I've office I have Washington this is say Obama. Your. I'm just. A cry cry as she's gone I believe I've always has a harmonica that she's like in golf but seriously this is a character. She you know that's right or an Arabic and she's a job because you'll. I'm sure she's not terribly long time we are now is that she's got you walk on to check gets that part was she she knows who get good ratings but thinks that we should be on his two angrier something kicking. Can can in all of you keep saying such a sense of humor fun with this bid as well as well. Is this parity just looser and promote human coming hours and and to the point Sally and I appreciate it's like a conference on all of conference. That's a limited description that's that's what we strive towards sports but he won't mashed potatoes and college college conference go to get. Like Asia and their happy to have this crazy loom on this cat lady from Cambridge on and she's telling them that she's crying. She's crying and and and she's battling probably crying cat lady you lie you lie you said that I compared to term at the slavery I did not. That was quite clear we just played the sound Suton so listen up honey listen up. She's a lunatic you're really you're really into that matter Allison labored she's on the station that drive time on an honest only on Thursday afternoon people murder no. But Schiller yes. Can we play smaller merchants from the way they don't want me on today. Just keep that in mind what you want it's just I'm not crazy by uprisings of banks show in the week. And they hate as a but like behavior like Ager walker rule does despite his kids understand the color me that you shoot hockey understand why we're on its interest in the object lesson again understands the radio network here yet so you know there's certainly knows you so you'd he's I was like oh I think I. Should want to let him what you said he said he understands the goals of people listen yes I so so why don't his actions. I think they do with actions have done that he's been the aggressive guy on that show real multiple interviews the last six cents a share SOK that no. Thank all of this hasn't yet sat out oh yeah at times cites last and that's the way Obama. That his choice. All of his Mike off I think he's Mike was on OK he's like it was his choice you're being critical again of his role I interviewed gosh yes yes this your son. No but I'm just Fred why did you get a good job in that spot at the last ten minutes. No he no big board thank you. Good good I want I Mets off Fairmont now excellent and we play a little more of case why are you as well twice wired its workers nothing. Thank you the same things ought to fear you you rip people on the Agilent UKS has never never heard anybody I'm sure it's lawyers hero and that you very much which ought. New York yeah I'm go ahead. And so. I. But. It's going to be exempt and the so what do you say it won't detect. Why it's that it's important. To note that. And one. I'd like that tells me this is your friend that's that's that's darkness is your friend that you're thinking like god knows you play that at the end understands. Why you were on air nieces there. Knocked out back. He can volley chip and it it might help in the ratings. That's she's having us on in the morning might help in the eating. How does it mean to beat Al understand how I would. Ellison doesn't have to I wish people understood I wish he did that would be that would aware of a hole would have suppose I was all he did always. Outrageous compare our chances. India I'd never heard that person before. All that wrong with real little and that flight I don't know if yeah that. Slightly. I suggest the opposite he eats on. Drastically. The put a lot of hours on. Some lame Africans. It was built on it free labor. During world war was talking about the word marginalized. That's we're talking about talking about you guys I'll go around the room do you think it's Japanese were marginalized in World War II I do. You ma I do yes yes I can't watch how. We're lawful or unlawful powerful player award Ralf thank. Is what boards portrayed in that return of the GM I six hours back. Why did did that guy you thought the judge he turned in the dark tunnel or I've heard her. So we get the ringing endorsement from. Kept Alison how I was thankful to win talking about what we're humans was what was supposed to blow because of what my intentions of going needs and agriculture nutrition available. Barack had a profound. She better alternative NFL Sunday elected they said nothing an idea of whole region is on its interest and so saying. Why why because she's a woman does not mean I don't understand what's the pole again that the view. The best. Is breaking bread with. Since that didn't work and open. And I don't like them I'll. That our current yeah I think what fortunate. Let's keep getting scared of keep they'll call dozing guy calling you wouldn't know that while I don't sexist. When I heard as they listen actually deciding argued that parliament call likes that art is blue wave breaking bread with the dead and sports talk he has to work and not recognize any excuses as I'd like that but keep playing don't stop the middle of its sales in the quotes what happened you know like we're we're it would this would this. Is sandy come from out of the bad character. I mean what's what do you do when you dual Dave would you do today which yesterday. Good to see who else is doing pretty I want you crying over under on how many counts 27. She's upset dale left for the socialist. Taylor did it I wanna hear what else he says about the public and looks like I tell them. About it that gates ought yeah. A lot and there few while he has not gone on Iraq one while wouldn't day unfold and anyway whether he's weathered it. That's morals are worse than what a week you know she's just explain again how he knows what he's got he's got a big big awful boring says that these big big thinker. She's as well you know. This book how he said in the months ago 617 several he sets is right was always quote. I'm happy to read the weekly. Both. Both shows bwi but we did like him with both quit the next book. This means and why broadcast and it. Next book he writes yeah that could be it this is viewed as 2040. Using the toilet paper in my in my I'm Trish were never had Allison on I guess which you cannot. She has on a break bread with passed out on the show we've not I've not heard from Nelson can't welcome it shouldn't let her call. So they reformers and religious you know feed the casket was a colony to. Six points and 779790%. One we took care of 1% pool specifically tailored business yes yes. Oh he'll like that month we pick and your friend actually right now hosts an index and a forced even Q okay. What time do you wanna pick me up and leave Joseph needs it and it is it's amazing isn't. Amazed that the Fed neatly. Brought probably a toss up but I have ever defendant you know never done. Talking about post Erin Andrews quite a backboard. We're in what form on the air online every whoever is hosting a show this hour that I just word of a book and the odds Artie does mud defense in my idol my idol is in the worst air when we. On the station's injuries happen what year is he does support a why did a big red socket if I don't movie dividends he loves you don't them. Q some of that to your dad he's your hard it is to to find keys that that's his job to be streets as work supporter. Today you think it's okay he's taken the day off to go to the children's movie. Your Mike and Nancy program director Turkey play all the time we talk off the the program director. Richie comes and says you know pay. And it's Friday show. Why aren't going to see Star Wars can with a somehow works OK had a day off politics or all of its awkward lie don't eat your walker exultant on the program I didn't I go to Q rich keep in say rich can you I'd take a different day off when you want to pick Keefe had passed. That's right I catch I dread the coming year I would free correct piece and you vicinity I can see here is this whole meat movie after the Chicago or vote for the fully established superstar money coming here from three to tie or you showed a movie stylist. 7 o'clock show was over six correct he could -- -- the movie last night with you. And their efforts there Kate yeah yeah you would even recognize them that Tokyo for not been more ticket that was over space. But ms. Parker director DC today if you Joey EC rich you're coming in today sorry. As an advocate holly or DL also see what should point that the air for the spot it's a big spot for the show yes and a normal Friday during the holidays like three day weekend will prevail and we don't be OK guess I'm more because of what's to come Wallace because Jerry mostly. But it if we get a big gets like that Jersey canola. Yeah akin to a today yeah thank you for your services opening. Say you know thank you for your service Iran wants is coming what's the church of movies darkest hour yes it looks very good so yeah these are my leaving them going whom early morning -- we had a who's who was a bit more of trying to Roger Goodell calling in today at 830. Features like you know what. You can't do it. I think and Adam Jones which and what's worse this town hall didn't criticize the rip him in new one because I expected somebody to who else that show you mean even if you're doing and fun your partner is skipping the show. Go to a movie with my two children and you don't rip him apart to what the movies like it did that the president pattern that you're not doing the show because I was there. Go to Star Wars in your 37 year old man yeah that's embarrassing the movie. Terrific Alley got parts of bears are things that you natively do it when you made your daughter is in there that's unbelievable all right 6177797937. And if palace intrigue as usual lot of globe staff to get you to raise what Jesus. Include the globe story newspaper job by the globe for the sexual harassment stuff excellent no irony that old iron nothing back naming names texts. Full details. That's the way to do it that's way to cover sexual harassment story and I continued recovery globes not rampant sexual harassment stories well a busy day for me yes you get to that as well 617779790%. Of what time is via. The world that premiered this duet. It was sent us these are gonna came. How did we do this it's already well it's actually sounds great off well or with a little little ending in mobility all we'll play bolts on the clock but and artists do a duet as bing. By the way to my eternal credit my shows up today addressed in the Christmas way you did you you I ask Curtis by text to dress up as well he's an irony Christmas clothes I thought to be funny to eagle on the sweater or anything. If I read all of your body fat clothes and finalist for what should whatever will listen to that at some rival players Esther okay what reported that the output that next hour plane get to a crowd chapter out of chapter at 755 who may have some information on this Brady Guerrero. Belichick's staff who if he does anyone that is why it will be right back. EXT and see Kurt can Callahan. Fox Sports Radio telling you we. We get a real treat coming up. Keeper madness on Thursday that it hurt Michael Huckabee and small workers voted for the last the real thing let's talk to people could make fun if they want. Being honest was they is that these are not big of a hall of. Funny you'll see Star Wars I saw last night I enjoy it that's fine you get sued everyone Booker Seamus and that's why but I will say this. I work all their work my ass off for four jobs. You ought to work in this world case like crazy I called Joseph yes it's an outcome of your dues interview for free. You eventually have to say this is my job and demand. It's an important spot I know policy Star Wars. I'm not going to see it today policy on Sunday or Saturday or your kids if all day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday all night. You have to he did this to me honestly is was moments for somebody that can drive post as saying. I don't care about my job I can more votes in Star Wars to be part of an important. Home setting. Angry crazy interview that's me maybe I'm wrong but you could have probably might you know if that's me I'm not go as you move. No chain notion of taking it if these kids is it bought with a sign that's okay fine. I must understand. You cannot miss this interview if you keep them by the way guys have people says that interview at the station. I know Bobby can do every once with his day until you find out you're getting louder when he found out. Well clearly there were no interviews dale and Michael is a huge vacation to I'd still pathetic on Friday and in name. Busy week like this you've earned vacation if it was not injury walk and I think that he's vacation next week for nothing to do have data it was Richard the same keep its that is so you think aegis has days to burn yes I do. Are we days does he get. You counting his vacation offers faster. She's what he's worked question I asked how many DC hasn't asked questions here's the odds that series beat sexual relationship Markieff. I am in love with each other night because if you are yes you are we are that it's only five it's great and that's why I don't want to yard I insurers high level I am glad you brought it up a level of anger toward this if I mean I understand it. Marijuana is another friend's side at defend you like that we're friends and defend you if you work you never defended that anger your Isaac. And my results by angry that you weren't there that Dave and he's sneezes with passion I use is a good friend it's hard from but he knows how real person right yours. He knows it's embarrassing that the guys taken afternoon drive off. The group move while I don't understand like any good news before he got a pin or what I can just go to new. He's always been chosen to nurturing it's not I don't hold on as a stupid movie I don't know fighting ghosts last two hours and twenty OK what can happen what can you in the clutch. He had thirty is that kids are you guys are right the minute walkers on that show he has to bail out of a raw all right we I'd agree I agree or disagree with. I don't I'm not gonna get rich had taken its front government stared wallets and that's your project you've I guess earned its. It's your contract he has contract and there you go so you're done with it cost yet. And I'm that's not a Sebastian is the reaction from spartans appear percent to bigger issue from Avaya said that it might never said that in the show. We would mocked and ridiculed mercilessly settling at assembly that Johnston mayor Roger Goodell at 740. Injures it can't do it and those who question pretend that your lake space these ones you question. I would never speak of again. I would. I would never get over that that would be one of those deals we would look at me to say I'm serious now you know and usually you're playing partner and original series you play or Indians dealt with its aides say that I'm serious I'm not joking you're gonna you're here you're really taken the day off the little movie we -- and four hours on the show before. We close out your real funny when you're one of those fights that you never recover from a -- -- yeah yeah yeah things are never in this I don't yet have them it's like on the on the family when the fun of medical served and it doesn't matter what you fight over it's hard you fight sometimes those flights can control. And you never recover if I ever took the day off or if you did. The go to this little kid's movie you would say. We're never going to be the same again things are never going to be the sense if you took a normal day off with nobody liked it's a holiday in normal Friday after the see a movie. Does nothing else going on we get over at a big it's not yet holiday in my limited if we get this to me is sort of a you know. This kind of interview that can actually Iran we set the dialogue. It could be that they haven't will want we've had the past I think I think your overall rating the potential for this and you heard if you make them if you if you if you point out the fifteen to twenty things that are wrong in that story in the back trachsel that's not gonna happen he says things like he says podcast that it David Price wasn't black he wouldn't get the push back he's got the Red Sox been on the Tankersley issue that you sent without a great unrest Dogg guess breast mass from. Don't forget that's for Kamal while the athlete so now if you missed it and I'm sure you do in one of the parts of the seven part series on Boston's. Racist. They mentioned as an example you know all the usual example Bill Russell. David Brown's dog gets criticized enterprise David prices dog. Castro. David Brown. And possibly the past few ground inflated. Under the weight of things that this society expects his but but that that is a serious. More systemic honestly. Activist that's problematic as well the resilience that but it really think about it. They had to be no editors had to be Justin and walker writing it filing it and it appears in print and editor would say. Do you really think the criticism of David prices dog. Is racial well I'll say this that Odyssey is source parable talkative today. Must fails on C westernized well you know I seem like they'll Holler going to be some kind of jealous I have dealt with the globe like you wouldn't believe the last 24 hours and to deter last they were that the lawyers that dangers you know they often do so we'll get that conversation as well. But the argument some think he did vomit. The globe story on ESPN is a different levels of irony is there's it's incredible it's incredible but they named names and a name that apparently went to the show after that they work and and apparently the you know they've hired Bob. When it comes to name a name attacks and I guess you get your name named your name in print if you. Picture off and show bigger ladies of Buffy while so I see that you're troubled if you just you know. Six to come. Like all the globe gets a deal for her art or. For decades and have sex out of wedlock or sex or an underling as they have done at the globe yes you don't get named to the purify sports analysts I mean what's most accurate. ESPN you text somebody to into the to superlative. At both you're your your items like I don't get placed almost anything on your life is over if you call someone doll face off for troubled parts of the the globe more epoxy by the way another spotlight piece today it's unbelievable get them as well. But wizardry if they did the foolish with high credit ESP it's painful and so boring provost for women run deep roots from Jen. Adelson Apple's never heard her before she gets into via. Prob cities in which you've been hearing for a long time to get to that and more per gallon with Mo will play the sub big Christmas song of the sub par powering your show after about an hour from. We return with more of Kirk and it's on Sports Radio WEEI. Go to the dairy from the great state of Maine Gary your WEEI. I've ordered stuff with your spirit oh are elegantly he couldn't what do you mean what what's been the issue very help me out. You get you don't bring you regular wacko little earth got about four. I don't know about an example forming I've I've been excellent on that show in the ratings would save as much. I don't write about it of what they've jittery data. Or that factor on whether ressam and Gary for me yep yep yep well would we go through again. All leaves notes say bad and good friend he answers yes yes you have the pilot you so much you feel there's in my life be they good for the suggestion. I would reduced to the apparel or don't show I mean did you hurt us and killed you guys but Wall Street and all I'm an often months he's been funny lately I agree that celebrate but the but the listeners to now I was listening to root out the signal to crumble government to conduct three Mexico iPad it did not do he throws ATF that want to put an -- above put it in eleven in parliament at eleven the great. Needed that and you want does that mean 113. Eleven plus three sport because it put eleven in front of you know I wondered clearance to got a tough job whose job is to make us laugh and to defend his finger on the 313 that heated fourteen that we think that there are ratings were down the tea got to knuckle down asked to do he has to come in the tenth. Let us do ratings for the cast of little local who have you. Look at. Out of Ramallah yesterday you know you got your card slot and longs drugs and here he is he's always here it is big diss optics you know it gives go to movies with the friends. And fairness mothers. For Fridays and it was created quite a bond as a driver he's made us great poverty makes us he makes us laugh. Does he does a problem with the lovely me the audience laughed and makes us laugh you out of your audience hates you it is excellent for your defends its fate if you want is that the whole match and that you know job to nothing reach key it's like being a lawyer was you know not to curb or purpose of jointly operated 46000 people that. Why that's a real flag period the lawyers that James fields that Ashley Ellis will come on just. And fake news. So pissing about. I'm PC because that it's lie about its ratings crap I better than anybody else to the casting. The right advice Kessel line in devices and radio dedicate yourself that you're the best candidate did Gary Gary was singing your brain doesn't list it was as the shell but he pitched -- doesn't listen to the -- -- everyone -- you -- he thinks -- great to -- it's -- those -- like they're really you're -- you're really nice -- you're my favorite guy did you do -- very nice guy -- -- hand in the nicest -- and -- -- should -- the -- -- -- -- state -- -- that's -- I think -- -- well -- -- -- -- responsive and I think -- -- great -- that night at 7 o'clock on -- -- you -- -- you -- it's it's almost -- what I tell -- why -- why would tell -- said -- not anti Kurdish -- that -- but -- is -- -- from province he brings -- my kids -- out. Are up album. You know you gotta give. I mean yeah they've kept how to credit he had to get up really early today to blow and that's from the when she in the atmosphere and we. It can get this it's a deal but much is if you do that party get its attitude. And cuff by the way I sort heartening carpet as the UW at the Christmas card looks fine. Fun little it was a couple week phase we're suggesting that maybe he's eating a little bit too much I was stupid and I said that he's their boy he's a very healthy. Growing young boys now yellow belt finally congratulations to him up or I'll graduate is an old belt that belt the belt it's just line. Think that it's a good after us when that's when we get somebody that when you take ratios. And there's oh when you've taken cut it to us though wars I'm not I thought. He's too young for showers tomorrow your son is in some weird stuff but wrestling and movies hours and wrestle tomorrow apparently you do it is like a babysitting toll can sit and what a title for two hours now earlier I like it your tweet anger in the movie virtue I was not -- with the local belt does before moves are at seven in the Hilton tweeted guys are on opposite of it is you charge mounted because the next the guy next to them the the storm trooper shot for shot with a little too little. Argentine look in Baghdad what. Followed a sister he did it. These in Provence they ought to take this happy Friday. Good morning gentlemen these these were considering all the core market remains solidly all. Good. It's a little bit lanky body except towards the end. Don't know what Steve give all the time he's gonna talk over the chairman Mike Hough is Mike London and on and on and on and on and it's a little back. Holding his on and on and on an island now. So. Yes. It was 1045 at the early gamble or retrieve certain line Backstreet standing all. There was Bosnia where he never before this year was different a brick and they had so. He would quote Hewitt laughed he would smuggle you would guess you wait for a shift about this guy is a you Chopra work fully dressed from this hole sprint to a lot. Went right straight to his room he. He trip to the old time with your starter rate await mr. garrison. What do we actually acknowledged. But it turned outwards. Or is impeached breath he tore through the line it was only two left once Britain took the stairs the outlook or way behind. Local guy claimed particularly a marquee tool on the second quarter glacier in the coal which is right should desire to open wide skid. Yet such freight. It took six girls were there or nervous laugh. With the trucks down it is at ports are. Epic. Paint. Switch from from where it is. Which are named little noise. As beset with pain Sunnis arm and a huge Carter and what ASCII. Well little bit locker sinister act wrong me or might that this city home we can't if you come up sorry. That's OK and your local account so you see all secure just the U level Belmont. I'll do what I did in about a mile to finish excellent good banks are hearing things. What can make you aware Asia crushing pirates I want I don't want peace you don't like you're bomber Eric I want pizza and sandwiches. There which is mile wide I want stoppage or gift cards from the sport of the order those starry. That certainly can make them just mind are you were actually innocent and so does the roll call my wife brought. I'm at all. Mean of yeah. Steve very. It's a pro. Let's hear Stevie droves obviously because they say might beat his wife is it. And that is that is only lose that is they've always news. Obviously ridiculous we we we know that everything else that stand. Let's go on denounced the views on I was gonna say I wish him Merry Christmas bird he left the studio I'm. Don't yet know after the absolutely fair assuming you do know harbored no way to promote at all. On. Those efforts that Christmas season. Thanks the Merry Christmas at my back here would you please I've to a young kids I thought this night hours. A pacer. It's one thing. Not believing intimate protesting what Carter you so grosses where you have a chance or back. He's not a sport news. Allison. For no Cambridge know. Christi caller do ability key Fulmer hall homered to help home or have we showed idea those guys a lot from that I think get my back went off the air to markets back Watsco human being gone Monday and it's coated metal you I think. Well there definitely will see that's just get them back you don't know what's what's what's going. Will work you know I'm always not me offers. Are you Drake he's looking for is it occured whole old Jean had all the in volatile. Well Mike I cut out those stupid and it's obviously not the case service and we didn't think it was funny you know everything else in their we will play that home yet but apart kind of again guest later right. Right we should probably get there only three garrisons that facade but what's he got righted and understand the beginning he maintained it was Santa at the early tomorrow will mean yeah aboard two guy don't need to act are right. Really to disclosed yet we haven't done a lot of golf with this article softly apparently give back the globe did a story believe it or not it almost seems like we're kidding. The globe that story about ESPN's sexual harassment and edit personal name names and they nicknames text deet tails I just tell you what they wouldn't do when they looked at themselves free things we have that. We have their their latest in the in the spotlight series which is again also choking on clarity in my experiences last week for hours and rule three. Boston Globe by and I guess but will be back and play the song go on and on and their eye on them. The globe name names and ESPN and will give of those names you recognize a couple of them yeah let me be done given names either show goes on 617779. We guessed on who would be in the when this thing's broken is this week. We should've taught him easy call the six on 7779. 793 sevenths per gallon we think it's much.